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This is not the first time that I have written about this topic.


passengers trying to get a ride. The commuter line from the stairway

months ago I wrote about my trip to Cebu from NAIA 2 via PAL. I

entrance wound like a snake in front of Alphaland building towards its

remember that I mentioned that, as expected the terminal personnel

side road and back to the front of the building. Some of my friends told

started loading the passengers about 30 minutes prior to departure

me that I have not seen enough. I should have seen the other long

time. When the designated time arrived, the passengers were told by

lines at MRT Cubao, etc. How about at the LRT stations?

the pilot that our time for takeoff was moved to some 30 minutes later
because of the congested air traffic at the airport. When we departed

What is being done to solve these said problems? Buy more trains,

from Cebu to return to Manila, the same routine happened. Our

spare parts, etc? How about the maintenance of the facilities? What

departure was delayed again because of air traffic in Manila. This

about the ticketing system? I do remember that years ago, I used to

problem is a continuing one, both at the NAIA, in Mactan, and other

commute between New Haven, Connecticut and Manhattan Island

airports. Many times the planes are standing by for takeoff at the

New York City, USA. Likewise, many times I rode the subway from the

tarmac or nearby, with its engines running to provide power to the

basement of the old Pan Am building where the main station is located,

aircrafts air-conditioning system.

all the way to the basement of the lamented Twin Towers, in order to
take the ferry boat to Staten Island. Sure there were a lot of

Questions: 1) What ever happened to the supposed minor changes at

passengers, but certainly I did not see any problems in these facilities.

the runway and taxi way at NAIA to speed up takeoffs and landings? 2)
How about the suggestion that private aircraft activities should be

How about the movement of cargo via truck trailers from the ports of

transferred to Sangley to reduce air traffic at our main airport? 3) What

Manila and vice versa? Why did the problem escalate? The rapid

ever happened to the planned construction at a second airport

movement of goods to and from the piers has not been resolved.

somewhere near or beside Sangley, Cavite? 4) How about the

acquisition of state-of-the-art equipment to avoid unnecessary failures
of present aging radar, communications, and other facilities? I
remember there was a not-too-recent incident where flights at the
Ninoy Aquino airport were diverted because the power source was hit
by lightning, thus there was no radar.
The other night I happened to pass near the Alphaland EDSA MRT
station. I could not believe what I saw. There were hundreds of train

All the above issues certainly affect our economy in view of the
restricted movement of raw materials, the export of our own
manufactured goods, etc., the mobility of our manpower, the wasted
fuel burned by our land and air transportation system which results in
billions of pesos lost.

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