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Biology is a discipline designed to scientifically study the living world. This course will integrate
physical and chemical concepts to understand biology with emphasis on energy exchange, molecular
connections, evolutionary themes, and current social and global issues. Throughout the year,
students will be expected to master knowledge of concepts, as well as show the ability to use
scientific laboratory skills and show understanding through life connections.
Mr. Nguyen
Office in 305A, please enter through 305
Email: bhnguyen1@cps.edu
Twitter: @MrBinhNguyen
Please feel free to stop by or set up an appointment to meet with me
1 3-ring binder (you will want at least 2) & 10 dividers (optional you can also use adhesive tabs)
Loose-leaf paper or laptop, pens, and pencils
Biology textbook:
Biology Concepts and Connections by Campbell, Reece, Taylor, and Simon
Website (Google Classroom and Public Site):
The website will serve as an up to date resource for a unit calendar and posting for all class
announcements, assignments, and links to supplementary information/online materials. Students
will be expected to use the website on a weekly basis.
Students will be given a study guide and learning objective at the beginning of every unit
with a tentative exam/quiz date. It will have important vocabulary, concepts, and reading
questions. Each reading assignment with pertinent vocabulary and questions is on the study
guide. Students can be given a pop reading quiz after each reading assignment. If the
student takes notes, (s)he can use notes on the reading quizzes which are meant to evaluate
class preparation. The material will then be enriched during class time with further
discussion and/or activities and labs.
Students will work in pairs/groups to complete laboratory assignments. Some labs will
result in a formal lab report that will be graded using the Lab Report Rubric.
Unit Exams are multiple choices and written responses. Students will be given 60-80
minutes to complete it. Students will be given the first 20 minutes of class to prepare for the
exam. Semester exams are cumulative.
Class will be a blend of lecture, discussion, investigation, and laboratory/field work.
Extra credit can only be obtained in two ways: essential lab equipment, and special science
event participation (stem day, X/Y science topic discussions, etc.).
Student Evaluation

90% - 100%
80% - 89.9%
70% - 79.9%
60% - 69.9%
below 60%

Labs & Activities
Exams & Quizzes


Nguyen Biology

All students have the ability to earn an A grade if he/she puts in the time and effort. There is no
grading curve and all students will earn a grade using the scale above. If there is an error in grade
entry, corrections must be handled within TWO weeks in which the error occurred. Students will
earn overall class points that will be calculated into a class grade/percent. An approximate grade
distribution is also given above. Grades can be calculated by using points earned divided by points
Under no circumstance will cheating/plagiarism be tolerated! Any student caught
cheating/plagiarizing will receive an automatic ZERO on the assignment and will be reported
to administration to be dealt with accordingly. In this class, plagiarism is defined as any instance
in which a student takes the words, ideas, or works of another and claims them as their own. This
includes homework, projects, and lab reports. Group/lab work is not an opportunity to plagiarize.
Group work is defined as a collection of students working together on a common problem to reach a
final solution, however each individual student should be able to explain and analyze their solution
or conclusion in their own words.
Due to the pace of class, attendance is imperative! If you are absent, you will be expected to turn
in any work that was missed on the day you return to class unless you have made arrangements
with me. In the event that you will have frequent and numerous absences, work must be turned in
within one week of it being assigned unless you have made arrangements with me. This requires you
to check the website, get notes from your peers, look at the unit study guide/learning objectives, and
get assignments turned in a timely fashion. Reading quizzes and most labs CANNOT be made up and
will be excused in grade book. If you miss a lab, you will need to discuss alternatives to this
assignment with me. Missed exams will be made up the day you return to class.
Ask questions
Come to class on time
Come to class prepared and ready to participate (assignments are due at the BEGINNING of
Have a respectful and positive attitude to those in the classroom community. Pay attention
to the speaker.
Follow lab safety rules (No eating or drinking in class)
Clean up after yourself (push in your chair and pick up all trash even if its not yours)
Class is over when I dismiss you, not when the music begins.
Check Google classroom and your Northsides email regularly for attachments, reminders,
and announcements
If you have questions outside of class, email me by 7AM the next day I will make sure to
answer your questions via email or in class.
Maintain all policies and academic integrity.
Unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated. If a student fails to follow classroom behavior
expectations he/she may lose points, be expected to stay after class, receive a phone call home,
and/or be sent to administration.
Please keep in mind that this syllabus is tentative and subject to change. I am looking forward to an
exciting and memorable year of learning and activities! I hope you leave in 2016 aware,
knowledgeable, and empowered to interact with the world around you.

Nguyen Biology