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Electronics Sector Patent & IP Research

Arancas team of electronics engineers have executed several prior art searches, technology
landscape studies and patent drafting assignments in the electronics industry spanning multiple
technology domains like integrated circuits, control systems, semiconductors, microprocessors,
digital signal processing, display devices, power distribution, computerized automation, robotics
and other medical, home and industrial devices.
With over 3.2 million patents filed in the last decade, the electronics sector continues to be in the
forefront of innovation and Aranca is a valued intellectual property research partner to 70+
companies in this sector ranging from large semiconductor companies to start-ups, law
firms, universities and design houses.
Aranca: Patent Research Experience in Electronics

Material preparation (crystalline perfection, solder material, chip bonding...)

Fabrication Technique (wafer test, PVD, CVD, ECD, MBE, microlithography, Die preparation...)

Testing (scan chains, built-in self-test...)

Chip design (PCB, Flexible Circuits, IC design EDA, VLSI, Simulation, CDC Check, ATPG...)

Optical Cable (OFC, OFNG, OFNR, ADSS, Multi-fiber cable, Jacketing materials, PVC...)

Optical Isolators (magnetic isolators , capacitor-coupled isolators, GMR...)

Manufacturing techniques (cables material, SMF, MMF, coating...)

Attenuation control (light scattering, UV-Vis-IR absorption...)

Interconnect bottleneck (capacity extension, high computation/second , optical interconnects...)

Power Electronics

Power convertors (diode rectifier, power transistors, inverter, voltage control...)

Switch (MOSFET, BJT, IGBT, RF switch, thyristors, relays, toggle...)

Energy Management Circuits (regulator, SMPS, UPS, power automation, energy distribution...)

Signal Processing

Signal processing optimization (detection, filtration, recognition, compression...)

DSP Applications (audio signal processing, audio compression, digital image processing, video compression, speech
recognition, digital communications, RADAR, SONAR, biomedical signal processing, seismic data processing...)

Control Systems

Control circuits (design methods, HSPICE, SPICE, SCADA)

Sensors (MEMS, NEMS, transducers, thermostats , pressure sensors , trimmers...etc )

Microcontroller (real time control systems, EEPROM , flash, optimize interrupt latency, computerized automation...)

Robotics (human-robot interaction, sensing technique, dynamic balancing, synthetic voice...)

Biomedical (diagnostic & monitoring device for cardiac, neurological and urological, medical imaging technologies,
biosensors, glucose monitors...)

Home & Industrial Utilities

Home electronics & Accessories (MP3 players, games, audio equipment, cameras, home appliances, batteries...)

Communication (laptop, computers, mobile phone, FAX, tablets...)

Industrial utilities (display systems, process automations, monitoring and control devices, integrated panels, I/O
devices... etc)