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The different about word 2007, 2010, and 2013

Differences Between Microsoft Office 2007

and 2010
Microsoft updated its Office suite of applications in 2007,
giving the suite a new look and dozens of new features that
enhanced the Office experience over previous editions.
Three years later, Microsoft released Office 2010, which
further updated the Office applications and added some
features not included in Office 2007.
Office 2010 has improved functionality in many areas. When
the 2007 Microsoft Office system was released, a significant
difference from Office 2003 was the introduction of the
ribbon in the User Interface (UI) for Microsoft Office Access
2007, Microsoft Office Excel 2007, Microsoft Office
PowerPoint 2007, Microsoft Office Word 2007, and parts of
Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, The UI changed from a
collection of menus and toolbars to a single ribbon
mechanism. The Office2010 suites maintain the ribbon and
have some new features. The ribbon is now available across
all products of the office2010 suites so moving from one
application to another is seamless. In addition to changes in
the ribbon, the Office2010 suites background is now a gray
color, by default, whereas the2007 Office system
background was blue.
The following table describes the differences in UI elements
between Office2010, the2007 Office system, and Office2003.

In Office 2010: The ribbon replaces menus and toolbars

across all Products of Office 2010 and can be fully

In Office 2007: The ribbon replaces menus and toolbars

in Access2007, Office Excel2007, PowerPoint2007,
Word2007, and parts of Outlook2007.

Microsoft Silverlight is a technology that works in the
browser and on the desktops that brings many Microsoft
Office experience to life with amazing video, animations and
interactivity. Microsoft recommends installing Microsoft
Silverlight along with Office to improve the information
worker user experience with Office2010. Specifically,
Microsoft Silverlight enables better online experience with
Office Online, Power the Office 2010 interactive guides
(available with Office2010), improves the performance of
Office Web Companion applications and help with the
process of uploading Office document to cloud services.

If I write some code to manipulate the document in
Word2007, the user has no way to undo that code.

Spelling Checker
The spelling checker is now integrated with automatic
correction in2010.

Differences Of Microsoft Office 2013

Here we look at the new Microsoft Office 2013 Features and
- A new Read mode in Word 2013
- A Presentation mode in Word 2013
- Improved touch and inking in all of the Office programs.
- Insert video and audio from online sources in Microsoft
- Capability to broadcast documents on the Web.

- Touch mode along with touch enhancements.

- Flatter look of the Ribbon interface and subtle
animations when typing or selecting (Word 2013 and
Excel 2013)
- Outlook 2013 now has a new visualization for scheduled
- New graphical options in Microsoft Word
- New Start experience
- New alignment lines when moving objects

New slide designs, animations and transitions in

Microsoft PowerPoint.