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2015: Year of the Wood Goat

(February 19th, 2015 to February 7th, 2016)

(1) Since ancient times, Chinese astrology signs have been associated with the characteristics
and general lives of the people who fall under them. China astrological lore differs from the
traditionalformbecause it relies on the balance theory of Yin and Yang and the five elements
Water, Fire, Wood, Earth and Metal to predict the future. 2015 is the year of the Wood
(2) It is also known as the year of the Wood Sheep. People born this year are generally
believed to be gentle, shy, stable, amicable, and brimming with a strong sense of
kindheartedness and justice. Their best work partners are Horses. They are not crazy about
status and power. Unless asked, they won't ever volunteer for anything and act as leaders.
(3) Wood encourages careful analysis and practical solutions. During this year, then, do not get
stuck in fear or anger. You are responsible for how you interpret what comes your way.
Forgiveness and gratitude become powerful forces for personal transformation.
(4) In 2015 Goats will tend to have good health, although they will suffer from slight illnesses
occasionally, such as headaches. About financial issues, the propensity for good fortune will
not be very good for the Goat; they will easily become involved in financial difficulties. On
the other hand, Rabbit, and Pig natives will be especially lucky.
(5) By June, it is possible to have too much fun. Playful Goats, Rabbits, and Pigs will be
strongly tempted to spend more than is reasonable on pleasure or luxury items. By
September, conflicts over religious or political ideals are likely to heat up. Wood Goat
encourages a calmer, more cooperative approach. Qualities such as universal love, rational
thinking, and community spirit come on strong and should be encouraged.
(6) Since Goat is famous for landing on his or her feet, this could be the time when everyone
begins to feel more secure. Wood influenced skills that take time to learn bring recognition

and reward. Consider making lifestyle changes to improve your health and invite your
friends to join you in 2015.
(7) Finally, in relation to love, married Goats will get along well with their spouses, while single
Goats will find their lifelong love under the guidance of elders. January 2016 brings a major
shift in energy. Expect some exciting surprises.


Encourage: to stimulate someone to do something.
Headache: pain in the head.
Lore: of a traditional or popular nature.
Playful: humorous, and fun.
Shift: To change.
Shy: easily frightened, timid.
Wood: material from the trunks of trees.

A. For questions 1 to 5, choose the correct answer according to the text.

1. What is the main purpose of the passage?
a. To provide information about the characteristics of astrology in 2015.
b. To describe some predictions in relation to the Chinese astrology.
c. To share the importance of being a Goat in 2015.
2. Read the second paragraph. The expression brimming with a strong sense of
kindheartedness and justiceis related to:
a. A huge feeling of sympathy, and benevolence.
b. Complete sensitivity and friendship.
c. An understanding of the fair play.
3. The sentence, in the third paragraph, You are responsible for how you interpret
what comes your way means:
a. You are very considerate and tolerant.
b. You are able to take the good things on your own way.

c. You have the capacity to understand what is presented.

4. In the fifth paragraph, the expression Wood Goat encourages a calmer, more
cooperative approach refers to:
a. A Wood Goat will look for a peaceful agreement when it is needed.
b. A Wood Goat will be involved over religious and political issues.
c. A Wood Goat will promote a difficult cooperative approach.
5. The sentence Goat is famous for landing on his or her feet could be associated
a. A person who does not pay attention to the surroundings.
b. A person who shows awareness and acceptance of reality.

An unpredictable person who behaves in a bizarre way.

B. Match the terms on the left with what they mean, or what they refer to.
6. Kindheartedness(Second

a. Good-natured


b. Disposition to cease resentment

7. Illnesses(Fourth Paragraph)

against somebody.
c. showing sympathy
d. influential members of a community
e. Poor health

8. Playful (Fifth Paragraph)

9. Forgiveness(Third Paragraph)
10. Elders(Seventh Paragraph)

C. Read the passage again and look at the compatibility with the Goat. Consider the
following statements and check whether they are True or False.
11. Goats will ever volunteer for everything.
True / False

12. Goats will suffer sometimes from strong illnesses.

True / False
13. In 2015, Pigs will spend a lot of money on expensive items.
True /False
14. Tigers are better friends for Goats than Rats.

True /False
15. Rabbits have less compatibility, with the Goats, than the Horses.
True / False

16. Chinese wisdom is associated with two theories.

True /False