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Project Earth


Project Earth

Project Earth 1 Project Earth Hostage Situation By Teddy Lee

Hostage Situation By Teddy Lee

Project Earth


This Book is dedicated to my LORD (YHWH), for giving me the ability to write, and to the recent fusion reaction of science and theology-the dynamic surge in knowledge that places ancient Hebrew documents right within the heart of a bran-new unified theory of visible matter!

“Wake up all you people of earth and believe the truth of the Prophecies”!

Praise unto Yahweh for the support of my wife, and all her labors with me in spreading the three angels message of Revelation 14: 6-12!

Glory to GOD for the privilege of being raised in a loving God-dwelling Christian home, and for all the memories and all the times shared with my three children (Emmanuel, Daniel, and Rachel), and my brothers and sisters-may we all be together in tomorrow’s world-in the dimension of the Unbroken Circle!

Copyright 2009, by TLP fine arts works, and Triond publishing

Project Earth



Segment one-Prelude to Modern Thought Segment two-Dissertation to Origins Segment three-Disposition of gods Segment four-Dialogue of Warfare Segment five-Proposition for Immortality Segment six-Precursor to Prophecy Segment seven-Post Dramatic Syndrome Segment eight-test one, test two, test three, test four, test five, test six Segment nine-the Great Time Code Segment ten-Jewish Paradox Segment eleven-1,810 years Segment twelve-Two/Threefold Format Segment thirteen-Irreducible Complexity Segment fourteen-Polonium Equation Segment fifteen-Reverse Entropy Final Thoughts

Project Earth


Prelude to Modern Thought

Ever since the dawn of recorded history, people like me and you, have been determined to find suitable answers to the mysteries surrounding life and cosmos! Ever since the disappearance of the first recorded civilization of Sumer-all subsequent societies have followed the general course of governments composed of greed, corruption, spiritual decline, and warfare! Data is scarce when it comes to ancient Sumer but what we do know is that they shared in an oneness of spiritual and governmental purpose. In addition, the record shows that the Annunaki (or those who from heaven came to earth) revealed their unified purpose of existence to them!

It is shortly after the disappearance of Sumer that we see a transfer of technology from Sumer to first Egypt, then Mesopotamia, and finally India and China. Furthermore, it is during this transference period that we see a change in an oneness of purpose, and a general overall decline in the spiritual quality of advanced societies! Moreover, it is a fact that the technology of Sumer was highly advanced when compared to our own present day computer age-in that they possessed more knowledge of astronomy, cosmology, and other things such as ziggurat construction that puts modern building methods to shame! We have made great leaps in the world of the electron, the splitting of the atom, and space propulsion, but seem to be at a lost to be good managers over the planet and its resources! Scientist today are issuing to earth’s inhabitants a stern warning unless certain boundaries of environmental, political, and economical problems are not soon resolved-that the planet will fight back with global implications! Consider this: why can we send a communications message 1000s of miles into space, into a satellite network system, then back to the convenience of our homes to entertain our senses; and cannot

Project Earth


offer relief to the billions of people on planet earth in need of food, shelter, and medical attendance? Why do we spend billions of dollars on electronic gadgets, homes, fancy cars, space exploration and weapons of war-and all the while looking fellow humans in the face and saying we do not care about nothing but our comfortable state of living? The answer to these perplexing questions lies within the infrastructure of the first recorded ordered society of the already mentioned Sumer! It seems that the Annunaki delivered to them law, government, astronomy, cosmology, and a divine moral code that for some reason or another was lost after Sumer’s vanishing act! In other words, our current technology cannot compare to the knowledge of our first recorded civilization. Whatever happened after Sumer has lead us down a dark corridor of time expired events in which the whole of human history has followed a path of tyranny, disharmony, domination, selfishness, fame, fortune, materialism, resulting in spiritual decay, and warfare among the nations of planet earth (Crawford, Harriet, n.d. Sumer and the Sumerians)! What brought us from where we started (a place of love and unity); to where we are now (a world of deception, apathy, hate, warfare and destruction of one another (or ourselves)? This is a good question and deserves at least a half way decent answer! It indeed deserves the merit of our attention-or we might say our BEST SHOT! It is worthy to note that in today’s world we have as people proposed theories, and supposed spiritual solutions, to the above questions, as we have electrons orbiting the nucleus of Uranium- one of the heaviest known elements on the physical earth! We have the thought or belief that life and the cosmos exist because of time and chance-with no designing or supporting all-powerful force! That is to say that the physical cosmos itself exist on its own and that every human being exist independent or on their own without any supporting agent! The New-Age-Movement of thought suggest the cosmos is an all-powerful self-sustaining entity, and that we humans are all a

Project Earth


god: we like the cosmos came into being by natural forces over the time-chance-matter-space equation, and can and will evolve into powerful gods, and will reach that higher spiritual level of existence without any powerful force or agent! In my mind this logic crumbles because of the fact that this would propose that there are beings somewhere in the vastness of the cosmos who have already evolved into gods; then who’s to say that we have not at some point been influenced by them, or possible even genetically created by some of these gods? It is this one principle that has in effect pulled the rug out from under this new age principle of thought! Then we have the opinion of thought that nothing means anything, and that physical existence throughout the cosmos is an illusion or deception, and has no true purpose! Thus our birth, features, desires, emotions, or complex bodily and thought processes: the millions of cells replicating every minute, and or the millions of neurons responsible for us loving, hating, crying, laughing, feeling, or longing to be spiritual; and the searching of a belonging to be part of something like a family or musical band-means nothing! The implications that sum up the radical ideal that everything means nothing, cannot explain why we see, hear, touch, smell, love, or desire so that this logic does not in effect solve any problems that we experience on a daily basis! Furthermore, it does nothing to promote the New Age Thought of a future spiritual evolvement, but supports only an emptiness of NO MOTIVE for spiritual evolvement! Thus, this line of thought promotes the dark corridor of the spiritual anomalies of humankind! Such a roller- coaster-ride of illusion ignores the already mentioned problems of our current economical and environmental crisis! If a theory cannot even begin to propose a solution to at least one of society’s problems then it must be a theory of falsehood (Rivera, David, A. 1984-2004, Final Warning)!

Project Earth


It is true that at the subatomic levels reality of the visible material world breaks down and our commonplace laws no longer apply (due to the uncertainty principle), however, we live within the Macro-Levels not Micro-and moreover it is the Micro, or unseen forces, within space-time- matter that govern the makeup and existence of the physical realm! It then must be logical to assume that a study of unseen forces (and not the observation of visible forces) is the determining element to our future spiritual evolvement-and not modern philosophies conjured up by the physical mind! It is the prevailing theory of scientist from every field that almost all the matter in the cosmos is of an unseen nature! The Micro-Powers in fact support the Macro-World, and if a better theory can be put forth to get a better grip on the forces that are not seen; then those dimensions that are seen may quickly evolve into the true spiritual purpose for their existence! It is the proposition of certain minds today that there is a Grand-Cosmic-Intelligence-an highly complex advanced energetic matrix, unseen in nature, of which is the main supporting unseen force (of forces) that supports the physical Cosmic-Time-Line-Domains, and of which is the intelligent designer of what we can see! [By personally studying every field of science extensively (that is since my extraterrestrial encounter at age 11), brought me to the conclusion that it is unseen forces that determine the actions of physical forces: thus then this means that there does exist a Great Cosmic Intelligence dwelling throughout the unseen realm that governs the affairs of all physical realities]! So then, a proposal of the study of this being then must bring us face to face with the proposal that-the purpose of our existence is one of Grandeur and not Chance, and these beings have left us a record of this purpose, and of the mysteries surrounding our future spiritual evolvement (A Companion to Ancient History, 2009).

Project Earth


Interlude to Desecration

At present, planet earth is in a state of corruption and violence, but is this the only domain in the cosmos that experiences dismay and upheaval? This is hardly the case! There is more to the cycles above our heads, in the heavens, than what generally meets the eye! The evolution of stars and planets oftentimes tend to demonstrate energetic explosive violence! For instance, a star 10X the mass of our own sun-upon the final expenditure of its hydrogen/helium fuel will resort to heavier elements like iron and become unstable-unable to continue burning bright to hold up against the tug or pull of its own gravitational field! Thus, instability continues until the star collapses violently, and because of its huge mass light particles can no longer escape but fold in on the star trapping all space-time-matter, and the result of such an occurrence (supernova), creates a singularity, or a black hole (Benjamin Gal-Or, 1958-’09, Cosmology, Physics, and Philosophy). Why is there violence throughout the visible cosmos? Why is not everything peaceful, happy, and all hunky-dory? If indeed unseen forces govern and support the space-time-matter events of the visible domains; then it is logical for one to conclude that something at one time or another (in the predated past) must have went wrong in the unseen spiritual realm! According to the constantly changing, evolving, and expanding universe-before there can be one given condition-there must have been a prior given condition! If stars go through a bright condition, and then an unstable condition, and then a future condition of either white or brown dwarf, pulsar/quasar, neutron or

Project Earth


black hole; then it all must be serving the overall infrastructure of space-time-matter events leading the entire cosmic equation to a future proposed condition! Thus, the cosmos then must be constantly changing and expanding inevitable always heading toward different created conditions (Michael Talbot, 1991, the Holographic Universe). The general law of entropy engulfs the total scenario-giving way to the irrefutable law, which states that out of any work performed toward the condition of order-then the amount of overall disorder increases throughout the cosmic closed system! In simple everyday terms: every single molecule and atom throughout the vastness of the cosmos is one-and or everything is a part of everything else! All is one and one is all! Everything is interrelated to everything else! Thus, the entire universe is an infrastructure of one huge conglomerate living cell-with a matrix of overwhelming proportions (Ethelbert W. Bullinger, DD, the Witness of the Stars, 1893)! Now that we have made a circle let us return to our question at the start of this section-why is the universe in a state of violent cyclic unrest? Again, the answer must lie within the invisible realm of eternity! What if there is scientific and historical proof contained within ancient documents, that there was a war raged in the eternal spiritual realm that knocked the physical domains out of sync or alignment, and the cyclic physical forces changed conditioned status or identity; so that the physical domains are feeling the full effect of this unseen cosmic struggle! Changing or disrupting the foundational structure of the cosmic supporting matrix is the only logical approach to ascertain when we lay all our cards on the cosmic table! From this point onward, and with all our philosophical cards on the table, let us take a snick peek behind the scenes of a typical day in the life of an earthling like you or me. According to the rhythmic cycles of days, months, seasons, and years-we go to sleep at a set time-and we generally arise at a set time, and in between is what we refer to as our set activities through the

Project Earth


fabric of space-time-matter! Most of us support ourselves (and others), so we tend toward activities that produce money for our existence. If we say, we do not believe in a supporting higher entity, but only in ourselves, and we serve nothing or no god divine, or otherwise; why

then is it a fact, that, we serve a human made materialistic system for money to satisfy our material desires? Why is it that it is a proven fact that this is the very system that produces

inequality, hunger, warfare, and death to millions of earth’s inhabitants? It is indeed a fact that

we serve a system that is responsible for not only million’s of human deaths-but whole species of wildlife as well! Therefore, we are in effect believing and serving the way of the world! Records of antiquity plainly reveal to us that the dark path or corridor of systematic error- came after the disappearance of Sumer some 6-10,000 years ago-when earth’s highly advanced ordered societies transitioned into societies of disorder, and of which was brought about by a spiritual fall! In the Babylonian and Assyrian records, we find evidence of this fall, from the first order, in the seven cantos of creation. The tree of life shows a transitional change or spiritual fall portrayed in conjunction with heavenly beings-seen vividly as a great cosmic struggle between unseen forces or gods! Modern theorists have named this human transition from order to disorder as the Great Divide! Moreover, the whole ordeal seems to be connected with genetic alterations- from our first family tree (hence the tree of life); to a downgraded version of the original prototype (the Babylonian tales of creation, and the fight between Bell and the Dragon-as told by Assyrian tablets from Nineveh, 1921)!

Project Earth


Dissertation to Origins

Every single rational half-sane human being (no matter the level of intelligence) on planet earth seems to be naturally curious about his or her origins! The author has never met or known anyone who, at some point in conversing with them, did not engage in describing the nature of their parents or grandparents! This, my friend is a built in human mechanism to reach out and learn of their heritage or family tree! For example, I the author was born on a cold and snowy

January 8 the of 1960, of Christian parents within the mountainous environment of Perry County, Kentucky. I have two sons (twins) and one daughter, and please believe me when I say if they would have never known me-then at some point in their lives they would make the effort to learn or even join with me! Therefore, the inherent human mechanism that reaches out to belong, and to learn of our family tree, fits hand in glove to a coherent mechanism of spirituality! We humans by nature reach out, sometimes unknowingly, for spiritual fulfillment! If this built in mechanism is not satisfied then unfortunately we reach out for the easiest possible solution-and that is the deceptive potions of the visible materialistic world! This reaching out for what we can see (which by basic logic we know is temporary) stems from a lack of understanding of our true roots, heritage, and origins-locked away within the mysterious world of the invisible spiritual realm! The subtitle of this discourse is What is Truth? When confronted with the questions concerning our ultimate purpose and destiny in relation to the cosmos; where is the starting reference point in pursuing truth? One of the In Thoughts of our modern New Age Movement is that historical records are invalid, or that they are mere fairy tales and not to be relied upon. However, consider this: in my hometown (Hazard, Ky.) in the downtown area, is a mini-

Project Earth


museum, complete with artifacts of the history of coal mining in the S.E. Kentucky mountain regions. Now the question is am I to assume, without supported proof, that everything in the museum is a lie? That there is nothing to the artifacts or the names of the people involved. Next, what of my Grandpa and Dad-who broke their backs and destroyed their lungs just to provide for folk like me: was their life and death an illusion or lie? This is not logical! Once again, if we travel down that new age route-then the plain physical events passing through the fabric of space-time-matter means NOTHING, and as we have already established this is a NO MOTAVATION STRATEGY that does nothing to promote solutions to real problems, nor does it provide any solution to any problem currently facing our planet! The illusion of a nothing strategy is like seeing someone in need, say, stranded for example on the side of the road, and seeing this person just pass on by without stopping to lend a helping hand: thus saying in our hearts-what person? He or she does not really exist for everything is an elusive nothing! Let me strongly add that this is the reason for our current world condition! This is the theology that everybody is a god, and all things visible means nothing, and given enough time everything will work out no matter what we do! Notice, however, that the person who helps the stranded motorist, in extreme situations, saved his life that to the new age movement of thought-MEANT NOTHING! My Grandpa and Dad worked hard in the coalmines of east Ky. and I am living proof that this was a true physical realm reality of time expired events! The new age movement proposes that ancient documents such as the Hebrew Pentateuch or Torah, or others such as ancient Sumerian, Assyrian, and or Babylonian records are inaccurate:

but offer little or no evidence to support their claims! They do nothing to disprove the authenticity of these records, and so I must wonder why that is? Consider this: over the past 3-4 years the Da vinci Code has sold millions of copies, and aroused the curiosity of millions of

Project Earth


people, insomuch that the majority have swallowed it hook-line-and sinker-without any solid proof and historical evidence! Excluding a few stories in conjunction with a painting-there is no evidence to support their claims concerning the Christ of the New Testament! Now I humbly ask you the reader, upon the utilization of basic logical reasoning, which one carries the more weight of spiritual and historical evidence: the Da vinci/code/painting, or the foundational, historical, and archaeological evidence surrounding the ancient Hebrew and Greek biblical record! In this non-perfect physical realm, the preponderance of the evidence prevails! Let me state with all courage and confidence, that the erroneous claims that most of antiquities’ records are lies-is a Modern-Day-Illusion, and not the records themselves! Please note that it is quite hard to build a

lawful case against the validity of the hundreds of clay tablets from Nineveh (Assurbanipal’s

Library), the huge ziggurats (pyramids) spread throughout the seven continents, Stonehenge, Sumerian cylinder seals, and cave drawings that all confirm the same historical events of antiquity! To better understand the unseen cosmic spiritual forces-one must come to realize that the foundational principles surrounding antiquities’ conglomerate record-is that for the most part it is TRUTH; and that evidence for the existence of an all-powerful-supporting-designing entity is overwhelming (John R. Hinnells, 2007, A Handbook of Ancient Religions)! Therefore, now we come face to face with the stark realization, that if we do not constantly engage in an effort to merge or join with the unseen world-then we as humans look for other means by which to satisfy our desire to belong to something that tends to fulfillment! As stated earlier the easiest way out is to fill our lives up with work, materialism, and physical desires! Things that are seen offers the searching soul a temporary fix to the spiritual crisis, and the list of such fixes is rather lengthy, which are: drugs, alcohol, computers, possessions, money, fine clothes, fast cars, cool trucks, hi-tech-electronics, and on it goes! It is all of these coupled with

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the new age and modern-occult scenes that has seeded the human mind with purposes of falsehood, downward through that dark corridor of spiritual depravity, and onward into the path of-If It Feels Good Do It! This is tending to the ground of spiritual downgrading and the forsaking of our true heritage of a created purpose of Grandeur as revealed in the record books of antiquity!

Disposition of Gods Every ancient historical document contains information about extraterrestrial life forms. Ancient Sumerian, Assyrian, and Babylonian records, contained on clay tablets or cylinder seals, give accounts of races of gods who from time to time visited and instructed them in the divine ways of government, service of worship, cosmology, and astronomy! The records of godlike beings visiting and influencing human existence and technology for us begins with Sumer, of which seems to be associated with the Eden condition found in the Hebrew biblical account. In the Hebrew, Sumerian, Assyrian, and Babylonian artifacts, scrolls, cylinder seals, and clay tablets we find a continuity in record of a creation of the heavens (a specific firmament), and earth which is taken from water! Sumerian and Babylonian accounts of creation reveal to us that the present heavens and earth were created out of the remnants of Tiamat, or sea, and that humans were created from the blood of the Annunaki order! These are the gods of the pantheon of which are the deities born of Tiamat prior to the deluge. Marduk son of Ea (or the Sumerian Enki) being the heir of Anu, of the Ea and Enlil order, is chosen, along with his host, to battle against Tiamat and her host! The record of this cosmic battle is within creation tablet number 6 of the Babylonian account, and when viewed through the lenses of modern scientific thought-it

Project Earth


indeed can satisfy the general scope of the formation of planets and stars (Zecharia Sitchin, 1976, the 12 th Planet)! The lost science delivered to our very first ancestors envisions the solar system from beyond Pluto into deep space. Sumerian records depict the earth as being the seventh planet: counting from the point of the home of the Annunaki! Marduk fought against Tiamat the sea, and a new heaven and earth is formed from the division of the sea! The home planet of Marduk and the Annunaki is Nibiru, planet X, or the 12 th planet, and in Hebrew scrolls (Exodus 12: 23; Jeremiah 48: 7-10; Isaiah: 54 16; and Revelation 8&11) is named wormwood or destroyer! In the Egyptian account known to us as the Great Book we find the presence of this giant red planet at the time of the Hebrew exodus! The foundational heritage of our bible has its origins in Egypt! Moses was a priest/prince, and was educated in all the Egyptian universities! There was technology carried over from Sumer to Egypt, and Yahweh (chief Hebrew deity) reared up an educated man to deliver both His chosen nation and stolen technology out of wicked hands! Moses (named after Thutmose II) possessed the knowledge of the harbinger signs of Nibiru, and Yahweh used this global celestial event to demonstrate His power as the true creator of all gods, technology, and the great deliver of humans held in bondage! Moreover, it seems that we have Nibiru as the centerpiece of a great cosmic war in heaven, and besides the creation of a new firmament and earth there was a destruction of a planet that once existed between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter:

known to us now as the asteroid belt! Sumerian artifacts indicate that there was war among the Annunaki, and the use of ancient Hi-Tech weapons destroyed that planet named Lucifer! Each time there has been a major change within the confines of our own solar system we find record of the appearance of Nibiru! Firstly, we have the scene of the great cosmic war, and a subsequent recreation in the form of a new firmament and planet: next in the form of a global deluge, and

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again a refashioning of the firmament and earth! Lastly, we find the presence of this planet at the time of the Hebrew exodus! From antiquities’ record we can conclude that there was once a great cosmic war in our sector of the Milky Way, and out of the ruin of warfare came forth our current solar configuration! From Tiamat, or a divided sea (a once existing planet) came forth a new earth and a new firmament above the earth (Zecharia Sitchin, 1998, Earth Chronicles, Book VI). The merging of antiquities’ records indeed builds a strong legal logical and spiritual case on behalf of us God believing defendants! Consider this: in the Hebrew, account we see a description of beings that genetically intermixed their seed with the seed of women in the flesh (see books of Enoch 1&2, and Genesis 6: 4). When we closely examine the bible we see that it was this nephilim/human mixture that brought about the global deluge, and once again let us note that Nibiru was brushing shoulders with earth at that time! This means that a second spiritual battle between the forces of negative/positive or good/evil brought on a great deluge, and again earth’s environment changed to our current condition. Genesis 6 and 4 tells us that there were giants in the earth in those days, and even after that, because the sons of God breed the daughters of men! Every ounce of research I have accumulated on the subject of the sons of God of Genesis 6 and 4 has left me with the same conclusion existing in the original Hebrew bible, and that is Nephilim, or fallen ones! Now consider this: if they are fallen benevolent beings now, then at one time their condition of existence was un-fallen! Sumerian records indicate that the gods of the pantheon pitched their base station at Nippur. From a preponderance of evidence, it does seem that Nephilim populated the very early earth, and were part angelic-part human beings as is indicated in Genesis 6 and 4! The result of this intermixture of genetic material produced giants on the earth, men who were of old, men of renown. The writings of Plato concerning

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Atlantis and the gods of the pantheon, when seen in the light of the joining of ancient records, seems to place these gods on a plane above that of mere myth and conjecture! It is at this point in our discourse that we must consider the nature of cosmic warfare, the reason for the struggle, how it all got started, and ask ourselves the question of-why earth, and or better yet WHY humans?

Dialogue of Warfare Journey with me into a time when there was no time. The fabric of space-time-matter did not exist, as it does now, but existed as a super-dense super-hot quark soup, and the transfer of matter/energy and energy/matter was proportionally equal! This super-dense birthing point is what cosmologist and physicist call a singularity or a black hole. Then suddenly there was an enormous blast of energy, similar to an exploding star or a supernovae, and the initial expansion of the universe was born! If the energy/matter conversion, prior to the expansion, was equal, then what could have happened to cause the birth of what we see now? We know that it takes energy to create matter, and vice-versa, then what in the world, or out of the world, could have happened to cause a fluctuation in the conversion ratio to create the very rare condition of visible matter? There was indeed a prior condition before the condition of the cosmic egg, and are we to assume that this cosmic egg emerged on its own? From our current knowledge concerning the operation of the physical universe such an assumption is not sound science! Every existing condition in our visible cosmos had a prior condition, before we came to the current space-time-matter condition! Astronomers demonstrate to us that out of the event horizon of a black hole, new nebulae, star clusters, and solar systems are born. It appears that the condition of the cosmic birthing point, on a small scale, is constantly being replicated throughout the visible universe! The answer to the above riddle must lie within the domain of unseen eternal forces that make up the majority of

Project Earth


matter in our universe! Then by the power of the majority (invisible forces), it seems that we have our answer to the riddle! Unseen forces were at play that governed the initial big bang or expansion of the universe, and unseen forces continue to govern the destiny of the visible domains! Now we must ask ourselves what is the nature of these unseen forces (Henry Smith Williams, M.D., L.L.D., a History of Science, n.d.). In order to answer this question we must first look at the current condition of the earth and ourselves. It is estimated that since the time of recorded history that earth has experienced only six days of peace out of about 4,000 years! What is the answer to this dilemma? As we have already discussed there was once a cosmic war fought in our solar backyard, and sometime after the war the record-books shift to planet earth, and earth adopted, it seems, this spirit of warfare! Notice, however, that all records indicate that the initial creation of humankind was the result of war, and it seems that the struggle between the gods switched strategic locations to planet earth (The History of the Devil, London, 1927)! Unveiled for us in the apocalypse of Revelation chapter 12 are the opposing sides of Michael and His host, and the dragon and his host, and the resulting hi-tech battle leads to the extradition of the dragon and an alliance of a third part of the population from other worlds! Other names for the dragon are given throughout the discourse of the bible such as, that old serpent, the devil, or Satan. A summation to all these names for the dragon is adversary, or enemy of cosmic peace! As we have seen ancient Sumerian and Babylonian records do account for the battle, but there is no real reason mentioned for the reason of the struggle! Only in the Hebrew account is there given a reason for this battle. In verse 17, of Revelation 12, is seen the dragon, after his extradition, making war against all those people who keep the moral law of the Hebrew God Yahweh, and believe in their hearts the testimony of the New Testament Messiah! In connection

Project Earth


with world governments, the book of the Hebrew prophet Isaiah chapter 14, and verses 12-23 reveals the reason for our current political, economical, and environmental condition: it is a direct result of the war fought in prehistory! In this passage the dragon is called Lucifer, and is seen in his original deity or celestial position! The revolt was against the ruling government, or spiritual law that governed the prehistory cosmic condition, and Lucifer is seen launching an attack against the government of Yahweh! The records of antiquity all agree that there initially was a strong peace element in the very early earth, and the fallen rebel band who had been exiled to this star system, after the war, resumed their rebellion by taking hostage project earth! This is the only summation to our present world condition that makes sense to the author! Visible forces of space-time-matter are governed by invisible forces, and the spirit of revolt that originated somewhere in the cosmos, was transferred to project earth! It seems that the rock originally created for peace, is now the rock of continued revolt and warfare. Sometime in the future, the spiritual issues surrounding the whole mystery will be settled in the final showdown between these forces! According to sound logic it is this sector of the universe, that was given to Lucifer and his host to govern, and this is why Isaiah sees them ascending into another sector armed for war in an attempt to become ruler over the entire universe! To summate on what we have discussed; it is evident that the answers to world problems lies within the invisible world composed of powerful forces that tend the ground of spiritual evolution. In addition, there is a spiritual law of life that was abandoned, first among spiritual beings, and then by our first ancestors of planet earth. Fallen benevolent beings continued their escapades of rebellion by hijacking planet earth!

Project Earth


Proposition for Immortality As the space debris cleared from the first star war, Michael and His band returned to their respective star systems, but Lucifer and his host are confined to this sector of the universe from which the original revolt had been launched! The benevolent gods could have snuffed out the dissidents if they so desired, but there is no quick fix when it comes to the spiritual disruption of the universal governmental system! A dark element had entered into the cosmic peace equation, and a new formula for restoration was calculated and factored in! A daring display of the most powerful arm could not satisfactorily answer the questions among the benevolent host concerning the Eternal Deity and His law of divinity! The Eternal one through foreknowledge of rebellion through free-will choice initiated His Long-Range-Plan! This long-range plan included creating a New Project and a New Race, right slap dab in the middle of the rebellious space- time-matter star sector! Yahweh chose war-torn desecrated ground to plant seed for a pure environment, and an innocent glorious race, but of course, like the celestial host would possess the element of free-will choice. The divine plan of all the ages would be project earth set forth between the time eras of the first star war and the future final showdown! After the genetic integration and the resulting desecration of the New Project, the Supreme Deity, the Ancient of Days would indeed do whatever it would take in order to give humans the right to choose their eternal destiny! This entails the right for them to choose between Immortality and or eternal death! In full view of all created creatures, He would deliver His divine oracles into the hands of the new race, and dwell among them in every age of time. After the earth and the spirit of treason ran its course, then a new cosmic age, upon the incorporation of the new race, ushers in the spiritual restoration that existed before the revolt! The incorporation

Project Earth


into the heavenly order will be all those humans who admonished and practiced the principles of the law of LOVE! This long-range plan further included the determination of this supreme deity to seal the tablets of His testimony with His own life’s blood as a means by which to identify Himself with His beloved project! The element of self-sacrifice included living out a physical earthly life, offer His body as the one time supreme sacrifice, and come to life after death to make possible a future spiritual human evolvement! After these solid acts of genuine Love and Compassion for the earth project, the fallen dissidents can now somewhat plainly see the error of their treason. In the final countdown, at the end of the age (era), every single created creature will fully understand the reasons behind the eternal plan, and why without the spiritual coded divine law the spirit of rebellion is the cause of the problems that faced world governments! When it is all said and done the divine code (on which ordered societies base their modern judicial systems, but unable to maintain it due to the dark element), will be left standing tall (the truth shall prevail), and every single question will be fully answered and satisfied among all created creatures! Can we prove the above scenario? Brace yourselves for a real breathtaking shocker/shaker on the magnitude of 11.5, and the proof for all my assertions lies within the accuracy of ancient prophecies!

Precursor to Prophecy Who am I? Why do I exist? Moreover, what is my ultimate destiny? The above questions have plagued me since my childhood! Each human is born into the dreadful dilemma of a purpose and a destiny that surrounds our seemingly meaningless physical existence! In addition, we could add to our earthly sorrow by asking ourselves the question of-why does the universe

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exist! Why is the cosmos the way that it is? How can we make any sense out of our current space-time-matter configuration? If the cosmos, planet, and human existence came forth by blind chance, and all we have to look forward to is our current condition-then why should we continue to torture ourselves by living at all? This should in effect give every single person on this miserable unjust planet the best reason in the world to commit suicide! We might as well stop from our busy schedules, think a moment, take a good look around us, and consider strongly the implications behind our vain existence! If life means slaving for the system to make money, and then growing old on social security, pensions, and retirement funds-then life is most definitely not worth living! If paying rent, mortgages, home and car insurance, then adding to those worries the emotional and physical trauma and sickness that plagues this current world-and then just die is a bitter injustice to any form of life! There must be more to life than the horrors of this present world condition! What if we could, by examining antiquities’ record, prove that there is a powerful element at play within the unseen world that both predicted (and can predict), in advance, the precise time frame of future space-time-matter events-with an accuracy of 100%! There are ancient Hebrew documents that disclose a dynamic prophetic diagram and predict 100s and even 1000s of years in advance the exact course that world history and government would follow on planet earth! The canalization and analysis of these ancient documents is the only logical route to follow to get an understanding of-what we are, why we exist, and better yet, where we are going! Ever since my extraterrestrial encounter at age 11 I have been devoted to understanding modern science! Cosmology revealed to me the workings of the heavens! Astronomy revealed to me the continual change, expansion, and the classification of heavenly bodies! The physicists taught me of the almost invisible realm of subatomic forces! However, at no time did the

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sciences reveal to me a method to rescue both the starving children on foreign soil, or right here in the motherland! No, not one time did I learn to show love and concern for fellow-humans through modern science! The only time that the author ever showed genuine concern for fellow- humans in everyday life was when he put into practice the divine oracles of the 10-coded-law! If this sounds obtuse, unorthodox, or religious, then please consider asking your own self a question-would not you agree if a person practices the 10 commandments in their life-there is seldom occasion for that person to be arrested? Believe me if a person spiritually and wholeheartedly walks in the way of the law of the Pentateuch that person will possess the natural ability to show a spiritual love and concern for other humans! It does seem that the Supreme Deity (or Master Cosmic Intelligence) has chosen the simple things of the world to confound the haughty puffed up wisdom within the world! Ever heard this phrase, “in the heart of a child there is Love and Peace”! When my sons and daughter were small they were very sensitive, emotional, and full of Love. Heck fire we all were like that; but it seems the older we get the more stubborn and harder we get! The supreme deity of all the ages wants to incorporate into His cosmic family-a New Race that He has been nurturing and caring for since before the dawn of recorded history! This is why He put on flesh and blood like us, paid the ultimate price of the self sacrifice of a God, and did it all for our future spiritual metamorphosis! What is truth? Pontus Pilate ask that of a certain man who stood before him falsely accused by His own race. The Supreme Deity, who at that time was fully human and fully divine, answered and said; “everyone that hears me hears truth”! Now I ask you, can such a claim be substantiated! Let us turn to the ancient Hebrew record, and see if prophecy can verify the claims of this radical New Testament Messiah!

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There is a continuity within antiquities’ record among the various sources, but there is missing one important vital element among Sumerian, Assyrian, and Babylonian records and that is the feature of genuine prophecy. Gods and goddesses are present among these records, but the element of LOVE enshrouded within sound hope of a solution for the Sumer/Eden calamity does not appear until one examines the ancient Hebrew account! The biblical account of the spiritual fall from our original position of innocence, or state of knowledge, includes with it a solution to the enigma. In Genesis, 3:15 we find that through the seed of a woman would be born a Messiah that would crush the head of the serpent. The agent through which project earth was hijacked is the serpent, and a separation in genetics, the seed of the woman and the serpent, would through the physical birth of the Eternal one, bring about the restitution of both the new race and the cosmos as well! Then we find a reiteration on the promised seed in Genesis 49:8-12, that Messiah would come forth from the tribe of Judah, and in another bible text we find Him to be the loin of the tribe of Judah! Here in this text it emphasizes that He is the Lawgiver. The Supreme Being is the Lawgiver, as is demonstrated by the giving of such on Mount Sinai! During the Exodus, and subsequent wilderness refinement, the 10-coded-universal-law was not the only thing instituted for the Hebrews, but a worship system, that unlike the other nations did not include human sacrifice! However, the worship instituted by Yahweh did include animal offerings for the sole intent to point them to the coming Messiah! These offerings were a constant reminder of the result of the Eden calamity-that the wages of error from the law of LOVE is death, and it takes life (blood) to give life! When Joshua led the next Hebrew generation into Canaan, Yahweh warned them to avoid the sun-cult at all cost. Among these nations was a common denominator and that was the gods of the sun, moon, stars, earth, and the goddesses of fertility and spring! Images and altars erected in

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their honor, and the rituals performed involved sexual orgies (immorality), and the sacrifice of children! [Another common element was the practice of the belief system of the immortality of

the soul. This is the first lie told by the serpent that caused the Eden Calamity! “You shall not

surely die”! Ever since then this lie lives on through the world’s false system of worship! Yahweh teaches that death is a sleep and that life immortal can only happen through divine resurrection of which He is the prototype]! The flipside of this pagan system of worship was the worship of Yahweh with the divine moral law teaching the opposite theology! The divine moral law upholds the sanctity of life, and abolishes sexual immorality-image worship, worship of the sun, moon, stars, and earth, and instituting instead the worship of the master creator of visible objects. Well documented is the fact of a supernatural presence among the Hebrews, both in their wilderness journey, and between the cherubim above the tables of stone in the Hebrew portable sanctuary! There is no other element more important to genuine prophecy than the work of the ancient Hebrew sanctuary, because it visualized or pointed to the work by Messiah, and detailed

the scope of the entire work of Messiah’s mission on earth and in the heavenly temple!

The Christ of the NT made the extravagant claim that He came to earth to fulfill the prophecies written of Him in the law, the prophets, the psalms, and they are numerous. We could

say, concerning the Messiah, that He wrote His own life’s story before He was ever born! Some

of the writings speak of His priesthood, Psalms: 110: while others speak of His physical death or

eternal sacrifice such as, Psalms 69: 21; 22: 1-22; and Isaiah 53! Still others speak of His

physical birth like, Micah 5:2, of which puts forth His Eternal Nature by saying, “whose going

forth is of old, from everlasting (or days of eternity). There are literally hundreds more of such

prophecies concerning Messiah, but let us now turn our attention to the prophecies concerning

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past, present, and our ultimate destiny in quest of the answer to the ultimate question of what is truth?

Post Dramatic Syndrome If we choose to ally with the modern new age thought, then we will find ourselves rejecting every sound word of even the worst of history books. What I mean is this, accepting the view that our world history books are false-is like saying there was never a kingdom called Egypt, the Egyptians that inhabit Egypt today are impostors, and the pyramids are fake! Then we can assume the same for China, Japan, Iran, Iraq, and so on! This kind of reasoning is trash, and needs to be, along with the illogical trivia of existence by blind chance, thrown into the giant heap of philosophical heresy! America is here, Sumer existed, China is still around, Egypt is still where it has always been, Japan is still on the map, and the 10 countries of the European common market, from which our glorious USA, emerged, still exist, and I can look out my

window and see that I am still in the mountains of S.E. Kentucky! The great ziggurats of Egypt, Maya, the giant landmarks of Stonehenge, Easter Island, along with all other historical and

archaeological data is real and still exist as a sound witness for antiquities’ record! It does not

recant the painstaking established history of antiquity just because modern school systems fail short of teaching our children the facts! This is merely a new age revival of an old plot by the master rebel (Lucifer) to cloud up the minds of this latter generation, by changing established truths of history into lies, and marvel not at this for this book is about to demonstrate how he has done this to the divine oracles! Recorded in the annals of time, or in any college history textbook, are the 7 kingdoms (or world governments) that have dominated the peoples of the earth since the dawn of recorded

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time! These powers are known as, Sumer, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Media-Persia, Greece, and Rome. These powers are significant because they represent both ancient and modern federalism that holds a vital place in ancient prophecies! There are prophecies concerning these nations in the Hebrew scrolls of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, but by far the intimate details concerning them in relation to the spiritual battle in progress, behind the curtain of time eras is illustrated in the Daniel and Revelation documents! Nations such as China, Japan, India, and all the rest hold their place in history, but Hebrew prophecy seems to be concerned with those pagan dominating powers that affect people of the divine worship system of Yahweh, and hold fast to His eternal law! The same spirit of heavenly revolt influences earths’ ruling powers and inflicts harm on those who remain faithful to the divine oracles! Throughout the discourse of world and bible history, we see these kingdoms enforcing a false system of worship that cost the lives of millions of commandment keeping people! After Sumer, the Hebrew nation labored and served Egyptian gods for 430 years, and Yahweh reared up a man to lead them out from under the influence of the imposed worship of the pagan sun-cult! Pay strict attention to the sun-cult, because from the roots of this practice of antiquity emerges every other cult surrounding this modern age. Before Egypt it was rampant, and was set up by the Nephilim and their offspring! After the deluge this was a integral part of Nippur, Nineveh, and the plain of Shinar of which is the birthplace for the first United Nations and the infamous Tower of Babel. Nimrod, the giant rebel leader was, after his death deified by his wife queen Semiramis as the sun god who battled every night with the underworld, and then returned at the rising of the sun to give light to the world! The weekly pagan assembly in his honor held on the day of the sun, the first day of the week, and the annual festivals held on the spring and winter solstices are today a common denominator in all modern- day versions! Genesis chapter 10 refers to Nimrod as a mighty hunter before the LORD. The

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original Hebrew more accurately renders it instead of Yahweh, or in place of Him! Here we find

the roots to the giant conglomerate false global system of worship, and as we shall soon see has

been and still is the Achilles Heel of Yahweh’s people throughout every age of time! Remember

this one thing, when we are examining the seven world empires-the pagan sun-cult remains a constant in the religious equation. Although the names chosen, for the male and female deities, may vary from culture to culture to culture, or from Kingdom to Kingdom, it is all still the same

ole’ age-long-sun-cult! After the Exodus, and the wilderness refinement, the kingdom of Israel settles into the land promised by Yahweh to Abraham’s seed, and by a supernatural display of power purged out the pagan heathen. However, gradually they forget their history record (how that their parents fell in the wilderness because of their rebellion against the heavenly oracles! A bit of New Age thought dwelling among ancient Israel), and through the leadership of wicked kings became ensnared with the sun-cult. The kingdom, by internal affairs, split into the southern and northern kingdoms, with10 of the 12 tribes seated at Samaria, and Benjamin and Judah seated in the south at Jerusalem. Prophet after prophet were sent warning both divisions to forsake the sun-cult and remember their covenant at Sinai, but they would not adhere, and in 721 B.C. the northern kingdom were overrun by Assyria, and in 606 B.C. Babylon, under the leadership of Nebuchadnezzar, sacked and burned Jerusalem and the temple of Yahweh erected by Solomon! The Jews are lead on a 1000 mile journey across rugged terrain into the golden kingdom of

Babylon! It is within these walls that the Eternal Deity makes known to this pagan king the entire

course of earth’s history!

With Sumer, Egypt, and Assyria no longer a dominating force in world government, predetermined cosmic events unfold in accordance with recorded Hebrew prophecies! Chapter 9

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and verse 2 of the Daniel document reveals that Daniel understood by books the number of years pertaining to the Babylonian Jewish captivity. After the 70 years captivity and the desolations of Jerusalem, the Jews would return home to rebuild their glorious city, wall, and temple (Jeremiah 25: 11&12; 29:10)! In addition, within these verses is the prophecy of the fall of ancient Babylon to rise no more. The correlating record concerning the earthly agent allowing the exiles to return home and rebuild is the prophecy of Cyrus by the pen of Isaiah! The Hebrew prophet even calls him by name in Isaiah 44: 28, and 45:1. Cyrus is named the anointed of Yahweh through which He would punish the Kingdom of Babylon, and just as the prophecies predicted well over a hundred years in advance, the Media/Persian Empire marched in through the Euphrates and seized Babylon (we will return to this subject in detail later on)! Among the Jewish captives were four young men selected to be educated in the Babylonian universities. This education included the sciences (remnants handed down by Sumer), the gods of Babylon, knowledge of the mystery religions associated with spiritualism, and the immortality of the soul or astrology! Each day when school expired they returned to their holding cells. On graduation day they were given Babylonian names of Belteshazzar (Daniel), Shadrach (Hananiah), Meshach (Mishael), and Abednego (Azariah) names which are associated with Babylonian gods! These world renown figures that we learned about in Sunday school, carry with them more than just the routine story of the fiery furnace, but the prophetic ensign of the totality of the age-long-conflict between good/evil that began sometime long ago in the undated past! Fasten your safety belts, for the stage is set! Lights, please, camera-action! Scene 1-take one, and let us roll it!

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Test 1

An order went forth from the king that all captives would receive a daily portion of the kings meat and wine! Daniel and his three friends knew exactly why they were in Babylon, and they witnessed the destruction of their city and temple. They had forsaken the 10-coded-Sinai- covenant or law of life and liberty, and followed the gods of the pagan nations! Foremost, in the list of abominable acts was, and still is, human sacrifice, and the heathen diet of unclean animals eaten in sacrifice to idols! When offered the king’s diet they refused, recalling the history of why they were in captivity and refused the pagan diet. Yahweh’s precepts had taught them not to

defile themselves with unclean meats, nor with the mockery of wine! These people realized that if they were ever to return to their homeland that disobedience was not the path to follow! The captain of the guards insisted and persisted in persuading them to eat the diet (for fear of the king), but an agreement was offered as a solution by Daniel and his friends! They proposed a

ten-day test with a diet consisting of veggies and water, and if they did not look healthier than the rest who receive the king’s diet then do as you please with us! At the end of the ten-day trial period, the four young men looked ten times healthier and fairer than all the rest of the captives

who indulged in the king’s diet! The passing of this simple test of obedience marked these young

Hebrew worthies as faithful to the precepts of the Supreme deity of the Old Testament, and furthermore resulting in them excelling in school and in high favor with the Babylonian king! They indeed became successful politicians and overseers of the kings affairs!

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Test 2 Scene 1-take one-and action Being a genuine full-fledged pagan, Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, believed in his mind that the golden city would rule the world forever! The Hebrew deity Yahweh places in full view of the pagan critics, the struggle between the forces within the unseen world. Yahweh does this by revealing the future of earthly kingdoms unto Nebuchadnezzar, and paradoxically not to His

servants! The two main reasons for Yahweh giving the vision to the pagan king are, one, He planned to erase the memory of the dream from the king-so that, two, He could set the stage for the showdown between the forces of good and evil! The day after the dream Nebuchadnezzar calls for his elite wise men and science crew to make known to him the dream of which he strongly felt in his mind was of the utmost importance. The actors playing out the roles that foretell the entirety of earth’s history and ultimately affect every soul that has ever lived on planet earth are; Daniel versus the Babylonian University Professors! The Babylonian professors of science, mysticism, and of the mystery religions could not make known the dream unto the king! However, the guards remembered the outcome of the test

concerning the king’s diet, and brought Daniel’s name up in the ears of the pagan king, and

Daniel pleads with the king to give him time to consult Yahweh! This, in effect, permitted a stay of execution of all the wise men of Babylon-including Daniel and his friends! The next day Daniel walks humbly into the king’s presence and relates to him: O’ King, the God of Heaven has raised you up and given you a kingdom above all other kingdoms, and it is the God of Heaven that will make known to the king what you sir have dreamed! Behold, you saw a great terrible image (statue) whose height was enormous! The image you saw had a head of gold, arms

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and chest of silver, belly and thighs of brass, legs of iron, and feet part iron and clay! Daniel continues, you starred in awe at the image until you beheld stone cut out of the mountain without hands and smote the image in the feet! All the metals composing the image crumbled to the ground, and the wind carried them away like dust! The stone (Messiah) became a very great kingdom and filled the entire earth!

Nebuchadnezzar’s attention is thoroughly engrossed with the revelation of what he had dreamed, and at this point, in the transference of information, he is more than ready to receive the interpretation to his dream. O’ King, you are the head of gold! After you shall come three more kingdoms, who shall rule over the peoples of the earth; and in the days of these kingdoms shall the God of Heaven set up a kingdom that shall not be left to others: it shall consume all of these earthly powers, and it shall prevail throughout eternity! The God of Heaven has shown the king the entire drama and diagram of earth’s prophetic history! The dream O’ King is certain, and the interpretation is sure! Above is the outline of world powers from the time of the Jewish captivity until the second advent of Messiah! The head of gold is Babylon, and in the rest of the prophecy we read that next on the world scene are the powers of Media/Persia, Greece, and Rome. According to the Daniel document, it is indeed evident that the history of world government has followed this ancient Hebrew prophetic diagram with an accuracy of 100%! It seems that the Master of the Universe has a divine plan for the pagan tyrant Nebuchadnezzar. After Daniel revealed to him the required information, the king praised the God of Daniel, and Daniel is ornamented and given an high political seat as prince over the affairs of Babylon!

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Test 3 Scene 1-Take one and Action Please After the exodus from Egyptian bondage, Yahweh warns the people not to ensnare themselves with the sun-cult! Specifically He said to them not to bow to their images, of which were worshipped in connection with the sun, moon, and the 12 constellations of the Zodiac! Yahweh specified that this was the reason why that He is purging the land of Canaan! The Hebrew nation became a monotheistic (worship of one God) people, while the pagan heathen nations were polytheistic, or worshipped many sun-cult deities! This is why in Daniel chapter 3 we see king Nebuchadnezzar erecting a huge golden image (90 feet high and 9 feet wide) in the plain of Dura, and commanded all the politicians, and everyone else throughout Babylon to, when the music starts, bow down to the golden image that the king had set up! However, with Daniel tending to the king’s gate, his three friends feel the heat for they refuse to bow down to the statue in accordance with the observance of the second precept contained within the Decalogue! The king decreed that anyone found not bowing to his image be cast alive into a furnace of fire! Accused of treason, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego stood before the king firm on their convictions concerning the divine oracles, and flat-out blatantly told the king that even if Yahweh did not deliver-they still refuse to bow down to the image of gold! The king commands the guards to bind them hand and foot, and heat up the furnace seven times hotter. As they opened the door to throw the three men into the fire, the flames are so huge that they slay the guards near to the entrance of the furnace! After this, the king looks into the furnace, and astonished, he enquires; did not we just cast three men bound hand and foot into the furnace of fire? Yea-lord; “well I see four men standing loose in the middle of the fire, and one is like the son of the gods”! The Master of the Universe once again triumphs in the eyes of both the king

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and his science crew; but hold on to your hats and buckle up, for the Great Controversy, over the divine oracles, is about to make a very strange sharp intriguing turn!

Test 4 Scene 1-Take one and Action

The king begins to realize that Marduk and Ishtar is no match for the Hebrew deity, and even though at times he praises the God of Heaven, he stubbornly remained a pagan at heart! The king dreams another dream, and this time it is not a vision concerning world government, but concerning the spiritual future evolvement of the king! He thought that the great golden kingdom would rule the world forever, and that probably is the reason why he erected the huge statue of solid gold in chapter three! In Daniel chapter four, Nebuchadnezzar sees a tree whose height reaches unto heaven! The tree is full of fruit, foliage, and of the foul of the air! Shading underneath the enormous tree was every species of the beast of the field! He beheld the tree until a messenger came from heaven (or another world) and cut down the tree, plucked off its foliage and fruit, and the tree no longer existed in its former glory until seven years were finished! Troubled and confused by the dream, he calls for Daniel, and Daniel interprets the dream as follows: O’ King, the God of Heaven hath given you great power and glory, and rule over the whole earth, but because you have held back

in your heart the desire of Yahweh’s salvation; you shall be driven from your throne and

kingdom! You shall dwell with the beast and be wet with the dew from heaven, until you

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acknowledge that the king of kings dwells in the heavens, and gives earthly power to whomever He wishes! Exactly one year passes when the kingdom departed from the king and he wondered about insane with the beast of the field for seven years! At the end of seven years, his reasoning returned to him and Yahweh humbled his heart! King Nebuchadnezzar developed a personal relationship with the Supreme Deity and died a Hebrew monotheistic king!

Test 5 Scene 1-Take one and Action Nebuchadnezzar’s son, Belshazzar, did not take seriously the former struggles during the reign of his father, and despite his daddy’s conversion, (Hallelujah Daddy is gone), he throws a big party for 1000 of his lords, and their wives. Then to add to the spiritual treason, he commands that the sacred vessels, consecrated for the use in the temple at Jerusalem be brought to him, and drank wine from them in praising the gods of gold, silver, brass, iron, stone and

wood! In the same hour appeared a man’s hand and wrote on the plaster of the wall, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin, and Nebuchadnezzar’s wife, who did not attend the party, heard of it and called

for Daniel to interpret the supernatural writing on the wall! Once again, Daniel triumphs over the mystery religious experts, and interprets the writing as follows: Mene, the days of your kingdom are numbered; Tekel, Belshazzar, Yahweh weighed you in the balances and you do not measure up; Upharsin-your kingdom is divided for the Medes and Persians! Predicted well over 100 years in advance is the seizure of Babylon by Cyrus by the pen of the prophet Isaiah! It seems the defiling act of mixing consecrated vessels with a sun-cult party, brought on the sudden and sure fall of ancient Babylon in accordance with Hebrew prophecies! [Please note that a similar fall, of global implications, to a more modern version of this spiritual fornicating power, comes in the

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form of the seven last plagues upon a worldwide apostate liturgical system just prior to the second advent of Messiah]!

Test 6 Scene 1-Take one and Action

The issues put forth in this discourse have uncovered a huge conspiracy against the divine cosmic code, and unveiled a huge cosmic struggle behind the visible curtain of space-time-matter in motion! The struggle that began eons ago over this sector of our galaxy will continue until the end of organized human government, and the restitution of harmony within the cosmos! In Daniel chapter three, we discussed the subject of conflict over false worship, as outlined in the Decalogue, and here in chapter six we will examine the conflict over true worship.

Darius is managing the covert operations after the surprise attack during Belshazzar’s’ party

of drunkenness and immorality! Cyrus is out managing his military escapades. The chief princes and science crew serving under Darius, embarrassed by the faithfulness of Daniel both to Yahweh and the king, go on a jealous rampage in an effort to discredit Daniel in the eyes of the king. Daniel holds a seat second only to the king himself, and Darius is considering making him

Top Dog over the entire realm! These conspirators cannot find any fault with Daniel’s politics,

and agree that the only way to proceed with the game plan is to find fault with the way he worships his God, and or over the law of his God! They enter in before the king, and give him

the swelled up head address of, O’ King, live forever, we thought it good for the progression of

the kingdom to draw up a decree in honor of your majesty, that no one ask a petition from any other god besides you king for a period of 30 days. The king unaware of their intentions signs the

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decree and seals it with his own signet that the decree cannot change according to the law of the Medes and Persians. When these men observed Daniel ignoring the decree and praying as always, they made this known to Darius, and he was sore displeased with the whole ordeal! It is highly probable that Darius had the scope of the decree focused on the sun-cult deities, and being a close friend with Daniel, thought that a vacation from the sun-cult would be good for the kingdom! However, the decree focused on Yahweh, the God of Heaven, and the king found himself in a very precarious situation! The decree stated that whosoever broke the new law, would cast alive into the den (cave) of lions, and Darius worried for Daniel’s life, and sought diligently for a loophole to deliver his friend from the surety of apparent death! The king did not eat or sleep all that night, and he indulged in no wine, women, nor song! As soon as morning came the king approached the cave crying out with a loud voice-O’ Daniel, has the God you serve continually delivered you from death? Suddenly, a cry went forth from within the cave, O’ King live forever, the God I serve

sent an angel shutting up the mouth of the lions, and they have not harmed me! Then Darius commanded that Daniel’s accusers, along with their families, be gathered and cast into the cave, and were immediately destroyed! The issues are as plain as the sun orbiting through the fabric of space-the whole struggle started over the divine universal oracles, and thus continues until the end of the age! In Revelation chapters 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, and onward to the newly renovated earth, we find this same pagan persecuting system in the modern form of Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the earth! In Daniel chapter three, we read of an image erected for worship, and when that fails the fallen rebel band institute a law prohibiting true worship! These are the same prevailing issues in the apocalypse of Revelation. As the beast power from the sea

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(old world) is going into captivity, another power arises out of the earth (new world) that practices all the liturgical traditions of the first best. This power erects an image (false worship system), performs signs and wonders (false fire or Pentecost), institutes a mark of authority in connection with a global boycott, and finally a death decree for all who disobey the laws of human authority! The issues are as they were eons ago when war broke out in heaven! The issues are of a spiritual nature and involve the concepts of loyalty to earthly powers and their worship system, or obedience to the cosmic code of eternity as expressed in the Decalogue! Make no mistake in logic-this is going to happen! Ever actor has left the dressing room, and the final

events of earth’s history are going down! O’ but I indeed need proof for all of these strong

allegations! Let us turn to the next chapter of the Daniel document and embark on a journey that is irrefutable evidence for this power in the annals of antiquities’ record! Format for Prophecy When the bible gives a prophecy, the bible will interpret it! The key to unraveling prophecy is to get an understanding of the format. Just as software and multi-media, engineered for PCS, work in binary codes, within the subatomic world of the electron, so prophecy works in time codes along with the stepladder effect format! The stepladder effect is the progressive rehearsal of space-time events (information transmitted throughout the fabric of space-time) with more added details as one progresses throughout the entirety of the document. This is the format used in both the Daniel document and Revelation! Other ancient prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel fill in added information, that along with the Hebrew minor prophets,, indeed builds for us a cosmic earth history like pieces to a jigsaw puzzle with mind boggling performance accuracy! In addition, take note that the Daniel document is a sealed panoramic prophecy unto the time of the end, and thus we see in Revelation that the celestial messenger tells John to seal

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not up the words of the Daniel document any longer! Thus, Revelation is the unsealing (unveiling) of the book of Daniel! We find this unveiling in Revelation chapter 10! After the unraveling of the seven-coded scroll by the God-Man (Christ), the scene shifts to the prophet John continuing to unveil the Daniel Document! Furthermore, when prophetic material speaks in code (symbolic language similar to a computer markup language), if you reference those symbols comparing scripture with scripture, then the bible makes every code as plain as the nose

on your face! In Daniel chapter 7, the content builds prophetic language from the foundational prophetic dream of Nebuchadnezzar! Remember to keep in mind that the outline (basic format for prophecy), will continue to build upon the outline of world history from the head of gold, Babylon, until the coming of the stone Christ! In night Daniel’s vision, the first beast rising from the raging sea is the historical symbol of Babylon, the winged lion. Then we see a bear with 3 ribs in his mouth (Egypt, Syria, and Palestine), raised up on one side (Cyrus)! The historical symbol of the Media/Persia Empire is a bear! Next Daniel sees a leopard with four heads and four wings. The wings represent the swiftness of Alexander the Great in battle, and the four heads symbolize his four generals who ruled different territories after the death of Alexander! Then Daniel describes the fourth kingdom (the legs of Iron) as the iron monarchy of Rome, that

was split into eastern and western powers in 476 A.D. This is the two legs of Nebuchadnezzar’s

great metallic image! The ten horns on this fourth beast represent the 10 barbaric tribes who struggled for dominance during the latter Pagan Roman era (this is the 10 toes of the metallic image)! Like I stated, here are the outline powers composing the kings image, but are, here in Daniel 7, presented in their beastlike character.

Project Earth


Suddenly, out of the ordinary outline, Daniel envisions another horn, a little horn, springing up among the ten, it had eyes like the eyes of a man, and a mouth speaking great things, or blasphemies! Hold on tight to your seat, and or if you not seated, then grab on to something tight where you stand, because ancient prophecy is about to reveal the true antichrist! In 538 AD, the bishop in Rome, Vigiluis, with military aid, conquers the last three opposing tribes, the Heruli, Vandals, the Ostrogoths, and the reigning emperor (Justinian I) hands over the scepter to the pope of Rome! Pagan Rome became the Holy Roman Empire, thus the 3 horns this power plucked up by the roots (Daniel 7: 8) are the above mentioned tribes, and the little horn power is the Papacy! There are some astonishing historical details placing the papacy right dead center the spotlight of the power that Christ and the apostles warn of in the NT that would claim to be god on earth! Daniel writes that this power speaks words of blasphemy (see also Revelation 13), makes war with the saints (keepers of the divine oracles) of the Most High, puts down the heavenly High Priest, and the place of His sanctuary, and thinks to change times and laws! The document goes on to say that this power would reign for a time, times, and the dividing of time! King Nebuchadnezzar spent seven times with the beast of the field. This is seven years, and so the little horn power would reign for three and one half years! However, when it comes to our foundational outline of world history, concerning huge time spans, to inject a thought of a measly three and one half years, into such a large scope, is to say the least, UNORTHADOX! If the stone strikes the feet part of the world governmental outline, then it is obvious that we are dealing with a larger format! In Ezekiel 4:6 and Numbers 14:34 the bible gives us the incremented element of time coded prophecy! The bible tells us that in prophecy a day is symbolic of one literal year! The three and one half years of Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 is 1,260 days, or years in prophecy. This agrees with every reliable historical record in antiquity! The

Project Earth


papacy reigned from 538 AD to 1798 AD, which is around the time our government was founded in the new world. In fact, the record shows that to be the year when the USA declared their independence from the cruel persecutions of the old world, or became a separate sovereign nation based on freedom of religion, and or the separation of church and state! This is an amazing prophecy! Make no mistake; it was during the dark ages of papal dominance that 50,000,000 protestant reformers spilled their blood, because they would not recognize the sovereign authority of the Church of Rome! The little horn power of Daniel chapter seven is the papacy, which make plain their claims of holding the office and the place of Christ on earth, and

the power to grant penitence from sins. The bible is clear on the fact that for an earthly worship system to make such claims is blasphemy, just as they accused Christ. Such a power takes the

attention of Yahweh’s created creatures away from our heavenly High Priest, and His work of

intercession and judgment, to an earthly priest and an earthly sanctuary. Thus, the daily sacrifice of penitence and prayer to Christ, in the heavenly temple, in theory, vanishes away, and the abomination that makes created beings spiritually desolate is set up within the temple of our body. Moreover, this power incorporated pagan doctrinal precepts and festivals into the world church liturgical system of worship in the form of images and pagan holidays, in which are intimately connected to the age-long-sun-cult, of which is the Achilles Heel of God’s people in every age of time! During the transitional church period that began with the Nicene Creed the Church of Rome brought images of Zeus, Venus, and so on, and deified them as Peter and Mary. In addition, notice in the Roman Catholic bible that the Divine Oracles are changed. The second precept is missing, and the commandment dealing with weekly time set aside to build a loving relationship with our heavenly Creator, was the Eden institution of the seventh day of the week, but in Catholic catechism is the first day of the week (Sunday)! This day comes christened with

Project Earth


the sun god, and historically branded with the sun-cult! This power split the tenth precept into two parts to make up for the one removed! There is no mistake to the identity of the real antichrist! The power that arises out of the fourth beast (pagan Rome) is the power that would think to change the eternal cosmic law of the Hebrew deity Yahweh! Vatican City is that power that reigns over the political powers of the earth, and fits every ID point of the little horn power of the Daniel document (Manhattan, A, 1949, the Vatican in World Politics, Gaer Associations, inc.)!

The Great Time Code The time coded stepladder format of prophecy demonstrates the true course of human events through the lenses of world government, revealing for us a much broader scope of divine purpose for project earth. This broader scope of divine purpose reveals the true nature of the cosmos in which the conflict between unseen forces brought us from a former condition of order and harmony, to a state of disorder through warfare over divine precepts! The foundational outline of world governmental powers is the time code that Daniel expands on as the document continues to add in more pieces to the prophetic puzzle. This amazing format continues as follows: the four kingdoms that rule the world from the time of the Jewish exile until the ushering in of the eternal kingdom of stone given to the saints of the Most High! The shift in attention is due to a power that arises out of the fourth kingdom or Rome and be of a religious nature. Each time the document adds another piece to the saga, the courts are convening in heaven, the records are opened, the Ancient of Days is seated, billions of angels are ministering to Him, and the keepers of the oracles are about to receive the kingdom given by the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world! There is no mistake, sometime after the reign of the little horn the courts of heaven

Project Earth


are in session! The controversy over the divine precepts of Yahweh’s universal law of LOVE is REAL, and the outcome of this unseen battle of the minds determines the fate of every human who has ever lived on planet earth! After Daniel receives the night vision of the four beasts or kingdoms of world rule, and that of the history and works of the little horn, or papacy, he begins to wonder about the heavenly courts convening, and the outcome this will have on his people (Judah)! In chapter 8, more added

details of the little horn are put forth concerning the daily (remember, Daniel was tried on his daily sacrifice of prayer), and the power has drew a third part of the host of heaven down to the earth, and through the worship system of this power magnified himself against the prince of the host (Christ). The rebellion continues for this power cast down the truth (divine oracles) to the ground, and this power practiced and prospered. Suddenly, Daniel hears one saint speaking to another saint on the other side of the river Hiddekel, and one saint ask a question of the other

one, “How long will be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice and the sanctuary to be trodden under foot”? A man dressed in bright clothing standing upon the river answered, “Until two thousand three hundred days, then shall the sanctuary be cleansed”! Once again, there is no mistake concerning the panorama of both heavenly and earthly events. The bible is clear that this false ecclesiastical worship system has diverted the attention of earths’ inhabitants from the heavenly temple to an earthly temple and priest. This in effect strips away the daily, and thus causes the abomination of desolation that Christ plainly emphasized that we must understand in the false Christ and false prophet latter-day-paradox! The decree goes forth that after 2,300 days (or years in prophecy) a work of cleansing the sanctuary in heaven would begin of which was prefigured in the earthly sanctuary work of Aaron and Moses, known in antiquity as the most solemn of all the feasts of Yahweh, or the Day of Atonement! The ancient sanctuary in Moses’

Project Earth


time is an earthly copy of the heavenly (study the whole book of Hebrews), and it prefigured the accomplished work of Christ in the three phases of the whole plan of salvation for humans! Christ in the courtyard gave himself once for the fallen state of the world, in the holy place He left to intercede on behalf of our fallen state, and when the next time code came-He entered into His final phase of redemption as our High Priest-marking the day of the open door of mercy, grace, and or Atonement! Daniel is astonished and sick from the vision, but do not stop reading yet, because he seeks hard to understand the 2,300-day time code, the future of Judah, and what role his people played in the drama of earth’s final scenes!

Jewish Paradox Daniel understands the outline of world ruling powers, the ten horns (or ten toes of the metallic image), the little horn power who deceives the majority of earth’s inhabitants, by transgression (sin is the transgression of the oracles, 1 John 3: 4), and that the little horn will practice and prosper by craft and deceit! However, Daniel troubled by the vision of the evening and morning (the 2,300 days), sets his attention on understanding it! Daniel knew his God (Yahweh), this is why he is an important figure in politics, and possesses a position in the Media/Persian kingdom that is second only to king Darius! Daniel gets down to serious business with his God, concerning his people, and where they might fit into the future of the coming kingdom of the saints of the Most High! Daniel digs down deep enquiring of his God to give him understanding concerning the 2,300 day (or years in prophecy) time code, and when his people could return back to rebuild their national heritage. Maybe he envisioned their return to Jerusalem as fitting into the time code, and he was right, but that would not be the ushering in of

Project Earth


the eternal kingdom! Many cosmic issues will be settled, within the paradox of the sin-virus, and earth must run its course as a viral fallen planet! The age-long-conflict between positive and negative unseen forces once more takes center stage in Daniel chapter nine, as Daniel pleads with his God for info on the time code, and the future of his people! The same messenger, Gabriel, that delivered the vision of the 2,300 days, tries immediately to arrive with the required information, but battles with Lucifer himself who is

the prince of the kingdom of Persia (in 2 nd Corinthians chapter 11, and verses 14 and 15, the apostle Paul wrote that Satan transformed himself into an angel of light! He also wrote in 1 st Corinthians 4: 4, that this rebel leader is the god of this world! In Ephesians 2: 2, Paul depicted him as the prince of the power of the air)! Daniel, determined to understand the vision, stays in constant prayer, with no food or drink for a whopping 21 days! Finally, Michael is sent to help Gabriel penetrate evil forces, who is the great prince who oversees and stands up for the keepers

of the oracles (God’s people)!

After 21 days, Gabriel reaches the weak humble prophet of Yahweh, and touches him to give him strength. Daniel understood by books (scrolls), the seventy years that figured into in the desolation of Jerusalem (Jeremiah, 25:11, 12; 29: 10), and at the end of those years, Cyrus would allow them to return to their homeland (Isaiah 44: 28; 45:1), and now Gabriel is about to give him skill and understanding in adding more pieces to the prophetic puzzle! The time code revealed is as follows: 70 weeks are determined upon your people, Daniel, to bring an end to sin, finish the vision of transgression, to make reconciliation for iniquity, to usher in everlasting righteousness, to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the Most Holy (Daniel 9: 24)! Gabriel, continues, know and understand that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and rebuild Jerusalem, the city, temple, and wall, until Messiah will be threescore and 9

Project Earth


weeks, and sometime after threescore weeks Messiah will be cut off, but not for himself (Christ

died for the entire world)! He (Messiah), shall confirm the covenant with many for one week (the

  • 70 th week), and in the middle of the week He shall cause the sacrifice and oblation to cease

(animal sacrifice)! For the overspreading of abomination, He shall make it desolate-until the consummation, or the end of the sum of sacrificial worship! As revealed in the earthly portable sanctuary, here Gabriel reveals a time will come when the

Jewish nation would abuse and profane the sanctuary truth that pointed to Christ, the eternal sacrifice! After 69 weeks, the Messiah would appear on the world scene and confirm the covenant with the remnants (many) of the OT covenant people! Christ spoke in Matthew 10: 5 and 6 and commissioned His disciples not to preach the gospel to gentile peoples, but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel! Christ knew there was only one prophetic week left to try to persuade His chosen nation to wake up and believe the prophecies! The Jewish nation expected Messiah to come as king of kings and fulfill those prophecies concerning them receiving the eternal kingdom, but a much different scenario engulfed the 70 weeks time code cut out of the 2,300 day, or years, time code and allotted to the chosen nation to repent and believe the gospel of Christ’s divinity as the God-Man! The year in which Ezra returns with a great company of Jewish priests and common people, to reestablish worship, re-consecrate the vessels, and hold a spiritual revival to encourage total restitution is 457 BC! This can only be the true date for the going forth of the commandment to restore (spiritual worship), and rebuild (temple and city) Jerusalem, because it is the only massive rally of exiles that fits the entire scope of the prophecy! When one counts 69 weeks, or 483 days or years in prophecy, from 457 BC, (If the time scope is representing literal days then

that doesn’t leave enough time to rebuild the temple, let along the entire city), one comes to the

Project Earth


year 27 AD (there is no 0 year)! Every history source tells me that in 27 AD, Messiah baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan River, launched His brief but powerful ministry as the Christ of the NT! Right slap dab in the middle of the last prophetic week, after eating an early Passover with His disciples, Messiah betrayed and cut off, hangs between the heaven and the earth, and the veil of the temple is split in twain, and an earthquake crumbles the altar of the Pascal Lamb, and a new age of grace is ushered in! In addition, in 34 AD, exactly three and one half years later, the same Jewish leaders that crucified Christ stone Stephen to death, because of the preaching of the gospel. As he takes his last breath, he looks up into heaven and envisions the throne and the Messiah as high priest ministering in the celestial temple. The next major event is the transformation of the Christian persecutor Saul of Tarsus, and the gospel to the gentiles takes center stage in the great panoramic drama of earthly events! Instead of the prophecies concerning the once chosen nation coming to a climatic euphoria, the prophecies concerning a people who were no people of covenant come into view within the grand saga of the ages, and thus declaring that God is LOVE!

1,810 Years

The Daniel document states that the rest of the 2,300 day (year) time code (1,810 years) would remain sealed until the time of the end (Daniel 8:26; 12:4)! This would be a time of advancement in transportation, and of scientific and prophetic insight! Furthermore, certain other specific aspects of the prophecy were revealed, understood when earth entered into this final phase of space-time curriculum! We have discussed the 490 years of allotted time for the chosen nation (457 BC-34 AD), and Christ told His disciples that after Roman soldiers pillaged Jerusalem (64 AD-70 AD), that certain global signs would occur, sometime before the convening of the courts in heaven! When we go forward in time 1,810 years, from 34 AD, we arrive at the

Project Earth


prophetic year of 1844 AD! The Daniel document reveals this to be the time of the cleansing of the sanctuary in which the ancient Hebrew Day of Atonement pointed to! The medieval reign of terror of the little horn power (papacy 538 AD-1798 AD) ended when the French general Berthier marched into the Vatican and took hostage the pope! This marked another reign of terror named by some as the Christian intolerance of the French revolution! However, even though the initial reign of the papacy had ended, the Revelation document reveals that this false

worship system continues until the second advent of Messiah in the form of Modern-Spiritual- Babylon! In Revelation 18: 4, 5, we find a call from the most holy to come out of that fornicating system, because her sins have reached unto heaven and God has remembered her iniquity! In Revelation 14: 6-12, we find a threefold message engulfing the world that calls people (as Elijah did) back to worship of the Creator, announces the fall of Babylon, and gives a stern warning for

all those who worship the beast! Verse 7 tells us that the hour of His (Yahweh’s) judgment has

come. Well documented in history are the signs that would precede the convening of the heavenly courts, as spoken by Messiah in Matthew chapter 24 and verse 29. On November 1, 1755, the greatest earthquake of modern times (after the cross of Christ), originated in Lisbon, killed over 150,000 people, and the quake was felt over an area of about four million square miles, from Europe reaching all the way down into Africa! Some coastlines rose fifty feet over normal levels! Sign two: on May 19, of 1780, the sun was blotted out at midday, and this is

known in history as the Dark Day! R.M. Devens wrote in Our First Century, “Almost, if not altogether alone, as the most mysterious and as yet unexplained phenomenon of its kind, in

nature's diversified range of events, during the last century, stands the dark day

. . .


of the Dark Day said that the next night as they looked up at the sky, they saw a moon that was the color of blood-red" (pp. 89, 90). This same author wrote about the greatest meteor shower in

Project Earth


earth’s history. “Extensive and magnificent showers of shooting stars have been known to occur at various places in modern times; but the most universal and wonderful which has ever been recorded is that of the thirteenth of November, 1833, the whole firmament, over all the United States, being then, for hours, in fiery commotion!" (pp. 329, 330). (References from R.M. Devens, Our First Century, quoted from God Cares, Vol. 2, Maxwell, pp. 195-198).

(Please keep in mind that the above signs are twofold in nature, and will reoccur at the releasing of the seventh plague of Revelation chapter 16, due to the entrance of Messiah at His 2 nd advent)!

In Revelation chapter 13, we read that the deadly wound, of the first beast, inflicted by Napoleon’s general Berthier, did not last, but healed, because in 1929 Mussolini restored the sovereign power of the Vatican. A few years later the world-wide-church-organization was born, the pope of Rome receives, not only his former throne of glory, but a seat marked holy see among the ambassadors from the United Nations! Revelation 13 gives to us the scenario of the first beast (little horn of Daniel 7, or papacy) of the old world (sea), going into captivity, and then John writes about another Lamblike beast coming out of the earth! (If waters, or sea, in the bible represents multitudes, peoples, and nations, as in Revelation 17: 15, then the earth must represent a sparse area, virtually unpopulated)! In addition, we know by verse 9 that this false worship system, seated upon 7 mountains, to be the Vatican City, for she by history is the 7- hilled city! So then, we are looking for a power that would arise after the first beast, and would come branded with the practices of the first beast of the old world! Bingo, the USA fits the bill, and this is hard for me to write, but when it comes to festivals of precept-America is the spitting image of the Roman Catholic Mother Church, described in Revelation 17&5, as Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the earth! In Revelation 17&6,

Project Earth


this power is seen drunk on the saints and martyrs of Christ, and in 16&6, this power shed the blood of prophets. The same power that seduced Israel into worshipping falsely is the infamous age-long-sun-cult that also killed 50,000,000 protestant reformers in the old world! In 17: 2 and 4, John wrote that the politicians and the majority of Christendom are drunk with the abominable fornicating wine of falsehood! There is no mistake about it, this power mixed pagan traditions with the purity of the worship of our heavenly High Priest and advocate Christ, and she deceives most of planet earth into worshipping falsely! This caused the fall of ancient Babylon, and it will cause the fall of spiritual Babylon through her illicit relationships with the kings of the earth. Protestant America will be the agent through which the final apostasy will plunge the world back into the dark ages of the old world!

After the star shower of 1833, just 11 years later, the last prophetic time increment launched, and Christ entered into the last phase of His temple ministry in heaven! In this very year (1844 AD), we see a great spiritual awakening, in the form of massive revivals all over this great nation. Moreover, many aspects of the Daniel and Revelation Documents came into clear focus such as the pre-millennial judgment or Day of Atonement, for the benefit of holy angels seen as observers in Daniel 7 and Revelation 5! Seen in the center of the entire heavenly family, is Christ performing a work of cleansing for the penitent on earth! We can see this act of intercession and that of judgment in Revelation chapter 8: 1-5, when Christ concludes His work in the temple, and cast the censer of mediation to the earth, and Christ administers judgment! In 1844, just as the prophecy in Daniel predicted, the last time code plunges earth into a most decisive spiritual period, in which judgment starts with the people of God, and ends up (after the 1,000 year indicative judgment) in the laps of the non-penitent as seen in Revelation chapter 20,

Project Earth


Fascinating, just think, it all started with the dream of the pagan King Nebuchadnezzar and ends up in the feet part of the image in our time, in which the fate will be in the form of the seven last plagues upon the head of modern spiritual Babylon. Since the prophetic year of 1844, the 3 angels message of Revelation 14: 6-12, is preached, and soon Christ will finish His work of mediation and judgment in the heavenly tabernacle, the door of mercy and grace closes, the Day of Atonement ends, the fate of every soul is sealed for eternity, judgment is administered, and Christ initiates operation retrieval of the earth project, and the scapegoat Azazel is left to roam a desolate earth for 1,000 years!

Two/Threefold format

We discussed, somewhat, the history of the first beast of the old world, and the lamblike beast of the new world America, and now let us examine the two/threefold effect, the supporting agent of the stepladder prophetic format. This two/threefold format begins with the letters to the seven churches (Rev. chapters 2&3), which seem to coincide perfectly, not only with the churches in

John’s day, but also the entirety of church history from Day of Pentecost (34 AD), until the rich (Laodicea) churches of today’s world! Afterwards, heaven opens, and the scene of worship of

heavenly beings takes center stage, while the 4 living creatures (Cherubim), the 24 elders, along with billions of angels spotlight the Creatorship of Yahweh! In the midst of the heavenly family stood a slain lamb, and He prevailed to open a mysterious 7-sealed scroll! This scroll reveals a succession of time-coded events, the nature and owner/Creator of the cosmos, and the plan of all the ages to rescue His hostages, and take back rightful ownership of Project Earth! As the lamb opens the sealed scroll, the historical groundwork of the Christian church is gone over again, but with more added details than what He presented within the scope of the churches in Asia! From

Project Earth


the white horse (apostolic age), to the red horse (persecutors of pagan and papal Rome), which Revelation 13 and verse 7 states, “he that kills with the sword must be killed by the sword, here is the patience and faith of the saints”!Then we have the black horse of famine, but not only for natural sustenance, but for spiritual food, or the hearing of the words of YHWH! During the darks ages of the old world, bibles were gathered and burned along with the martyrs of Christ, and many bible truths vanished away just like the spiritual famine during Hebrew bondage! The

opening of seals 4 and 5 provides a gruesome picture of the cruel persecutions of God’s people

by the age-long-system-of falsehood. Furthermore, these seals depict the blood of those saints (more than 50,000,000) waiting for their white robe at the glorious resurrection of the just! Then the scene shifts (chapter 7) to the holding back of the winds of final judgment, until everyone makes their spiritual decision to worship either the Creator or Baal! THEY ARE SEALED WITH THE SIGNET OF THE GOD OF HEAVEN, just prior to the releasing of the winds of judgment in the form of 7trumpets, and or plagues! Pay close attention to the location of this seal-it is in the forehead! God said that He will, in this age of grace, write His law into the hearts and minds of people. In Deuteronomy 6 and verses 5-9, Yahweh instructed His people to bind the oracles for a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes (the conscience), you shall speak of them at your lying down and rising up, and you shall rehearse them in the ears of your children! Then in Revelation 13, 24, 16, 17, and others, we read of a

counterfeit seal, sign, or mark of the beast power and his image!

When Darius signed the decree with his own signet, or seal, it contained three elements of Authenticity, one: his name-Darius, two: his title or office-king of media, and three: his territory

over which he reigned-or the known world! Now, if we can find a document that contains all

three of these elements of Authenticity, as pertaining to Yahweh’s seal, then we have the official

Project Earth


divine signet of the God of Heaven! The only document written by Yahweh Himself is the divine oracles of stone! A quick look will declare His seal within the fourth precept, or the Sabbath commandment. His name being YHWH Elohim, His office is creator of visible matter, and His territory of sovereignty is the entire universe! Remember that project earth is currently in a hostage situation and under the influence of the god of this world! This arch-deceiver is the grandmaster of plagiarism, and for every truth established in the heavens, he puts forth a deceptive, good looking, innocent, and powerful counterfeit! Remember, the strange brew in the hand of the mother-church comes mixed with both the elements of truth and elements rooted in pagan traditions. The whole world wonders after this power, and keeps in one form or another the festive pagan holidays of Christmas, Easter, and the weekly Sunday! It is these very feasts, of pagan antiquity, that brought the destruction of ancient Israel! The Church of Rome, in their Catholic Encyclopedia (appraised worldwide), are very bold and proud of the fact that they have the power to change, institute, and enforce festivals of precept, and they did so in order to make the pagan transition to Christianity, a more comfortable experience! She boldly claims that the mark of her authority in ecclesiastical matters is the act of changing the 7 th day Eden Sabbath, to the pagan 1 st day of the week, and the alteration of other festivals, such as from Passover to the feast of Ashtoreth and Tammuz-Easter! To add to the spiritual treason they took the birthday of the chief sun-deity Mithras and applied it to the birthday of our blessed Savoir! Every decent bible scholar understands that the birthday of Messiah was sometime in October.

After the sealing of the token remnant (144,000), we read of a great multitude coning forth out of the final summation from every tribe, kindred, tongue, nation, and people. The Elijah message (a threefold message, see *note below) to turn from the abominable precepts of the sun-

Project Earth


cult, and return to the oracles and worship of Yahweh-bring in the sheaves of a great number that no human can number (Rev. 7: 9)!

After the period of the sealing of God’s multitude, the judgment in the form of trumpets are

administered, but the full disclosure, and detailed nature we read of in the form of the 7 last plagues, emphasizing the prophetic stepladder format indeed at its best!

[ *Note that the message of Elijah is the coming out or forsaking of the deceptive sun-cult, and returning to the worship of Yahweh, as expressed in His universal law of LOVE! Elijah preached it in his time, and John the Baptist preached it in his time to prepare a people for the coming of the Messiah, and since 1844, the threefold fulfillment has reached almost every nation on planet earth! Soon this message (Revelation chapter 14: 6-12) will usher in the second advent of Christ and gather the redeemed from all the ages]!

Irreducible Complexity

The historical data of ancient civilizations provides suitable answers to the questions surrounding the mysteries of life and cosmos! Sumerian, Babylonian, and Assyrian records contain foundational truth elements that provide us with ample data concerning the undated past

of earth’s history. Ancient Hebrew prophecies, such as the Daniel and Revelation documents, provide exact data concerning the entire course of earth’s history as portrayed through the lenses

of world governments, from the time of the Jewish captivity unto the ushering in of a new age in world government, by the supernatural stone, Christ, and given to the keepers of the divine oracles! We could let the buck stop here, at this point in our discourse, and rest in sure assurance of the feature of genuine prophecy, that stands undisputed in accuracy, and therefore is not

Project Earth


subject to legal scrutiny! We cannot argue with the fact that genuine prophecy displays in history the names, places, events, and people, 100’s or even 1,000’s of years in advance! For example, the fact that the 490 years of Daniel 8, cut out of the 2,300 years, places the exact timing of the baptism, ministry, death, and resurrection of Messiah, 5-600 years in advance, and the end of the 490 years in 34 AD, is enough to even convince the worst bible skeptic that there exist a divine cosmic intelligence!

However, can we prove scientifically the existence of such an eternal force?

When I was about 11 years of age, I visualized a time when a fusion reaction would occur between the fields of science and theology, and today that desired state is rapidly taking shape! Today, biologist and biochemist are producing evidence and introducing more and more data announcing the ideal of intelligent design and irreducible complexity! According to recent data concerning the normal operations of a single human cell, the complexity of required devices (mechanisms), required for function ability attain to a remarkable new meaning! According to irreducible complexity, instead of a single cell being a simple building block, in which more complex life forms evolve, over the space-time-matter-chance equation, it is now believed that the newly discovered dozens of working parts, are so interconnected to on one another, that if just one tiny part is missing the cell will not function at all! In addition, instead of Darwinian deviations and mutations, over long spans of time, we know now that DNA repairs itself instead of changing identity. This indeed introduces into the science/theological equation a bridging of the gap, and the mergence and emergence of a brand new unified model of physical existence! If there exist an intelligent designer, then intelligence came first and then matter, which would

Project Earth


explain why human DNA repairs itself, we remain human, and every other species retains its originality (http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/behe/icsic.html).

This whole ordeal is the result of a calculated intentional creation of physical life and cosmos! This powerful predetermined, pre-calculated state of existence is becoming a constant in the way scientist are beginning to theorize on visible living matter. Wow-wee, we are living in exciting and fascinating times! Maybe not for the new age occult proponents, or atheistic critics, but this time is for all us dreamers who ultimately desire a New Age in scientific and theological mergence!

Polonium Equation

World renown, nuclear physicist, Dr. Robert Gentry, through painstaking labor, made recently a discovery that may prove to pull the rug out from under conventional carbon dating, and proponents for the theory of a very old earth! The discovery by Gentry provides strong proof for a young earth, through crystallized structures embedded in rocks, known as Polonium Halos! When we examine these halos, with the aid of a microscope, we find three layers of radioactive emission, or rings, and if it indeed takes billions of years for active elements to decompose into more stable elements, such as iron, then why do we find Polonium halos actively embedded throughout the earth! What instantly happened to freeze, in place, Polonium crystals within the surface of the earth, and everywhere at the same moment in time? The three radioactive rings discovered by Gentry constitute the isotopes of Polonium 210, 214, and 218, in that order, and the only possible conclusion that, one can logically arrive at, is the element of an active force or designer at work! Apparently, this designing force embedded these crystals into the earth in such a way, that there has not been enough time for them to convert by natural processes! This is firm

Project Earth


evidence for the notion of a supreme creative agent, and that our current planetary configuration, can be traced back to the time of the Sumer/Eden scenario, and not by billions of years derived from faulty carbon dating methods. (http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/behe/icsic.html).

Reverse Entropy

Our world is in a state of total panic and chaos, and so I must ask myself-WHY? We know that, if there is an answer, then it must dwell within the infinite code of the invisible realm! The second law of thermodynamics, of which embraces several mass/heat/energy conditions, seems to be best suited, for the purpose of this discourse, within the concept of the order/disorder scenario engulfing the entire cosmic living cell. This concept indeed engulfs every level of existence, for every condition does obey the same law throughout the entire closed system. If the space surrounding and isolating one condition from another condition of existence, and both possess equilibrium of their own, if isolation is broken, for an exchange in matter/energy, then both may join in a shared equilibrium.

If then, the closed system of our physical matrix, defined as changing, interchanging heat/mass /energy, always expanding, in which overall disorder in the cosmos increases with time, then at some point it seems logical to assume, that it may return to a former condition, or we might say, join with the unseen supporting matrix! This indeed defines a future condition that I define as Reverse Entropy! If the long processes that brought humanity (and the cosmos) down a dark corridor, that tends the ground of isolation and disorder, are broken, and thus we merge through informational transference, then the physical cosmos reaches the desired state of fulfillment and thermodynamic equilibrium! This is the general message of the bible! Rebellion

Project Earth


initiated the isolation factor that separates our physical existence (environment) from a former condition of unity and LOVE-a world virtually unseen to us! We long to be spiritual, and we do experience the unseen essence of these powerful forces, but seem to be at a loss to join with them!

The Christ of the O and N T fulfilled the righteous requirements of the unseen powerful nature of the divine oracles! Thus, He in effect created a way for the future joining of the physical with the realm of eternity! Paul wrote, in 2nd Corinthians 4:18, that, material substance is temporal, but the realm of the unseen world is eternal! Messiah, the great time traveler, born of the seed of a woman, lived, laughed, cried, played, worked, felt, loved, and died to, eternally link the physical with the unseen. The prophecies concerning the physical birth, ministry, death, and resurrection of this God-Man are, to say the least, amazing, fascinating, and mysteriously intriguing. What a mighty God is He!

Final Thoughts

Historical data, rooted in various sources, culminates into basic foundational facts that present the whole puzzle of earth’s history! The universal ordeal begins with the origin of rebellion, leading to a great cosmic conflict over divine precepts of galactic proportions! In order to restore the former condition of universal order and harmony, the Eternal one (Master of the Universe) initiates the long-term-plan of Project Earth! Due to the exploits of the rebellious forces, the original project is sabotaged, resulting in a fall from original genetics, consummating in a global deluge!

Project Earth


Among the alliance in antiquities’ record, stands out the Hebrew, giving a specific cause for the cosmic war, and a solution through the seed of the woman! Ancient Hebrew prophecies pinpoint this promised Messiah (savior of the human seed), and through His physical sacrificial death, becomes the prototype of a new race, that will (through a future resurrection) recreate the first prototypes, and fully restore both project earth and cosmic order! Meanwhile the rebel forces are mustering the minds of vulnerable humans to further a plan of revolt against the 2 nd advent of the stone-Messiah, at the end of the age! After all opposing forces are destroyed; project earth is restored to the fullness of all its former glory! Thus, the sin virus (spirit of rebellion against the oracles of Yahweh) will run its course, and the negative forces will see the full result of their original conspiracy! Yahweh, in the end, stands tall, for His wise and patient method in implementing Project Earth. The long ordeal and the final chapter in rebellion, written and closed, and finally, the spirit of rebellion is no more, and will never rear its ugly head again! In addition, until that day it is a joy to, kickback, watching the science world bridge the divide of Modern Science and Ancient Documents!

Project Earth



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Project Earth


Project Earth 61 Are the mythical legends rooted in clay tablets, cylinder seals, huge megalithic structures,

Are the mythical legends rooted in clay tablets, cylinder seals, huge megalithic structures, and cave art, spread throughout every continent on earth-the record of heresy? Is there any way of finding out and understanding the truth surrounding physical life and cosmos? Are ancient Hebrew prophecies presenting to us the unveiling of the entire history of planet earth? Come with me on a journey through the vastness of space-time-matter as we seek to unravel the mysteries of ours and many other worlds within the great conglomerate scheme of the unseen eternal matrix!

Project Earth