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San Jacinto

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Listen carefully to your teacher read a dialog. Answer the questions that
follow. Encircle the letter of the correct answer.
Its recess time. Rita, a new pupil in the school, joins the line
of pupils buying food for recess. She talks to the Canteen Lady.
Rita: I have 50.00. What can I buy with it?
Canteen Lady: Well, you can have an egg sandwich and a
Rita: Okay, Ill take them. Heres the money.
Canteen Lady: Here they are, and heres your change.
Please, count it before
you go.
Rita: Yes, thank you!
Canteen Lady: Youre welcome.
1. Where is Rita?
a. In the school canteen
c. in the playground
b. In the library
d. in the classroom
2. How much is her money?
a. 25.00
c. 50.00
b. 30.00
d. 40.00
3. What does she buy with her money?
a. Chips and juice
c. toys
b. An egg sandwich and a juice
d. chocolates
4. When does the conversation take place?
a. Lunch time
c. recess time
b. Dinner time
d. class time
5. Why does Rita talk with the canteen lady?
a. She asked what she could buy with her money.
b. She asked for help.
c. She asked for money.
d. She asked where the library is.
II. Read each sentence carefully. Encircle the letter of your answer.
6. Would you like to be nominated? What is the correct intonation?
a. Falling intonation
c. rising-falling intonation
b. Rising intonation
d. falling-rising intonation
7. Anybody can give a nomination. What is the correct intonation?
a. Rising intonation
c. rising-falling intonation
b. Falling intonation
d. falling-rising intonation
8. The record shows he won. How the underlined word used in the sentence?
a. noun
c. verb
b. adverb
d. adjective
9. Leah received a very satisfactory grade for good conduct. What is the
meaning of the underlined word?
a. marks
c. dress
b. attitude
d. drawings
10.Which group of words is a sentence?

a. Joins the line

b. Its recess time.
c. Mother and I
d. The grocery store
11.We take a short tricycle ride to the store. Which is the simple subject?
a. Short
c. take
b. We
d. ride
12.I borrowed a book about knights from my friend. Which is the simple
a. I
c. friend
b. Book
d. borrowed
13.Moons revolve around the sun. What is the correct form of the sentence?
a. Simple
c. complex
b. Compound
d. complete
14.The music and the rhythm shall cheer us or give us hope. The correct form of
the sentence is?
a. Simple
c. Complex
b. Compound
d. Complete
15.You enjoy the ball games ____ I enjoy the cheers.
a. and
c. or
b. but
d. because
16.Justin brings a waterjug _____ he goes hiking.
a. when
c. where
b. unless
d. so that
17.I like farming ____ it is very challenging.
a. when
c. because
b. so that
d. unless
18.I didnt readily see the rock _____ it was covered by moss.
a. although
c. because
b. unless
d. where
19.What part of the book is also known as small dictionary?
a. Text
c. Index
b. Glossary
d. Title Page
20.Contains the year when the book was published and copyright notices.
a. Title Page
c. Copyright Page
b. Appendix
d. Introduction
21.Sarah Geronimo stayed for a while for ___________ signing.
a. autograph
c. photograph
b. biography
d. paragraph
22.We squak and scream at the top of our voice waking our neighbors. Squak
means _________.
a. top
c. waking
b. scream
d. voice
23.Intramuros is actually a pentagon, a figure with five sides. Pentagon means
a. Intramuros
c. actually
b. a figure with five sides
d. figure
24.The stress in the word fantastic is in the ___ syllable.
a. first
c. third
b. second
d. fourth
25.The primary stress in the word elementary is in the __ syllable.
a. first
c. third
b. second
d. fourth
Which word spelled correctly?
a. Receive
b. Riceve

c. recieve
d. ricieve

a. delicate
b. dilekite

c. delikate
d. delichate

a. Mesage
b. Sorry

c. comaa
d. arrange


Choose the synonym of the italicized word in each sentence.

29.Earthworms burrow into the soil and make it more fertile.
a. Lend
c. open
b. Dig
d. sleep
30.Our books were cheap when we first bought it.
a. Inexpensive
c. special
b. Extraordinary
d. expensive
31.The young couple gave their only child a birthday party.
a. Grief
c. husband and wife
b. Trust
d. near
Choose the antonym of the italicized word in each sentence.
32.Carol reads many short stories.
a. Long
b. Small
33.Bright lights lined up the alley.
a. Shine
b. Dim
34.I like hot bath.
a. Wet
b. Cold

c. interesting
d. colorful
c. big
d. white
c. dry
d. clean

Determine the word that has the same vowel sound as the word on the

a. bank

b. park

c. rake


a. come

b. room

c. dome


Choose the correct syllabication of the given words.


a. tem-per
a. litt-le

b. te-mper
b. lit-tle

c. tem-p-er d. te-mp-er
c. li-tt-le
d. li-ttle

Choose the correct meaning of the underlined word.

39.An additional question will be asked to break the tie.
a. One of the beams laid across a railroad bed
b. An accessory tied around the neck
c. To connect or link
d. A draw in a contest
40.The plot of the movie was written carefully.
a. A small piece of land
b. An element of a story
c. A secret plan
d. To represent graphically
Change the following sentences from indirect to direct speech.
41.Lily requested Andrei to kindly close the door quietly.
a. Andrei kindly close the door quietly, Lily requested.
b. Close the door Andrei, asked Lily.
c. Lily said, Close the door quietly.
d. Andrei close the door, Lily said.
42.Cristina told John to answer the phone.
a. Answer the phoneCristina told.
b. John answer the phone, told Cristina.
c. Cristina said, Answer the phone John.
d. John answer the phone, Cristina asked.
Read the story and answer the questions that follow.
One day, Juan, a poor man living in a barrio, met a good fairy in the
forest. Juan told the good fairy about his poverty. The fairy wanted to help Juan, so
she raised her magic wand and pointed it to a piece of wood. Immediately, the
wood turned into gold. She gave it to Juan,but he is not satisfied with the piece of

gold. What more do you want? asked the fairy. Juan replied, I want your magic
wand. The fairy was very disappointed and left Juan with nothing.
43.Who are the characters in the story?
a. Juan
c. fairy
b. Juan and a good fairy
d. forest
44.Where did the story happened?
a. Forest
c. lake
b. Pond
d. beach
45.What is the ending of the story?
a. The fairy gave the magic wand to Juan.
b. The fairy was very disappointed and left Juan with nothing.
c. Juan became very rich.
d. Juan married the fairy.
Tell the character trait described in each of the following.
46.Jose thought happily, Mother would be pleased to have swans meat for
supper. Jose must be_____.
a. a thoughtful son
c. an industrious son
b. a kind son
d. a lazy son
47.The king of Pajajaran was very happy to receive a wonderful gift from heaven.
He distributed the rice among the people. The king is ____.
a. a cheerful king
c. a generous king
b. a wealthy king
d. a greedy king
48.A rich man handed the beggar some P20.00 bills. The beggars eyes turn big
and her lips curled a smile. Then she loudly said, Thank you sir. May God
bless you! The beggar is ______.
a. Grateful to the rich man
c. mad at the rich man
b. Angel in disguise
d. disappointed to the
rich man
49-50. Follow the given directions carefully.
Draw a rectangle
Write your name inside the rectangle

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