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27898 Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

95 / Thursday, May 17, 2007 / Notices

Dated: May 8, 2007. E. Inclusive Dates of the Matching • Hand Delivery: Room PL–401 on
Manuel J. Vaz, Program the plaza level of the Nassif Building,
Acting Deputy Commissioner for Disability The matching program will become 400 Seventh Street, SW., Washington,
and Income Security Programs. effective no sooner than 40 days after DC, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday
Notice of Computer Matching Program, notice of the matching program is sent through Friday, except Federal holidays.
Social Security Administration (SSA) to Congress and OMB, or 30 days after Docket: For access to the docket to
With the States publication of this notice in the Federal read background documents or
Register, whichever date is later. The comments received, go to http://
A. Participating Agencies matching program will continue for 18 dms.dot.gov at any time or to Room PL–
SSA and the States months from the effective date and may 401 on the plaza level of the Nassif
be extended for an additional 12 months Building, 400 Seventh Street, SW.,
B. Purpose of the Matching Program Washington, DC, between 9 a.m. and 5
thereafter, if certain conditions are met.
The purpose of this matching program Individual State matching agreements p.m., Monday through Friday, except
is to establish the conditions, under the matching program will Federal holidays.
safeguards, and procedures under which become effective upon the effective date FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
the States may obtain SSN verification of this matching program or the signing Tyneka Thomas (202) 267–7626 or
and certain SSA information relating to of the agreements by the parties to the Frances Shaver (202) 267–9681, Office
the eligibility for, and payment of, individual agreements, whichever is of Rulemaking, Federal Aviation
Social Security, Supplemental Security later. The duration of individual State Administration, 800 Independence
Income, and Special Veterans Benefits, matching agreements will be subject to Avenue, SW., Washington, DC 20591.
quarters of coverage, prisoner, and death the timeframes and limitations This notice is published pursuant to
information. This information is contained in this matching program. 14 CFR 11.85.
available from various SSA systems of
[FR Doc. E7–9443 Filed 5–16–07; 8:45 am] Issued in Washington, DC, on May 9, 2007.
Individual agreements with the States BILLING CODE 4191–02–P Pamela Hamilton-Powell,
will describe the information to be Director, Office of Rulemaking.
disclosed and the conditions under Petitions for Exemption
which SSA agrees to disclose such DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
information. Docket No.: FAA–2006–26253.
Federal Aviation Administration Petitioner: Ogdensburg Bridge & Port
C. Authority for Conducting the Authority.
Matching Program [Summary Notice No. PE–2006–17]
Section of 14 CFR Affected: 139.319.
This matching program is carried out Petitions for Exemption; Summary of Description of Relief Sought: To allow
under the authority of the Privacy Act Petitions Received Ogdensburg Bridge & Port Authority to
of 1974, as amended; sections operate without meeting the
202(x)(3)(B)(iv), 205(r)(3), and 1106 of AGENCY: Federal Aviation requirement for aircraft rescue and fire
the Social Security Act; sections 402, Administration (FAA), DOT. fighting equipment manned and ready
412, 421 and 435 of Public Law 104– ACTION: Notice of petition for exemption to respond for each scheduled landing
193; Public Law 108–458; section received. of a plane with 9 or more passengers.
6301(l)(7) of Title 26 of the Internal [FR Doc. E7–9463 Filed 5–16–07; 8:45 am]
SUMMARY: This notice contains a
Revenue Code and SSA’s Privacy Act
summary of a certain petition seeking BILLING CODE 4910–13–P
Regulations (20 CFR 401.150) and by the
relief from specified requirements of 14
routine use exception to the Privacy Act
CFR. The purpose of this notice is to
(5 U.S.C. 552a(b)(3)).
improve the public’s awareness of, and DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY
D. Categories of Records and participation in, this aspect of FAA’s
Individuals Covered by the Matching regulatory activities. Neither publication Submission for OMB Review;
Program of this notice nor the inclusion or Comment Request
States will provide SSA with names omission of information in the summary
is intended to affect the legal status of May 11, 2007.
and other identifying information of
appropriate benefit applicants or any petition or its final disposition. The Department of Treasury has
recipients. Specific information from DATES: Comments on petitions received submitted the following public
participating States will be matched, as must identify the petition docket information collection requirement(s) to
provided in the agreement for the number involved and must be received OMB for review and clearance under the
specific programs, with the following on or before June 6, 2007. Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995,
systems of records maintained by SSA. ADDRESSES: You may submit comments
Public Law 104–13. Copies of the
1. SVES—SSR/SVB, SSA/ODSSIS identified by DOT DMS Docket Number submission(s) may be obtained by
(60–0103); MBR, SSA/ORSIS (60–0090); FAA–2007–26253 by any of the calling the Treasury Bureau Clearance
and the Master Files of SSN Holders and following methods: Officer listed. Comments regarding this
SSN Applications, SSA/OEEAS (60– • Web Site: http://dms.dot.gov. information collection should be
0058); Follow the instructions for submitting addressed to the OMB reviewer listed
2. Quarters of Coverage Query—the comments on the DOT electronic docket and to the Treasury Department
Earnings Recording and Self- site. Clearance Officer, Department of the
Employment Income System, SSA/ • Fax: 1–202–493–2251. Treasury, Room 11000, 1750
pwalker on PROD1PC71 with NOTICES

OEEAS (60–0059) and the Master Files • Mail: Docket Management Facility; Pennsylvania Avenue, NW.,
of SSN Holders and SSN Applications, U.S. Department of Transportation, 400 Washington, DC 20220.
SSA/OEEAS (60–0058); Seventh Street, SW., Nassif Building, DATES: Written comments should be
3. Prisoner Query—PUPS, SSA/ Room PL–401, Washington, DC 20590– received on or before June 18, 2007 to
OEEAS (60–0269). 0001. be assured of consideration.

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Federal Register / Vol. 72, No. 95 / Thursday, May 17, 2007 / Notices 27899

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Reporting on the Sale of a Principal Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995,
OMB Number: 1545–0959. Residence. Public Law 104–13 (44 U.S.C.
Type of Review: Extension. Description: The revenue procedure 3506(c)(2)(A)). Currently, the IRS is
Title: LR–213–76 (Final) Estate and applies only to the sale of a principal soliciting comments concerning
Gift Taxes; Qualified Disclaimers of residence for $250,000 or less ($500,000 Revenue Procedure 2006–XX, Rotable
Property. or less if the seller is married). The Spare Parts Safe Harbor Method.
Description: Section 2518 allows a revenue procedure provides the written DATES: Written comments should be
person to disclaim an interest in assurances that are acceptable to the received on or before July 16, 2007 to be
property received by gift or inheritance. Service for exempting a real estate assured of consideration.
The interest is treated as if the reporting person from information ADDRESSES: Direct all written comments
disclaimant never received or reporting requirements for the sale of a to Glenn P. Kirkland, Internal Revenue
transferred such interest for Federal gift principal residence. Service, room 6411, 1111 Constitution
tax purposes. A qualified disclaimer Respondents: Individuals or Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20224.
must be in writing and delivered to the households.
transferor or trustee. Estimated Total Burden Hours:
420,500 hours. Requests for additional information or
Respondents: Individuals or copies of revenue procedures should be
households. OMB Number: 1545–1212.
directed to Larnice Mack at Internal
Estimated Total Burden Hours: 1,000 Type of Review: Extension.
Title: U.S. Estate Tax Return for Revenue Service, room 6512, 1111
hours. Constitution Avenue, NW., Washington,
OMB Number: 1545–0181. Qualified Domestic Trusts.
Form: 706–QDT. DC 20224, or at (202)622–3179, or
Type of Review: Revision. through the Internet at
Description: Form 706–QDT is used
Title: Application for Extension of (Larnice.Mack@irs.gov).
by the trustee or the designated filer to
Time to File a Return and/or Pay U.S.
compute and report the Federal estate SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
Estate (and Generation-Skipping
tax imposed on qualified domestic Title: Rotable Spare Parts Safe Harbor
Transfer) Taxes.
trusts by C section 2056A. IRS uses the Method.
Form: 4768.
information to enforce this tax and to OMB Number: 1545–2070.
Description: Form 4768 is used by
verify that the tax has been properly Revenue Procedure Number: Rev.
estates to request an extension of time
computed. Proc. 2006–XX.
to file an estate (and GST) tax return Abstract: The information for which
and/or to pay the estate (and GST) taxes Respondents: Individuals or
households. the agency is requesting to collect will
and to explain why the extension support a taxpayer’s claim for eligibility
Estimated Total Burden Hours: 357
should be granted. IRS uses the to use the safe harbor method of
information to decide whether the accounting for rotable spare parts
Clearance Officer: Glenn P. Kirkland,
extension should be granted. provided in the proposed revenue
(202) 622–3428, Internal Revenue
Respondents: Businesses and other
Service, Room 6516, 1111 Constitution procedures. The information will be
for-profit institutions.
Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20224. submitted as a supporting schedule for
Estimated Total Burden Hours: 30,710
OMB Reviewer: Alexander T. Hunt, the Form 3115, Application for Change
(202) 395–7316, Office of Management in Accounting Method.
OMB Number: 1545–1668. and Budget, Room 10235, New Current Actions: There are no changes
Type of Review: Revision. Executive Office Building, Washington, being made to the revenue procedures at
Title: Return of U.S. Persons With DC 20503. this time.
Respect to Certain Foreign Partnerships. Type of Review: Extension of a
Form: 8865. Robert Dahl,
currently approved collection.
Description: The Taxpayer Relief Act Treasury PRA Clearance Officer. Affected Public: Business or other for-
of 1997 significantly modified the [FR Doc. E7–9514 Filed 5–16–07; 8:45 am] profit organizations.
information reporting requirements with BILLING CODE 4830–01–P Estimated Number of Respondents:
respect to foreign partnerships. The Act 300.
made the following three changes (1) Estimated Time per Respondent: 15
expanded section 6038B to require U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY minutes.
persons transferring property to foreign Estimated Total Annual Burden
partnerships in certain transactions to Internal Revenue Service Hours: 75.
report those transfers; (2) expanded The following paragraph applies to all
section 6038 to require certain U.S. Proposed Collection; Comment of the collections of information covered
Partners of controlled foreign Request for Revenue Procedure 2006– by this notice: An agency may not
partnerships to report information about XX conduct or sponsor, and a person is not
the partnerships; and (3) modified the AGENCY: Internal Revenue Service (IRS), required to respond to, a collection of
reporting required under section 6046A Treasury. information unless the collection of
with respect to acquisitions and ACTION: Notice and request for information displays a valid OMB
dispositions of foreign partnership comments. control number. Books or records
interests. relating to a collection of information
Respondents: Businesses or other for- SUMMARY: The Department of the must be retained as long as their
profit institutions. Treasury, as part of its continuing effort contents may become material in the
Estimated Total Burden Hours: to reduce paperwork and respondent administration of any internal revenue
pwalker on PROD1PC71 with NOTICES

296,124 hours. burden, invites the general public and law. Generally, tax returns and tax
OMB Number: 1545–1592. other Federal agencies to take this return information are confidential, as
Type of Review: Extension. opportunity to comment on proposed required by 26 U.S.C. 6103.
Title: Revenue Procedure 98–20, and/or continuing information Request for Comments: Comments
Certification for No Information collections, as required by the submitted in response to this notice will

VerDate Aug<31>2005 17:15 May 16, 2007 Jkt 211001 PO 00000 Frm 00100 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\17MYN1.SGM 17MYN1