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 3155 NE 84th Avenue

Portland, OR 97220-5238
Henry W. Kwan
USA Product Development Engineer
 (503) 308-8832 Seeking an engineering position where international work
experience and years of advanced academic training will
 henry.w.kwan@gmail.com result in company profitability.


2008-2009: Post-Master’s Degree in Bioplastics

Mines ParisTech, Sophia Antipolis, France
Research Report: Eco-labeling and the Electro-technical Sector
• English: Native Proficiency
Noteworthy Course Subjects: Natural Polymers, Synthetic Polymers from
• Cantonese: Fluent Speaker
Natural Resources, Polymer Physics, Polysaccharide Chemistry, Biotechnology
(enzymology, fermentation, composting), Polymer Processing, Rheology, • French: Basic Knowledge
Thermomechanical Modeling, Biofuels, Life Cycle Analysis, EC Environmental Policy
and Strategic Business Approaches towards Sustainability.
 Attended the European Credit Transfer & Accumulation System-acknowledged
Intensive Program “Sustainable Utilization of Renewable Resources” in Graz,
Austria June 28th through July 10th.
2006-2008: Master of Science in Engineering Science and
Mechanics • Alpha Pi Mu
The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA  OSU Chapter President
(02/2004 - 02/2005)
Thesis: Development of an Improved Silicon-based Photoconductive Switch
for Microwave Signal Control • Society of Manufacturing
GPA: 3.86/4.00  OSU Chapter Vice Chair
(02/2003 - 02/2005)
Noteworthy Course Subjects: Mathematical Methods in Engineering,
Properties and Characterization of Electronic and Photonic Materials, • Institute of Industrial
Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devices, Microwave-Materials Interaction, Engineers
Engineered Thin Films, Laser Optics Fundamentals, Solid State Energy Conversion • Circle K International
(audit only) and Business Opportunities in Engineering.
• National Society of
2001-2006: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Collegiate Scholars
Manufacturing Engineering
Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Senior Project: A Polymer Nano-composite Dialyzer Membrane

GPA: 3.75/4.00 (Magna Cum Laude)

Noteworthy Course Subjects: Lean Manufacturing Systems, Production INTERESTS

Planning & Control, Facility Design, Statistics & Experimental Design for Industrial
Processes, Modern Electronics Manufacturing, Information Systems Engineering, • Travel: North America,
Manufacturing Process Development, Simulation & Decision Support Systems, and Europe and Asia
Management Systems Engineering. • Sports: Tennis, Golf, Table
Tennis, Basketball, Disc Golf,
ACCOLADES Soccer and Snowboarding

Friendship Masonic Lodge No. 160 Outstanding Citizenship Award, Xerox Humanities • Pottery
and Social Sciences Award, James Madison High School Valedictorian, James • Contemporary Design
Madison High School Faculty Scholarship Award, Phi Kappa Phi Achievement Award,
Sheely Industrial and Manufacturing, Oregon State Bookstore Scholarship, Winslow • Culinary Art
Scholarship, Murdoch E&E Scholarship, SME Outstanding Engineering Graphics
Project Runner-Up, American Electronics Association Scholar, Ford Family
Foundation Scholar.

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2008-2009: ARMINES, Mines ParisTech & CEMEF (Centre de Mise en Forme des Matériaux) in
collaboration with Schneider Electric SA, Sophia Antipolis, France
Position: Engineer Trainee

 Evaluated the merits and drawbacks of eco-labeling, from marketing effectiveness to a program’s ability to communicate
environmental regulation compliance.
 Synchronized the green plastic efforts of Schneider Electric with the qualification criteria of various eco-labeling schemes
(e.g. the EU Flower, the Blue Angel and Green Seal).
 Submitted official recommendations of eco-labeling organizations that could potentially satisfy the needs of Schneider
Electric and outlined best practices on how to create an impactful company-specific eco-label.

2006-2008: ARL (the Applied Research Laboratory) & The Pennsylvania State University,
University Park, PA
Position: Graduate Research Assistant

 Investigated the feasibility of photoconductive switch designs via electromagnetic simulations.

 Fabricated prototype switches in cleanroom environment for testing.
 Performed microwave measurements of photoconductive switch samples.
 Conceptualized a new silicon-based photoconductive switch for microwave signals that offers improved performance in
terms of ratio of attenuation to optical input power when compared to optical attenuators previously reported upon.

2005: Cascade Microtech, Inc., Beaverton, OR

Position: Manufacturing Engineering Intern (MECOP)

 Managed multi-team implementation of Demand-Flow Technology to the 300 mm semiautomatic and manual S300 probing
station product lines.
 Designed and constructed custom material handling solutions.
 Improved the designs of existing parts for more efficient assembly.
 Devised manufacturing instructions for Cascade’s new bio-fluidic port.

2004-2005: Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Position: Teaching Assistant

 Proctored exams, graded homework, and tutored students in the course Engineering Economy.

2004: United Parcel Service, Inc., Portland, OR

Position: Industrial Engineering Intern (MECOP)

 Conducted time-studies at multiple delivery centers to develop time standards for package car routes.
 Resolved database issues associated with corrupted data to calculate stop allowances.

2002-2003: Planar Systems, Inc., Beaverton, OR

Position: Process and Quality Engineering Intern (AeA)

 Mapped and simulated new layouts and operating procedures.

 Inspected parts and generated test requirements documentation.
 Produced an automated supplier performance scorecard.
 Initiated and oversaw Planar’s Washington County Museum exhibition venture.

1999: Vanalco, Inc., Vancouver, WA

Position: Chemistry Intern (ASE)

 Carried out chemical and air emissions testing and analysis.

 Generated storm water pollution prevention plan and adapted it to the company’s oil spill contingency plan.


Effective with Microsoft Windows, Linux, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project and Visio. Competent with SolidWorks,
Pro/ENGINEER, CST Microwave Studio, L-Edit and MathCad. Experienced with Visual Basic & C programming, Arena,
XFdtd, Mathematica, MatLAB, LabVIEW, REM3D, AutoCAD and more.

Knowledgeable of forming and characterization techniques for metals, plastics and semiconductors. Familiar with
machining tools, injection molding, extrusion, dielectric measurement equipment, laser systems, lithography, SEM,
sputtering, electroplating, plasma etching, plasma deposition, rheometry, viscosimetry, etc.

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Dr. Michael Lanagan

Professor of Engineering Science & Mechanics
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, Pennsylvania
(814) 865-6992

Mr. Brent Harmon

Manager, Systems Operations
Cascade Microtech, Inc.
Beaverton, Oregon
(971) 221-2563

Ms. Kristin Granlund

Program Director
Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District
Beaverton, Oregon
(541) 664-0817

Ms. Brigitte Ohl

Supervisor, Advanced Process & Materials
Schneider Electric SA
Grenoble, France
+33 4 76 57 92 94

Mr. Patrick Navard

Assistant Director, CEMEF
Mines ParisTech
Sophia Antipolis, France
+33 4 93 95 74 66

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