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A Christian Ethics

Stephen Vyskocil
A hermeneutical circle is a good method in evaluating one's particular lifestyle
because we see life thru a lens, and it's important to see that lens for itself. It may be
darker at times, but that's okay because we see colors better that way, or at least the
brighter ones.
My social location in as much as a religious denomination is that I was raised
Roman Catholic. I have a tattoo of a cross, inside, in front and behind a sun and a moon; I
doodled it myself. Its upside down on my wrist because my worldview is that others are
free to practice their religion yet I can see my own beliefs. My principle source to justify
my claims would be very liberal, laissez-faire (or an hands off approach.) It may behoove
one to know the historical claim that Romans invented crucifixion and now the cross is
theirs to bear, except the idea of hope and the movement of Christianity had already
begun in the Middle East, spread to Europe, Southern Africa, India and now western
culture. My mom was raised in a catholic upbringing. To this day she has books and
shares knowledge about her schooling. She continues to love books in general. My dad
came up in catholic as well; on fond occasions well go to the church his household did
(it smells so good on donut day.) Our immediate family used to attend once a week when
I was young, along with my grandma in attendance. She still leads prayer groups to this
and was born in 1921. The name Vyskocil (pronounced like viscosity,) is

My second social location may be attributed to where I live, in a condo in the

town my dad grew up inmy parents now live five minutes away in the town next door
where I myself grew up. Our community in the northern suburbs of Chicago is 99%
Jewish. In the town of Le Chambon depicted in the film Weapons of Spirit (the
documentary was released the year I was born,) the townspeople in a unique conspiracy
of goodness, or pattern of grace, harbor Jewish people during World War II. I would do
this too. This is my community of accountability, these people are friends of mine, and in
times of war youre going to trade milk and sugar with your neighbor. It doesnt matter
where in life youre from; it matters where youre going in life. My praxis, or goal, is
such that in the absence of a real leader, there is no real enemy but the fight against the
idea of oppression. The People of the Way would look to their body and soul because
the hermeneutical circle refracts if you dont break the chains of social change then fear
becomes tangible. Someone, somehow, in some way must take a stance. Individuals are
just as much a part of justice in the seat of a jury, are they not? And in the case of World
War II, 60 million people died. Fear is a healthy emotion, unless it paralyzes you. My
theological claim is that my neighbors would do the same for me, even if I were in the
minority (Christian was initially a negative slang word.) Neighborly behavior I believe is
a norm across religious boundaries, one citizen to the next. We all have weaknesses,
which is why were meant to see the strength in others. The golden rule aught apply here,
a fellowship, a collective consciousness. One further claim is that a higher power is just
another person; we are gods and goddesses, Jesus is one such person. A higher purpose
involves each other, does it not? What type of relationship am I most interested in?
Family, neighbors and friends, colleagues at school, coworkers and churchgoers are all a

part of positive institutions I incorporate in my day-to-day activity. In the scope of truth

claims I get most of my knowledge from these institutions, and consider them kismet.
When we were young, we used to draw houses before we could build things; each of
these institutions feels like a home drawn all about me.
My theological claims are one and many. I believe in only good karma, God is
good . . . Why, spirituality is a mist that may be unveiled by the beacons of moral
guideposts. These are conceptions of power to be idealized: ideas, thoughts, beliefs,
prayers, people, angels, god or just a light to be followed. It is justice for all that we
continue to journey toward these moral guideposts and make a path that others can
follow. Mine include hospitality. For those who stray, no good karma will come their
way. My own path, or a third social location, has brought me to be a single educated
male, middle class, hoping for a family and to have new responsibilities. Ive seen the
moral guidepost my grandparents, immediate and extended family have set as I continue
to follow in their footsteps; we are unique as passersby, in so much as that when we trod
along we still leave a footfall. Trampling is the number one cause of deforestation, its
important to find the right path and stick to it, otherwise your worldview is an injustice
specifically to those who follow in your wakea Christian ethics would teach us to not
leave a carbon footprint at all, but rather leave environmentally friendly moral
guideposts. And that is a miracle we can all be a part of. Moreover do not persecute
others who trespass where we sometimes stray, but help them back on their way.
My theological anthropology places humans first as the building blocks toward
god; while earlier I did claim we are both gods and goddesses, I do not mean to contradict
myself, but further elaborate: Jesus is our one true god. I will leave the contradictions up

to you, the reader. No answer is right or wrong, the question itself is rhetorical to begin
with. Guess and check is the first thing we learn about in math and the last thing we learn
from in life. Perhaps the only way we can reach god is through one another, not math. My
view of Jesus is that he is the antithesis of the devil. Both heaven and hell are the same
place; the strong morals of Jesus will prepare you for the afterlifeand what is beyond
(if Jesus is the son of god, is there not a supra level?)
Loyalty to the community mimics the sort of thing Jesus would practice; and
practice makes perfect, perfect practice makes an evangelic. I feel aligned to volunteer in
whichever community I have been established. This includes, Habitat for Humanity,
Dance Marathon, the animal shelter, the food pantry and Project Safe Place. I started
volunteering when I was young at soup kitchens through my local church and the
tradition has kept with me all my life. Helping others goes a long way! Its all you can do.
Although, some unfortunate souls dont want to be helped because they dont know they
need it.
My conception of power is such that god the all powerful has poise and unseen
presence in this world. If Mary were born from Immaculate Conception why would god
require a woman for his son, except for the human touch? For there would be a great
many religious wars to follow over this god, yet one god to absolve all our sins no matter
how harsh the consequences, Jesus; though think of all the good religion has done that we
havent seen, and that is faith. I live and hope to have a good understanding, not out of
fear however because I see the good in people. I believe in a good Christian community
as much as any other, including heaven, as churches are an institution excepting of all
religions. Thats a rap on my moral autobiographyget it, rapture? Pun intended.