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As a service provider who wants to deliver triple play services

to mass markets, you have a compelling requirement to transition
your network cost-effectively and efficiently - to an infrastructure
capable of delivering very high-speed broadband in the most
economical way to all subscribers. Anything less just wont do
the job. Among other things, what you need is a robust network
capable of meeting the stringent requirements of Quality of Service
(QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) in the world of bandwidthrich services, such as IP television (IPTV). If, moreover, youre an
established player, you want to re-use your existing copper assets
to keep costs down, while wanting to converge PSTN and data traffic
over a single access network to lower operational expenditures
(OPEX) and remain competitive.
With the Alcatel-Lucent Intelligent Services Access Manager (ISAM)
family, you can meet these challenges from the ground up, taking
advantage of this business-driven platform to generate new
revenue while maintaining reasonable levels of OPEX.

Alcatel-Lucent DSL ISAM Family

Now more than ever, you are being
challenged to transition to a highspeed multiservice architecture.
With the number of content-rich
applications and bandwidthintensive services expected to
grow at unprecedented rates, you
must seriously consider evolving
your network toward an all-IP
infrastructure capable of handling
the mass deployment of triple play
services. Your access network also
needs to be able to support multiple
access flavors and network topologies
in order to bring fiber to the most
economical point. This will let you
expand your network in pace with
demand. Whats more, you will have
to deliver the QoE required to meet
subscribers high expectations.
Just as important, you will have to
ensure that operational and capital
expenditures remain an acceptable

proportion of the bottom line.

To meet this challenge, your access
networks will have to be stream
lined by delivering all services
voice, video and data - from a single
access node. For voice, you will need
the assurance that any migration of
your existing voice network to a new
IP infrastructure enables full feature
parity, and a cost-optimized, unitary
management platform. And, for video
and data, you will need the assurance
of complete availability and stringent
parameters for superior quality of
service to keep subscribers loyal.
Of course, deployment options will
vary. If youre a greenfield operator,
FTTH (Fiber to the Home) with
its unlimited bandwidth is probably
the path of choice. If, however, youre
a brownfield operator wanting to
maximize existing assets, what you
need is an all-in-one access platform

capable of supporting different

deployment models in order to reach
all subscribers in the most economical
way. This will allow you to re-use your
existing copper infrastructure to deliver
very high-speed broadband services
over VDSL2.
The good news is that Alcatel-Lucents
ISAM family of IP access products has
been designed from the start with these
challenges in mind. Whether its the
mass deployment of very high-speed
broadband, multiservice delivery from
a single node, or operational excellence
for triple play, this world-class portfolio
lets your migrate your network costeffectively and safely to the highmargin world of triple play.

Alcatel-Lucent DSL ISAM Family

The Alcatel-Lucent ISAM family

provides a flexible architecture that
enables a targeted rollout of your
triple play offer. This allows the initial
focus to be on high density areas so
that revenues are generated in the
shortest possible timeframe. The
income can then be used to extend
your reach to other locations.

Figure 1. Deploying a Mix of Technologies Allows Operators to Cover

All Subscribers in a Cost-Effective Way with Fast Time-to-Market.

Multiple Deployment Strategies

to Fully Cover Your Market
As triple play services become more user-centric,
as businesses demand more interactive services, and
as families simultaneously employ a richer mix of
applications, the need for bandwidth grows. The
topologies that you employ to meet these demands will
naturally vary depending on your subscriber base and
density, as well as existing infrastructure. Indeed, you
will require a flexible IP/Ethernet-based service delivery
architecture capable of enabling multiple deployment
strategies, and a means of handling revenue-rich services
over fiber and copper within a unified, carrier-grade, IP-based
access network.
The Alcatel-Lucent ISAM family has been designed to
meet multiple market requirements, as your business case
evolves. With the ISAM platform, you can mix and
match the most appropriate access technologies, take
advantage of your existing copper infrastructure for triple
play service delivery, while ensuring full feature parity of
your legacy voice offering in a packet-based environment.
Alcatel-Lucents DSL ISAM family accommodates all
ADSL standards, as well as VDSL2, point-to-point fiber,
and SHDSL and offers integrated voice features.1

The Alcatel-Lucent ISAM family enables not only DSL but also GPON with the Alcatel-Lucent 7342 ISAM FTTU.

Alcatel-Lucent DSL ISAM Family

Introducing the Alcatel-Lucent DSL ISAM Family

The Alcatel-Lucent 7302 ISAM
is a full-service central office IP
DSLAM designed to deliver full
triple play to mass markets, in
high-density, urban environments.

Alcatel-Lucent 7302 ISAM

The Alcatel-Lucent 7330 ISAM

Fiber-to-the-Node (FTTN) is a small
remote IP DSLAM for cabinets and
small central offices, which addresses
the growing need for a deep-fiber
solution in residential areas.

Alcatel-Lucent 7330 ISAM

Fiber-to-the-Node (FTTN)

The Alcatel-Lucent 7356 ISAM

Fiber-to-the-Building Remote
Expansion Module (FTTB REM)
is designed for large-scale FTTB
and cabinet deployments, bringing
the DSL infrastructure even closer
to the subscriber.

Alcatel-Lucent 7356 ISAM Fiber-to-the-Building

Remote Expansion Module (FTTB REM)

Alcatel-Lucent DSL ISAM Family

Fiber to the Most Economical Point

With the advent of triple play services, you will want to
exploit your existing copper infrastructure in order to take
advantage of this high-margin opportunity. But to assure
the quality your subscribers expect, you will need a highspeed DSL infrastructure, plus a platform capable of mass
deployment in multiple environments in order to bring
fiber to the most economical point.
The DSL ISAM family delivers on both of these
requirements cost-effectively and quickly. For example,
you can use the:
Alcatel-Lucent 7302 ISAM to serve subscribers from
the CO in high-density areas;

Alcatel-Lucent DSL ISAM Family

Alcatel-Lucent 7330 ISAM FTTN to serve subscribers

from cabinets in suburban areas;
Alcatel-Lucent 7356 ISAM FTTB REM to serve multidwelling units.
By distributing Alcatel-Lucent ISAM nodes across your
network, closer to the subscriber, you can deliver the high
bandwidths necessary to offer triple play services over the
existing copper pairs. In greenfield deployments, you can
even roll out a fiber-to-the-home network using the AlcatelLucent 7342 ISAM FTTU, another ISAM family member.

Any Line Card, Any Box

To deliver even higher bandwidths from your platform,
you can simply insert Alcatel-Lucents first-to-market
48-port VDSL2 line card. And in deployments where
you want to deliver very high-speed services over a mix
of copper and fiber infrastructure, you can use the
Alcatel-Lucent Active Ethernet (Point-to-Point fiber)
line card in combination with the VDSL2 line card.

Figure 2. ISAM Family - Multiple Deployment Options

7302 ISAM

7330 ISAM

7356 ISAM

7356 ISAM

7302 ISAM

7330 ISAM

7356 ISAM

Very High-Speed Broadband

for Mass Deployments
The triple play challenge that you face today is simple to
state, harder to overcome. Thats because you need to build a
service-rich, robust environment capable of scaling for mass
deployment while also delivering bandwidth-intensive video
applications and IPTV alongside current voice and high-speed
data services.
For this to happen, data rates need to increase significantly from
todays norm for DSL of a few Mb/s. But this objective can only
be reached with a non-blocking, wirespeed architecture.

Distributed Intelligence
To meet these wire-speed requirements, the Alcatel-Lucent
ISAM family of IP access products employs a distributed
architecture both internally and externally. Internal
processing is distributed across all line and network
termination cards. Not only does this result in optimal
usage of the internal capacity, it also means that the
overall processing power goes up by adding more line
cards when more users are accommodated. This ensures
that every subscriber gets the same optimal service quality,
no matter how many are connected.

Figure 3. The ISAMs internal distributed processing architecture ensures that every subscriber gets
optimal service quality, now matter how many subscribers are connected.
Traditional Access-Node Design
Centralized processing
Resources shared for all subscribers
Bottleneck/hierarchical architecture
for aggregation
Non-guaranteed bandwidth

Alcatel-Lucent DSL ISAM Family

ISAM Wirespeed Access-Node Design

Distributed processing
Multi-stage IGMP Processing
Guaranteed forwarding
Constant line rate for any packet size
Zero packet loss
Controlled latency

Number of Subscribers

Number of Subscribers

Limited Penetration
of Triple Play

100% Triple Play

All Services to All Subscribers

The network termination (NT) card acts as an

Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP)
proxy, aggregating IGMP messages towards the
upstream network. If 100 subscribers change
to a channel, the ISAM will only send a single
message to the video servers. In a traditional
access node, this would result in 100 separate
channel change requests, putting a heavy load
on servers, especially during peak moments, such
as commercial breaks in sporting events.
Whats more, IGMP processing on both the NT
card and the line termination (LT) card ensures
optimal usage of the bandwidth inside the ISAM.
Nothing is wasted: if subscribers on one line card
are watching a particular channel, thats the only
one that is streamed to the line card (and then
only to those subscribers). So, the NT streams
to specific LTs, and the LT streams to specific
subscribers, contributing to the enhanced user
Externally, the ISAM family allows you to
distribute your access nodes geographically,
and to locate them close to the subscriber in
order to deliver high bitrates. Each member of
the DSL ISAM family offers the same service
intelligence, which allows you to deliver the
same service quality from CO, FTTN, and FTTB
deployments. For example: the Alcatel-Lucent
7302 ISAM for COs (copper, xDSL or VDSL2
from CO); the Alcatel-Lucent 7330 ISAM FTTN
for cabinets or small central offices (fiber from
CO to cabinet, then copper to subscribers, xDSL
or VDSL2); and the Alcatel-Lucent 7356 ISAM
FTTB REM for MDU deployments (fiber from
cabinet to building basement, copper VDSL2
inside the building). As illustrated in Figure
1, the Alcatel-Lucent 7302 ISAM can function
as a CO service hub. It is not simply a traffic
facilitator, but also serves as a service aggregator
to subtend remote units, other COs, cabinets,

or collocated DSLAMs. Optical Ethernet technology

enables subtending over long distances and the service
hubs provide multiple levels of subtending and cascading.
These features allow
a single platform to aggregate up to 16,000 subscribers.

Wire-Speed Delivery
The Alcatel-Lucent ISAM family guarantees 100 percent
delivery of triple play services to all subscribers. Wire-speed
forwarding of all packets eliminates packet loss and
controls latency.
With the Alcatel-Lucent DSL ISAM platform, the
recommended minimum data rate of 20 Mb/s is achieved
over copper using ADSL2+ or VDSL2 line cards on the
Alcatel-Lucent 7302 ISAM, 7330 ISAM FTTN, and

Alcatel-Lucent DSL ISAM Family

Multiservice Access
Minimize Cost, Maximize Performance
IP/Ethernet technology is at the core of the AlcatelLucent ISAM family. It is capable of aggregating
different services from IP-enabled line cards at the
Gigabit Ethernet core, including legacy POTS and
ISDN subscriber interfaces. This approach ensures
minimal delay for voice, minimal cost regardless
of the service mix, the same operation for any service,
and pure IP/VLAN QoS control - end to end.
Equally important, the Alcatel-Lucent ISAM family
delivers one access node for all services whether its IPTV,
mobile backhaul, high speed and symmetrical business
services. All services run from a single multiservice IP/
Ethernet access node. Furthermore, you can manage all
services with one network management system, which
is fully compatible with every product in the AlcatelLucent ASAM/ISAM broadband portfolio. These
include legacy DSL lines deployed from the AlcatelLucent 7300/7301 Advanced Services Access Manager
(ASAM), as well as the new Alcatel-Lucent ISAM
platforms. The result is a significant reduction in OPEX.

Unsurpassed Quality of Experience

Even better, your subscribers will have an unsurpassed
IPTV experience. Our IGMP support and distributed
IGMP offer more and instant channel changes (<200 ms).

10 Alcatel-Lucent DSL ISAM Family

Alcatel-Lucents aggregation network

can also deliver business services
on top of the residential services
infrastructure, maximizing ROI. In
fact, the same infrastructure delivers
residential triple play services, nextgeneration network multimedia/VoIP
applications, as well as managed
enterprise services using SHDSL.bis.

Invest Once, Reap Twice

With the Alcatel-Lucent ISAM
family, you get a network ready for
NGN and VoIP subscriber lines.
So, you neednt invest twice: once
for voice migration and again for
broadband services. By migrating
the voice access network with the
Alcatel-Lucent ISAM family with
integrated voice features, you create
a broadband access footprint that can
be easily leveraged at the right time.
To ensure maximum performance
and quality, the Alcatel-Lucent ISAM
family also distributes the line
termination cards in access nodes,
and optimizes OPEX, using shared
VoIP gateways in central access

nodes. In addition, a high-stability

clock and synchronization support
ensure high-quality voice services,
while providing a cost-effective
synchronization solution for mobile
backhaul and leased lines.
The Alcatel-Lucent ISAM family
with integrated voice support is
also the first on the market to offer
feature parity from CO and cabinets,
allowing cost-effective deployment
of triple play services by combining
voice, data, and video services on a
single IP access platform.

One Management System

The ISAM family members in an
access network are managed by a
single management system - the
Alcatel-Lucent Access Management
System. The platforms allows you to
manage a mixed network of access
nodes and remote products from a
single management system, greatly
facilitating the rapid introduction
of new or additional ISAM products.

Operational Excellence
New Services, New Requirements
With the introduction of highbandwidth services, your DSL
access network will be pushed to
its limit. You will need to ensure
triple play bandwidth and a carriergrade platform that is capable of
handling the increased complexity
of triple play operations. In the past,
services such as high-speed Internet
(HSI) access did not make excessive
demands on your network. But with
IPTV over DSL, on-screen errors
will be immediately visible to lowtolerance subscribers, leading to
increased complaints and operational
costs, and higher customer churn.
As a result, you need to support
video-grade DSL, while being able
to scale your triple play network for
mass deployment without impacting

12 Alcatel-Lucent DSL ISAM Family

Alcatel-Lucent StableDSL
Having deployed 143 million lines
and enjoying 20 years of DSL
experience, Alcatel-Lucents product
portfolio has been perfected to address
the above mentioned requirements.
The ISAMs DSL line cards are
designed to deliver a stable service
while maximizing the available
bandwidth. For example, AlcatelLucents DSLAMs offer features
that ensure line performance in mixed
VDSL2 deployments, and support
key functionality for line diagnosis
and analysis.
Of course, Alcatel-Lucent keeps
innovating and evolving its StableDSL
solutions. For example, AlcatelLucent invented two technologies
(Virtual Noise for VDSL and
Artificial Noise for ADSL) that
address cross-talk on DSL lines

the major source of line stability

issues. These technologies allow
you to stabilize as much as 60 percent
of problem lines, allowing you to
use these lines for revenue-generating
triple play services and to reduce
the operational cost involved with
handling problem lines.
Alcatel-Lucent StableDSL is not
limited to the DSL access nodes.
It also includes the Alcatel-Lucent
5530 Network Analyzer (NA),
which provides automated line
diagnosis and line management
functionality to help you keep
OPEX under control. The Network
Analyzer offers wire-fault detection,
network-wide line classification and
analysis, and lets you manage
subscribers proactively. The Network
Analyzer also offers Dynamic Line
Management, which automatically
selects the optimal profile for
each line. This guarantees that
each line always offers the optimal
performance, reducing customer
complaints, helpdesk costs, and
customer churn.

Current Analysis ranked the

ISAM familys video support
outstanding, giving it the
maximum score for delivering
unsurpassed video quality
to all subscribers.

Reduction of OPEX
An equally critical component of Alcatel-Lucents
commitment to operational excellence for triple play is
its CPE (customer premises equipment) Interop Program.
By testing the interoperability of the ISAM platform
with over 300 CPE devices from more than 40 partners,
Alcatel-Lucent gives you its assurance that virtually all
DSL and VoIP phone equipment will work with this
platform. This translates into less OPEX with fewer truck
rolls and deployment of staff.
But if you do encounter problems in the field, you can
keep OPEX at reasonable levels with the Alcatel-Lucent
Digital Home Care Solution (DHCS). The solution is
designed to reduce the cost of customer support as
subscribers increasingly install more complex, triple
play devices in the home environment.

By addressing the mass deployment challenge of

managing home networks, triple play services and
customer support interactions for all stages of services
deployment with much automation, advanced troubled
shooting, and customer self-management, the AlcatelLucent DHCS means fewer calls to your help desk, and
thus lower OPEX.
Furthermore, Alcatel-Lucents consultancy teams are ready
to assist you with the introduction of new technologies
and the rollout of new services. Theyll make sure you get
the most out of your network while keeping OPEX down.

Alcatel-Lucents innovative architecture ensures the robust delivery

of demanding services, such as multi-channel TV applications
(Picture-in-Picture, Channel Mosaic, Multi Angle), Pay-per-View/ Videoon-Demand, and other services such as MyOwnTV/ Personal TV,
Amigo TV/Community TV and Interactive TV. In sum, the advanced
design concept of the Alcatel-Lucent ISAM family, the network
intelligence and optimized resources are able
to support all foreseeable broadband services and applications.

Alcatel-Lucent DSL ISAM Family


Technical Superiority
The Alcatel-Lucent ISAM family is distinguished by a
bottom-line approach to product development. Features
and benefits translate directly into reduced OPEX and
higher revenue.

Multi-Deployment Strategies

Multiservice Capability

Operational Excellence

Features- Benefits

Features- Benefits

Features- Benefits

One family addresses all deployment models:


Best-in-class video support. Optimal IPTV quality

for all subscribers results in higher service take-up and
lower churn

Full feature parity across all ISAM family products

facilitates training, stock management, and operations.

Same equipment practice, same service intelligence,

and same management system for (mixed) DSL and
p2p fiber deployments

Video/voice/data delivery from a single IP access node,

minimizes OPEX for voice modernization.

Unified management system for all members of the

ISAM Family simplifies deployments and reduces OPEX.

Full feature parity across the ISAM family means

Critical clock support for timing-sensitive applications
that the same service quality can be delivered from
such as mobile backhaul and business services.
any line, any box, any deployment model.

StableDSL technologies offer unprecedented DSL

stability, resulting in less customer complaints,
resulting in lower OPEX and higher ARPU.

ISAMs self-aggregation capabilities and hosted

Mixing and matching of line cards and splitters enables
concept for the Alcatel-Lucent 7356 ISAM FTTB
any service to be delivered from any node; streamlines
REM facilitates large-scale mixed deployments.
the access network infrastructure and operations.

Dynamic Line Management and Wire Fault Detection

through full integration with the Alcatel-Lucent 5526
Network Analyzer facilitates troubleshooting and
line optimization, reducing OPEX.

14 Alcatel-Lucent DSL ISAM Family

New Delivery Model

New Security Challenges
As you prepare your network for
triple play services, you will need
to ensure that your network is as
secure as possible. Because triple play
networks are based on Internet standards and technologies, your brand
new services, including IPTV, may
be vulnerable to content theft and
denial-of-service (DoS) attacks.
To respond to this challenge, the
Alcatel-Lucent ISAM family enables
airtight security across the access,
aggregation and edge networks. This
gives you the mechanisms to guarantee subscribers the requisite quality
of experience (QoE). In addition,
the ISAM family complements the
security features provided by other
network equipment such as IP edge
routers, Ethernet switches, firewalls
and intrusion prevention systems.

Bidirectional Protection
As an access node, the AlcatelLucent ISAM platform terminates
the DSL physical layer towards
Ethernet/IP MANs. It can also
make a direct termination on IP
networks, or go directly towards IP
networks. In this respect, the ISAM
platform terminates the physical layer
from the subscribers perspective and
interoperates with high-speed links in
your network. As a result, the ISAM
platform has to shield both the access
networks and those beyond it (MANs
and IP networks). This is ensured by
security mechanisms including, secure
MAC learning, IP anti-spoofing,
network control traffic filtering and
rate limiting.

Limit Access to Valid Subscribers

Many malicious attacks, especially
DoS flooding attacks, rely on address
spoofing techniques. For example,
bogus packets with invalid MAC or
IP source addresses are often used to
conceal the real origin of the attack,
thereby impeding filtering and tracking mechanisms.
To minimize this problem, the ISAM
platform incorporates mechanisms
that use forwarding modes to detect
and filter out bogus packets. With
these mechanisms, unwanted traffic
from malicious subscribers is dropped
in the access node. All traffic is
therefore traceable to its origin, easing the process of forensic security
while ensuring that access is only
enabled for valid subscribers.
Finally, the ISAM platform only
streams content to authorized subscribers. The content is encoded but
is only physically delivered to paid-up
subscribers. Unlike analog pay-perview (PPV), its impossible to obtain
content via an illegal decoder.

Alcatel-Lucent DSL ISAM Family


The Alcatel-Lucent
Preparing your network for triple play services
is a major challenge. Theres no point in
disguising the fact that you will need to make
significant investments in order to deliver
very high-speed broadband services over the
access network.

Alcatel-Lucent is the world leader in broadband

access. The company shipped its first ADSL
equipment in 1996 and, since then, has delivered
more than 143 million DSL lines around the

Thats why Alcatel-Lucent developed the

ISAM family the industrys first IP access
platform. With multiple deployment options,
you can evolve your network - cost-effectively
and efficiently - as your business case grows.

world. Building on this core competence,

You can also reduce OPEX with multiservice

deployment from a single access node, enable
a smooth transition of POTS-based services
to NGN with full feature parity, as well as
maintain stringent parameters for QoS and
security so critical for the delivery of triple
play services.

to build on this core competence. As such, the

Alcatel-Lucent became the first company

to develop broadband access platforms.
The Alcatel-Lucent DSL ISAM platform continues

platform is the latest in a long line of innovative

developments, and has been delivered to more
than 140 service providers around the world.

Alcatel-Lucent is shipping one DSL line per second!


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