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CIS 170 Midterm Exam Guide

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CIS 170 Midterm Exam Guide

Question 1
Data alteration and denial directly targets the computer by attacking the useful information stored
or processed by the computer.
Question 2
Child pornography is an example of which type of computer crime?
Question 3
Agnew argues that crime is due to a lack of attachment to parents.
Question 4
_____________ is designed to impose a sanction on convicted offenders in order to prevent them
from continuing to commit criminal acts in the future
Question 5
Which of the following forms of technology expanded the scope of hacker activities?
Question 6
The primary avenue of redress for corporations seeking to litigate charges of corporate espionage
is the criminal courts.
Question 7
What major category of information warfare/cyber-terror does cryptography fall into?
Question 8

Which technique of neutralization occurs when an individual believes that the victim had it
Question 9
Computer crime is not an international problem.
Question 10
An unauthorized program typically contained within a legitimate program is known as a:
Question 11
During what decade did electronic funds transfers (EFTs) begin to expand money laundering
Question 12
Recent research has linked the act of music and software piracy to what prominent theory?
Question 13
Fortune 1000 technology firms report an average of how many espionage attacks per year?
Question 14
Which of the following is defined in terms of their activities related to denial of service attacks?
Question 15
Traditional money laundering techniques include all of the following except one. Which
technique below is not a traditional method of money laundering?
Question 16
Opportunities for identity crimes have increased primarily because consumers are increasingly
asked to use their social security number as a personal identifier.
Question 17
A subculture is a set of values, norms, and beliefs that differ from the dominant culture.
Question 18

The unique feature of a worm is that it:

Question 19
A virus is a piece of code that attaches itself to other instructions within a computer.
Question 20
Which of the following is most true?
Question 21
A worm is a program that reproduces itself over a computer network by breaking into computers
much like a virtual hacker.
Question 22
The United States is likely the nation that is most vulnerable to digital terrorism.
Question 23
According to Merton, a(n) ___________ accepts the goal of economic success but rejects the
institutionalized means to obtain it.
Question 24
The 80s were a pivotal decade in the trend toward defining hackers as criminals.
Question 25
One of the primary tenets of the hacker code as conceived by Levy is that information should
be free to all users.
Question 26
Data alteration, denial of service, network intrusions, thefts of information, and computer
vandalism are examples of which type of computer crime?
Question 27
Research indicates that individuals with low self control are more likely to view on-line

Question 28
Which of the following is defined as a malicious hacker?
Question 29
Virus writers generally write viruses to steal information and destroy data.
Question 30
Which of the following is true?
Question 31
What major category of information warfare/cyber-terror does web site defacement fall into?
Question 32
Hackers were generally considered to be criminals as early as the 60s.
Question 33
The motives for many writers of malicious software have changed from profit to curiosity and
Question 34
What major category of information warfare/cyber-terror does data hiding fall into?
Question 35
Hackers predominantly associate themselves with illegal acts.
Question 36
What major category of information warfare/cyber-terror does cyber-plagues fall into?
Question 37
This group tends to define hackers and their activities in terms of the danger associated with
hacking and its sometimes malicious intent.
Question 38

All of the following terms are used to characterize and describe viruses, except:
Question 39
Which of the following is NOT one of the four primary environments viruses operate in?
Question 40
Recent studies suggest that 10 percent of personal computers are infected by malicious software.
Question 41
Neutralization techniques may be defined as:
Question 42
The primary difference between data alteration and network intrusion is the
Question 43
According to Kohlberg, right corresponds to seeing ones own needs met, taking responsibility
for oneself, and allowing others to do the same in which stage of moral development?
Question 44
Criminal statistics on computer crime are
Question 45
The advent of large-scale computerized databases in the financial services field has made
embezzlement a more technically-oriented crime requiring more sophisticated knowledge than
was the case 30 years ago.
Question 46
This group tends to define hackers and their activities in terms of the illegality of hacking.
Question 47
Which type of computer crime describes actions in which the computer is used only to further a
criminal end? In other words, the computer or data contained therein is not the object of the

Question 48
Despite its contention that modern technological advancements are incompatible with
fundamentalist Islam culture, Al-Qaeda has become a primary foe in the digital terrorism area.
Question 49
Hackers appear to exhibit a subculture that includes:
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