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Flores, Roi Laurence L.

Reflection on Thesis Proposals
Thesis Title: AMIE The Ayala Museum of Industrial Ecology
This is my favourite thesis proposal from all of the thesis that Ive
watched. Because from start to finish the one presenting seemed to be very
prepared and that his confidence never fades throughout the presentation.
His project is pro- sustainable development from its concept through its
strategies. And it is just right because his project is museum of industrial
The design concept of the thesis proposal was Innovation through
Intersection. The site was located inside the Metro Manila in Pandacan Oil
Depot. It was strategically placed at that site to show the people how
sustainability can change the negative effects that is happening now to our
environment. The building is very much sustainable because of its
photovoltaic wall which can generate electricity for the building and also the
orientation maximized the wind path. Having an unlimited supply of
ventilation to the building.
Thesis Title: AgroVerde Leisure Park: Leisure for Optimal Nutrition
I also enjoyed watching this thesis presentation because of the
innovations the designer incorporate on its design. Like the vertical farming
which can save space, water, and money. And then there is a restaurant
which all the resources are from the vertical farming itself.
The project is a leisure park where green architecture is incorporated in
the overall design. There are also commercial spaces and research facility in
the area. All the buildings are made primarily of wood and the whole area is
surrounded by trees so the feel of the site is truly nature like. Some of the
students who watched the presentation this can be a candidate for the thesis
of the year.
Thesis Title: E-Bamboo Metropoli: A Research and Development
Facility for Industrialized Engineered Bamboo
This thesis remind me of the thesis of the year last year by the
bamboo king. This project is a research facility dedicated to producing
engineered construction materials out of bamboo. It is suitable here in our
country because of the unlimited supply of local bamboos here in our

country. It can also help the economy if the country will export the product to
neighbouring countries.
The building construction used bamboos as the reinforcement for the
wall instead of steel. It is possible because bamboo, like steel, also have the
flexibility required as a reinforcement. Actually bamboo replaced all the
components that we normally see as steel like the mullions on the curtain
wall and other components.