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4-5 Lab Streets Ahead

6-7 Hall of Fame

8 Short ‘n’ Sexy

9 High & Mighty

10-11 Latin Flavas

12-13 Collins

14-15 Hall of Shame

16 Breezes

17 Old’s Cool

19 Martini Station

20-21 Charlie

22 Shooters

23 Spirits

24-30 Wines, Champagnes & Beers

32-33 Lab Events


Prima Vera A refreshing mix of Polstar Cucumber Unbeetable A winning combination of Miller’s Gin, fresh
£6.90 vodka, Port and celery, with fresh £6.90 beetroot and thyme sweetened with a dash of
pineapple and lemon juices. Served passionfruit syrup. Served straight up in a cocktail
straight up in a cocktail glass. glass.

Grand Bigardia Grand Marnier and Campari muddled Slap ‘n’ Tickle Koko Kanu coconut rum and Plymouth sloe gin
Punch with fresh watermelon and lemon juice. £6.90 with fresh lemon and lime juices, sweetened with
£6.90 Served long over crushed ice. mango syrup and served on the rocks.

Kum What Wray Wray and Nephew Jamaican rum The Peach Tree Jim Beam whiskey, Pêche du Vigne and fresh
£6.90 muddled with fresh kumquats and £7.00 lemon juice with a hint of passionfruit and fresh
Limoncello, sweetened with passionfruit mint shaken and served straight up in a cocktail
syrup and Pêche du Vigne. Served glass.
Saga Branca A blend of Sagatiba Velha cachaça and Fernet
The Gobbler A bright mix of pineapple juice, caramel £6.90 Branca with fresh apple and lime juices
£7.30 and peach, double-teamed by Wild sweetened with vanilla sugar and shaken with a
Turkey 8-year-old, cut with lemon juice dash of egg white.
and smoothed with a stroke of
passionfruit gomme. Feijoa flip 42 Below Feijoa vodka complemented with vanilla
£6.90 schnapps, fresh lemon juice, vanilla sugar and a
dash of egg yolk. Shaken hard and served straight
up in a cocktail glass.

KFC Sazerac Buffalo Trace Kentucky bourbon, Fig jam and

£7.30 Caramel liqueur served in an absinthe-rinsed
glass. A new take on the classic.

Plata Passion Gran Centenario Plata tequila muddled with fresh

£7.00 limes, passionfruit and homemade honey water,
served frappé and finished with a Crème de Mûre

The Webster A twist on a classic. Plymouth gin and a hint of

£7.30 Green Chartreuse, chilled and served in a frozen
cocktail glass. Finished with a lemon twist.

4. 5.

Absolutely A large measure of Absolut Citron vodka muddled Queen of Bahia Sagatiba Cachaça, Crème de fraise and fresh
Crushed with fresh kumquats, lemon juice, passion fruit £7.00 strawberries muddled with lime and soft brown
£7.00 and soft brown sugar served frappe and polished sugar. Served over crushed ice.
with Mandarin Napoleon.
Rich Dog Wyborowa vodka and Passoa passion fruit
Kool Hand Luke Fresh limes muddled with dark brown sugar with £7.00 liqueur mixed with fresh grapes and passion
£6.90 a few drops of Angostura bitters and a large fruit puree, caster sugar, ginger cordial and a
measure of Myer’s Rum. Served over crushed dash of lemon juice.
Rapaska A large shot of Stolichnaya Raspberry vodka
El Torrito Appleton VX Rum, Vanilla liqueur, homemade £7.00 mixed with raspberry and passion fruit purees,
£6.90 vanilla sugar, fresh pear puree with fresh apple fresh apple, orange and lime juices. Served tall.
and lime juices.
Mantra Wyborowa vodka, fresh mint, fresh pineapple
Sweet Honey 42 Below Manuka Honey vodka, honey liqueur, £6.90 and passionfruit syrup muddled and served
Suckle fresh lemon juice and a dash of sugar syrup. straight up in a cocktail glass.
£6.90 Served frappé
Cascade Stolichnaya Raspberry vodka, homemade vanilla
Camphirina A whole lime muddled with a large measure of £6.90 sugar, Chambord liqueur, mixed with lemon and
£6.90 Campari balanced with caster sugar served in a cranberry juices and fresh raspberries.
sugar rimmed glass. Perfectly bitter sweet.
Socialite Stolichnaya Vanilla Vodka, Limoncello and fresh
Colraine Cooler Zubrowka Bison Grass vodka, apple and lime £6.90 lemon muddled with homemade vanilla sugar
£7.00 juices, Manzana apple Schnapps, vanilla sugar, and topped with Grand Marnier.
fresh mint and a crown of Goldschlager.
Spiced Swizzle Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum and fresh lime juice
Twinkle Chivas 12yo Whisky, Vanilla liqueur and £6.90 subtly sweetened with sugar syrup. Served tall
£7.30 homemade vanilla sugar. Served frappé. over crushed ice and crowned with Amaretto.

Very Berry A large measure of Wyborowa vodka muddled

£7.00 with a whole lime, fresh blueberries, blackberries
and caster sugar. Served over crushed ice with a
Crème de Mure float.

6. 7.

Madagascar A large measure of Appleton VX rum, fresh lime juice, Markee Makers Mark bourbon shaken with
Sour homemade vanilla sugar and Vanilla liqueur shaken, £6.90 Chambord, caster sugar, lemon and
£6.90 strained into a cocktail glass. cranberry juices with fresh raspberries.

D-Ception Pernod cunningly disguised and mixed with Stolichnaya Tall ‘n’ Dandy Stolichnaya Orange vodka, fresh pineapple
£6.90 Raspberry and Vanilla vodka’s, coconut cream and £7.00 and watermelon, apple liqueur, watermelon
fresh raspberries. liqueur, lemon juice and homemade vanilla
sugar crowned with licor 43. Served long.
Bon-Bon Stolichnaya Vanilla vodka, Limoncello, Butterscotch
£6.90 schnapps, homemade vanilla sugar and fresh lemon Red Hot Chilli Lemongrass and chilli infused José Cuervo
juice served on the rocks or straight up. Pepper Tradicional, homemade vanilla sugar,
£7.00 ginger beer and Deveaux champagne
La Reposado Don Julio Reposado tequila, Agavero tequila liqueur, crowned with a Goldslager float.
£8.00 Grand Marnier and orange bitters. Served straight up.
Soho Iced Tea Pisco, Sagatiba Cachaça, Myer’s rum and
Tiramisu A heavenly mix of Patron XO café Tequila with Mozart £7.00 Wyborowa vodka shaken with fresh lime
£7.00 white and dark chocolate liqueurs, mascarpone and Ginger cordial, topped with bitter
cheese, charged with espresso and garnished with lemon and a dash of Grand Marnier.
Labskyy Skyy vodka with fresh lemon a dash of
Chanteloup A combination of complimentary flavours. Reserve de £7.00 sugar syrup and passion fruit, topped with
£6.90 Martell is shaken with fresh pear puree, freshly cloudy apple juice and crowned with
squeezed apple and lemon juices and balanced with Chambord. Served frappé.
homemade vanilla sugar.
Solero 42 Below Passion Fruit Vodka, Teichenné
The Big A delicate blend of Jameson Irish Whisky, fresh apple £7.00 Vanilla and Passoa mixed with passion
Apple and lemon juices, Apple Schnapps and a dash of fruit and half and half. Served tall over
£6.90 sugar syrup for balance. crushed ice.

Gigolo Creole Shrubb orange rum and Limoncello shaken with Club Tropicana Havana Anejo Especial and Koko Kanu
£6.90 Aperol and Lemon juice. Served on the rocks or £7.00 rums mixed with a fruity combination of
straight up. mango, blackberry, and apple juices with
coconut cream.

Patatina Stolichnaya Strawberry Vodka and Fraise

£7.00 des Bois muddled with fresh strawberries
and balsamic vinegar charged with
Deveaux champagne.

8. 9.

Nuclear Daiquiri Wray and Nephew Jamaican rum, Green Tutti-Frutti Jose Cuervo Tradicional tequila,
£7.50 Chartreuse and Velvet Falernum, softened Margarita Cointreau and fresh lime juice blended
with fresh lime juice and sugar. Served £7.30 with your choice of fruit; raspberry,
straight up in a frozen cocktail glass. mango, strawberry, blackberry or
Mojito A large measure of Havana Anejo Especial
£7.30 rum crushed with fresh mint, lime, and Caipirinha Fresh whole lime, caster sugar and
sugar served over crushed ice. £7.30 Sagatiba cachaça served over crushed
La Cucaracha Jose Cuervo Tradicional tequila, Agavero
£7.00 tequila liqueur, lime juice, homemade Lime Daiquiri Havana Club 3yo rum, fresh lime juice
vanilla sugar, fresh passion fruit and fresh £7.00 and sugar. Served straight up or on the
apple juice. rocks.

El Presidente Havana Club 7yo rum muddled with mint Three Berry Appleton VX rum, Crème de Fraise,
Julep and homemade vanilla sugar. Lab’s twist on Daiquiri Crème de Mure, Crème de Framboise,
£7.30 a classic. Served frappé. £7.30 fresh lime juice and sugar syrup
blended with fresh strawberries,
Margarita Jose Cuervo Tradicional, fresh lime juice and raspberries and blackberries
£6.90 Cointreau served straight up, on the rocks
or frozen. Let us know if you would like salt. Kafir Leaf Jose Cuervo Tradicional tequila infused
Margarita with Thai kafir lime leaves shaken with
Orange Daiquiri Clement Creole Shrubb Orange rum, Orange £7.00 fresh lime juice and agave syrup.
£7.00 Curacao, fresh orange and lime juices, Served straight up or on the rocks.
orange bitters and sugar.

12. 13.
10. 11.

Created by John Collins, a bartender at Limner’s West Indian A large measure of Havana Anejo Especial rum,
street hotel in Conduit Street, London around 1800. Collins Koko Kanu rum, vanilla sugar, coconut cream and
Originally made with Genever gin, the drink has £7.00 lemon juice, charged with soda.
spawned an entire family of variants, some of
which include; Three Berry Blackberries, raspberries and strawberries with
Collins Wyborowa vodka or Tanqueray gin, fresh lemon
John Collins - Vodka £7.00 juice and sugar syrup charged with soda and laced
Sandy Collins - Whisky with all three liqueurs.
Pierre Collins - Brandy
Pedro Collins - Rum Elderflower A large measure of Tanqueray gin, Elderflower
Collins cordial, lemon juice, sugar syrup and maraschino
and the self explanatory Vodka Collins, here at LAB £7.00 liqueur topped with soda.
we have taken the classic combination of spirit,
lemon, sugar and soda and updated it for the Raspberry A large measure of Wyborowa vodka or Tanqueray
discerning modern drinker with the following Collins gin, raspberry puree, Chambord, lemon juice and
combinations; £7.00 sugar syrup topped with soda.

Blackberry A large measure of Wyborowa or Tanqueray gin,

Lemongrass Lemongrass infused Wyborowa vodka complemented Collins blackberry puree, Blackberry liqueur, fresh lemon
Collins by Licor 43, with fresh lemon juice and vanilla sugar £7.00 juice and sugar syrup topped with soda.
£7.00 topped with ginger beer.
Passion Fruit A large measure of Wyborowa vodka or Tanqueray
Peach & A large measure of Wyborowa vodka or Tanqueray Collins gin, Passoa passion fruit liqueur, fresh passion
Green Tea gin, green tea cordial, fresh white peach pureé, £7.00 fruit, lemon juice and sugar syrup topped with soda.
Collins lemon juice and sugar syrup charged with soda.
£7.00 Served tall. Strawberry A large measure of Wyborowa vodka or Tanqueray
Collins gin, strawberry puree, Strawberry liqueur and sugar
£7.00 syrup topped with soda.

Lychee Collins A large measure of Wyborowa vodka or Tanqueray

£7.00 gin, lychee puree, Lychee liqueur, fresh lemon juice
and vanilla sugar syrup topped with soda.

14. 15.

May Day Peach, strawberry and passion fruit Summer breeze Wyborowa vodka with Elderflower
£3.50 with ginger and fresh English apple £6.50 cordial, cloudy apple and fresh
juice, blended. cranberry juice.

Parade Passion fruit and raspberry purees Highland Breeze Monkey Shoulder triple malt whisky
£3.50 shaken with fresh apple, orange and £6.50 shaken with Crème de Mûre, fresh
lime juices. Served tall. pear purée and cranberry juice.

Just Melon Fresh watermelon muddled with Mayflower Plymouth gin mixed with Crème de
£3.50 cranberry, cloudy apple juice and a breeze Mure, blackberry puree and fresh
dash of melon syrup. Served tall over £6.50 cloudy apple juice.
cubed ice.
Melon breeze Wyborowa vodka and Techienné Melon
Bloody Shame Tomato juice with herbs, spices and £6.50 schnapps topped with fresh cranberry
£3.50 fresh lemon juice, served tall with a rib and cloudy apple juices.
of celery and a cherry tomato.
Sea breeze Wyborowa vodka mixed with fresh
Honey Ryder Fresh bananas, orange juice, passion £6.50 cranberry and grapefruit juices.
£3.50 fruit, natural yoghurt, honey and dark
sugar blended. Latino breeze Jose Cuervo Tradicional Tequila mixed
£6.50 with fresh mango purée, Orange and
Pussy Galore Fresh apple juice, passion fruit and lime juices, and Mango liqueur.
£3.50 mango purée with a hint of ginger.
Jamaican Morgan’s Spiced rum and Vanilla
Hustle Cloudy apple juice muddled with fresh breeze liqueur served long topped with cloudy
£3.50 raspberry and blackberry purée, £6.50 apple and fresh lime juices.
yoghurt and vanilla sugar.

16. 17.

Treacle Gosling’s Black Seal rum, Angostura bitters Flaming Zombie Appleton VX, Wray and Nephew and
£7.00 and sugar stirred to perfection and £7.50 Gosling’s rum shaken with apricot brandy
crowned with fresh apple juice. and fresh pineapple and lime juices and
flamed with Bacardi 151 overproof rum.
Old Fashioned A large measure of Woodford Reserve
£7.50 Bourbon, Angostura bitters and sugar Sidecar Reserve de Martell cognac and Cointreau
stirred over ice, with a zest of orange. £7.00 shaken with fresh lemon juice. Served
straight up in a sugar rimmed cocktail
Martinez Plymouth Gin stirred to perfection with glass.
£7.00 Martini Rosso, Maraschino cherry liqueur
and orange bitters. Served straight up in a Hemingway Havana Club Anejo Especial rum,
cocktail glass. Daiquiri Marachino liqueur, fresh grapefruit and
£7.00 lemon juices balanced with sugar syrup.
Bloody Mary Your choice of either Wyborowa lemon, Lab
£6.90 infused or pure grain vodka spiced and Rob Roy Macallan 10 year old whisky, Martini Rosso
mixed with tomato juice, fresh lemon and £7.00 and Angostura bitters. Chilled and served
served tall with a rib of celery and a cherry straight up in a cocktail glass.
The Godfrey A large measure of Martell Reserve de
Jerry Thomas A large measure of Wild Turkey Rye £7.00 cognac, fresh blackberries accentuated
Manhattan Bourbon, Martini Rosso and Grand Marnier with Crème de Mure and Grand Marnier
£7.50 with a dash of Angostura bitters. and a splash of fresh lemon juice. Served
on the rocks.
Singapore Sling Plymouth gin, fresh lemon juice and sugar
£7.00 poured over crushed ice, topped with Whiskey Sour A large measure of J+B Rare whisky with
ginger ale and laced with Cherry Herring £6.90 fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup, angostura
and Benedictine. bitters smoothed with a dash of egg white.
Shaken and served straight up with a
The Bramble A contemporary classic. A large measure lemon wedge and a cherry.
£7.00 of Plymouth gin complemented with sugar
syrup and lemon juice crowned with Crème
de Mure.

Clover Club A large measure of Plymouth gin with fresh

£6.80 lemon juice and a splash of Grenadine
shaken and strained into a martini glass.

French Martini Fresh pineapple juice shaken with

£6.80 Chambord and Wyborowa vodka.


Parma Violet Smirnoff Penka vodka, Archers peach schnapps, Blanc Martini Skyy vodka, fresh coconut cream and crème de
£7.50 Violet liqueur, orange bitters, lemon juice and £7.00 caçao, shaken and served straight up, dusted with
sugar syrup, served in a frozen cocktail glass. coconut flakes.

Lab Martini A large measure of Grey Goose Orange, served in Pomegranate Belvedere vodka, Passion fruit syrup, fresh mint,
£7.50 a frozen cocktail glass washed with Cointreau, Martini Maraschino syrup and fresh pomegranate shaken
with a zest of orange. £7.50 and strained into a cocktail glass.

Lychee A large measure of Plymouth gin, lychee puree, Raspberry Plymouth gin shaken with fresh raspberries and a
Martini Lychee liqueur and vanilla sugar served in a Martini dash of orange bitters. Served straight up in a
£7.00 frozen cocktail glass. £7.00 frozen cocktail glass.

Cider Apple A winning blend of Calvados, fresh apple and La Bohemian The new dirty martini. Plymouth gin stirred with
£7.00 lemon juices balanced with sugar syrup and £7.50 Noilly Prat vermouth and a dash of caperberry juice.
served straight up in a cocktail glass. Garnished with a plump caperberry and served
straight up in a chilled cocktail glass.
Bowling Shane A gentle blend of Krupnik honey and Zubrowka
£7.50 bison-grass vodkas with lime and apple juices, Espresso Wyborowa vodka, espresso and Kahlúa shaken and
jump-started with chilli and vanilla. Martini served straight up in a cocktail glass.
Martini Noir A unique blend of Plymouth navy strength gin,
£7.00 Opal Nera, Crème de Mûre and Limoncello chilled
and served straight up in a cocktail glass.

20. 21.

Classic A sugar lump soaked in Angostura bitters 118 – 118 An exciting mix of Patron XO café Tequila
£7.60 and Remy Martin VS; charged with Deveaux £4.90 layered with Jose Cuervo Tradicional
Champagne. Tequila.

Bellini Fresh white peach puree and Crème de Lemon Drop Wyborowa lemon vodka shaken with
£7.60 Peche, topped with Deveaux Champagne. £4.90 Cointreau and fresh lemon juice, served
with a sugar coated lemon wedge.
French ’75 Tanqueray gin, fresh lemon juice and sugar
£7.60 syrup, shaken and served in a flute topped Vincent VG Chambord and lime juice, layered with
with Mercier Champagne. £4.90 Hills Absinthe.

South A white sugar cube soaked in Orange bitters Purple Haze Wyborowa vodka, Grand Marnier and
Pacific with South gin and Violet liqueur; charged £4.90 fresh lime juice layered with Crème de
£7.60 with Deveaux champagne. Mure.

Rossini Fresh strawberry puree and Crème de Fraise, Fireball Frozen Kummel, Goldschlager and
£7.60 topped with Deveaux champagne. £4.90 Absinthe layered, ignited and dusted with

22. 23.
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