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BSCD Practicum (2014

Consolidated Accomplishment Report
For the First Sem A.Y. 2014-15
Date/ Place


Highlights of Activities
Proper distribution of practicumers to their assigned area.
I meet Sir Leonildo Teodosio and Sir Miguelito
June 15, 2014 @ MSU,
Dagapioso that I encountered upon the arrival at
Marawi City
Deployment Day
Municipality of Libertad. Kuya Miguel introduce us a little
description about the area. After that we go to our newly
house. In addition, kuya dodong call a meeting for the
purpose of knowing us and discuss about our respective
area of assignment.
This time team libertad made a courtesy call in the
municipality of libertad around 7:30am by attending their
June 16,2014 @ Liberated
the flag ceremony held in the municipyo of libertad. We made
of introduction by introducing our self to the mayor,
barangay Chairman, LGU and official member.
Team poblicion, made a courtesy call to the barangay
June 17, 2014 @ barangay Courtesy Call in chairman, kagawad, BHW, and BNS in the barangay,
the barangay hall
At 7:00am in the morning, I made my first move by doing
Walk transect walk in the barangay poblacion, familiarize the
and getting to area, getting to know the people around, there landmark,
June 18, 2014 @ barangay know the area
demographic, topographic area. At 12:00pm I joined with
my partner’s sohaimen and jemark to once again
familiarize the area particularly in the purok of 1A, 1B, 3,
and 10.
At 8:00am, We meet the Secretary Maam Armie Jane
June 19, 2014 @ Municipality Getting
Uy Gaid for getting the secondary data. After that we go
of Libertad
data home for the meeting it solely purpose is to present a
at barangay hall presentation in the coming of Araw ng Poblacion in this

At around 10:00am I joined the group in the our supervisor Municipyo for the called meeting. & Sabas Presentation sa Araw ng We Team Initao and Team Libertad had a General Poblacion meeting near or outside the area of Municipal Hall and We team poblacion help the official in the barangay to decorate the stage after that We present our presentation in the evening for it is the day of araw ng Libertad The session start when we arrive at the barangay hall. we also. 2014 @ purok tabo-o & municipality of Liberatad June 22 . 2014 @ Women’s house June 26. and meet also a senior citizen in purok . 2014 @ barangay hall & transect walk in Snowland & Tabo-o June 24. introduce our self once again and after barangay hall that we made transect walk in Purok Snowland and Taboo that we meet purok President Rene Magsacay Typing secondary To write down importance documents that we collect so data far. Also.21. Spot map We conduct Discussion among us co. I conduct Survey Taburnal a BHW. consulting. demographic area and topographic area. 2014 @ Municipal Hall June 25. 2014 araw ng poblacion June 20 .Muslim if they joined us to Ramadhan al.our discussion or meeting. mubarak I conduct survey in purok 2 and meet Maam Bernadeth B. 2014 @ Purok 2 & At 7:30am in the morning kuya Miguel invite me to Transect walk in accompany him in going purok 5a namely purok tabo-o. their respective landmark. and General Meeting discussion with Sir Leo G. Micayabas and Sir Avelino M.practicumers what should we do meeting for the for the coming ramadhan. purok tabo-o and my solely purpose is to get to know the area and people meeting held by around. inviting others co – upcoming practicumers namely Non .23.and meeting for coming June 21. Attending Hon Alex Namocot discuss about the coming araw ng meeting in the libertad.

elements and significance for our community validation and also. Senior President Retired Major Sir Perez Francisco Perez Citizen after that we continue our survey. purok 2. 2014 @ purok 4C or Conducting Snowland & Purok 2 Survey Questionnaire July 3. Prantilla & Meeting At 7:00am in the morning I and Sohaimen attend the Meeting in purok meeting held in purok 8A and we meet the Purok 8A. At 1:30pm we attend & also in the meeting held in Municipyo conducting by Sir Survey Orlando Abot a President of Senior Citizen July 2. 2014 @ Purok 7.29. 2014 @ purok 8B & lirupan. also. Survey Research in the Purok Tabo-o. 2014 at 7:00pm . typing secondary data like household. Conducting July 4.Purok 9a June 27. walk in the area At 7:00am in the morning. Taburnal Continuation of write down and encode key factors. that I Survey meet purok president Requerme G. 2014 @ Our Rent Conducting House Tabulation and Encoding Secondary Data We conduct Survey Questionnaire and I meet the Previous Purok President namely Ma’am Bernadeth B. 2014 @ purok 5 or Survey Tabo-o & Barangay hall Questionnaire and Practice in Building rapport in the Purok Tabo-o. I continue writing some Writing importance documents in what we get in the barangay secondary Data secretary after that I & jemark arayan conduct survey in & doing survey in purok Nazareth and Tambo that we meet ate Mila purok 8c and 10 Cabalingan a BHW in purok tambo. in addition we Team Poblacion go to the Barangay Hall for our Cultural Practice it will be held in the day of July 9. At 7:00am in the morning I conduct survey in purok Conducting lirupan. .July 1. In 1:00pm I attend meeting in purok 8c. 3 and transect 9a she is 76 years old name. purok upper lirupan and centro lirupan & Nazereth June 30. house heads. problems and needs and many more. Lola Erlinda. 2014 @ June 28 .

2014 @ Municipal Department of Hall Agriculture. Problems and Needs and many more. We build rapport trough and Parade in transect walk. Maam Mevil Aguilar a Municipal Link. Barangay Hall. Sir Leonildo Teodosio.Applicant Teacher. 20. Informal Meeting Barangay Poblacion. 2014 @ Leader. Sir Loren Magalleanes of DA. DSWD. Barangay of Alternative Poblacion. at 7:30am in the morning we joined the the Barangay parade with Barangay Capitan. Maam Josephine Roque. typing secondary data like Household. House Heads. and Barangay Typing of present BNS of the Barangay Poblacion and We talk a Poblacion Secondary data little with Sir Alex Namacot. They are also Member of Alternative Learning System (ALS). Maam El Sabiles . NPDC. there is no Proper Road Access. Kagawad. July 17. Tanod. and 8.BNS. Hon.Mobile Teacher. Mayor Leonardo L. and Other I meet and Conduct informal meeting with Ate Rosalia Patlunag. Maam Maria Leonura Rafael . I had also Informal Meeting with the Member of Dep Ed namely Maam. 2014 @ Our Rent Typing of Factors. Namocot she is the House. Maam Joanne Subala of Government Internship Program (GIP) . 7. Uy Jr. No Organization. I meet Maam Jemelyn G. Member Purok 1B. 19. This time I meet one of my Potential Leader. Practice and At 8:00pm we go to Barangay hall to practice our July 5. She said about there Problem that there is no Existing water. 2014. BHW. With Purok Municipality of Libertad President Informal Meeting with Potential June 18. 2014 @ Discussion. Municipality of Learning System Libertad Inquiry About Farmer in the July 21. Maam Silvana Reusura of DSWD. I write key July 5. Sir Andy of MPDC. Purok 10. and other official in Barangay Hall. Rowela Tulong Volunteer Teacher.Barangay Hall Tabulation and Continuation of what I write down and encode. Elements and Significance for our House Secondary Data Community Validation and also. Our Rent Tabulation & Also. 2014 @ Purok 6. 6. I meet. presentation in the coming LGU night this July 12.

2014 @ Purok 3. Salon a BHW. President With Sir Francisco Perez. but Barangay Poblacion. Purok 10. Barangay Poblacion. Municipality of Libertad officials in Munipal Hall Community Investigation of existing Potential Leader While making Transect Walk in Purok 3 CO Investigation & Get Spot Map with BHW. Purok 8A I meet and Conduct Informal meeting about Farmers Org. This time I conduct my Community Organizing Investigation in Purok 4c and I had informal meeting with Ate Godilla O. Wabe a Barangay Health Worker. BHW. a financial problem. Blood Org. She there always a problem. 2. I Conduct Community Investigation about the area to search for Potential Leader for the Making of Farmer Org and Out of School Youth. a Barangay Health Worker This time. 6. Maam Elizabeth Concon A BHW of Tabo-o. 27 2014 @ for Purok Spot Informal meeting with Ate Reena Fee A. Barangay Poblacion. Municipality of Libertad Informal meeting with Purok 6 I meet Maam Rosalia Patnulag a Purok President of President and 6. Ami a President of Royal Blood Org. 8A Map and Informal we talk about the making of Out of School Youth Org. 26. 5. Ate Nicolasa Magalleanes for my making for the data of her KII with Royal Purok 1A Spot Map. Municipality of Libertad July 23. 25. retired AFP and Purok President in 8A . Ate Reena Fee A. Meeting. Salon also. Ate Petchay a member of Samahang Nayon. KII I also meet and conduct informal meeting with Sir Acain. I meet and conduct informal meeting with Ate Balites. At 7:00am. 7.July 22. BHW July 24. with Samahang Santos a President of Samahang Nayon Nayon Org. 2014 @ Purok 4.

I meet and Conduct FGD With Kuya Ernesto Tuya. Salon to Familiarize there Purok. FGD. Purok 8C Informal Interview of Potential Leader And Infomal Interview of Org July . Attend Flag Ceremony. of the Creation of Farmer Organization I meet and Conduct Informal Meeting with the Secretary of Samahang Nayon Org. Ate Rose Halagat. 06. Informal Meeting with Sir Reynan Uy and Other Member of Alterntive Learning System. 29. they are also near in the Sea Side. Purok 5 Barangay Poblacion. Maam. Cheery Buntag I meet and Conduct Informal Meeting with the Purok President Sir Requerme Prantilla about the Making of the Farmers Organization. Purok 1B. 30.August 31. Informal meeting also with the Purok President in 8C Session Meeting August 04. 05. 02. 01. This time Me and Sohaimen Attend Flag Ceremony in Barangay Hall and Flag Ceremony after that We go to 4a-1 and 4a-2 With Ate Godilla Wabe and Reena Fee A. 03 2014 @ Purok 8C. 07 2014 with Barangay @ Barangay Hall Official.Social July 28. Purok 2. I meet and Conduct informal meeting with Ate Bernadeth Taburnal a BWH of Purok 2 and Ate Cheery Buntag a BHW of Purok 1b for the data about their respective Purok Spot Map. Purok 2. 2014 @ Purok Investigation / 3. I meet and Conduct Informal Meeting with Potential Leader Ate Merilyn Pagalan of the Creation of Farmers Organization. I meet and Conduct Informal Meeting with Potential Leader Vanessa Patnulag of the Creation of Out of School Youth Organization. Municipality of Libertad Conducting Informal Interview of the Potential Leader and Getting Secondary Data with the BHW. Community Investigation. and Other member of Purok 10. . Informal meeting with ALS I meet and Conduct informal Meeting with Potential Leader Maam Roque.

General Meeting This time I facilitator conduct General Meeting to all the of all the Purok Farmers to elect new seat of officer. Training of the Farmers and Vendors. Barangay Hall. and remind us also the house rules and the Municipality Policy. 197-D.25. 2014 @ Initao Elementary School August 24. This time I Conduct My informal Invitation of the Creation of Farmers Organization this Coming Sunday. Poultry Farm. Municipality of Libertad August 15. Cemetery. 8A.26. 8C.9A Planning of the Creation of Farmers Organiztion in Barangay Poblacion Turn – Over of the TESDA BUILDING I found out that there is An Open Dumpsite in the Area. at 2:00 o clock in the late noon in different Purok. logo. Municipal Hall. Libertad Misamis Oriental. 2014 @ Purok 5. consecutive meeting for the Ceremony. House Farmers in Rules. 2014 @ TESDA Building near Municipal Hall the the August 17.August 08 . meeting with farmers.27.29. BHW and BNS to Disseminate the message and every household that I meet. practicumers in 197-C. 197-B. of Initao Making of This consecutive day I start making solicitation for the solicitation.30 2014 @ Barangay Poblacion I conduct Social Investigation of their present Facility in 8B. Municipality of Libertad August 12.11 2014 @ Purok Lirupan Barangay Poblacion. Regulation. I gave message also to most of the Purok President.28. Policy Different Purok General Meeting This day Prof Leo M. Sabas of all the orient us about the work field in relation to 197-A. Provincial Governor Bambi Emano attends the Training Center. 8B. 6. 7. mobilization. coming ODI. 2014 @ SK Waiting Shed near Municipal Covered Court August 24. . a Turn Over Ceremony along with the officials of the Municipal Level down to different Barangay Level. attend flag Attend flag Ceremony. 10 Barangay Poblacion. Micayabas & Prof Avelino M.

Provincial Capitol 2014 @ Inquiry about the I go to provincial agriculture to ask about the benefits and farmers advantage. Building Jane Gaid. Glenda Vendors Uy. Conrado T. existing program for farmers and walking vendors. Mrs. Sonia Ubanan Treasurer. meeting is to conduct Focus Group Discussion about the Meeting with TNA of both Organization and for the preparation Vendors committee and mobilization of the coming training Organization activity. Mrs. and Suroy-Suroy overnight for the Vendors Organization. September 02. bonding with Secretary – Armie Barangay Poblacion. Organization September 13-16. 2014 @ Meeting with This day I conduct meeting for the GBFO in the morning Barangay Hall. Sabas Jr. Mrs. Dela Cruz. Hagos along also. Kagawad Cabillon. Meeting with At this time more building rapport I made to the officials 06. Community Validation At the Municipal Covered Court with Prof. Barangay Secretary. 09 2014 @ farmers and of the barangay council. along with the September 10. Barangay Poblacion Suroy – Suroy Jomelyn Namocot. Sescon a Provincial Agriculturist. Juario and Municipal Kagawad Keth Barangay Poblacion Validation Warren L. The significance of the Libertad. Barangay Farmers and SSVO for the afternoon. Kagawad Lorna Uy.Or Organization. 2014 @ Meeting with This day I conduct meeting for the SSVO. Butil Farmers Organization. 04. 2014 @ Community Vice Mayor Miguel S. and Mrs. 07. 05.Sonia Ubanan different rapport to the Kagawad. . Leo M. I meet Mr. with the people of barangay poblacion. Armie Jane Gaid. with Mrs. We also conduct overnight coming for the coming Validation. Barangay Tanod and BNS – Jomelyn official of the Namocot and Mariza Catiil BHW Elizabeth Concon. barangay Building Rapport to the newly organized Ginintoang poblacion. September 11-12. Mis. 08. Micayabas and Prof Avelino M.September 01. Treasurer. Kagawad. Vendors. Josephine Roque. 03.

On September 18. Prof. I go to Ogis to pass my Second draft for the Training Design and TNA. I conduct meeting for the PNA of the Vendors Organization This day I conducted meeting of Vendors for the more building rapport and get the answer of the needs and problems for their Proposed Project. Inatao & Sk about training Waiting Shed design. @ Brgy. 2014 @ Brgy. Overnight for the preparation of the coming ODI Intervention On this day. @ Barangay Solicitation to Poblacion Congresswoman Office. Leo M. On this Set of day. Demo of Dodol in Barangay Sinalac. Vendors. Second floor. I go to Cagayan to Pass my Solicitation Letter to the Office of the Congresswoman. The SSVO attends the Half-Day Skills Training on Food Processing Using Banana And Cassava. Vice Mayor Miguel S. I first overnight in the Barangay Hall for the preparation of the Training Seminar tomorrow. Jr. Meeting with Vendors Organization September 22-25. ABC President Alex S. Suroy-Suroy Vendors Organization On September 17. seminar. I facilitator conducted Skills Training Seminar on how to make rope and fertilizer using Coconut Fiber Husk on the newly Organized Farmers in Barangay Poblacion. . Municipal Agriculturist Illuminada Jing2x Saburao Attend the Skill Training. 2014 @ Overnight for the Brgy. Namocot. Initao. 2014 @ Pass of first draft Barangay Ogis.September 17-18. I go to sinalac to make a Demo on Skills Training of Making Dodol. Juario. Preparation of the coming ODI. Sinalac. Micayabas called a meeting for the mobilization of the coming culmination. Turnover of Goat in Municipal Covered Court September 19-21. on September 21.Uy. Mayor Leonardo L. after that we attend the turnover of the goat with Governor Bambi Emano. on September 20 2014. 2014 @ Meeting with Cagayan De Oro. training seminar on Coconut Fiber Husk. @ at the Municipal coming training Covered Court. we attend for the main purpose of solicitation. Overnight in Barangay for the preparation tomorrow’s ODI September 26. Also. Skills Training on Hall. Hall.

(Faculty Supervisor) . Sabas Jr. 2014 @ Brgy. He offers us a ride with their Barangay Multicab and we go home. The Barangay Council of Poblacion. Misamis Oriental September 01-12. Despedida in On this day. it is the Birthday of Activity Municipal Vice Mayor Miguel S. 2014 @ ODI Intervention On this day Both Farmers and Vendors Attend the ODI Brgy. September 29. 2014 @ the Culmination This is the day where the practicumers are going to say Municipal Covered Court Program / goodbye to the Assign Area. Alex S. Leo G. Second Floor. Prepared by: Nasser D. Mangotara Avelino M. Micayabas & Prof. (Practicumers) Submitted to: Prof. Activity Intervention with the Resource Speaker Krister Kenneth Sacabin. Hall going home me as well as the functionaries of the Barangay. September 30. Hall. Juario. Plan to Hall Barangay make Dispedida for us Practicumers in Barangay Poblacion. Also.September 27-28. Namocot say goodbye to Brgy. Libertad. Poblacion. 2014 @ Preparation of Barangay Capitan Hon.