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Low-density slurry system that reduces multiple-stage cement operations


Cementing across potential

lost circulation zones


Surface, intermediate, and

production casing primary
cementing jobs




Production liner cementing

with a single low-density slurry


Whipstock plugs set

at lower densities




Eliminates two-stage operations


Achieves production-quality
zonal isolation across
fractured formations

Enables longer cement

columns without losses
from hydrostatic pressures

10.0-lbm/galUS LiteCRETE system

10.0-lbm/galUS foamed cement
15.8-lbm/galUS Class G cement

Allows safer operations

and simpler logistics than
foamed cement

Low-density slurry with setcement properties necessary

for zonal isolation

Easier slurry preparation

without special equipment
or additional personnel

Superior set-cement properties

compared with other lightweight systems at equivalent

Greater solids content, resulting in a set cement highly

resistant to aggressive formation fluids




Schlumberger is continuously developing cement systems

that provide zonal isolation for the life of the well.

When drilling weak formations, it

can be difficult to place sufficient
cement behind the casing without
extended low-density cement
slurries or multiple-stage cementing operations. A simple, lowdensity slurry can allow deeper
casing points or perhaps eliminate
the need for a particular casing
string. LiteCRETE* technology
offers a well construction solution
with low permeability and low
density. Superior quality cement
columns can be pumped higher
in the annulus so multiple-stage
cementing becomes unnecessary.

LiteCRETE systems have better performance than conventional lightweight systems at equivalent densities. LiteCRETE
technology features lower weight, not lower performance.

High-performance system

LiteCRETE slurry technology is a high-performance lightweight system

that could redesign your casing program. LiteCRETE technology, a
CemCRETE* system, provides production-quality cement properties at
extended-slurry densities. LiteCRETE slurries can be mixed from 1,042kg/m3 to 1,558-kg/m3 [8.7-lbm/galUS to 13-lbm/galUS] density for easy
placement across weak zones. Once set, LiteCRETE cement provides
compressive strength (CS) and permeability properties superior to other
lightweight systems and comparable to normal cements of 1,893-kg/
m3 [15.8-lbm/galUS] density. Also, LiteCRETE blends in temperatures
above 110 degC [230 degF] may not require additional silica for strength
LiteCRETE slurry systems frequently eliminate stage-tool cementing
in long intervals and achieve exceptional perforation quality without
reducing cement integrity. LiteCRETE systems are strong enough for
hydraulic fracturing treatments or setting kickoff plugs.

Case studyNorth Africa

Standard Casing Program

LiteCRETE Casing Program

Fresh water

Fresh water

The stage tool created

a weakness in the
9 5/8-in casing, requiring
7-in casing to surface.
Low fracture

95/8-in intermediate
casing cemented in
two stages

Low fracture

Critical water zones in a North

African field required isolation
with an intermediate casing
cemented in two stages. The situation increased rig time, cost, and
casing operation risks. Because
the stage tool created a potential
weakness in the intermediate
casing string, the production
casing ran to the surface to cover
the stage tool and protect it from
future production operations. A
casing program redesign using
LiteCRETE technology enabled
replacement of the two-stage
intermediate casing with a singlestage casing that required one cement slurry. This saved stage-tool
running time, reduced rig costs,
and eliminated the risk associated with a stage tool. Also, a
production liner ran back into the
intermediate casing, which saved
additional time and expense in
well construction.

95/8-in casing
cemented in
one stage with
LiteCRETE slurry

7-in liner
7-in production
string to surface

LiteCRETE technology reduces the need for multiple-stage cementing operations.


*Mark of Schlumberger
Copyright 2010 Schlumberger. All rights reserved. 10-CE-0002