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February 28, 2010 | number 18 The Dutch newspaper in Olympic Vancouver

Time to say goodbye

It has been fun, my friend. All those days in the Holland Heineken House, celebrating dances we danced. But when it comes to partying and having a good night, it looks
and cheering together, eating hotchpotch and drinking beer. Sometimes we just like we were quite the same. Goodbye, my friend. Let’s hope we meet again in Sochi
didn’t understand each other, with all the different songs we sung and the different in 2014. Photo: Sander Stoepker

Curlers in great
style to gold
Canada yesterday won their thirteenth
gold medal of the Olympic games of Van-
couver. The undefeated men’s curlers beat
the Norwegian team with 6-3. In a tight
battle at the Vancouver Olympic Centre
Canada kept an iron grip on the final
early on and were never behind throug-
hout the 10 ends. Skip Kevin Martin said:
“Finally, it took a long time, but the hard
work was worth it.”
Photo: ANP
2 The Daily Dutch international

Red and orange,

a perfect combo
For eighteen days, the Netherlands and with Mark Tuitert and Ireen Wüst in the 1.500
Like every Canada came together for one big party. meter speed skating event. But there were also
Olympic ga
everywhere mes, the pi
ns were They celebrated their medals, cried after disappointments with the team pursuit and the
losses and enjoyed the Dutch hospitality in bobsleigh team.
the tenth edition of the Holland Heineken Team Canada delivered, according to their total
House. amount of gold medals, one of their best games
ever. After not winning one Olympic title in
By Mathijs Vuister 1976 (Montreal) or 1988 (Calgary) , Alexandre
Bilodeau won the first gold medal in the moguls’
From the moment Clara Hughes walked in BC event. Many of his teammates followed his lead
Place with the Maple leaf, until Kevin Martin and made sure that Canada topped their total of
won curling gold for Canada. Together, we saw seven gold medals, that was set four years ago
Sven Kramer win gold on the 5K, and loose it in Turin.
on the 10K. We witnessed Joannie Rochette pay In the evening, the Holland Heineken House be-
a tribute to her deceased mother and Nico- longed to the party people. It didn’t matter that
lien Sauerbreij win the first snow-gold for the most of the music was Dutch. The Canadians
Netherlands. loved every song. Definitely, the most spectacular
The Dutch and Canadian visitors in the Hol- performance came from DJ Armin van Buuren.
land Heineken House delivered some terrific Although the 10K didn’t deliver the expected
moments, and experienced it with each other. gold that day, the audience went nuts when Van
Sitting side to side on the floor, eating a kroket Buuren showed up.
sandwich, or chatting together at one of the Tonight, the doors will close, and the Minoru
picnic tables. Arena will come back to life. Perhaps, there will
For the Dutch, the Olympics of Vancouver are still be some orange left in the building. Just, for
one with mixed feelings. There were surprises the memory of these last eighteen days.
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Lots of y Wotherspoo
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Ireen Wü
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e 1.500 met her gold
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All the
Ca Krokets, fries with m
Heineken nadians loved th you loved our Dutch
House e Hollan

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h C van Riessen
Marco Bors anadians and Dutch sen and Laurine
ato stole
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, Annette Gerrit le br at io n
medal ce
enjoyed their

mayo or hotchpotch: ber 100

food it! Num
a u e r b reij did The perfect comb
ination: the maple
Nicolien ounting and Delft blue leaf
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and stil
4 The Daily Dutch International

Surprise act by Tuitert

Release, that was the keyword for last night’s par-
ty in the Holland Heineken House. The medal
race is done, so the Dutch athletes got the chance
to party, even if it was for one time only.

By Marlot Hak

While house band De Coronas is ready for their last

song and the arrival of DJ Ben Liebrand, it’s speed
skater, and gold medalist Mark Tuitert who takes
another shot at glory. Next to speed skating, Tuitert
has another passion he would like to share with the
crowd: rock music on guitar.
Accompanied by De Coronas, he plays Neil Young’s
‘Rockin’ in the free world’. “That’s the only song
I’m able to play straight out of my head,” Tuitert
says, almost like a true rock star. “I was watching
the band, and thought they were really good. When
they were ready for their last song, they invited me
on stage. I had a great time.”
“That was totally mad,” Hans Vorstenbosch of De
Coronas yells, just after they walked of the stage.
The complete band is really excited about Mark’s
performance. “He can play with us more often, the
crowd went wild. Definitely, it was the best song of
the evening. We gave him a high-five behind the
podium, and asked what was tougher: speed skating
or a playing guitar on stage. He said: “With speed
skating, I get exhausted. When I play rock music, I
get more energy.”This definitely was a highlight for
us during these Olympic games.”
In the Medal Ceremony Hall, Tuitert’s surprise
performance is the talk of the night. “Fantastic, he
was playing very well, and he was rocking himself Olympic champion Mark Tuitert on stage. Photo:Tobias Bos
as well. That surely was terrific to see.” Fleur Bes-
seling says. here was a little bit dull. Although the audience Simon Kuipers, Jan Blokhuijsen and Mark Tuitert,
The sisters Nathalie, Lisette and Marianne couldn’t was in for a party, the four speed skaters, who won a smile arrived on their faces. Tuitert: “Of course,
believe their eyes when Tuitert entered. “We heard bronze on the team pursuit event but didn’t get the yesterday we felt terribly disappointed. But today
that he did it four years ago, at the Olympics in expected gold, were not able to they were happy we wanted to get our revenge, to show the Dutch
Turin as well. It was great fun to watch him.” with their medal. crowd what we are really made of. And I think we
Before the party evening really started, the atmosp- When the crowd started to applaud Sven Kramer, did.”

‘Let’s make sure everybody is happy’

18 days, 9 musical guests, 16.500 kroket sandwi- wanted to visit our place.” is inside happy to be here. I think that Heineken,
ches and over 120.000 visitors. Put it all together Instead of having 3.500 guests in the House, secu- the Dutch Olympic Committee and the complete
and you’ve got the perfect mix for the tenth edi- rity would hold people when there were 3.000 in- Holland Heineken House crew were the basics for
tion of the Holland Heineken House. side. Stolk: “We wanted to show the good, friendly this success. Their perseverance made this an unfor-
side of the Holland Heineken House. Every visitor gettable experience for lots of visitors. All honour
By Mathijs Vuister should have some space to dance.” to them.”
But even when you put only 3.000 people in the
Find a place, where Dutch sportfans can celebrate same room, things can get out of control. Stolk was
their athletes, where they can socialize and have very pleased with the attitude of the Canadian visi- Colophon The Daily Dutch
some fun. Minoru Arenas turned out to be the tors. “It’s very nice to see how well Canadians listen Tobias Bos, Pim Brassien, Twan Clarijs, Richard
perfect place where the Netherlands and Canada to authority and are able to wait. Even when we Geeve, Marlot Hak, Paul de Lange (coordinator),
could celebrate together. And celebrate, they cer- told them there wasn’t any room left, the Canadians Rens Lieman, Gert-Jan Peddemors (coordinator),
tainly did. left nicely. That was great to see.” Marjolein Reezigt (lay-out), Ingrid van Rooijen,
Pascal Stolk, project manager of the Holland Hei- After doing the same job during the Olympic Femke van der Veen, Mathijs Vuister (editor).
neken House, was surprised by the success. “After games of Beijing in 2008, Vancouver 2010 will be The international edition of The Daily Dutch is made by
three days, we knew that we hit the jackpot. It was the last Olympic games for Stolk. “You’ve got to students from the School of Journalism in Utrecht,
The Netherlands
great that so many Canadian and Dutch sport fans know what you want to do: make everybody who