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Federal Register / Vol. 73, No.

7 / Thursday, January 10, 2008 / Notices 1897

DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Signed at Washington, DC, this 3rd day of subject firm has increased from October
January 2008. 2006 to September 2007.
Employment and Training Elliott S. Kushner, As employment levels at the subject
Administration Certifying Officer, Division of Trade facility did not decline and there was no
Adjustment Assistance. threat of separations during the relevant
[TA–W–62,355] [FR Doc. E8–260 Filed 1–9–08; 8:45 am] period. Therefore, criterion
BILLING CODE 4510–FN–P (a)(2)(A)(I.A.) and (a)(2)(B)(II.A.) have
Hawley Products Incorporated, not been met.
Paducah, Kentucky; Notice of Should conditions change in the
Affirmative Determination Regarding DEPARTMENT OF LABOR future, the petitioner is encouraged to
Application for Reconsideration file a new petition on behalf of the
Employment and Training worker group which will encompass an
Administration investigative period that will include
By application dated December 12,
2007, a company official requested these changing conditions.
administrative reconsideration of the [TA–W–62,243]
Department’s Notice of Negative
Electric Mobility Corporation, Sewell, After reconsideration, I affirm the
Determination Regarding Eligibility to NJ; Notice of Negative Determination original notice of negative
Apply for Worker Adjustment on Reconsideration determination of eligibility to apply for
Assistance applicable to workers and
worker adjustment assistance for
former workers of the subject firm. The On November 26, 2007, the
workers and former workers of Electric
negative determination was issued on Department issued an Affirmative
Mobility Corporation, Sewell, New
November 8, 2007, and the Determination Regarding Application
Department’s Notice of negative for Reconsideration for the workers and
former workers of the subject firm. The Signed at Washington, DC, this 19th day of
determination was published in the
notice was published in the Federal December, 2007.
Federal Register on November 21, 2007
Register on December 3, 2007 (72 FR Elliott S. Kushner,
(72 FR 65607). The subject workers are
67965–67966). Certifying Officer, Division of Trade
engaged in the production of
The TAA petition, which was filed on Adjustment Assistance.
loudspeaker cones.
behalf of workers at Electric Mobility [FR Doc. E8–259 Filed 1–9–08; 8:45 am]
The determination was based on the Corporation, Sewell, New Jersey, BILLING CODE 4510–FN–P
Department’s findings that subject firm engaged in the production of mobility
sales and production of loudspeaker chairs was denied based on the findings
cones increased from January through that during the relevant time period, the DEPARTMENT OF LABOR
September 2007 compared with the subject company did not separate or
same period in 2006. During the threaten to separate a significant Employment and Training
relevant period, the subject firm did not number or proportion of workers, as Administration
import loudspeaker cones or shift required by section 222 of the Trade Act [TA–W–62,592]
production of loudspeaker cones of 1974.
abroad. In the request for reconsideration, the J.H.L. Fashion Inc., New York, NY;
In the request for reconsideration, the petitioner states that there were sixteen Notice of Termination of Investigation
company official stated that subject firm workers laid off from the subject firm in
May, 2007. Pursuant to section 221 of the Trade
production had decreased during the Act of 1974, as amended, an
relevant period and is closing. In determining whether there were a
investigation was initiated on December
significant proportion of workers
The Department has carefully 20, 2007 in response to a petition filed
separated or threatened with separations
reviewed the request for reconsideration by workers of J.H.L. Fashion Inc., New
at the subject company during the
and has determined that the Department York, New York.
relevant time period, the Department
will conduct further investigation. The petition does not contain three
contacted the subject firm’s company
valid worker signatures; therefore, the
Conclusion official and requested employment
petition itself is invalid. Consequently,
figures for the relevant employment data
the investigation has been terminated.
After careful review of the (for one year prior to the date of the
application, I conclude that the claim is petition and any imminent layoffs). Signed at Washington, DC, this 31st day of
After careful review of the December 2007.
of sufficient weight to justify
reconsideration of the U.S. Department information provided on Richard Church,
of Labor’s prior decision. The reconsideration, it was revealed that Certifying Officer, Division of Trade
workers were laid off from the subject Adjustment Assistance.
application is, therefore, granted.
firm during the relevant time period. [FR Doc. E8–256 Filed 1–9–08; 8:45 am]
However, overall employment at the BILLING CODE 4510–FN–P
yshivers on PROD1PC62 with NOTICES

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