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Nate Rodriguez

Dr. Carter
But Dont all Religions Lead to God? by Michael Greene
Michael Greene writes a short but very dense book about the common question, But
dont all religions lead to God?. Greene points out the first mistake of this belief by pointing
out a common misconception among people which states that it doesnt matter what you believe
in as long as you are sincere in your beliefs. He shows why this is a false generalization by
providing many examples. For instance, Hitler killed many people and Jews during World War 2
and was very sincere during the process of the genocide. However, even though Hitler was
sincere during this mass murder, it does not make it right for obvious reasons. Then he takes
another step in the book by showing that not all religions lead to God. He leads the audience by
taking them through multiple religions such as occults, imperial, ascetic, revelatory, and a few
other religions. Furthermore, he breaks down each type of religion and demonstrates that each
religion is different from one another and very different from Christianity. He concludes this
thought by showing that not all religions have a divine superior being, and if they do, they dont
seek a true companionship like Christianity does with God. The next point that Greene makes
after proving that not all religions are alike is by showing how Jesus makes Christianity special.
He doesnt try to show how Christianity is necessarily special due to the fact that it has caused
war and death, but how special Jesus is compared to leaders of other religions. Greene gives
several examples as to why Jesus is completely different to other religions. One point being the
fact that Jesus has made one of the biggest impacts on Earth, if not the biggest impact, and He
continually makes an impact on the world. Greene then goes on to show that Jesus provided a

radically different teaching than a lot of other religions. On top of teaching this religion, Jesus
was able to live it out. He didnt contradict his teachings like other leaders, but tried to show his
followers how to live a perfect life. After Greenes many points on what separates Jesus from
other religious leaders, he talks about how we should also spread the gospel in a loving manner,
and finally concludes his book by saying it is never too late to accept Jesus because Jesus always
has his arms open.
Nothing can truly explain this book and how big of an impact it has unless a person were
to simply read it. I dont usually read books and nonfiction books for that matter, but this book
enticed me in a way that was different than others. One reason why I was interested in how
religions were different (which this book did an excellent job explaining) is because I have asked
this question myself. I felt as if I couldnt truly tell a person why they should convert to
Christianity over another religion just by telling them that their religion is wrong and Christianity
is right simply because that sounds incredibly biased. The other reason why I loved reading the
book was because of how fluid of a writer he is. Every thought, word, paragraph, and page
flowed so smoothly together that it was hard to stop. It was as if the next point that he was going
to show was in the next word. Basically, if Morgan Freemans words were to stick on paper, the
book is how I imagine it to look like. It is truly attention grabbing.
Furthermore, there were several quotes that stuck out to me while reading this book. The
reason being is that they make me think in a totally different way and take my relationship with
God to a whole new level. Moreover, a quote that hit me right off of the bat was when Green
said that Christianity special isnt but in fact Jesus is special. The reason why he says this is
because Christianity, like other religions, has many flaws and has caused just as many wars and
deaths as other religions. This hit me because this is an atheists biggest argument. Atheists tend

to say that if our God is such a loving and caring God, then why does He allow all the war and
sickness, and why is Christianity so ruthless? Basically, when Greene said that Jesus is special
because he was loving and caring, it disproves the atheists main argument. Christians are able
to say that this isnt Gods plan, and if they, atheists, truly want to see what God is like, then all
they have to do is look at the life of Jesus. All in all, what the statement did was give me one
more tool for my toolbox in my work as a Christian or one more proof as to why Christianity is
different to all other religions. The next statement that hit home with me was the one about how
big of an impact that Jesus has made on this world. It never had really occurred to me that Jesus
had made such a substantial impact, and He did it all through love. He didnt do it by owning the
best clothes or the coolest shoes or even by hanging out with the most popular people. In fact, he
did it totally opposite. He wore regular clothes, wore regular shoes, and hung out with regular
people, and the reason why he made such an impact was because he did everything through love.
He showed equality to all and loved everybody the same. He didnt give better treatment to the
Pharisees or Sadducees, and he didnt threaten people with death, but threatened them with love
and knowledge. It basically turns the world upside down. It goes against almost everything that
the world says. For me, this quote just gave me a realization of how great Jesus really was, is,
and is going to be. He wasnt great just because he never sinned which dont get me wrong, that
is truly amazing, but he was also great because he turned the world upside down with His love
and affection. This book is hands down the best book I have read because it made think and
showed me ideas that had never been revealed to me, and if these ideas had been revealed to me,
I never truly understood their full meaning. All in all, it is easy to say that I enjoyed this book,
and it has helped me take my faith deeper and not just faith but courage. It has made me an even
stronger Christian.