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The Financial System in India: Markets, Instruments, Institutions, Services and Regulations
The book covers all the topics and areas on Indian Financial System in one book to assist undergraduate and
postgraduate students and teachers of management, economics, finance and commerce along with other related
professional courses of ICWAI, ICAI, ICFAI, CAIIB, ICSI and IITs in developing and understanding the various
branches and sub-branches of the country's financial system. The conceptual framework on various components/
structures of a financial system including financial institutions, financial markets, financial instruments/securities,
financial regulations and regulatory authorities is presented in detail. It brings to its readers the ever changing
organisational, structural, institutional, regulatory and policy developments in the financial sector of India. It
incorporates the chapters on latest topics with recent amendments and changes.
` 995.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5069-4

Education in Emerging India

samuel RAVI
This book gives a thorough account on the Indian Education systemfrom its inception to the present day, and
underlines the hurdles faced and the improvements needed to achieve a flawless system of imparting knowledge
to the students. The book talks about Education and its meaning, gives a thorough account of Philosophers and
Educationists of India and West, and further explains the recently revised education policies vis--vis Education
for All (Sarva Siksha Abhiyan), Education for Women (girl child), Education for the Children with Special Needs,
Education for National Integration, and Adult Education. The book is intended for the undergraduate and
postgraduate students of Education.
` 675.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5144-8

Introduction to Sustainable Engineering

Rag and remesh
This introductory textbook aims to make the concepts of sustainable engineering accessible to undergraduate
students of engineering. This will help them to keep in view the philosophy of sustainability while learning the core
subjects of their specialisations and will equip them with a set of tools for this purpose. In addition to providing
a broad-based introduction to the idea of sustainability and its relevance, the book talks about environmentrelated legislation, air and water pollution, solid waste management, local and global environmental challenges,
climate change and the steps taken at an international level to manage them. A set of questions, some of them
quite open-ended, are added at the end of each chapter to help students test their understanding.
` 195.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5153-0

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines

This comprehensive book is an earnest endeavour to apprise the readers with a thorough understanding of all
important basic concepts and methods of fluid mechanics and hydraulic machines. The text is organised in sixteen
chapters out of which the first twelve chapters are more inclined towards imparting the conceptual aspects of
fluid mechanics, while the remaining four chapters accentuate more on the details of hydraulic machines. Primarily
intended as a text for the undergraduate students of civil, mechanical, chemical and aeronautical engineering, this
book will be of immense use to the postgraduate students of hydraulics engineering, water resources engineering,
and fluids engineering.
` 695.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5117-2



Principles of Electronics
This book is intended for the undergraduate students of electrical and electronics engineering, electronics and
instrumentation engineering and electronics and communication engineering of various universities and state
boards of technical education. In the entire book the approach in explaining a concept has been to take the
reader from known to unknown and from simple to complex. Care has been taken to make the presentation
student-friendly by showing step-by-step procedures wherever necessary to hold the readers attention throughout
the book. The book has been developed on the basis of long experience of teaching technical students as well
as training technical professionals. It is hoped that the students, as well as, the teachers will find this book useful
and interesting to read. The book contains:
l In-depth presentation of all the key topics.
l Sufficient worked-out examples to support and reinforce concepts.
l Chapter wise key points to recall concepts and exercises as well as numerical problems with answers for practice.
` 495.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5124-0

Two and Three Wheeler Technology

Dearth of books in this area evoked the author's interest in writing a book, particularly suiting the requirement of
Indian curriculum offered to undergraduate and diploma students of Automobile Engineering. Besides, explaining
traditional and modern technologies of two and three wheelers, the book provides ample labelled sketches
showing assemblies for easy understanding of the systems. This well-illustrated including 2D and 3D Diagrams
not only support learning but also helps students in grasping deep knowledge text of the subject.
` 395.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5143-1

Applied Optics
Primarily intended as a textbook for undergraduate students of physics and engineering, the book presents a
comprehensive and rigorous treatment of lasers, fiber optics, holography, special theory of relativity, particle
nature of radiations, photoconductivity and photovoltaics. The text explains the concepts through extensive use
of line drawings and gives full derivations of essential relations. It includes several worked-out examples, solved
numerical problems, formulae at a glance and conceptual questions with their answers. The book also provides
a series of exercises containing theoretical questions, multiple choice questions and unsolved numerical problems
with their answers.
` 295.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5140-0




Introduction to Solid State Physics, 2nd ed.

Designed to meet the requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate students of physics for their courses in
solid state physics, condensed matter physics and material science, Introduction to Solid State Physics, in its second
edition, provides a comprehensive introduction to the physical properties of crystalline solids. Some new topics
like cellular method, quantum Hall effect, de Haas van Alphen effect, Pauli paramagnetism and semiconductor
laser have been added in the present edition of the book to make it more useful for the students.
The book includes:
l Numerous diagrams and figures to clarify the concepts.
l Step-by-step explanations of theories.
l Chapter-end exercises to test the knowledge acquired.
` 450.00
ISBN 978-81-203-5147-9

Abstract Algebra, 3rd ed.

Appropriate for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in mathematics, this third edition has new chapters
on Module Theory and Galois Theory, new solved problems and additional exercises in the chapters on group
theory, boolean algebra and matrix theory. Sufficient numbers of examples have been worked out in each chapter
so that the students can grasp the concepts, the ideas, and the results of structure of algebraic objects in a
comprehensive way. The chapter-end exercises are designed to enhance the student's ability to further explore
and interconnect various essential notions.
` 350.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5149-3

E-Commerce: An Indian Perspective, 5th ed.

The book, in its fifth edition, introduces a new chapter on E-commerce Laws and Taxation Issues. This edition
gives an overview of E-commerce, with its in-depth coverage of the whole range of the subjectfrom concepts
and strategies to techniques and technology essentials involved in launching and organizing a website and
overseeing e-transactions. The book features several comprehensive and diverse case studies and provides data on
Indian corporations as well as MNCs showing success and failure of their web-based electronic business models.
The book is suitable for courses in e-commerce for business studies at undergraduate or postgraduate level, and
also for the students pursuing courses in computer applications, information technology and information sciences.
` 450.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5154-7

Chemical Process Equipment: Design and Drawing, Vol. 1, 2nd ed.

The text is intended for undergraduate students of chemical and its related branches such as polymer engineering,
petroleum engineering, and pipeline engineering. It introduces the students and practicing engineers to the practices
and standards of drafting the equipment used in chemical, food processing, polymer engineering, pharmaceuticals
processing industries. The textbook follows the Bureau of Indian Standards BIS 6961972 specifications and
methodology of equipment drawing. In this second edition, a new chapter on computerized drawing method
has been introduced. For this Solid edge software has been used. Though the software itself guides the readers
through the making of drawing of the parts and their assemblies, guidelines to use software is also given.
` 250.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5150-9

Fundamentals of Optics, 2nd ed.

Primarily intended as a textbook for undergraduate students of physics and engineering, the book provides a
sound understanding of the fundamental concepts of optics. This thoroughly revised and updated text, now
in its second edition, covers a wide range of interesting topics such as Fermats principle, geometrical optics,
dispersion, interference, diffraction and polarization of light waves, optical instruments and lens aberrations. It
incorporates two new chapters, i.e., Fundamentals of Vibrations, and Wave Motion. It includes several workedout examples, solved numerical problems, formulae at a glance and conceptual questions with their answers and
also provides a series of exercises.
` 595.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5146-2



Amitav GhoshCritical Essays, 2nd ed.

Choudary (ed.)
This book, in its second edition, continues to be an anthology of critical essays, and deals with fictional as well as
non-fictional works of Amitav Ghosh. It focuses on Ghoshs idea and theory of the novel, postcolonial rationality
in The Circle of Reason, nationalism in the context of Partition in The Shadow Lines, and the East-West encounter
in The Calcutta Chromosome. This edition introduces critical analyses of Ghoshs two much talked-about books
from Ibis Triology: Sea of Poppies (2008) and River of Smoke (2011). The essays examine the plots of the two
novels highlighting the Opium culture being cultivated in India by the colonial powers. This book is meant for
the undergraduate and postgraduate students of English literature. Besides, all those readers who wish to delve
deeper into the works of Amitav Ghosh will find reading the text extremely informative, and useful.
` T.B.A.

ISBN 978-81-203-5132-5

Counselling Skills for Managers, 2nd ed.

Exhaustive work pressures, unmanageable deadlines, and over-stressed work schedules, often lead a manager
to a situation, where he/she fails to perform upto his/her potential. At that point of time, counselling becomes
mandatory for mental healing and positive outlook. In the second edition, the book continues to focus on
counselling concepts by delving on the issues of termination and follow-up, while discussing Counselling Procedures.
The book is designed for the postgraduate students of management and organizational psychology. Besides, the
book will also be useful for the practising managers and counsellors.
` 295.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5137-0

computer science and engineering


Concepts &
Microsoft Office

A Guide to
in JAVA ,
3rd ed.


The text is organized in two partsComputer

Concepts (Part-I) and Computer Applications
with Microsoft Office 2013 (Part-II). Part I
provides a general introduction to hardware,
software, the internet, social media, security
and ethics, while Part II offers instruction in
the use of the Microsoft Windows Operating
System, Internet explorer web browser, and
applications within Microsoft Office. The Student
Resources Disc, which accompanies this textbook,
contains documents and files needed to complete
topics and projects in Part II.

Primarily intended for the undergraduate students

of computer science and engineering, information
technology and computer applications, this text
emphasizes the basic concepts of programming
so that it can be applied to other programming
languages. The object-oriented approach to
programming is taught with an emphasis on
fundamental concepts including variables,
conditional control structures, loops, strings
methods, classes, arrays, and files. Case studies
are used to teach the good programming
methodology of specification, code design,
implementation, testing, and debugging.

` 625.00

` 375.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5156-1

ISBN 978-81-203-5155-4

Industrial Engineering and Management
Primarily intended for the students of B.Tech, M.Tech and MBA, this text covers the syllabus of Industrial
Engineering and Management, prescribed by the Indian universities. The book comprises 31 Chapters including
introduction of industrial engineering, functions of management, and various types of business organisations.
Topics related to facilities location, material handling, work study, and wages and incentives acquaints readers
with thorough understanding of industrial operations in practical life. It also discusses materials management,
inventory control, industrial relations, network construction, PERT, CPM and quantitative measures for decisionmaking. Use of numerous solved numerical problems, Illustrative figures and tables make the reading more
interesting and fruitful.
` 450.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5110-3

Wind Power Plants and Project Development, 2nd ed.

This book has Won the best publication award of 2011, jointly given by Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC),
Belgium and WISE Pune. In its second edition, it continues to give a wide and deep introduction to most
aspects of this renewable energy source. Based on the feedback from different quarters, most of the chapters of
this second edition have been enriched and modified. On popular demand from the mechanical engineers, an
additional chapter on 'Gear Systems in Wind Turbines' has also been added. As the previous edition, this revised
version will continue to enlighten electrical, mechanical, instrumentation, electronics and civil engineers as well.
Needless to say, this book will prove to be an asset even to those who already have the first edition of this book.
` 1495.00 (Hard Cover in Colour)

ISBN 978-81-203-5127-1

Practical Boiler Operation Engineering and Power Plant, 4th ed.

The book, with its emending and updated text, now in its fourth edition, presents the fundamental aspects of
various processes operated in a thermal power plant. Besides incorporating a new chapter on Environmental and
Safety Aspects of Thermal Power Plants and several new sections relating to various chapters, the text also offers
numerous revised sections for further value addition of the book. It is primarily intended for the undergraduate
students of power plant engineering, candidates who are preparing for Boiler Operation Engineers (BOE) Examination
and the students of postgraduate diploma course in thermal power plant engineering.
` 650.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5139-4

Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering: Thermodynamics, Mechanics, Theory of Machines,

Strength of Materials and Fluid Dynamics, 3rd ed.
Primarily intended for first year engineering students, this well-established and well-designed textbook, now in
its third edition, is based on the syllabi prescribed by the technical universities of India. The book presents the
fundamentals of thermodynamics, mechanics, theory of machines, and strength of materials in an easy-to-follow
mode. This revised edition incorporates a new chapter on Fluid Dynamics to meet the course requirement. It
provides a large number of solved problems culled from the latest university and competitive examination papers
which help in understanding theory and includes a series of objective type questions with explanatory answers
to help students in preparing for competitive examinations.
` 595.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5133-2

Engineering Physics, 3rd ed.
This book is written specifically to address the course curriculum in Engineering Physics for the first-year students
of all branches of engineering. This new edition of the book continues to present the fundamental concepts of
physics in a pedagogically sound manner. It includes a new chapter on Thermal Physics, which is essential for
core engineering students. Furthermore, topics like crystal growth techniques, estimation of Packing density of
diamond and the relation between three moduli of elasticity are included at the appropriate places, to improve
the understanding of the subject matter.
The book includes:
l Several numerical problems (solved and unsolved)
l Short and Long questions at the end of each chapter
l Model Test Papers with solutions
` 450.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5136-3

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, 2nd ed.
This highly recommended text for the students of finance, commerce, and management, in its second edition,
introduces two important chapters on Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT) and Option Pricing Theory. Besides
covering all major areas of investment in securities with suitable examples and illustrations, the book now explains
topics such as MCX-SX (the new stock exchange in India) and Value at Risk (VaR) Analysis. To make students
aware of vocabulary of investment and securities, the new edition introduces a glossary of important terms. The
book is also of immense value to the students pursuing professional courses such as chartered accountancy (CA),
cost and management accountancy (CMA), and chartered financial analysis (CFA).
` 295.00
ISBN 978-81-203-5130-1

Business Analysis: Solving Business Problems by Visualizing Effective Processes and IT

Solutions, 2nd ed.
The book, in its second edition, is a thoroughly revised edition, and continues to educate on how to resolve
problems through Business Analysis tools and frameworks in the change business processes and environments.
Divided into five sections, the book delves onto three important aspects of Business Analysis Processes,
Information and Systems. The book is designed for the aspiring Business Analysts. Besides, the book will be
equally beneficial for the students opting for the courses on MIS, Systems Analysis and Design, and Business
Process Analysis.
` 275.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5138-7

Strategic Management: Text and Cases, 2nd ed.

This thoroughly revised comprehensive edition on strategic management is aimed at providing expanded and
updated information on all the standard topics pertaining to strategic management. The basic question of the
readers as to what determines an enterprises differential performance has been given good treatment, and also
what constitutes good organizational performance in terms of organizational shifting coalitions, which need to
be balanced, has also been addressed. The book, now in its second edition, incorporates seven new chapters,
along with numerous case studies and chapter-end summary. This book is primarily intended for the students
of management and commerce.
` 525.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5128-8

Organic Chemistry, 2nd ed.
mehta & mehta
After a wide acceptance of this book by undergraduate students and the academics, the authors present second
edition which retains the balanced approach of the text. The book offers a range of pedagogical features and
further strengthens the text by introducing important tips and a number of solved problems. It contains 500
solved problems with suitable explanations, and over 275 examples and solved problems on IUPAC nomenclature,
with graded difficulty levels for clear understanding of the concepts. The section on explore more includes
more questions and their solutions, whereas a new feature Structures and mechanism not in order indicates
some common errors that students usually make in examination. With the help of this feature, the authors teach
them to use correct language of chemistry, whether it is a drawing of structure or writing a reaction mechanism.
` 695.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5126-4

Group Theory and Its Applications in Chemistry, 2nd ed.

Kunju & Krishnan
This book, now in its second edition, presents a lucid yet comprehensive coverage of the basic principles of group
theory and their applications in chemical theories. While retaining the thorough coverage of the previous edition,
the book now makes the reader familiar with some new sections on Direct Product, GroupSubgroup Relationships,
Effect of Descent in Octahedral Symmetry on Degeneracy, JahnTeller Distortion, GroupSubgroup Relationships
and Electronic Spectra of Complexes and Influence of Coordination on the Infrared Spectra of Oxoanionic Ligands,
Space Groups and also gives updated information on Projection Operator, SALC Molecular Orbitals of Benzene
and Molecular Orbitals of 1,3Butadiene. It is primarily designed for the senior undergraduate students and
postgraduate students of chemistry.
` 295.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5134-9

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` 395.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5123-3

jktuhfr 'kkL=k

` 350.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5131-8

Economics of Environment, 2nd ed.
This book, now in its second edition, continues to provide a comprehensive and coherent discussion of
environmental economics. The text begins with an overview of the interdependence of economics and the
environment. It then focuses on the theories and concepts from mainstream economics and describes how they
are applied to environmental issues. Finally, the book presents important national and international environmental
issues and legislations. The most obvious change in this second edition is the new chapter entirely focusing on
the interaction between economy and environment using the material balance model and examining the nature
of environmental problems. The book is specially designed for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of
` 250.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5135-6

Principles of Enzyme Technology
Khan & Khan
The sole aim of the book, primarily designed for the students of biotechnology, biochemistry and other life
science branches, is to help them in understanding the concepts pertaining to enzyme technology, rather than
merely providing them with the refined information. The cardinal concepts of enzyme technology are divided into
four partsstructure, function and characterisation of enzymes, characteristics and kinetics of enzyme catalysis,
regulation and mechanism of enzyme catalysed reactions, and applied enzymologythereby highlighting a
systematically organised textual presentation. Throughout the book, an attempt has been made to make the
book highly concept-oriented and appealing to the students across all disciplines including science, engineering,
medicine, and agriculture.
` 425.00

ISBN 978-81-203-5041-0

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