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Nothing but good news !

And Good people doing Great things!

From Arlington, Cherry, Ladd, Seatonville/Hollowayville,
Spring Valley,and Dalzell, Illinois

A John the Barber Foundation Publication


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Wow! Eiberger Story in June 2015

Issue Draws Great Response!
The story of the two Eiberger brothers who both gave their lives within a
month of each other in 1945 caused a number of readers to write in. Burl
George of Springfield wrote and submitted photos of the two men, Leonard
(left) and Earl (middle). Diane Eiberger Schallhorn of Dalzell wrote, I was
so shocked and humbled when I saw the article in this months Up Ravioli
Alley about the Eiberger Family. My father, Richard Eiberger, (right) was
the brother of the two Eiberger boys you wrote the article about in the June
newsletter. He also went into the service around the same time. Three
brothers went off to war and only one returned, my father. I believe they
lived on the farm north of Cherry where the old Romanelli farm was located. When the family moved to Spring Valley, they owned and operated a
restaurant which I think was across from Happys Gas Station. I am pretty
sure Leonards wife was Mary Tonozzi of Ladd and that is why he was buried there and in turn why Earl was buried there. Another reader wrote to
confirm that Earl is mentioned in the book Destination Vienna by Kevin
W. Edwards 2010. The book documents Edwards fathers story of being a
member of the crew of the B-24 Liberator bomber on which Earl was killed.
Edwards father parachuted, was captured, and lived to escape, return to
the US and tell his story. So interesting to read Destination Vienna and
see the references to Earl readying the plan to fly on an important bombing
mission over Europe. Long way from Cherry High School boy! Remember in
your prayers to say thank you to the Eiberger boys for all they did for us
back in Ravioli Alley!


(Mathew 6:19) Do not

store up for yourselves
treasures on earth,
where moths and vermin
destroy, and where
thieves break in and
steal. 20 But store up for
your selves treasures in
heaven, where moths
and vermin do not destroy, and where thieves
do not break in and
steal. 21 For where your
treasure is, there your
heart will be also.

Heres what people around the

country are saying about Up Ravioli Alley!

Rosemary Breidenbaugh of Edeinburg, IL formerly of Arlington/Peru writes,

Please accept my donation. Really enjoy Up Ravioli Alley! Keep up the Great
articles and news. URA really helps us Ravioli Alley transplants feel closer to
home! Thanks to all!
James Taliano Sr. of Spring Valley posted to the 'Up Ravioli Alley Newsletter' Facebook page (in response to the posting that the URA Facebook page had crossed
the '1,000 Likes' mark) 'Not Like it, Luv it!'
From Laura Dubbertstine via the Up Ravioli Alley Facebook message sytem
Graphic Electronics of Spring Valley deserves a huge thanks! They donated nearly
one hundred engraved picture frames to the eighth grade graduating class of JFK.
Who knows how many hours of manpower went into them! GE is a Great asset to
the Illinois Valley. We are very happy to have them here in Spring Valley! Thank
you so much!
Adrienne Ross Pozzi of Streator on Facebook writes, Great stuff! Thank you Up
Ravioli Alley
Giliola Burgoni of Acquaria di Montecreto, Italy writes on Facebook (in response to
the posting that URA Facebook page had crossed the 1,000 Likes mark), Great
news! Thank you Up Ravioli Alley.

Clara Barton, founder of

the American Red Cross,
was reminded one day
Loyal Downstate Up Ravioli Alley Reader Does Something A
of a vicious deed that
Little Bit Greatthe Power of Asking for Foregiveness!
someone had done to
look at the Facebook postings from loyal Up Ravioli Alley reader Jim Thomas
her years before. Still
Illinois. Man you dont see this every day! Like all of us sometimes do, Jim
she acted as if she had
never even heard of the posted some comments on Facebook at the end of a long day. But God would put Jim
in a unique position just a few days later.
incident. "Don't you reIt would be Great if we could all do what
member it?" her friend
Jim did. Check out the Facebook
asked. "No," came Barpostings belowthe first is from early
ton's reply, "I distinctly
June and the other just a few days later
remember forgetting it."
on June 6. Forgiveness man!

The John the Barber Foundation

P.O. Box 88
Cherry, IL 61317


Keep in mind, hurting

people often hurt
others as a result of
their own pain. If
somebody is rude and
inconsiderate to you,
you can almost be
certain that they have
some unresolved issues
inside them somewhere.
They have some deep
problems, anger,
resentment, or
heartaches they are
trying to cope with or
overcome. The last
thing they need is for
you to make matters
worse by responding
angrily. Forgive them.
Joel Osteen,
American Evangelist and

Fonderoli Family Doing Great Things (Again):

Italian Fest Food at Ladd 125th Raises Over $600 to Benefit
Residents of the LaSalle Veterans Home
Wow! Heres a big cheer for the Fonderoli family and their Great efforts to help
the LaSalle Veterans Home. Rich Corsolini, commander of the Ladd American Legion had contacted Tim Fonderoli about doing an Italian Food Fest in front of the
American Legion building during the Ladd 125th celebration. The group decided to
keep it simple by serving sumpanelli's and pasta frittas. Over 1000 sumpanelli's
were served and ten pounds of dough for the pasta frittas was prepared, rolled and
fried. Everything sold out in 45 minutes! The Fonderoli family decided the donations would go to the LaSalle Veterans Home in honor of Leo and Benjamin
Fonderoli who were veterans and for Jake Thompson, Leo Fonderolis brother-inlaw who resided at the home. (Photos below (L-R): Left is Nick Drummer (Leo
Fonderoli's grandson) of Arlington frying pasta fritta. Middle is Bob Fonderoli (son
of Leo FolderoIi) of Cherry, rolling pasta dough. Right is Tim Fonderoli (son of Leo
Fonderoli) of Cicero, IN, who helped organize the event with Rich Corsolini from
the Ladd VFW.)

We NEED your stories

about people from
your town doing
Great thingseither
now or in the past.
Please email or mail
to JTB.

DO SOMETHING GREAT! Have your family or business sponsor the printing of Up Ravioli Alley" for one
month! Email or mail John the Barber to learn how to do it!


Dont forget:
Cherry Pie & Coffee
Social Hour,
first Thursday
of each of month
1:30 p.m. 3:30 p.m.
at Cherry Church Hall.
Do something a
little bit Great and
bring someone!
Invite others to meet
you there!

Heres a few quick Rav-notes...

Bring a friend!

St. Thomas More Dalzell/Holy Trinity Cherry/St. Pats Arlington Youth Education/CCD Classes Could Use Your HelpPlease Do Something A little bid
Great.Need Instructors for 2015-16 School Year!
Heres a chance to do something a little bit Great! St. Thomas More Dalzell/Holy
Trinity Cherry/St. Patricks Arlington Youth Education/CCD classes are looking for
teachers and teachers assistants for the 2015-2016 school year. The first classes
will be held Sunday September 13, 2015 at 8:45 a.m. at the church halls in both
Cherry and Arlington. Being an assistant is a Great way for high school students
to earn community service hours and teaching experience. Please contact Julie
at juliehtc@outlook.com if you or someone is interest in helping us! Thank you!
St. Bede Coaches/Teachers John Bellino and Bernie Moore Hangm Up:
St. Bede is saying thank you and congratulations to their long time teachers,
friends, and supports Coaches John Bellino and Bernie More. What a Great career they both had! Can you believe, they both started together at St. Bede in
1974 with both going on to impressive and appreciated careers as teachers,
coaches, and leaders. Next time you see Coach Bellino or Coach Moore around
make sure to say thanks for all the Great things they have done. By the way,
not to be out done, Mrs. Leann Wilcoxen also is part of this retiring class, dedicating the past 30+ years to St. Bede students as both a teacher and owner of
many valuable and appreciated extra curricular activities. Thanks Leann!
St. Margarets Grief Support Group Doing Great Things: First meeting Tuesday
June 16 2015 6:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. at St. Margarets Hospital in the First Floor
Presentation Room. Anyone who is experiencing grief due to a loss of a loved
one is welcome to attend. Meetings are held every third Tuesday of the
month. For any questions, please call (815) 664-1402.
Seatonville Congregational Church, Independent Second Sunday Alternative
Worship: Sunday night, September 13, 2015 6:00 PM People can expect a
unique blend of traditional and contemporary worship, the proclamation of
Gods Word, and coming forward to The Table for Communion remembering the
sacrifice on the cross by Jesus Christ for our sins. All folks and families from the
Bureau and Illinois Valley region are invited to join us for this reverent worship
gathering. For questions or more information call Pastor Bill Jacobsen at 815894-2697.

Check out the Great shot of the

Dalzell Fire Department of 1911!
We recently spotted this Great shot on
Ebay. We were not 100% sure it is of
Dalzell, Illinois, but if you notice on the
lower center it reads Churchill Photo
which was a famous photo/postcard
house in Peru. Anyone out there think
they can identify a Dalzell ancestor? It
reads on the back July 21, 1911 Dear
Vera, what do you think of the Dalzell
Fire Department? It was taken last
Sunday at our picnic. Your bro, Jim






Heres a Great story you will like! Hoping it encourages you to do something
a little bit Great for someone you know!
In 2010, Jonny Yerly had been trying for some time to accomplish a dream of promoting handicap awareness
through his website. The website was host to a variety of Jonny Rod apparel and miscellaneous items, the sale of
which would generate funds that Jonny wanted to donate to promote awareness.
As you can imagine a small site such as this was difficult to maintain and even tougher to attain the large volumes of
sales needed to generate significant profits for the cause. So, the Verucchis mens softball team headed by Eric
Carls came up with the idea to create a tournament named the Jonny Yerly Classic to help Jonny raise more funds for
his cause. As the team and Eric started to plan it became evident that creating the non-for-profit organization
Jonny Yerly Foundation would be a key piece to their success.
The paperwork started at the state and federal levels to register the foundation as a formal non-for-profit organization. Eric enlisted the late Kevin Mason, as the organizations accountant and professional advisor to lead the
effort. Kevin, was a Great man, who worked with Horizon House as well, and helped the organization at no
charge.Kevin often told Eric, kid you just tell St. Peter this ones on the house. Kevin passed away a few years
ago and is dearly missed by Eric and the organization.
The first ever Jonny Yerly Classic was held in Cherry. The Verucchis softball team arrived in Cherry the week prior to
the event to resurrect the old baseball diamond. Ten teams participated in year one and the tournament weekend
was an overall success. They donated a portion of the profits to Horizon House and Lighted Way, and held back a
portion to help expand the following years event in Ladd.
The Jonny Yerly Foundation has donated thousands of dollars to Horizon House and Lighted Way, and in recent
years has donated items contained on each of the organizations wish lists. Donations have included computers,
printers, iPad, fish tanks, and many other needed items. A lot of work goes into the
weekend events but at the end of taxing effort, feeling exhausted, every minute is
worth it when you get see the look on Jonnys face when he hands out the trophies,
takes his pictures, and gives away his donations.
Please also visit the Jonny Yerly Classic website www.jonnyyerlyclassic.com or the Jonny Yerly Classic Facebook page for additional information and pictures of past
events. This year, year 6, Verucchis finally won the tournament and was able to give
Jonny the trophy hes been waiting for so he can put it in his room.
Erics cousin Michael DeAngelo is instrumental in helping him each and every year to
coordinate the details of putting on an event like this. Michael helps organize volunteers, prep the diamonds, and keep the days events moving while Eric oversee and coordinate the weekend.
Michael DeAngelo and Jonny Yerly with the winning trophy and signed game ball as
Verucchi's beat Ellie's 8-4 to finish out the Jonny Yerly Classic

Thank You Up Ravioli Alley/John The Barber for your Great Help!
Following is a thank you note we received from Kelly Boehm Delhotal of Spring Valley, thanking us for our efforts to
publicize her need to help. As you may remember, Kelly is recovering from breast cancer, not yet able to get back to
work, three kids at home to take care of. Kelly writes, I can never thank everyone enough...as a single mom with
three children under 16 at home going through this breast cancer diagnosis has been difficult...so many many worries...one of the biggest ones being my ability to still provide for my children while I can't work...thanks to Up Ravioli Alley and your kindness more awareness and in turn donations were generated...we truly could not have gotten
through this alone...it truly brings tears that you helped me feel less alone in my struggle...I am now one month out
from surgery and feeling a bit stronger each day both physically and emotionally...I hope very much to be back to work soon although it may be another
month...please know this burden was made much lighter by your efforts in our
direction and we feel blessed for your help...thank you so much from the children and I...keep up what you are doing knowing how very much it makes a
difference...it sure did in our lives...bless you each!!! Kelly Delhotal, Jed, Bentley and Ethan. (Thank you to those that mailed donations to John the Barber
for Kelly or donated on-line at her GoFundMe account Karing for Kelly. If you
have not had the opportunity yet, all would Greatly appreciate your help!)






Ravioli Alley Non-For-Profit Organizations All Showing that John The

Barber Spirit This Summer Do something a little bit Great and
> TAKE someone who doesnt get a chance to get out
> BRING a carry out to someone new on your block
> SEND in a donation if you cant make it

Eagle Rock Christian Center Back to School Rally: Saturday August 29, 2015, 1:00 p.m. 9:00 p.m., Eagle Rock
Christian Center 2930 Meridian Road (across from Dalzell). Music, food, school supplies, games, petting zoo,
bouncy games, prizes. Come join us for this FREE Family Fun Day!
Illinois Valley Center for Independent Living Rips Night Fundraiser: Monday August 31, 2015, 4:30 p.m. 7:30
p.m. Rips Tavern in Ladd. Fundraiser for the Illinois Valley Center for Independent Living. Dine in or carry out.
Raffles and drawings.
Seatonville Congregational Church, Independent A Cappella Gospel Concert:
September 5th at 6:00 PM A Cappella Gospel Concert featuring the acclaimed
quartet Blend. Plan on a special evening of great gospel music including many
classic hymns as well as some popular songs from the 1950s and 1960s to bring
you back on memory lane. Blend is also known to bring their audiences to laughter
as they weave comedy between their songs. This is a very family friendly show
and a free will offering will be taken for the group. For more information call the
church at 815-894-2697.
St. Thomas More Dalzell Chicken Dinner: Sunday September 13, 2015 St. Thomas
More Dalzell Hall. Baked or fried chicken, spaghetti, salad, bread, dessert, drink.
Adults $10, kids 6-10 $5, kids 5 and under are free.
Dick Snyder Golf Gathering and Texas BBQ to Benefit the Hall Food Pantry:
Sunday Sept 13, 2015. Registration 7:00 a.m., shotgun start 7:30 a.m. $60/player
includes golf, cart, cash prizes, Texas BBQ by Joe Bickett and of course beverages.
Cant make the Golf Outing? Just come to the Texas BBQ and Awards Ceremony at
12:30 p.m. - $20/person. Call Terry 262.358.0101 for more info. Register by mailing/dropping off check at
Spring Creek Golf Course, 286 Golf Course Rd., Spring Valley, IL 61362 (Deadline Sept 6, 2015). Proceeds benefit
the Hall Township Food Pantry where Dick was a Great volunteer for many years.
Parish of the Nativity of Our Lord Spring Valley: Thursday, September 17th from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM will hold
their annual luncheon. The cost of a luncheon ticket is $8.00.
Relay for Life of Bureau County Team Thrive Rip's Night: Monday, September 21, 2015 at Rip's Tavern, Ladd.
Serving will be for 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. with carry outs available. Cost of $8.00 per order. A bake sale and
raffles will be offered.
Third Annual Holy Trinity Cherry Fun Walk/Run to Benefit the LaSalle Veterans Home & Honor Flights:
Saturday September 26, 2015. Check in 7:30-8:45am. Opening Ceremonies & Color Guard 9:00am. Race Start
9:15a.m. Registration forms available at State Bank of Cherry & North Central Bank, Ladd. Sponsored by Holy
Trinity Cherry and dedicated to the memory of Lori Guerrini. Contact Alan Ring at (815) 303-3312 for more information and to register.
Mark Your Calendar! Holy Trinity Cherry Dueling Pianos Fundraiser 2015: Keep Eyes Open for more info in
upcoming issues of Up Ravioli Alley. Holy Trinity Cherry Dueling Pianos fund raiser! Friday, October 16, 2015.
Make the evening a mini family reunion and buy a table.Great time for mothers, fathers, sons, daughters,
nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles! Fun time that you will all long remember!