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Cheat Sheet

Symantec NetBackup 7.5 Cheat Sheet

What is it?
Symantec NetBackup with Symantec V-Ray technology is the one solution with the competitive edge
to drive new add-on sales and professional services. Take the lead with your customers as their trusted
partner to transform and modernize backup and recovery. NetBackups new integrated NetApp Snapshot
replication management, technology to accelerate thousands of backups, award-winning VM protection,
and integrated deduplication everywhere will help your customers improve backup performance, reduce
storage and administration costs, and minimize business downtime. Market-leading NetBackup with V-Ray
technology unifies data protection and is trusted by more customers worldwide when recovery is needed
whether from disk, tape, appliance, snapshot, or cloudphysical and virtual.

Take your conversation to the next level




VP of IT

Concerned with:
Cutting IT costs, and improving business
and efficiency.
Anything that saves money, like
deduplication and virtualization, will be top
of mind.

Symantec simplifies the protection of your information

by automating advanced technologieslike
deduplication and virtualizationand standardizing
operations across applications, platforms, and virtual
environments. You can reduce storage and operational
costs, while maximizing operational efficiency.

of IT

Concerned with:
Doing more with less and reducing storage.
Providing cost-effective and efficient IT
operations management.
Meeting service-level commitments such
as performing backups within allotted
time windows.

More companies today are turning to disk and

deduplication technologies to facilitate faster backups,
reduce storage, and speed disaster recovery.
Symantec provides all this, while allowing you to
centralize and standardize all backup and recovery

Concerned with:
Meeting SLAs regarding the availability and
protection of data.
Technical) Ease of use.

NetBackup streamlines operations by centralizing

data protection on a single, robust, heterogeneous
platform. This enables you to take advantage of
technologies like deduplication, snapshots and
replication, physical and virtual machine protection,
and so onso that you can better meet your SLAs.
Furthermore, NetBackup is easy to use because it
doesnt require knowledge of multiple consoles.

Whats new?
The NetBackup 7.5 release emphasizes availability and performance in protecting mission-critical data
and applications in virtualized and physical environments. This release contains the following new features
and improvements.
NetBackup Replication Director simplifies and accelerates snapshot replication management and granular
file-level recovery from any NetBackup-managed replicated snapshot image.
NetBackup Accelerator reduces traditional full backup times to the speed of incremental backups, reducing
the stress of achieving RTO/RPO of the most demanding SLAs.
NetBackup Search simplifies and accelerates the ability to conduct searches across the entire NetBackup
environment and to place those results on legal hold for eDiscovery and better retention management control.
Enhanced VMware integration with vCenter and vSphere 5, automated VMware protection, application
granular recovery from VMware backups, and disaster recovery.
Greater NetBackup 5200 series functionality for VMware environments, expanded capacity, and increased
system security and hardening.

Operational Restore using OpsCenter to easily find files or directories across multiple locations from an easyto-use web-based interface, which enables first-line help desk employees to handle end-user restore requests.
Cloud-Based Data Protection is easily enabled with the seamless extension for the movement and storage
of data from the premises to a growing list of cloud storage providers.
Also, new platform support to provide automated Bare Metal Restore of more platforms and
configurations, to expand embedded deduplication, and to address market needs for database agents.

Why should existing customers upgrade?

Unite physical and virtual machine backupsBy upgrading to the latest version of NetBackup, customers
will quickly discover how easily they can protect their entire infrastructurephysical , virtual, applications,
and serverswith a single, integrated backup and disaster recovery solution.
Reduce management and storage requirements for virtual serversIntegrated virtual and physical
deduplication capabilities in NetBackup dramatically reduce backup storage requirements by up to 50
percent and reduce bandwidth consumption up to 99 percent.
Meet recovery objectives with flexibilityRapid granular recovery of entire virtual machines,
applications, or files/folders from a single-pass backup helps meet the most demanding requirements.
Recover quickly in the event of disasterIntegrated disaster recovery and physical-to-virtual (P2V)
conversions enable customers to get systems backup up and running quickly, whether to same hardware,
dissimilar hardware, or a virtual environment.
Efficient application recoveryRecover individual files in seconds with patented Granular Recovery

Ask your customer

1. Are you running VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V in your environment?
NetBackup 7.5 with V-Ray provides deep visibility into VMware and Hyper-V environments for fast and
efficient backup and recovery. V-Ray enables backups of entire VMware or Hyper-V guests, with the
ability to recover at the virtual machine, virtual disk, application, and file/folder level, all from a singlepass backup.
2. Do you use multiple applications to protect your physical and virtual environments?
NetBackup 7.5 unifies physical and virtual protection with a single console that can protect your
entire environment. This enables you to take advantage of deduplication across physical and virtual
environments, thus reducing network bandwidth usage even further, as well as further reducing storage.
3. Would you like the ability to complete backups within the allotted window AND reduce the amount
of storage consumed by backups?
NetBackup 7.5 uniquely offers integrated deduplication and archiving technology to optimize any
backup environment. Client/source deduplication can make backups significantly faster, enabling you
to complete backups well within your backup window and to reduce the amount of storage used for
backups. Also, with NetBackup Accelerator, traditional full backup times are reduced to the speed of
incremental backups, lowering the stress of achieving RTO/RPO of the most demanding SLAs.
4. Can you recover individual files all from a single-pass backup?
NetBackup 7.5 includes patented Granular Recovery Technology. Recover just the information you need
in seconds from a single-pass backupan individual email in Exchange, a document or list Item in
SharePoint, or even a single user attribute in Active Directorywith no need to reboot or spend hours
restoring everything.

Symantec proprietary/confidentialinternal and registered Symantec Partner Program participants and other partners under NDA use only.

Cheat Sheet

Symantec NetBackup 7.5 Cheat Sheet

5. Do you have a disaster recovery strategy in place?
NetBackup 7.5 is a seamless, automated solution that can be used to quickly restore systems, even
to dissimilar hardware. NetBackup 7.5 can also convert backups of physical machines into virtual
machines, enabling instant disaster recovery in a virtual environment.

Granular recovery of data can be performed only after staging the original backup to an alternate location.
NetBackup does not require additional staging and can perform granular recovery from a single-pass backup.
CommVault requires twice as much storage for VMware backups. Single-file restore functionality requires
double the amount of storage space as VMDK and single file data stored separately.

What to Sell?

vs. EMC: NetWorker, Avamar, and Data Domain

NetBackup is available in three editions to support organizations ranging from SMBs to large enterprises.

EMC has three separate products under its backup and recovery solutions umbrella: NetWorker, Avamar,
and Data Domain.


Target Market


Number of

Available Agents
and Options


Enterprise to
Enterprise Server large enterprise

3-tier (client,
media server,
master server)





Mid-market to

2-tier (client,
media server)


All except for the

Shared Storage
Option and
Enterprise Client


Starter Pack


2-tier (client,
media server)

5, 20, or 40

All except for the

Shared Storage
Option and
Enterprise Client

Yes, includes
server, clients,
tape drive,
and database

Agents and options for databases, applications, disk, tape, and disaster recovery
NetBackup agents optimize the performance of critical databases and applications, while NetBackup
options enhance data protection environments with features that include virtual tape library support,
deduplication, offsite tape media management, and more.
Please contact your channel partner or Symantec sales representative for SKUs and pricing for NetBackup 7.5.

vs. Veeam Backup and Replication v5
A backup application for VMware virtual environments.
NetBackup unifies physical and virtual protection with a single console that can protect your customers
entire environment, including physical, VMware, and Hyper-V. Today Veeam can only protect virtual
environmentsthis means that the physical server Veeam resides on is not protected unless you have a
separate backup solution.
Deduplication is also an advantage for NetBackup. Veeam cannot deduplicate across backup jobs. Veeam
puts backup job data into separate backup containers which cannot deduplicate across one another.
For file/folder recovery, Veeam requires mounting of VMDKs and the copying of data across the network.
Also, in order to index, Veeam has to go back and scan the backupindexing cannot be done in a single
pass. This is a very complex and slow process.

NetBackup Platform protects completely, stores efficiently, and recovers anywhere. EMC needs three
different, loosely integrated products to deliver all that NetBackup Platform offers.
NetBackup offers the most flexible choices for deployments, form factor (software or appliances),
deduplicate anywhere (source, media server, or target), and type (in-line or post-process deduplication).
With NetBackup appliances, you are not locked into a hardware platform, unlike EMCs Avamar and
Data Domain offerings. If needed, the software license from the appliance can be transferred to another
hardware platform and vice versa.
NetBackup Intelligent Deduplication is integrated into NetBackup where the unique V-Ray visibility
into data streams makes it possible to see the actual object boundaries. This visibility enables efficient
deduplication data streams unlike EMCs processor-intensive approach.

Cross-selling opportunities
The Symantec NetBackup 7.5 product portfolio provides a way to easily increase each and every deal:
Attach NetBackup with every new server, application, and VMware or Hyper-V virtual server sale to further
build a complete and differentiating solution.
Propose NetBackup appliances
NetBackup 5200 series backup appliances: single-vendor enterprise backup appliances with deduplication
NetBackup 5000 series deduplication appliances: scalable deduplication appliances for the enterprise
Quickly grow your deal size by adding NetBackup Agents and Options with new sales or while renewing
maintenance for existing customers.
Cross-sell other Symantec solutions, such as Symantec Enterprise Vault, Symantec Endpoint
Protection, or Symantec ApplicationHA for comprehensive protection.
Provide additional add-on installation service opportunities or professional services to further grow your margin.

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vs. CommVault Simpana 9

Simpana provides backup, archive, and recovery software with integrated source and target deduplication.
NetBackup offers several flexible configurations, including client, media server, target and third-party
appliance deduplication of virtual and physical machines, as well as in-line and post-process.

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research studies and analysis.
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