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Burn = biological
2. Metabolism increased
3. Hormones = cortisol up
4. Depressed – insulin
5. Hyperglycemic blood
6. Metabolic process Inhibited – glycolysis
7. Stimulated – gluconeogenesis
8. ATP’s generated by B-oxidation of FFAs
9. Atrophic skel. Muscles – AOTA
10.Attenuate deleterious effects of stress – AOTA
a. Analgesia
b. Sedation
c. Nutritional therapy
11.Risk = likelihood of Injury in a given situation
12.Parenteral – greatest risk route
14.Mercury affects kids due to vapor density
15.Sub acute more than 24 hrs. less than a month
16.Dosage – ug/kg
17.Following toxin against Paracelsus – dioxin
18.Women more vulnerable to toxin – no regen of germ cells
19.Household pesticides – cover bed with plastic
20.Silver cleaner – aota
a. Legal action
b. …
c. …
21.Drift, groundwater, food => exposure to pesticide outside the farm
22.Isonaside – Asian < Caucasian = genetic
23.Lead sources – battery plant?!
24.Elemental mercury vapor – lungs
25.Sidestream smoke – more carcinogenic
26.Philippus – first name of Paracelsus
27.Family life cycle theory similar to freud – AOTA
a. Dev’t stages
b. Tasks to be done
c. Pathology if not completed task
28.Emotional transition – major change, negotiate
29.2nd order – role of family member changes
30.Differentiation consciously choosing to be the same or to be different.
31.New married couple – loyal to each other over family and friends
32.Family w/ young children – freq. source of disagreement whose family rules
will be followed?
33.Adolescene – AOTA
a. Adolescents need freedom
b. Grandparents – physical decline
c. Many crises
34.Adolescent stages – ad. Seeking freedom, parents midlife crisis
35.Midlife crisis – physical limits vis-à-vis dreams
36.AOTA – late family stage
a. Dyad
b. Treated as adults
c. …
37.Impt. To allow grandparent gen to function independently as much as their
health allows.
38.Stuck – family is unable to accomplish a task of the previous stage… (?!)
39.Illness – AOTA
a. Prevent accomplishment of task
b. Get stuck
40.Limits – based on north American family
41.Role of illness in family - EOTA
a. Cause dysfunction
b. Caused by dysfunction
42.NOT true about envi tobacco smoke – evidence indicates that chronic
exposure causes greater damage than actual smoking… SHOULD BE causes
cardiac, GI and lung dmg
43.POPs – concentrated in breast milk
44.Exhaust – except ozone
45.Bronchial asthma decresed by either
46.Minamata disease – organic mercury
47.Glass takes longest to decompose
48.Ozone layer – EOTA (hairspray and Styrofoam)
49.Soil degradation prevented by organic farming and pop control
a. Temp control
b. 30-40% CO2
52.Bitter, hostile – rejecting
53.Neglected – yearn for partner to play parent role – unlimited attention &
54.Individuals attracted to harsh occupations – punitive
55. Social attracted to … - hypochondriacal
56.Perfectionist – life without sparkle
57.Unaffectionate, unexpressive, - perfectionist
58.No job, not working – over indulgent
59.Never relaxes or plays with kids – excessively responsible
60.Best – authoritative
61.Children more self-regulation no maturity needed – indulgent
63.Women – domestic obligations
64.No gender expectations character
65.Gender segregation – school age
66.Gender socialization – 10
67.Maranao – separation of sexes – 6
68.Honor of family – 1st born male
69.Ask to assist in economic activities prepare for head of family
70.Authoritarian family – kid good in school but low self esteem and has poor
social skills
71.Health profile
72.Evaluative Index B
73.Specific instruments
74.Utility (standard and gamble)
75.Discriminative (intelligence)
76.Predictive (w/ gold standard)
77.Individuals classified – descriptive

A: true B: false

79.B : very limited tools for QOL

80.B: need to get control group
81.A: QOL includes patient perception
83.A: Health profiles
84.B: Discriminative with gold