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Autocall Certificate with Memory Effect on Dow Jones EURO STOXX Select Dividend 30 Index

6% Yearly Conditional Coupon - European Barrier at 59% - 5 Years - EUR

Details Redemption
Issuer EFG Financial Products On 05.03.2010 Client pays EUR 1000 (Denomination)
Guarantor EFG International
Rating: Fitch A Each Year with N being the number of Years since the last Coupon (since inception if no
Underlying ESTX SD 30€ Pr Coupon has been paid so far)
Bbg Ticker SD3E Index
Strike Level EUR 1660.89 If the Underlying has traded above the Coupon Trigger Level:
Autocall Level (100%) EUR 1660.89 The Investor will receive a (N x 6%) Coupon
Coupon Trigger (59%) EUR 979.93
Barrier Level (59%) EUR 979.93 On top of the Coupon, if the Underlying closes above the Autocall Trigger Level:
Initial Fixing Level 26.02.2010 The product is early redeemed and the Investor receives a Cash Settlement in EUR equal to: Denomination.
Payment Date 05.03.2010 The product expires
Valuation Date 26.02.2015
Maturity 05.03.2015 On 05.03.2015 Client receives (if the product has not been early redeemed):
Details Cash Settlement
Yearly Autocall Observation a. If the Underlying closes above the Barrier Level on the Valuation date:
ISIN CH0110622633 The Investor will receive a Cash Settlement in EUR equal to: Denomination
Valoren 11062263
SIX Symbol not listed b. If the Underlying closes at or below the Barrier Level on the Valuation date:
The Investor will receive a Cash settlement in EUR equal to:
Denomination x Final Fixing Level of the Underlying / Strike Level

The objective of the Dow Jones EURO STOXX Select Dividend 30 Index is to measure the performance of the highest dividend-paying stocks in the Eurozone relative to their home markets. The index constituents are weighted
by their indicated annual net dividend yield. Constituent weights are capped at 15%.

Opportunities______________________________________________________________________ Risks______________________________________________________________________________________________
1. Each year, the investor has the opportunity to receive a 6% Coupon, with Memory 1. If on the Valuation Date, the Underlying closes at or below the Barrier Level, the Investor will suffer a
effect feature loss reflecting the negative performance of the Underlying
2. Your capital is protected against a decrease of 41% at maturity
3. Secondary market as liquid as equity markets
Best case scenario_________________________________________________________________ Worst case scenario_______________________________________________________________________________
The Underlying closes below the Autocall Level on each Observation Date, and The Underlying has never traded above the Coupon Trigger Level, and it closes below the Barrier Level
closes above the Coupon Trigger Level on the Valuation date. on the Valuation Date.

Redemption: Denomination + 5 Coupons of 6% (total return: 130%) Redemption: Denomination x Final Fixing Level of the Underlying / Strike Level

Historical Chart
importer depuis la deuxieme feuille

Observation date scenario
N Year(s) since last Coupon

2500 Early Redemption:

Autocall Level and Strike Level at EUR: 1660.89 (100%)
(N x 6% ) Coupon is paid
Barrier Level and Coupon Trigger Level at EUR 979.93 (59% of the Strike Level)

On the Maturity Date: Negative
Performance of the Underlying
Jan-05 May-05 Sep-05 Jan-06 May-06 Sep-06 Jan-07 May-07 Sep-07 Jan-08 May-08 Sep-08 Jan-09 May-09 Sep-09 Jan-10

Filippo Colombo Christophe Spanier Nathanael Gabay
Bruno Frateschi +41 58 800 10 45 Sofiane Zaiem
Stanislas Perromat +41 22 918 70 05
Alejandro Pou Cuturi Live prices at www.efgfp.com
+377 93 15 11 66

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