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3800 sw 34th street, Apt B 10, Gainesville – 32608. FL. Cell: (850) 225-2068.
Email: srinivas.muddana@gmail.com. Github ID: muddana.
Looking for full-time employment to work in a software engineering position with challenging work and
competitive environment.
Master of Science in Computer Engineering Dec 2009
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. GPA 3.51/4.0
Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering May 2005
National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, India. GPA: 7.42/10.0

Courses During Masters: Programming Language Principles, Programming Language Translators,

Analysis of Algorithms, Computational Geometry, Advanced Network Optimization, Distributed Systems,
Computer Networks, Advanced Data Structures, Neural Networks, Database Management Systems.

Skill Set
Programming Languages C++, Ruby, C, Javascript, C#, Java
Framework/Technologies Ruby on Rails, .NET, Subversion, Git, Matlab , Ajax, Prototype, XML
Operating Systems GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows
Databases Postgres, MySQL

• Compiler for Tiny, a Subset of C/Pascal languages (C, Fall 09)

Implementing a compiler for Tiny, a C/Pascal like language. The main tasks in the project were building
the grammar, constrainer to check types and semantic restrictions, Code-generation to generate code for the
virtual machine to run. Main features of Tiny are: for, repeat, while loops. If, switch statements. swap
statement, enumeration types, constant type and functions.
Keywods: C , Compiler Implementation, Lex, Yacc, Procedural Language

• A Compiler for RPAL- A Functional Programming Language (C++ Summer 09)

Implemented a compiler for RPAL, a functional programming language. Implemented a lexer, recursive
descent parser by hand for the RPAL LL(1) Grammar. The Abstract Syntax Tree(AST) is standardized in
terms of lambdas and gammas, this standardized tree is converted to control structures and executed with a
stack and tree environment.
Keywords : C++, LL(1) Grammar, Recursive Descent Parser, Runtime for Functional Language.

• A Multiplayer Game With Central Server and Clients over RPC's (C++ Fall 2008)

Developed a simple multi-player game. A threaded central server carries out the calculations for movement
of balls, one controlled by each client and the clients communicate with central server for directing the
balls using remote procedure calls. The server simulates the movement of the balls according to the request
of clients and reports collisions.
Keywords: C++, Sun RPC, Pthreads, Network Programming

• Multi-Layer Perceptron and Self Organizing Maps (Matlab, Spring 2008)

Implemented Multi-Layer Perceptron and Self Organizing Maps in Matlab.Conducted experiments on data
from MNIST database to understand the supervised learning techniques(Multi Layer Perceptron) and
unsupervised learning(Self Organizing Maps).
Keywords: Matlab, Neural Networks, Self Organizing Maps

• Survey on Shortest Paths in an Arrangement of Lines (Fall 2008)

The survey studies problem of shortest paths in line arrangements. This problem has an obvious O(n2 )
algorithm. But its been an open problem to find the shortest path in the arrangement of lines in sub
quadratic time. It surveys the different algorithms for solving this generic problem and for different special
arrangement of lines like the pencil arrangement, vertical and horizontal line arrangement.
Keywords: Computational Geometry, Shortest Paths

• Convex Hull of a Point Set (C++ Fall 2008)

Implemented Chan's algorithm, Graham's scan algorithms for finding convex hull of a point set.
Keywords: C++, CGAL, Convex Hulls

• A Simple Peer to Peer System (C++ Fall 2007)

Implemented a P2P file sharing system. Implemented the unstructured Gnutella model. The nodes can
connect to a fixed number of peer nodes and can request for files from their peers.
Keywords: C++, Pthreads, Network Programming

• A Telephonic Interface for Gainesville RTS Bus Locator Service (Ruby, http://dial-

Developed an application for getting the status of buses in Gainesville via a phone call. This application
provides the real time position of buses especially useful on non-smart mobile phones. Application uses
Twilio telephony service for handling the phone calls.
Keywords # Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Twilio service integration, XML, Git

• Line Following Robot (Spring – Fall 2005)

Developed a line following robot based on light sensors (photo diodes), comparator and stepper motors for
direction control.

Professional Experience
Florida Museum of Natural History. Gainesville, Florida Student Assistant Sept 2007 - Dec 2009
Working on Tolkin(Tree of Life Knowledge and Information Network) project, a web application which
helps researchers manage and analyze their biological data. Have been working on its various components
of the website like bibliography manager, citation parser and creating a version control system for the data
stored in a database, storing images, login system, feedback system, tagging.
• Designed the new schema for Tolkin.
• Developed a work flow for submitting feedback in Tolkin.
• Was responsible for solving issues in production, add new features in development.
Keywords # Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Mongrel, ReCaptcha, Prototype, Migrations,
Retrospectiva, DelayedJob, Tagging, Subversion, Ajax, XML

Cognizant Technology Solutions. Chennai, India Programmer Analyst Jun 2005 – Jul 2007
Worked in design and development of C#.NET, ASP.NET applications.
• Worked on the text parsing component in the West Brief Plugin
(http://west.thomson.com/software/brieftools/) using .Net web services for fetching data from a
remote server and updating the documents(briefs).
• Developed a library for generating excel charts in C#.NET which was consumed in a Financial
Report Generation System. Have also worked on the building the website, which includes modules
like chart generation, data export in the form of reports creating from the financial data in the