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People are getting fed up with what is going on in this country because we are losing our
homes, our cars, our children etc. because it does not matter how perfect our paperwork is that
we file into the court system to fight these bastards, none of it and nothing is working unless
they want to let one work. And now you are going to find out why that is happening.
This information will explain why we are having trouble with the material that we file into our
cases and why the material will work one time in one court and not work the next time in another
Now we know that the courts and the Judges are all operating under FOREIGN
SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY. This means that from one court or one county to another that they
are acting as a FOREIGN STATE.
This means let us say that you were in Germany and was from Italy that you could not use the
laws etc. from one FOREIGN STATE IN ANOTHER FOREIGN STATE. So you cannot use
something in this court in Georgia and take the same paperwork over to Texas and expect it to
work because that is another foreign state that you are dealing with.
So, full faith and credit rule does not work.
This all goes back to the 11th Amendment of the Constitution, and it cannot be violated.
Anything lower than the rules of the Constitution cannot over rule the Constitution, not even the
Supreme Court Rulings can overturn the Constitution.
When public officials, like Congressman, Senators, President, Judges, Sheriffs, Police, etc.
take their Oath of office they give up their American Citizenship, they all become FOREIGN
AGENTS in this country, they are illegal aliens without a green card. So therefore nothing they
do has anymore Authority over you than a cop from Jamaica would have over you.
Just pretend that a bunch of Mexican officials came over here and told you, that you are going to
do this and this. You would tell them all to go jump into the lake. Well what is happening and
has been happening in this country for the last 100 years is basically that. No one on the
bench has any Authority over you.
It has been confirmed by people in congress that the officials are hiding behind their FOREIGN
This can be validated under Rule 4J of the Federal Rules of Civil procedure. And that all of the
You have to file a Judicial Notice to Challenge their Jurisdiction, and tell them that if they are
going to miss use our names either in all capital letters as if it were a Corporation or use it as a
last name as a Corporation or you're going to use my name as a PERSON/CORPORATION

FOREIGN SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY ACT until they take us into the Department of State in
have to take us into a Title 28/ 1330 court which is the only court that has jurisdiction. And
since no city or county courts can hear any cases dealing with corporations then the lower courts
have no jurisdiction over we the people. The cases have to be taken in on a Federal level.

Then you have to come at us through Title 28 section 1330 which is the only court that has
Jurisdiction over these matters. Since no State, County or City courts can hear any case that
deals with Corporations that has to be done on a FEDERAL LEVEL THEN that takes out every
municipal, County, City and State Court in this whole country. If you were given paperwork or
summons with your Christian name in all capital letters then that is supposed to be a Corporation
and they had to take your Immunity away from you properly and they never did that so the case
was void from the beginning.
Then, if they are going to take you into a court case as a living, breathing man or woman, then
you fall under the 11th Amendment, it says that any citizen of America is not subject to any
foreign state. Now didnt I just tell you earlier that all of the officials and courts are operating as
foreign states. Now that brings us up to Expatriation, under Statute at Large 15 which clearly
separates us from them.
Everything is suppose to be fair and equal.
The Supreme court decisions are suppose to be the supreme rule of the land and in every court in
America and their rulings is suppose to overt urn any other ruling in any of the lower courts.
That is not what happens.
We have discovered that the Colonies were not just Colonies but their names were really the
name of their Corporation. These corporations came over from England and they had Charters.
They set up a government under that corporation. And it was the corporation who set up the
When we had the Revolutionary War and some of the deals that were made with England, and
through the Treaties. It was for these Corporations and the guidelines of these corporations had
to stay intact. The states had to take on the name of the Corporation.
This is why under the Articles of the Confederation and the Constitution under Article 6 in both
of these it clearly states that the Treaties are the Supreme Law of the Land. All Treaties have to
be adhered to as Supreme Law. So, when they created the Treaty of Paris in 1783 and they
created the Treaty of Peace, this is where they kept the corporation in tact on us. That is why we
have the corporation in the court room that we have to deal with.

In court we are not dealing with what we think is the organic state, no we are dealing with this
CORPORATE STATE that is attached to the name of the State. Its powers go back to the
Crown in England.
Then we have the discoveries at the Secretary of State's office in Delaware which is The
Delaware Trust Company, Wilmington Trust company, The Corporation Trust Company of
America. These three Trust companies went to the Delaware legislation on March 10, 1899 and
they had an act put into place in Delaware which was called an Act Providing Corporate Law.
Their request was to have their corporations have the same standing and characteristics as a
living breathing human people. With all of the same rights and privileges and Benefits as a
people. These corporations could do anything a real, living person could do. They made the
Corporation a living person not the living person into a corporation. Can you see how
confusing this can get to be.
Then the Bar Association has gone back into the law books and has redefined what a person is.
If you read in Blacks Law it says that a person is a Corporation.
Person In general usage, a human being i.e. natural person, though by statute term may include
labor organizations, partnerships, associations, corporations, legal representative, trustees,
trustees in bankruptcy, or receivers.
Corporation/ person A corporation is a person within meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment
equal protection and due process provisions of United States Constitution.
This is where the Bar Association and the legal association has come in and manipulated the
words and our everyday language to the point that now it is a foreign language and the meanings
are alien to our way of thinking. We are not taught any of this in school that the word person can
have such far reaching detrimental meanings.
They have also created what is called the Style Manual, this is their Grammar Book. You can
go Google this and it comes in under the government printing office. It explains everything
about their grammar. Like when you have two little square brackets around a [word] or a letter
in a document. When they are [used] it tells the Judge that everything from that point on is
nothing but a lie. They have a secret code folks that they put in your face. You can also find this
information in Blacks Law. It is their codes.
You can also find in Dunn and Brad Street, a listing of every public official from the garbage
man up to the president of the UNITED STATES as private corporations and they are Traded as
a business for profit and are listed as such on Dunn and Brad Street. They are also listed on the
North American Industrial Classification System; this all goes back into the Prisons,
Correctional, Payroll office, child services, courts, judges, sheriffs. Every one of the public
officials are listed on these. They are all a Corporation and a Business for Profit.
This is why when we go into a Court we lose or we are found guilty because there is money to be
made with the bonding system and by locking us up and getting us to sign bonds for them to rob
our accounts. They will not make a profit if we are not found guilty. Go Study Jean Keatings

Prison Treatise to learn more about this. This is their corporations at work, everything is all tied
We are going to work our way back and tell you how the people are having to deal with these
Foreign States on our Soil/Land.
Under United States Code Title 28 Section 3002 Chapter 15 Paragraph a, it defines the United
States as a Federal Corporation. It talks about any agency, any department, any instrumental,
anything in their system is a CORPORATION.
With the 1868 Reconstruction Act and when they did the 14th Amendment all of these States had
to relinquish their Sovereignty over to the Federal Government. All of the States had to come
under Federal Guide lines in order to obtain Federal funding. The moment they did that they
gave up their state Sovereignty and became a federal corporation.
Under Title 49 Section 3097 and the Treaties Series 881 and the Convention of the Rights and
Duties of State. On December 26, 1933, at this time our Congress made a deal with South and
Central America. They did a Pan Am Treaty, at this time in history the federal government went
in and relinquished all of each of the states laws and put all of the states under International Law.
Now all of our states, laws and public offices are under International Law Ruler ship as of 1933.
On December 9, 1945, under the International Organization Immunities Act, That was signed on
December 9, 1945, Congress relinquished every single public office over to the United Nations,
to be an office under the control of the United Nations. They relinquished all of the tax right to
the United Nations. What that means that every public office form the Garbage Man up to the
President of the US is controlled and under the United Nations control and is a FOREIGN
STATE/ FOREIGN SOVEREIGNTY. They also tried to pass the International Organizational
Rescission Request and it never was rescinded. We still come under the International
Organization Immunities Act signed December 9, 1945, it was never rescinded.
A Judge out of Ohio filed a complaint into the United States Supreme Court, making an issue
that the United Nations was taxing the people of Oklahoma and the State. This paper work was
filed into the United States Supreme Court on October 5, 2005. The Supreme Court refused to
hear this case. This case lays out the entire scam that Congress committed on the people of
America in 1945. It states that Congress has never had the jurisdiction to hand over or relinquish
the Sovereignty of a public official, a city, a county, a state or anything else over to the United
Nations to give them control over the people of America. Congress cannot create a Corporation
to control the people.
This includes all Banking, Motor Vehicles, IRS, Child Services; all of these things are Private
Corporations or agencies. Congress never had the authority to hand control over the peoples
Sovereignty to the United Nations/ a Foreign State or agency.
When this issue came up in Congress the issue was suppose to go out to each State and be
decided on and voted on by a delegation from each state. This never happened. And because the

States never agreed to the United Nations taking control of everything in this country it is not
valid what they did.
The Officials Oath of Office comes under Title 22 CFR Section 92.12 to 92.32, the code of
Federal Regulations, The heading on Title 22 is FOREIGN RELATIONSHIP. Now wouldnt
you say that it is downright strange that the regulations for an Oath of office in this country is
under FOREIGN RELATIONSHIPS. That is your first clue that something is not right here.
Read and you will see that this Regulation gives you a step for step procedure for how the
administering of the Oath of Office and how it is suppose to be done. How it has to have three
Under USC Title 8 Chapter 12 Subchapter III Part III 1481 of the United States Code, under
Section 1481, Loss of nationality by native born or naturalized citizen; voluntary action; burden
of proof; presumptions,
It says that anyone that takes an Oath of Office, Raises their Right Hand, and it includes Foreign
States and Political Subdivisions. When they take the Oath and say I do, at that point they give
up their Citizenship to America and they became a Foreign State.
(See they are fixing to tell you how they are screwing you over). Excuse me I just could not
resist that one. Go to Chapter 11 and look under Foreign Agents, this means that the Judges and
the Attorneys all of these people that raised their right hand are FOREIGN AGENTS. They are
no longer American Citizens, they are basically illegal aliens in this country and they do not have
a green card. And because of what Congress did to the people of this country, now these
officials are United Nations Citizens.
While researching the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, it was found that Rule 4 is for
Jurisdictional Challenge for all courts. We have the Rules of Civil Procedure and we have the
Code of Civil Procedure. The Code of Civil Procedure is 80% larger than the other Civil
Procedure Books, if you would go to Chapter 5 of the Code of Civil Procedure and go down to
Rule 4, 18.10 this will tell you that when you are in their court that you have the right to
challenge their jurisdiction. When you do this that court cannot leave or go forward until it
completely tells you what jurisdiction that it is operating under.
Under Rule 4 at Section J it tells you that service upon a Foreign State or a Political
Subdivision, an agency or an instrumental, thereof shall be effected by USC Title 28 section
1608. Service; time to answer; default
(a) Service in the courts of the United States and of the States shall be made upon a foreign state
or political subdivision of a foreign state (they are referring to you here, are you a foreign
(1) by delivery of a copy of the summons and complaint in accordance with any special
arrangement for service between the plaintiff and the foreign state or political subdivision; (they
are referring to you here, are you a foreign state): or

(2) if no special arrangement exists, by delivery of a copy of the summons and complaint in
accordance with an applicable international convention on service of judicial documents; or
(3) if service cannot be made under paragraphs (1) or (2), by sending a copy of the summons and
complaint and a notice of suit, together with a translation of each into the official language of the
foreign state, by any form of mail requiring a signed receipt, to be addressed and dispatched by
the clerk of the court to the head of the ministry of foreign affairs of the foreign state concerned,
(4) if service cannot be made within 30 days under paragraph (3), by sending two copies of the
summons and complaint and a notice of suit, together with a translation of each into the official
language of the foreign state, by any form of mail requiring a signed receipt, to be addressed and
dispatched by the clerk of the court to the Secretary of State in Washington, District of
Columbia, to the attention of the Director of Special Consular Services--and the Secretary shall
transmit one copy of the papers through diplomatic channels to the foreign state and shall send to
the clerk of the court a certified copy of the diplomatic note indicating when the papers were
As used in this subsection, a "notice of suit" shall mean a notice addressed to a foreign state
(they are referring to you here, are you a foreign state): and in a form prescribed by the
Secretary of State by regulation.
(b) Service in the courts of the United States and of the States shall be made upon an agency or
instrumentality of a foreign state: (they are referring to you here, are you a foreign state):
(1) by delivery of a copy of the summons and complaint in accordance with any special
arrangement for service between the plaintiff and the agency or instrumentality; or
(2) if no special arrangement exists, by delivery of a copy of the summons and complaint either
to an officer, a managing or general agent, or to any other agent authorized by appointment or by
law to receive service of process in the United States; or in accordance with an applicable
international convention on service of judicial documents; or
(3) if service cannot be made under paragraphs (1) or (2), and if reasonably calculated to give
actual notice, by delivery of a copy of the summons and complaint, together with a translation of
each into the official language of the foreign state-(A) as directed by an authority of the foreign state or political subdivision (they are referring to
you here, are you a foreign state): in response to a letter rogatory or request or
(B) by any form of mail requiring a signed receipt, to be addressed and dispatched by the clerk of
the court to the agency or instrumentality to be served, or
(C) as directed by order of the court consistent with the law of the place where service is to be
(c) Service shall be deemed to have been made-(1) in the case of service under subsection (a)(4), as of the date of transmittal indicated in the
certified copy of the diplomatic note; and
(2) in any other case under this section, as of the date of receipt indicated in the certification,
signed and returned postal receipt, or other proof of service applicable to the method of service

(d) In any action brought in a court of the United States or of a State, a foreign state, a political
subdivision thereof, or an agency or instrumentality of a foreign state shall serve an answer or
other responsive pleading to the complaint within sixty days after service has been made under
this section.
(e) No judgment by default shall be entered by a court of the United States or of a State against a
foreign state, a political subdivision thereof, or an agency or instrumentality of a foreign state,
unless the claimant establishes his claim or right to relief by evidence satisfactory to the court. A
copy of any such default judgment shall be sent to the foreign state or political subdivision in the

Under Title 8 Section 1481, a Foreign State or a Political Subdivision, that tells you that they are
operating under USC Title 28 Section 1608 which is the FOREIGN SOVEREIGN
IMMUNITIES ACT. If you read Title 28 Section 1602 to 1611 this is the FOREIGN
SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY. You also need to read USC Title 28 section1330 and this is
You also need to read CFR 22 Section 93.1 and 93.2 tells you that if you are going to file a
claim against a Municipality, against a local agency, against a local government or any
instrument of the government you first have to notify the Department of State in Washington
DC. In order to file a claim afterwards it falls under the jurisdiction of Title 28 section 1330,
which is to go before the Federal District Court in Washington DC.
If you look up FOREIGN SOVEREIGN IMMUNITIES ACT and you bring up the Department
of State in DC, Go Google this and you will come upon a website which has a section
titled Questions and Answers. The website explains what is a Foreign State, What falls under
Foreign Sovereign Immunity, etc.
In 1976 when they originally created this and then they modified it in 1997, anything that is a
corporation is protected by the FOREIGN SOVEREIGN IMMUNITIES ACT, in order for you
to sue any corporation you have to file with the Secretary of State and tell them to relinquish
that corporations Sovereign Immunity so that you can sue them in the proper court in
Washington DC. This comes under Title 28 Section 1330 for the proper Jurisdiction.
This means that the local yokel courts county, city, state courts have zero jurisdiction because
none of them ever operate according to the Code of Civil Procedure. When they go into court
and try to use us as a CORPORATION, as found in the Delaware code it is said in order to have
a corporation it has to have a last name. This is why we have been putting the square
brackets around our last name to make it disappear. But using our last name is one of the ways
that they get to us and hammer us. The all capital letter name is another way they come after us.
Anytime there is a capital letter in your name they can come after you. Capital letters =means
money and control for them. Write your name in all lower case letters.
In congress under Article 1 Section 8 says they can only create laws that deal in commerce, and
internationals, they can not create laws against the American people. This is how they are by
passing us. This is why when we discovered the JEFFERSONS MANUAL takes you step for

step on how Congress is suppose to create laws and pass it by reading the purposed law three
times on the floor, three separate times, pass it by a vote of 2/3 of Congress vote then going to
the President then on to the Senate by reading the purposed law three times on the floor, three
separate times, pass it by a vote of 2/3 Then it has to come out to the American people under
Article 5 and has to be passed by of the States. They are not doing any of this because they
are not creating laws against us/ we the people, they are creating laws that deal with Commerce
and Internationals. The Internationals are we the people. They put all of us as a corporation
because a corporation in Delaware can have the characteristics of a living being.
Now before they can prosecute you or levy you they first have to prove that they have
Jurisdiction, they have to prove that they have the right to bring you in and charge you. This
explains to them that at Statue at Large 15, and act securing the rights of an American Citizen in
a Foreign State, this is your Expatriation, shows that we have separated ourselves from their
Foreign State, this was created one day prior to the creation of the 14th Amendment. July 27,
1868. This tells those public officials that we have Freedom from them and their games. They
are all Foreign States and they have no Jurisdiction over the American people. They can not
bring us into a court legally as an American people so this is why they have turned us into
CORPORATIONS so they can drag us into their courts illegally again by treating us a Foreign
But the template tells how if they are going to miss use our Christian name that they are required
to file paper work in under CFR Title 22 Section 93.1 and 93.2 that they have to notify the
Department of State that they are bring in a Corporation and that they want to sue this
corporation. When they do this properly as required by their rules then the court they have to
take us into is under USC Title 28 section 1330. This means that the Municipal and County
Courts lose their Jurisdiction automatically because they do not have the Jurisdiction to hear a
Federal Case. Then they also have to serve you properly with papers under the Foreign
Sovereign Immunity regulations. Which also means that they have to give you someone to
translate the law for you. But once you get that court appointed attorney he will not tell you the
truth so you get hammered. The template case can be used to go back in and open up any case
form the past, can be used in a present case or any in the future. It works for all of them.
Because the main issue here is their JURISDICTION.
Title 28 regulates the Judiciary and Judicial procedures in this country and regulates the
Jurisdiction. Judiciary means dealing with a Corporation.
We have learned that when there is fraud placed upon the court and this was learned from the
Hazel Atlas Glass vs. Hartford Empire 1941 Ohio and Oklahoma Case states when there is
Fraud upon the court the court has to reopen the case. They do not have a choice in the matter.
The Template document that we have forces them to reopen the case and put it under Common

Law. This notifies the Judge of two things, one is that if they are going to run us in a court as a
CORPORATION we have IMMUNITY, and if they are going to take us into court as a
CITIZEN we have IMMUNITY. But what it also tells them is that we now have the knowledge
of how to take away their IMMUNITY and how we can now go back after them and sue them
for what they have done to us. Now all we have to do is go file our paperwork into the
Department of State, and make a claim that we want their IMMUNITY taken away from them
because they have violated their FOREIGN SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY AGREEMENT, and
then we can bring charges against them and now these Judges are finding out that we now know
how to go to this against them.
When the little Sheriffs deputy comes to your house to serve papers on you, you will find that
your name is written in all CAPITAL LETTERS, that means that they are going after a
CORPORATION, which is not you. If your all capital letter name is a corporation it means that
the corporation has to be registered with a Secretary of State in one of the States and there has to
be a Registered Agent of record and there is not one, and your name as a corporation is not
registered anywhere. So, therefore service was insufficient service because it was not served on
the corporations registered agent of record. They have failed to provide the authenticity of that
name. Please provide the registered agents annual report for the corporation, which has to be
file also with the Secretary of State with the registered agents signature on it and there is not such
a paper of record then they have committed Identity Theft. If the paperwork for the corporation,
the registered agent of record and the annual reports with the agents signature is not on record
with the Secretary of State then the corporation does not exist. So if they decide that they want
to take this to the next step and drag you in to Washington DC in a court they have to prove that
you are a corporation and they cannot do it. Or they are going to have to prove that you are a
FOREIGNER in this country and they can do that either. You are not a foreigner in your own
country, and as long as we are not registered and have a corporate charter on file with a
Secretary of State somewhere there is no corporation by our name. So who are we, then the
only choose you have is that we are the children of God on the land, on the County and are
Sovereign American people.
As an American people we fall under the 11th Amendment, and we are not subject to a
We have found that the police, sheriffs and Troopers and any other agents of that type, all hold
the same level of authority over us as if they were a Chinese police officer operating in this
country. They are the same as if they were a foreigner here trying to ride herd on us. They have
not authority over us. Our governments relinquished them over to a Foreign service, the United
The Judges know this information, just some of the attorneys know this information and
possibly none of the police, sheriffs and Troopers know this information. The point here is this
is what we are running into is this, the rules of court from one county to another county is never
the same.

The Rules of court from one state to another state are never the same. The Federal rules from
one Federal Court to another Federal Court are not the same as are found in any other Federal
Court. What this tells you because there is no continuity in the courts is that everyone of them is
operating as a FOREIGN STATE to each other and therefore is doing what ever they want to do
in their courts. We found that when we go into a case and try to use case site, even Supreme
Court Case Sites these Judges will not and do not recognized them in their courts. The reason is
because it is coming into their court from a FOREIGN COURT which is Foreign to them and
they do not have to recognize it in their court unless they want to use it against us, then they will
allow it to come into their court and go on record.
When the sheriff serves you that is Fraud, because you are not the registered agent of a
corporation. The courts, IRS, Child Services, Department of Motor Vehicles, Sheriff, Police, the
When a bank foreclosures on your home then you find that the Bank and the court that pushes
the foreclosure and possession of your property over to the Bank this is all Fraud and they are all
Foreign States and Foreign agents and have no jurisdiction over you. When they filed for the
foreclosure they are claiming that you are a corporation so they have to proceed under Title 22
CFR Section 92.12 to 92.32. and file a claim against you with the Department of State to have
the Department of State remove your IMMUNITY and then the case has to be heard in a court
under Title 28 Section 1330.
You have to be served under Title 28 the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Documents under Title
28 Section 1602 to 1607 to prove that they are suing you under the corporation for the Bank
that wants to take your home. The Bank or any of their attorney agents can not take you into
county/ state or lower courts.
Just remember that if it gets down to Martial Law in this country, all of the military, police,
sheriffs and any agency of people have no more jurisdiction over you to tell you what you can
and cannot do in your life. It is as if they were a Chinese Cop or Military.
AMERICAN CITIZENS. After this discovery of information and how abused the people have
been treated for decades now in this country by the corporations/ their attorneys and Judges.
With our discovery of this information they must step up to the plate and become impeccable
with the people and stop abusing and running over us or it could possibility be considered that at
that time we were at a type Revolutionary War with them. The people must be given a
We can take our cases to Washington DC file them with the Secretary of State and get all of
these crooked Attorneys, Judges, Sheriffs, Corporations and their CEOs Immunity removed and
then file our Claim and suing them under Title 18 and Title 42 them for the damage that they
have done against us and now we can take their homes, savings accounts, retirement funds,


Professional Bonds and anything else that they have as repayment for the damage and pain that
they have caused us.
We can get the UNITED STATES ATTORNEYS MANUAL and use it to start
hammering them for the things that they have wrongfully done to us. We can also start suing
them under the Private Attorney General Clause which Congress created for us the people
to go after the public officials with. With us having Private Attorney General capability
and the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and taking them into the Department of State, we
now have knowledge and doors opening for us that we never knew that we had before.
For all of the people that were put into jails and prisons as standing as a corporation, this is all
Fraud. Therefore they must all be release because of this Fraud. We have many political
prisoners that were put into jail just because they had found out too much information and
were put into jail to shut them up. All must be let out of jail except the people that have
committed crimes against humanity such as murder, and rape they should be tried by a common
law court.
As far as laws we are going to have to go back to the FEDERALIST PAPERS, the state
prosecutor is going to have to start doing his job and he is going to have to start representing the
real injured party. If you have been injured he has to represent you not THE STATE OF SO
IN SO. The state is never an injured party. They must do their job as it was originally intended.