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9313170490 (M)


Over 3 years of experience

Extensive experience in Database Creation and Management of Schemas using Oracle 9i / 10g database,

Fulfilling daily DBA activities, Creation of new databases and setting up of environments including user
management .

Disk space management (Tablespace, rollback segment), monitoring (alert log, memory, disk I/O, CPU,
database network connectivity).

Experience in supporting OLTP (online transaction processing) and Tuning Oracle instance components,
Memory configuration, Wait Events. Detecting and diagnosing production system performance problem by
Analyzing Oracle and system trace file, Analyzing SQL statements, Measuring system and database activity,
Querying Oracle dynamic performance views; Tune Database and Applications by share the SQL
statements,detect contention and deadlocks, optimize initialization parameters and operating system
variables, , optimize redo logs, rollback/undo contention and archiver process, Optimize latch contention in
the shared pool and buffer cache, Optimize locks and enqueue contention, Tune SQL*NET, SQL statement
tuning using TKPROF, SQL Trace and EXPLAIN PLAN tools.

Experienced in Performance Tuning: Used Explain plan and TKPROF for SQL/PLSQL Tuning. Tuning SGA,
PGA. Identify performance bottleneck on high volume transaction systems. Analyze SQL statements by
using explain plan and tkprof. Reorganize database objects and design indexes to improve response of

Experience in day to day database troubleshooting (locks, network connection, Resolving distributed
transactions, Terminating User sessions etc).

Configuration, Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Oracle Network files like Listener, tnsnames.ora.
Assisting developers in getting database connection from the client using SQL *net.

Excellent interpersonal, analytical, and logical skills.

Committed to highest levels of professional and personal excellence.

Adept in mastering new applications, technologies, 3rd party applications and adapting to existing corporate
infrastructures, producing results immediately on hire in cross-functional IT roles.

Able to work independently and collaboratively in Team environment. Strong interpersonal, communication
skills along with technical, documentation, research, general business and functional skills.

Well-versed in delivering technical presentations.

Highly motivated, committed and a natural team player with capability to work independently, highly
organized individual with the proven ability to adept and react quickly in a high pressure, fast-paced
Oracle Database Administrator Certified Associate.
. Master of Computer Application (MCA) from I.I.S.E college, Lucknow under UP Technical
. Completed B.Sc.(Computer Science) from University Of Lucknow.
Technical Skills:
Operating Systems

Professional Experience:

, SCO UNIX, AIX, HPUX, Windows NT/2000/XP.

SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX shell scripting.
Oracle 9i/10g
SQL Plus, SQL*Loader, , Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL Navigator , ,Crystal
reports 10, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 6.0.


(Nov 2007 Present)
Oracle DBA,
Team Size: 5 Members
EPFO is the Government of India The Employees' Provident Fund Organization, India, is one of the
largest provident fund institutions in the world in terms of members and volume of financial
transactions that it has been carrying on. Which is having a good IT infrastructure consisting of 20
plus UNIX Servers, windows, Linux server & HP-XP 1024 san array hosted on various Databases,
weblogic & Applications? The project is mainly focusing on providing support and handling the
entire Data center.

Supporting monthly releases, release management and data model changes.

working as a part of team in 24x7 production environment
and providing on-call and day-to-day
Provided support for implementing and upgrading various new and third party applications.
Enforcing data integrity constraints on the tables in accordance with data model.
Performance Tuning of SQL statements and Database using tools like Explain plan, TKPROF,
Managing Database Structure, Storage Allocation, Table/Index segments, Rollback Segments, Undo
Segments, and Constraints, involved in capacity planning.
Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the database through Database Tuning Tuning
Applications, Tuning Instance, and Tuning Disk Usage.
Updating data models.
sdatabases and distributed environment applications.

Operating Systems


SCO UNIX, AIX, HPUX 10.0,11iv1,v2, Windows NT/2000/XP.

Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL Plus,


(April 2006 oct2007)
Oracle DBA

Performing DBA Support for all Oracle databases.

Data base monitoring, resource allocation and collecting table stats.

Monitoring alter log and determining potential bottlenecks/issues.

Completing daily performance tuning tasks that includes setting up, running and analyzing the
Statspack reports.

Doing database analysis and space planning to ensure smooth growth of all databases.

Performing backups using RMAN scripts and testing daily logs.

Operating System Windows XP professional
SQL Plus,Microsoft Visual SourceSafe 6.0.

Job scheduling, monitoring and performance tuning of databases.

Database tuning and performance analysis, Checking Trace files and taking corrective action in case of
abnormal termination of instance.
Setting proper init.ora tuning parameters.
Data base backup (Hot and cold) and recovery.
Restoration of Database in Non Archive Log Mode (By Importing Database export file).

Granting select access on objects to Stored Procedures.

Granting execute on Procedures to Users.
Oracle Troubleshooting, tuned poorly performing online queries and reports to bring them up to service
expectation using TRACE, TKPROF and EXPLAIN PLAN, Statspack Analysis.
Indexing of tables, partitioning of tables, implementing Oracle range/hash partitions to improve
database performance. Implement Materialized views to improve performance of queries.
Correcting Oracle/SQL errors
Disk Space Management
Running shell scripts to monitor Hard Disk and Database space regularly
Uploading the Data by using SQL *LOADER
Shell programming
Shell scripts for space monitoring

Operating System

SCO UNIX 5.0, Sun Solaris, AIX, Windows 95/98.

ORACLE 9.x, Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL Plus3.1.


(sept2005 March2006)

New delhi
1. Title GSPL (Gujarat state Petronet Limited)
Position Team Member
Project The Project of GSPL, developed for oil @ gas piping database. The GSPL is Gujrat state
project for oil piping ,and my company is maintaining database for this project.
2. Title L&T (Maintenance)
Position -Team Member
Project The Project of L&T, developed for oil @ gas piping database . The project is for Oil
piping ,and my company is maintaining database for L&T.
Awarded Certificate in Poster Presentation(Computer Science), in Indian Science Congress
2002,held in Lucknow University.
My confidence, positive attitude, Capable of working in any Hectic schedule, Capable in
Adjusting in any team environment and motivate the people around me.
Language known -English & Hindi