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Claire DeBenedetto

Go to the website above. There is a list of articles on the first

amendment freedom of speech. Read any five articles and write a
summary of them. Also answer whether you think there was a first
amendment violation and why/why not.
Do Online Death Threats Count as Free Speech?
Anthony Elonis posted several hateful and dangerous threats on
Facebook to his wife Tara that recently left him. These statements, in
her opinion, were threats posed against her life and also her familys
lives. He repetitively posted them online, terrifying her. This is a first
amendment violation, in my opinion, because of the promise of bodily
harm to another. There are limitations to what you can say in this
world, such as yelling fire! in a movie theater. These death threats
endanger the safety of a person, plus there is ample proof of the threat
posted on the Internet. This can be easily submitted in court as
evidence. This type of behavior is completely unacceptable and should
not be legal.
Montana KKK flier prompts free speech debate
Havre residents woke up to KKK fliers on their doorstep. Even though
this group is generally hated for their speech, it technically follows the
Constitution and doesnt violate it. However, if the group decided to
execute mass killings or destruction of property they would be violating
the law. They are protected under the 1st amendment, freedom of
assembly and speech. The Montana human rights group is trying to
find a way to discover something illegal in these motions.
The Law Against Artists: Public Art Often Loses Out in Court
Local artists are being sued for some of their designs. They get sued
for violating the safety of the common person. Some get sued because
their artwork interferes with another property. This could violate the
freedom of speech or expression in some cases, however the safety of
the people is the priority.
Cursing teen at Mill Pond ignites debate on freedom of speech
A teen was with his friend that got a ticket for skateboarding. The teen
was a bystander to this event, but he cursed under his breath. The
officer fined him $200 for the offense. It sounds like the kid should walk

free, however it is unacceptable to disrespect an officer of the law.

Therefore the kid could be fine under the law.

US Supreme Court to Decide if License Plates Fall Under

Freedom of Speech
The Supreme Court is deciding whether or not license plates fall under
freedom of speech. One side of the argument is whether it displays the
particular state is supporting the organizations. The other side is that
people are free to express what they want on a plate. I think people
should be allowed to put what they want as long as it is not attacking
or threatening a group.