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Saurabh Garg Ph: (919)601-8291

12952A Grays Pointe Road

Email: saurabh@gargs.com
Fairfax VA 22033

Summary of Software developer with several years of experience developing and implementing enterprise
content management systems. At present, very passionate about the Mac and iPhone
Qualifications development platforms.
Programming Objective-C, Cocoa, Core Data, iPhone SDK, Java, DQL,
Languages/Frameworks DCTM Server Methods, JavaScript, VBA, XML, HTML, SQL,
Java Servlets, JSP, Struts, JavaBeans, VBA
Content Management Products Documentum Content Server 5.x/6.x, DFC and BOF, Webtop,
Application Builder, Application Installer, Workflow Builder, Site
Caching Services, Documentum Desktop, Captiva InputAccel,
Captiva Dispatcher
Application Servers WebLogic, Tomcat, JBoss, Oracle
RDBMS Oracle 9/10, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access
Revision Management/Bug
CVS, Subversion, Trac, ClearQuest, ClearCase
Tracking Tools
Professional EMC Proven Professional Associate
Certifications/Accreditations EMC Captiva Accredited InputAccel System Administrator
EMC Captiva Accredited Dispatcher System Developer

iPhone/Cocoa Saurabh has been using his off-time to learn development on the Mac since 2007, and on the
Experience iPhone since 2008. After having picked up on Smalltalk for a graduate class, the Objective-C
based Cocoa frameworks were fairly easy to learn. Related skills:
• Objective-C language fundamentals
• Core Data
• Objective-C memory management
• Data persistence using SQLite
• Core Location
• MapKit
• XML Parsing
• Basic 2D drawing
• iPhone UI design

AOL Inc., Software Engineer Nov 09 –Present
Currently working as the lead developer on the AOL Autos iPhone App project. The app is targeted
to be a research tool for help with buying new and used cars, along with multiple social networks
compatibility. Technologies used: SVN for source control, configuration management for
automated builds, Xcode, Core Data, Core Location, Cocoa Foundation Framework, JSON
• Participation in design and user experience sessions with the product and testing teams.
• Generating regular software builds.
• Actively resolving various software bugs.
• Track on-schedule delivery with the help of internal Wikis and build release notes.
• Providing an interface between development and testing teams.
• Integrating internal frameworks into the final product to provide a unified experience.

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Saurabh Garg Ph: (919)601-8291
12952A Grays Pointe Road
Email: saurabh@gargs.com
Fairfax VA 22033

Beach Street Consulting Developer Jan 08 – Jul 09

Memphis City Schools Imaging Specialist
Implemented an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system with the goal of reducing and/or
eliminating paper based processes. The goal of the project was to automate the business tasks of
student record requests fulfillment and HR New Hire form generation and records archival using a
combination of the InputAccel Suite, Documentum Content Server, Webtop, and TaskSpace.
• Installed and configured a complete Captiva InputAccel and Dispatcher environment.
• Created custom InputAccel processes to automate student and HR record ingestion, data
ingestion, and archival into the Documentum Content Server.
• Created custom Captiva Dispatcher projects for the records.
• Participated in design reviews with various stakeholders.
• Provided on-site support.
• Demonstrated final system to the client.

Government Printing Office Documentum Developer

The Federal Digital System (FDSys) is an advanced digital system that enables GPO to manage
Government information in a digital form. Main functions of the system include – publishing,
searching, preservation, and version control. Saurabh is currently working on a production system
to address these functional requirements from the new system.
• Created, maintained, and updated the Documentum object model pertaining to the
prototype FDSys application.
• Created a prototype archiving and publishing workflow.
• Created custom Java methods and Documentum TBOs to enhance out of the box
functionality provided by Documentum Content Server for the prototype and the
production application.
• Participated in the bug review and resolution process post-development using ClearCase
and ClearQuest.
• Collaborated with various FDSys teams to deliver a functional application.

National Science Foundation Documentum Engineer

Architecting and implementing a Documentum based Records Management solution for the
retention, retirement, and disposal of their physical and electronic records pertaining to awarded
and non-awarded grants.
• Installed Content Server D6 SP1, Documentum Retention Policy Services, Documentum
Records Manager, Documentum Webtop, and Documentum Administrator on the local
server and client environment.
• Set up distributed development environment with several extended client modules to
support more robust performance monitoring across the solution
• Developed a prototype records management application based on customer needs and
requirements, and gave a demonstration to the client.
• Documented and architected the requirements for a more robust production

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Saurabh Garg Ph: (919)601-8291
12952A Grays Pointe Road
Email: saurabh@gargs.com
Fairfax VA 22033

Fannie Mae Documentum Engineer

Developed and deployed a prototype document capture, classification, and retention system using
EMC Captiva/Documentum suite of products as part of the QAS mortgage classification and
record-keeping pilot. Responsible for:
• Installed Content Server D6 SP1, InputAccel Server, and Dispatcher modules on local
• Set up distributed production environment with several extended client modules to support
more robust performance monitoring across the solution
• Prepared extensive documentation to help customer re-install products on other
environments and gave successful demonstration of products features
• Worked with various groups on site to design high level implementation plan and
managed uniformed product licensing across the solution

Matrix Technologies, Inc. Developer Jan 06 – Dec 07

Saurabh started his career as a Documentum consultant with Matrix Technologies, Inc. after
graduating from graduate school. Received training and support for development and
implementation of Documentum based ECM systems. Prepared component design documents,
installed Documentum content server, developed workflow methods, and customized web
Nortel Networks Documentum Developer

Part of a small team comprised of a Project Manager, system architect, and four developers.
Worked on the content authoring workflows and end user web application customization for the
Nortel Technical Documentation Archive (NTDA), an XML based document delivery and retention
• Enumerated design requirements, and prepared a design document for the authoring
environment of NTDA 2.1
• Completed extensive workflow customizations
• Installed, configured, and migrated a repository to Content Server 5.3 SP5 from version
5.2.5 SP3
• Set up Site Caching Services, BEA WebLogic 9.2 cluster, and DA for the development
and staging environments
• Successfully upgraded older Docbasic based workflow methods to Java methods
designed to run on the Documentum Method Server
• Created a TBO to validate business logic at the time of content check-in
• Developed extensive reporting modules to auto-generate reports based on a new custom
object type
• Added new searching and reporting functionality to the Struts based end user web
application, modifying and adding various JSP components in the process
• Authored inclusive installation and environment configuration manuals to help document
the repository migration, as well as assist future developers
• Performed general Solaris administration tasks and shell scripting

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Saurabh Garg Ph: (919)601-8291
12952A Grays Pointe Road
Email: saurabh@gargs.com
Fairfax VA 22033

Medtronic Documentum Administrator/Developer

Performed in a dual capacity as a Documentum administrator and developer with major focus on
assisting the development team with installation, extension, and management of the extensive
Documentum based content repositories.
• Participated in requirements gathering and design of the Regulatory Global Dossier
System (RGDS)
• Helped create custom scripts to manage users and ACL’s
• Customized existing Documentum workflows
• Installed Content Server instances along with Webtop and DA for testing, development,
and production environments
• Helped clone and upgrade running repositories and the codebase
• Developed Java based workflow methods
• Performed some Webtop UI customization
• Involved in the installation and configuration of a WebPublisher instance

Graduate Research
North Carolina State University Aug 01 - May 06
Saurabh was a member of Dr. Edward Gehringer’s ‘Course Database’ Research Project that aimed
at providing a central repository for course related questions and solutions to be shared by
educators globally. He also completed course based projects during the course of entire
Course Database Project Graduate Assistant Aug 02 – Dec 05

The CD Project (now Conoscenza) is a web based database of course materials developed to
serve as a repository for lectures, homework problems, and other educational resources. I was one
of the developers working on the codebase to extend functionality as well as provide bug fixes.
• Fixed various interface glitches in the servlet based ‘CD’ web service
• Programmed a superuser ‘proxy’ mode where the CD admin could log in as any user
without knowing their password
• Improved the search capabilities
• Optimized and normalized the database schema for newer search capabilities
• Extended the web service with better logging and subject matter searching
• Prepared comprehensive documentation and completed knowledge transfer with the
newer team

Education MS, Computer Science, North Carolina State University – 2006

MS, Computer Engineering, North Carolina State University – 2002
BS, Electronics and Communications Engineering, CSJM University, Kanpur, India – 2001

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