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10462 Federal Register / Vol. 73, No.

39 / Wednesday, February 27, 2008 / Notices

this collection is listed by OMB as nonenrolled individuals. We are using disclaimer of interest by the United
Control No. 1076–0165, and it expires 18 hours as an average per individual States affecting the following described
June 30, 2008. The response is voluntary response. land: Parcel A and Parcel B, section 35,
to obtain or retain a benefit. Total Annual Burden to Respondents: Township 6 South, Range 30 East,
Please submit your comments to the 2,000 requests per year at 18 hours per Willamette Meridian. The subject land
person listed in the ADDRESSES section. response, for a total reporting and (and other land) was acquired by the
Please note that comments, names and recordkeeping annual burden of 36,000 United States from a private entity in
addresses of commentators are open for hours. Additional costs per applicant: the Northeast Oregon Assembled Land
public review during the hours of 8 a.m. estimated to average $23.75 per Exchange on December 29, 2000.
to 3 p.m., MST, Monday through Friday applicant for an annual total of $47,500. In August 2006, the Bureau of Land
except for legal holidays. If you wish Total Annual Cost to Respondents Management (BLM) conducted a
your name and address withheld, you (salary and documents): $82,833.33. cadastral survey and discovered that the
must state this prominently at the Dated: February 14, 2008. Headys’ dwelling encroached on the
beginning of your comments. We will Carl J. Artman,
United States parcel such that the
honor your request to the extent boundaries as stated in the titles varied
Assistant Secretary, Indian Affairs.
allowable by law. from the boundaries existing on the
[FR Doc. E8–3644 Filed 2–26–08; 8:45 am] ground. A subsequent ‘‘Encroachment
Information Collection Abstract BILLING CODE 4310–4J–P Report’’ was completed and submitted
OMB Control Number: 1076–0165. to the Office of the Regional Solicitor for
Type of Review: Renewal. an opinion of the effect of an adjacent
Title: Application to Share in the DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR landowner’s occupancy on United
Western Shoshone Funds as a Lineal States title to acquired lands.
Bureau of Land Management
Descendant of the Western Shoshone The Office of the Regional Solicitor,
Identifiable group pursuant to the Act of [OR–930–08–3130–HN; OR–64688; HAG–08– Pacific Northwest Office, concludes that
July 7, 2004, Public Law 108–270. 0037] the prior owners to the Headys, Donald
Brief Description of Collection: The Roy Shanafelt and Priscilla L. Shanafelt,
information collected is mandatory for Proposed Issuance of Recordable acquired title by adverse possession
individuals to participate in the per Disclaimer of Interest; Umatilla County, against a private entity and then
capita distribution pursuant to the Act Oregon conveyed that interest to the Headys.
of July 7, 2004, Public Law 108–270. AGENCY: Bureau of Land Management, The Shanafelts vested claim diminished
Subsection 3(b) of Public Law 108–270, Interior. the title that the private entity conveyed
requires the Secretary of the Interior to ACTION: Proposed Issuance of to another entity and that entity
prepare a Western Shoshone judgment Recordable Disclaimer of Interest. conveyed to the United States.
roll consisting of all individuals who— Section 315 of the FLPMA authorizes
(a) have at least 1⁄4 degree of Western SUMMARY: An application has been filed the Secretary of the Interior to issue a
Shoshone blood; (b) are citizens of the by Kent and Celia Heady for a recordable disclaimer of interest in land
United States; and (c) are living on July recordable disclaimer of interest where the disclaimer will help to
7, 2004. involving 0.65 acre of land in Umatilla remove a cloud on the title under
Ineligible Individuals: Any individual County, Oregon, to remove a cloud on certain criteria. One criterion is where a
that is certified by the Secretary to be the title. The United States did not record interest of the United States in
eligible to receive a per capita payment acquire title to the entire subject parcel the land has terminated by operation of
from any other judgment funds based on because the land had been adversely law or is otherwise invalid. The Bureau
an aboriginal land claim awarded by the possessed prior to the United States of Land Management has reviewed the
Indian Claims Commission, the United taking title to it. Therefore, the United official records and has determined that
States Claims Court, or the United States States of America hereby gives notice of the United States has no claim to or
Court of Federal claims, that was its intention to disclaim and release all interest in the above described land and
appropriated on or before July 7, 2004, interest in the land to the owner of that the issuance of a recordable
will not be listed on the judgment roll. record. disclaimer of interest will help to
Respondents: Individual Indians able remove a cloud on the title to the land.
DATES: Submit comments on or before
to prove lineal descendancy of the Accordingly, a recordable disclaimer of
May 27, 2008. Only written comments
Western Shoshone Identifiable group interest will be issued shortly after the
will be accepted.
pursuant to the Act of July 7, 2004, 90-day comment period.
ADDRESSES: Address all written Public Comments: On or before May
Public Law 108–270.
Number of Respondents: We have comments to Fred O’Ferrall, Chief, 27, 2008, any person may submit
received approximately 7,000 Branch of Lands and Mineral Resources written comments regarding the
applications since the application (OR–936), Oregon State Office, Bureau proposed issuance of a recordable
period opened in April 2007. We expect of Land Management, P.O. Box 2965, disclaimer of interest to the Chief,
to receive an additional 6,000 Portland, Oregon 97208. Comments Branch of Lands and Mineral Resources
applications over a three-year period. expressed verbally or in electronic (OR–936), Oregon State Office, Bureau
Frequency of Response: Each format will not be accepted. of Land Management, P.O. Box 2965,
applicant will be required to file only FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Portland, Oregon 97208.
once. Pamela Chappel, Land Law Examiner, at Before including your address, phone
Estimated Time per Response: The (503) 808–6170. number, e-mail address, or other
burden of preparing and submitting an SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Pursuant personal identifying information in your
jlentini on PROD1PC65 with NOTICES

application to share in the judgment to section 315 of the Federal Land comment, you should be aware that
fund distribution will vary widely, Policy and Management Act of 1976 your entire comment—including your
depending upon the applicant’s age and (FLPMA), 43 U.S.C. 1745, an personal identifying information—may
family history, from 1 hour for older application has been filed by Kent and be made publicly available at any time.
individuals to 20 hours for younger or Celia Heady for issuance of a recordable While you can ask us in your comment

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Federal Register / Vol. 73, No. 39 / Wednesday, February 27, 2008 / Notices 10463

to withhold your personal identifying regulations that require the subject proprietary information according to the
information from public review, we collection of information. Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C.
cannot guarantee that we will be able to SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: 552) and its implementing regulations
do so. Title: 30 CFR 250, subpart I, Platforms (43 CFR 2), 30 CFR 250.197 (Data and
(Authority: 43 CFR 1864.2(a)) and Structures. information to be made available to the
OMB Control Number: 1010–0149. public or for limited inspection), and 30
Christopher B. DeWitt, Abstract: The Outer Continental Shelf CFR part 252 (OCS Oil and Gas
Acting Chief, Branch of Lands and Mineral (OCS) Lands Act, as amended (43 U.S.C. Information Program).
Resources. 1331 et seq. and 43 U.S.C. 1801 et seq.), The MMS OCS Regions use the
[FR Doc. E8–3705 Filed 2–26–08; 8:45 am] authorizes the Secretary of the Interior information submitted under subpart I
BILLING CODE 4310–33–P (Secretary) to prescribe rules and to determine the structural integrity of
regulations to administer leasing of the all offshore structures and ensure that
OCS. Such rules and regulations will such integrity will be maintained
DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR apply to all operations conducted under throughout the useful life of these
a lease. Operations on the OCS must structures. We use the information to
Minerals Management Service preserve, protect, and develop oil and ascertain, on a case-by-case basis, that
natural gas resources in a manner that the platforms and structures are
Agency Information Collection is consistent with the need to make such
Activities: Submitted for Office of structurally sound and safe for their
resources available to meet the Nation’s intended use to ensure safety of
Management and Budget (OMB) energy needs as rapidly as possible; to
Review; Comment Request personnel and pollution prevention.
balance orderly energy resource The information is also necessary to
AGENCY: Minerals Management Service development with protection of human, assure that abandonment and site
(MMS), Interior. marine, and coastal environments; to clearance are properly performed. More
ACTION: Notice of extension of an
ensure the public a fair and equitable specifically, we use the information to:
return on the resources of the OCS; and
information collection (1010–0149).
to preserve and maintain free enterprise • Review data concerning damage to
competition. a platform to assess the adequacy of
SUMMARY: To comply with the
Section 43 U.S.C. 1356 requires the proposed repairs.
Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995
(PRA), we are notifying the public that issuance of ‘‘* * * regulations which • Review plans for platform
we have submitted to OMB an require that any vessel, rig, platform, or construction (construction is divided
information collection request (ICR) to other vehicle or structure * * * (2) into three phases—design, fabrication,
renew approval of the paperwork which is used for activities pursuant to and installation) to ensure the structural
requirements in the regulations under this subchapter, comply * * * with integrity of the platform.
30 CFR 250, subpart I, Platforms and such minimum standards of design, • Review verification plans and
Structures. This notice also provides the construction, alteration, and repair as reports for unique platforms to ensure
public a second opportunity to the Secretary * * * establishes * * *’’ that all nonstandard situations are given
comment on the paperwork burden of Section 43 U.S.C. 1332(6) also states, proper consideration during the design,
these regulatory requirements. ‘‘operations in the [O]uter Continental fabrication, and installation phases of
Shelf should be conducted in a safe platform construction.
DATES: Submit written comments by
manner * * * to prevent or minimize • Review platform design, fabrication,
March 28, 2008.
the likelihood of * * * physical and installation records to ensure that
ADDRESSES: You may submit comments obstruction to other users of the water
either by fax (202) 395–6566 or e-mail the platform is constructed according to
or subsoil and seabed, or other approved plans.
(OIRA_DOCKET@omb.eop.gov) directly occurrences which may cause damage to
to the Office of Information and • Review inspection reports to ensure
the environment or to property, or that platform integrity is maintained for
Regulatory Affairs, OMB, Attention: endanger life or health.’’ These
Desk Officer for the Department of the the life of the platform.
authorities and responsibilities are
Interior (1010–0149). Mail or hand carry among those delegated to the Minerals Frequency: The frequency varies by
a copy of your comments to the Management Service (MMS) to ensure section, but is generally ‘‘on occasion’’
Department of the Interior/Minerals that operations in the OCS will meet or annual.
Management Service, Attention: Cheryl statutory requirements; provide for Estimated Number and Description of
Blundon, Mail Stop 4024, 381 Elden safety and protection of the Respondents: Approximately 130
Street, Herndon, Virginia 20170–4817. If environment; and result in diligent Federal OCS oil and gas or sulphur
you wish to e-mail your comments to exploration, development, and lessees.
MMS, the address is: production of OCS leases. This Estimated ‘‘Hour’’ Burden: The
rules.comments@mms.gov. Reference information collection request addresses estimated annual ‘‘hour’’ burden for this
Information Collection 1010–0149 in the regulations at 30 CFR part 250, information collection is a total of
your subject line and mark your subpart I, Platforms and Structures, and 60,260 hours. The following chart
message for return receipt. Include your the associated supplementary notices to details the individual components and
name and return address in your lessees and operators (NTLs) intended estimated hour burdens. In calculating
message text. to provide clarification, description, or the burdens, we assumed that
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: explanation of these regulations. respondents perform certain
Cheryl Blundon, Regulations and Responses are mandatory or are requirements in the normal course of
Standards Branch, (703) 787–1607. You required to obtain or retain a benefit. No their activities. We consider these to be
jlentini on PROD1PC65 with NOTICES

may also contact Cheryl Blundon to questions of a ‘‘sensitive’’ nature are usual and customary and took that into
obtain a copy, at no cost, of the asked. The MMS will protect account in estimating the burden.

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