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11146 Federal Register / Vol. 73, No.

41 / Friday, February 29, 2008 / Notices

• The Wetland Alternative was Wichita, Kansas’ (referred to as the drop in the water table which has led to
developed to minimize disturbance to ‘Equus Beds Division’). The purpose of saltwater intrusion into the Equus Beds
wetlands. the Equus Beds Division is to provide a aquifer. The City of Wichita began using
• The Arkansas River Alternative was reliable supply of potable water to meet more surface water to meet water
developed to provide the highest the maximum daily demand within the demands in an effort to slow the
minimum flow in the Arkansas River projected metropolitan area of Wichita, saltwater intrusion. While this change
through Pueblo and to minimize water Kansas, through 2050 while protecting has slowed the saltwater intrusion into
quality effects on the lower Arkansas the Equus Beds aquifer’s water quality. the Equus Beds aquifer, it has not
River. The proposed action would include the completely stopped it and the water
• The Fountain Creek Alternative was diversion of 100 million gallons per day quality of the aquifer continues to be
developed to minimize geomorphic and (MGD) of above base flow water from degraded. In an effort to recharge the
water quality effects on Fountain Creek the Little Arkansas River into the Equus aquifer to prevent further water quality
by minimizing the use of Fountain Beds aquifer. The proposed action degradation and provide a large volume
Creek and its tributaries for receiving would involve adding a new point of of stored groundwater for future use
and conveying reusable return flows to diversion with a proposed new water during drought, the City of Wichita is
the Arkansas River. right to be held by the City of Wichita. developing the Equus Beds Aquifer
• The Downstream Intake Alternative DATES: A public scoping notice will be Recharge and Recovery Component of
would use an untreated water intake sent out to all interested parties to assist the Integrated Local Water Supply Plan.
from the Arkansas River downstream of in identifying the significant If you wish to comment, you may
Fountain Creek and was developed to environmental issues related to the mail us your comments as indicated
address public interest in an alternative proposed action. Written comments will under the ADDRESSES section. Before
location for diversion of water. be accepted through March 31, 2008. including your name, address, phone
• The Highway 115 Alternative ADDRESSES: Comments and requests to number, e-mail address, or other
would convey untreated water through be added to the mailing list may be personal identifying information in your
a pipeline that generally follows submitted to Bureau of Reclamation, comment, you should be aware that
Colorado 115 between the Arkansas Oklahoma-Texas Area Office, Attention: your entire comment including your
River and Colorado Springs and was Charles Webster, Environmental personal identifying information may be
developed to address public interest in Protection Specialist, 5924 NW 2nd made publicly available at any time.
an alternative pipeline location. Street, Suite 200, Oklahoma City, While you can ask us in your comment
Public Disclosure Statement: Before Oklahoma 73127–6514. to withhold your personal identifying
including your name, address, phone information from public review, we
number, e-mail address, or other cannot guarantee that we will be able to
Charles Webster, Environmental
personal identifying information in your do so.
Protection Specialist, Telephone: (405)
comment, you should be aware that 470–4831. TTY users may dial 711 to Dated: February 15, 2008.
your entire comment—including your obtain a toll free TTY relay. Donald E. Moomaw,
personal identifying information—may Assistant Regional Director, Great Plains
be made publicly available at any time. Region.
Reclamation has been authorized to
While you can ask us in your comment [FR Doc. E8–3530 Filed 2–28–08; 8:45 am]
assist in the funding of the Equus Beds
to withhold your personal identifying
Division under the authority of Public BILLING CODE 4310–MN–P
information from public review, we
Law 109–299 (October 5, 2006). Public
cannot guarantee that we will be able to
Law 109–299 states: ‘‘The Secretary of
the Interior may assist in the funding
Dated: February 21, 2008. and implementation of the Equus Beds
Gary W. Campbell, Aquifer Recharge and Recovery Drug Enforcement Administration
Deputy Regional Director, Great Plains Component which is a part of the
Region. Pamela Monterosso, D.M.D.; Denial of
‘Integrated Local Water Supply Plan,
[FR Doc. E8–3679 Filed 2–28–08; 8:45 am] Wichita, Kansas’ (referred to in this
BILLING CODE 4310–MN–P section as the ‘Equus Beds Division’) On February 6, 2006, the Deputy
* * * Before obligating funds for design Assistant Administrator, Office of
or construction under this section, the Diversion Control, Drug Enforcement
DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR Secretary of the Interior shall work Administration, issued an Order to
cooperatively with the City of Wichita, Show Cause to Pamela Monterosso,
Bureau of Reclamation Kansas, to use, to the extent possible, D.M.D., (Respondent) of New York, N.Y.
plans, designs, and engineering and The Show Cause Order proposed the
Equus Beds Division of the Wichita
environmental analyses that have denial of Respondent’s pending
Project; Wichita, KS
already been prepared by the City for application for a DEA Certificate of
AGENCY: Bureau of Reclamation, the Equus Beds Division. The Secretary Registration as a practitioner on the
Interior. of the Interior shall assure that such ground that her ‘‘registration would be
ACTION: Notice of Intent To Prepare an information is used consistent with inconsistent with the public interest.’’
Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). applicable Federal laws and Show Cause Order at 1 (citing 21 U.S.C.
regulations.’’ 823(f)).
SUMMARY: Pursuant to section 102(2)(C) The City of Wichita has historically The Show Cause Order specifically
of the National Environmental Policy relied on the Equus Beds aquifer as a alleged that Respondent had previously
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES

Act of 1969, the Bureau of Reclamation major source of water. In addition to the held a DEA registration at premises
(Reclamation) proposes to prepare an City, other agricultural and industrial located in Washington, DC, which she
EIS on the Equus Beds Aquifer Recharge users also depend on the aquifer. Over surrendered for cause in November
and Recovery Component of the the years, this use has exceeded 1997. Id. According to the allegations, in
‘Integrated Local Water Supply Plan, recharge and has resulted in a severe September 1997, Respondent was

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