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The Marcum Family/Ministry News

August 2015
Dear Friends & Family,
Thank you again for the precious opportunity to share with all of you how the Lord is moving in our
lives, we do not take this for granted! At the outset, we want to say that we are not going to address in
this issue of our newsletter the videos that have come out in the last 30 days which have exposed clearly
what is taking place here in our nation at Planned Parenthood, the most prominent abortion chain
in America. Like you, our hearts are grieving and we are continuing to pray and repent and ask the
Lord for mercy upon us. Would you seek the Lord with us for what response is called for at this crucial
hour? We are beginning to hear some things that well share with you in coming months. Please do
take note of a brief paragraph at the end of this letter about a dream Jim has had.
Love, The Marcums

It was different this year

An interview with Jessianna & Jonathan
Each summer quite a bit of our time & energies here at IHOPKC are given to
hosting youth and children from across the nation & around the world who come to
our summer camps. What is unique about our camps is that they happen in a culture
of night & day prayer. The themes are always centered around intimacy with Jesus,
and so many lives are changed every summer. Here is an interview with Jessianna
and Jonathan who worked & served many hours in our camps this summer!
Q: How many youth camps did we hold this summer at IHOPKC?
Jonathan: There were 5 camps: 2 junior high, 1 senior high, and 2 music camps.
Q: Describe the music camp:
Jessianna: The music camp is focused on teaching you how to be a musician in the
house of prayer or in your church or youth group. The first day we do placements.
Whether its singing or playing an instrument or worship leading, we dont like to
call it audition, but you kind of audition. I was one of the main worship leaders during the evening sessions at music camp,
so I also did placements for all the youth who wanted to be worship leaders. Joy did placements for singers.
Q: That means you actually helped form the worship teams for the week?
Jessianna: Yes, we fill out rating cards for each person, and then later that evening we get with a few other camp leaders
and together we go through the cards and form the teams. Each team then works together with a coach throughout the camp
and their team leads 3 sets during the week. The second day of camp we teach all the teams harp & bowl, so then they apply
that to their sets they lead in the prayer room. We set up a special prayer room at IHOPU for the camps. Some youth come
who dont have specific musical skills, so we put them on teams as intercessors who work with the team. They get trained
in intercessory prayer classes as well.
Q: What are they doing when theyre not leading sets in the prayer room?
Jessianna: There are lots of classes going on, both in learning musical skills and Bible classes focused around being a
musician in this generation.
Q: How is senior high week different from the music camps:
Jessianna: We had around 150 come to senior camp, so its a little bigger camp. We had elective tracks you could choose
from such as sports & recreation, dance & drama, Bible study, and one was a prayer room track where you spend many
hours in prayer. You have time in small groups, and then during the
evening sessions everyone is together for worship & teaching.
Q: Jessi, how did you serve at the senior high camp?
Jessianna: I was production manager for all the camps, including the
music camps, so I was in charge of the evening sessions behind the
scenes. That means making sure everyone has everything they need for
the evening the speakers, the worship teams, screens operators, stage
lighting, announcements, etc. I had to arrive early but then also wait
until all the ministry time was done. But I really like organization and
making sure things run smoothly, being that person everyone can come
to with questions and be able to help things work together. I liked being
behind the scenes doing things no one really notices.

Q: Jonathan, how did you get to serve and help at the camps.
Jonathan: I helped a lot with registration. The first camp, I was the guy at registration who took pictures of all the campers
as they checked in. Its for safety purposes. I also helped with set up and tear down at the registrations. The second week
of camp, I rode the shuttles to the airport to pick up campers who were flying in. Its a 45-minute drive so I was there to
make them feel welcome, to tell them kind of what to expect and what was going on, and to just have a little fun on the
shuttle. The last camp I also volunteered in other places behind the scenes just doing clean up and other stuff.
Q: Both of you, share one or two highlights from serving at the summer camps.
Jonathan: One of the nights after service, I went to the dorm to help with the canteen. It had been one of the nights that a
breakout of the Holy Spirit had happened, and all of the kids were getting touched a lot. It was really awesome to see, and it
reminded me of when I went to ATC (Awakening Teen Camp) and how that happened to me as well, and how the Spirit just
fell. He was just touching everyone, they were crying or laughing.
Q: And that was at the canteen time when everyone is getting snacks?
Jonathan: Yeah, that was when everyone had already shuttled back to the dorm, it was still going on. A bunch of the kids
jumped up on the stage at the dorm, and they were doing worship together, playing instruments, singing, it was really cool.
Jessianna: Yeah, that was a trend at all the camps for the night sessions. During the services, even during worship before
we did ministry time, we had times where everyone just started praying for each other. The Holy Spirit really came in
awesome ways that many of the teens had never experienced before. A lot of people were getting saved, and a lot of people
were getting filled with the Holy Spirit for the first time. It was like a move of the Holy Spirit.
Q: That is amazing! Was there something special happening this year?
Jessianna: I feel like this year was different. ATC has been going on for awhile, but you can only go until youre 18 yrs
old, so like the last 4 or 5 years have been a lot of people coming back each year whove come before. But this year we had
a lot of new campers, a fresh group of kids who had never been before and never experienced things like this. A lot of teens
didnt have a background in God much at all, but the Holy Spirit just came and touched them. There were a lot of broken
teens who came in hard-hearted and you just saw the change in them.
Q: Was there a highlight for you, Jessi?
Jessianna: I feel a lot like Jonny. It happened almost every night, but one night in particular during one of the evening
services, I was up in the back in the small room above the bleachers where you can pretty much see the whole room. I was
just watching all the teens worshiping, and really giving their hearts to the Lord. And I was reminded of when I was their
age and first started coming to ATC I think I was 15. I was encouraged in my own heart just to have that heart of worship
again like that to just be really hungry for God. As I watched the teens that night, it was like in that moment they really
didnt want to be anywhere else. They were miles away from home and had come to this camp, and they wanted to receive
more of God because they didnt really know what else there was for them. Thats what they had come for. It was the
hunger I saw in their hearts and it was provoking me to have that same hunger again.
Q: Jonathan, anything you want to add?
Jonathan: I agree with Jessi, it was different from other years. It was a really good camp.

A Dream & A Download

On Sunday night, August 2nd, I woke up from a dream I was having in which I was helping a group of people who were
sustaining themselves during times of calamity. The Lord immediately veiled the details of the dream, but at the same time I
began to receive what I will describe as a download of things to do in order to prepare for disaster/calamity. I have never
experienced anything like this. For the next few days, anytime my mind was not preoccupied with a specific task, I found
myself unintentionally thinking of the download list. As Ive begun to share this experience, it seems a number of people are
sensing an urgency (not a fear) about preparing in this way for what may be imminent difficult circumstances. Because of this,
I will give the basics of the download here. I encourage you to seek the Lord for what HE would have you do.
THE DOWNLOAD: Food rice, beans, flour, corn meal, salt, sugar (honey), oil, store in airtight containers. Water 40 cases
bottled water & water filter for emergency purpose. Get fireplace flue cleaned, load of wood, supply of matches or lighters &
candles. Fill cars with gas, keep tank minimum. Withdraw supply of cash in small bills. Get batteries for weather/emergency
radio and other batteries for flashlights, etc. (NOTE: I do not believe this list is complete, but a basic starter list.)

FINAL WORD: We are asking the Lord for a special anointing of peace upon us, and upon all of you who are on our
newsletter list and all of our partners. Let us trust in the Lord! Days of harvest and amazing open doors for ministry
are upon us. Until next time, please keep in touch, we love you all and were praying for you!

Because He is worthy of it all,

Jim & Melissa

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