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Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow

Total Teacher Observation Record














Images of
women in

Teaching evidence

Areas of strength/concern

HA x 8
MA x 16
LA x 3
SEND x 3
EAL x not available
Patrol x 1
1 x Outstanding, 1 x Good
What happened for
Opening slide contained date,
title, and learning objective,
learning outcomes for students
to choose from, PLTs and Literacy
focus as well as DUMTUCLUM.
DO NOW on small whiteboard.
Register done whilst students on
task. MMN chose students to
feedback on this activity and
used her questioning to probe
further and allow the students to
break their responses down and
simplify even more. Reference to
exam criteria for DO NOW.
Activity 1 images on whiteboard
for students to reflect upon
linked to LO.

Mission task students placed in

to triads by MMN. Guidance
sheets and empty FB page
already on desks. Task timed
using timer on board (20mins).
Ipads were allowed so that
students could complete further
research on religious attitudes.

As a result
Students clearly know the routines of the
class room. Did not need to be told to write
all the necessary information down, they do
this automatically.

Students immediately moved on to the DO

NOW and were able to refer to their prior
learning to complete this activity, this was
done silently and all students were engaged.

Students given thinking time and then MMN

chose students to give their thoughts and
opinions. Further questioning from MMN
allowed students to think about their answers
and reflect further.

Students straight on to task. MMN had to

reiterate the instructions once to the class
and had the confidence to stop the task in
order to do this. Very productive atmosphere
in the class room and students were able to
work independently at first and then
continue in their triads.

Each number in triad was given a

different attitude to research.
There were hints on each
attitude and some sheets were
differentiated for some students.
Students asked to move on to
another attitude once done and
then try to complete all 3 before
joining with another group and
sharing their findings.
MMN circulating and asking
questions throughout all tasks.

All language used referred to

A/A* grades.

Marking, feedback +

What happened for

Students were able to research up to 3 of the

attitudes which mean that they made
significant progress towards the LO.

Students were supported in their learning and

had the confidence to ask any questions
should they need to.
Students clearly used to and comfortable
with this, they only see themselves doing
well in RE.
As a result

All books were marked up to

date. Date, title, learning
objective and student reflections
were apparent in all books.

Students can reflect on their learning and

progress within lessons.

There were no target grades on

the student books.

Students are unable to reflect on their

progress towards their GCSE target grades
when they get Assessment results.

Literacy codes are glued in to

books and exam criteria sheets.

Students can reflect on SPAG.

Presentation generally very good.

Students clearly take pride in their work.

Evidence of peer-assessment.
Students are working together and helping
each other to improve.
Use of modern
technology (Optional

Attainment and
progress (in lesson)

What happened for

As a result


Students could follow the lesson clearly.

Ipads were used by the students

to conduct further research.

Students were given a hint and then had to

undertake further research in order to obtain
as much information as possible on their area
As a result

What happened for

Learning outcomes were


Students could decide what they wanted to

achieve at the end of the lesson and are


clearly used to doing so.

Worksheet resources were
differentiated through the hints
that were given. Specific
students had been given more
support on their sheets.
Triads had a mixture of Tier 1-3

Students were able to work independently

towards achieving the LO and could
articulate how they were going to do this.
They were also given the opportunity to
complete more than 1 attitude which meant
they were accessing more learning through
their own research. The fact that they could
then discuss this in groups meant that they
were learning even more from each other
and making more progress.
All students spoken to were able to articulate
expectations of the tasks set and how they
were going about completing them. They
could tell me what they had achieved so far
by way of grades for assessments and how
teacher feedback was helping them to make
good progress in their learning.

Student voice:
1. Do you think you are making progress why? Due to the teacher feedback in our books and
verbally, the 2 Assessment grades that we have achieved since September.
2. Are you given regular feedback? Do the teachers comments help you to know what to do next?
Yes and yes. The feedback that the teacher gives shows me what I have done well and what I
need to do in order to improve. The teacher always asks a question and writes it in to my
book when she has marked it; this makes me reflect further on the topic content.
3. Tell me about/show me your home learning Shown 5 home learning projects on Showbie that
have been set since September. Students are also asked to complete work at home if they
have not done so in class time.
4. What types of activities have you done in these lessons? Reflection followed by discussion,
reflection followed by writing. Watching video clips and reflecting.
5. Do you enjoy your learning? Yes, the class is always calm and we can get work done. It is a good
atmosphere which helps us to learn.
Summary This was a clearly well planned and facilitate lesson where all students felt comfortable and
confident in their learning. Students did not know what their target grades were however when I spoke
to them they all wanted to achieve the top grades so it didnt matter to them. Everyone respects each
other and MMN and clearly wants to learn and make progress. The activities were engaging and allowed
students to work independently as well as together, the use of a FB page was excellent as it immediately
engaged the students.
Areas for Development (2)
Student/student and student/teacher
Have a 1-2-1 conversation and share target
grades with all students so that the can
Everyone has the utmost respect for MMN.
reflect on their progress towards these
Basic operating standards are clearly
targets with regards to the tasks that they
complete in class and when they sit an
Non-negotiable lesson ingredients are
clearly embedded.
Students are clearly learning and making

progress as the learning environment is

completely set up to allow this to happen.
No BFL issues at all.