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INSIDER Uncomnron Classmates

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the services."
It's atratlblazing program, its
two lead_
ers say, noting there,s nothing
like it within
For peace, *hich hls mo;;;"
rzu chapters nationally. As for
this metro
Duff acting Ar..ro. ofUl*uu"_
Kee Lounfy Veterans Service Ofice, says.
T lo, awase of any other
group that,
out and seel<s homeless vets.,,
Foreman, a retired .l.-..rtury
teacher, was
in Vietnam only fi# *..1o
his hq *_u-, blown offJoh";;;
ooor gunner in Vietnam, came
home with
less-visible mental scars. He
well that today's vets *iX.rft,
traumatic stress disorder, often
maskeh as
cifian lif. Tr;;;t #"
lfl.i1**q to peopre, b-k;;;;;s*,
JoD layoffs. ".6efore you know it, you caribe
on thestree!"Johnion says.
The homeless vets initiative
is 100 per_
cent donor-funded. In 2009,
it r...irrJJ
about $20,000 from individu^lr,.rrou-J

Homeless Heroes keep the effon alive

month for 5O-hour woit *."t
r.I" fu;;_
Try,d. initiative received un u"onyniouJ
A n,atio-nallynotable initiative donation of $5,000.The recession
helps local veterans makes
get back funre fu nding unpredictable.
ontheirfeet. tuys.4ns$fi.a d,#-" lhe initiative's first goal is to establish
contact, not easy given that
homeless vets
t s 5 a'm' in earlv are shlled ar living in the
lanuarv- stilr pitch dar( and a shadows. And
inches by day's end.Gmperat'res dusting of snow wirl become
10 rnen to build trust. The ultimate
are in the t".nr,--a o.r.nisJohnson goal;
ing out in search ofhomeless is head_ help the vets find shelter and
veterans. acc3ss the
also get other n...*i,i"r,
a van from the National T:^Tgnb
A"..i'?.' Fliry
a' ;i..k 3*i"..
working with a driver and
##rffiffi-rTll;*Tft::o I1'r{r"T,but
cell phones, rransporration,jobs
known hideaways bridge
- :::n ^ accounrs, so
11: oTk
""a..p.rr.r,;il.n ar.*r,ru"ndoned warehouses. they can b.come
ff X,U,tm516f
;'r;#;;''il*#i-^uk.Ho*.r.,,v.iJinnnu- This selI-relrant.
Since it started, the initiative
"Hel'o' anybody there?"Johnson , has helped
. gcntly announces at..Tent ciry,,,a aDout /5 vets get back on rheir
* *"'':c forested spor
;;J lna-i. n.,,u*it.t L, r-'.,ii' sonestimates. Its newest eftr.t
in roirres
ff'?rurt "rX*r:,'
h il#' "d' complete with a shanty,
yorking with local landlord. *t o ar. ,..rt_
and a snow_co**O *.Oli&squaners,camp, J._.i ing several homes to vets, with
National surveys estimate
ab^out 25 percent of th;.,homgless
"*, ,h.
also hiring them to do construction;;;
son hgures there are almost4o0 are veterans, soJohn- and
il;; Nffi; - o*., agencies providins shoft-
and some stay at the Mirwaukee ro..r,
all just started out wjth
term housing. "They might,ha" ,"This rwo zuvs
rn.j,.,, j"irrr"*luyr. "nu, they doni haveio_.r.,.
tu,kins Suf; to the VA, or h.tpir;
.ond they mav have troubre alever they needed, "Johnson"recalls.
getting ," ,i,r, ilr,dJ.;:i.,l ff:::"-"-"
notes Mark Foieman, who
;iffi t*#TtTil:qll'jfi
", "m.. f;tp ror ve,crans,
#ri'r";;::::,::1l.lj"-','9': notJust dropping them ofl
,he auspices .,,r.
go where the homeless are
m*::fu ,"
Ing^by_lhem in a personal
"In Vietnam,"he adds,,you
but stick_
and ,rr.r ii-r.- rt rrr. ir"o, Iiterarly, to bring thcm ro learned that
you never leave your buddies
Photo by Danzaitz behind.,,i
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