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Topic 17: Oversea studying foreign language

1. Topic22: The idea of going overseas for university study is an

exciting prospect for many people. But while it may offer some
advantages, it is probably better to stay home because of the
difficulties a student inevitably encounters living and studying in
a different culture. To what extent do you agree or disagree this
statement? Give reasons for your answer. Oversea
Advantages of going abroad:
- Studying other languages abroad expands and improves our
abilities and job prospects.
- In addition, by studying or simply travelling abroad, we can discover
many differences in terms of culture, way of thinking, history, customs
and lifestyle; the awareness of these differences makes us more
tolerant and open-minded.
- What is more, we gain a broader experience of life in general.
- The students must have much more responsibility than ever.
- New friends that offer some advantages.

- Making a new friend is a good exercise to cooperate work with

What are disadvantages?
- alter the traveller''s way of thinking so greatly, that they lose their
cultural identity.
- If he or she integrates into the new society, they will almost certainly
meet difficulties when they try to readjust later to their own culture.
- Another potential problem is that the traveller or student may
become a victim of discrimination, and lose their confidence as a
- Since their behaviour and customs may be very different from those
of the inhabitants of the host culture, they may encounter negative
reactions unfriendliness, or even hostility, for example.
2. Topic 28p: motivation to learning plays a very important role
in the success of foreign language learning. Pd12
- what is motivation?
- Internal motivation: desire to learn a foreign language in order to
identify with that language speaking community.
- External motivation: need to learn it so as to pass an exam or to
meet certain requuirements of ones job.

- How internal motivation can help us studying foreign language?

- Want to belong to that community, and communicate with it
- Exp: a babe, a person married with foreigner.
- How internal motivation can help us studying foreign language?
- Want to communicate with counterparts.
- Promotion.
3. Studying the English language in an English-speaking country
is the best but not the only way to learn the language Do you
agree or disagree with this statement? ..\..\comprehensive
Why study in English speaking country:
- Language school.
- Pronunciation better.
- Teacher: native speaker.
- Culture
- Improved Listening reading writing speaking.
- In the non English speaking Highschool/university:Students must
work hard -> no adequate investment.
Why not study in English speaking country:
- Problems with homesickness

- Live with the Australians.

- Homestay. Advantage: money, parents help Dedication.
- Spoken English not good
- Study and living costs
- At home: Grammar skill good for later.
4. Difficulties for studying a new language:
At your age and level of language learning, there are some things you
can''t change. For example, you can''t change ...
the innate language learning ability that you were or were not born
your ability to distinguish between different sounds and your ability
to make them;
your power of memorization and recall.
5. Millions of people every year move to English speaking
countries such as Australia, Britain or American, in order to
study at school, college or university. Why do so many people
want to study in English? Why is English such an important
international language? cambridge 2- 169.
6. Why study English?
- It will enlarge your intellectual, cultural and emotional horizons.

- You experience the unparalleled richness of the narrative, drama,

poetry and other texts produced in English over nearly 1500 years.
- You can explore the variety, subtlety and complexity of the English
language in a wide range of uses.
- It deepens your cognitive skills of critical enquiry and aesthetic
sensitivity and your personal skills of clear presentation of ideas
and self-confidence.
- The best way to learn about the world
- Provide access to a larger range of knowledge such as in the fields
of literature, science and business.
- Most of databases and information are in English.
- International language.
- Promotion in career
7. How to study English well?
Reading and writing
- read newspaper and articles in English: take information of
concerned issues in English from net and read it.
- Try to read the English part of signs or menus rather than the
Vietnamese so you''ll know how things should be said in English.
- Use an English dictionary rather than a Vietnamese/English-

English/Vietnamese one.
- Keep a diary in English- 2 or 3 times a week if you don''t have time
to do it everyday.
- Writing email and letter in English
- Write autobiography in English.
Speaking and listening
- Speak English into a tape recorder rather than writing it.
- Thinking of my most beloved person, who I want to talk with and talk
alone with him/her.
- Not to be embarrassed about making mistakes;
- To ask questions when you do not understand something;
- To get into the habit of asking other Vietnamese-English bilinguals
the question, "How do you say __________ in English?" or ''What
does ___________ mean?";
- Get approach to foreign speaker.
- Listen to radio daily.
8. Talk about your English teacher (either your present teacher
or a teacher you have had in the past)
Describe your teacher
what is his or her teaching method?

why do you like/dislike him or her?

and how has he/she helped you with your language-learning
9. All secondary school students should learn a second
language cuc 26
Why should study second language in secondary school?
- the advantages offered by English.
- It is easier to learn a second language when a child rather than
when an adult, even if the second language is not used later in life,
the process of learning it is good academic training.
Why shouldnot study second language in secondary school?
- Few people ever need a second language,
- Time could be better spent studying more relevant subjects.
- Training teachers could be a significant drain on a countrys
10. The increasing role of English in the world means that the
learning of other languages is being neglected. Whats your
opinion of this statement?