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Federal Register / Vol. 73, No.

23 / Monday, February 4, 2008 / Notices 6525

Dated: January 16, 2008. persons wishing to speak, and the time Building, N. of I80, Yerba Buena Island,
Carl J. Artman, available, the time for individual 08000086.
Assistant Secretary—Indian Affairs. comments may be limited. Members of IOWA
[FR Doc. E8–1934 Filed 2–1–08; 8:45 am] the public are welcome on field tours,
but they must provide their own Appanoose County
transportation and lunch. Individuals Franklin Regular Baptist Church, 135th Ave.
who plan to attend and need special & 590th St., Seymour, 08000087.
DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR assistance, such as sign language LOUISIANA
interpretation and other reasonable
Bureau of Land Management accommodations, should contact the Acadia Parish

[Docket No. [CA–310–0777–XG] BLM as provided above. Istre Cemetery Grave Houses, Swift Rd.,
Morse, 08000088.
Dated: January 29, 2008.
Notice of Public Meeting: Northwest Joseph J. Fontana, MASSACHUSETTS
California Resource Advisory Council
Public Affairs Officer. Suffolk County
AGENCY: Bureau of Land Management, [FR Doc. 08–476 Filed 2–1–08; 8:45 am] Dorchester Park, Bounded by Dorchester
Interior. BILLING CODE 4310–40–M Ave., Richmond, Adams & Richview Sts.,
ACTION: Notice of Public Meeting. Boston, 08000089.
Worcester County
Federal Land Policy and Management Parkhill Mill, 1 Oak Hill Rd., Fitchburg,
Act of 1976 (FLPMA), and the Federal National Park Service 08000090.
Advisory Committee Act of 1972 MISSOURI
(FACA), the U.S. Department of the National Register of Historic Places;
Notification of Pending Nominations Jackson County
Interior, Bureau of Land Management
(BLM) Northwest California Resource and Related Actions Vitagraph Film Exchange Building, 1703
Advisory Council will meet as indicated Wyandotte St., Kansas City, 08000091.
below. Nominations for the following
St. Louis Independent City
properties being considered for listing
DATES: The meeting will be held Forty—Eleven Delmar, 4005–4017 Delmar
or related actions in the National
Thursday and Friday, March 6, and 7, Blvd., St. Louis (Independent City),
Register were received by the National
2008, at the BLM Arcata Field Office, 08000092.
Park Service before January 19, 2008. Weber Implement and Automobile Company,
1695 Heindon Rd., Arcata, CA. On
Pursuant to § 60.13 of 36 CFR Part 60 (Auto-Related Resources of St. Louis,
March 6, the council members convene
written comments concerning the Missouri MPS) 1900 Locust St.,
at 10 a.m. at the Arcata field Office, and
significance of these properties under
departs immediately to a field tour of NEW YORK
the National Register criteria for
public lands managed by the Arcata
evaluation may be forwarded by United Albany County
Field Office. On March 7, the council
States Postal Service, to the National Calvary Methodist Episcopal Church, 715
convenes at 8 a.m. in the Conference
Register of Historic Places, National Morris St., Albany, 08000094.
Room of the Arcata Field Office. Public
Park Service, 1849 C St. NW., 2280, St. Agnes Cemetery, 48 Cemetery Ave.,
comments will be taken at 11 a.m.
Washington, DC 20240; by all other Menands, 08000095.
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Rich carriers, National Register of Historic
Burns, BLM Ukiah Field Office Cattaraugus County
Places, National Park Service, 1201 Eye
manager, (707) 468–4000; or BLM St. NW., 8th floor, Washington DC Beardsley—Oliver House, 312 Laurel Ave.,
Public Affairs Officer Joseph J. Fontana, 20005; or by fax, 202–371–6447. Written Olean, 08000097.
(530) 252–5332. or faxed comments should be submitted Cayuga County
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The 12- by February 19, 2008. Sherwood Equal Rights Historic District,
member council advises the Secretary of (Freedom Trail, Abolitionism, and African
the Interior, through the BLM, on a J. Paul Loether,
American Life in Central New York MPS),
variety of planning and management Chief, National Register of Historic Places/
Sherwood Rd. & NY 34B, Sherwood,
issues associated with public land National Historic Landmarks Program.
management in Northwest California. At CALIFORNIA
Dutchess County
this meeting, agenda topics discussion San Francisco County
of field office priority projects, land use McComb, Peter and Karen, House, 27
plan development for the Lacks Creek Administration Building, Treasure Island, Hornbeck Ridge, Poughkeepsie, 08000098.
SE. corner of Ave. of the Palms & California Reformed Dutch Church of Poughkeepsie, 70
and South Cow Mountain areas, an Ave., Treasure Island, 08000081. Hooker Ave., Poughkeepsie, 08000099.
update on seabird monitoring in the Hall of Transportation, Treasure Island,
BLM’s California Coastal National California Ave. between Aves. D & F, Erie County
Monument, management of the Treasure Island, 08000082. Concordia Cemetery, 438 Walden Ave.,
Sacramento River Bend area, and an Palace of Fine and Decorative Arts, Treasure Buffalo, 08000106.
update on the California Recreation Island, California Ave. & Ave B, Treasure Trinity Episcopal Church, 371 Delaware
Resource Advisory Council. Members Island, 08000083. Ave., Buffalo, 08000100.
will also hear status reports on activities Quarters 10 and Building 267, Yerba Buena
Island, Jct. Northgate & Macalla Rds., Yerba Fulton County
in the Arcata, Redding and Ukiah field
ebenthall on PRODPC61 with NOTICES

Buena Island, 08000084. Knox Mansion, 104 W. 2nd Ave., Johnstown,

offices. Members of the public may Senior Officers Quarters Historic District, 08000101.
present written comments to the Yerba Buena Island, N. of I80, Yerba Buena
council. Each formal council meeting Island, 08000085. Ontario County
will have time allocated for public Torpedo Storehouse—Torpedo (Mine) Farmers and Merchants Bank, 24–26 Linden
comments. Depending on the number of Assembly Building & Long Range Storage St., Geneva, 08000102.

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6526 Federal Register / Vol. 73, No. 23 / Monday, February 4, 2008 / Notices

Orange County WISCONSIN information on legal aspects of the

Walden United Methodist Church, 125 W. Rock County investigation, contact William Gearhart
Main St., Walden, 08000103. of the Commission’s Office of the
Evansville Standpipe, 288 N. 4th St.,
Evansville, 08000120.
General Counsel (202–205–3091 or
Orleans County william.gearhart@usitc.gov). The media
Servoss House, 3963 Fruit Ave., Medina, Winnebago County should contact Margaret O’Laughlin,
08000104. Beals, Edward D. & Vina Shattuck, House, Office of External Relations (202–205–
Rockland County 220 N. Park Ave., Neenah, 08000121. 1819 or margaret.olaughlin@usitc.gov).
[FR Doc. E8–2020 Filed 2–1–08; 8:45 am] Hearing-impaired individuals may
North Main Street School, 185 N. Main St., obtain information on this matter by
Spring Valley, 08000105. BILLING CODE 4310–70–P
contacting the Commission’s TDD
Seneca County terminal at 202–205–1810. General
Graves, John, Cobblestone Farmhouse, information concerning the Commission
INTERNATIONAL TRADE may also be obtained by accessing its
(Cobblestone Architecture of New York COMMISSION
State MPS), 1370 NY 318, Junius, internet server (http://www.usitc.gov).
08000107. [Investigation No. 332–497] The public record for this investigation
may be viewed on the Commission’s
St. Lawrence County Advice Concerning Possible electronic docket (EDIS–ONLINE) at
Village Park Historic District (Boundary Modifications to the U.S. Generalized http://www.usitc.gov/secretary/
Increase II), 7-1/2, 9 & 11 E. Main St., System of Preferences, 2007 Review of edis.htm. Persons with mobility
Canton, 08000108. Competitive Need Limit Waivers impairments who will need special
Suffolk County assistance in gaining access to the
AGENCY: United States International
Commission should contact the Office
Brewster House, Jct. of NY 25A & Runs Rd., Trade Commission.
of the Secretary at 202–205–2000.
East Setauket, 08000109. ACTION: Institution of investigation and Background: As requested by the
Westchester County scheduling of hearing. USTR, under the authority delegated by
Scarsdale Woman’s Club, 37 Drake Rd., SUMMARY: Following receipt on January
the President, pursuant to section 332(g)
Scarsdale, 08000110. 18, 2008, of a request from the United of the Tariff Act of 1930 and in
States Trade Representative (USTR) accordance with section 503(d)(1)(A) of
NORTH CAROLINA the Trade Act of 1974 (1974 Act) (19
under section 332(g) of the Tariff Act of
Forsyth County U.S.C. 2463(d)(1)(A)), the Commission
1930 (19 U.S.C. 1332(g)), the
will provide advice on whether any
Reynoldstown Historic District, Portions of Commission instituted investigation No.
industry in the United States is likely to
800 & 900 blks. of Camel, Cameron, 332–497, Advice Concerning Possible
be adversely affected by a waiver of the
Graham, Jackson & Rich Aves., E. 10th St.& Modifications to the U.S. Generalized
Cameron Ave Bridge, Winston-Salem,
competitive need limitations specified
System of Preferences, 2007 Review of
08000111. in section 503(c)(2)(A) of the 1974 Act
Competitive Need Limit Waivers.
for the following countries and articles:
OHIO DATES: Argentina for HTS subheading
February 11, 2008: Deadline for filing 4107.91.80; India for HTS subheading
Clermont County requests to appear at the public 2001.10.00; Indonesia for HTS
Pleasant Hill, 909 OH 131, Milford, hearing subheadings 3907.60.00 and 4011.10.10;
08000112. February 12, 2008: Deadline for filing and Turkey for HTS subheading
Cuyahoga County
pre-hearing briefs and statements 7413.00.50. As requested, the
February 28, 2008: Public hearing
Cleveland Club, 10660 Carnegie Ave., Commission will also provide advice as
March 7, 2008: Deadline for filing post-
Cleveland, 08000113. to the probable economic effect on
hearing briefs and statements and
consumers of the petitioned waivers. As
Geauga County other written submissions
April 17, 2008: Transmittal of report to requested by USTR, the Commission
Chardon Post Office Building, 121 South St., will use the dollar value limit of
Chardon, 08000114.
$130,000,000 for purposes of section
ADDRESSES: All Commission offices,
Hamilton County 503(c)(2)(A)(i)(I) of the 1974 Act.
including the Commission’s hearing As requested by the USTR, the
German Evangelical Protestant Cemetery rooms, are located in the United States Commission will provide its advice by
Chapel, 3701 Vine St., Cincinnati, International Trade Commission April 17, 2008. The USTR indicated that
08000115. Building, 500 E Street, SW., those sections of the Commission’s
Parkside Apartments, 3315–3317 Jefferson Washington, DC. All written report and related working papers that
Ave., Cincinnati, 08000116. submissions, including requests to contain the Commission’s advice will be
Lorain County appear at the hearing, statements, and classified as ‘‘confidential.’’
briefs, should be addressed to the Public Hearing: A public hearing in
Grafton School, 1111 Elm St., Grafton,
Secretary, United States International connection with this investigation will
Trade Commission, 500 E Street, SW., be held beginning at 9:30 a.m. on
OREGON Washington, DC 20436. February 28, 2008 at the United States
Marion County FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: International Trade Commission
Information may be obtained from Building, 500 E Street, SW.,
Oregon State Hospital Historic District,
Cynthia B. Foreso, Project Leader, Office Washington, DC. All persons have the
ebenthall on PRODPC61 with NOTICES

Roughly bounded by D St., Park Ave., 24th

St. & Bates Dr., Salem, 08000118. of Industries (202–205–3348 or right to appear by counsel or in person,
cynthia.foreso@usitc.gov) or Eric Land, to present information, and to be heard.
Multnomah County Deputy Project Leader, Office of Persons wishing to appear at the public
Cohn—Sichel House, 2205 NW. Johnson St., Industries (202–205–3349 or hearing should file a letter with the
Portland, 08000119. eric.land@usitc.gov). For more Secretary, United States International

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