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dfengine 1.

- added map autodownload (cvar cl_mapAutoDownload)
- added background mode for the download command (type /download for online help
- added cvar com_sleepfps - maximum framerate when the game window doesn't have
- added Windows cvar in_keyboardShortcuts to control Desktop shortcuts
- numpad keys 8 and 2 in the console no longer scroll the command history
- empty console command lines are no longer kept in the history
- added cvar sv_noReferencedPaks - brings back original pk3 downloading and sv_p
ure when set to 0 (contributed by uZu)
- fixed an issue with DirectInput mouse interface after vid_restart's
- fixed autosprite warning message looping in the console
- fixed a race condition in local games with fast transitions in SYSTEMINFO cvar
- fixed game vulnerability that allowed bypassing player bans
- added pixel format check for JPG images
- fixed non-US keyboard layouts issuing a character when opening the console
- fixed segfault in the debug build
dfengine 1.07
- support for winxp's raw input interface (in_mouse 3)
- fast game minimization with new windowMode console command (contributed by dra
- fast fullscreen toggling with either alt-tab or windowMode (contributed by dra
- disabled windows keyboard shortcuts ingame (contributed by drakkar)
- bindable windows special keys: bind win, bind menu (contributed by drakkar)
- slightly sped up engine initialization
- more cleanup in the initialization console messages
dfengine 1.06
- fixed buffer overflow in the download command
- fixed demo playback failing to start when a local server is up
- added dl_usebaseq3
- added con_useshader
- added con_rgb & con_opacity
- removed some console junk during initialization
- added experimental support for Windows' raw input (in_mouse 3)
- fixed clamping of skyboxes' textures (contributed by marky)
- fixed tga screenshots with non-standard screen res (contributed by marky)
dfengine 1.05
- added con_filter[0-19] cvars with full-fledged regular expressions (Perl-compa
tible) to filter out console lines
> pcre_version: display libpcre version string
- added console command to download map packs from a web server
(thanks to Pan-(G) and the mDd team for their support - http://q3a.ath.c
x/ - http://www.q3df.org/)
> download <mapname>
> dl_source: url to query the map from - %m is replaced with the map nam
> dl_showprogress: show progress in console (spammy)
> dl_showmotd: show server motd
> dl_verbose: 1: show http headers; 2: show http headers and debug info
> curl_version: display libcurl version string
- support for ^8 ^9 osp colors
- fixed double carets ^^ escape sequences in text.
- enhanced console text width and buffer size

smaller font size in message fields

input fields no longer interpret colors
con_height issued to q3config.cfg
changed console background
fs_game defaults to "defrag"
fixed unability to set com_zoneMegs from the command line
defaulting com_hunkMegs to 64 and com_zoneMegs to 24
slight cleanup of the client connection code
brought back alt-enter keyboard shortcut for linux (disabled in 1.03)

dfengine 1.03
- configurable console height - cvar con_height, default .5 (contributed by Mark
- added key modifiers to open the console fullscreen (alt+~) or over a few lines
(shift+~) (contributed by Marky)
- fixed demo autocompletion for linux client
dfengine 1.02
- replaced faulty unbuffered /exec command with a 64k static buffer
- fixed Makefile for linux (first linux version)
dfengine 1.01
- fixed bug with the /exec command that was introduced in 1.00
- integrated ioquake3 client download security fix (so-called q3 1.32c patch)
- cl_showRecording renamed to ch_recordMessage
- minor correction for french keyboard layout ( showing in console)
- fixed minor inconsistency in Id's autocompletion code
dfengine 1.00
- fixed failure with large number of pk3s
- bumped the limit on open files to 2048 for windows platforms
- autocompletion extended to bsp filenames, demo filenames and folders
- autocompletion shows cvar values
- removed 16kb buffer limit for config files (now unlimited)
- proper handling of corrupted pk3 files
- "recording to ..." screen message made conditional, off by default (cl_showRec
- removed g_sync warning from demo recording