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Interesting books May 24, 2011

Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes for Narasimhaye. I am sure he would
recover soon and feel blessed to have so many of us praying for him.
Now let us change the topic to something interesting. The secret of success in
life is to always stay away from negativity and transform any negative situation
in life into positivity by good thoughts. I find that whenever we have daunting
and overbearing circumstances in life, it really helps if we gather all our
powers together by self realisation and take it as a challenge instead of
feeling victimised and negative.
I would like to share with you all a very interesting book I came across in
recent time. I had chance to attend a talk by T.Rangaranjan in Mumbai a couple
of months back on insistance of a friend. I was very amazed by his deliverance
on topic which was "Does God exist" and later went on to buy his book Unposted
Letters and also subscribe to his magazine "Frozen Thoughts". I will highly
recommend all of you who want to understand about how to lead a successful life
on all fronts- family, career, health, relationships, finances to get these
books from his website http://www.frozenthoughts.com/ .
Also I invite others to share about books and sites they read which impressed
them to transform for the better.

Did you forget to use your powers today
If your life is not shaping up the way you want, the answer is simple.. you are
not Creating it the way you want. Watch your thoughts as you go through the day
... are they focussed on failures/ negativity/stress .. or are you indeed
planning and dreaming and creating your future, your tomorrow. We all have been
blessed with an immense power and that is CREATION BY THOUGHT. Use it every
single moment of your life to create money, good relationships, bright future
for your kids, good health for yourself. Whatever you think, you create ..
Watch for your thoughts.. are they creating enemies, evil spirits, debts,
struggles, failures or are they creating what you want in life.
For each one of us, sky is the limit .. Karma is nothing but negative beliefs
handed to us by our past lives and also upbringing and significant experiences
in life.. Identifying your beliefs is releasing your beliefs.. If anyone wants
helps in releasing Karma, let me know.

Different geometries
I would like to share with you some information about Geometries. Please
understand that every living being has a unique Geometry and it is because of
this we all generate different auras and have different powers. It is because of
your unique geometry that I am able to do your aura session on webcam, or
Healers send Reiki or Online Pujas are done. The Geometry of Ganesha for eg:gives the energy of Ganesha and we replicate this in Idols, pictures, coins etc.

In my aura studies, I was always amazed to find that whenever we kept 2 similar
diety Idols or yantras together, they stopped generating any positive effect.
Later after several tests, I deduced that it is because two or more similar
geometries cancel each other. This is the reason why we are prohibited from
keeping two Shivlinga or two similar Idols or two similar yantras in the same
room. Similar reason was found for keeping a specific number of Shaligrams in a
room. But another interesting fact what I found was that the Idols only worked
till a periphery of one room ( enclosed walls), so seems they work by light
energy and not sound. Also generally larger the geometry, large the aura .. SO a
9" yantra or a bigger Idol covered more area than a 2" one. However I found that
a 5" size Yantra or Idol or a small lingam of 2" was sufficient for a standard
room size. So maybe that's why the Size specification ( thumb size) came for
homes.. but at the same time, I am quite convinced that a larger one will not do
harm and it was just for sufficiency purposes that sizes were specified...,
Anothing eye opening fact I found that every Idol or yantra or Shaligram or any
geometry for that matter worked only when it was in a specific orientation.
Without correct orientation, the Geometry gave no result at all. Let me know if
you all want to hear more details on this study.

Overcoming fears
Overcoming Fears To be able to get what you want out of life, you first need to
develop enough courage, then knowledge, then take action.
The first item on the list of things that may be killing your chances at success
is Fear. Fear comes in many flavors. Today I'd like to explore some of the most
common types of fears and offer a bit of advice on how to overcome some of them.
Although there are many different types of fears out there, a lot of the smaller
fears actually stem from a group of base fears common to most people. For
example, the fear of spiders can actually be tied back to the real fear of
death, pain or sickness. It is not necessarily the spider that we are afraid of,
but rather what will happen if the spider bites us. Fear of flying in an
airplane is another example. It is actually more probable that we have a fear of
dying in a plane crash than simply being in an airplane.
Here is a list of the 14 most common base fears which other fears derive from:
1. Fear of Disease, Sickness or Poor Health
This is a very common fear. It is deeply routed in our natural desire to avoid
pain. This fear is amplified in individuals who have encountered sickness or
poor health early on in their lives or have had a friend or loved one encounter
sickness or poor health.
The challenge here is that a lot of us spend all of our energy worrying about
different kinds of diseases like Cancers or some exotic disease we might "catch"
from someone at some point or some condition we think has been genetically
programmed into our DNA.
In actual fact, my extensive studies in the are of nutrition reveal that the
human body is incredibly resilient and incredibly strong. It has the ability to
heal and recover from some incredibly unfortunate circumstances if we treat our
bodies with respect and provide them with proper nutrition and exercise.
If you are interested in preventing disease and tuning into the needs of your
body, I strongly suggest you go see a Naturopath or a Nutritionist, not a
doctor. Doctors are great at fixing problems once it may be too late to prevent
them, or if you break a bone or something. However, traditional doctors are
typically completely unqualified and untrained in preventative medicine and

proper nutrition. Research and learn about proper nutrition and health and you
will be amazed at how the fear of disease, sickness and poor health disappears.
2. Fear of Losing Your Job
Most of us rely on a "job" of some sort to pay our monthly bills. We may be
pursuing the path of an Inspired Money Maker part time or will pursue such a
path in the future, but the majority of us still rely on our day job to make
ends meet. One of the constant fears working at a job creates is the fear of
losing such a job.
You may very well be a good employee, but the company you work for may encounter
some tough times and you may be laid off. Another possibility is that you may be
fired due to some form of conflict between yourself and your superiors.
One of the best ways to overcome having to worry about this fear is to
constantly work on improving the value you provide to your employer, regardless
where you are working. Become so invaluable that your employer stays up at night
worrying about losing you as an employee, not the other way around. This way,
even if for some reason you end up losing your job, you will be able to find
something else very quickly and most likely without having to endure a pay cut.
Ultimately, the ideal path is to make the decision to heavily pursue finding
your purpose and passion in life and to begin to immediately transition towards
becoming an Inspired Money Maker. If you're on this path, your fear of losing
your job will diminish on a daily basis as you get closer to pursuing your
3. Fear of Dying
A close cousin of the fear of disease and sickness, the fear of dying can have a
debilitating effect on people. This is not an easy fear to overcome as it is
basically bred into our DNA as a species. There are a few perspectives that may
aid you in overcoming this fear.
Firstly, realize that one day we will all die. There is no escaping it. However,
what you can escape is the burden of living your life and worrying every single
day about dying. Why live that way? Isn't it a waste of your life to spend so
much energy worrying about something you have no control over? Unless you are
consciously increasing your likelihood of dying by participating in unhealthy
habits like cigarette smoking, there really is no reason to expend energy
towards worrying about dying. What will it accomplish?
Secondly, something that has personally had a huge impact on me in this area of
life is getting clear on my spiritual beliefs. Taking the time to get clear on
your spiritual beliefs can often bring about a level of peace and acceptance
that eliminates much of the fear surrounding death.
4. Fear of Loneliness
A lot of us have a deep need to be connected to other people. Our relationships
are very important to us. Unfortunately a lot of times our fear of loneliness
can keep us locked into destructive relationships which aren't healthy for us.
One of the most important elements of overcoming the fear of loneliness is to
work on improving your relationship with YOURSELF. This is such a major point in
personal development, I think it deserves a lot of attention. You need to
develop a strong, healthy relationship with yourself first and foremost. You
will never have a healthy relationship with anyone else if you can't have a
healthy relationship with yourself. Become your own best friend. Only then can
you share yourself with others completely.
When you reach that stage in your life where you are completely comfortable with
yourself, you will experience two very interesting things. Firstly, you will
find that you no longer fear loneliness as much anymore. You realize that if you
were left alone, things wouldn't be that bad. Being by yourself, spending time
in the company of nobody else but yourself doesn't seem so bad anymore.
Secondly, even though you're totally OK with being alone now, everyone around

you all of a sudden wants to be friends with you. It's like all of a sudden you
have unlimited friends coming into your life.
This happens because people are naturally drawn towards those people who don't
NEED people. If you NEED other people to be happy, people will be repulsed by
your energy and this further feeds your fear of loneliness in an endless spiral.
If, however, you learn to love yourself you will find that people are attracted
to you and your fear of loneliness disappears.
5. Fear of Uncertainty About Your Future
Lets say that your current circumstances are totally fine and you are happy in
the present moment and everything is exactly as you want it to be. Well, even
under those kinds of circumstances a lot of us still have this fear of
uncertainty about our future. It's almost like we're just waiting for everything
to go wrong and our life to get screwed up.
Don't allow this fear to destroy your present moment life. It is not healthy to
worry about the future all the time. Yes there is a time for future planning and
such, but a lot of us spend way too much time worrying about tomorrow instead of
enjoying where we are today.
Work on strengthening your confidence in your own abilities to face unforeseen
circumstances. Learn to have faith that if something does happen in the future
that you couldn't predict or avoid that you will have the strength and ability
to handle it with ease.
6. Fear of Failure
The fear of failure is a paralyzing fear that prevents a lot of people from
realizing their true potential in life. The only real way to overcome this fear
is to change your philosophy of how you see failure. Our traditional school
system breeds a philosophy that encourages us to avoid failure at all costs.
Students who try and fail are often punished, while others who don't even try
are simply left alone.
We must learn to frame our failures as temporary mis-takes which simply need to
be re-taken again. Remember that every time we fail at something we can learn
something from that mis-take if we have a learning attitude on, instead of a
frustrated attitude on. We are naturally programmed from birth to be OK with
failure, and it is only later that we are taught to avoid it. Babies FAIL at
walking over and over and over and over again and again until one day they
succeed, and they are OK with that. The parents sit there and cheer them on in
delight. Yet what happens in school later on is that as soon as we make a
mis-take on something we get punished.
The most successful people in the world are the ones who have actually failed
the most. They have made mis-takes over and over again, but their attitude
didn't focus on the mis-take, it focused them on continuing to try again and
Don't try to avoid failure. Embrace it. Go fail at something a bunch of times
and you'll see that you'll eventually succeed.
7. Fear of Making Decisions
This is a rather humorous fear in my opinion. The reason I think it's somewhat
funny is that our Ego's have so cleverly distorted our perceptions that we
actually don't see the very logical thing that is staring us in the face. A lot
of people fear making decisions, yet they don't realize that by not making a
decision they are actually MAKING A DECISION.
If, for example you don't DECIDE to brush your teeth today, what happens? You
don't brush your teeth right? So in effect, you are actually DECIDING NOT TO
brush your teeth if you don't DECIDE TO brush your teeth. Do you follow what I
"Oh, I just can't decide whether to buy this house today." Wellthen that means
you are DECIDING not to buy the house today.

"Oh, I just can't decide if I want to go to this party." Well.then you are then
DECIDING not to go to the party.
Do you see what I mean? Making this realization, however, doesn't get rid of the
fear though, right? Well, if you really truly look at the fear of making
decisions, it really is just the fear of failure masked as a fear of making
decisions right? You're not afraid of making decisions. You're afraid of making
the WRONG decisions, right? Explore your feelings about the fear of failure. If
you overcome that one, your fear of making the wrong decisions will probably
disappear as well.
8. Fear of Conflict
A lot of us are very much afraid of engaging in any kind of conflict in life.
This fear may actually be an irrational fear of death disguising itself. If
you're afraid of people and situations where conflicts may arise, you may want
to take some courses on conflict resolution or even martial arts training if
you're afraid of people actually hurting you.
If you're out there living your life to the fullest, you will surely encounter
situations where conflicts may arise. Don't avoid these situations. Just accept
the fact that they will arise from time to time and you do have the ability to
engage and negotiate a win-win resolution. Don't allow this fear to paralyze you
into hiding from the world.
9. Fear of Rejection
This one requires you to really work on your own self confidence. If you are
self confident and you know you are a good person, rejection will just slide off
your back. If you have low self esteem and you are always looking for validation
from others to tell you that you are a good person, you will always shy away
from rejection. You will not ask for what you want in life from people because
you will be afraid that they will say no.
Rejection will happen. It will probably happen to you all the time, like every
week. If you're in sales, it will probably happen several times every day. Don't
take it personally. Remember that similar to the fear of making decisions, often
times when we don't ask for something in fear of hearing a no, we are in effect
saying NO to ourselves. By default the answer is NO, but if you ASK at least you
have a chance of getting a yes.
10. Fear of Stupidity, Ignorance, Lack of Knowledge
Lack of preparation in life brings this fear to life. A lot of people are too
lazy to study and take the time to prepare for future circumstances, and then
they develop this fear of being unprepared, unqualified and ignorant to the
situation at hand. Become an avid reader and student in life and discipline
yourself to prepare for situations. If you have a test to write, study for it.
If you continuously put yourself in situations where you are unprepared, you
will develop and strengthen this fear of stupidity.
This is actually just laziness disguised. Don't allow laziness to create fears
in your life.
11. Fear of Losing Your Most Important Relationships
Take the time to spend time with your loved ones and create cherished memories
that will stay with you forever. Take note that the fear of loneliness may play
a big part here as well. If you get rid of that fear, this fear will also lose
its hold on you.
12. Fear of Public Speaking
I have often heard people say that the fear of public speaking for most people
is greater than the fear of death. I don't know if it's true, but I can
definitely attest to the fact that the fear of public speaking is massive for
most people. Perhaps this is why public speakers make so much money, because
nobody else wants to do it.
One of the best ways to overcome this fear is to start really small and put

yourself in a situation where you are in front of supportive, positive people.

Prepare a presentation for just two of your friends over lunch. Then work on
presenting to a group of your friends at your house, perhaps to 5 or 6 of your
friends. Then maybe move up to something a bit bigger like a presentation in
front of a boardroom of people. Work your way up in baby steps and practice and
prepare before your presentations.
You may also want to join a Toastmasters group or some form of other public
speaking group.
13. Fear of Being Poor
If you have ever experienced being poor or you grew up your entire life being
poor, you may have a very strong fear of poverty. The best way to combat poverty
is to educate yourself in finances. Don't leave it up to someone else to take
care of your finances. Learn how money works. There are tonnes of resources out
there which you can tap into very inexpensively to learn about finances and how
money works. You could sit down with a financial professional, or go to the
public library to borrow books on finances. There are also a lot of resources
available on the Internet in eBooks or on blogs like this one.
Become a student of money and how it works. Don't dismiss money or treat it as
an after-thought. Money plays a central role in our lives and it deserves our
attention. If you really study how money works, how to make it and how to grab
control over your personal finances you will vaporize your fear of poverty
14. Fear of Success
People always laugh at this one when they first hear it. "Yeah right, who's
afraid of success" they say.
Actually, I am completely convinced that the fear of success is responsible for
more failure in life than the fear of failure. I wouldn't have believed this ten
years ago, but from my experience there is actually a lot more to this fear than
most people realize.
You'd think that if you were successful overnight that your life would instantly
improve and all your problems would disappear. Well, our fear is that it won't.
We fear that things won't get better, that things will stay exactly the same, or
even get worse, which is why we prefer to fantasize about success instead of
actually pursuing it.
If you were a multi-millionaire tomorrow, what would your friends think of you?
Who would ask to borrow money from you? How would you deal with that? What would
you do with yourself? How would you invest your money? How would you make sure
someone doesn't take advantage of you? Would you still be able to trust your
friends to like you for who you are? Rich people are evil, right? Money is the
root of all evil, right? The list goes on. See how many things a person can have
attached towards "success"?
Visualize being successful, and see if any feelings of fear come up. Explore
this fear and you may find that it is actually at the center of your lack of
success, more so than all the other fears combined.
Hopefully this sheds a bit of light on some of the most common fears we face
each day and gives you a good starting point of how to address some of them.
Fear is a huge success killer so be aware of that and go to work on eliminating
your fears. Be patient with yourself and realize that you've been living with
these fears for decades so most likely they will not just disappear overnight.
Stay at it though and work on facing your fears every day and you will see just
how much your life will improve.
Remember that an Inspired Money Maker is a person who has found his purpose and
passion in life and has chosen to make money by doing what he/she loves.
Pursuing this path will require that you overcome some, if not most of the fears

discussed. Start with one and work on overcoming it and then move onto the next
Remember to be patient with yourself and try to enjoy the process!

Jun 2, 2011

You will understand its direction from the post I sent recently. Shiva's
picture and Idol cannot be together, but SHiva Idol and Shivalinga can be
together as they are different manifestations. Similarly Vishnu Idol and
Shaligram can be together on one altar. 3D Shreeyantra and plate Shreeyantra
have to be in different rooms.
All those who have multiple Idols or pictures of the same diety, can wrap them
in cloth or non tranparent paper and keep them in cupboard.

Shaligrams un 2, 2011
I am happy to see that there are several who would like to know how to make
their dieties give blessings to them. In Shaligrams usually you will find Saw
tooth edges and as they circle the entire Shaligram, a point will always come
when the Sawtooth dissappears. That is His FACE. There is no Shaligram in the
world where there are saw tooth edges all over in a circle without a break. So
the plain surface is the face of the Lord. Sometimes I find the plain surface
jutting out also from the circle of Saw tooth. If one were to drill this
surface, the hole will always show Chakras top and bottom ( like Narasimha
teeth). So a Gap or hole in the Shaligram (where chakras are visible) is also
His face. Absolutely round Shaligrams ( called Ladoo Gopals) are good.. because
they have face everywhere. There are those that have somekind of white spot or
metallic insert on them and rest is plain.. They work when the white spot or
mark faces the sky.
Lay the Shaligram flat naturally (widthwise) and orient the face towards North.
There is absolutely no aura when you face His back.. So keep the back towards
the wall or throne. Also numbering is very important. If you keep 100 powerful
Silas and then add just a tiny Sila to the lot, the aura becomes 0. So the Silas
need to be even starting from 0,4,6,8,10,12 ... The exception is that 1 Sila
also work alone. If you have 2 silas at home, keep in different rooms. I am not
much convinced about the names of the Silas as I find all Silas giving good
auras, till they are black and shiny.
Also one thing I discovered was that all diety idols, pictures, Silas,
Shivlingas,conch shells stop working if you cover them with any non transparent
material like cloth etc. Meaning till you are able to see them, they work for
you. Maybe this is why the temple gates are closed in afternoons so that Gods
can take rest from giving their energies.. Also some families like to cover the
dieties after prayers or when they sleep or when they are themselves having food
to show respect.
But this does not apply to yantras.. They work even when enclosed .. Yantras are
more like sound energy .. Maybe that's why they have been hidden in tabeez and
lockets and almirah safes and buried underground since times immemorial, but
they have their own secrets of showing powers. Sometime I will share with you.

Dreams are just images conjured by your mind in semi-sleep state which takes
place when you are unable to fall in deep sleep state. They have nothing to do
with your life, but definately have to do with the last movie you were watching
before you slept or the last thoughts that troubled your mind as you tried to
drift off to sleep. I discovered one very interesting fear that troubles the
people who always have disturbed sleep -- It is that they are usually afraid of
darkness.. pitch darkness. How many of you can have all lights switched off at
night and walk in your bedroom and hallway all alone... try it.. many of you
would like to carry a torch for that unexpected someone to pounce :)
Able to face darkness, is the ability to face our fears.. One who can walk
fearlessly in the darkness has achieved Krishna.. because that is what he
represents.. Feeling the protective force around you every moment is being
fearless.. Most of us cannot fall asleep in the night because we fear falling in
that deep dark state, so prefer to stay in the dream state. I am writing a
wonderful meditation below for all those who have trouble having a deep restful
sleep. Please do this once and report to us how was the night.
Put your hands in your lap, palms up, on top of each other. Left hand
underneath, its palm touching the back of the fingers of the right hand. The
tips of the thumbs touch gently.
Concentrate on the Sacral chakra two inches below Navel .
Chant Vam for 2-3 minutes. Then imagine yourself walking on a silent road in the
darkness of the night. A turning comes and you enter a dense jungle. The jungle
becomes denser and denser as you walk. Then you spot a cave and you enter it.
Find a place and sit down. It is pitch dark in the cave. You can feel yourself
only by touching. It is so calm and cool inside. You are as secure as you were
in your mother's womb. Be relaxed.. breathe in darkness and breathe out
darkness. Feel the darkness entering every cell of your body as you breathe in
and breathe out darkness.. Slowly slowly start merging in the darkness... and
become the darkness you truly are,.. from where you originated....
Once you enter a deep state of darkness in this , you will feel coolness in your
body and a bodyless state.. Remain in this for some time, and then come out of
the cave, the jungle (forest) and back to your bed and sleep .

Shedding off Karma baggage
Knots are removed by daily introspection. We all run away from ourselves and
thus fail to introspect. In meditation also we find a safe haven to disconnect
from our problems. I had a client who had several family issues and she found
solace in doing meditations. She felt that it was the best way she could deal
with it. I guided her that it was incorrect. Moments of bliss is not what we
are here for. You will end up with stress, losses, diseases as conciousness will
not spare you for not doing things the right way. You cannot run away from the
lessons that you have come to learn here. Problems can be resolved only by
facing them. We have not taken birth to become Gods... we are here to become
Human... we are not Human beings.. we are Being Human. So friends face your
issues and don't run away. If your child is not performing well in school..

don't whine and complain.. take leave, sit with him, guide him, coax him,
encourage him till he is back on track. You don't get along with your spouse,
don't ignore.. take charge to solve the issue.. You are not getting a raise in
your Job.. find the reasons.. change the job or change yourself for the better.
You always have 2 choices in every situation - either accept it whole heartedly
with happiness , OR take the responsibility to change it WITHOUT FEAR. We do
the opposite.. we accept with grudges and are fearful to change it. Every single
problem you face in your life CAN BE SOLVED. just as in 2nd std you are given
exam for that class .. in IXth grade you are given paper of that grade.. so life
also gives you a problem that you can solve.. The higher you rise, bigger are
your problems, but then you are also equipped to handle it as you are in that

New topic
I find more interest in topic of How to attain God. Does that mean all of you
are super rich already ;) Don't worry.. Attaining God is attaining wealth and
abundance in our lives as well. When I help you realise God, I will also help
you make lots of money.. because these are not two separate topics.. They are
same.. Once we realise ourselves we understand this whole game of life.. We
understand how to become BILL GATES :)
First question is where is God .. is He underground in Patala Loka... or He is
in the skies in Swarga Loka.. or He is in our Gurus and Saints or Avatara like
Saibaba who come .. or He resides in our Idols and Yantras that we in our
homes... I want you to ask yourselves where you will actually find Him...I leave
you to ponder on this for a while and give me your comments.

An interesting article for all of us
Re: God.. where are you
Yes we commune with Gods by meditating on our chakras, chanting mantras,
wearing their Rudraksha/Yantra/lockets. But since Gods reside in the chakras,
one needs to first realise the chakra fully.
Realisation of chakra means learning all the lessons of the chakra and thus
opening it fully. This happens when we transform by awareness on the lessons of
the chakras. Just chanting and praying without awareness of the need to
transform ourselves, gives little result. And once chakra gets opened, one needs
to invoke these energies by mantra chanting. Mantras work by law of attraction.
The more you attract by joy, pleasure, command, contentment, gratitude, bliss ..
they work.. If you invoke by fear, sadness, pain, helplessness.. they don't

Rahu Ketu in 8 & 2 house

First we should understand the role of planets. They are sent by the Higher
conciousness to teach us different lessons in life. They teach us lessons by
putting us through difficult tests and situations.. only to test our ability to
handle them and transform ourselves so as to handle them effectively. And Why because we come on this earth only to learn lessons and transform ourselves - We
come to learn how to become the perfect man/woman - Perfect in health, wealth,
relationships, career, society, personal self- we transform till we become
worthy to be called God. We take birth after birth learning these lessons of
perfection. The more ready we are to change, faster we transform. Only the
cowards fear lessons of planets. They put blame on others for putting them
through difficult tests .. they don't want to change, they guard their
shortcomings and negativities in viels of "black magic", "bad luck",
"vicitmization" accusations.. Cmon friends, come out of this.. Let planets do
their role.. you just be ready to change.. and what areas you have to change ?
Some are written below
Sun- Learn to forgive and forget. Realise your own power.
Venus- Learn to respect money, manage money, earn money, be in contentment and
Saturn- Let go of rigidity and past limited beleifs..
Mars- Learn to stand on your own.. face your problems rather than running away.
Rahu- Learn to handle enemies by invoking your powers
Ketu- Keep away from vices
Rudraksha , yantra, mantra do give you a cushion to face the lessons.. but
finally transformation You have to initiate within by awareness.

Law of Perfection jun 9, 2011
Do you realise that one law that is governing our lives in the minutest of
ways .. It is the LAW OF PERFECTION. Everything in this world wants to be
perfect..everything living wants to heal.. everything wants to grow and become
more expansive. You will find this in plants, water, wind, fire.. Can anyone
point where ? Can you see this law in mankind? We have come here to be perfect..
all troubles we face is because we bring them upon ourselves so that we learn
how to face them..
You clear one dimension in life and the next dimension is ready to be challenged
and overcome.

Law of Perfection Jun 10, 201

Thanks for your interest. Surely I will answer. I have understood life in
this journey.. one cannot understand this complex life in a day.. I started my
journey as a happy go lucky girl who had a midas touch till the age of 21
years.. but then was thrust in a turmoil that shook every aspect of her life for
a full 10 years, where she went from pillar to post to find the cause and
everytime was pushed back in her own being by conciousness. She chanced first
upton a book The Laws of highly successful people by Steven Covey which opened
her up to a totally new world of understanding things. This was followed by
learning Reiki, Pranayama, inspirational self help books which helped her to
come out of the turmoil to a large extent. And then started her inner soul
journey where she even had a stint with a Guru to explore this world, came back

again to her inner self and finally 2 years ago I awakened.. I got enlightened
when I realised my beliefs that were holding me back from true success in all
spheres. I was able to release my beliefs with help of a "Theta" Healer in the
beginning and later understood the concept and released the rest on my own. Once
enlightened I fell back totally in my own being. I "knew" all the answers..
There was nothing left to know, nothing left to ask. I was whole. I realised
life is so simple to understand and we are the ones that make is so complex.
I am now 43 years, live with husband and 4 grown up kids. Wake up at 6:00 am for
Japa of 2 hours to awaken the energies within and after that it is the same
routine of work and Creation. I am vegetarian by birth (being a Hindu Brahmin),
but at the same time I don't push people into it, as I think it doesn't really
matter. I just remembered a story- There was a Guru who predicted to his
devotees that he would be leaving his body the next day. All the devotees went
in shock, crying and feeling helpless. But as they watched the Guru, he kept
about his routines as usual.. watering the plants, feeding the cows, singing
bhajans etc.. when they could take no longer, they asked him - Guruji when you
know that you would not be alive tomorrow, why are you doing all the same
things.. To which he replied that "I am doing exactly what I love to do and have
loved this all life" . So dears, one day you will all realise that the path we
are on, is the path where we need to be.. Just drop the struggle.

Wake up call Jun 11, 2011
We are discussing some interesting topics here. How come only a handful of
people reply or post comments in this forum. We have 1400+ members here. I
wonder if several email id are redundant or unused? Or most of us just prefer to
listen and not share. I invite all of you to comeout and speak your heart.

Why I don't get what I want ? Jun 11, 2011
We often look up to the sky and ask this question.
Do you want to know why? Because of 3 reasons
1) You don't want it .
Your not getting it is serving some purpose.
I did an aura session of a client from US a couple of months back. He had been
trying hard to find a suitable partner and his mother back in India is also
worried for him. I did his "Theta healing" and found that he was quite a bit in
meditation and self imposed routines and subconciously thought that a new person
will take him away from these routines which he loved to do. He had to
understand and believe that it is possible for him to adjust with a partner and
routines simultaneously, before he could attract her in his life.
2) You fear getting it.
Another person had similar issue of not finding partner and when I delved
further in his life, I found that he not a very social person also and did not
have many close friends and also suffered emotionally because of that. A look
further, I found that he was afraid of letting someone too close in his personal
space as he feared he would be hurt. He believed that differences between people
pulled them apart and he would end up getting hurt. He had to learn to release
the fear and believe that he can let someone into his personal space and feel

the joy and also that differences in attitudes spice up relation and is not the
cause of rift.
3) Conciousness is waiting for you to achieve some perfection before you are
"worthy" of it.
Just as you would not give an expensive mobile phone to a 6 year child even if
he throws tantrums ,your father above will not give you something you don't
"deserve". A young beautiful girl came to my office last week saying that she
has been struggling hard since last 2 years to establish herself as an actress,
but everytime she came close to it but missed the opportunity. During talk I
made her realise that she was actually not prepared to be one, as she did have
fear facing camera and was not sufficiently qualified to be an actress. Just
wanting and praying will not give results ... become worthy of it too. I asked
her to join an acting institute without further delay and develop herself for
Same goes for businessmen. Many times they end up in losses/failures/debts
because they have to learn to make proper systems, manage finances,employees,
suppliers and customers well before they are blessed with grace of Mahalaxmi.
Visit by the Gods Part II
I started chanting Gayatri mantra

To tell you the truth, I did not even know the meaning of this mantra then. I
started by chanting 1 mala every morning and then increased to 3 malas and
slowly started chanting the whole day whenever I got time. I chanted in the
morning , afternoon, evening, night whenever I got some time from the routine
tasks and "remembered" .. The more you chant, more the mantra Grows on you and
seems "Sweeter", "Intoxicating" ... I was drawn more and more into it.. I
started seeing my daughter atleast pulling the books from her drawer and sitting
for longer hours.. her questions became more intelligent.. she seemed to like
books.. I got energy from that change and continued by mental japa.. I chanted
so much that when I used to get up in the morning, I used to feel that even in
the night I was busy chanting.. Now one thought of Gayatri and I used to feel
like getting sucked in some sort of magnetic Vortex.. Then my daughter started
feeling the mantra singing in her ears although I hardly sang aloud.. She
started telling me that she sees this Goddess in "white".. I thought she wore a
red Sari..anyway. Slowly my daughter also agreed to chant atleast one mala
everyday. My chants were continuing and had entered the 2nd month end and her
exams were about 8 days away. I was in love with Gayatri.. my office had strict
instructions to play only this CD in the background, so that I was reminded to
chant it while work.. Then one early morning around 7:00 am after having Tea, I
dozed off and while awakening I saw ...

Visit by the Gods - Part III

And then I saw 2 divine figures materialising in front of me ( exactly like in

Star Trek ) One was an old majestic king in white robe and beard and one was a
slim guy in Veena with flowers around his head bun and a necklace of white and
orange flowers... A voice from behind made me realise they were Brahma and
Narada and then they vanished before I could ask them purpose of visit and then
a feeling swept over me saying "I have sent them for you" .. my eyes were wide
awake now.. I asked my husband who is Narada and Brahma and he gave some vague
answer about Narada travelling from one God to other exchanging messages.. As
soon as I reached office I quickly googled on who were Narada and Brahma as I
had never ever prayed to them or attempted to know about them.. It was like my
prayers were Talking London, looking tokyo (calling someone, seeing someone
else) ... and then I was shocked to read that Brahma was thr husband of Gayatri
and Narada is the Son of Brahma.. Holy heavens.. She sent her husband and son to
help.. A wave of bliss swept over me.. I knew things were going to be great.. In
coming days I had deep urge to know about Her.. I purchased a Large picture of
Hers and installed in my altar.. I got a book which described prayers to her in
proper procedure.. As expected my daughter did well.. She had many visions of
her during exams and many miracles ensued while she gave exams.
For long time after this incident, I wondered why this happened..Now I know...
too much faith and deep devotion has the power to materialise the diety in front
of us. The dieties don't descend from heaven.. they are created from our
metaphysical chakras.
Anyway, the purpose of telling this experience is to tell you that we have the
power to change destiny by deep faith and belief. I have tried this technique
time and again and got success everytime. Just believe in your desires and
decide to make it happen.

Why many Gurus and Saints are Overweight

I am sure this topic would bring a smile to many. I used to often wonder why
and now that I know the answer, I thought of sharing. Once they become
enlightenment, they know the laws of living this world. They start living in the
Upper chakras which are third eye, Crown and throat.. So they start giving
speeches, creating programmes for the humanity and many go for power which is a
crown chakra manifestation. But in this process they inadvertently ignore the
lower chakras which are associated with real world issues like
sex/pleasure/facing day to day issues.. Thus they end up being in a floating
world away from the realities.. so in order to feel grounded, they subconciously
add weight to their bodies. A perfect Guru is one who is balanced in all
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Facing your responsibilities- Muladhara Chakra Jun 19, 2011
Yes definately gemstones are frequently used to balance chakras and the best
way is to place them over the chakras. I am quite convinced that semi precious
gems (which are not connected to planets) are best for this.. rosequartz/jade
for heart, carnelian for root, amethyst for third eye etc .. Precious gems
correspond to planets so they cannot be used without checking birth chart.
Magnets are also used, although we need an expert for that, as chakra can go the
reverse way if magnets are not used properly. Men and women chakras rotate the
opposite way.. if swathistana of a man is clockwise.. for a women it is anti
clockwise.. Every single healing modality in the world ..whether it is pranic

healing or reiki or crystals works ONLY ON CHAKRAS .. But the process of most
gives temporary relief only as it is thoughts that block the chakras and these
methods do not CHANGE THOUGHTS.. so after few days of healing, the client gets
this chakras blocked again and has to keep on going back to the healer.
Rudraksha CHANGE THOUGHTS so they offer permament solution to balancing
chakras.. a low confident person becomes confident.. fearful becomes fearless..
victimed becomes powerful .. discontended becomes grateful and so on.. But
important is to have correct knowledge of usage of Rudraksha.. Most rudraksha
are sold by suppliers who treat it like an ordinary bead and do not use it the
correct way.. hence desired results do not manifest. At Rudra Centre, we have
almost 100% success rates with clients who take according to recommendations.

Effect of Mudras
Mudras are position of hands that affect our body chakras in subtle ways. Do
you know that there is a mudra which takes you into samadhi and it is such a
simple mudra. All Gurus,saints,Buddha and Gods are shown with a mudra. Just do
the mudras for the lower 2 chakras for and after just 4-5 minutes, you will
start feeling sensation in the associated chakra. When you do mudra, even if you
do not meditate or chant mantra, the chakra starts to heal.
Let me tell you mudra for manipura chakra as this is the chakra which imbalanced
makes us feel stress/angry and frustrated.
Put your hands before your stomach slightly above the Navel . Let the fingers
join at the tops, all pointing away from you. Cross the thumbs. It is important
to straighten the fingers.
Concentrate on the Navel and chant the sound RAM.
Do this for 10 minutes even while sitting in train or bus or watching TV and
feel the stress melting away. Ofcourse if you do this in meditation, effects
will be greater.
Effect of Mudras
The mudras I sent are from Internet but from all the ones available, these are
those I tried and found that they worked.
Meditation can be done anytime.. most people I know do in the evenings after
returning from work and before dinner. I prefer to do in mornings because that
time family is sleeping and I get peace and quiet and prefer to do on the
comfortable Sofa in living room. I do as soon as I get up and wash my hands and
face. After meditation I have my tea, newspaper and bath. Please understand
taking God's name, doing Japa, meditation can be done before bath also.. Most
important is what you are comfortable with. It is not external purity, but
Internal purity and will that matters most.
Visualization can be done, once you have control over your thoughts. In next
post I will teach you how I got control.


Jun 23, 2011

In today's fast paced modern world it seems that many have come to find that the
one thing that stands between their happiness is not materialistic wants, but

their own mind.

We live each day with thousands of things demanding our minds attention. We
think incessantly about a million things that many become slaves to their
thinking minds. In fact we think so much that as soon as we have time to be
still we don't even know how to enjoy being quiet and still. The only way you
will ever experience peace of mind is by learning to drop the analogical
thinking mind. Meditation is a way to help you on the journey of achieving
mental clarity and peace. It's time for you to awaken your mind to it's
Through mediation you will discover and catch glimpses of a state of
consciousness that is truly not self conscious. Meditation will be your tool for
deep introspection of your inner being, and will prove to be very valuable in
your day to day life. It will help you develop an intimate relationship with
your true self. As you develop your inner being you will become valuable to
those around you because you are grounded in who you really are.
You can only truly help others when you have become the master of your mind free
of false illusions. Many people feel that just because they have the urge to
help they are able to help. Unless you really know what your true identity is,
which is not your ego, you will only be trying to offer help from something that
is an illusion.
The beauty of proper meditation is that it helps you create immense distance in
your inner space. It gives you perspective, your level of consciousness changes.
It helps you create distance between your thoughts and the witness who watches
your thoughts.
The problem for most is that they remain to close to their thoughts, being close
means being identified. This is why psychoanalysis never actually solves the
causes of your problems, it may help you function more efficiently in society,
but you remain on the same level. Your problem is in your thinking and you try
to solve it with thinking, still remains within the field of thought.
Meditation gives you vertical growth, it gives you a bird's eye perspective to
see your problems, awareness to freely observe, free of conditioning. You become
an impartial observer, being impartial you will see the causes, you gain
understanding. There is no need to solve the problem, you just need more
understanding. It simply exists because you lack sufficient understanding, not
enough awareness.
That's why we are always able to give someone else great advice, we are far from
the problem, we are impartial, we have clarity to see. The person with the
problem is too close to it, to identified, he will say "easy for you to say,
this isn't your problem". Meditation helps you create the distance for you to
see clearly.
Many say that it would be nice to have peace of mind, to learn to be calm no
matter what goes on around them. But as long as you make those things objects of
your desire you have already identified yourself as lacking them, thus keeping
your self from experiencing peace.
When people begin to attempt meditating they say that is difficult and boring.
When you learn to watch what's going on inside you, if those thoughts of boredom
come up, just watch them. Explore why you are telling yourself this is boring,
pay attention to your feelings, where is it coming from? There is a huge growing
experience hidden, just need to explore it.
"There are strange moments in life when the mind rests without any kind of
worries. When our mind is quiet, when our mind is in silence, then the new
arrives."- Samael Aun Weor
Meditation is the act of allowing the thoughts in your mind to cease. When you
drop your mind you will experience oneness with the universe. You will realize
that everything really is intimately interconnected and multi dimensional.

The only thing that keeps you thinking you are separate is your body and mind.
When you are asleep and disconnect your mind from your body your consciousness
is one with the universal consciousness. Mediation is your key in transcending
the confines of your body and mind to consciously experience a higher state of
universal awareness.
Through a daily discipline of meditation you will become more mindful and calm.
Calmness is the ideal state in which you should receive and take part in your
life's experiences. Some one who is calm has the mental clarity to handle any
situation that life throws at him. Even mindedness should be your goal, learning
to maintain a clear headed mind state helps you with enjoying and dealing with a
fast paced lifestyle.
The more that you focus your attention within, you will begin to feel a new
power and new peace rise up within you. Meditation is the ability to stay
actively calm. Meditation does not even have to be what many associate
meditation with, which is to get into a lotus position and start chanting a
Any activity that you enjoy can be meditation; you just need to learn to be
watchful of whatever you are doing. Learning to be fully present in any activity
is meditation. Jogging through the forest and being observant of everything
going on inside you without judgment is meditation. It is however important to
incorporate a daily routine of meditation and do it earnestly and consistently
if you are to reap the rewarding effects.
1. Pick a nice comfortable place where to meditate..
2. Find a comfortable position to sit. Sitting on a chair or on the floor, does
not really matter as long as it is comfortable for you.
3. Close your eyes, and start watching your breath See how you breathe in and
breathe out
4. Your mind will keep on going to events of yesterday and tomorrow.. the moment
you realize your mind has "run away" gently bring it back to "breathe in breathe
Do this practice for first few days. Increase the time period you are able to
watch your breath without break . After this start watching your thoughts. Your
thoughts always follow a "Link building process".. One thought links to the
other thought .. You have to Break that link.. Disconnect two thoughts together.
So the moment a thought comes, break it and stop it from connecting and try to
find the space where there is no thought in your mind. Then again a thought will
rise up, drop it immediately before it tries to link with some other thought..
Try to focus on that "Space" where there are no thoughts.. Do this activity
several times in the day whenever you get free time.. in office , at home, in
train, in car . You have to get control of this Monkey chatter of the mind to
get control over it. Your mind will many times feel like several horses all
running in different directions and you have to make immense effort to control
them.. Don't worry, it is just an exercise. More you practice.. more you
achieve. A time will come, when your TPS (thoughts per second Rate) will drop
You will start getting a pleasurable, cool feeling .. as now you have started
connecting with the divine within. The joy of BEING will take over.
Please start doing this asap I did the above exercise for just 20 days and it
made immense changes in my life in all aspects . Once the mind gets controlled,
it does not slip back to its previous state. You tame the monkey mind. After
that you can train the mind to manifest wealth, relationships, success You name
it !
Location in body - At the navel centre Jun 27, 2011

When your Manipura Chakra is closed - You feel like a victim in the world and
often feel powerless relative to other people and circumstances. You give your
power away to others as you feel this is necessary to keep peace in
relationships. You suffer from stomach pains and stomach anxiety.
When your Manipura Chakra is opened - You have a strong sense of your own power
and how to use it in healthy ways. You admire others with power and influence
and choose to emulate people who are using their personal power to make a
difference in the world. You want to use your power and influence for good in
the world.
Blocked by - Reliving grudges or painful memories of past ,worrying about
future, feeling powerless against the circumstances.
Symptoms of blockage ( you may exhibit one or more of these ) Loss of self
esteem, anger arising from sense of victimization. Affects pancreas and
adrenals. Problems with liver, digestive tract, gall bladder. Person suffers
from constipation, acidity, hyper tension, chronic fatigue and gut ailments.
Diabetes and skin ailments are also due to blockage in this chakra.
Associations - Wealth, Power and status
Meditation to heal the chakra
Put your hands before your stomach slightly above the Navel . Let the fingers
join at the tops, all pointing away from you. Cross the thumbs. It is important
to straighten the fingers.
Concentrate on the Navel and chant the sound RAM.
I release belief that I lack in power
I release belief that I lack physical energy
I release belief that external world has power over me
I release all past grief, resentments and stored pain from every cell of my body
I forgive myself for anything and everything I did out of ignorance
I forgive all those people in the past who have hurt me due to ignorance or
I release the feeling that I am unable to take in sweetness
I release feelings of being lonely
I release feelings of being miserable
I release fear that I am unable to move forward ...
I release fear that I lack courage to take risk
I release inability to honor myself
I release fear that I am dependent
I release fear that I can't take care of myself
I release all self doubts from every cell of my body
I release fear that I am undeserving
I release feeling of being guilty
I release fear of others thoughts about me
I release feeling of being wounded and hurt
I release feeling of being helpless and know I can change situations
I release fear of being rejected
I release fear that nothing works out for me
I release belief that I can't forgive
I release pattern of always putting myself down
I release fear that others will put me down

I release the need to be noticed

I release the pattern of being stuck in recreating my pain over and over
I release the feeling that I am invisible
I release the feeling that I am easily offended
I release the feeling that I am deprived
I release the belief that I can't trust myself
I release the belief that I am unworthy of inspiration
I release the belief that I am undeserving of God's support
I release the feeling of discouragement from every cell of my body
I release the pattern of of self sabotage
I release the feeling of disliking myself
I release the pattern of self-destructive behaviors
I release patterns of fighting myself.
Now do affirmations below
Thank You God
I am powerful / I am using my power wisely / I am deserving / I have high
self-esteem / I
deserve joy and happiness / I am creating my thoughts about myself and my life /
I am
light hearted / I am the ability to take in the sweetness of life
Thank you God,
I am moving forward with my life / I deserve to be all that I can be / I am
worthy of God's time and support / I have value / I am fulfilled / I am myself
in the present moment/ My needs are as important as others / I give myself
permission to use my power.
Thank you God,
I am creating a satisfying life / I am one success after another success / I am
healing / I am vibrant / I am experiencing /others are interested in what I have
to say / I am confident and secure / I give myself permission to be happy / all
is well.
Thank you God,
I deserve inner peace / loving others is easy when I love and accept myself / I
love who I am and I assert my power wisely / I get things done / I am relaxed /
I get it done now / I am creating completion in perfect timing / I am attracting
the help I need / I am love / I am positive / I am open to new ways of doing
things / I am happiness /I am forgiving of myself and others / I am what I think
I am

Life truths Jul 5, 2011
Will tell you a story dears..
A husband and wife had a decently good relationship with each other. She was
patient by nature and He although aggressive by nature, succumbed to her due to
her large hearted nature. Her birthday arrived and there were cheers and
blessings pouring to her from every side. That day over a trifle issue she had
argument with her husband and in his ego he told her that he would not be
attending her birthday celebrations and left home in a huff. She was heartbroken
as this was her special day.. no logic could define his behaviour to her..He did
not give her gift also and although accompanied her to her birthday
celebrations, but kept on rambling and argumentative and she in tears. She was
hurt because it was her birthday and "expected" to feel special .. he was blind

in his anger.. She saved her wet tissues for days on end refusing to forgive
him.. He saw her adamant and unrepentant .. SO how to solve the situations..
Well dears, the solution happened when the lady realised the below
In Letting Go of your hurt
You Let in peace
A peaceful you, is a beautiful you,
You can be beautiful,
And best thing is, it is in your hands,

Going in Samadhi Jul 11, 2011
Now that there are several of you meditating, I will teach you how to go in
deep Samadhi.. Refer to the picture "Buddha pose" given in the Mudras file
folder. Make your right hand in that pose and left hand on your thighs, palm
facing Up.. You may sit comfortably on a chair with legs kept the way you feel
good. See that your right hand has thumb touching the edge of nail of the right
Index finger. Close your eyes and Now move your right hand from right to left at
level of your heart chakra ( hollow between the rib cage).. Do very slowly..You
will sense a position when your breath become heavy.. Stop there in that pose..
slowly you will realise you are not breathing from nostrils( but cells are
breathing on their own)and all thoughts will come to still ... You are in
Samadhi pose now.. the longer you stay,,. the longer you go in.. after a while
you may move your right hand over your left palm, with palm facing up.. you can
sit like this for hours without breathing.. This is what Siddhas do when they go
underground.. You can too!!

Creativity and chakra Jul 17, 2011

Creativity chakra is the Sacral/Swathisthana chakra. When you realise your own
worth and become fearless in life, only then you Create beautiful things.
Another chakra that helps in this is Vishudha/Throat chakra. Till we don't
realise our own uniqueness, we tend to copy others and try to follow the path
taken by others..Opening of this chakra allows one to express to the fullest. Do
the chakra mudras regularly to open up the chakras. I writing below the
meditation and beliefs that need to be released for opening up the throat chakra
The Voice of the Throat Chakra:
"I speakmy TRUTH and it is liberating!"
Location in body -On the throat
When your Vishuddha Chakra
is closed
You are afraid to speak up and say what you want or feel, going along with
others so you don't upset anyone, you get sore throats often and feel like your
throat is blocked
When your Vishuddha Chakra
is opened
You are comfortable speaking your truth, you experience others listening to you
and you feel that you are heard and honored for your truth.

Blocked by Comparison/ feeling low self worth/ feeling helpless/not expressing

own uniqueness.
Symptoms of blockage ( you may exhibit one or more of these ) Laryngitis or sore
throats, problems communicating with others. Person will hold back, feel
timid/shy . Physical illnesses or ailments include hyperthyroid, skin
irritations, Asthma, bronchitis, tinnitus, Insomnia, tuberculosis, ear
infections, sore throat, inflammations, neck and shoulder pain, sprains and
fractures. Also the person suffers from lack of immunity. The person develops
low self esteem leading to his own creativity and intellect being blocked and
faces obstacles at every step.

Powerful communication , creativity, intelligence, growth in career .
Unblocked by Expressing and realizing own uniqueness and being creative in all
situations .

Meditation to heal the chakra

Cross your fingers on the inside of your hands, without the thumbs. Let the
thumbs touch at the tops, and pull them slightly up.
Concentrate on the Throat chakra at the base of the throat.
Chant the sound HAM.
Do for 10 minutes and feel the sensation of awakening of the Vishuddha chakra .
Now identify the beliefs that hold true for you among the ones below I release
belief that I have no power or authority
I release fear of not speaking up
I release pattern of letting others speak for me
I release anger that that I can't find the words
I release fear of letting others dominate me verbally
I ask myself what am I afraid of
I release belief that it is pointless to speak
I release belief that I am unheard
I release fear that my words are misunderstood
I release the fear of saying No .
I release fear of speaking honestly
I release fear that I don't want to hear it.
I release fear of Arguing
I release the belief that I am afraid to argue
I release fear that I don't want to hear it
I release fear of conflicts
I release fear of debates
I release fear of too many voices
I release all rage and anger caught in the throat
I release holding back of energy
I release giving my power away to avoid conflict
I release unexpressed feelings
I release intense frustration
I release the feeling of choking on my words.
I release the fear that I am unable to swallow my reality

I release the belief that expressing myself is unacceptable

I release all shame and guilt
I release the belief that I have no will power
I release the feeling that I don't know my truth
I release the feeling that I can't speak my voice
I release the fear that it is too big a risk
I release the feeling of holding back
I release the feelings of anxiety attacks

Praying to Shiva in Shravan month
I am attaching links to most popular strotras of our dear Lord SHiva.. They
are music to ears. See the links below to read them. I found Ramesh Bhai Izha
Cd's Shiva mala best to hear them. His music touches the souls. Will try
uploading them on a link and send to you all to listen.

Musical notes
Have uploaded Shiva mantras and prayers at link below. You will love hearing
the songs.

Shravan month Jul 19, 2011

During the month of Shravan, people avoid eating non-vegetarian food, while
others eat one meal a day and refrain from eating onion and garlic. Many eat
food devoid of salt. Some fast the entire month, eating fruits, roots, tubes (
Potato, sweet potato), milk and milk products and avoiding all forms of grains.
A popular form of fasting is eating one meal in the evening and rest of the day
eating fruits/milk.
Mondays is a very auspicious day for worshipping Lord Shiva. He is the Lord of
our Sahasrara chakra who finally leads us to Moksha, realisation of true selves.
During Shravan month, do abhisheka for shiva linga. Keep the Lingam with Yoni
pointing North and the west face of the Lingam facing you.
How to perform the pujas and Abhishekam (bathing of the Linga) during the night.
Bathing and staying clean the worship of Lord Shiva in the form of Shiva lingam
is done in the four jamuns (four equal time intervals) of the night.
Firstly perform Ganapati puja praying for no hurdles to the puja. Simply have a
murti of Lord Ganesh and offer Him incense, lamp and flowers.
Before the prayer starts make sure that you wash the lingam with water. Now

place the lingam on a tray.

You can perform the abhishekam in your prayer room. Also you should have made
during the day 4 flower garlands. Many use cloths to dress the linga after each
abhishekam. But this is optional).
Also make sure that you have at least 4-incense stick, 4 camphor and 4 whole
flowers for the arati and several Bael leaves.
Then at 18h00 the first abhishek is performed. While chanting mantras of Lord
Shiva bath the Linga with milk (which should be in a lota/pot).
Then after offering the milk with one lota of water bath the lingam.
Then with a clean cloth only used for the prayer dab the lingam to remove the
excess liquids.
Now place bael leaves on top of the Lingam and with chandan paste with the ring
finger of your right hand draw three lines on the lingam and on the centre line
dot it with kum-kum.
Then garland the lingam and now offer arati with incense, lamp and flower 7
times around the Lingam. This is the end of the first Jamun.
At 21h00 the 2nd Jamun is performed. Please replace the Milk above with yoghurt
and the procedure is the same. At 00h00 the 3rd Jamun is performed. Please
replace Milk above with ghee and the procedure is the same. Do not use one lota
of ghee, rather in a lota add teaspoon of ghee and add luke warm water to it.
At around 3 am - 04 am the 4th and last Jamun is performed. Please replace Milk
above with honey and the procedure is the same. Do not use one lota of honey,
rather in a lota add teaspoon of honey and add luke warm water to it.
Many people combine all procedures together and do prayers in one particular

Cleansing - the Ultimate meditation Jul 20, 2011
All problems we face in life finally boil down to one fact.. We take in
negativity and hold on to it. Life is not about becoming positive, it is about
releasing the Negative, because when dirt is cleaned, the Shine is visible.. You
don't have to become courageous, you have to release the Fear... you don't have
to become more loving, you have to release the resentment.. Shravan is the month
when our old belief patterns can be released more easily. Dears we have been
holding on to hurt/pain/grief/fears for so long.. they are creating ulcers in
our stomach, pain in our back, pressure in our hearts, choking our throats.. Now
is the time to release.... we cannot forgive the relatives you did injustice to
us, we cannot forgive the boss who put us down, our spouse who tortured us, our
mother who blamed us, our father who beat us, our children who took our
sacrifice for granted.. our teacher who ridiculed us.. But dear there is no
choice.. except Releasing this feeling of negativity.. It is not what happens
to us, it is how we take it. No one will realize what they did even if you hold
on for years and years.. we have to release from our system to be Free.

This exercise will empty you of your deeply engraved negative mental patterns
and worries. It will clear all your suppressed emotions of anger and worry. Once
you do this technique, you will feel very light and be free from worries and
complex mental patterns. I am sharing with you in the hope and firm belief that
each and every one of you will do this in this month. Do this 3 times in a gap
of minimum 4 days. Do it as intensely as possible. Then you will never feel the
need to to do again in your life.
This technique should be done on an empty stomach, or at least 2 hours after a
major meal.
Stand with your eyes closed. Go deeply inside yourself and feel all the pentup
rage, anger, hurt, worries due to different reasons. See how heavy you feel.
Now, just start making nonsensical sounds. Do not use words to shout. If you use
words, only familiar and recent emotions will surface and also words will give
rise to only more words without actually working on the emotions behind them.
Shout absolute gibberish like "La La Da Da Do Do " ; only, this will open out
the unconscious in you; only this will open out the deeply hidden emotions. Wave
your hands, shout, scream; if tears flow, let them flow.
Do it with all your might, to vomit out all your negative feelings. Recall the
painful incidents as clearly as possible. Visualise the persons involved and
feel the emotions involved in those incidents. Bring out all the emotions.
Become completely immersed in them. In the Gibberish tone vomit your hurt, pain
and anger.,. and everything that you wanted to tell them but could not. one
incident will lead to another and keep on releasing till you remember nothing
else.. Do not stop before atleast 21 minutes. At the end of twenty one minutes,
stop. With your eyes closed, sit down in silence for atleast 5 minutes. Be a
witness to your thoughts. Feel the lightness in your being. Your whole being
will be very light and free.
Now in corporate the following affirmations in your daily prayers in the morning
and before you sleep
I Can
I Am
I Will
I Give
I love
I forgive
I Trust
I express
I surrender
I accept

Towards Perfection
I am so obsessed with perfection.
I start feeling its burden even before I begin a task.
I am so afraid of failure that I don't even make an attempt!
Ans. Existence is perfect. Man is imperfect. The imperfect man striving to
perfect himself is part of this existential perfection.
Animals are also imperfect, incomplete and inadequate, but they are not aware of
their limitations. That's why transcendence is not for

animals. They are born to a nature and die within that nature. That's why, even
with man, there is no scope for growth unless one has the yearning to turn his
inadequacy into adequacy; his incompleteness into completeness.
Your heart is crying for something - that's the scope of your growth. My heart
is crying for something else - that's the scope of my growth. Man is
designed to strive. We are all chasing, and all of us will keep chasing. Your
deprivation is different from my deprivation; but in some way, all of us are
deprived. In fact, the awareness of the deprivation becomes the very seed of
growth. It is in becoming conscious of a deprivation that you find the impetus
for growth. It is the very science of evolution. Your poverty is not worse than
his poverty. Her deprivation is not worse than your deprivation. By design, man
is not made with a perfect blueprint. Your yearning is for a good marriage; hers
is to have a child; for that old soul, it is health; and for this little one, it
is self-image. He wants a position in man's world, and she wants a place in
god's kingdom. Your poverty is your poverty. Her poverty is her poverty. Your
poverty is the scope of your prosperity, and her poverty is the scope of her
development. You alone can satiate your hunger and I alone can quench my thirst.
You have to live your karma and I have to live mine. So, don't be burdened by
your obsession for perfection. If man were to be created as a perfect being,
then there would be no scope for growth. If man were to be created as a
'ready-to-use, already complete, finished product', he wouldn't have come out of
the caves. So, this striving within you can become your very strength.
However, you should overcome your fear of failure. The difference between
ordinary people who remain ordinary and those ordinary people who turn
themselves into extraordinary ones is the way they deal with the failures and
setbacks in life. The extraordinary ones refused to remain fallen. They refused
to quit. They refused to give up. They refused to accept a 'No' from life. Their
greatest glory was not in never falling, but in rising every time they fell.
Rather than focussing on their failures, they continued to focus on their goals.
Our examination-oriented education system has made us afraid of failures. To
fail without putting in the efforts may be wrong, but failure in itself can
never be wrong. Fear of failure will not allow you to come out of your comfort
zone. No new venture guarantees success and no new diversification promises
profits. Champions understand that it is better to face outstanding failures
than mediocre successes. Dare to fail, for only those who fail enough can
succeed enough. If you have not failed enough it means you have not tried
enough, and if you have not tried enough then how will you succeed enough.
Failure is a parenthesis inside which success hides, and history makers dig them
out through relentless striving. Life cannot be punctuated with success alone;
failure too will find its imprints. There is no sunrise without sunset. Brave
the rain and experience the rainbow.
Learn from your failures and move on. Failure is not a result, but a feedback.
The lessons you learn will prove to be your most important tools in carving your
future successes. Whenever you are knocked down, bounce back, learn a lesson,
forget the beating and move upward. Use setbacks to propel you forward. Salvage
something from every setback. Failure is only a state of mind and nothing more.
When a winner losses, he always comes back to be a better winner. So, replace
your 'fear of failure' with a 'desire to gain', and move on with your life.

Third Eye meditation Jul 27, 2011
It is good that you were able to use the Samadhi technique effectively. The
Ajna chakra opens fully only when all the limiting beliefs of the person are

realised and thus released.. means the person becomes a Jeevan Mukta.. the One
who is free from all bondages.. Thus you can realise that it is the most
difficult chakra to open..One can always cleanse the chakra and activate it. The
mudra picture is already there in the pictures. I am writing the meditation
Put your hands before the lower part of your breast. The middle fingers are
straight and touch at the tops, pointing forward. The other fingers are bended
and touch at the upper two phalanges. The thumbs point towards you and touch at
the tops.
Concentrate on the Third Eye chakra slightly above the point between the
Chant the sound OM .
Do for 10 minutes and feel the sensation of awakening of the Ajna chakra. It is
felt as a whirring circle in the centre of the forehead.

Behind every problem in our life is a knot of Fear.. whether it is Fear of
instability, or fear of being rejected, or fear of being powerless, or fear of
Losing the one you love, or Fear of acceptance.. and only when you release that
fear, do you transcend the fear. And how to release the fear? There is only one
ways dears.. and that is SURRENDER.. true Surrender to the God who Created us..
Just surrender your fears to Him and He will take care. Read an interesting
article below.. It is long, but very meaningful. Blessings Neetaji
Fears and Insecurities
Many of the problems we have to cope with in our daily lives will no longer
exist once we are totally united with God; they will simply disappear. Our first
priority should be to develop an unbreakable bond with God. The security of an
intimate relationship with Him will solve all the problems that creep into our
lives and disengage us from achieving our goal.
The origin of these problems is our separation from God. God embodies certainty
and peace of mind; being away from Him is one reason for our instability.
Although such a statement might make sense, digesting it is quite another thing.
With God, everything works. Without God, nothing can function. Are we with God
or not? It is a simple question, but we can use it to check our status. If we
have a problem, we are not one with God. Any insecurity, inferiority complex, or
accusation never comes from God but from Satan.
People who are insecure for whatever reason will either subconsciously or
consciously overcompensate in another way. They act as if they are greater than
they are, for example, more intelligent or more broad-minded. It should not be
necessary for them to appear different from who they really are, but
nevertheless, they cannot help it. Any person who experiences insecurity usually
offsets it in some way; perhaps he will not seem to tire as fast as others, may
appear more serious, or not laugh or relate as much as others. But when a person
does not seem open, others usually detect such behavior as arrogance or pride.
In reality, it may be a mask for insecurity. The person may feel terribly
inferior and afraid. There are all kinds of reasons for a person to isolate
himself and display a "don't touch me" attitude. He may have been hurt by the
comments of others because he is too skinny or he has a crooked nose. Children
often say hurtful things to their peers; the sad part is, the recipient might
recall these words every day of his adult life and absolutely believe that he is

Overcompensation may be the result of a person feeling that he has not been
recognized properly. Subconsciously he wants to cry out to others, "Why don't
you recognize me? I am a human being with feelings, too. I want the same rights
you enjoy. I need to be noticed; please pay attention to me." But because he
cannot come out and say those words, he may walk a little more stiffly, because
inside he feels hard and inflexible. When he opens his mouth, his tone may be
sharper than usual and the words spoken not as round as love normally is. Arrows
fly from his mouth; those who are struck may define this as uncalled-for
arrogance. The arrows are unnecessary; the accusations just retaliations.
Nevertheless, we live in a world of fear and everybody feels he has to protect
himself. We naturally build up protective devices around ourselves and as soon
as our shell is pierced, some emotions automatically shoot out. None of them are
warranted, but it happens. Although some people seem arrogant, often their
behavior discourages others from investigating what the arrogance represents.
Usually it is just a call for love.
We may want to rebel and subconsciously shout out, "I need love and recognition.
Can't you see that? I have so many things to offer. Why can't you recognize
them? Don't you want them? You don't treasure me enough; you refuse to see my
value." Self-control in the face of fear is not easy.
It is all a question of inner freedom. If you fear nothing, you will have no
need to cover up. But everybody experiences some common fears: Will I get enough
love? Who will love me? Will anybody recognize me? These fears evoke reactions
such as timidity. They surface because you don't have enough trust in God. You
fear that you do not have much value in His eyes or the eyes of the world. You
fear that God will not work through you and therefore you have to accomplish
everything by yourself. But at the same time, you are not sure that you are
capable of doing all that you think is expected of you. Yet if your faith in God
becomes solid, you will realize your strength, and understand that it comes not
from yourself but from Him. At this moment you probably do not recognize how
much guts you have, nor can you see how deep your heart is. You are not timid by
nature; such a characteristic is never endowed by God. He wants you to feel ten
feet tall because you are His child. Have you forgotten?
People go to psychiatrists or other trained professionals seeking for ways to
overcome their insecurities. Even after Unificationists have received the
Blessing and forgiveness of their sins, some are still insecure. People in the
secular world have a good reason to feel insecure and unsure-this world is a
cruel and dangerous place. Anything can happen and therefore there are very few
people who feel secure. People live in a world of fear.
But in our position how can we feel insecure? Everyone is nervous and tense at
times, but we have been granted immunity as a son or daughter of God. We might
have reason to be unsure because of our inner deficiencies, but that can be
balanced by our relationship with God. Our greatest asset now and for eternity
is the relationships we develop with God and True Parents. Once we receive
salvation we will feel secure-our insecurity will be taken away and replaced by
peace of mind.
There are times we all lack faith in God, and hence we feel shaky and unsure.
When our faith in God and True Parents is strong, we can do anything. If we are
always insecure, we subconsciously proclaim to others that our power sources-God
and True Parents-cannot support or defend us. As a child of God, how can we
continue to be insecure?
One important element in overcoming fears and insecurities is awareness. We can
pray, but how much do we believe the contents of our prayers? Many religious
people claim that they believe in a higher power; they desire salvation and feel
they will receive it once they proclaim their faith. We can talk about salvation

for weeks, but if we examine the Principle, we will discover that in order to
receive God's grace of salvation, our problems with insecurity must first be
resolved. If we come to exhibit a living faith in God and trust that He will
work through us, and if we believe in the truth of the Principle, a certain
feeling of invulnerability will envelop us. If through our daily prayer life we
can receive the power to combat anything, we will overcome our personal
problems, and even banish the deepest seated fears and insecurities we have
carefully hidden from everyone.
This is a challenge for each of us. We must eventually conquer our fears. We
must no longer insult God by being overwhelmed by our insecurities. Being full
of fear is like saying that God is weak and that He cannot protect us.
The greatest shield and protection in daily life is the love of God. We only
have to unite with it. This will be our greatest security. But it cannot stay an
abstract concept in our minds. We have to make it real.
It is just ignorance that brings fear; knowledge bears enlightenment. Knowing
you are loved gives you insurance. But insecurity can seep in once you believe
nobody loves you. You may feel that you are misunderstood. You might think that
you do not live up to the standard or that you are inferior-so many unfounded
fears can float through your mind. But in reality, it is not so. These
fabrications which your mind creates unceasingly are enough to make you doubt
and this gives way to the chill of fear that pervades throughout your entire
body. But if you chip away the wall of fear that surrounds your heart, the heart
of God will melt away with His love the lock that keeps it prisoner. When you
allow God to dwell within you, your fears should disappear.
When we do something for the first time, or confront someone or something
previously unknown to us, we may be a little scared and shake a bit. This
happens to everyone. The reason is that the person may not feel adequate to
fulfill his mission. He may fear the consequences -- that people will not find
their way to God and heaven because he is too unqualified to proclaim what he
should. Feeling the immensity of our responsibility can pressure us
Some people may rightly fear their incompetence because they have been lazy or
inactive, and hence are plagued by inferiority complexes or other such phobias.
If that is the case, a person has good reason to fear approaching people to
witness to, or doing anything at all. But if God is with them, they can rightly
feel courage and confidence.
You are your own greatest obstacle. When you become tense, your pores won't work
right and the systems of your body may even become clogged. You become tense
when you become afraid. But if love surges through you, your tension will melt
away. In order to feel love, you have to learn to relax and have faith.
There are many fears to which we resolutely cling-fear of the future, fear of
death, fear of not being successful. Yet when you feel insecure, depressed, or
far from God, be assured that the reason is simply because you are not breathing
correctly. You have to breathe the love of God, if you are deeply loved by God,
or even another person, you simply will not be bothered by fear.
You must drive out the fear of death. once you no longer fear death, nothing can
stand in your way because death is the ultimate fear.
You must remove yourself from the world of fear. Instead of talking about your
fears and insecurities, talk about beauty and love.
Fear governs the lives of fallen people. It has many faces and manifests itself
through the various problems which confront individuals. So many fears inhibit
us: Fear of not having enough food tomorrow. Fear of not being alive tomorrow.
Fear of the world situation. Fear of nothing; fear of everything..
We must eliminate fear. We must first expel the word or the concept itself and
banish it from our minds. There will be nothing to fear once we are totally

united with God. If there were no more fear of surviving or what we will find
after death, we would be liberated. But when we can overcome this one word, this
one concept which has become one very substantial mountain to all mankind, we
will be free.
One fear produces another. And that fear is the basis for an even greater fear.
Just as positivism evolves into the ability for a person to embrace the whole
cosmos, fear can develop to such a magnitude that a person can almost burst and
inwardly break into nothingness. That is the other side of optimism.
When you are filled with love, your problems will seem miniscule and
inconsequential. If you continuously emanate love, you will not fear nor will
you feel insecure.
Self-centeredness and insecurity are the result of disappointments in life, in
our parents, in society, and so forth. You are insecure because you aren't sure
that you have God. And if you are not sure of God, you cannot be sure of your
friends or acquaintances. You may even manifest aggressive behavior and
resentments stemming from this insecurity. But when you do, you fail to take
God's position or point of view. You want to feel secure at any cost so you
point the finger of blame toward everyone else because you do not feel safe.
When a person becomes stuck in little things, he is usually narrow minded,
insecure, and afraid. And the insecure person attempts to go through life step
by step, slowly but surely always setting up security gates and protecting
himself with defense mechanisms. The first thing he should do to overcome such
behavior is to get away from himself.
Guilt complexes stagnate us and don't permit us to know the joy that we are
meant to experience.
It takes time for a child to grow up. It takes time to mature after a spiritual
rebirth, yet once you are grown, you can handle the situation of any
environment. If you mature spiritually, you won't have fears.
Medicine alone may not work; sometimes surgery is necessary. God is the most
brilliant physician; trust Him. Following His advice and taking the
prescriptions He gives will make you less vulnerable and help your fears to

A wonderful website Jul 27, 2011
I want you all to visit this website below


Now that we are all doing exercise to become stable and grounded and face challenges in the face rather than avoid them, we come to
the next level. That is

Increase your worth.

So how much is your worth actually? You may cry and fret that you do not get your due and that people disregard/disrespect/reject
you.. do not appreciate you.. but have you ever evaluated your worth in your own eyes ? Dears whatever you are seeing outside is just a
mirror image of what is inside. You will be surprised to find that the rejection, the hurt, the lack of appreciation is not what the world is
giving to you.. it is what you are giving yourself. So release that Now. It is not what happens to you, it is how you take it. Dears enhance
your worth by release low self worth from every cell of your body.. Feel appreciated, feel nurtured, feel loved.. Forgive those who made

you perceive this in your growing years.. What a person says about you, tells more about his background and fears and not about your
background.. how a person sees the world, tells more about him and not about the world. Start with first appreciating yourself,
nurturing yourself, loving yourself. Treat yourself to a good dress, good food, pleasures and enjoyment, just because you are worth it.
And what is it about deserving? Are you less deserving than another? Just because you studied less, do you deserve less marks? Just
because your looks are not that great, do you deserve less appreciation? Just because your background is humble, you deserve to be
look down upon? just because you don't struggle and suffer, do you deserve less money? Hey wake up.. You

deserve everything

in this world that you desire. Does that swanky car excite you? It is for you!! Does that big house titillate your senses.. you
deserve that.. Does the position of General Manager operations thrill you? Come and take it.. Does the thought of being famous bring a
current through your body.. go, it is waiting for you... Does having a beautiful wife give you joy.. bring her on!! Your desire is the
electric field that brings from dreams to fruition.. So Desire, and Desire big.. Keep on increasing your desires.. Desire whatever makes
you feel thrilled and excited.. and you will deserve that.. Watch Universe waiting to obey your command.

Put your hands in your lap, palms up, on top of each other. Left hand underneath, its palm touching the back of the fingers
of the right hand. The tips of the thumbs touch gently. Sit for 5 minutes.
Now release
I release all patterns of being disrespected
I release low self worth
I release belief that I do not deserve
I release belief that I am not nurtured
Now imagine your "Desire".. feel yourself enjoying that desire.. See how much you want it.. Let the bubble of excitement
well through your body at the thought of achieving it.. See how much Universe wants to give it you.. Feel blessed at the
thought of having it.. Sit in this joy for few miniutes.. Now say to yourself.. I am loved for being what I am.. I am cherished..
I am nurtured.. I am an expression of HIS LOVE.

How to become Rich . Part-I Aug 4, 2011
If the person is continuesly breathing by both nadi, i.e.IDA AND PINGLA is it
any good or bad. ? please guide Hari bol
Dear Manny,
You need to chant silently without moving lips. So chant the chakra mantra in
both inhale and exhale.
For those who are not aware of Nadis, I give text below.
Ida and Pingala's flow is dominated and influenced by the pathways that flow
from the nostrils. One may notice that one nostril is more active than the other
at any given time of day, and yogis linked the nostrils to both Pingala and Ida,
and thus devised techniques to enhance the pranic flow and balance within the
We also note that the brain is divided into two major hemispheres, which in turn
also correlated to Pingala (Left hemisphere which governs right side of the

brain) and Ida (Right hemisphere ~governs left part of body).

The hemispheres are linked to different characteristics, from musical, creative,
extrasensory perception, logic etc and ultimately Ida and Pingala are sought to
be brought into balance and stimulate both hemispheres to enhance overall brain
functioning and efficiency.
The balance of Pingala and Ida allow the neutral channel, Sushumna, to become
active. The two Nadis are called Sun and Moon and meet at dawm and dusk.
Sushumna carries cosmic energy which gives rise to heightened spiritual
When Sushumna is active, it may then carry the abundant storage of energy and
thrust it up the channel to the brain, where higher states of consciousness are
to be achived.
If a person is continously breathing from both nostrils, he should do practice
to awaken the Sushumna. Read about this at link below

Mention of 15-21 mukhis Aug 4, 2011
Indeed 15-21 mukhi are not mentioned in Shivpurana.. but they do find mention
in Katyayani Purana. Their powers are immense as experienced by those who wear
them and there is no doubt about it. At Rudra Centre we are doing major
therapies with these mukhis. Probably what we read in many of the Puranas is all
edited text and lot of important portions like mention of these Higher mukhis
and methods of wearing these beads and many of their secrets were deleted over
years and replaced by lot of prohibitions by those with vested interests.

Rudraksha + Time Aug 05, 2011
Rudraksha beads take 4-5 days to attune to a person's body. After that they
start working on body as soon as you wear them. It is recommended to wear them
atleast 4-5 hours a day. It is good to remove them during gymming, bath and
swimming as they would catch the sweat and soap. Also it is recommended to
remove them during sleep as they may break, unless there they are worn for some
illness which needs attention 24x7.
A person may wear Rudraksha all the time. Eating non veg/drinking are not
taboos. As a mark of respect they are removed during intimate relations. It is
better to remove them when one visits cremation grounds as ancient texts state
that all clothes and external items worn at that place should be discarded on
When you remove mala, take care that you keep on a clean plate or cloth.

what is the difference between rudraksha and bhadraksha Aug 09, 2011
Rudraksha is Elaecarpus Ganitrus variety which is bead that comes from Nepal
and Indonesia. This bead has natural hole and compartments match the number of

mukhis. Rudraksha beads come from 1 mukhi till 21 mukhi and higher than 21 mukhi
is found in both these varieties. Bhadraksha is a flat thorny bead found from
trees in South India, Srilanka and even Haridwar. These trees produces Half moon
one mukhi, 2 mukhi (India), 3 mukhi (india) and rarely beads of 4-6 mukhis. In
this the bead has only one seed irrespective of the mukhis. Our tests have found
these beads to show minimal results. So at Rudra Centre, we never recommend 1
mukhi half moon to anyone and we do not sell 2,3 mukhi from India. The true one
mukhi is the Javanese one mukhi which is amazingly powerful if used and
energised the right way as per Science Therapy. If anyone has migraine, this
bead will cure him within a week of wearing. Also this bead attunes the wearer
to path of spirituality and aids in meditation.

Fighting the flab Aug 12, 2011

I have been wanting to pen my thoughts on this issue for quite some time and
today is the day. In the past few years people have become more aware about
their bodies and the race is on to have a slim figure.. Newspapers are flooded
with Slimming methods ranging from Lipo, Ultra-lipo, tummy tuck,bariatric
surgery, abdominoplasty etc etc. Each tempting people to "go under the knife"
and cut their tummies and stomach or fat off and be "beautiful" in just 2 days.
A time came when these attracted me too much as with middle age a gradual
expansion of the body happens but we long to be light on our
feet. The more I thought of entering this Zone, more weight I put on as the
thought of getting a quick fix solution made me lazy and not wanting to exercise
also. And as typical of me, I researched on this topic too. I found that several
people who opted for this, did put on weight again within a year... and now the
realisation has dawned.. We are wrong all this while... We are blaming the wrong
organ.. It is not the tummy... It is our TONGUE.. we are cutting off the poor
Bag that holds the food or making it appear full artificially hoping that our
appetite will be lesser.. Most of the people who are overweight do not have
problem of Over-eating.. they have problem of satisfaction. They eat more and
more, to feel satisfied in their taste.. or they eat pasta, cream, cheese,
chocolates, ice-creams for satisfying the taste. Most of overweight people are
foodies, they love food and that too Good food, overflowing with butter and
cream.. I observe that people who are slim, generally dislike food.. either it
gives them indigestion or they feel heavy after eating or they
generally find it tiresome to eat or somehow their tastebuds were not developed
in childhood due to some reason or other... they don't generate enough Saliva to
have taste in the food.. SO this gives me a million dollar idea to cut off
weight.. Just de-sensitize the tongue temporaraily or permanently.. When you
cannot taste, pizza and porridge will taste same.. To get pleasure of a good
body, be ready to let go of the pleasure of the tongue. then your brain will
come in action and force you to eat food that is nutritious for you.. I
discussed this idea with few of my contacts who were planning to go under the
knife.. There was immediate protest.."No no.. we need to taste".. See, they are
ready to cut their stomachs off, but not ready to go of the taste.. No wonder
they put on weight again..
If you like this article, do respond dears.

Did you ask for excess money? Aug 14, 2011

Many times when we pray to God for wealth, we forget to ask for "excess
money".. The reasons are our limiting beliefs that tell us to ask for what is
sufficient only. So most of us find that we always have money for fullfilling
our immediate needs, but never have "extra".. why this happens? because we fear
asking for more.. So dears for all those who go through this, I am writing a set
of affirmations and mantras below.. Do these for next 21 days, once or twice a
day at any time as per your convinience.
I release belief that we should be satisfied with what we have
I release belief that it is not right to be greedy
I release belief that I should not ask for more than needed
I release belief that if one has excess money, it would spoil the person.
I release belief that it is greedy to ask for more.
I release all fears, insecurities and limiting beliefs related to excess money.
O Laxmi, Ganesha and Kubera bless me with excess money that I need to plan my
I need excess money to feel stable and secure.
I need to have excess money to plan for my future and fulfill my desires.
I will invest my excess money in fixed deposits and safe ventures that will grow
and give me more in times to comes.
It is the duty of conciousness to give me excess money that will give me peace,
security, happiness and excitement.
Now say these mantras ( for Ganesha, Laxmi and Kuber respectively) 9 times each
or 108 times each while visualising a pool of excess money lying in your bank.
1)Om Gung Ganapatayei Namah
2)Om Shreem Hreem Shreem, Kamle Kamlalaye Praseed praseed, Shreem Hreem Shreem,
Om Shree Mahalaxmi Devyei Namah
3)Om Shreem, Om Hreem Shreem Hreem, Om Kleem Shreem Kleem, Vitteswaraya swaha

Happiness in relationships Aug 14, 2011

Today I wish to stress the importance of being generous in relationships. Many
relationships turn sour because the partners are not generous.. They close their
purses when time comes to spend for their spouses or relatives of their spouses.
They are not generous in their praises for each other. Simple act of taking our
time and energy for each other during weekends can go a long way in fostering a
good bond. Being generous is opening the heart chakra. Sometimes people fear
being generous, because they feel they would be taken advantage of if they are
too liberal. Release the fear..release all past grievances and be the first one
to take step in this direction. Trust God that whatever you do good, comes back
to you manifold. Be as generous as possible, open your hearts, spend on
something your partner truly wants even if you are not convinced with that.. do
small little things the spouse loves, that makes him/her feel wanted and cared
for.. it would go a long way in investing in a long term relationship.
Some rules for a Happy relationship,I am writing below
Rules for Happy Harmonious Relationships
1.Complaining aggravates the behavior it seeks to cure. Lose the ability to
2.The less you react, the less cause and provocation you will have for reaction.
3.Disengage yourself from every conflict as soon as possible.
4.Give your partner the benefit of the doubt, always, at all times.
5.A touch of patience dissolves disharmonies. Genuine patience comes from

knowing oneself.
6.Avoid cynical humor, teasing and sarcasm in the guise of being funny. They are
like acid rain that poisons the flowers in a luxuriant rain forest.
7.Never attribute ulterior motives to your partner, even when you feel
8.The capacity to completely forget a problem is the way to overcome it forever.
Let go of the grievances of the past without trace.
9.Whenever you are very sure you are right, take your partner's point of view.
You will always discover a truth in it that should be honored.
10.Being right and having your way are the triumph for ego, which destroys
relationships. Be generous, considerate, loving and self-giving
11.The more you try to improve yourself and the less you try to change your
partner, the better your relationship will become.
12.Acknowledge your partner's feelings and perceptions, without judgment or
13.Undivided personal attention fosters intense affection.
14.Taking 100% responsibility for making the relationship better without
expecting anything of your partner is the best way to evoke your partner's
fullest cooperation.
15.Learn to cherish the differences between you and your partner.
16.No act is too small or insignificant to serve as a means for expressing
17.Don't take anything for granted. Give full credit to your partner where it is
due, even for the smallest happy occurrence.
18.Silent Will is more effective than the spoken word. When you intensely want
something from your partner, will for it silently rather than asking in words.
19.Listen to your partner's silences. Respond with understanding, acceptance and
20.Gratitude is a spiritual emotion that brings more of what we feel grateful
ONE SOLUTION for everything Aug 22, 2011
Thanks for your honest question. In this world no one judges you except you
yourself. There is no punishment coming your way from the divine if you have
killed someone or Lied or have stolen unless the cops get hold of you or you
"create" a punishment for yourself having the belief "I am guilty". Same goes
for ill-treating others or deceiving others.. unless you are ridden by guilt, or
someone who is affected by your action comes back to you with a weapon.. the
divine DOES NOT do anything. Some actions like drinking, smoking, staying awake
late partying can cause negative effects on the body by destroying cells and
weakening your chakras. But if your conscience is clear by doing these acts..
there is no punishment. I know it is difficult for many of us to believe this
fact, as we have been groomed from childhood with the thought that do Good, be
kind.. God is watching..But is God really watching.. well Yes and No.. The God
within us only is watching.. It is difficult for us to continually do "wrong"
things but keep a different reality on the outside.. It shows in our body
language.. if we are not beautiful inside.. we cannot be beautiful outside.. our
Aura becomes weak.. we repel people rather than attract.. Even a Lie detector is
made on this principal.. our pulse rate changes, when we Lie. And we live in
society.. all wrong doings do affect somebody or the other.. and a time comes
when we do get caught.. and when we do.. the consequences are collectively worse
than all the benefits we got from doing that act. This explains why these acts

of Stealing/lying/deception/torturing/dishonesty happens at all levels in

society.. rich and poor.. Weak and powerful.. Successful and unsuccessful.. I
am writing below a beautiful article I found online. Please read it till the
end. This will answer many of your queries.
Some Philosophizing About Lying
by Ben Best
Lying is communication with the intention of creating a false belief. Although
self-deception is possible, it is difficult to accomplish with full
consciousness and intention. Therefore, lying is most often done by one person
to one or more others.
Lies are typically motivated by a desire to persuade others to act or to refrain
from acting in a certain manner or to make decisions in one's favor. Sex,
money, status, power, love anything desired can provide temptation to kill,
steal or lie. But lies can be motivated by nothing other than the creation of a
false (misleadingly favorable or unfavorable) image or the fabrication of an
entertaining story.
Lasting relationships are built on credibility and trust. There is little that
people will do for each other without some amount of trust. Truthfulness and
trust are usually essential for goodwill. If one wishes to be believed when
speaking the truth, one must have credibility. Credibility is also required if
one is to be believed when lying.
The "perfect lie" is a lie that produces a benefit and which will never be
discovered. Or a lie which misleads a person who will never again be of any
consequence or value. But it is not always easy to predict who will never be of
consequence. If the pattern is repeated often enough, a mistake will be made
which entails a person of considerable consequence.
Maintaining a false perception in the mind of a person with whom there is an
on-going relationship requires constant maintenance & diligence an on-going
cost which is not incurred by someone who tells the truth. Lying about one
matter makes it easier to lie about others. Lies often require more lies to
shore-up the false impressions. The liar must remember all the lies to maintain
the illusions. Truth becomes a feared enemy of the liar. The intelligence of the
duped person becomes the enemy of the liar. The accumulation of lies increases
the probability of discovery. With discovery and the collapse of an elaborate
fabrication comes a considerable loss of credibility and trust. Once credibility
is lost it can be very difficult to regain.
The confirmed liar will only be comfortable in the company of those who are
easily deceived not those with intelligence and understanding. A person who
resists lying has the capacity to build lasting relationships of trust. Trust is
an important ingredient in every aspect of life which is dependent upon personal
relationships including work, business, friendship, love and family.
There can be a fine line or no line at all between deliberate deception and
crafted nondisclosure. A homosexual person in a work relationship with a group
of homophobes may find it prudent to mislead the coworkers about his or her
sexual orientation so as to avoid cruel taunts or mistreatment. The same can be
said of persons with unpopular political or religious beliefs. But maintaining
false impressions has a cost the cost of living in fear can be disempowering.
Gay pride parades and "coming out of the closet" is symbolic of the liberating
relief of being open. Being open about one's true nature and dealing with the
consequences can be a learning experience for all concerned. Nonetheless, there

are unquestionably circumstances when it is more prudent to "remain in the

Privacy is a means of protecting oneself from those who might intentionally or
unintentionally cause harm. But lying is not essential for establishing privacy.
Walls, remoteness, non-disclosure and even an explicit "I don't want to talk
about it" may be all that is necessary to maintain privacy. Lying should be a
last resort as a means to privacy. The benefit of the privacy should be weighed
against the cost of the risk of loss of credibility that always accompanies
People justify lying to enemies by regarding them as people of no value or
negative value. But people justify lying to friends, associates and loved-ones
on the grounds of being people of value. To maintain or enhance the esteem of
those valued it can be tempting to exaggerate personal accomplishments or to
cover-up embarrassing mistakes. If we cannot trust the truth to those we love,
to some extent we treat them as adversaries. While this may be emotionally safe
or gratifying, it is also distancing.
So-called "white lies" are often justified as being acts of consideration. To
decline an invitation with an untrue excuse is a ruse intended to protect both
the liar and the deceived. To express gratitude for an unwanted gift or to
express insincere concern about another's well-being are also regarded as
politeness. Lies can be an easy way to reduce conflict or make others feel
better. Nonetheless, these practices erode credibility and create distance. The
consequences may be moderate, however, if the politeness is recognized and
accepted as social custom.
Being close to people requires being open and honest. Being close to another
person means knowing intimately what is going on in the other persons heart and
mind for better or worse and this usually requires communication and
disclosure. Warts become visible when you are up-close-and-personal. Lying is
far more work and the risk of exposure is far greater in a close
Closeness to the point of intimacy involves such exposure as to require great
trust. The closeness of intimacy can mean greater vulnerability to being hurt.
We must not only be more open and honest to allow a person to come close to us,
we must have the credibility to inspire trust in the other person for them to
allow us to come close to them. Not lying is a necessary condition for true
closeness, but it is not a sufficient condition. There must be trust not only in
the honesty & openness of the other person, but in the good-naturedness of the
other person the sense of assurance that no harm will be done.
Broken promises can appear to be lies, but needn't be lies. Promises made
without the intention of fulfillment are lies. Promises are commitments, unlike
plans which only involve tentative expectations. Often people make promises
which are unreasonable in which case the broken promise is more the
consequence of bad judgment than of an intention to deceive. Of special
relevance to this discussion is the promise made during wedding vows to love the
spouse until death. But the sweet-natured creature at the altar may turn into a
roaring volcano of hostile criticism & attack. Or the love may simply disappear
for some other reason.
The expression "All's fair in love and war" has been used to describe lawless
circumstances in which usual rules of conduct do not apply. Deceiving the object
of affection could have negative consequences for building trust.
Adults often engage in a special kind of lying to children. Lying about the
existence of Santa Claus or fairies is a socially-accepted form of engaging the
children in sentimental fantasy. Fantasy can be entertainment, including a
lovingly sentimental fantasy like Santa Claus. Although fantasy is unreality, it

needn't be a lie if it is not treated seriously. But these rituals do run the
risk of undermining credibility with the children if too much effort is made to
counter doubts in their questioning minds. Sheltering children from the harsh
realities of life may not be a good way of educating them.
Lies by children are often explained by the idea that children have not yet
learned to distinguish fantasy from reality (although this remains a challenge
for everyone throughout life). Children (and adults) enjoy a good story and
can enjoy creating good stories. Children's lies are also explained by the idea
that children are still learning right from wrong. Many learn the advantages of
credibility in childhood, while others learn later or not at all.
Deceptive advertising and salespersons who mislead are stereotypic images of
business. But these images are most applicable to one-time sales or short-term
dealings. Long-term business arrangements are absolutely dependent on trust and
goodwill. Even one-time sales involving large amounts of money usually involve
extensive investigation into credibility of the seller.
Although false claims about products are likely to destroy credibility,
salespeople rarely go out of their way to detail weaknesses about the products
they sell and can easily exaggerate or hype the benefits. Consumers generally
expect this behavior and discount the descriptions accordingly.
In business, broken promises are broken contracts and can be the equivalent of
fraud and lying. The fact that a promise (contract) was made with good
intentions is small compensation to someone who was depending upon delivery of
goods or services. Agreeing to provide goods or services without assurance that
those goods or services will be delivered is not honest. A friend who borrows
money may do so with the intention of repaying, but may have a change of heart
when confronted with the reality of repayment. Honesty and integrity are a kind
of competence they require commitment and good judgement.
Employability is dependent upon perceived competence. The employee has
motivation to cover-up mistakes. As long as a job is done satisfactorily the
mistakes will attract little attention or concern. Employees have incentive to
exaggerate accomplishments. Many people in organizations engage in an ongoing
struggle to take credit for the accomplishments of others and to pass to others
blame for inadequacies or mistakes.
In all these cases the criterion of truth is more a matter of quantity than of
quality. Employers tolerate employees who provide positive net benefit. But
employees who show more reliability, more trustworthiness and more credibility
are more likely to be valued in positions of greater responsibility. The world
is not one of perfect justice or meritocracy, however. Petty jealousies,
favoritism, sex appeal and other factors can play important roles. Competence
and credibility are important, but they aren't everything.
The classic paradox of employment is that employers only hire experienced
workers, but without the job no one could ever gain experience. The classic
solution to the paradox is to lie about previous experience. During the process
of bumbling-through and fabricating additional lies about the previous work
experience the new employee may gain the necessary experience and be relieved of
the practical necessity of lying in the future. Or, if the lack of experience is
unmistakable, the employee is fired and no worse-off than when previously
unemployed. Lying about qualifications is most likely to be successful when an
employer has an exaggerated conception of the amount of experience actually
required. It also helps to be in a large urban environment where damage to one's
reputation (credibility) is minimal due to anonymity. But even in big cities,
work within a specific industry or profession can be a "small world" and it is
easy to run-into former associates at a new workplace. Being fired from a job
for lying creates temptation to lie about having had the job when applying for

the next one.

If the lying is indeed a temporary, loathsome ad hoc necessity which is not
continued, caught or repeated, there may be no long-term consequences. A pattern
of lying, however, will certainly lead to a pattern of low credibility. And the
costs of being caught, if caught, can be high.
It is possible to rob a store and get away without being caught. Robbery is thus
rewarded and thus appears more "practical" than honesty. It is rarely possible
to habitually rob stores without eventually getting caught. Many people have
been temporarily very successful in business by deep deception, but once the
fraud is discovered the consequences can be severe. The higher the ascent, the
greater the fall. But the majority of people neither know nor care about the
difference between high honesty or moderate honesty "honest enough" is good
Nonetheless, many can be quite successful who practice mild deception which is
augmented by special talents and/or hard work. It would be naive to claim that
honesty is the key to success in every field. Politics is notoriously grounded
in balancing honesty with deception.
There is a qualitative difference between lying to cover-up an accounting error
and lying to cover-up an embezzlement. The seriousness of the lie is judged on
the basis of the subject of the lie. It is regarded as worse to lie to cover-up
a murder than to cover-up a parking infraction. President Clinton could more
easily be forgiven for a lie to cover-up a marriage infidelity than President
Nixon could be forgiven for a lie to cover-up a break-in at a Democratic Party
office. The seriousness of the lie is judged on the basis of the subject of the
A salesperson may engage in self-delusion concerning the value of his or her
product. A lawyer can quickly convince himself or herself of the merits of the
case of a high-paying client. Extended into the realm of personal psychology,
"affirmations" or self-programmed "positive thinking" is self-deception. Wishful
thinking believing what you want to believe is self-deception. Nonetheless,
life consists of both positive and negative aspects and it is possible to
choose to focus on one or the other without self-deception.
Intellectual honesty requires the ability to admit being wrong or having been
wrong. A "know-it-all" has no room for additional knowledge. Cherished or
long-accepted beliefs can be hard to abandon.
Intellectual honesty also requires being able to accept unpopular beliefs that
are perceived to be true, but are at variance with cultural norms or at variance
with the strong convictions of someone loved or respected. Mental conformity can
be unconscious, automatic and self-deceptive. Honesty in this case requires a
capacity for independence. For many, honesty and independence are not worth the
price of alienation although people rarely explicitly admit this to
Few people can think objectively about matters affecting their "vested"
interests. Rationalization reduces internal stress, but it also reduces
clear-sighted understanding. Effectiveness is greatest when there is clear
understanding. Honesty is the way to truth, truth is the way to knowledge and
knowledge is essential for effectiveness. The alternative is fantasy, not
reality. By honestly acknowledging our embarrassing mistakes and shortcomings
to ourselves as well as to others we are most empowered to learn what is
required for improvement.
This essay is being written by a real person in the real world: me. I am not a
detached observer. I don't mean to piously preach. I cannot claim that I have
never lied or will never lie again. I know there are situations when I weigh the
costs and benefits of lying and decide that the risks of telling the truth may

be too horrific to contemplate. These would generally be situations where the

person I am dealing with is an adversary with power, not a person I am wanting
to be close to or expect to relate to on an ongoing basis.
The journalist/essayist H.L. Mencken said, "Conscience is that wee inner voice
that says somebody might be looking." Whether or not conscience is paranoia, I
think it is valuable conditioning for those who experience a high emotional cost
associated with lying. When situations arise where lying seems to be the most
expedient solution, the emotional cost factor can add additional motivation to
find solutions that do not involve lying. Often with some imagination and a
willingness to spend time thinking about the problem, satisfactory solutions can
be found which do not involve lying.
It is easy to be hurt or morally outraged by the lies of others. But our
integrity is not measured by our outrage at the behavior of others it is
measured by our own honesty. If we value the "wealth" that being trusted can
bring, then our integrity will be important to us. People are not as naive as we
sometimes imagine and we lose more credibility than we are aware-of by a
dishonest frame of mind. If we want people to be honest with us, being honest
with them is a better policy than trying to intimidate them with our moral
Once a witness lies on the witness stand the credibility of all the witness's
testimony is in doubt. If I have lied before, why not lie again? Of course, if
my credibility has been lost, my lies may not gain me very much. If all of my
associates lie in moderation, I may not think there is much to gain by being an
extremist who never lies.
It may be too risky or difficult for me to admit to past lies, but I can begin
the road to renewal by being more honest on a go-forward basis. If we can learn
from our mistakes in a metaphysical sense, we can also learn from our ethical
mistakes and be better in the future than we were in the past.
Ganesh Chaturthi Sep 4, 2011
Gajananam Bhoota Ganadi Sevitam,
Kapittha Jambu phalasara bhakshitam
Umasutam Shoka Vinasha karanam
Namami Vighneswara pada pankajam"
Lord Ganesha Mantra Translation & Meaning
"Oh Elephant-faced, worshiped by the existing beings, of all living beings,
tasting the elephant apple (kaith) and jambolana (jamun), the Son of Uma,
destroyer of grief, I bow to the lotus feet of Ganesh who is lord of all."

This year GANESH CHATURTHI is being celebrated on the

1st of September, 2011
About Ganesh Chaturthi
Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated on the birthday of Lord Ganesh (Ganesha), the
god of wisdom and prosperity on the fourth day of the moons bright fortnight, or
period from new moon in the lunar month of Bhadrapada. The celebration of Ganesh
Chaturthi continue for five, seven, or ten days. Some even stretch it to twenty
one days, but ten is the most popularly celebrated. In the tradition of the
right hand path the first day is the most important. In the left hand path
tradition the final day is most important.

Ganesha is the god of wisdom and prosperity and is invoked before the beginning
of any auspicious work by the Hindus. It is believed that for the fulfillment of
one's desires, his blessing is absolutely necessary. According to the mythology,
he is the son of Shiva and Parvati, brother of Kartikeya - the general of the
gods, Lakshmi - the goddess of wealth and Saraswati-the goddess of learning.
There are numerous stories in Hindu mythology, associated with the birth of this
elephant-headed god, whose vehicle is the Mooshak or rat and who loves Modaks
(droplet shaped Indian sweet).
Legend has it that Parvati created Ganesha out of the sandalwood dough that
she used for her bath and breathed life into him. Letting him stand guard at the
door she went to have her bath. When her husband, Shiva returned, the child who
had never seen him stopped him. Shiva severed the head of the child and entered
his house. Parvati, learning that her son was dead, was distraught and asked
Shiva to revive him. Shiva cut off the head of an elephant and fixed it on the
body of Ganesha.
Another tale tells of how one day the Gods decided to choose their leader and
a race was to be held between the brothers- Kartikeya and Ganesh. Whoever took
three rounds of the earth first would be made the Ganaadhipati or the leader.
Kartikeya seated on a peacock as his vehicle, started off for the test. Ganesh
was given a rat, which moved swiftly. Ganesh realised that the test was not
easy, but he would not disobey his father. He reverently paid obeisance to his
parents and went around them three times and thus completed the test before
Kartikeya. He said, " my parents pervade the whole universe and going around
them, is more than going round the earth." Everybody was pleasantly surprised to
hear Ganesha's logic and intelligence and hence he came to be known as the
Ganaadhipati or leader, now referred to as Ganpati.
There is also a story behind the symbolic snake, rat and the singular tusk.
During one of his birthdays, His mother, Parvati, cooked for him twenty-one
types of delicious food and a lot of sweet porridge. Ganesha ate so much that
even his big belly could not contain it. Mounting his little mouse, he embarked
on his nightly rounds. His mouse suddenly stumbled upon seeing a huge snake. To
adjust His belly, Ganesha put the snake on as a belt around his stomach. All of
a sudden, he heard laughter emanating form the sky. He looked up and saw the
moon mocking him. Ganesha infuriated, broke off one of his tusks and hurled it
at the moon. Parvati, seeing this, immediately cursed the moon that whoever
looks at it on Ganesh Chaturthi will be accused of a wrong doing. The symbology
behind the mouse and snake and Ganesha's big belly and its relationship to the
moon on his birthday is highly philosophic.
The whole cosmos is known to be the belly of Ganesha. Parvati is the primordial
energy. The seven realms above, seven realms below and seven oceans, are inside
the cosmic belly of Ganesha, held together by the cosmic energy (kundalini )
symbolized as a huge snake which Ganesha ties around Him. The mouse is nothing
but our ego. Ganesha, using the mouse as a vehicle, exemplifies the need to
control our ego. One who has controlled the ego has Ganesha consciousness or
Fall in Love Sep 4, 2011
Do you know there is someone with whom you can fall in love unconditionally?
Who will always be by your side, you will give you all pleasures, who will never
betray you, who will go with you when you go Shopping or on pleasure trips or on

some wild whacky adventures.. It is YOU yourself..The truest love in this world
is Loving You. Fall in love with this You.. Unconditionally.. Forgive his small
and big follies.. release guilts, accept him exactly as he is.. appreciate him
for all the efforts he does to handle challenges.. Give him a Pat on the back
for the good work he does which goes unnoticed in the eyes of the world, but you
see them.. And since the world is a mirror.. People will start reciprocating the
same feelings to you.. You will be Loved for what you are, you will be
appreciated for your worth..
So now whenever you are alone, don't rush for the mobile or TV.. sit with
yourself.. feel the pleasure of your being.. Do small things like taking a nice
warm bubbly bath.. listen to music.. sing songs.. Go shopping.. eat out..
Meditate and Feel your Higher selves.. excite yourself with pleasures of Taste,
touch, smell..
Release yourself from binding By others and expectations from others.. Fall in
love with YOU who will always stay by your side.
Pitr Paksha Shradh- This year from September 12th- 27th September Sep 10, 2011
The word `Pitr Paksha' comprises of two words `Pitr' which means ancestors and
the `Paksha' which means phase of the moon. It is a 16-lunar day period and is
an occasion to pacify the departed ancestors by performing rites to repay debts
to the ancestors.
During this period of 15 days, the Shraddha or Tarpan of the ancestors is
performed on the Tithi on which they met eternity. Apart from this, each day is
dedicated to the Tarpan of all the ancestors in this period. This period starts
from 12 September 2011 and ends on 27 September 2011 this year.
According to the Hinduism, the body is destructible but a soul is eternal. It
can neither be created nor can be destroyed. Lord Krishna in Bhagwat Gita says,
"for the soul there is neither birth nor death at any time. The soul is unborn,
eternal, ever existing and primeval. It is not slain when the body is slain."
The Pitra Paksha rites liberate a soul from the vicious circle of life and death
and it attains salvation. The Shraddha of Pitra Paksha involves oblations to
three preceding generations by taking their names and also by taking name of the
family tree or Gotra.
These rites are performed by current generation to repay the debts of ancestors.
It is said that ancestors(Pitrs), gods(Devas) and ghosts(Pretas) when are
propitiated bestow health, wealth, wisdom, longevity and eventually salvation.
Legend of Pitr Paksha
Hindu mythology says that there exists a zone between heaven and earth which is
known as Pitr-Loka. All the ancestors or Pitrs dwell at this place. This zone is
governed by Yamadeva or god of death. The person of first generation goes to
heaven only when the person of second generation dies and hence the death rites
or Shraddha for the person of first generation are not completed. Therefore, in
Pitr Paksha the Shraddha of ancestors of three preceding generations is done to
propitiate them.
It is believed that Sun enters zodiac sign of Virgo at the beginning of this
period. On this day, the departed souls of ancestors or forefathers leave the
Yamaloka or abode of Yama and descend to earth to acknowledge the rites

performed by their descendants untill the Sun enters next zodiac sign which is
Time and Place of Shraddha
The Shraddha or Tarpana of the ancestors is performed on the Tithi on which they
died but there are certain exceptions to it. The fourth day or Chautha Bharani
and the fifth day or Baharani Panchmi is allotted for people who died in the
previous year. Avidha Navami is for married women who died before their
husbands. Ghata Chaturdashi is for people who died in a sudden and violent
death. The Mahalaya or Sarvpitri Amavysya is for all the ancestors and
A descendant usually performs Shraddha or Tarpana at his home but people perform
these rites at pilgrimages like Gaya, Allahabad and Kashi also.
Rituals of Shraddha
The rituals of Shraddha are generally performed by an eldest son or an eldest
male member of the family.Pictures of the ancestors are kept and they are prayed
to by offering flowers and lighting a lamp in front of them. The Shraddha ritual
also involves Pinda-Dan which is an offering to the ancestors in the form of
balls of cooked rice, barley and ghee. A meal is prepared which is offered to
cow, dog, crow and insects. The Brahmins are fed and are offered alms. The whole
family eats the food as Prasada after this whole process is completed.
Pearls of Wisdom Sep 13, 2011
I understand between the hater and the hated,it is always the hater who gets hurt more.
Every negative emotion secretes acid in your body, and acid destroys the vessel, which contains it. Visiting negative emotions like anger,
frustration and disappointment rise in you and die down once you are distracted into the other events. Hatred is a progressive negative
emotion. The more you process your hurt the more you deepen your hatred, and as a result more acid is released in your system. In fact,
the hurt you suffered from the event is insignificant compared to how much you keep intensifying the hurt by repeatedly reprocessing
what had happened or what was done to you. The irony is that the 'hated' is oblivious to all this. Forgiveness is not liberating the other
from you, but liberating yourself from the other. Let go of the disturbance and let in peace.
The inadequacies of man are part of the design. Wrong being a matter of self-realisation, and not all men are evolved enough to be
objective in judging themselves. People do what they do because they think it is right. They don't know that they don't know. That's
why, more than the one who committed the wrong, the one who pointed at the wrong will always be mistaken.
Every man will face the consequences of his own doing. You don't make yourself wrong to prove that the other is wrong. You have
nothing to prove. Something happened to teach you something. Learn the lessons and just move on...
Let HIM take over the game from here.

I understand I will get everything I want in life, if I can help enough other people get what they want from life.
None of us are useless. Just that we are used less. And we all can use ourselves completely, only when we start living a life that is useful
to others. The more and more you add value to others, the more and more valuable your life becomes. Fundamentally, the measure of
what you will be given depends on what you give. Not only from a philosophical point of view, even from a materialistic point of view,
when you take care of your employees, they take care of the organisational growth. When you take care of your stakeholder's returns,
they take care of your capital needs. When you take care of your customers, they service your profits. When you work on your spouse's
happiness, isn't your happiness in the marriage automatically taken care of. To start with, you take care of the seed, and one day, the
seed turned into a tree, will take care of you for a lifetime. Stop cribbing 'Who loves me?' and start loving enough people, and you will
no more be starved for love. Stop crying, 'Who understands me?' and start understanding others, and they in turn will stand by you.
Take care of the future of your team and your team will ensure, you will have a future. Service the interest of others, and life will service
your very interest. Pull others up and life will push you up. Be there for the world, and the world will be there for you. More often than
not, when you take care of the larger good, your personal good is automatically taken care of.

Lessons of chakras - Print this chart and paste on your work desk Sep 13, 2011

To be here



I have the right to exist I stand up for myself

because I was born


To feel

I feel pleasure and delight

in the flow of life

I surrender


To act

I can accomplish both

difficult and easy tasks
with grace and ease

I have power


To love

I love, am completely
loved and completely

I forgive, I trust

To speak

I speak my truth and it is


I choose, I express

To See

I see, ,my life flows with

acceptance and becomes
enjoyable with each new

I accept

To Know

I know, I am one with

God whose strength and
power lovingly flows
through me at all times

I am grateful



Laxmi and Kuber Mudras to manifest wealth Sep 13, 2011


Power in the Hands

The hands when used systematically in mudra exercises result in a wealth of benefit for the practitioner. Not only does it improve one's
health, they also generate the energies that would give empowerment. Specific hand gestures assist the unfoldment of one's divine
potentials, or inner divinity lying dormant within one's being.

By practicing hand gestures we eventually find ourselves communicating with Nature, for some of her esoteric languages are signs and
symbols. Mudras generate structured magnetic fields with forms that resemble computer fractuals and images. Abstract forms reach
the higher planes of life where angelic forces reside. Thus, by performing mudras we may eventually find ourselves socializing with
cherubim and seraphim.

Mudras awaken the power of the hands to act therapeutically and magically. The psychic centers in the palms and fingertips are
activated to their optimal level by the consistent application of mudras.

I am writing below two rare Mudras for wealth.

Kuber Mudra

Kuber Mudra is named after the Hindu God of wealth and riches and rightly so cause this mudra is said to be bestowed with the
blessing of Kuber himself and is his own Mudra.

How to form Kuber Mudra:-

1. The tips of thumb, index and middle finger should be brought together and press them against each other.

2. The other two fingers should be bent and they should rest in the middle of palm. Do it with both of your hands.

Benefits:- As said earlier, this mudra helps people achieve what they set as goal for themselves and not only money, though money is
what most of the people want. While doing this mudra, focus with your full intensity on what you want and think of as if you have
already got it. This Mudra helps channel your energy and motivation towards what you want. And in this Mudra, it is of less importance
that for what time you do but what is important is with how much intensity you do it.

The best thing would be to practice this every morning for 10 minutes and focus on what you want of the day and i am sure, you will
find it very very helpful.

Lakshmi Devi Mudra

Place hands in Anjali Mudra (prayer position). Part the fourth fingers. Place the second fingers behind the fourth fingers. Bring the
finger tips of the second fingers toward the tips of the thumbs. Touch if possible. Cross the fifth fingers. The first fingers face outward,
beside one another. Do this for 10 minutes while focussing on your desires for wealth. You may chant the mantra for Mahalaxmi also
while doing this.

Siddha mala Sep 25

Dear Madhav,
Meaning of Siddha is "accomplished" .. so a mala that accomplishes many tasks
is given this name. I find that the combination of 2-17 mukhis is very powerful
for balancing all chakras. So it is a true Siddha combination. In our ancient
texts, only the properties of the different mukhis have been described in
detail.. but combinations of beads and configurations and their names have just
evolved over time.

Also recently I discovered an amazing Rudraksha having many powers. This

rudraksha had not been noticed by us for a long time. I will share details about
this powerful bead in another post when my tests with this have completed

Rudraksha and black majic Sep 25, 2011

Because I have personally through my friends know people who practice tantric
rituals which also enables them to do vashikaran, harm others through black
magic etc.We have not used in many places, but in few products that open the
Swathisthana chakra and make one fearless, so that people who are seeking relief
in this can identify with that.
The tantrics are again Con people and in the recent times many such fake rackets
have been busted in India where these tantrics forced fathers to have sex with
their daughters or kill small children to get special powers. They make people
do impossible and horrible acts in the hope of getting Siddhis.. Please see the
state of tantrics themselves.. most of them live in poverty and in hiding and
they have clients attached to them for years only because of fear.
Negative energy can only harm the person who has that. Please refer to the
article I posted the other day that between the Hater and the Hated.. it is the
Hated who suffers. No one can do tantric rituals on your without destroying
themselves. As a rule all Human beings love the following things
1) Love
2) Appreciation
3) Money, comforts
4) power
5) family, bonding
etc.. This is in our dna.. as we are all unmanifested Gods.. No one will go out
of the way and do tantric rituals and destroy another person or another family
members just for "jealousy" etc.
Most important question for you today is to face the fact that " Do you want to
get healed" .. If yes.. stop creating enemies and ghosts because of Fear.
50 things you need to give Up TODAY Sep 25, 2011
When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the right things a chance to
catch you.
So starting today
1.Give up trying to be perfect. The real world doesn't reward perfectionists,
it rewards people who get things done. Read Getting Things Done.
2.Give up comparing yourself to others. The only person you are competing
against is yourself.
3.Give up dwelling on the past or worrying too much about the future. Right
now is the only moment guaranteed to you. Right now is life. Don't miss it.
4.Give up complaining. Do something about it.
5.Give up holding grudges. Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness.
6.Give up waiting. What we don't start today won't be finished by tomorrow.
Knowledge and intelligence are both useless without action.
7.Give up lying. In the long-run the truth always reveals itself. Either you
own up to your actions or your actions will ultimately own you.
8.Give up trying to avoid mistakes. The only mistake that can truly hurt you
is choosing to do nothing simply because you're too scared to make a mistake.
9.Give up saying, "I can't." As Henry Ford put it, "Whether you think you can

or you think you can't, you are right."

10.Give up trying to be everything to everyone. Making one person smile can
change the world. Maybe not the whole world, but their world. Start small.
Start now.
11.Give up thinking you're not ready. Nobody ever feels 100% ready when an
opportunity arises. Because most great opportunities in life force us to grow
beyond our comfort zones, which means we won't feel totally comfortable at
12.Give up setting small goals for yourself. Many people set small goals
because they're afraid to fail. Ironically, setting these small goals is what
makes them fail.
13.Give up trying to do everything by yourself. You are the sum of the people
you spend the most time with. If you work together, you will be far more
capable and powerful than you ever could have been alone.
14.Give up buying things you don't need. Manage your money wisely so your
money does not manage you. Do not spend to impress others. Do not live life
trying to fool yourself into thinking wealth is measured in material objects.
Read I Will Teach You To Be Rich.
15.Give up blaming others for your troubles. The extent to which you can live
your dream life depends on the extent to which you take responsibility for your
life. When you blame others for what you're going through, you deny
responsibility you give others power over that part of your life.
16.Give up making mountains out of molehills. One way to check if something is
worth mulling over is to ask yourself this question: "Will this matter in one
year's time? Three years? Five years? If not, then it's not worth worrying
17.Give up trying to live up to the expectations of others. Work on it for
real and exceed your own expectations. Everything else will fall into place.
18.Give up the `easy street' mentality. There is too much emphasis on finding
a `quick fix' in today's society. For example taking diet pills to lose weight
instead of exercising and eating well. No amount of magic fairy dust replaces
diligent, focused, hard work.
19.Give up making promises you can't keep. Don't over-promise. Over-deliver
on everything you do.
20.Give up letting your thoughts and feelings bottle up inside. People are not
mind readers. They will never know how you feel unless you tell them.
21.Give up beating around the bush. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
Communicate effectively.
22.Give up avoiding change. However good or bad a situation is now, it will
change. That's the one thing you can count on. So embrace change and realize
that change happens for a reason. It won't always be easy or obvious at first,
but in the end it will be worth it.
23.Give up your sense of entitlement. Nobody is entitled to anything in this
world. We are all equal. We breathe the same air. We get what we give. We
get what we earn.
24.Give up waiting until the last minute. Those who fail to plan, plan to
25.Give up being dramatic. Stay out of other people's drama and don't
needlessly create your own.
26.Give up being anti-athletic. Get your body moving! Simply take a long,
relaxing walk or commit 30 minutes to an at-home exercise program like the P90X
27.Give up junk food. You are what you eat. Read The 4-Hour Body.
28.Give up eating as a means of entertainment. Don't eat when you're bored.
Eat when you're hungry.

29.Give up foolish habits that you know are foolish. Don't text and drive.
Don't drink and drive. Don't smoke. Etc.
30.Give up relationships with people who bring you down. Saying "no" to right
people gives you the time and resources required to say "yes" to right
opportunities. Spend time with nice people who are smart, driven and
31.Give up being shy. Network with people. Meet new people. Ask questions.
Introduce yourself.
32.Give up worrying about what others think of you. Unless you're trying to
make a great first impression (job interview, first date, etc.), don't let the
opinions of others stand in your way. What they think and say about you isn't
important. What is important is how you feel about yourself.
33.Give up trying to control everything. Life is an unpredictable phenomenon.
No matter how good or bad things seem right now, we can never be 100% certain
what will happen next. So do you best with what's in front of you and leave the
rest to the powers above you.
34.Give up doing the same thing over and over again. In order to grow, you
must expand your horizons and break free of your comfort zone. If you keep
doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting.
35.Give up following the path of least resistance. Life is not easy,
especially when you plan on achieving something worthwhile. Don't find the easy
way out. Do something extraordinary.
36.Give up persistent multi-tasking. Do one thing at a time and do it right.
37.Give up thinking others are luckier than you. The harder you work, the
luckier you will become.
38.Give up filling every waking moment with commitments and activities. It's
okay to be alone. It's okay to do nothing sometimes. Think. Relax. Breathe.
39.Give up making emotional decisions. Don't let your emotions trump your
intelligence. Slow down and think things through before you make any
life-changing decisions.
40.Give up doing the wrong things just because you can get away with it. Just
because you can get away with something doesn't mean you should do it. Think
bigger. Keep the end in mind. Do what you know in your heart is right.
41.Give up focusing on what you don't want to happen. Focus on what you do
want to happen. Positive thinking is at the forefront of every great success
story. If you awake every morning with the thought that something wonderful
will happen in your life today, and you pay close attention, you'll often find
that you're right.
42.Give up taking yourself so seriously. Few others do anyway. So enjoy
yourself and have a little fun while you can.
43.Give up spending your life working in a career field you're not passionate
about. Life is too short for such nonsense. The right career choice is based
on one key point: Finding hard work you love doing. So if you catch yourself
working hard and loving every minute of it, don't stop. You're on to something
big. Because hard work ain't hard when you concentrate on your passions. Read
The 4-Hour Workweek.
44.Give up thinking about the things you don't have. Appreciate everything you
do have. Many people aren't so lucky.
45.Give up doubting others. People who are determined do remarkable things.
Remember, the one who says it can't be done should never interrupt the one doing
46.Give up fussing with every beauty product on the market. Good looks
attracts the eyes. Personality attracts the heart. Be proud to be you. That's
when you're beautiful.

47.Give up trying to fit in. Don't mold yourself into someone you're not. Be
yourself. Oftentimes, the only reason they want you to fit in is that once you
do they can ignore you and go about their business.
48.Give up trying to be different for the sake of being different.
Nonconformity for the sake of nonconformity is conformity. When people try too
hard to be different, they usually end up being just like everyone else who is
trying to be different. Once again, be yourself.
49.Give up trying to avoid risk. There's no such thing as `risk free.'
Everything you do or don't do has an inherent risk.
50.Give up putting your own needs on the back burner. Yes, help others, but
help yourself too. If there was ever a moment to follow your passion and do
something that matters to you, that moment is now.
Taken from http://www.marcandangel.com

Searching for a Soul mate Sep 27, 2011

There are many who keep on searching for a loved one without success. They
feel frustrated with the wait and wonder what's wrong that they are not able to
do so. This post is for those singles.
It is very simple. Your thoughts create beliefs and your beliefs create your
reality. Those who fall in this category almost always have their Sacral chakra
blocked which is the chakra for pleasure. Due to traumas or disturbances they
faced in their growing years or in earlier relationships, they form "judgements"
called beliefs which slowly become their reality.. They have few of the
following beliefs they form and the consequences are written in brackets
1) It is hard to find true Love ( They make it hard to find love)
2) I don't have Joy in my life (I cannot have something or someone that will
bring me joy)
3) I am always denied pleasure (They deny pleasure to themselves which could
come with partner)
4) I am not loved (I cannot find a person to love me)
5) No one appreciates me ( I cannot attract a person whom I expect to do so)
6) I cannot trust people/ It is hard to find people you can trust ( My partner
is hard to find)
7) Relationships bring pain (I cannot find a relationship that brings Joy)
8) I am afraid of losing those I love. (I dont want to find that person as I
fear losing).
Blockage of sacral chakra causes back pain or body pains or regular constipation
issues or kidney/bladder/large intestine problems or Sexual problems.
You need to first realise that the beliefs above were judgements you passed on a
situation and situations are ever changing. What happened yesterday will not
happen today, unless you create it with your belief. Realise your beliefs and
release them by Prefixing "I release the belief that.." .
Now say the affirmation from below to overwrite the belief with the right
1) I know true love exists for me.
2) Today I am ready to share my life with someone.
3) The thought of finding my soul mate gives me immense joy and satisfaction.
4)Love will come to me easily and stay
5) I delight in the flow of life. I am open to all pleasures.. I love, I am

loved and I am completely lovable.

6) I am complete, I am whole.. I am ready to give Joy to that special someone
and in giving I enjoy.

Existential Timing- Must Read!! Oct 2, 2011

There are so many things which you want, which you try to do, but the
results don't show up immediately. It takes time. Every time there is
a negative response from the world outside, let's understand that an idea
doesn't work, not because it isn't good but because it isn't good enough and
needs to be improved upon. An idea never comes to you without the power to
implement it. Very often you think you are ready for something, but existence
doesn't think so and it makes you wait. Yes, existence has its own sense of
timing, which may be different from ours, but sure enough when it eventually
works, it works in our favour. The question is are we going to remain
disappointed or do we put in more effort and move forward?
After all, God's delays are not God's denials.
The question isn't - 'Will it happen?'
The question is - 'By when will it happen?'
Taken from Frozen Thoughts
Transformation Oct 5, 2011
In this world there are only two emotions:- One is Love and other is opposite
of Love which can be called by various names like Fear, jealously, anger,
The solution to all problems is Love. Love your enemy, love your illness, love
all that happens to you, and you will make it good. You see, dear ones, this is
unconditional love. I know it is difficult, infact very very difficult to Love
those who did wrong to you.. but dears..you can only transform to the next
level, by loving them. Our ego will stop us.. the pain and grief will become the
wall.. but then it is transformation for which we have descended on this earth.
Yes, unconditional love is THE most important topic, for it is the ultimate
goal, it is all solutions, it is all resolutions.
In other words, once you love all that is, then you become All That Is!
it is a feeling, dear ones, that you must learn to create and embrace in order
to exude Divine Light
you are in a Free Will Zone, and you have the freedom to choose, at every turn,
Love over Fear. Fear has so many faces - anger, jealousy, greed, bigotry, and
selfishness are but a few. Love is, simply, unbounded compassion. Please look at
the word "unbounded" - it is boundless. It has no boundaries, no limitations.
Compassion is the state of being in Higher Self, of processing all the incoming
data through gut, emotions, mind and spiritual layers.
Love all things. How? In every moment, choose Love over Fear. It is as simple as
Do you remember the old adage, it takes 30 days to make or break a habit? Make

it a habit to always, consciously, choose Love! Then, no matter what happens

around you, it does not reach your inner core, it does not affect you
negatively. Why?
Love and Fear cannot coexist in the same space at the same time. In other words,
you cannot hold an angry thought at a person and a loving thought to them at the
same time. It has to be one or the other, for that is the most fundamental
lesson of all - that is why you play it out, time and again, and are given
chance after chance to wake up, realize that your world is only temporary, and
that you are, in truth, Eternal Spirit incarnated in biological flesh. You
cannot physically hold anger and love in the same moment because they are
different frequencies on the sliding scale of emotions (remember - all is
frequency and vibration). Love is in the top 50% of the scale, and Fear resides
in the bottom half of the frequency scale. And here is the fun part:
Love cancels out Fear. So, you see, if you keep choosing the higher emotional
frequencies, your anger dissipates and melts away. Every time you display the
kindness and wisdom of Higher Self, you lift the conciousness . And there you
will find the frequency energy of All That Is.

Gaurishanker Rudraksha and rare beads above 14 mukhis

It is out of Sheer ignorance that many people say that books do not have
references of beads above 14 mukhis and you are even going to the extent of
calling auspicious beads of Gauri Shankar and trijuti as "abnormal". Mother
nature does not produce "abnormal" items in large quantities and this Gauri
Shankar bead would not be the favourite beads of Gurus if it was so. Since we do
not know about existance of literature which describes these beads, that does
not mean they do not exist. Anyway finally to remove doubt from minds, I am
sharing the precious and rare text from Katyayani Purana that we have in our
possession and have uploaded in the Mudras Folder in the Pictures section. Pages
13 and 14 describe gauri Shankar beautifully as a "Yugal rudraksha" meaning
joined bead. Page 6 I have uploaded mentions 18 mukhi. These texts mention
secret awakening mantras for these mukhis, which we at Rudra Centre use to
invoke the powers of these higher mukhis.
Hope with this, all doubts are at rest

Wisdom bytes- Dissolve yourself onto Him as He onto you Oct 13, 2011
Movie: Enter the Dragon Context: Dialogue between the Shaolin Master and
Shaolin Master: I see your talents have gone beyond the mere
physical level. Your skills are now at the point of spiritual insight.
What is the highest technique you hope to achieve?
Bruce Lee: To have no technique.

Developing a talent or learning a new skill always goes through

four stages of progressive development.
They are.
Firstly, Unconscious Incompetence: I don't know that I don't know.
This is the stage of blissful ignorance before learning begins.
Secondly, Conscious Incompetence: I know that I don't know. This

is where learning begins.

Thirdly, Conscious Competence: I know that I know. This is the
learning and progressive phase. I am self-conscious. Effort and
conscious attention are required all the time. As I keep doing
I simultaneously keep thinking, "What should I do next?"
Finally, Unconscious Competence: What I do, I do well, and I do it
spontaneously. The capability has become a natural part of me.
Finally, after enough practice, I got to the place where I don't have
to think about every little thing I was doing. The expressions
become habitual, internal and automatic.
All these stages are physical. Then comes the stage, which is
Transcendental Competence. This is the point of spiritual insight.
You transcend all techniques. In the beginning the dancer
dances. Then comes a point of experience, only for those dancers
for whom dance isn't a mere art form, but a form of worship,
a prayer, an offering unto Him. The dancer dissolves into dance.
In sport's parlance, 'You hit the zone'. It is just a flow; a rhythm;
a happening. You become a witness unto yourself. The doer in
you is suspended. You know it is happening through you. You
witness the truth that the music is not from the flute but it is
through the flute.
The processor merges into the process. Dance has filled the
dancer; the music has possessed the musician; running has taken
over the runner; the message and the messenger merge; the
seeker becomes the sought.
As Kabir says, "All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but
few know that the ocean merges into the drop."

How to get along with Impossible Mother-In-Laws Oct 15, 2011

Some mothers-in-law are sweet. They bake cookies for you and support your every
decision, or they're simply glad you're a part of their life and leave you to
get on with it. Others are bitter. They constantly talk bad about you and
undermine your choices. If your mother-in-law is more troll than fairy princess,
then this guide is for you!
Work through your own feelings about your mother-in-law before all else. Are you
able to put yourself in her shoes occasionally and see just where some of her
so-called interfering or judgmental behavior comes from? She values the person
you're married to, so there must be something good inside her!
Keep in mind that whatever your feelings, your mother-in-law remains one of the
most important people in your spouse's life. Be sure it's not your own untamed
jealousy causing problems.
Act like you like her. Even if she is so difficult or different, you have to
show to your spouse like you two can be good friends. That would make him/her
feel comfortable and in case she dislikes you, he/she would never think it's
cause of sometime you have done or cause you haven't try to have a nice
relationship with her.
Stay polite. One of the hardest parts of a negative relationship with your
mother-in-law is keeping your mouth shut when she brings out the nitpicking,
critical comments. Being polite is not the same as putting up with what is being
done; you're still perfectly entitled to stand up for yourself, but it is about

not stooping to the same level.

Even if she says nasty things about you, don't repeat them.
Don't criticize her in front of your spouse. Your spouse will be stuck between a
rock and a hard place, and even if he or she starts to see your side of things,
it will be hurtful to have to join in any undermining.
Always speak well about her to your spouse. If he/she is talking about something
she will do or did, you have to have always a nice thing to say about it. Try to
compliment her every-time you see her, using phrases such as "You look great
today" or " Your hair looks so nice today" doesn't matter if she is a mess or a
really ugly mother in law. This way your spouse will feel like you really make
an effort to have a nice relationship with her/his mother.
Do not let her see you in a bad mood. If you are upset or angry about something,
do not ever let her notice it. She might try to use it against you talking about
it with other members of the family or even to your partner, trying to make you
look bad cause of the things you said in an anger moment . Always try to show a
nice smile and speak nicely to her.
Equally, never criticize your spouse in front of her; this will simply make her
defensive and cause her to see you in a bad light.
Use humor. Deflecting criticism with humor can deflate the barbs intended and
put everyone at ease again. When it seems that all she's interested in doing is
complaining, try to find witty means for replying.
Look for the good she does and praise it. Always do this in her presence and be
genuine. Praising the behavior you want from another person is an often
successful technique for ensuring that the desired behavior is repeated. Ignore
the undermining behavior completely; just focus one what her good points are.
Look for the good she does and praise it.
o Thank her for raising such a wonderful spouse!
o Flatter her by passing on a compliment about her that someone else you know
made about her (for example, "Your mother-in-law is amazing!").
Ask her for things that show you respect her knowledge. Ask for the recipe of a
cake that she bakes that you love. Ask her how she manages to keep her hair in
such great shape. Ask her how she found balancing work and child-raising.. Ask
her all sorts of things under the sun that allow her to talk about herself. You
will learn a lot and it's a good opportunity to reassure her of the things that
she does best.
Give gifts. Give your mother-in-law a gift from just you for no other reason
than to let her know she counts in your life. Make sure it's something she will
enjoy. If she sees that you are thinking about her and know her tastes, it will
help win her over.
If your mother-in-law criticizes your appearance or weight, or that of your
children, don't let this one go. It's too personal and invasive. For example,
you might respond: "I appreciate that you're concerned about my weight but I'm
within a healthy weight range and I'm eating well. My doctor is happy with my
health." Or, "I understand that you worry about Kaila's weight and appearance
but I prefer to concentrate on the children's personality and intellectual
development rather than making them feel uncomfortable about their physical
appearance. Kaila's eating healthily and her doctor's happy with her health."
Responding in a direct manner and addressing your mother-in-law's complaints
will disarm her to an extent but it also lets her know that you will stand up
for yourself and family when you believe that a line has been crossed.
Don't compete with her. If she makes the best sponge cake this side of Texas or
has the wittiest comebacks you've ever heard, stop trying to outdo her. Rely on
letting your own unique strengths that attracted your spouse to you to shine
forth instead. There is plenty of room for both of you!

Talk it through with your spouse. Telling your spouse is vital; if your spouse
has no idea how you're feeling, he or she may put you in situations you'd rather
not be in, like taking care of dear old mom while she's sick. Find an opportune
time to sit down together and talk through the issues in a calm and kind way.

Tell your spouse kindly (remember, this is his or her mother) how you feel.
State the facts, not your opinions. For example, if your mother-in-law tried to
run you over with her SUV, say so. Don't say, "She's horrible and she wants to
kill me!" Explain very clearly, without being rude and hurtful: "Ah Bruce, I'm
worried your mom might be having sight problems because last week she back the
SUV right into me even though it was the middle of the day and I was wearing a
bright red dress."
Discuss calmly. Ask your spouse how he or she feels about your mother's behavior
(present the facts, not your perception). If the both of you are sharing
opinions, it may allow you to be more honest.
Don't be surprised if your spouse refuses to "take sides". He or she loves both
of you equally, so taking sides can seem petty and pointless in such a case.
Be inclusive regardless of your personal feelings. Okay, so you know she doesn't
like you and you're pretty sure she knows that you don't like her. This doesn't
mean you can just stop visiting. This is your spouse's mother, remember, and a
mother is very important in life. Don't be rude when your wife or husband wants
to visit his or her parents on a Saturday afternoon. You still need to let their
child-parent relationship breathe. Visit with your spouse don't make yourself
scarce. Your in-laws will think you're a wuss and this will only make them
dislike you more. Remember, the goal is to "get along" with your
If you've been married for over 15 years and your mother-in-law still hates your
guts, ignore these tips. You're screwed! Unless some major, life-changing event
comes alonglike she gets cancer and suddenly loves everyoneyou're out of luck.
On the positive side, however, the older you get, the more your relationship
with your mother-in-law is likely to improve.
If she calls you and you don't answer the phone, return the call. Everyone knows
everyone has caller I.D. She knows eventually you'll see her name or number on
your phone. There's nothing worse than playing the passive-aggressive. She can
see right through that. Ignoring her won't help your relationship with her.
Return the call as soon as possible, and if need be, keep the conversation short
but sweet.
Accept that she will always see you in a different light from her off-spring; if
there are any issues to be resolved or words spoken to correct mother-in-law's
bad behaviour, let your spouse discuss this with her. Some mothers-in-law have a
way of turning it around on you as public enemy number one!
Remember, it's probably nothing against you personally. Your mother-in-law may
never think anyone's good enough for her child; that's her psychological hurdle,
not yours. You're usually not the direct issue.
Don't ask her to come live with you...ever! But if she is living with you, then
all the tips mentioned above need to be read by you every day to keep you in
Don't keep griping about her. You and your spouse are in love] and happy
(right?) so why let someone ruin it? Don't constantly complain about her. When
your spouse tells you some little tidbit about what their mom's up to, don't get
nasty and start in. Just nod and smile, then change the subject. Simple.
Don't declare war. Subtle sniping is tolerable. But screaming and hollering is
not fine. If you ever find yourself yelling at her, "I hate you! I wish you'd

just die!" then you've gone too far. A good rule of thumb is: if you're treating
her how you treated your own mom while you were going through puberty, then
you're making your disdain too obvious. Back-pedal and buy lots of gifts!
Don't let her control your life. If you've honestly tried your best to win her
over, and she still hates you, then you have two choices. 1: Talk to her about
it. Say, "I get the feeling you really don't like me. What did I do?" Or, 2:
Move on! Your mother-in-law is only a small part of your life. Go to work, raise
your children, love your spouse, take care of your own parents. Don't let one
mean person ruin everything.
Don't tell her kids you hate her. If your spouse has a few sisters or brothers,
don't look to them as allies. They are your mother-in-law's children and will
hate you just as much! Are you nuts?!Rudraksha The Magic Tree Oct 18, 2011
No single tree is as rich with scriptural references, spiritual myths and
legends as the Rudraksha. Its berries, which are said to represent the tears of
Rudra, have long been sought for their supposed medicinal and magical
The Rudrajabalopanishad tells us that Lord Shiva was in the state of meditation
for many thousands of years. When he opened his eyes from his prolonged samadhi,
he beheld the whole vast sufferings and pangs of the unenlightened beings
enmeshed in their struggle and confusion, and lacking any way of recognising
their plight and the possibility of evolving themselves out of these seemingly
insurmountable difficulties. Out of compassion, tears came to his eyes, and
these fell to the earth giving rise to a tree called Maharudraksha. Rudra is the
name given to Shiva in his destructive aspect and in Sanskrit it means 'howl' or
'cause of tears'.
The physical form
The botanical classification of the rudraksha tree is genus Eleocarpus, family
Eleocarpaceae. Over 300 distinct species of rudraksha have been recognised, but
of these only six are common. Rudraksha, in the form of large trees or smaller
bushes, is found in Tibet, Nepal, India, China, Java, Australia, New Zealand,
Polynesia and Mauritius.
The rudraksha tree flowers in the rainy season, the flowers being white and
hermaphroditic. Rudraksha trees usually first bear fruit after about five years,
but Some take up to twenty years to do so. The fruit appears in the months of
November and December and the seeds lie concealed in the centre, covered with a
bluish-purple pulp.
The best quality of rudraksha beads are divided into crescent-shaped sections,
like the segment of an orange. These segments are referred to a 'mukhas' or
faces, and its significance is determined by the number. Multi-faced beads are
commonly divided into 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 to 22 mukhis, although
rare aberrations which provide more faces are found.
According to 'Yoga Sara', spiritual attributes and powers corresponding to the
gods abide in the beads according to the number of faces or mukhis. This
determines the suitable mantras to be recited upon the combination and the
particular value of the combination for the wearer.
Rudraksha occupies a unique place in the Hindu Materia Medica. It has always
been considered to possess properties which prevent ageing, prolong life and
rejuvenate the human organism.
Rudraksha beads are recognised as antipyretic (will lower elevated body
temperature), anti-helminthic (ridding the body of worms), and anti-paralysant.
They help their wearer to maintain a perfect balance between the three vital
airs- namely bile(pitta), wind (vata) and phlegm (kapha).The major physiological
influence of rudraksha on the human body is to control the blood pressure. This

is very important, not only for those with hypertension and hypotension, but
also for those who wish to meditate successfully. This is because the blood
pressure changes during meditation and people can have experiences which they
mistake as spiritual; or feel heat or cold in the body; or even feel
Physiologically, this is how rudraksha works. In the side of the neck there is a
group of pressure sensitive cells called baroreceptors. They continually monitor
the changing blood pressure accompanying each cardiac impulse, and relay this
information to the vasomotor centre in the base of the brain. This centre makes
any minute adjustments in heart rate and cardiac output, which enables a
constant blood pressure to be maintained. At the time of meditation, when
rudraksha is worn in contact with the baroreceptors, control over the cardiac
impulse is enhanced so that variations do not occur and meditation is not
disturbed by these transitory influences.
Therefore, upon the basis of their own clinical experience, doctors, healers and
physicians of every healing science in India today, routinely prescribe the
wearing of rudraksha as an adjuvant in controlling blood pressure and managing
heart disorders.
Various species of Eleocarpus are utilised in many traditional systems of
healing. For example, an infusion of bark and leaves is used as a mouthwash for
inflamed gums. The fruit, which is high in citric acid, is used in some organic
brain disorders, pneumonia, ulcers, dysentery and diarrhoea, and as an emetic.
The leaves are high in vitamin C content and are used for rheumatism and as an
antidote for poison. A bark decoction is also used for rheumatism, indigestion
and bileousness. The seeds are used, again for rheumatism, typhoid fever and
epilepsy. Sufferers from smallpox, chickenpox or leprosy may be given the paste
derived by rubbing the dried fruit or seed on a stone.
In psychological terms, the different mukhis act as voltage regulators,
determining the intensity and frequency of the current of spiritual energy drawn
from cosmic sources and integrated into the psychic personality (chakra) of the
individual wearer. This depends upon the personal attributes, samskaras and
level of evolution, and the type and number to be worn.
The number of rudraksha beads worn is variable. According to the scriptures, the
benefits attained by wearing 1100 beads cannot be described in thousands of
years. 'Let those who have faith wear 3 beads in the top knot, 6 in each ear, 12
round each wrist, 36 over the crown of the head, 32 or 27 tightly around the
neck, and 108 as a garland. They will surely attain Rudrahood', enjoins the
Rudraksha should be worn by all those who wish for both pleasure (kama) and
liberation (moksha) in life, and especially by devotees of Shiva or his consort,
Kali, Uma, Parvati Devi, Ganesha, Kartikeya, hanuman, Krishna enjoin the
scriptures. It is equally venerated by householders engaged in active worldly
life in order to work out their karma.
Other tantras claim that the wearer of the rudraksha mala will obtain riddhi
(psychic prosperity). Rudraksha mala is also used in various sadhanas for
repetition of mantras, charms and incantations, and as a protective armour
against ill-luck, accidents and diseases. The Atharva Veda, puranas and
Upanishads delineate curative and healing properties of each type of bead, but
expert advice should be sought before using any of these methods.

How to get along with Impossible Mother-In-Laws

Once my husband told me something very deep and that was as below:

Generally fight happens between a person of High IQ and a person of Low IQ.. by
IQ you can understand as emotional intelligence or Awarenesss.. Like an argument
between a Boss and a junior employee, or a Lady with her maid servant, or a
mother with a child or a Lady with her mother-in-law.. why I include
mother-in-law in this is because most of them belong to the old generation
having fixed ideas about the world and low awareness levels compared to this
generation and some "decaying of the brain".. Now in a fight the low IQ person
always will bring the High IQ person's level down (and that is why a "Fight"
happened).. and once their IQ's become equal.. the Low IQ person wins BY VIRTUE
OF EXPERIENCE... LOL .. It is really hilarious and very true..
So dears, if you are the person with the High IQ (I am sure you are), then now
decide that you will only Elevate the other Person by keeping quiet, being
forgiving by nature, being generous and avoiding any conflict by Firmness and
solidity of nature.. Never Ever cross the line by stooping to their IQ because
they are BOUND TO WIN. :)
A related question; Oct 18, 2011
Please can you explain the individual yantras of this Maha Yantram and how
they each work? I cannot find this information on the homepage.
If a person is wearing Rudraksha and living in a house with bad vaastu, is
that person immune or will it affect adversely?
A bad Vastu affects the person by creating negativity in him and disturbing
his chakras. This in turn starts to effect his life situations and also health
adversely. If a person is wearing Rudraksha based on chakras, he become immune
to this. By placing Vastu mahayantram facing North east in the house, the
malefics effects are reduced to a large extent.
The yantras used in this Mahayantram are most commonly used in Vastu correction.

Wisdom bytes- Dissolve yourself onto Him as He onto you Oct 22, 2011
The two hands are mirror images of each other, so correspondence of planets
would be similar. Astrologers are divided on the theory of wearing gems on
either fingers. Some say that to decrease the malefic effects, the gem is worn
on left and to increase the positive effect it is worn on right. I dont believe
in this, as I believe that Gems should only be worn to enhance a benefic planet.
So say that some Gems are Solar in nature so they go on right hand and others
are Lunar in nature and go on left hand. The Index finger is for "Dharma"
(righteousness), middle for Artha (wealth), ring for Kama (desires) and little
for Moksha (spirituality).
I personally feel that one should test a Gem by wearing it on the suggested
finger either as a ring or by using a bandaid or cloth to firmly secure it on
the finger. Wear the gem like this for 3 days. During this time do not wear any
other energy item on body like metals, rudraksha, yantras and other gemstones.
Now observe yourself-- Do you notice an adverse change in your behaviour- too
hyper, or too emotional etc..
Do you notice any physical low health like cold, headache, digestive disorder
which is not normal?
Do you feel low in energy, depressed or tired.
This will help you accurately analyse if the gem is suiting you or not. Don't
see what happens in the outside world.. See how you feel inside.. because that
is the perfect parameter. Keeping Gem in pocket or under pillow is ridiculous as

Gem does not affect at all if it does not touch Skin. Exception is Diamond that
does work when it is placed in the appropriate place without touching.
If you receive adverse results, then try wearing the gem on another finger as
suggested by your astrologer or another popular finger (all gems have 1-2
popular places only and cannot be worn just anywhere).

Law of Polarity - Important to understand Life Oct 22, 2011

First, let's define five characteristics of a polarity.
A polarity is a singular experience stretching in two opposing directions,
toward positive and negative poles.
Each of these polar elements contains the essence and characteristics of its
opposite pole. It is holographic.
The spectrum of possibilities within that polarity includes all the variations
of vibratory resonance between the two extremes.
The positive extreme cannot exist without the negative extreme within the
spectrum of the same polarity, or the polarity would collapse.
The point of balance between each extreme of the polarity is neutral space.
What does the Law of Polarity have to do with you and how do you use it?
Happily, it is this law that helps you define your experiences and gives you a
benchmark with which to compare how you feel and how you want to feel.
For example, to appreciate and rejoice in success, you must know what it feels
like to fail. Likewise, to appreciate wealth, you must know that poverty exists,
and to feel the bliss of love, you must have felt the pain of being deprived of
love or wanting more love. Every question generates its own answer, an inside
has an outside, love knows anti-love, light defines no light (dark) and so the
Law of Polarity expresses in every facet of life.
You do not need to dwell in the negative energy pole for long, and it is our aim
to experience more positive pole emotions most of the time. Being aware of the
negative possibilities allows us to more deeply appreciate the positive,
uplifting emotional experiences in our journey through life.
The greater the reach of your experience and understanding of one extreme of an
emotional experience (polarity), will define the extent of your capacity to
experience the opposite end of the spectrum. Compare the spectrum of pain
through to joy with the depth of feeling in the spectrum from agony all the way
up to ecstasy; the same polarity stretched to greater limits.
The Law of Attraction states that like energy attracts like energy. I have heard
people dismiss this universal Law, proposing that like energy does not attract
like energy at all. They use the example of a magnet, where a positive repels a
positive and a negative repels a negative, or electricity, where only opposites
attract. The reason the negative attracts a positive in these examples is
because they are opposites within the possibilities of a singular polarity.
Take the polarity of green. The spectrum of possibilities for green ranges from
deepest dark green to lightest light green, while all the possible shades within
the spectrum share the same vibratory resonance: they are all green. This
applies to so many questions in life. To every question there must be an answer.

To every up there must be a down, equal and opposite.

When we speak, in relation to the Law of Attraction, of energy attracting like
energy, we are speaking of the shared vibratory resonance (the various shades)
of the creative thought (of green).
To experience light we must know what dark is like. We can experience all the
variations of light between the two extremes. So it is with heat and cold,
happiness < > unhappiness, love < > hate and success < > failure. The polarity
holds within itself both extremes and all the possibilities in between that
share the same resonant frequency. Hence every desire has the posssibility of
A familiar symbol of polarity is the ancient Chinese yin-yang symbol, where each
element compliments the other, the union of yin ((female) with yang (male). This
Tao symbol is also the perfect symbol of Creation. The female and the male each
hold within themselves, the essence of the other. The predominantly female part
is also male, and the predominantly male part is also female, as we find with
human chromosomes.
Each is holographic, containing the essence of the other and the fusion of the
two manifests in a new creation. The yin-yang is really a three (and more)
dimensional sphere because while each complements the other, they share the
unity of their essence. Each longs for the other and both for their Source.
Similarly, a creative thought is the negative pole, the empty vessel, the female
yin, the void that attracts the male yang (life force). Both negative (thought)
and positive (energy) must share a similar resonance or attractor factor to
complete that circuit of thought energy, which can then manifest into physical
Now that you appreciate how the Laws of Polarity and Attraction work together,
you will be able to explain them to those who dismiss the harmonious Law of
Attraction because they do not understand the science.
Imagine how you will feel when your dream becomes real. Feel those feelings now,
in advance, for these are the feelings and emotions that pre-create or
pre-energize future situations in your life. Take a few moments to choose
something you really want. It may be a car, a relationship, an achievement.
Think about how wonderful it will be when you have manifested this into your

This is mentioned in many websites. You can read this below

Scientifically it has been seen that the recitation of a particular mantra with
the proper intonation and at the proper time forms a protective layer around a
person. The wearing of a particular gemstone helps to absorb the harmful rays of
a planets influence and flows the beneficial rays into the human body. In the
same way, selecting the right metal and finding out the right time to wear the
gem stone is equally important. Also wearing the gem stone in the right finger
is equally important to get the desired results because each finger is related
to a particular planet, the ring should be worn on the finger connected with the
planet. There is also distinction between the right and left hand: the right

hand is solar and the left hand is lunar. If a person seeks balance in life then
he has to wear a ring with the gem, related with the planets Sun, Mars, Saturn,
Rahu and Ketu on the left hand(i.e solar gems on the lunar hand). The gems
related with Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter should be worn on the right hand.
Also another website mentions
Gems are classified in two types HOT and COLD. Ruby, red coral, diamond and
cat's eye are hot gems. Whereas pearl, topaz, blue sapphire and gomed are cold
in nature. http://www.pushpi.com/astro/gemstones/index.asp
I personally feel, lot of research is pending in gems, so that they can be
accurately recommended and their powers realized. I would be doing research on
this coming year and hope to get success.
Law of Polarity - Important to understand Life
This is great.
Does this fit in with the Koshas? If so how?
Also do the planets etc (Jyotish) have a strong influential factor?
Yes every Kosha is individual chakra in the body. Unless we experience the
depths of fear.. we would not know fearlessness... Unless we explore the depths
of powerlessness.. we would know enjoy Name and fame to its maximum... Unless we
have deeply felt the loss of love, we would not appreciate true love.. Planets
create adverse situations in our life so that we experience the lowest depths
because when we rise from the Ashes so as to say, we are undefeatable and can
only rise up without fear with respect to that Kosha.

Mantra Siddhi Oct 28, 2011

I recently was listening to some speeches regarding mantra usage. It was mentioned that any mantra should be repeated
for at least 1 lakh time for it to work. Is it true? Pls throw some lights on it whenever you have time.
According to the Tantric texts, to attain Mantra Siddhi you have to
1. Repeat the Mantra a specified number of times. Normally the number of letters
in the Mantra multiplied by a lakh (100,000) . Another way we can put it is 100
rounds of a mala (of 108 beads) per letter. In doing a practice of counting the
number of repetitions of the mala, 100 are counted as completed. The remaining
are said to cover errors or omissions. The 8 are also said to be an offering to
God and Guru. For example for Navakshari (Navarna) Mantra it is 9,00,000 times.
Suppose you are doing purascharana of Om Namah Shivaya. There are five syllables
in the mantra, not counting Om. So you have to do five and a half lakhs
(550,000) to complete the purascharana. Complete purascharana of Gayatri is
twenty-four lakhs (2,400,000).
At everystage of mantra japa, blessings are received and a level of empowerment
is achieved. Initially it seems a tedious task to chant the mantra, but as you
start doing it regularly it takes over you and you start getting dissolved in
its sweetness and energy.. The closer you get to completing one stage, the more
the mantra pulls you towards its completion. You get power of achieving miracles
once you do mantra Siddhi of a mantra and invoke its full power.
A Guru often passes a mantra whose Mantra siddhi he has achieved to his disciple
which enables the disciple to invoke the mantra power instantaneously.

I find that in today's hectic life a very practical solution is to get Pundits
to do mantra siddhi for you and then you can use the mantra to receive blessings
in everyday life by chanting it few times everyday. Please see section below
which has been developed for this. I often use services of pundits here to
energise mantras for me.
Mantra Siddhi Oct 29, 2011
30-35 minutes is quite an unbelievable time frame for chanting this mantra unless you are singing it with tune:) or your
mind goes away elsewhere. Fast repetition is fine till you are saying the complete words (in mind ofcourse) with intent. You
see the Pundits who do Japa for us.. They can chant Gayatri mantra in 3 minutes for one mala which I also take 10-15
minutes. They have practice and don't lose focus or pronunciation. Remember it is mental pronunciation and not through
moving lips.. so if mind is nicely focussed.. you can chant faster than light. Also I would like to clarify one thing, that it is
not necessary to know the meaning of the mantra in order for it to work.. just your intent of chanting should be clear. I
know this would sound surprising for you.. but think about it.. how are you supposed to know the meaning of "Om Hreem
Namah" or "Hreem Shreem Kleem...." ? These are sounds that activate divine energies..so chanting them will give results.
On another note, I wanted to tell you the meaning of Om Namah Shivaye.. usually it is thought that it means I bow to
SHiva.. but actual meaning is "I am none other than Shiva"
Mantra Siddhi Oct 30, 2011
10 minutes is a good time and shows that you have developed good attunment with this mantra. This mantra is for
removing fear of death. The meaning of this mantra is also interesting.. it is a prayer to the three eyed Shiva who
nourishes us, that just as a ripened cucumber separates from the Vine effortlessly, so we also be ready to embrace death
and thus become immortal. For most of us, all our fears ultimately boil down to the fear of death. Becoming
fearless is the first step we take to face the challenges of life. This mantra pacifies planet Moon.. so it is beneficial to chant
in the night.
Mantra Siddhi Oct 30, 2011
Notice that it is Na-Ma-Ha and not Namo as in Om Namo Narayana, which means I bow to Narayana. Na (No), Ma
(myself), Ha (exists).. So "I" don't exist.. It is just Shiva. There is another mantra "Shivohum" which means I am Shiva.
Aham Brahmasmi does not mean I am Brahma the 4 headed God.. It means I am the Supreme Brahman.. where Brahman
means the Infinite supreme Soul.
Basic Universal Energy Element (Mahabhoot) means, source of Bio Energy(Bhoot).
There are 10 such Energy Elements. They are as follows.
1. 1st Energy Element `Creative' or `Tama' Element.
2. 2nd Energy Element `Sky' (Ether) Element.
3. 3rd Energy Element `Air' (wind) Element.
4. 4th Energy Element `Fire' Element.
5. 5th Energy Element `Water' Element.
6. 6th Energy Element `Earth' Element.
7. 7th Energy Element `Time' Element.
8. 8th Energy Element `Direction' Element.
9. 9th Energy Element `Mind' Element.
10. 10th Energy Element `Soul' Element.
All the above 10 Elements are present in the Universe and same Elements are
present in all human beings.

Please advise the verse of navagrah mantra Oct 30, 2011

I am writing below. These are powerful Tantric version of Navagraha mantras.You may chant 1 or 5 malas of these on their respective
days. We also offer aNavagraha Japa Puja where for 9 days, the Pundits chant 1.25 lakhs times mantra
for each graha on its respective day and complete with a Homa for that planet.
This way the mantra is energised and ready for you to use.
Sun Sunday Om Hreem Hraum Suryaye Namah
Moon Monday Om Aim Kleem Somaye Namah
Mars Tuesday Om Hoom Shreem Bhomaye Namah
Mercury Wednesday Om Aim Shreem Budhaye Namah
Jupiter Thursday Om Hreem Kleem Brahaspatayei Namah
Venus Friday Om Hreem Shreem Shukraye Namah
Saturn Saturday Om Aim Hreem Shreem Shanescharaya Namah
Rahu Tuesday Om Aim Hreem Rahave
Ketu Wednesday Om Hreem Aim Ketve Namah

Natural remedies for Health Oct 30, 2011


77 diseases are cured by honey.
Do not stand and drink water at night, incurable
disease will be contracted Drinking Rain water is
beneficial for health
21 raisins (kishmish) on an empty stomach for good
memory and good health.
Do not sleep on an empty stomach.
Eat only when you are hungry.
Use the washroom before sleeping.
Do not sleep in a straight position immediately after
a meal, as it hinders digestion and causes gastric problems.
Do not bathe immediately after a meal, as it hinders
Best not to eat anything except fruits between
breakfast and dinner.
Do not eat fruits immediately after a meal, wait for
a hr before eating fruits.
Eat the fruits at the beginning of their season.
Don't drink tea immediately after a meal as tea has
acid in it and food has protein in it therefore digestion is hindered.
Do not smoke a cigarette immediately after a meal it
is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes at other times and is the main cause of
After a hot water bath put a mug of cold water on
your feet
Best time to sleep, which is most beneficial, is 2
hrs after sunset.

Start and end your food with a pinch of salt to ward

off 70 kinds of diseases. End your meal also with a pinch of salt.
Waking up 2 hrs before sunrise is very beneficial
for health.
Honey serves a dual purpose i.e. in the winter it has
a warm effect and in summer it has a cooling effect.
Cutting nails on Friday cures many diseases.
Elaichi to be chewed thoroughly with the skin, after
meals for at least 40 days to see results.
Dairy products, egg yolk, soya beans,garlic,
vegetables and fish. Feet should always be clean. Keep your feet dry of moisture
and sweat and keep them warm by wearing cotton socks not nylon socks. This plays
a very important role for good blood circulation for sugar patient.
Drink garlic juice
Methi seeds (better used in the winter) one teaspoon
nihar mouth or in powdered form. And one teaspoon 1 hr before meals.

One teaspoon of honey before going to bed.
Remove potato eyes from a raw potato, wash well and
liquidize and drink immediately.
Fill water in a copper vessel at night and drink it
in the morning.
Mix honey 1 teaspoon and 2 teaspoons luke warm water
and 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder (dalchinni powder) to be slowly massaged on joint
1 cup hot water, 2 teaspoons honey and 1 teaspoon
cinnamon powder mix well and drink twice a day.


Ginger juice and salt to be mixed and massaged
Massage back with hot olive oil (always use hot oil
for massage, it is very effective)
Clove oil massage
teaspoon Ajwine and teaspoon ghur to be chewed
well twice a day. If back pain is very severe then increase the quantity to 1
teaspoon each

BED WETTING- One teaspoon of honey before going to
FOE A PEACEFUL SLEEP- one teaspoon of honey at night
BEAUTY TIPS- For good colour:-use the following in
your diet:- Egg plant (began), onion,bananas and olives
FOR A HEALTHY SKIN-Rub cucumber juice on the face.
Besan ka atta, ghee and water to be mixed and rubbed
on face.

TO REMOVE STAINS FROM ANY WHERE ON THE BODYBoil 1 liter water till liter remains, then mix glycerin and limetogether and
use twice a day.


Drink carrot juice (carrot juice not recommended for pregnant
Mix water and ginger juice in equal parts and drink daily.
For pain in the heart- 8-10 tulsi leaves mixed with 2-3 black peppers
to be chewed and swallowed


Eat 3-4 garlic cloves daily.
Drink milk mixed with crushed lasan.
Nihar mouth 1 teaspoon olive oil.
Eat fresh vegetables and fruits. Bananas and melons
are especially beneficial.
2 teaspoon of honey mixed with 1 teaspoon lemon juice
to be taken twice a day.
For High and low Blood Pressure: Do deep breathing.

Chew 1 teaspoon tea leaves mixed with sugar
Mix luke warm water, lime juice and 1 pinch salt and
Rub ginger juice around the naval
A lemon a day keeps the cold away.
Orange (mosambi) juice.
1 tblspoon of ginger juice mixed with teaspoon

2 cups water to be boiled then add juice of 2 lemons

and honey and drink at night.
Drink onion juice and honey mixed together.
For coughs onion dipped in honey overnight and
drink the juice
For excessive coughing and to avoid coughing
continuously keep pomegranate skin in the mouth

Inhaling steam of hot water mixed with garlic cloves.
5 grms of honey 4 times in the day.
For Phlegm (balghum)-chew dates well and drink hot
water over it.
For Colds, Coughs and Phlegm (balghum) in hot milk
add haldi, salt and ghur and drink at night.
For eczema and ring worms and all other skin diseases:
Apply honey and cinnamon powder in equal quantity.
Massage the effected area with the paste of baisan flour (for itching).
Do not use egg, peanuts, sugar and dairy products.
Massage with the juice of tulsi leaves
For pimples:
Apply coconut oil on the beginning stage of pimples on a continuous
basis for 7days.
Eat two apples a day.
Every morning eat a handful of any sesame seeds(till) either black or
Liquidize or blend 10 almonds with a cup of milk. Drink this mixture
twice i.e. one cup before breakfast and another before sleeping.
Eat more of dark green leafy vegetables.
Eat low fat dairy products.


Give them carrot and orange juice.
The child should eat as many bananas as he/she can after meals.
Boil Figs (angeer) with milk and give the milk to child to drink and
the Figs to eat.
Eat sesame seeds (till), white or black.
Take 20 tola water and 1 tola black sesame seeds (till) and boil them
together until only 5 tola water is left. Then add gurr for as sweet as you want
and drink the mixture.

Mix a little ghee in milk and drink it.
Massage the forehead with a little ghee or clove oil

In one cup of water, put 1 tsp of haldi, boil it and then drink it
In order to normalize blood cholesterol the best things to drink are :
Carrot juice, Celery juice
Best to eat are apples, bananas, grape fruit, carrots and dry beans
.Also during our food intake to take a little bit of honey
If one is suffering from very high cholesterol and wants to normalize
it in two hours has to have the following mixture:
In 16 oz of tea water, mix 2 tbsp of honey and 3 tsp of Cinnamon powder
and then drink it.
Eat Figs
Have lemon juice twice a day
1 cup of ripe tomato juice
To have first thing in the morning hot water mixed with 2tsp of honey
To have hot milk mixed with 2 tsp of honey at night before sleeping
Carrot juice
If suffering from dry piles, then have lassi mixed with a little bit of
To Liquidise have coriander leaves (dhanya) with water and drink it.
To liquidize neem leaves with water, sieve and then drink
If suffering from painful piles , then eat masoor daal with roti and
Stop having hot spicy food
Highly recommended to eat figs.
To massage the head with: hot olive oil mixed with 1 tsp cinnamon
powder + 2 tsp honey. Keep it for 15 mins before washing.
Mix a little sugar in lemon juice and apply it on the hair, then wash
it off.
Make a powder of neem leaves, then in about 100 gm of neem leaves
powder, mix it in coconut oil and apply it in the hair once a week
In order to have shiny hair , have cucumber
To eat twice a day
Make a mixture of: 1 cup apple cider + 1 cup honey + 16 pieces of lasan
(garlic), liquidize it for 1 min, put it in a glass cylinder with a tight lid
and put it in the fridge for one week.
After one week, put 2 tsp of this mixture in a glass of hot water and have it
twice a day preferably first thing in the morning and not to eat anything for
half an hour after this.


Make them eat tiil
Make them eat gurr and onions
Glucose water and lemon water, 2 tbsp four times a day
To have adrak water + lemon water + half tsp black pepper powder
To cure indigestion and gas problems mix ajwain powder in hot water and
drink it
Mix channa + gurr and have it with hot water and drink it
Mix 1 tsp adrak water + 2 tsp lemon water + saakar (misri) powder and
have it before eating .This is good for gas, acidity and indigestion.
Half tsp ajwain + half tsp gurr , mix thoroughly and chew it. Do it
twice a day.
To have honey + gurr
Boil water with a little cinnamon powder and then drink it
Cut lemon and sprinkle a little sugar on it and suck it
To chew elaichi and tulsi leaves
To taste a little honey and elaichi powder
To prevent nausea while on a journey, keep a little piece of daalchini
and laung in the mouth
Chew in equal parts soonf and sugar morning and evening
To have black pepper powder and saakar powder
To have tulsi leaves + 2 to 3 pieces of black pepper. The same apply
when facing dizziness when travelling.

Mantra repetition Oct 31, 2011

I am chanting mantra when i am free and also in job. i.e my one part of internal mind will be chanting and other part will be doing my
job and in between also the mantra goes on in my mind. Will the effect be the same ? Can u please clarify on this.

Yes effect will be same. This is called Ajapa-japa.. silent chanting

throughout the day.
Japa (or japam) means repeating or remembering a mantra (or mantram), and
ajapa-japa (or ajapajapam) means constant awareness of the mantra, or of what it
represents.[1][2] The letter A in front of the word japa means without. Thus,
ajapa-japa is the practice of japa without the mental effort normally needed to
repeat the mantra. In other words, it has begun to come naturally, turning into
a constant awareness. The practice of constant remembrance evolves in stages:
At first, you intentionally repeat the syllables of the mantra internally, as if
you are talking to yourself in your mind. You allow the inner sound to come at
whatever speed feels comfortable to the mind. Sometimes it is very slow, as if
the mind were wading through a vat of honey. At other times it is very fast, as
if flying through the sky without restraint.
With practice, the mantra japa is repeated automatically, like a song that you
have heard many times, which just comes on its own. (Some practitioners consider
this automatic repeating to be the meaning of Ajapa-Japa, though there is a
subtler meaning, as described below.)
Gradually, you merely remember the mantra with attention drawn to it. It is more
like noticing what is already happening, rather than causing it to happen. It is
somewhat like the attention stance of listening rather than speaking, though you
might not literally hear the sound.
In time, the feeling of the mantra is there, even when the sound or remembering
of the syllables is not there. For example, sometimes people will say, "OM,
Shanti, Shanti, Shanti," where the word Shanti means peace or tranquility.
During the remembering of the word there may be two thingsthe word and the
feeling of peace or tranquility. When the syllables fade away, the feeling may
still be there; this is remembrance of the feeling of the mantra.
As the practice evolves, there comes a pervasive awareness of the mantra,
subtler than both the syllables and any surface level meaning or definition.
This constant awareness is the meaning of Ajapa-Japa of the mantra.

Navagraha mantra Siddhi Japa Oct 31, 2011

I did this 4 months back and in Sankalpa included the names of my children and
found immediate positivity in their studies, interaction with friends and elders
and their health.
Sade saathee Nov 1, 2011
What is Shani Sade Sati?
When, Sani (Saturn) transits through the 12th, 1st, and 2nd house from the natal
moon, this is termed Sade-satti. Saturn takes 2 years to pass through each
sign, its passing through 3 signs make it 7 years. Sade means "half" in hindi
and Sati translates to "seven".

Shani Sade Sati Influence

Saturn is a planet of empathy, democracy, human values, and dispassion. When one

is ambitious, passionate and achievement oriented, one seldom transgresses the

values Saturn upholds. Saturn, during its Sade Sati, makes one learn the values
which it represents. Most often than not, to break egoistic tendencies,
impulsive selfish actions, and other negativities, Saturn creates obstacles,
doubts, and depression. It seeks to break the illusion of ego.
Sade Sati cycle repeats about two or three times within one's lifetime. It
reappears after every 25 years from when it first finished. In rare cases, the
Sade Sati may appear four times, in a lifetime. Each and everyone have to go
through Sade Sati, unless there is an early death before the start of first Sade
It is said that the first cycle of Sade-sati generally affects close relatives
more than the native. The 2nd cycle influences the domestic front as well as the
business front, and the 3rd cycle affects children, family, health, and physical
suffering or may even indicate the death of the native. These results differ
from chart to chart according the planets placed in the chart, main and sub
periods (Dasa and Bhuktis) and transits of other planets. Nature of Sade Sati
results are also dependent upon Saturn's relationship with the Ascendant (lagna)
and the Moon Sign (Rasi) and its very character known through the Nakshatra
which it falls under.
Saturn does not distinguish between the rich and the poor. Anyone who is
arrogant, egoistic, despotic, criminal minded, undemocratic, unsympathetic,
passionate, and non-hard working and overly ambitious is targeted during the
person's Sade Sati.
Saturn's influence, in transit, over the 8th house from natal moon, is a dreaded
period too. When Saturn passes through the 8th house from the natal moon, it is
called Ashtam Sani (Eighth house Saturn) or Kantaka Shani. This 8th house
transit is considered more negative than the Sade Sati transit. Herein, the
influence of Saturn is to create disturbances in the family life and many a
times family members, close friends and relatives become the cause of misery, by
their attitude and actions. Herein, too Saturn's influence teaches one the
patience and titiksha (the ability to bear pain but working towards a goal of
self improvement).
When Saturn passes through 4th house from the natal moon, it is called Ardha
Kantaka Sani. This period is considered as bad as Ashtam Shani.

Shani Sani Sade Sati isn't Evil

Don't consider Saturn as a doomsday planet. It seeks to correct our past
mistakes during its Sade Sati and Kantaka Shani periods. Many ills of such
periods are mitigated through a good main period (Mahadasha) sub period
(Bhukti) combination or by the transit of a beneficial planet in a supporting
house. An individual can find such combinations and effects of the same, through
a comprehensive reading through Vedic Astrology.

Remedies for Shani Sade Sati

The best remedial measure against the wrong effects of Sade Sati is to learn
what the period of Sade Sati is trying to teach you. All your limiting beliefs
that you have formed in your mind in different births will play in front of you
and show you how wrong you were to pass a judgement and you will have to release

them. The more humble and simple you are, the more you will escape from wrath of
Saturn who will teach you how to be ego-less. Saturn will break your
stubbornness, false pride and escapist tendencies. Sade-sati is about doing
one's obligatory duties without considering likes and dislikes. One who does
this forever is least effected by Sade Sati. To some, positive gains come too.
Sade Sati is the time for initiating spiritual activities to gain in
understanding of life and not keep an escapist attitude.
Sade Sathi works on the third eye chakra of the individual. Meditations
involving this chakra help most. Wearing rudraksha beads help in transformation
of the individual without pains.
Mantra Japa for Shani Sade Sati
Aum prm prm praum anaicrya namah
Beeja Mantra of Saturn
Om Aim Hreem Shreem Shanescharaya Namah

Queries About Rudraksha

Yes you may wear any day in the morning after bath and remembering Lord SHiva
by chanting "Om Namah Shivaye" few malas. It is good to wash the beads with
water every few days to cleanse them. Offering incence fumes to beads keeps them
energised. Keep them on a clean plate or an empty box whenever you are not
wearing them. When you cannot wear them for an extended period, keep them in
refrigerator as they like cold climate. This way, they will be energised all
life. Nepal beads work faster than Java beads, however the price of rare higher
mukhis are quite attractive in Java, so many people opt for Java version to get
the immense power of these beads. Higher mukhis have immense powers of healing
and also attracting positive circumstances in one's life.
Say the wish in the positive sense and in the Now.. for eg:- I am buying a House
in Beverly Hills Now. Say this again and again in your mind like Ajapa- Japa for
21 days.. It will materialse if you believe in it from the deepest core of your
heart and have no fear or doubt or negativity in the belief materialising.

Worth thinking about nov2, 2011

1 No point using *limited life* to chase *unlimited money.*
2 No point *earning so much money you cannot live to spend it*.
3 *Money* is not yours until you *spend it.*
4 When you are young, you *use your health to chase your wealth*; when
you are old, you *use your wealth to buy back your health*. Difference is that,
*it is too late*.
5 How happy a man is, *is not how much he has but how little he needs*.
6 No point *working so hard to provide for the people you have no time to
spend with.*
Remember this -- We come into this world with nothing,and we leave this
world with nothing!

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