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Bearish Mini-Future on EURO-BUND FUTURE Jun10

111% Strike - 108% Stop Loss - 3 Months - EUR

Details Redemption
Issuer EFG Financial Products
Guarantor EFG International On 10.03.2010 Client pays EUR 14.3 (price for one Mini-Future)
Rating: Fitch A
Underlying EURO-BUND FUTURE Jun10 At any time Client can unw ind the position and:
Bbg Ticker RXM0 Index
The Investor will receive a Cash Settlement in the Settlement Currency equal to:
Payment Date 10.03.10
Strike Level - Underlying's Price
Valuation Date 04.06.10
Maturity 11.06.10
On 11.06.2010 I f the product is still held:
Spot Reference EUR 122.9 (100%)
Strike Level EUR 136 (111%) The Investor will receive a Cash Settlement in the Settlement Currency equal to:
Stop Loss Level EUR 133 (108%) Strike Level - Final Fixing Level
Leverage 9.32
Details Cash Settlement If at any time the Underlying trades at or above the Stop Loss Level:
The product stops and the Investor will receive a Cash Settlement in the
ISIN CH0110159917 Settlement Currency equal to: Max(0; Strike Level - Unwind Liquidation Price )
Valoren 11015991
Unwind Liquidation Price: price of the Underlying within 3 hours after a Stop Loss Ev ent has occured
SIX Symbol Not Listed


The Underlying is the Euro-Bund Future of June 2010, a long-term notional debt securities issued by the German Federal Govt with a term of 8.5-10.5 yrs.

Opportunities_________________________________________________________________ Risks__________________________________________________________________________
1. Transparent Product 1. Your capital is not 100% protected
2. Payoff is v alid during the entire lifetime of the product
3. Secondary market as liquid as equity markets
4. Relativ ely short maturity
5. The loss risk you bear is limited thanks to the Stop Loss

Best case scenario____________________________________________________________ Worst case scenario___________________________________________________________

The Underlying has nev er traded at or abov e the Stop Loss Lev el and is The Underlying trades at least once abov e the Stop Loss Lev el
far below the Strike Lev el on the Final Fixing Date

Redemption: Strike Lev el - Final Fixing Lev el Redemption: max (0; Strike Lev el - Unw ind Liquidation Price)

Historical Chart
140 importer depuis la deuxieme feuille
Strike at EUR 136 (111% )
135 Redemption: Strike - Unwind
Liquidation Price
Stop Loss at EUR 133 (108% )




115 Redemption: Strike -Underlying's


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