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(A preparation for the great day of renewal)

Book 1


The spiritual fall and the spiritual rise

A preparation for the great day of renewal



Cosmic Reintegration 4

Cosmic Reintegration Trilogy: The spiritual fall and the spiritual rise 5

Introduction 7

Acknowledgement 9

Reflection for the reader 10

I. Cosmic Isolation 11

1. The Interplanetary Fraternity 12

2. The Rebellion of the Pride 17
3. The Master’s Decision 21
4. The Terrestrial Isolation 24

II. Cosmic Accompaniment 27

1. The Interplanetary Exiles 28

2. The Detour of the Route 32
3. The Fraternal Help. 35
4. The Pride of the Spirit 53
5. New Debts 55
6. The Isolation Persists. 59

III. Cosmic Reintegration 61

1. The Effort and the Learning 62

2. The Necessary Preparation 65
3. The Prelude of the Planetary Unit 71
4. The End of the Cosmic Quarantine 73
5. Cosmic Context 75

The Time Line 79

The Past and the Present 81

Strategic Explanation. 85
Philosophical and Spiritual Context 85
Cosmic Context 86
Terrestrial Context 86
Elucidating Context. 86
Doctrinal Context 87
Historical Context 87
Religious Context 87

Orbum Project 88

Cosmic Reintegration

The reintegration of a person to society, after having spent a long term of

imprisonment and consequently after having been completely isolated from social life,
demands special psychological preparation for life in the outside world, as well as some
elucidation as to their return to this world, denied them by the force of the law.

In the same way, the reintegration of a group of individuals to the cosmic

conviviality, after having endured a long and painful punishment, - excluded as we have
been from contact with other cosmic communities, - equally demands care and new
understanding in regards to our own fragile and poor human psychology, as well as some
elucidation as to what to expect on return to cosmic conviviality, long taken from us by the
power of a greater law.

In the sphere where we live, brought together by the spiritual errors of the past, we
only receive messages and information that we cannot fully understand in view of our
fragile evolutionary state, both technologically and spiritually.

Only faith in something greater, the conviction that the whole cannot be resumed in
what is observed in the cosmic island, leads far reaching minds to sometimes pay with their
own lives, for insisting in the search for truth, not submitting themselves to the bad mental
habits of their time.

Pioneers of the consequences of the law of cause and effect, we are the inhabitants
gathered in this beloved cradle, isolated by our own pride, disaffection and intolerance. We
need to prepare ourselves to live with the peoples of the surrounding worlds, who are
affectionately awaiting for the moment when our world is liberated.

Let us then hold the white banners of peace and harmony and ask Jesus our Master
for the reintegration of the Earth to the cosmic conviviality. This is therefore the task of this
and other books yet to be published.

Cosmic Reintegration

Trilogy: The spiritual fall and the spiritual rise

Book I Cosmic Reintegration

Book II Spiritual Paths
Book III Karma and Commitment

There are legends and history. Whatever could not be registered by history could
not therefore be understood. If a fact is not a part of history then it cannot belong to history.

We know little about our history as a planetary community. However, we insist in

seeking in the past only what the actual standards of modern perception can, as such,

One or the other either the past is what we image it is or it simply does not exist.

What a sad and poor standard this is, through which modern thought tries to
understand the past; for it shall only exist if, compared to the modern thought, it is inferior
in terms of evolution towards actual conquests. If the past cannot fit in these terms, then it
cannot even be considered.

Let us imagine, however, that there were times in the remote past which could not
have been understood through certain types of registers, such as those which the actual
analytic standards are based on, and so passed through terrestrial time as legends. These
facts, even truthful, got lost in the darkness of the time and we shall only have mystic news
when it can be proven by modern scientific standards.

Trying to understand the past through the paradigms conceived in the present is the
same as trying to stop the future from happening due to our incapacity to imagine it today.
Nevertheless the future shall happen one way or the other whether we can imagine it or not.
And so did the past. It existed in certain times, at much more complex levels than modern
scientific standards can now explain, whether it can be understood or not.

However, due to some deep changes on the planet’s geology, we shall only have
concrete news from this past, which can be accepted by actual standards, in the near future,
when some more complex technological research levels shall be finally reached. In the
meantime, this past shall only reach us as mystic news. According to the Greater
Spirituality, there is no other way of getting ready for the great revelations that shall take

Whatever can be seen of an iceberg little does it represent from its totality. Thus is
the terrestrial past; it can only be perceived from what our vision in the present can

The books that are part of the current trilogy namely: Cosmic Reintegration,
Spiritual Paths and Karma and Commitment can be defined as a loving message, which
shall be regarded by many people as some mystic news of the past. So be it.

It is important that we exercise our spirit to be humble enough to accept how limited
our knowledge is. Whether the information in this book should be taken as legends or
history is not our prime concern. Time shall tell.

Lecturing about the history of the terrestrial civilization means referring to a certain
cosmic context, regarding the existential fall of some planetary communities, which were
brought to the Earth in a remote past. However, how can one even mention such a subject if
we do not know for sure whether there is life outside our own planet?

To explain the several stages that compose a historical period longer and more
complex than the conquests and problems of mankind, means to comment on the rights and
wrongs committed by the individuals who have been on the Earth for millions of years.

To understand the present based on this past is to perceive it as a final stage of an

overall collective existential process, which now enables the rise of those spirits, which one
day fell into a brutal and mistaken evolutionary stagnation.

A large part of the earth’s population is about to be reintegrated to an existential

situation, which they once experienced. “The lost past” shall soon be unveiled to the eyes
of the present.

As for ourselves, we are obliged to consider this information as unpretentious

comments of “the news from heaven over earthly matters”. We say unpretentious for such
information was received and passed on by a simple human being, who belongs to a limited
and fragile world, but who has managed to understand in a precise and undeniable manner
the real origin of such information.

To our brothers and sisters who are evolving on Earth, we offer this information
with love.

May the Master of all the Masters bless our redeemed effort.

Jan Val Ellam


The reintegration of a person in society, after having endured a long term of

imprisonment and consequently after having been completely isolated from society,
demands special psychological preparation in respect of life in the outside world, as well as
some elucidation as to their return to this outside world, denied them by the forces of law.

From the prison in which this person finds themselves, surrounded by the apparent
reality of the outside world, they could only receive messages and information that could
barely be understood, due to the limitations of the prison’s boundaries.

A kind of dream, a faith kept for so long within this person, has led them to be
prepared for the day of their freedom, their return to life with their brothers, who having
been freed from their problems in the past are now in an evolution process in their social

The reintegration of a community to the cosmic conviviality, after having endured a

long and painful imprisonment, and after having been totally excluded from the contact
with other cosmic communities, also demands especial care and new information regarding
our own fragile and poor psychology, as well as some elucidation related to the return to
the cosmic conviviality, taken from us by the power of a greater law.

In the sphere where we have been congregated for so long due to many spiritual
errors committed in the past, our cosmic island could only receive some messages and
information, which could not be fully understood, due to our technological and spiritual
fragile evolution status. Only the faith in something greater could lead us to dream of a
planetary future.

In this planetary prison, many of those who had dreamt of this external world, had
their sensitivity suffocated by the limitations of the knowledge available at the terrestrial
time and restricted to the prison’s walls. Therefore so many of them had been burnt in the
bonfires of the ignorance and of the transitory values, which conquered certain periods of
our history.

Only the faith in something greater, the conviction that the wholeness cannot be
resumed to what is observed from this cosmic island, has led the minds ahead of their time
to pay sometimes with their own lives, to the search for the truth, not submitting themselves
to the weakness of the mind of their time.

Pioneers of the consequences of the law of cause and effect, we are the inhabitants
gathered in this beloved cradle, isolated by our own pride, disaffection and intolerance. We
need to prepare ourselves to live with the peoples of the surrounding worlds, who are
affectionately waiting for the time of our liberation.

In order to provide a psychological reinforcement to our cosmic reintegration and
also to facilitated the understanding of the facts that are already happening in our sphere,
this and many other books are being prepared by the various workers of the Master’s flock.

Several planetary civilizations are affectionately waiting for the moment in which
our world, freed at last from the chains of the past and released from this cosmic quarantine
imposed on us, in order to prevent that these vicious flows spread throughout other worlds,
shall be reintegrated to the fraternal life with all those people who constitute the cosmic

Let us hold the white banners of peace and fraternity and ask our Master Jesus for
the reintegration of the Earth to the cosmic conviviality, thus making our dreams come true.

May the Master guide and inspire us all in the search for the fraternal ideal and may
us all welcome the brothers from other spheres, who on behalf of the Cosmic Fraternity
shall come here to help us.

Jan Val Ellam


The content of this book was revealed to us, thus it does not reflect our personal
opinion, for it is insignificant facing the magnitude of the facts that shall be herein exposed.
We cannot even consider ourselves as speakers, for we do not have the spiritual status for
such. We regard ourselves as simple heralds of a loving massage from older and more
experienced brothers to their brothers who are in an evolution course here on Earth.

All the information in this book was actually dictated by several spiritual brothers,
very dear to our heart and who, under the auspicious of the love of our Master Jesus, had
worked in the production of this book. Nevertheless, these brothers have requested to
remain anonymous, for they are also workers in other fields of the fraternal explanation in
the flock of our Master Jesus.

As for ourselves, the incarnated spirits, many hands and minds were congregated to
perform this work. We would like to thank them all.

We referred to ourselves as the author just to satisfy the legal responsibilities of the
world we live in. Unfortunately this may be uncharacteristic of the essence and meaning of
these very lines.

Finally, we would like to pay homage and express our admiration to all those people
who had worked in the elaboration of this and other books yet to be published, in respect of
a process that is still to come.

Atlan, September 21st 1991.

Jan Val Ellam


The Spirit acts where there is goodshall

Love can exist in the hearts of the Catholics, Protestants, Spiritualists, Buddhists,
Islamic and non-religious people, as long as there is fraternal feeling.

The less the influence of the limitations of the human knowledge and its
philosophical and religious divisions, the greater the wisdom.

The subject of this book, if observed through any limiting factor or under this or that
doctrinal view shall be certainly understood under the perspective, colors and character of
the particular sense of such observer.

On the other hand, should this knowledge be free, the perception of those who truly
wish to go beyond their limitations and prejudice shall then fly high, as high as the wings of
the spiritual sensibility.


Book I Cosmic Reintegration

Book II Spiritual Paths
Book III Karma and Commitment




The Sidereal Councils had long determined that the blue world of a very tiny
planetary system, located in the boundaries of the galaxy was destined to be once again the
setting of a new play of the cosmic conviviality, after all the problems which had occurred
in that planet long ago were solved.

Various spiritual individuals, originating from similar worlds and within their
physico-material bodies, would be sent to that blue planet where a great fraternization
would take place as a result of the work of several highly developed planetary peoples. This
was one of the main cosmic designations of that world.

In due time, new humanoids specially prepared for such, would be brought to
Earth in order to undertake other adaptation tests, being at the same time suitable as a way
of initial settlement and also as a preparation for one more stage for the future of the planet.

Some of the systems of the worlds under the Mater of all Maters’ command would
contribute for the enhancement of the existential experience, which was being developed
under His loving co-ordination.

Some worlds of the Antares and Tao Ceti systems, due to their vibratory
similarities with the energetic situation of the blue world, were getting ready to send a large
number of their planetary children to that so distant planet at the corner of the galaxy.

Highly developed and experienced beings would contribute for a new phase in the
edification of the physico-material thinking life on another planet of the systems kept and
co-ordinated by the Master’s love.

Plans, goals, efforts, dreams and disposition for working were the utmost of all
those beings directly or indirectly involved in the blue planet project.

Representatives of high celestial hierarchies who, together with the Master,

administrate the systems under His co-ordination in the universal organization, guided the
mentors of those worlds involved in the planning, execution, co-ordination and control of
all this process of planetary edification.

Beings from various levels of the spiritual echelon had affectionately lent all their
efforts and skills for the satisfactorily outcome of the project.

Myriads of spiritual workers were already settled in the spiritual environment

around the blue planet, co-ordinating all the extensive works of the planetary geology, so as
to once again sprout life conditions necessary for the acclimatization of the kind of
humanoid, who was being developed in other sidereal locations, and who would be brought
in at an appropriate time to start the planetary settlement.

The joint effort of millions of entities, who had worked only in one more phase of
study and preparation of that world for the edification of the thinking life was, at last,
yielding the first fruits.

Ideas, planning, adjustments, tests and whatever necessary for the implementation
of human life in that world was being co-ordinated by many of the highest and most
dignifying representatives of the Master. They were constantly and affectionately observing
and adjusting everything according to what had been determined and established by the
Master who, on His turn, supervised all such activities.

The exchange among all the administrative areas connected to this process was

Interplanetary and intersystem journeys were being carried out; here and there
councils of the worlds were getting together for analysis and decision making; studies and
experiences on energetic vibration were being done, in order to make the necessary
adjustments to the standards of the beings, who would inhabit the new world. The planet’s
environmental conditions were being adapted to fit in the vibrating levels of those who
would be sent there. Communication, data exchange and all kinds of information were
being given for the accomplishment of the great task. In short, there was work everywhere.

Everything was prepared for the beginning of the process of the cosmic integration
of another world to the great concert of the universal life, at the physico-material vibrating

Another planetary house would be connected to the great universal network of

fraternal life. Another world would make part of the context of cosmic coexistence.
Everything was ready for the arrival of the first humanoids, which were mistakenly
considered by some segments of the actual scientific culture as descents of a certain animal
branch of the Earth.

The Universal Architects, for not being absolutely sure about the kind of
humanoids that would better fit in the planetary conditions, had created various distinct
groups according to the size and certain details of their biological conditions.

The first groups of beings, who would be employed for the tests and initial
adjustments of one more existential stage to be developed on Earth, landed here about three
million years ago.

After many years and many attempts carried out throughout the millennia, with
their several stages and geological periods, four different groups, very much improved
resulting from the various previous experiences, were brought to Earth, about one million
years ago, in order to get adapted to the climatic and specially to the gravitational
conditions, the concern of the researches at that time. At the end of the testing period, it
would be decided whether one, some or all four groups would remain on the planet.
Actually, the result of such process would consist of the basis of the humanoids that,
together with more developed beings brought to Earth in a second phase, would form the
future mankind.

About forty thousand humanoids were divided among these four groups, whose
size varied between sixty centimeters to two meters, all of them having grey skin. They
were transported in sidereal convoys, landing on Earth some nine hundred and fifty
thousand years ago.

The eras went by under the mentors’ and masters’ supervision who observed
everything from the support bases strategically distributed around the planet, built to
receive periodic visits from service spaceships and transportation of other teams. The
humanoids spread throughout the Earth, with the adaptation to the food, climate and daily
physical strength, had fit their muscular condition in the terrestrial gravitation, and had also
shown distinct changes in the pigmentation of the skin, the increase of hair in some specific
group as well as other biological modifications, which shall be better explained in the

At that time, simple and ignorant spirits in terms of rational existential experience
and karmic responsibilities, created by the Loving Father to initiate the long evolution
journey of the spiritual ascension on Earth, were suitable to start to reincarnate on the
bodies resulting from the cross-breeding of these humanoids.

Those being who had landed on Earth still without the divine light to illuminate
their minds, but already prepared to receive the great existential inheritance of the love of
the Father – the capacity to think and feel and the consequent energetic responsibility
arising from such potentialities – started to have, among their offsprings, generations and
more generations that improved at every cycle.

And so the incarnation of those simple and ignorant spirits in the humanoids of the
Earth started, to guarantee at the same time the outstanding quality of reason and the
obligation to be responsible for their acts, all of this being obviously compatible with their
still primitive status, but already potentially able to be expanded into a vast responsible free
shall, at the light of the karmic laws that preside the destine of the creation.

All the ascension process of the terrestrial humanoids was followed by the
Celestial Councils and, when it was clear that the sowing process carried out on Earth had
already guaranteed the harvest of the programmed fruits, the green light was given for the
arrival of more developed beings, to live directly with the ones already here. So, some eight
hundred thousand years ago, several groups of beings from other planets started to arrive
here with their ships and equipment, to establish community settlements.

Beings from several planetary origins, with their specific body characteristics
began to inhabit the planet.

These brothers designedly prepared both in their bodies as well as in their

energetico-vibration condition, by request of the Great Universal Architects, and also by
their own decision, had come here with the major objective to link the Earth to the large
network of cosmic conviviality. The cosmic citizens, who had immigrated to Earth, were
able to perform, in some millennia, the edification on the planet of one of the largest exit
bases of our galaxy towards outer space, to contact other remote civilizations.

This cosmic gate, which was about to be built on Earth, had the purpose to
congregate in our world working teams from different planetary origins, to live and work
on this planet-platform for future sidereal flights. By using a leverage process resulting
from the interaction of the magnetic fields of the Sun and Jupiter, conjugated with others
from some stars of the Centaurs Constellation, all of this involving a technology yet to be
reached by the actual human minds, the spaceships that departed from Earth towards the
outer space beyond our galaxy would probably find, somewhere in this route, what the
relative and quantitative physics calls nowadays warp holes. These are kinds of micro-
tunnels between parallel dimensions spread throughout the cosmos, working as a bypass to
other stars, galaxies and even to other universes, if one can say so.

By the time of the arrival of the various teams and spaceships of more developed
beings to our planet, the humanoids, already endowed with the ability to think, were
distributed in several small communities, which although being very underdeveloped,
would reach a fast progress due to the fraternal companionship of the brothers with such an
advanced existential background.

This was the great and magnificent plan of the high celestial hierarchies for the
blue planet, located in one of the extremities of the galaxy.

Many uncountable periods of time in the cosmic scale were taken for the study,
planning and preparation phases as well as the start up of such a grand project.

Millions of individualities directly or indirectly involved with the Earth Project

had worked and concentrated all their efforts by giving valuable contributions for the
success of the project.

The attention of many of the worlds, including some of other Christic system -
other systems of worlds ruled by beings of the same hierarchic position of the Master of all
Masters. - was turned to that tiny little planet which, due to its spacial condition, would
function as an entrance and exit gate for the exchange with other galactic systems in that
part of the galaxy.

This magnetic gate that would assist an imaginable amount – at least for us – of
systems of worlds of our galaxy, so much longed for all the community of the Milky Way

would be finally concluded and thus expecting the imminent beginning of its activities as a
trampoline to extra-galactic flights.

All was happiness and homage to the Great Master whom, with His unique
wisdom and love, co-ordinated them all.


The several classes of beings who assisted the Master was divided in many other
hierarchic levels, which consisted of similar groups either by the spiritual level and/or by
the characteristics of the works carried out within the various fields of the cosmic activities.

Among these classes there was one where many highly developed beings were
congregated, consequently bearing an enormous responsibility before the high hierarchies
of the cosmos.

In this specific class, there was one entity that possessed a very high knowledge,
and despite of his love to That One who on Earth would be known as Jesus, his master and
Lord, and even though being aware of his inferior hierarchic and spiritual condition towards
the Master, during the last periods of the cosmic scale and in some occasions had disagreed
with the Master and His direct assistants on some administrative and other aspects matters
regarding the cosmic conviviality.

Patiently and fraternally, the Master and His most graduated assistants incited that
wonderful and yet restless being, who was called Lucifer, to the reflection and humility in
the area of what one thinks to know and domain.

Lucifer was even more restless and stopped to observe the limits of his vast and
marvelous existential background, thinking that he knew all and could do all.

An energetico-vibration environment of so large a size started to seize him,

involving everyone who surrounded him with attitudes and psychological influences that
varied from restlessness to rebellion.

Master Jesus, as a high representative of the Father in that area of the universe could
have simply isolated this rebel brother or even interned him in any cosmic mansion for
resting and meditation. Instead by noticing that many other beings of elevated bearing in
terms of spiritual and mental grade had also partaken of Lucifer’s perturbed positions, the
Master not only allowed but also granted free course to everyone’s perturbations, so that
they could have been elucidated in a fraternal and transparent manner, thus avoiding that
the free shall of those restless beings was somehow affected or rebutted.

Lucifer, for pride of what he thought he knew, had surpassed the level of hierarchic
and fraternal companionship, existing among the members of the various levels of the
Master’s assistance.

Lucifer’s leadership, influenced and strengthened by the acceptance and

dissemination of his inconsequence towards the less informed beings, had grown among
those who by being less vigilant of their mental attitudes, forgot and/or distorted everything

they had learnt along their existential experience, and started to follow the mistaken spirit
of Lucifer who, at that time, openly affronted the Master and all of His direct assistants.

More and more fertilized by his own pride and stimulated by the inconsequent
stimulus of those who surrounded him, Lucifer decided to proclaim himself the leader of a
movement that started to demand from Master Jesus some explanations of a number of
aspects of the celestial administration.

In simple terms, we could say that what Lucifer questioned and demanded from the
Master were explanations as to the figure of the Father. Why could he, Lucifer, not
conceive Him? If God was not His own work, then where was He? Why was Master Jesus
chosen by the Father to be His representative? How this divine decree could be proved and
confirmed? Where and how one could verify God’s signature in the concession of
governance of part of the Universe to Master Jesus?

Why one should simply trust in the high delegates of the Father who, from time to
time, came to the world’s headquarters of the systems ruled by the Master to certify and
confirm the sublime origin and unique spiritual level of Master Jesus?

The moral and spiritual authority in the superior worlds and in the spiritual spheres
is felt in an irresistible manner. Lucifer and those who were congregated around his
postulates felt irresistibly in the intimate of their spirits the loving authority of Master
Jesus. However, motivated by the pride of the distortion of what they thought they knew,
they had trampled what was so clear deep within and represented a conquest to their spirits
at the moral-spiritual development level, and started to demand at the mental development
level, that all their doubts and questions be fully satisfied, justified and explained.

How is it possible to demonstrate facts, plans, worlds and individualities of a

vibration standard much more developed than a being, who had just reached the energetic
conditioning to perceive them up to a lower level of dimensional components? This was the
question asked by the Master’s team to those restless and distressed beings that were
grouped around Lucifer.

How is it possible to give to an insect the necessary condition to understand the

human intelligence? How can one put in a simple glass all the water of the ocean? How to
make those perturbed beings understand that the Father can be felt, even perceived, but
never deduced, conceived or equated?

Not being able to set against the arguments presented by the Deity’s representatives,
the rebellious beings simply postulated that if God knew all, could all and if He really
existed, then He would be able to easily clarify it all.

Did all those distressed spirits not know that the development of the individuality
happens in two large areas of the evolutionary journey of the cosmic beings, namely the
moral-spiritual area and the mental-spiritual one? And that each one of these sensor-
vibration areas, consisting of several aspects and multiple levels of learning and personal
conquest, and by being impossible to derogate the inviolability of the Cosmic Laws, would

not be possible for the lesser being in a developing status to understand, equate and keep in
its poor and still incomplete perceptive condition the Wholeness of the Father’s essence?

The Universe with all its multiple existential levels and the Deity do not change
themselves just for us to perceive them. We are the ones who have to change ourselves by
means of the internal rebirth and intimate renewal to, by improving our vibration and
perceptive condition, start to understand even more everything that surrounds us and what it
is within our own Spirit.

Nevertheless, in face of the radical postulate and the inflexible positioning of

Lucifer and its followers, the representatives of the Deity and Master Jesus could do
nothing else in terms of fraternal elucidation.

Lucifer’s followers paid visits to several worlds, taking the competent propaganda
and the consequent propagation of his anxiety to everybody within their reach.

And yet, the Master allowed that Lucifer and his companions had freely propagated
their postulates, so as the free shall could be reinforced in the light of the understanding and
personal discretion of each individuality.

As the claims presented to the Master’s team had no been accepted, Lucifer and his
followers started to propagate that God did not exist and that such a myth had simply been
made up, on His behalf, for some beings exercise the celestial governance.
From that moment on the rebellion group regarded Master Jesus – although His
unique superiority could be notice in their intimate- neither as the celestial governor nor the
Father’s representative, for to them the Father did not exist.

Lucifer’s rebellion was decreed, with extremely damaging consequences to many

worlds, especially to our planet.

The information so far examined had been of much reflection for the terrestrial
writer of these words. In the beginning, it was not easy for us to accept the fact that even an
angel or kind of angel could be so blind as to the existence or not of God, as much as we
reincarnated spirits and strongly limited in our notions and perceptions can be.

It is as if the distance of the existential and perception level between an almost

nothing and a simple cell, the latter and an insect, this and the man, the man and the angel,
the angel and a Christic Being, the Christic Being and an almost God and the almost God to
the Loving Father, was inconceivable and effectively impossible to be even imagined by
the poor human mind. And that is the way it is, say our patient spiritual friends, for there
are innumerable existential levels and sub-levels in the celestial hierarchy.

We do not have the least condition to imagine the difficulty of perception that an
angel has in respect of the distance between them and the Father in terms of existential
levels. And that is where our temptation to consider as something primal and simplistic the
fact that an angel does not understand the existence of God in a secure and objective way
resides. Nevertheless, this is what the mentors of this work tell us: only in due cosmic time

shall the human beings be able to understand the subtlety of certain aspects of the long
journey of the spiritual evolution of the cosmic individualities.

The objective of this book is not to inform or analyze the several components and
the multiple aspects that characterized Lucifer’s rebellion. Time shall tell.

However we are aware that we have briefly and simply exposed Lucifer’s problem,
which is no news at all for it had already been explored by other authors. Therefore as far
as book is concerned, we believe that what had been herein presented is enough.

We should also inform that, when Lucifer’s rebellion was decreed, the other
systems of worlds, which were and still are ruled by other beings of the Christic level, had
jointly agreed with Master Jesus to cut off and/or interrupt the companionship circuits and
sidereal journeys, in order to avoid that Lucifer’s madness went beyond the boundaries of
the rebellious worlds.
When the rebellion was about to break out, many observers from other planetary
systems, located in the vicinities of the systems governed by the Master, went to the Capela
system, as observers and researches for, according to the spiritual authors of this book,
Lucifer’s rebellion was not the first of its kind. They told us that other similar problems had
already occurred in other systems under the command of beings with the same spiritual
magnitude as Master Jesus’.

If the Lucifer query can be barely understood, we suppose that it is not convenient
or a good strategy to refer to these other problems. Such information shall be released in
due time, even if due time means the next generations to come. For now, let us try to
understand Lucifer and his mistakes, which resulted in our fall, for one day we had been his

Those were days of great anxiety. If only could we have imagined at that time the
hard and painful consequences of our mistaken choice for having followed Lucifer, the
history of Earth, its inhabitants and many other planetary communities would have been

Master Jesus, imperturbable in His fraternal and loving attitude, invited everyone to
the meekness, reflection and observance of the existential laws.

Deaf and blind, Lucifer’s followers had only eyes and ears to what was convenient
to the rebel standing.

The Master and His team had done everything possible within the laws of
fellowship love. However, Lucifer’ spirit, in its inconsequent propagation, would
inescapably sully and disturb part of the universal creation. Something had to be done!


All had been tried as for the fraternal elucidation towards the rebels. Nothing
seemed to have worked out.

The Master, by respecting everyone’s free shall, had provided all the necessary
conditions to enable that the decision making of each being was as transparent as possible
and that every and each one of them had the exact notion of the responsibility for such an

After the accomplishment of the rebellion, Master Jesus, in agreement with the high
celestial hierarchies, decided to gather all those who were irremediable perturbed by
Lucifer’ standing in the rebellious worlds.
And so it was done. All the rebellious spirits were gather on those planets that had
most part of their population affected by Lucifer’s unwholesome idea.

When all the rebellious communities had been grouped around their existential
spheres (physico-spiritual- astral), all those unfortunate spirits in their inflexible and proud
attitude had their circuits disconnected from the cosmic conviviality.

Each group of rebellious beings were gather according to the vibratory similarity of
their bodies towards the energetic situation of the planetary worlds that hosted Lucifer’s

A kind of quarantine isolating the rebels from the cosmic exchange was decreed for
as long time as necessary, in order to avoid that the madness of Lucifer’s pride did not
disturb the peace of mind of those who had remained by the Master’ side, wishful of a
peaceful life.

From that period on, the rebellious group became a kind of cosmic island, left to
their own technico-scientific capacities and moral level. They had been congregated there
by the power of the rebellion.

The existential conditions in these worlds had at first suffered a deep stagnation in
terms of development not only in the area of the moral-spiritual evolution but also in the
aspects concerning the mental progress in the technological area and in science in general.

Their inhabitants started to lose the notion of the developing standards of the cosmic
conviviality, due to the isolation that was imposed to them, thus making them even more

Down-and-out in a dense energetic environment of heavy vibration, those beings

who were used to living in high level magnetic conditions, common to the worlds that they
had frequently lived in, got more and more perturbed in living with grotesque appetites and
necessities, which had become the sad routine of the reincarnated rebels.

Some of these worlds had even lost the ability to communicate to each other, inside
the cosmic island where they were definitely confined.
Within some cosmic years, the decadence of this entire group was overwhelming.
Master Jesus contemplated all this with a mixture of sadness and hope in the future.

The Earth, destined to be an important strategic center to many other systems, for
having most of their inhabitants joined in Lucifer’s idea at the time of the rebellion, turned
out to be one of the decadent worlds of this unfortunate process of spiritual stagnation.

Our planet, for being one of the most underdeveloped and for having acquired its
own population in its physico-material, astral and spiritual levels not long ago, became a
kind of last of the last group of rebellious worlds.

After some time in the cosmic scale, once in a while one or other group of beings, in
this or that rebellious world, recognized the wrongs in Lucifer’s option. Such attitudes, as
soon as detected by the loving surveillance of the Master and His dignitaries, were
promptly surrounded with all the possible stimulus through the arrival of the emissaries of
the Master’s love, either through reincarnations or even by disguised missions among their

Within the years and little by little, when more than half of the population of one or
other rebellious world was aware of the mistake they had made and showed the Master the
renovation of their recognition and respect to His loving standing, these repentant worlds
went through a process similar to what the Earth has been going through in these last
periods of the second millenium AD, an energetic recycling of all their inhabitants.

We say similar but actually the exile process of the hardened minorities of those
worlds that got renewed in the evolution route, was nothing similar to the terrestrial case.

The exile of those who still insisted in adopting Lucifer’ standing to other rebellious
worlds, which did not show any regeneration conditions, had occurred in different
technological and general ways, according to the characteristics of each sphere and the
level of the inhabitants congregated in each one of them

Actually, many worlds that in the beginning were rebellious against the
representatives of the Cosmic Fraternity, started to be reintegrated to the cosmic
conviviality. As such process took place, those minorities still hardened in their
stubbornness and prides were reunited in still rebellious and even more underdeveloped

The fight of the fraternal elucidation between the cosmic forces, which represented
the love of Master Jesus and Lucifer’s legions, got concentrated in more underdeveloped
rebellious environments.

Lucifer, as any general in a battle field, finding himself cornered by the advance of
the light of elucidation and being hampered to proceed, had concentrated more and more all

his efforts and resistance in the worlds with heavier vibrations in order to avoid the
penetration of the messages of light and spiritual renewal.

And we shall not go further by abusing the patience of the brothers and sisters,
reader of these words, in their deductive capacity by saying that the Earth was and still is
the last world to go through the spiritual recycling process, in order to be reintegrated to the
cosmic conviviality.

The beings that nowadays still insist in adopting unloving, hate and violent attitudes
in all their aspects, no more under Lucifer’s influence though but under their own
inclinations and tendencies, shall be exiled to inferior worlds in terms of evolution to learn
to observe the value of the fraternal standing, and so our planet shall be provided with the
necessary conditions for the spiritual progress of its inhabitants.


Our modest report has now reached the year 100.000 BC.

The events reported in the previous chapters and the ones that shall be eventually
informed in the future took place in the last seven hundred years before the above mark. Let
us just imagine that if the history known by the mankind about a few millennia ago is
already rich and illustrative in its various versions, how many more events had occurred in
hundreds of millennia yet to be informed and explained to the terrestrial community.

But going back to the terrestrial time of some 100.000 BC, what was left of
Lucifer’s rebellion was congregated and concentrated on Earth.

Some few millions of years ago in the terrestrial calendar, before the year 100.000
BC, the last two rebellious planets besides the Earth had been reintegrated to the cosmic
circuit of the fraternal life, leaving the Earth with the sad and mistaken characteristic of still
bearing the banners of Lucifer’s infidelity and pride.

By Superior determination and being the Earth the last rebellious world, as of one
hundred thousand years before Christ approximately, the individualities which during the
terrestrial period had fulfilled their reincarnation program, and so accomplished the
objectives with the due spiritual merit, could, if they so wished, have left the terrestrial
environment and returned to their own planets, according the energetico-vibratory
conditions of each one of them.

Therefore these beings did not need to wait for the end of the terrestrial existential
purge, where the process of spiritual recycling would – as it is now – occur, with the
consequent exile of those spirits that did not succeed after such a long and weary
reincarnation cycle.

During the terrestrial history, many spirits and groups of spirits had fulfilled with
merits what they were expected to, thus returning to more developed worlds, spread
throughout the cosmos, with clean and regenerated minds.

During the entire history of Atlantis, at the end of the apogee of the Egyptian era, at
the time of the peoples described in the Vedas, among the Greeks and so many other groups
of the human history on the planet, we find these wonderful beings who, after having
purged all their past faults and given their edifying and regenerating contribution to the
terrestrial world, had returned to their planetary origin.

However, the Earth was kept isolated from the universal-cosmic circuit and in a fast
process of decadence of its existential conditions.

Help from the outside was reinforced in the planetary life in a very discrete way.

Once in a while one or other group of spirits, although having been release from the
commitments towards the Earth, decided to stay here to help the planet’s development.

Many beings from other planets requested to Master Jesus the chance to reincarnate
on Earth in order to help their peers – companions and affections of the past – who were
still imprisoned on the rebellious planet.

All was being done for in a short period of time the necessary help and elucidation
had reached the Earth within the planetary possibilities.

During the terrestrial history, several stages of possibilities had been programmed
for the propelling of the progress, through the arisen of various civilizations, many of which
ever known in modern times. Others had been acknowledged as legends.

Several leaders began to arise in different points of the terrestrial environment, by

means of innumerous reincarnations of spirits with an extensive background and experience
in planetary progress leverage. These leaders whenever the conditions of their time, place
and mentality allowed had promoted vast periods of development.

Nevertheless, due to the cosmic isolation imposed to the Earth, the seeds once
sowed by the missionary spirits had died many times, for they had not been fertilized by the
efforts of the communities spread throughout the planet, in view of the outrageous mental,
moral and spiritual decadence, which characterized the terrestrial population.

New and serious spiritual debts were being made all the time. The weight of the
criminal past of those spirits congregated on Earth was immense.

As the days went by and the times were being renewed, new civilizations had arisen
in different regions of the planet, for it was essential – according to the plan of the Higher
Spirituality – to prepare different centers of development possibilities, focussing the future
of the terrestrial mankind.

Civilizations ever dreamt and/or imagined by the modern knowledge had arisen and
vanished during the terrestrial centuries and millennia, thus forming the pages of a history
yet to be told.

We have now reached in these unpretentious comments the mark of approximately

40.000 terrestrial years BC.

The Earth was never left to its own devices, for the legions of Master Jesus had
always followed and helped those ones congregated on the planet.

However, the terrestrial world was actually left to its low and poor capacity of
collective discretion, arising from the planetary free shall, for such fact has always an
inexorable character at all times and places due to the cosmic laws.

So all the attempts from the Higher Spirituality had always stricken against the
corrupt and tendentious attitudes of the terrestrial environment, with the consequent
sacrifice of the emissaries from the Superior, as well as the detours of the routes and
distortions of what had been previously planned by the terrestrial mentors, towards the
objectives desired and proposed to the renewal missions.

In short, the terrestrial world was not being able to start up.

Tighten to the criminal past and the consequent inclinations and tendencies, the
spirits congregated on the planet could not manage to get out of the vicious cycle, imposed
to the terrestrial environment by the conditions of the planet’s collective astral.

The Earth was in a kind of energetic stalemate ever seen by the Deity’s legions.

Our planet was not able to create vibration conditions to receive direct help of more
developed brothers from other planets and at the same time, without such help, the
terrestrial evolution would remain stagnated for hundreds of thousands of years, inside the
painful and endless relation of cause and effect of the hard vibrations of the inferior worlds.

In other words, the Earth could not dispense with the direct help from the outside,
but at the same time it did not create the conditions to receive such help.

But, what is direct help?



Direct help means the spaceships landing process with the consequent contact with
their crewmembers. These kinds of contacts enable unique helping conditions for the
development and progress of the worlds, being common among the worlds inclining to
cosmic fraternity.

The brothers who arrive from space, with their unimaginable sophisticated
spaceships are prepared to teach, inform, stimulate, accompany and exchange experience
for the enhancement of all the parties involved in the cosmic context.

On the other hand, the indirect help occurs in a subtle and discrete way, in terms of
discernment and perception capacity of the inferior worlds. This process is developed
through the reincarnations of missionary spirits, prophetic inspiration, etc., to enable the
elucidation and the stimulus to the moral evolution.

This helping and accompaniment process is a common characteristic of the inferior

worlds with low and heavy vibrations, thus not allowing the direct and objective arrival of
the cosmic brothers before the terrestrial men and women. Should that had happened, those
brothers would have concentrated all the negative charges of the mental and emotional
aspects of the terrestrial community on them. This would have been fatal to many of them
and us for the psycho-energetic interaction would have been something like a magnetic
storm to get into and destroy the spiritual defenses common to the being. This was the
Earth’s major problem some forty two thousand years ago.

By that time, some other worlds of akin planetary systems, namely Capela, Antares,
Epsilon, Eridani and Tao Ceti were expurgating the last remaining of the late processes
arising not only from the Lucifer’s rebellion but also from the vibration recycling, viewing
other evolution purposes which usually take place in every sphere in evolution process.

The outcome of this spiritual recycling process - about half a dozen of billions of
individualities – who were actually beings with a vast existential background and enormous
progress in the mental area, but very little developed in the spiritual-moral area, should
have been taken to inferior worlds in evolution process.

The legions of Master Jesus get together in the celestial mansions and resolve with
one mitigate measure the two crucial problems of the meeting’s agenda; to transfer the

exiled beings to the worlds compatible with their disturbed vibrations and, at the same time
to create opportunities for the development of those worlds that would receive those beings.

So worlds with other kinds of problems, but freed from the Lucifer’s query had
received part of the beings to be exiled.

The Earth, for its special condition of being the last rebellious world and stagnated
in evolution forces, was chosen to receive most part of those unhappy beings, who would
join the almost twenty billions planetary individualities congregated here.

Through extremely fast reincarnations for the terrestrial time standards – which
shall be described in future works – these beings had to go through a long period of
energetic equalization on the planet, thus reincarnating in more primitive groups of that
time, until their spiritual bodies could adapt to the life on Earth.

However, not all those beings were transported in spirit to the Earth’s astral-spiritual
environment. Many had come in their own spaceships, for that was the objective of the
Higher Spirituality. As it was not possible under the cosmic laws to promote the visit of
more developed beings to the Earth, in order to not only establish contact but also to
provide direct help to the terrestrial being, these beings, despite of their rebel and restless
moral behavior, but still owners of a high technologic knowledge, were allowed to come
here in their own spaceships to promote whatever was possible in terms of planetary

During the lifetime left to these beings after their arrival to the terrestrial surface
and atmosphere; usually this period was much longer than the normal terrestrial time, due
not only to their more complexed physiological organization but also to the adaptations
they had to go through, they should promote and provide a lot of learning as well as a new
standard of technologic leverage to the principal and most developed terrestrial nucleuses,
which at that time were all located in Atlantis.

At that time, the history of the Earth registered the second attempt of the Atlantis
civilization– the most recent one – which had actually managed to reach some development
levels unbelievable for the terrestrial people of the twentieth century.

The beings that had arrived here managed to promote in the second Atlantis
civilization, a period of development which overcame certain areas of the social
accomplishments of our time, extraordinarily exceeding the levels of what we know as
technologic progress.

The Atlantis spaceships of that time were able to leave the terrestrial environment
and reach certain points of the solar system. That was the most they could do.

The attempt to leave and travel beyond the limits of the solar system was in full
swing, when the last catastrophe of the Atlantis history occurred. But this is the subject of
other works.

What really happened at that time was that, despite all the progress accomplished by
those communities, the bellicose tendencies and domination inclinations of those beings
had betrayed their most intimate forces and all the Atlantis experience succumbed to the
necessary renewal that always precedes the criminal and inconsequent experiences, which
domain in a apparent irresistible way the destine of the planet, thus hampering the progress
towards the cosmic fraternity.

The same way that we remove the cancerous cell of a sick organism in order to save
it, the experience and irreversibility of the exclusionist, inconsequent and pride behavior of
the Atlantis people needed to be swept out so that the planet could dream of a more noble
and stimulating future.

The non-communion with other terrestrial people and the high discrepancy between
the Atlantis potentiality and the rest of the terrestrial mankind were the key factors for the
evolution reprogramming of the planet, carried out by the Master’s legions.

Once more the pride of what one’s knowledge put an end to everything.

Under the laws of cause and consequence that rules it all, the Atlantis experience,
which could have and should have renewed everything, had ended up to complicate the
terrestrial situation even more, due to the criminal inclination and dominant tendency
characteristic of those spirits that were part of those events.

As the Atlantis civilization had vanished, the Earth went back to the moral and
technologic stagnation.

Some twelve thousand years ago, the sphere’s population was divided into three
large groups or phalanxes that were gathered as per the laws of vibration similarities and
which in a certain way disputed the control of the planet:

- Lucifer’s phalanx and the phalanx of those who were consciously

congregated around him, with precise recollections of the standings generator of the
rebellion and still very organized, who desperately tried to maintain the control over the
planet for it was the last refuge and a kind of headquarters against the forces of the Deity;

- The phalanx of those individualities deeply tighten to their own primeval

tendencies as to violence, material necessities and not very dignifying attitudes, thus
destroying the fraternity and solidarity which should guide the pacific coexistence among
the thinking beings. All this was arisen from the terrestrial experience itself, being
extremely unhappy in its expressions of psychosexual energy as well as violent and animal
like psyche.

These beings, away from having any kind of ideal, either wrong or not, were simply
tighten to the enraging passions of their daily lives in the several areas of the human
existence, incurring more debts at each passage by the planetary stage. They were
circumstantially used at Lucifer’s phalanx’s convenience and desire, for they were
connected to the disharmony and disaffection.

They were part of the group that held the largest number of individualities, without
the slightest awareness of the process they had been involved in. Therefore, they acted in a
disorganized fashion, thus contributing energetically and unconsciously with Lucifer’s
- The phalanx of the Master’s followers whose members, inserted and
deepened in the various terrestrial existential levels, tried to touch and elucidate by
recruiting here and there new adepts to the cause of the good fight against the darkness of
the ignorance and pride.

Two negative phalanxes, not necessarily organized and united, fought against the
representatives of the fraternal phalanx, which was sustained by the constant testimony and
sacrifices of the Master’s followers.

Hundreds of millions of individualities were distributed among these three vibration

phalanxes which, by being present in the sphere’s* physical, astral and spiritual
environment, were the witnesses of the great inconsequence of the pride and unhappiness of
those who had been exiled to the Earth as well as their influence over the terrestrial natives.

*Planet = physico- material environment

Sphere = physico-material + astral + spiritual environment, that is all the existential
levels that involve the planet.

The moral responsibility of those who came to the Earth as a result of the exile
process from other planetary spheres was and still is considerably high.

With the fall of the Atlantis civilization, the remainders - those beings who were
away travelling to other continents or in missions in the outer space – that had managed to
escape from the great tragedy would necessarily get spread throughout the Earth, thus
taking with them a little of their knowledge and development to the various corners of the

Whatever had been denied to the rest of the planet because of the exclusive pride of
the Atlantis people, who did not wish to get mixed with other terrestrial peoples, was then
granted to everyone by the misfortune of the Atlantis experience and the survival needs of
those who had escaped from the great disaster.


Whatever was left from the Atlantis civilization had vanished from the surface of
the Earth. However, the experience of those beings would be the foundation of another
great project of planetary equalization.

By that time of our report, the various planetary origins of those exiled beings, the
cross-breeding among them and the genetic experience of the Atlantis people had
contributed for the existence on Earth of several groups with distinct racial appearance.

As the Atlantis experience had come to an end, other nucleuses of development

were being formed during the terrestrial time. These distinct nucleuses, resulting from the
history of the Earth at that time, turned out to be the centers of new attempts of the High

Great emissaries had reincarnated in the major terrestrial nucleuses, carrying with
them every message and learning possible for the understanding of that time.

Among the Egyptians, Hindus, Chinese, Greek, Celts, Hebrews, Sumerians, and
other peoples of the Middle East, as well as in other groups, especially in the Far East, the
seeds of the Father’s love, surveillance and fraternal accompaniment had been sowed in the
boson of the planetary community.

Whatever was left of the great technologic power of the late Atlantis civilizations
became scraps among the early civilizations in India and Egypt at a greater extent and the
Greeks at a lesser extent as for their importance and potentiality.
Lucifer’s legions had strategically distributed their soldiers throughout these
terrestrial groups. Lucifer was aware that, due to the planet’s energetic conditions, the real
battlefield to confront the Master’s followers would be in the incarnated environment and
not in the astral and spiritual levels. For this very reason and his own strategy, Lucifer had
never had a single incarnation on Earth, always remaining in the astral levels as close to the
physico-terrestrial environment as possible, from where he was able to control all the
process without running major risks of weariness. In doing so, Lucifer had planned to
preserve and protect himself.

In other words, we would say that the battle between the light and the ignorance was
fought particularly in the physico-planetary environment among the reincarnated spirits,
even without their awareness of such a process due to the temporary forgetfulness resulting
from the reincarnation effects on the individuality’ spiritual memory, as well as on the
planet’s astral and spiritual environment among the disincarnated spirits and other beings
which, either with a full or partial awareness of the facts, had put all their efforts at the
Master’s or Lucifer’s service.

The astral-spiritual situation of a primarily evolved sphere usually arises from the
acts and attitudes of the spirits incarnated in that sphere. In inferior worlds or in primitive

evolution stages, the physical life in dense and heavy bodies represents the causing factors
of the sphere’s vibration situation. The situations in the astral and spiritual environment
closest to the reincarnated life are always a consequence of what happens in that level. So,
at the light of this analysis, the reincarnated spirits live in the world of the causes, the
disincarnated ones in that of the effects. For this reason, the real site of confrontation was in
the world of the incarnated spirits.

Well aware of the vibration laws of the terrestrial reincarnation process, Lucifer’s
headquarters controlled, from the planet’s astral environment, the reincarnations of his
peers in the nucleuses of the peoples of the Earth, observing the ancient and remote
activities of the interplanetary past.

Nevertheless, by the time Lucifer’s followers dived into the dense and heavy matter
of the bodies through the reincarnation, and being irreversibly directed to the negativism,
they looked much more alike the members of the phalanx formed by those representatives
of the decadent tendencies of the planet’s flesh and blood existence then the followers of
Lucifer’s ideal. Anyway, because of their enraged attitudes, they had contributed more and
more to the disorganization of the terrestrial world, as well as the vibration stagnation so
much pursued by Lucifer.

As the years went by, this aspect made Lucifer’s standings lost its characteristics
from a mental attitude of pride and rebellion to a violent and animal like behavior tendency.

Lucifer’s headquarters started to get lost in the incursions through the planet’s
reincarnation laws.

An insane and disorganized mixture between the two major currents aligned with
the darkness and the ignorance comprised at that time the planet’s existential scenery.
Against them, there were only the heroic efforts of the Master’s emissaries and followers.

Lucifer’s apparent lucidity was succumbing to the chaos caused by the disaffection,
intolerance, lust, hate and all the animal like aspects of the corporal life, without the due
spiritual foundation.

What had been just a mistaken standing of a great spirit from the mental and moral
levels was, by the year 3.000 BC, reduced to a simple and monstrous accumulation of debts
and spiritual crimes of a group of unhappy beings that followed Lucifer.

Due to the prevailing energetic conditions resulting from the delirious free shall of
the planet’s community, the direct help through the arrival of the Master and His party in
spaceships that should have come to the Earth if everything had gone well, was once and
for all disconsidered.

The great plan dreamt by the spiritual mentors for that period of the terrestrial time
was the reconnection of the planet to the circuit of the cosmic conviviality. However, all
went wrong and even the seeds of the possibilities of the so much desired reintegration did
not fertilize among the terrestrial peoples who, at that time, were being prepared for the

fraternal companionship with our brothers from other spheres. Some steps had even been
taken in that direction, but everything went back to the starting point for there were no
vibration conditions for such.

The weight of the karmic registers of the crimes committed by the existential
experience in the planetary astral was immense, and such aggravating conditions of the
energetic situation of the sphere hampered the brothers from other worlds from penetrating
on the Earth’s existential environment, with their very especial material bodies much more
subtle and sophisticated than the terrestrial’s.

The Master and His party would no longer come to the Earth with their eternal
bodies and magnificent spaceships to, through the process of direct help, embrace, elucidate
and stimulate all those unhappy and mistaken beings.

Other would be the solution found by the loving Shepherd, who would never
abandon his flock.


With the reincarnation of the great missionary spirit, known on Earth as Abraham, a
new possibility of the terrestrial redemption started to be developed.

Much more than a father of a progeny, far more numerous than that described in the
Bible, Abraham was and still is a kind of spiritual godfather of this generation of spirits,
which since approximately 2.000 BC up to the present days, comprise the Earth’s
population including the two largest segments, the incarnated and the reincarnated spirits.

A new planning suitable for the conditions at that time, was being carried out in the
boson of a small group that had been chosen to act as the basis for the Master’s new

He had taken an inexorable and irreducible decision to come to the Earth, for this
was the last rebellious planet at that time, no more for the conscious fight for Lucifer’s
cause or concepts, but for the inconsequent attitude of the planet’s community’s free shall.
Lucifer strategically took advantage of this fact to keep the apparent control of what he
considered to be his last trench.

As the direct help from the Master and His legions became impossible, then He
would submit Himself to the process of indirect fraternal help to the inferior worlds, in
order to elucidate and lighten in everyone’s intimate the recollections and the certainty of
the Father’s love and the eternal existence of the spirit.

He who was and always shall be all for He and the Father are ONE, had freed
Himself by His own and spontaneous shall from all the attributes and potentialities inherent
to His sublime spiritual condition and, as any exiled terrestrial being, prepared Himself to
dive into the heaviest and most underdeveloped physico-material level among all of the
worlds of that time.

By His own personal decision – and this story shall be told one day - this
Magnificent Spirit wanted to go through all the incarnation processes like any of His lambs,
facing and suffering in His own flesh the ignorance of His own flock.

However, when He made His decision, the only thing that the Spirituality* and the
Cosmic Mentors – the Master’s assistants - could do was to take the necessary measures for
the incarnation of such an elevated spirit. The problems had just begun.

According to the Spirituality, whenever a spirit is about to incarnate, that is to have

a physical body, soon after the strongest sperm winner of the majestic race of life fertilizes
the mother’s egg, this sperm being magnetically and strategically pushed forward and
selected by the spiritual mentors to confront the karmic and magnetic conditions of the
spirit to be incarnated, it is necessary to have a full magnetic vibration similarity between
the set of cells resulting from the fertilization and the spirit that is about to incarnate, so as

to enable the necessary magnetization between the spirit and the matter. This is how the
incarnation process happens, according to what our good spiritual friends tell us.

In this specific case, there was effectively among the billions of spiritual
individualities congregated in the terrestrial sphere, one particular spirit with vibration and
magnetic conditions to receive in its heart such a noble spirit, thus furnishing a maternal
egg, for it was immense both spiritual development and merits of that mother – Spirit, so
much treasured by us all. There was after all a woman with energetic conditions to receive
within her inner self such a majestic son. However, there was no energetically capacitated
spirit, among the other spirits, to furnish the masculine component. In other words, there
was no man among the men of that time with the energetic conditions to furnish a sperm
that would enable the vibration condition which, along with the maternal egg, would allow
the necessary magnetization for the incarnation of such an elevated spirit, regardless the
great spiritual development of such a noble spirit that would marry Maria.

Before such an impasse, the sidereal masters along with the Master’s consent, had
decided to carry out a kind of “cosmic artificial insemination”, so as to fulfill the Master’s
shall and decision. And so it was done.

Jesus was born. Son of Mary and Joseph who were deeply committed and trained
for the major mission of creating the conditions to enable Jesus to spread His loving Spirit
throughout the Earth. They were the spirits whom we have loved so much and to whom we
have been forever grateful. But, how is it possible to put all this into words within the
understanding of the world of that time?

*Spirituality = a group of spirits workers from Master Jesus’ legions.

spirituality = spiritual environment.

We called this indirect process, however it is in these cases where the real suffering
for the high spirits that dive into inferior environments and for those who totally commit
themselves occur. It is important to highlight that in the cases of direct help, the being
moves by using its own means of transportation – the spaceship – materializing itself
wherever it deems fit with all its personal-energetic conditions. Besides nothing negative
can affect this being, for it is much more superior than the environment where it appears. In
the indirect cases, the being deprives itself from its attributes and cosmic achievements,
lowering itself in order to incarnate in less sophisticated bodies, thus fully submitting itself
to the surrounding environment and conditions. This was the greatest aspect of concern
among the high celestial hierarchies, when they understood the Master’s decision in doing

In order to make His decision viable, a whole preparation process for the Master’s
coming started with Abraham’s efforts; his story and origin are yet to be told.

As the time went by and along the history of the Hebrews, the prophets of the Old
Testament had given many prophetic warnings about this imminent visit, much before the
Master’s arrival.

All the preparatory process for the Master’s arrival was under the responsibility of a
unique being that, from the planetary astral, co-ordinated everything sometimes being
confused with God Himself. We are talking about the Vega born Jehovah, whose story is
also yet to be told.

For this book’s purpose, it is enough to be registered that the work started by
Jehovah together with Abraham was fundamental for the organization of a group of human
beings, basically committed to a monotheist religion based on very positive moral values
for that time and against the lowest kind of worshiping manifestation, or any other of that
kind so common at that time.

However as we had seen in previous chapters, without the possibility of a direct

help to all the terrestrial community, the contacts of Jehovah and his team were restricted to
some incarnated beings of a better vibration level, very carefully chosen. These private
encounters had occurred sometimes physically, such as with Moses (the burning bush, the
Mount Sinai Commandments, etc.), Ezekiel (the spaceship’s sight, the famous description
of the bigger wheel getting into the smaller), Elias (the chariot of fire), Jacob (the dream of
the stair and the fight with the angel, actually this is an oneiric recollection of his
abduction), others sometimes through projections, dreams and intuitions, as it had happened
to many of the so called Prophets, or sometimes through the activation in the brain or
bodies of these human beings of some potential abilities that almost everyone have, but due
to the planet’s underdevelopment conditions it is difficult to develop (such as Samson’s
incredible strength, David’s lyric ability, unsuspected in such an uncultured warrior,
Solomon’s prodigious intellectual capacity, and so on).

Nevertheless despite all the above, the Hebrew’s history – and even the life of the
great names above mentioned – was permeated from heroic acts and magnificent spiritual
values to many other mistakes inherent to the Earth’s and consequently its peoples’
underdevelopment. The texts about these matters (nowadays considered sacred) cannot hide
these facts even after so many misrepresentations and translations. The Bible makes a
reference to Moses’ hesitations and David’s criminal lust, and their respective
consequences. It also shows the materialist character of a society always in search for
golden calves, full of the pharaohs’ hypocrisy and notwithstanding its nationalist pride, had
ended up being subservient to its conquerors.

However, what really matters is that although wild the land had been sown and the
idea of an Only God flourished in its essential aspect, even if full of faults in its accidental
facets such as the constitution of a sacerdotal body, eminently concerned about the power
and the conservation of its status quo, the commercialization of the faith, the sacrifices of
blood even if animals’, the superstition of the religious good fortune, the formalism and the
valorization of the temple, seen as an edification above the act of praying. All of this
represents the touch of the human factor when dealing with celestial truths.

It is not our intention to analyze this matter in depth, but it is necessary to say that
the cultural level of the Hebrews at that time as well as their historical, geographical and
cultural restrictions, not only had caused interferences in the messages already given with
some distortion to the so called Prophets, but had also, and at this point to a larger extent,

defiled their disclosure or the news of the direct encounters described in previous chapters.
In other words, they had molded all the important facts for the most mundane purposes

The register of these news and other great events that happened at that stage of the
terrestrial life had no other reason but to be known among the Hebrews as two major
concepts, absolutely distant from the truth provided by the Celestial Mentors: first that they
were the chosen people, this being the thesis that ended up in stigmatizing them along the
centuries by the bitterness of the racism and intolerance. Second, and specially when the
Hebrews had lost their political independence to other peoples such as the Babylonians and
the Romans, that the so expected Elevated Spirit was in fact the Messiah, who would be
able to recover the Hebrew hegemony of the glorious time of the House of David.

It is clear that in all this, besides the planet’s primitive condition, there was the dark
influence of Lucifer’s forces and His followers either consciously or through the surrender
to the almost irresistible lowness of the flesh.

Nevertheless, these errors had already been foreseen by the Spirituality and as for
the last two, specially the latter, they were really essential for the accomplishment of the
Christic mission among us.

Actually, since the beginning of Jehovah’s participation in this process, at first with
the fertilization of the idea of an Only God in the political, social and religious sector, and
later on with the warnings of the arrival of a very special being that would gather everyone
under one banner, what was left of the conscious portion of Lucifer’s legions in the astral
level had concluded that the incarnation of an entity very close to the Master was clearly
about to happen, for they knew, on the one hand that His visit for direct help would be
impossible, and on the other hand they did not even consider that He had decided to
incarnate and therefore submitted himself to the sorrows of the terrestrial condition.

So about the year 2.000 BC, due to Lucifer’s and his assistant’s shrewd strategic
observation capacity, the Hebrew nucleus was identified as the one, among the incarnated
populations, that was being prepared to receive a new charge of the Christic forces. So
Rebellion army tried its very hard to eliminate the Hebrews to make the strategy of the
Good not viable or at least to jeopardize it in such a way to make it ineffective.

Lucifer thought that Jehovah would be the one to incarnate among the Hebrews. So
he ordered an attack of such great proportions against Jehovah that this Powerful Brother
needed some extraordinary energy to survive it, so much affected He was. The Celestial
Councils involved Jehovah in a kind of magnetic shield and gave Him weapons with
unimaginable strong characteristics and very much physically and spiritually perceptible
that made the incarnated beings, who had had a direct or indirect contact with Him feared,
for they thought He was God.

This is the origin of the narratives of the Old Testament, which by thinking that
Jehovah was the Deity called him the Lord of the Armies, describing his implacable wrath,
the incredible power of his arm, etc.

This direct combat with Lucifer made Jehovah at certain moments of the fight get
carried away, for one cannot only fight with the shield but has also to use the sword.
Jehovah was extremely worn out, so much that later on he was forced to leave the terrestrial
context, for his spirit was wounded after the combats he had fought.
No matter the excess Jehovah might have committed, he was already forgiven for
the much he had done. Perhaps to no other spirit, except for Jesus, should our planet Earth
be so very thankful. The role he had had, sometimes hard, sometimes severe, anyway
inconceivable for a being of his character but necessary at that moment, was the sacrifice
that rose him to the Highest of the Heights where he is now completely recovered.

For all this, one can have an idea of Lucifer’s strength, even though cornered in his
last trench – the Earth.

To Jehovah more than to everyone else the paraphrase of a known warrior proverb
is fit: never so many owned to only one…

While Lucifer was personally fighting Jehovah, his generals carried out his project
to resist this new charge of the True Light. Although they did not understand it in depth,
they knew it was being developed among the Hebrews. So they carried on with the
incarnation process of spirits related to Lucifer in several Hebrew communities specifically
chosen for that purpose. Lucifer’s aim was to disturb or jeopardize the development and the
stability of the Hebrews as much as he could, so as to hamper or make ineffective what had
been planned by the Master and His team and that would be put into practice very soon.

These spirits, even having lost their lucidity, recollection and the science of
Lucifer’s objectives, for they were born in new physical bodies, carried the same mistaken
vibration that allowed their mentors influence them to cause all kinds of intrigues, pursuits,
treacheries and wars and if possible sweep the Hebrews off the surface of the Earth.

So, according to the real authors of these very lines, all the background of the
history of suffering and difficulties of the Hebrews had started up from the interest of
Lucifer’s troops to stop at any cost what he thought to be the Master’s plan. Besides ancient
wars, political quarrels, exiles and all kinds of humiliation that the Hebrew community had
endured, Lucifer’s rebels used the dark of the darkest passions of the human weaknesses to
fight against the plan that Jesus’ team was putting into practice at that time.

Great warriors of the past, political intrigues, love affairs that ended up to involve
whole communities in bloody wars, in short, all the weaknesses of the human passions were
used as battlefields of Lucifer’s influence.

Lucifer’s legions had used not only the allies that they made incarnate in the bosom
of the Hebrews, as mentioned before, but they had also instigated all kinds of negative
misbehavior among all those that, although indifferent to the fight between the false and the
True Light, kept very low vibration levels arising from their heavy materialist tendencies,
from the animal lasciviousness to the most brutal violence, from the most enraged lust to
greed, selfishness and to the hunger for money and power.

So between sectarian and useful innocents, Lucifer’s legions picked up all the
negativism that fed them towards obstinacy, hate and blindness to the Truth. They did not
care whether they were playing with the fate of millions of spirits, both incarnated or not,
mainly those related to the Hebrew sphere of that time. Those spirits were dragged into
Lucifer’s turmoil, incurring debts that have not been paid up to the present days.

Lucifer also made his peers incarnate among the other peoples who had a dispute
with the Hebrews for the geopolitical domain, so that from the astral and spiritual levels, he
could have an influence on them for his strategic purposes.

It is not an exaggeration to say that even after the Master’s arrival and the sequence
of events that followed it, the Hebrews kept on purging their errors, for, by being involved
in so many negative causes, they were forced to suffer their after effects, for this is the
universal law. The Diaspora, the religious persecutions, the Medieval Inquisition, the
Second World War Holocaust, and the search for peace that till nowadays the Children of
Israel are looking for are the consequences of the mistakes of that time.

It is necessary to highlight that the Divine Law could not be more unfair than the
human law. If in the latter the punishment cannot go beyond the criminal, it is obvious that
the Jews, as a people, could not pay throughout history for the errors committed by some
individuals, who despite their number, had incarnated in their bosom at a certain time,
specially if such errors took place in the Greater Plan that the Master had prepared for this

What really happened was that a large number of spirits whom, at the time of the
events herein described, had consciously served the Rebellion and regretted, reincarnated
again. As they came back they brought with themselves besides the karma they had to
fulfill, other commitments that they made to the spirituality by their own free shall to return
as Jews.

So they reincarnated to suffer once more in the bosom of this people and they did it
several times, some of them until nowadays, thus partially explaining why so much sorrow
and pain were concentrated in this Nation, whose population is not significantly large
compared to others on this planet.

The number of Jews is not so big, but among them there are many spirits with
serious karmic questions and especially with spiritual commitments. Actually, the most
compromised spirits are those who had consciously served Lucifer and nowadays recognize
Jesus, are proud to get purified in a more complete way.

However most part of those spirits who, like the Jews, had just been used by the
rebels at that time due to their human passions, had only reincarnated among Abraham’s
children, without any special commitment, carrying on with their respective karma, apart
from the Jews query.

It is necessary to say that so much sorrow could only have resulted in an admirable
evolution of the spirits who had dedicated themselves to purge, like the Jews, their karma
and to fulfill as good children of Israel their spiritual commitments. We say once more that
the number of Jews is not so big compared to the terrestrial population, but what other
people have flourished just in the last centuries, giants – and we shall only mention those in
the physico-mental level, for the evaluation of the spiritual merits is very complex – of the
philosophy, arts, and sciences such as Spinoza, Mendelsshon, Freud, Marx or Einstein?

Many have asked how the darkness could take the control of the terrestrial
incarnation process from the Light. It is indeed very difficult for the common sense to
accept such a hypothesis, for as the reincarnation is a mechanism ruled by the Divine Laws,
how could any force against the Supreme Legislator, change such a mechanism?

The fact is that the reincarnation system is unchangeable and its laws were fulfilled
instead of being revoked every time a follower of the Rebellion incarnated, in so far as the
Penal Code is not revocable but it is applied every time someone commits a crime.

Let us imagine the battle fought in this sphere between the Light and the darkness,
as if in a game whose trophy to be won was the control over the Hebrews. The Master’s
team had the best players – Jehovah for instance had better results over Lucifer – as well as
a more consistent tactics. On the other hand, Lucifer’s team, without any quality
whatsoever, had tried to cheat by putting more players in the field to try to outnumber the
opponent, for as far as quality is concerned he did not bear any chance.

In other words, every being born in the terrestrial world is one more player for the
game. Should its birth be a consequence of a loving and responsible sexual intercourse,
then it is more than likely.-.except in those cases of specific interference to help lower
spirits that need to incarnate in well structured families, in order to obtain some conditions
for its progress – that the incarnated spirit have a tendency for the good. So it is as if,
according to the rules of the game, one more athlete could join the game that, theoretically,
for its good energetic conditions (forms-thoughts and forms-feelings) would play for the
team of the Light, thus enhancing the general vibration situation (of the planet).

On the other hand, should this birth be the result of an irresponsible, unaffectionate
and violent sexual intercourse, where the mental level of feelings and thoughts of the
couple are not good enough, specially if such intercourse was made under the effects of
drugs, consciousness alterations or was involved in a direct material interest (such as
money, social position, etc.), then all this array of disharmonic energies, still more altered
by the energetic fluids of several vibration origins, all low, shall have a negative effect in
the magnetization of the spirit. This shall tend to promote the meeting of cells aligned with
low vibration level and, upon the egg’s fertilization shall not favor the magnetization of a
reasonably developed spirit, whose energy of a higher level, shall not combine with that
one that formed it. So it shall attract another cell that shall better align with it for it is also
disharmonic and of a short vibration extent. If this happens, it is most likely for the team of
the darkness to receive one more athlete, which shall worsen the general situation.

Before we go any further, it is important to highlight that we are not saying that,
under no circumstance is a couple of perturbed spirits with even more perturbed breeding
conditions able to give birth to a developed spirit. This is effectively possible through the
co-operation of very specialized teams of spiritual workers. All we are saying is that such
does not usually happen. And the mentors of this book inform us that according to the
terrestrial birth rate, for every 100 magnetization (incarnations) of spirits in fertilized eggs
in low and heavy vibration situations, more than 90% of the cases represent the
reincarnation of troublesome spirits, either from the necessity level or any other moral or
mental disturb. The exceptions to this process are special situations which the Higher
Spirituality administrates out of what we call routine, for in these cases, it is taken into
account the spiritual credits of the individuality that wishes by all means to incarnate in a
specific environment and specific situation with the loving purpose of help.

To complete this explanation, it is obvious that a couple of evolved spirits can also
receive a perturbed spirit or in great need as their offspring, for there is no problem in the
magnetization and absorption of an energetically developed cellular structure of a
troublesome and less evolved spirit in terms of vibration. Sometimes some couples who are
already on their way towards the spiritual redemption ask the mentors and the masters of
the Spirituality that such process be allowed, due to the fulfillment of their promises or past
commitments. The contrary is quite troublesome, though. We just have to remember what
had to be done to enable the magnetization of a spirit of the level of Master Jesus to the
terrestrial cellular structure of His mother Mary. In much simpler and smaller levels, the
incarnations of evolved spirits in a disharmonic cellular structure also need a series of very
special procedures, thus making the occurrence of such cases very rare.

However, no matter the kind of reincarnation processes used, even the ones that are
apparently controlled by the darkness, all of them are in fact administrated by the spirits of
the Light, to allow that all spirits have a chance to be helped, for in worlds of atonement
and ordeal, where most of the spirits congregated there have karmic problems to
administrate, the opportunities of growth and spiritual reestablishment are renewed only
through the reincarnation in transitory material bodies, with the consequent forgetfulness of
their criminal past. Therefore it is not the shall of the Master’s team that only superior
spirits incarnate on Earth. What this loving team is trying to administrate is the quality and
quantity balance among those spirits who tend to the good and those who are perturbed,
thus allowing the incarnation of all sorts of spirits according to the unchangeable laws of
cause and effect that rule the cosmic conviviality, so that one day every spirits become

For a long time during this process, which we decided to call game in order to make
its understanding easier for our incarnated brothers and sisters, this process being started
some terrestrial millennia ago, the forces of the darkness have always managed to win by
putting more players in the game. The Master’s team, despite of always being
outnumbered, acted with quality, that is with love in order to make up for the vibration

The present generations and the generations to come shall change the terrestrial
situation, including the quality aspect in such a way that by the year 2050 only the athletes
of the Light shall remain on Earth to play more subtle games in the spiritual evolution.

Nevertheless, let us return to the Lucifer query at the Hebrew time.

As we have said before, several Lucifer’s soldiers were put into the bosom of the
Hebrews, in order to be easily besieged by the darkness. Practically throughout the entire
history of the Hebrews, obscure forces had acted by all means possible, to jeopardize what
they thought to be the plan of the Light.

In view of these facts, the Master and His representatives had called in the enlighten
spirit of Jehovah to, as he had become a kind of spiritual godfather of the Hebrews, develop
together with the terrestrial community the plan of elucidation and preparation for the
future coming of the Master, which at that time – some 2.000 BC – was already decided.

However, even before the confrontation with Lucifer’s phalanx had started, Jehovah
and his team had to deal with an impasse that could have put an end to the entire process
for the spiritual development that was being carried out in the sphere, for such a problem
could simply destroy all the human life on Earth, Sodomy and Gomorra.

According to the information from the spiritual authors of this book, at Abraham’s
time Jehovah’s team had detected in the region of those two cities, a strange and very
powerful virus whose lethal capacity was far more devastating than the HIV virus. Should
this virus have not been controlled and/or destroyed, it could have spread even more at any
moment thus causing a real planetary chaos.

After consultation with the cosmic mentors and facing a situation impossible to be
controlled due to the lack of scientific knowledge of the terrestrial community or the lack of
suitable tools of Jehovah’s team, as well as due to the impossibility to wait for other
spaceships with more suitable tools, the only dramatic option was the destruction of all the
infected region through a kind of clean nuclear explosion.

Our friends from the Spirituality inform us that that was the reason for the
destruction of Sodomy and Gomorra. This fascinating subject shall be better developed in
future works.

This problem being solved, even in such a painful way for all those people involved,
Jehovah had then started to dedicate himself to the Hebrew’s affair.

Jehovah and his team would also carry on with the necessary energetic and strategic
confrontation with Lucifer’s phalanx. Many of Jehovah’s attitudes and decisions aimed the
accomplishment of the only plan possible to be developed within the terrestrial
possibilities, in order to provide conditions ever imagined by us, necessary for the coming
of a spirit with an energetic-vibration level such as of Master Jesus, even if that meant
personal complications for Jehovah before the laws of cause an effect. Due to the energetic
vibration conditions of the sphere, the Master could no longer come in His normal status of

Cosmic Being, the Emissary of the Deity, in all His personal Glory and Power along with
His team of assistants with their several sidereal spaceships, in order to embrace and
objectively contact all the planetary community through the process of direct help. He had
then chosen and prepared one of the human segments to, deprived from all His majestic
status of the Father’s Emissary, dive into that segment as any being in ordinary evolution,
for that was the only way available to help the terrestrial community.

It is more than likely that in the near future we could all understand the sacrifice and
the loving grandness of the Master’s attitude in His decision of coming here under the
conditions that He came. The incredible thing is that, except for his mistake, in the opinion
of the terrestrial author of this book also shared by the spiritual mentors, the Master did not
need to proceed the way He did. If He did so was with only purpose of diminishing the
collective suffering of everyone and hastening the redemption process of Lucifer’s

As we have mentioned before, in confronting Lucifer’s army and consequently

compensating a little of the destructive energy forwarded to the Hebrews from the astral
sphere, Jehovah had ended up being a kind of God to the Hebrews.

Many were the energetic confrontations between Jehovah and Lucifer and their
backup team in the astral environment of the Earth. The strategies of one or the other team
were carried out in the interlines and under the circumstances of the terrestrial events.

It is utterly important to state that Jehovah had consciously attracted to himself

many embarrassing situations from the karmic level, with the major objective to
accomplish, even with the sacrifice of his own energetic condition, the only plan possible to
save the Earth from many millennia under the domain of the darkness and the mistaken
ignorance of Lucifer’s pride.

Oh! How much we owe to this real hero that had lowered himself so much in order
to be able to help so many of us! In the future, the terrestrial planetary community shall
certainly realize this.

Without Jehovah, it would have taken much more time for the Master to put into
practice His personal plan to incarnate on the Earth. He might not have come until our days,
certainly because the terrestrial astral situation would still be under Lucifer’s control. With
Jehovah there was, above all, a weakening of Lucifer’s phalanx, for it had seen all its plans
and projects come to an end upon the arrival of That One who had incarnated as any
ordinary man, as Jesus Himself who as a lesser man of the Earth and deprived from all His
majestic and celestial status as the Higher Emissary of the Deity, had lovingly and
personally faced Lucifer, just with the only weapon that He had brought within His heart,
but yet able to destroy the pride and the mistake housed in Lucifer’s Spirit: love!

However, before such meeting had taken place, Lucifer tried by all means to keep
what he thought to be his last and only domain and, by realizing that Jehovah was a kind of
warrior or representative of the Master of all Masters specially sent to defeat him, tried to
beat him at any cost thus using the Hebrews as a war factor against Jehovah.

According to Lucifer’s way of thinking, every failure of the Hebrews represented
another critical query for the nascent and growing faith in an only God, the Very One
against whom Lucifer had fought within his inner self. Every fall of the religious
psychology of that people meant another effort of compensation to be developed by
Jehovah and his team.

This battle was fought for many centuries. Its background was far from being
understood. Sometimes the real context gets hidden so well behind the limits of the feelings
of the terrestrial men and women that the truth, within its many aspects, becomes
unnoticed. The cosmic context, within its aspects and values, goes so much far beyond of
what can be understood by the poor terrestrial capacity, that we have many times taken the
apparent for the real, the minor for the major, the wrong for the right.

If on the one hand Lucifer had correctly figured out the akin relationship between
Jehovah and the Master, on the other hand he made a mistake when he thought that the
Jehovah factor was the Master’s the great plan and His last trump card.

During the dispute between Lucifer and Jehovah, when some prophets in the bosom
of the Hebrews and by being connected with the true Light, had announced the coming of a
certain Messiah, Lucifer and his team thought it was a kind of false alarm to make his army
save all its forces and its soldiers, to better face the one who would yet come, thus losing all
its own potentialities in the fight against Jehovah.

Lucifer thought that by doing so he would be giving time and conditions to Jehovah
to get stronger. And so in his fool presumption he had risked many members of his phalanx
to carry on with what he had in mind, that is to weaken Jehovah and the Hebrews at any

Some three centuries before Christ, Lucifer’s phalanx, consumed by the great
weariness as a consequence of the fight against the Master’s followers, was extremely
weakened as to the awareness of the facts and the recollection of what had been a
contesting movement which led to the rebellion. Only Lucifer and no more than a few
hundreds of individualities of his phalanx had the due awareness and recollection of the
entire process.

By that time Jehovah had concluded the mission that he zealously and lovingly
carried out, even though this mission had been jeopardized by the limitations of the time
and the confrontations with the armies of the darkness. He retired from the terrestrial
environment along with his team, leaving the spiritual workers of the Master’s legion to
carry on with the elucidation work and fraternal help. It was at that time that the last
interventions from beings from the outer space had come to an end.

It is important to highlight that the extraterrestrial had remained here without

exposing themselves for some two thousand and two hundred years. It was only about a
certain period of the Twentieth century that they started to expose themselves again, still

very discreetly, to comply with the planning of reintegration of the Earth to the cosmic

From that time on, the extraterrestrial has just followed up on the development of
the facts, for the most effective continuity of the work is under the responsibility of the
spiritual teams congregated in the sphere.

When Lucifer realized that the team of the Light, against which he had fought for so
long, had withdrawn, he experienced a feeling of victory and glory as a kind of terrestrial
prince, for the Hebrews that once had been a people, were destroyed and spread throughout
the various existing cultures on Earth.

Lucifer had then dedicated himself to influence these cultures in order not to
diminish the pressure on what was left of the Hebrews. His intention was to protect himself
against the constant warnings about the arrival of this Messiah in the bosom of that segment
of the terrestrial mankind, that had been chosen to receive That One who had pure love for
his strayed lambs, imprisoned in the terrestrial sphere.

To Lucifer, who along with his team had the control over all the things from the
planetary astral, the situation was fairly satisfactory. Here and there he noticed one or other
incursion of the emissaries of the Heights, without being disturbed at all by that fact. To
him, everything was under control.

It was then with great surprise that Lucifer noticed the energetic conditions of a man
called on Earth by John the Baptist, who upon meeting in a certain moment with another
man with much greater energetic conditions, known as Jesus, had promoted such a
vibration in the planetary astral, strong enough to attract Lucifer and his main followers, by
the time of the baptism on the River Jordan. When Lucifer’s followers arrived at the site
they did not like what they could still notice, for they had seen in all its splendor, from the
existential level, what a few human eyes could superficially notice. They were shocked and
restless with the majestic energy and the very high vibration standard that surrounded the
environment for a brief moment.

Lucifer’s phalanx had never noticed such a high energetic level since their
congregation in the terrestrial sphere.

Extremely worried Lucifer himself started to follow, from the terrestrial astral, that
strange man called Jesus.

To his surprise, that man was able to look right into his eyes, even as a simple
terrestrial man. “How could that be?” Lucifer asked to himself. Who could that incarnated
spirit as any ordinary terrestrial man be, who upon noticing and feeling his presence,
searched for his eyes, breaking all the inter-dimensional barriers in an attitude that was a
mixture of sympathy and love? What kind of superiority was that, which emanated from
that simple man and made him feel so bad and restless before Him? How could He, as a
simple terrestrial man, notice him in the astral level?

Something in Lucifer’s intimate was telling him that he had seen that man before.
Bu how? He had only experienced and felt such sensations and restlessness before His
former commander who, Lucifer thought, could under no circumstances magnetized His
spirit to the terrestrial breeding conditions. And if He would not be able to come in a direct
way with all His army, for the astral-vibration conditions of the planet was not suitable, it
would have been even more unlikely that He would have come in an indirect way, through
the incarnation in those bodies with lower and heavier conditions. So, it could no be Him
but someone from His legions, Lucifer pondered.

Lucifer was flabbergasted when that man left the few of his possessions and all
alone with no kind of provisions whatsoever necessary for the human body, retired to the
most peculiar environment of the terrestrial geography - the desert -, remaining there in a
state of an utmost intimate communion apparently with himself, though Lucifer, that while
such energetic situation had lasted, Lucifer and his phalanx were not able to approach Him.

After some terrestrial days, Lucifer noticed that whatever that man had been doing it
was over, for he could no longer felt the restless vibration field that hampered his approach.
When he did so, he realized that even without that energetic field surrounding Him, that
man kept on looking right into his eyes.

Totally restless, Lucifer was unable to understand anything. He had fought Jehovah
for so long without ever meeting him alone without his assistants and his backup spaceships
in the fewer opportunities he had to feel him directly. And now, that man there, standing
still, looking softly and kindly into his very eyes, without anything around Him, no level or
logistic backup, no group of followers, but He alone as a simple man of the Earth.

“Who art thou and what cometh thou for?” asked Lucifer to Jesus who, from that
moment on, was bombarded, tested and evaluated by Lucifer, who tried to subdue Him in
any way possible in an attempt to find out some behavior or psychological standing similar
to what we could call as a weak point.

The clash being finished and before the undisturbed and soft attitude of that strange
man, Lucifer had then decided to retreat a little, for immense was the restlessness that
crossed his inner self.

He started to follow Him from far away, but always aware that Jesus could feel his
presence. During the whole public ministry of Jesus, Lucifer and his companions followed
Him from the astral level. The soft attitude, the fraternal standings and the teachings of
That Man who asked for forgiveness to the adversaries and even the enemies.

From a very privileged observation site, Lucifer’s phalanx grew more and more
concerned with the magnetism that flew from that Man, that embraced everyone who
listened to Him: men and women from the terrestrial world, disincarnated spirits that
outnumbered the incarnated ones, and even those beings that from the astral environments
observed and followed Him, gathered every time the Master addressed them with His
edifying and powerful oratory.

At the end of a certain afternoon, when the Master was resting at some friend’s
house, along with some relatives, He noticed that Lucifer was waiting for Him in a nearby
field and so, very discreetly, He left to meet him.

When the Master arrived at the site, Lucifer in a respectful but defiant attitude,
demanded explanations as to His origin and intentions and particularly as to a certain story
regarding the fact that He, Jesus, would be the Son of God incarnated as a simple terrestrial

“What God?” asked Lucifer, stunned by That Man’s gentleness and power. Would
He be any kind of cosmic bother of his former commander who also spoke of the Deity?
How long this God and His announcement would pursuit him for? What hierarchy did
Jesus belong to and why did He not magnetize Himself directly without having to bear a
modest and heavy body like the one he had? Would He be a divine emissary who wished to
take the Earth’s domain from him? Where were the celestial armies to defeat him, arrest
him and his followers?
The Master in an attitude of total respect towards Lucifer’s standings, had listened
to all and at the end He just said:

-“Beloved brother, I came here to embrace you, not to arrest you! The authority
vested in me lies only in the love I carry with me. If I were invested in any cosmic capacity
to accompany my brothers in evolution I would not use any standing that went against the
Loving Shall of My Father. How can I now, as a simple mortal man, surrender to the
mistaken cult of the mental domain? For who I am, I can only love. Nothing more I can do
and among those who love themselves there are no victories or defeats. Follow then,
beloved Lucifer, my testimony for I have deprived Myself from everything to have no
power, for here I am like or less than any other man. Follow me! Follow me to the moment
when I have to end in Me a process that you had started. I honor your free shall and
personal standing. Honor me in the same way, in the condition of a lesser terrestrial man.
Whatever I do, I do for love. Do the same. Love, specially those who had followed you and
honor me in the effort to embrace everyone as cosmic brothers”!

Lucifer could not bear the Master’s vibration as well as he could not accept the fact
that he started to glimpse and admit that That Man was actually the minor terrestrial
expression of the Deity’s Favorite Son, deprived from all the celestial power, against whom
he had rebelled in superior existential environments. Even in this temporary personification
of a simple terrestrial man, He was much greater than Lucifer in terms of energetic-
vibration conditions. Absolutely stunned, Lucifer departed to never return to the company
of his peers who had desperately looked for him. From that moment on, Lucifer isolated
himself to never again command what was left of his phalanx.

The painful day of the Calvary had arrived. Lucifer followed from far away the
Master’s steps, even though not accepting that That Man was the terrestrial incarnation of
His former commander.

Whoever he was, Lucifer thought, That Man had personal power enough to have
freed Himself from all those problems that had led Him to the brutal crucifixion. Why did
He not do it?

Mingled with the terrestrial people who had taken part of the flagellation, the Way
of the Cross and the crucifixion, Lucifer observed it all from the astral level, unnoticed
except for the Master who, in a state of intimate and constant prayer to the Father and
despite of feeling him close by, had no longer looked into his eyes.

Just when a certain Roman authority, before the beginning of the Way of the Cross,
had asked the Master what the true was, He turned his eyes to him as if asking him the
same question. After that, Jesus paid no more attention to him until the moment when
tightened to the wood of sorrow and in a moment of unique and majestic beauty He begged
His Father to forgive every one of them for they did not know the cosmic Truth of the Love
of the Father.

Side by side with old companions that were then incarnated as some of those people
who surrounded Jesus at that supreme moment, Lucifer watched His suffering restlessly.
Short after His death, the Master had softly turned his eyes to Lucifer and pronounced some
quick words in a language totally different from the terrestrial standards.

Just there and then and after having realized the message that Jesus had addressed
him in a language only known in the worlds of Capela, Lucifer fell on the grounds near the
cross and in silent and desperate tears had finally understood who That Man was. That Man
who had let Himself be crucified as the humblest and most modest of the beings but in any
moment had stopped to love us all.

Lucifer had then realized the majestic spiritual condition of the Most High
Representative of the Deity, who had gained this position not only for designation or choice
but above all for His own merit and close union to the highest level of love and
understanding ever energized by any being. Lucifer had also understood the several levels
of the celestial hierarchy which, in a total demonstration of love, admiration and respect
and without making any kind of interference, waited, from the various energetic-vibration
environments that surrounded the planet, for the outcome of this unique proof of love ever
seen anywhere in the Great Work of the Universal Creation.

Perhaps Lucifer was still reluctant to understand and/or accept the concept of Deity.
However apart from the existence or not of God, he became aware of his very inferior
vibration and existential condition compared to the Master of the Masters who had
witnessed in a manner unimaginable for His sublime cosmic condition, the highest level of
love. And this fact by itself made Lucifer annihilate in his inner self the mistaken
confrontation with the Master. He finally understood that apart from what he thought the
figure or myth of the Universal Father was, the Master should be the highest expression of
what might exist in terms of Deity for beings of his vibration standards.

The Master who could have done anything within His qualifications as a celestial
authority did nothing. Actually, instead of arresting Lucifer, the Master came and lovingly
embraced the Spirit so tired of so many inner struggles, anguish and restlessness.

Lucifer, annihilated by this enormous shame that he carried with himself, begged
Jesus for His forgiveness. The Master brought Lucifer’s haggard astral body close together
and rose towards the environment surrounded by His legions.

Lucifer’s rebellion, or at least what was left of it, was over. Brother Lucifer needed
to strengthen his personal energetic condition in order to reestablish his work for the benefit
of his own peace of mind. He needed to establish within himself the vibration condition to
be able to help those who had once followed him and who were still lost in the stagnated
and criminal behavior of their pride. As long as any of his followers were found in a
spiritual vibration level similar to what we could call darkness (lack of light and
elucidation), Lucifer shall not rest for he had imposed on his own spiritual and existential
condition the task of rescuing all those who had followed him. Only then he shall be able to
be in peace with himself.

We have already mentioned the repentant followers of Lucifer. Let us now comment
on his renitent followers.

Everywhere there are people who know better than their betters, this being an
expression used in all languages. Lucifer, the head of the rebellion, had surrendered, but his
followers had not. Either they believed that Lucifer was just pretending to have surrendered
or they despised him for this attitude. Anyway, they carried on with the rebellion and by
doing so they acted in a more negative and vicious manner than their mentor, although their
attitudes did not have the same cosmic repercussion as Lucifer’s on a terrestrial basis.

One of Lucifer’s former generals, Satan – this name being given to all evil gods and
spirits of the various religions of the ancient peoples of the Earth and which pleased him
very much – carried on leading the phalanxes of the darkness. He had a great influence on
his peers, gathering all the heavy vibrations and influencing everyone who belonged to the
lowest existing segments of the terrestrial population, both incarnated and disincarnated.

For quite a long time, Satan had waited for Lucifer’s return to the command of the
rebellion, position that he took temporarily. When Satan realized that Lucifer had sincerely
surrendered himself, he was taken by an enormous hate against Lucifer and all those people
who had deserted the road of wrongs to return to Jesus’ loving shelter. Satan then regarded
all these followers as renegades and traitors. He was exhilarated by chasing them with
strength greater than those he had fought with.

Satan was implacable with his sword wherever he saw traitors. He fought them
among the first Christians during the great persecutions; among the crusades upon their
return as slaves from the Black Africa in America; and with a certain refinement of
perversity, among the Jews where these traitors had always been and always shall be.

Satan was the hidden astral mentor of all the dark period that the Earth was involved
in after the Master’s incarnation. He was behind of the segmentation and fall of the Roman
Empire, the violence of the barbarians, the Holy Inquisition and all the religious wars in
Europe that ended up in the retaliation of Christendom. He plotted against kings and popes,
poisoned the Catholicism, encouraged ethnic segregation, had, along with his partisans,
influence on all the gigantic mortality that had taken place in Asia, many of them
completely unknown in the West; he influenced the Huns, the Mongols, the Chinese,
Indians, Japanese, etc.

He made use of the passions and vice of the matter to use the incarnated spirits as
drill of maneuver and cannon sleeve. He perverted the French Revolution, by personally
interfering to change the course – this being one of his greatest victories – of Napoleon’s
work which had ended up weakening the then growing French Spiritualism for, from that
period onwards, everything that had been conceived in France was immediately unaccepted
by the rest of Europe. He instigated a stunning number of wars in the Twentieth Century.
He was the greatest responsible for the mistakes of the Bolshevik Revolution, whose
ideological materialism facilitated his vibration participation against the Master’s work.
The ideological materialism of the capitalist power, the economic imperialism, the
attachment to money and competition, the exploitation of the poverty and the lack of social
solidarity also facilitated his influence.

From the poisonous seed sown at the end of the XIX Century, Satan harvested the
First World War and from its consequences he made the Second World War when he then
reigned as the absolute sovereign through puppets like Mussolini and Hitler. Using his
puppets Satan chased the Jews and other segments of the terrestrial peoples as much as he
could. Nevertheless, the interference of the Light avoided his control of the planet.
However, he managed by leading the world to the cold war, to leave the Earth on the brink
of the nuclear destruction, that if successful it would have been his final revenge.

Only recently though Satan has been defeated, by means of a new work carried out
by the Christic Spirituality, which shall eventually be explained. It seems to us that by the
similarities of the events Satan’s rage was more vicious than Lucifer’s, due to the fact that
Lucifer had fought for an ideal – even if completely distorted by the pride and self-
confidence. Lucifer was a leader. We can say that he was a political warrior of the cosmos,
who got the means mistaken for pure lack of envisaging the end, which he got all wrong.
Satan, on the contrary, became a mere chief of bandits, an inveterate criminal who had
fought for nothing else but revenge and despair.

Many religions mistook Satan for Lucifer thinking they were the same being. They
were far from the truth. And the Bible, in which texts both before and after Christ, mixed
all these concepts and added some extravagant legends of demons, versions and translations
contaminated by mysticism, identified both Lucifer and Satan with the Devil, the Evil, the
Enemy, a unrecoverable beings almost as powerful as God, with whom they would fight an
eternal battle since the beginning of the times. This has generated, mainly in the western
world, a real barrier towards the correct interpretation of such subject.

However since the spiritual revelation it was clear – in fact, this had already been
revealed to men, but the truth got lost in the darkness of the eras – that the Devil cannot
exist as the Bible has described it: as someone evil and therefore unrecoverable, without the
possibility to evolve to one day rise towards the Deity. Such a being can only deserve the
eternal damnation, hell along with all of its followers.

This thesis leads to two assumptions, both unacceptable:

In the first assumption God, despite of having created the Devil and its followers,
who does not forgive them for their innumerous errors, has sent them to an exile without
the chance of regaining His love. Is God a less affectionate Father than the terrestrial
fathers, who always offer another opportunity of forgiveness to their children even if they
have committed the worst of the crimes. Even when they are aware of the wrongs done by
their children they never stop loving them and sometimes even with more strength?

The second assumption is that the Devil is not the son of God and therefore was not
created by Him. Well, if God did not create it all, then the Devil is another God, a Anti-God
and this conclusion goes against the fundamental monotheist principle which the Bible, the
Old and New Testament are based on.

Furthermore even the Zoroatrism, which theoretically admitted two gods, Ahura-
Mazda or Armuzd of the Good and Ariman of the Evil, said that at the end of the times,
Good would overcome the Evil. However the Evil’s damnation would not be eternal for
Mazda, as the perfect expression of goodness would not let Ariman eternally excluded from
such a perfect realm for, in doing so, he would not show the intrinsic superiority of Good
over Evil.

So neither Satan nor Lucifer are irreconcilable with the Truth. As sons of God, the
Father loves them unconditionally. The mistakes they had once made are debts that they
had acquired and shall certainly purge through hard work and suffering, according to the
cosmic law. Being spirits of great knowledge, power and energy and once having been
detoured from the wrong route, they shall certainly and vigorously take the way towards
ascension, doing for the forces of Good much more than they ever did against it.


After Lucifer had left the terrestrial environments, the remaining of his phalanx got
totally mixed with the large group of spiritual individualities linked to minor behavior of
the terrestrial standings.

The Luciferian psyche whose characteristics were the pride, the prepotency the
rebellion and the arrogance had ended up in getting mingled once and for all with the
violent inclinations of most part of the behaviorally ill spirits of the terrestrial community.

Right and wrong got confused towards the temporary values of a determined time.
The eternal truths accepted anywhere else in the cosmos were relegated to religious and
philosophical utopia, being able to be practice only by saints and angels. As such
individualities were quire rare on Earth…

The evolution possibility was undermined by the pride, which destroyed everything,
softened by mundane passions already poisoned by the unspeakable inclinations of the
vibration conditions of that time, which characterized the terrestrial human spirit. The
evolution period was indeed long and painful, stagnated in terms of spiritual achievements
of the first millennium after Christ.

The pride of the spirit was the foundation, which the other human characteristics
were based on. What had once been a strategically positioned feeling of pride became the
basis for a very mistaken and criminal behavior.

However, with the coming of the Master and the exit of Lucifer from the terrestrial
environments, the last phase possible for the recovering of those spirits congregated in the
sphere had started, before the cosmic reintegration of the Earth or, in other words, before
the so called “Final Judgement”, this being just a common event that happens from time to
time in those worlds in an evolution stage throughout the cosmos. “The Final Judgement” is
actually a kind of recycling process that takes place at the end of each cycle or period of

The rebellion had come to an end and a new deadline – made possible by the
Master’s coming to Earth to sow the redeemed elucidation – would be given so that the
spiritual individualities would able to administrate their existential curriculum, thus better
placing themselves in the vibration context at each reincarnation process in order to
improve themselves while waiting for the cosmic conviviality in the near future.

Each spiritual family made the necessary arrangements to improve their peers,
viewing their acceptance in the recycling process that would undoubtfully come to make
the reintegration of the Earth in the sidereal context possible.

Myriad of workers from the Master’s redemption legion incarnated all the time in
the various regions of the planet in attempts to educate and ennoble the so confused human

However pride was spread all over the quadrants and organizations of the terrestrial
world and the intolerance and lack of love managed to keep all the terrestrial progress in
heavy and low vibration areas so common in dark environments.

Even with the efforts of many individualities, the Earth was almost dominated by
those groups linked with the darkness of ignorance and pride, which tried their best to
remain in the lethargy that they apparently enjoyed. However this happens to anyone who
got used to live in caves and in subterranean environments, away from the sun light for so
long. They are scared with the possibility to be expelled from or to leave that existential
condition they got used to and ended up enjoying it, even if it is to improve their condition
of living. Such process occurs with those who are aligned with the vibrations of the

Nothing else was done under Lucifer’s omen, whose name was used here and there
by the lowest standards of the darkness in ideas totally distorted from the original ones.

Lucifer was a kind of godfather of the heaviest and most primitive human behavior,
only this time without his direct and conscious contribution. However that was the legacy
of that being who was indirectly the center of the propagation of the darkest situation,
which has surrounded the Earth up to the present time.

Lucifer in a way feels responsible for everything that had happened on Earth and his
peace of mind, as stated before, can only be regained when the last of his followers, directly
or indirectly involved in this process, manages to regenerate their spiritual awareness to
deserve the redemption.

However, the post Christ terrestrial experience was running fast. And according to
the analysis of the mentors of the Earth, whatever Lucifer’s phalanx could not do was about
to be accomplished by a group of spirits linked with the darkness arising from and
consequent of a process of total envelopment of all the terrestrial sphere by the segments of
the forms-feelings and forms-thoughts emanated from the spirits of the darkness. These
incarnated or disincarnated spirits formed at that time the majority of the population of the
terrestrial sphere.


In order to make a better analysis of the sphere’s situation we have to say that
before the arrival of some groups of spirits with extremely evolved workers to the
incarnated world, this arrival started in the first century of the second millennium after
Christ, the sphere population (both incarnated and disincarnated spirits) were divided in
three large groups, regarding their spiritual development:

- the majority of the individualities were unconditionally linked to the

behaviors and standings of the darkness, where the intolerance, hate, intrigue, the cult of
uncontrolled passions, the violence, lies, jealousy, revenge, pride and above all the
devastating inclination to remain in stages of moral and mental stagnation ruled over

- in a lesser extent but in considerable numbers, there were those

individualities who, depending on the circumstances they could either adopt the attitudes of
the darkness or remain in a kind of existential inertia, without making any outstanding
efforts regarding their evolution process;

- a few number o individualities who had the inclination for the good and the
progress but due to their imperfection, when they were forced to face some typical
situations of the history of the human passion and companionship with all its intrigues and
differences they adopted inferior behavior in order to protect themselves or the ones they
cared for and they ended up by having some mistaken attitudes linked with the darkness,
which tried very hard to make the spiritual evolution difficult.

The situation was real complex.

He who had come to the terrestrial world to elucidate and give His testimony of
love, had ended up by having His legacy of love connected to certain mundane necessities
of the religious organizations of the past which, by being totally irresponsible and
inconsequent to His memory and His name, had committed the most horrendous crimes
against the sensibility of the spirit and the evolution progress of the planet.

In every dispute, intrigue and fight, all the lower passions full of the most
unspeakable interests arose in the hearts and behind the scene of the game of power and
pride, where the power of the strongest and the smartest prevailed over all, thus making it
impossible for the developed beings to behave accordingly.

In every episode within the family, the village, the city, and the realm scopes,
especially in those with a broader geopolitics scale, new and clamorous debts were made
regarding the divine law of cause and effect, action and reaction.

The ignorance and the tendency of the human spirit to the mental and spiritual
stagnation ruled over the capacities of almost all the spirits congregated in the sphere. The
terrestrial progress, like the waves in the sea which advances for then recede from the sand
of the beach, was a prisoner of this come and go of the instability of the standards of the
attitudes of men and women on Earth.

How to promote or even program in a short term the possible reintegration of the
Earth to the cosmic conviviality, with so low and heavy vibration conditions of the beings
there congregated and consequently the astral condition of the planet?

How could the team of very evolved sidereal workers break into the Earth’s
magnetic field, both in the physical and astral levels, in order to be able to give the
necessary help for the upgrading of the vibration condition of the planet’s community? At
the beginning of the second millennium, that was not possible.

Let us imagine a physico-material celestial body, an asteroid or a meteor for

example, getting into the atmosphere of the Earth and thus creating an attrition and a
molecular combustion through isothermal and/or nuclear shock waves, and consequently
causing the destruction of its own celestial body. In a simple analogy, we can imagine some
interplanetary spaceships of very evolved civilizations, whose atomic or molecular
vibrations had a totally different standard from the normal terrestrial one, upon their
entrance in the planetary environment and the consequent interaction of so incompatible
energies, this would inevitably incurred in serious and even fatal consequences, not only for
those who were on board of the spaceship but for the terrestrial population as well.
That is the reason spaceships from very evolved civilizations, whose vibrations have
a very different energetic-vibration standards from those heavy vibrations that surround the
planet, cannot physically or materially penetrate in the terrestrial environments. At that
time, only spaceships from civilizations in a minor evolution stage and whose vibration
standards were similar or compatible to the Earth’s could come to our planet.

As long as a very high astral load envelops our planet, it shall not bear as it did not
bear before the coming of several spaceships from civilizations with very high spiritual-
vibration condition. It would be a real energetic disaster if such beings came here and tried
any kind of direct contact with the planet’s population.

However despite all that, work teams consisting of very evolved beings parked their
spaceships in the vicinities of the Earth and got themselves beamed down into the terrestrial
environment in their special bodies, by means of projections whose levels are absolutely
out of the understanding or imagination of the greatest of the fictionist on Earth. These
beings face all kinds of difficulties and problems, thus making missions on a large-scale
basis practically impossible. Nevertheless, some beings are shalling to work under these
conditions at a high energetic-personal cost as a proof of their love and to help their cosmic
brothers, just like Jehovah and his team did.

As a matter of interest we should say that for these beings to either get themselves
beamed into astral or into physico-material environments of inferior and troublesome
worlds, like the Earth, it is the same process for a human being to spend years and years

living in caves with foul odors, without any kind of comfort or help, in an environment
enveloped by smoke and gases, thus making the respiration and the sight process very
difficult, also in precarious hygienic and alimentation conditions and with great chances of
getting ill. Any human being after such mission would have to spend some time in a
hospital to recover, and perhaps even undergo some reparatory surgery to some of their
organs. Our brothers from other spheres shall have to go through the same process. After
having accomplished their missions in heavy vibration worlds, they need to have serious
energetic and magnetic renovations whose processes are not pleasant at all.

So due to the constant registration of the mistakes and crimes in the energetic
condition of the reincarnated spirits and the consequent contamination of the atmosphere in
the planet’s astral of the forms-thoughts and forms-feelings that got seriously ill as a result
of their own attitudes, the High Spirituality was unable to promote the arrival of brothers
from outer space, thus hampering the Earth’s reintegration to the circuits of cosmic

There was no way to carry on with such process due to the limitations of the mental
growth level related to science in general that prevailed in the principal organizations and
nucleus of power of the world at that time.

All these factors totally compromised with the stagnation of the ideas and the sterile
orthodoxy controlled the evolution of the mind, besides promoting the underdevelopment
and the ignorance all in the name of God.

The heart of the men and women of the Earth was so full of pride, ignorance and
violence that it was impossible any kind of integration with more developed societies.

In due planetary time, this being the Father’s greatest gift to the transitory worlds,
where some spirits in various evolution levels are congregated before their achievement of
some spiritual goals necessary to their acceptance to the fraternal life of the no-time, those
individualities congregated in the terrestrial sphere would clean their minds and hearts
through the purgation and expiation of so much energy of low and heavy karmic vibration
standard, characteristic of their existence.

The situation could only improve with the arrival of many workers bearing more
evolved spirits, if the planetary condition so allowed. The Earth was in desperate need of
hearts, which vibrate feelings of peace, tenderness, love and above all, moral righteousness,
in order to improve the planet’s energetic conditions, these conditions being the result of
the direct fluidic emanations of the beings congregated on the planet.

Therefore many valuable workers of the Master’s legion were born in the terrestrial
world in order to try to enhance the planet’s situation. The majority of these workers
remained anonymous during all their lifetime. Jus few of them managed to have spread
their testimony on a large scale.

However wherever the fraternal elucidation is made impossible, the learning shall
come through pain and sorrow.

And that is what happened to our planetary community, even with the arrival of
very evolved spirits committed with the elucidation process of the planet, such as our
beloved brother Francis of Assisi and so many others, who had descended to the carnal
struggles in order to contribute with the planet’s progress.

Nevertheless, as everything else on Earth, the sowing needed some time to enable a
good harvest.


The Earth carried on in its illusion of cosmic loneliness. Its inhabitants in the most
careless and inconsequent way had ended up believing they were the center of the universe
and that God had nothing else to do but see to the garments and structure of the various
religious cults from several segments of the planet’s culture.

The terrestrial author of this book is very embarrassed every time he recalls a fact
very much disclosed by the international media: a certain officer who had got lost and
therefore remained in the middle of the forest for a long time during the war, without any
kind of contact whatsoever with any kind of civilization, believed and behaved as if he still
was at war, long after the end of the conflict. Now let us imagine what our brother must
have thought and felt during the period in which he lived this brutal and wrong illusion.

This is what has been happening to us, spirits congregated in the terrestrial sphere
many millennia ago. Due to such a long period in which we have been wandering through
the cosmos, deprived from any kind of direct contact with the sidereal civilizations without
any kind of news from these civilizations, we lead an illusory live of what we can perceive
under the poor and limited terrestrial perception.

We have for example isolated a group of ten people from any possible means of
communication and exchange with the society for forty years. At the end of this period we
assessed the mental and psychological condition of these people.

The isolation process inexorably generates a shortening in the mental perceptive and
reflective capacity of the being. The reality becomes distorted simply because their brain
does not receive any kind of stimulus and influence of the environment which they were
isolated from. The normal and natural tendency of this being is to remain in a stationary
mental attitude, completely alienated for as long as this isolation lasts, or in a more
generous assumption this being shall slowly evolve eventually within the limits of their
perception and analysis.

In the terrestrial case, the long process of cosmic isolation along with this unique
tendency towards the pride and outburst of temper generated by the total incapacity of
having self-control which, on its turn, created a fertile ground for the forces of the darkness
to act in the energetic condition of the individuality, had led to a process of mental
inference of such proportions that the most insane transitory values subdued the most
primary of the eternal values which is the respect for the being! This eternal value, which is
treasured at every corner of the cosmos, became a kind of illusion or utopia in view of the
mistaken transitory values of the planet.

The blind and irrational religious belief, a product of the ignorance and the fear,
could not create any other standing different from the one it had created, the fanaticism.

Fanaticism, a sickening process of mental induction, which annihilates any obstacle
regarding the scrupulous and the reflection in the mental condition, had sown in the human
spirit some orthodoxy standings concerning violence and disaffection and, the worst of all,
the criminal illusion of having acted in the name of God, as if God needed such madness.

This inconsequent behavior process of the human masses had generated around the
terrestrial sphere an energetic condition arising from the forms-thoughts and forms-feelings
emanated from its inhabitants, with a highly distorted and disharmonic vibration
characteristic which, only through the years and a great deal of existential suffering, would
be the factors that could end, minimize or soften the planet’s energetic condition.

None of the main nucleuses of the several segments of the terrestrial progress had
been able to promote a minimum joint effort which lasted for some period in the energetic
confrontation with the sad vibration condition which ruled over the whole planet, so as to
make up for the sphere’s astral situation, which led to the chaos.

The religious agglomerations, through the excuse of dealing with the interests of the
Most High, had harmed these same interests by means of wrong and distorted practices of
their founders’ learning.

Here and there the search for the truth was carried out by some noble and stubborn
spirits, who did not live long for the only light that the darkness could bear was the light of
the fires of the Inquisition, which silenced the voices of those who wanted to enlighten the
learning process.

The blind and irrational faith was a fertile ground for the manipulation of so many
by the smartest and less scrupulous beings. So much evil was done in the name of faith! So
many crimes committed on behalf of the defense of God or the idea of a God who could
wish anything except to allow any crime to be committed for His sake.

All this was the result of the isolation and the incredible disposition of the human
beings for the outburst of temper through a fanatic behavior, which was able to blind it all.
What did or do we know of the eternal truth to be able to judge someone else with
so much eagerness? What kind of mental stupidity or spiritual foolishness have we
managed to aggregate to our own spirits in order to commit so many crimes in the name of
the Cosmic Archetypes, which had nothing to do with so much insanity?

Unfortunately, there was not the least possibility for us to be helped in a more
effective way, in order to hasten or better saying, not to delay so much the planet’s

Nothing could be done. The isolation continued.



In order to carry on with the cosmic reintegration of the Earth, the High Spirituality
has faced several levels of difficulties which, if analyzed from the Earth’s point of view, its
accomplishment would be proven impossible.

As long as there were the intriguing conditions of affinity between the heavy clouds
of the troublesome astral, arising from the fluid emanations of the inhabitants who
surrounded the Earth and the tendency of these inhabitants, as if in a kind of awareness
predisposition, to keep such vibration standard, nothing could be done regarding the
planet’s reconnection to the cosmic conviviality.

How would it be possible to carry out the exchange of a community of spirits who
were proud to be ill and completely ignorant of everything, with beings of high awareness
level? Besides of being illogical and irrational, if such exchange had happened it would
have been a real disaster for all the parties involved in the process.

Such process could not be carried out after some modifications having been
performed in the energetic atmosphere, which enveloped the lowest spiritual-astral layers
of the planet close to the incarnated world.

First, it was necessary to promote some events regarding the elucidation and
renewal in some random regions of the incarnated sphere, in order to at least force some
small changes in the planet’s energetic standards, like a small and soft stain on an enormous
cloud with vivid colors and then, in a continuos process of donation of good psychic and
energetic fluids to its inhabitants, stimulate the growth of this soft stain so that it could
spread more and more over the darkness of the magnetic vibrations with a very low
spiritual quality.

Many attempts had been done but the good ideals, the new stimulus to the
reeducation of the spiritual standings and the elucidation attempts almost always died with
their makers in the fires of the Inquisition, which helped to keep the planet’s low magnetic

Here and there the seeds of the hope for a good harvest were sown by the major
efforts of some real heroes of the human progress. However, upon their return to the
spiritual world, their followers, for not bearing within themselves the same internal strength
as the missionaries of the light and betrayed in their own inner strength, they allowed or
even helped the well known pest of the mistaken attitudes of the men and women of the
Earth to spread over the grains of the light once sown.

New philosophical and religious movements had come to Earth through new
attempts of the Spirituality to rectify the behavioral levels of the mistaken standings of the
terrestrial Spirit. However, due to the lack of watchfulness of a few or of many, they
rectified what had once meant to be fought.

Just the outside, the clothing and the appearance had been changed. Nevertheless,
the virus of the pride, the intolerance, the disaffection and the lack of spiritual control
before the psychologically dominant and overwhelming passions of the terrestrial world
remained not only intact in the hearts of the human being but they also carried on producing
the energetic chaos in the planet’s life.

Every spirit incarnated within any context whatsoever, upon its investiture of some
kind or level of terrestrial power, annihilates in a kind of self-destruction the balance of its
own spiritual condition by means of disobedience and crimes in the illusionary use of the
temporal values. Very few spirits had managed to balance themselves between the
temporary illusion and the awareness of the spirit in need of evolution.

Now, if this spirit is kept away from the power and the easiness of the world,
enduring both in the flesh and in the spirit the experience of poverty, loneliness and
anonymity in such an evil world, it shall by no means obtain the balance of the humbleness
and the non aggressiveness attitudes for envying the more fortunate. In this case the self-
destruction process of its own spiritual conditions inherited from the Father, carried out by
the rebel standings shall lead to mistakes of larger proportions than those against which this
spirit was led to fight.

In the game of several lives of the terrestrial reincarnation process, the spiritual
individuality had led its way through the physical beauty and the lack of it, the richness and
the poverty, the success and the failure, the exaltation and the humiliation, the power and
the slavery, through all the paradoxes possible that a human being managed to achieve
during its own existential condition, thus compromising not only its own evolution process
but also the whole planet’s.

Noble spirits that while incarnated had managed to finish here and there some
fraternal works of signaling and elucidation viewing the improvement of the evolution
process of the terrestrial existence. A sparkle had finally been lit among the mistaken
domains of the cults to the ignorance and the pride, which were spread throughout the
several segments of the planet’s life.

It was necessary though to educate this good belief of many, which for having been
manipulated by the power and the negatively agglutinated mental smartness of few people
in some centers of the temporal power, ended up aligning with the misuse of the good cause
of the elucidation and improvement of the terrestrial awareness.

This belief by itself was a good seed sown in the inner self of the spirits that, for
having been congregated in a inferior world, without any available technology, could do
very little to develop their mental level. Therefore they needed to work as well as to

improve their moral-spiritual component through this faith or belief in some superior
pattern of the existential standing.

No matter how little the mind is able to produce, the innermost faith can generate
the stimulus for personal enhancement. Should the environment that one lives does not
allow or cannot create the basic conditions for the development of a pattern of mental
reflection viewing the progress, then only something that comes from deep inside the being
is able to stimulate them to seek renewal and improvement.

Tighten and limited to the modest perception of its senses inherent of the terrestrial
bodies, the terrestrial Spirit, which had lived for many millennia in political organizations
of very primeval levels, could only find in the faith and in the belief the great factor of
behavioral motivation.

The human being founded the basis for their conscious behavior on this belief or on
the lack of it. In the first case through the total alignment and adherence of the radical
behavior to what had been determined by the powers established at a certain time, if we can
say so. The second case by means of strong contrapositions, which always arise from
radical and inflexible standings, thus causing their horrors.

Should the belief be the field for the seed of the conscious behavior of the human
being to grow, then all the renewal attempts of the Most High should be concentrated on
that field.

And should our beloved brothers and sisters, readers of these very lines patiently
and understandingly allow us to repeat once more the obvious, we should say that the one
who has the knowledge does not need to believe. However, for those who do not have the
knowledge and shall not able to due to the lack of conditions that surround the environment
that they live in, their only hope lies in the conscious attitude of this belief, or in its denial.

That was the major spiritual characteristics of the men and women of the Earth
during many centuries of the last millennia. It is always good to remember that the world
has just recently experimented some complex and sophisticated technological development
since the implosion of the Atlantis civilization. Between these two eras, the empty space of
the perception of the mental processes had enabled the propagation of the belief and the
faith or their denial as a factor of evolution.

That was the situation of the terrestrial sphere at the end of the Eighteenth century.


Whatever had been done so far in terms of progress and renewal attempts were
based on the faith, which energetically and indelibly bound the individualities to some or
other religious concepts, thus limiting the possibility of elucidation to the borders of its own
conveniences, either being honest, of good faith or not.

The religious power, whose foundations were based on the faith, was frequently
confused with the political power, which based its actions on the game of interest. Amongst
this game of irrational passions, the good faith of many had been viciously manipulated
throughout history.

The belief or disbelief in this or that concept was a precious metal of the world and
a factor of conciliation or disunion among so many people. Everything spun around the
belief or the faith. However this faith and belief were not only manipulated but they were
also the result of an extremely underdeveloped environment regarding the perception and

Something had to be done for the sorrow, as an evolution and mitigate process had
already prepared and ploughed the good soil of the inner self of many spiritual
individualities throughout the centuries for future sowing.

A large majority of the Earth’s population was already tired of the same mistakes
repeated throughout various reincarnations and was already fit for receiving a glimpse of
new aspects and other possibilities for its inner growth.

Suddenly for the less attentive individualities, the Spiritualist Code stated that
before believing it was necessary to understand. It was then launched the so-called
reasoning faith.

For those segments of the world which just wanted to believe without the necessary
reasoning or investigation that leads to the elucidation and renewal, that new doctrine did
not come out in a good moment at all for it affronted in its precepts some basic conjectures
which some philosophic and religious standings were based on.

Understand to believe! The understanding would lead to the belief, the belief to a
deep conviction and the inexorable faith. Therefore the spiritual mentors and workers, as
actors of this process, were free from any possibility of manipulation from this game of
interest for they were beyond the control of the terrestrial authorities and totally free to
perform according to the plan of the Spirituality.

As the focus for renovation and elucidation and well aware of the need to enable the
creation of new possibilities for the internal growth of the planet, the Mentors of the Code

had planned its release in the French community, which was at that time and still is till
nowadays the center of novelties and avant-garde for the whole planet.

The Most High had planned to spiritualized all the philosophic and religious
tendencies and segments of the planet, viewing the vibration improvement of the whole
terrestrial community. Furthermore, the Spirituality intended to call the attention to life
after the death of the physical body as well as the possibility to communicate with the
spirits within the ethic standard of the fraternal behavior.

Aware of this strange human tendency in rejecting anything new elaborated by any
other person, as in a kind of phobia for everything that had been elaborated by another
person, another team, another religion, another philosophic segment or another country, the
mentors knew that should the Spiritualist Code be turned into another religion, it would
take much longer to reach the intended target. This happens due to the brutal ignorance that
is hidden behind the feelings of any kind of intolerance, especially the religious one, as if
there were several gods and each and every one of them with its own favorite human

This major codification of the spiritual elucidation should only be limited to the role
of another religious belief in the final analysis and possibilities of achievement according to
the historical conditions of time and space. Even so it should be able to develop an
important and strategic work, even if such was labeled as religious work, of fraternal
assistance and energetic cleaning in the spiritual environment closer to the sphere of the
incarnated spirits.

Should this codification be transformed in another religion, then the other religions
would immediately reject its elucidative spiritual precepts, for the mankind while lost in
this game of minor interests has often misunderstood the essence of the values between the
temporary aspects and those eternal aspects of the various sides of the Truth, or as some
prefer, the several Cosmic Truths. We usually take the major for the minor, the right for the
wrong and we have always been pride of ourselves as if we were acting as real genius or
something like that. And yet with smile on our face and a sense of superiority, we used to
underestimate the less knowledgeable who take different stands from ours. What a fool

However, as everything else that had come to Earth with the sole purpose of
elucidation, the Spiritual Code turned out to be by the forces of the circumstances a series
of philosophic and religious precepts that ended up constituting the Spiritualist Code, which
apart from anything else should have its precepts and postulates studied by all the mankind
due to the proportion of the source of cosmic learning and fraternal elucidation.

As we have stated before, the Spiritualism was founded because it was time to
elucidate and the faith and the belief of the people.

The Universe in its multiple existential levels, which envelop us all, may be
perceptible and understood. However, this perception and understanding only take place in
due time according to the conditions of time and place. Furthermore, many people think

that it is the Universe that has to diminish or get simple in order to become perceptible,
whereas it is us who have to promote in ourselves an improvement in the personal vibration
conditions so that we, from this interior growth and re-birth, can understand the complexity
of the several and various existential levels existing in the Cosmos, and consequently repeat
these levels.

Within this context and because the terrestrial community consists of a

conglomerate of different sidereal ethnic groups whose unique origin ended up creating,
after many generations, the peoples who constitute the current planet’s population, how
would the Spirituality promote an only concept, a philosophical segment and/or religious to
everybody, where there has always been religious, political and racial intolerance?

There were only two options: the first was not to spiritualize and clarify by means of
specific processes but wait for many centuries and millennia that the own human sorrows
promoted the necessary adjustment for the achievement of the planetary ideal, for only then
pour over all the peoples the seeds of the moral and spiritual elucidation. The truth is
should this had occurred, the planet’s community would have been abandoned by its
cosmic brothers, being left to its own device and only be followed from far away.

The second option was to try to sow in different peoples and regions the focus of
elucidation, viewing the future planetary understanding for the achievement of the
planetary ideal for the cosmic reintegration of the Earth. This way, our spiritual brothers
and those from more evolved spheres would never cease to participate in the terrestrial
development process, even at the cost of personal sacrifices. And so it was done.

It was only in the XIX Century that a part of the terrestrial community managed to
reach and achieve the necessary spiritual levels to be able to envisage the cosmic context
that enveloped the Earth. This process would come through the introduction of the spiritual
legions, which work in the redeemed harvest of the Master.

Several events in the philosophical and religious areas had to occur throughout the
second millennium so that the elucidation promised by Jesus could be spread over the

The background of all this long and painful process was always the Master’s love
and the planning and the performance work carried out by many spiritual workers.

Nevertheless, the High Spirituality has never intended to convert every man and
woman of the planet to the spiritualist, for being aware of the intolerant tendency of the
human being in rejecting everything that arises from other segments different from their
own, the spiritual masters would be naïve and inconsequent in doing so.

The major intention and objective was to spiritualized and elucidate all the beings
by calling their attention to the truths hidden behind the limitation of the senses of the
human body. Should the elucidated precepts of the new doctrine had to, in order to survive,
be enveloped by the religious feelings of the men and women, so be it.

Somehow, the sowing of the Spirituality had to overcome in view of the general
process of elucidation of all the peoples, which would be the basis for the change in the
mentality of the whole planetary community for the cosmic reintegration.

However, the Spiritualism was not founded with the sole intention of elucidation
approximately one century before the time foreseen for the reintegration. There was the
strategic objective to fraternally help hundreds of thousands of spiritual individualities,
which were congregated in the spiritual environment closer to the incarnated world.

These unfortunate brothers and sisters, a great majority of which were not even
aware of the new spiritual status after the death of the body, were congregated in the so
called dark regions from where they helped and contributed for the restless disturbing
process of the astral energetic situation which enveloped the Earth, with their deleterious
emanations at the mental and sentimental levels, which exceeded the minimum acceptable
levels for the worthy existence of a spirit, yet freed from the body.

Observing these spirits in their daily life of mental and emotional intemperance, one
could only came to the anguishing conclusion that the Earth was actually being used by the
merciful High Spirituality as a planet-asylum or a planet-hospital for those disturbed and ill
spiritual individualities.

As long as these brothers and sisters remained as if locked up in the deepest regions
conquered by the darkness, the energetic situation of the planet could not be altered.

It was necessary to unearth them first and then help them or relocate them to
parallel existential levels close to the Earth in order to send them in exile, according to
vibration situation of each one of these individualities still connected to the darkness.

Either some religious segments of the world are shalling to admit or not, the
exchange between the living and the dead exists and the Spiritualism is the most modern
and ethic concept existing nowadays regarding the procedures for this process.

In the specific case of the spirits that after the death of their body remained indelibly
tighten to the dark vibrations and congregated in environments too close to the sphere of
the incarnated spirits, help could only be provided in the direct way, by means of the so
called psychic incorporation. These spirits were helped and elucidated regarding their
current spiritual situation and only then they would be transfer to the recovering homes of
the spirituality.

These psychic phenomena which occurred within the highest standard of

respectability and solidarity towards those spirits in need were actually the main gift,
among others, given through the effort and dedication of many psychics who, anonymously
and through hours and hours of work and personal sacrifices, have dedicated to fraternal
help of their disincarnated brothers and sisters.

Each spirit that was helped corresponded to one focus less in the production of
deleterious emanations which so much complicated the terrestrial environment. Each spirit

that stopped vibrating with the darkness or that was not ruled by the darkness any more
corresponded to one less soldier of the inconsequent and unconscious army which planned
to keep the Earth vibrating with the darkness.

So after many years of work and facing the disbelief and misunderstanding of many,
a phalanx of suffering spirits was fraternally assisted. The energetic cleaning of our sphere,
whose main objective was to prepare and fit the terrestrial situation to the possibilities of
the cosmic reintegration, took place.

The teams of working spirits that took part of the first stages of the codification and
preparation of the spiritualist ideals decided to develop a religious idea around the
Spiritualism in order to, due to the lack of alternatives, better promote the works of
fraternal help to those suffering spirits.

Should this work of direct fraternal help to the dead of the Earth have not been
carried out, we would still be bearing the heavy burden of the energetically poisoned
condensation that enveloped the Earth and that, only in the 80’s, was effectively dispersed
through the work of many anonymous heroes of this planet.

Without the efforts of the mediumistic process duly adjusted and fit for the practice
of the fraternal standings of the Spiritualism, the cosmic reintegration of the Earth would
not be possible at this moment. Likewise, without the efforts of other religious and
philosophical segments, which were extremely important during the long and slow
evolution of the planet’s understanding and perception, the necessary conditions for the
advent of the last preparatory stages of the reintegration would not have been created.

Regarding the importance of the Spiritualistic Code, this gets mingled within the
global background process arising from each philosophic-religious focus which appeared in
the planet’s environment, in order to meet the strategic objectives planned by the Most

All the religious and philosophical tendencies which arose on the Earth had and still
has a fundamental role as one more instrument of the work of the Deity within the great
concert of the Fraternal Ideal. Therefore studying the importance of each one of them,
approaching the aspects of the possibilities of understanding and perception of the time
they had arisen, the legacy inherited from them by the modern world and the role and
contribution of each one of them for the future of our planetary cradle is the objective of
another group of literary works which is yet to come.

Therefore we shall not analyze in depth the importance of the spiritualistic code and
the role of the mediums for they have always existed. We have just to fall back on the
historical examples such as the pythoness, the oracles, the prophets and many other
religious cultures of the Earth’s past. The Spiritualism, among others, made ethic and
fraternal the practice of the ever existing mediums.

This was the so-called necessary preparation and adjustment stage of the terrestrial
conditions to the future process of reintegration to the cosmic conviviality.

The search for the understanding of the facts and postulates in order to exercise the
belief and the faith under a more solid basis is still fundamental and therefore should be
sought by all men and women, who long for the internal evolution through the peace and
maturity of the spirit.

Studying and researching, understanding above all the intelligent limits of the
mental process of this search, according to the stage in which the spirit is, is a wise and
prudent attitude in the spiritual development area.

Let us then forget the barriers made by the intolerance and the little vigilance of the
conscious attitude of the mankind regarding the understanding of the philosophical and
religious movements, for each one of them had and still has a fundamental role and all of
them still have a lot to give to the actual time of the planet.

Let us drink from all the fountains without losing the philosophical and/or religious
identity, which please more the spirit. Let us above all clear our own selves in order to
better profess the faith that characterize our intimate.

Let us try to be good and fraternal, loving each other in the same way that our
Master Jesus had once told us, and everything else shall be resolved in due time.

This is a planet free from the unhappy and heavy energetic emanations. Let us all
work for this ideal.


It would not be a great effort for our minds to imagine that during the historical
process of the Earth the Higher Spirituality has always tried, within the conditions and
possibilities presented by the incarnated mankind, to sow the concept of union and fraternal
community either on a local or regional and even continental levels, according to the
historical options promoted by the terrestrial free shall.

Even in the inferior stages of the evolution of the political standings of the men and
women of the Earth, when many warrior chieftains and dictators had almost controlled the
world, even then the spiritual masters tried to promoted whatever necessary in terms of
learning and preparation for a future possibility of planetary union.

The Earth can be effectively reintegrated to the cosmic conviviality, should there be
a kind of planetary agreement.

But what is a planetary union? And what would a planetary agreement be?

Planetary union is the idea that we all belong to a cosmic family congregated on the
Earth, for that is the way we are perceived by the universe. No sidereal traveler can elect
this or that government of the various government existing on the Earth as the one which
shall represent the planet in the official exchanges, sort of saying, among the civilizations
spread all over the cosmos.

It is only normal and natural that, due to the way the terrestrial being has appeared
on the planet and the scope of our evolution history, there are many governments spread all
over the Earth. These governments should continue to be constituted for the organizational
part of the world shall always be the product of discerning and acting capacity of the
terrestrial being. The municipal and regional governments shall always exist while there is
life on the planet. There is no problem in that. The shall be problem if the existing
governments do not manage to create at least a kind of political agreement regarding the
way the terrestrial community shall be represented in the cosmos.

It has never been intended to extinguish the specific and unique characteristics of
this or that ethnic group among the several groups that comprise the terrestrial population.

The abundance of diversification in every area of the planetary life is perhaps our
main characteristic compared to the other sidereal civilizations, which feel lovingly
attracted by the beauty of this diversification of patterns gathered in one planet. It is already
known that we are actually a kind of amalgamation of several cosmic races and as such this
characteristic should continue to exist throughout the millennia. Even with the normal
harmonization among the various planetary races, the diversification shall always be the
major characteristic of the life on Earth.

Whatever is intended and imposed by the facts that surround us is that the
perception of the planetary citizenship, the result of the idea of planetary unification, can
more and more be made possible in the minds of the men and women of the world,
nevertheless without losing our specific characteristics related to our culture and
geographic region.

The idea that we are planetary citizens, actually we are cosmic citizens, and that as
far as the cosmos is concerned we are part of one family is a fundamental factor for the
analyzes and reflection of those who intend to live on Earth.

This is an inexorable process. It shall occur softly and peacefully in so far as the
perception that we are a cosmic unit gets into the minds and the spirits of this generation
and especially of the generation to come. Those who, in this vivifying wave of the cosmic
ideal that starts to sweep the planet, do not intend to dive their spirits on the good fight and
the good combat with their eyes in the future, shall be left adrift observing and criticizing
the process until the end of the normal period of their lives and, as everything else that is
the result of a mistaken past, shall not return to this planet in future reincarnations for they
shall be still linked to the intolerance and unfortunate standings of the past.

These unfortunate brothers and sisters have not allowed themselves to sow in their
own spirits the hope for a future free from the criminal distortions occurred along the
terrestrial history, so tight they were to the mistaken tendencies and inclinations of the
spiritual past. They did not achieve that minimum condition necessary to remain on an
improved Earth.

As we have said before, these brothers and sisters shall go to other worlds to learn in
an even harder environment the standings of the fraternal ideal.

We are now living the prelude of the planetary union. This shall come sooner or
later. The manner how this process will happen shall only depend on the planet’s free will.

Let us then be prepared for the role of this generation of spirits nowadays
congregated on Earth is to make the first stages of this transitions happen. It might not be
easy. However it is far less difficult that everything else that had already been done in the
mistaken past.


We have finally reached the end of the quarantine process to which the Earth has
imposed itself before the cosmic hierarchies, due to the wrongs of the beings congregated
on the planet, in other words, all of us.

Many individualities have been in exile on Earth for more that six hundred thousand
years. Exactly, six hundred thousand years of the terrestrial calendar. Others have been here
for more recent periods. The fact is that as a consequence of Lucifer’s rebellion, the Earth
has received for cyclic and consecutive periods various hordes of exiles from many
different planets.

According to what we were told, the most recent exiles were two large groups,
which arrived here some forty thousand and eleven years successively.

Therefore this is the time during which this generation of spirits, which comprise
the population of the terrestrial sphere, is personifying many reincarnations within the
planetary context.

Some spirits had many incarnations, others not so many. Anyway no matter how
few these reincarnations could be, the number of reincarnations that each one of us has had
on the Earth alone should surprise many. And here we are not taking into account the
reincarnations we had outside the terrestrial context.

Except for those spirits who were originally created to start their evolution journey
on the Earth, and this group consists of a considerable number of spirits, approximately 2/5
of the population of the sphere, the remaining of the other exiled spirits have already lived
in other planetary environment as such.

Finally, after so much grieve and sorrow, the period in which end the Earth would
be able to be once more congregated to the cosmic exchange came to its end.

The energetic cleaning developed in the dark environments along with the
consequent improvement of the vibration conditions of the sphere that is the positive results
of the sowing process of those who were involved in it and still are, especially the oldest
religious segments and the founders of the religious culture of the planet who, apart from
all the problem inherent to the human imperfection, had managed to produce good results
related to the faith, forgiveness, goodness, in short, the love for each other. The conquests
of science which enabled the mankind to have a broader and deeper view regarding the
achievements of the past, the actual technological conquests and the possibilities of what
we can produce in the future, all this leads to this great moment in which we are about to
return to the life within the universe.

As the millennia and the various existential experiences went by, each one of us had
ended up with a kind of new rebirth at each reincarnation, falling here and there and being
risen again by the mercy of Christ. Personally, when I see me so full of weaknesses yet to
be overcome in the present time, I start to imagine how painful all this process was. But this
is the subject for other works. Such aspects related to the history of the various hordes of
exiles brought to the Earth should make up another series of books.

What really matters is that we have managed to survive so many mistakes and with
a little more of internal effort related to the intimate achievements of the spirit we shall be
able to live with more existential evolved standards. It is yet more important our perception
that the cosmic individuality of each one of us has already existed for a long period of time
and either we want it or not, perceive it or not, the eternity has enveloped our spirit in the
long evolution journey for as far as the love of the Father so requests.

It is inevitably that we accomplish this. It is the only determinism that leads us

towards the evolution. When and how we get there shall depend exclusively on the free will
of our spirit in the many temporary existences lived so far.

This is the end of an evolution period, the beginning of another one. It has always
been like that, according to our good and fraternal brothers of the Spirituality.


The terrestrial community was actually reborn internally. As our Master Jesus used
to say when he lived among us, the terrestrial beings should only enter the reigns of heaven
if they were born again, for the intimate rebirth, through changing in the spirit itself, would
result in an improvement of their vibration conditions and consequently enable these beings
to live in highly developed existential environments. This was the process that the entire
terrestrial community has been going through along their existence.

Part of the terrestrial community is already able to return the context of cosmic
conviviality, which surrounds us. The other part has still some work to do regarding the
elucidation and the intimate behavior.

But, what is the context that surrounds us?

It is precisely the new area of search and learning for the evolution of the terrestrial
mankind. It is one more step yet not the last of the infinite stairway, which stimulates us to
the straight and rising development of the Spirit.

The gate that link us to the cosmos was erected on the Earth by the Master, His
emissaries and other workers of good will and now it is time for our dreams of evolution to
go through this gate towards another level of learning.

We still have and shall have other kinds of problems to solve in our way to
evolution. However, should we have a little ability and a lot of good will, humility and
disposition to improve ourselves and at the same time contribute with the community we
live in, then we shall be effectively prepared to carry on the interior administration not only
regarding the necessities of the Earth, but also those which feed us and elucidate the spirit.

The heaven that the Master once told us envelops nowadays the Earth as well, for
new is the spiritual condition of the planetary community. It is the cosmic context which in
its several existential levels and with several superior spheres – real havens – open their
possibilities in order to be seen by the terrestrial sight. It is the various worlds and
intermediate existential situations between the terrestrial condition and those of the superior
worlds that is now unveiled before the eyes of the men and women of the Earth. It is also
the various planetary communities, which are still walking toward their own evolution,
anxiously waiting to be, perhaps one day, helped by the terrestrial civilization of the future.

The moment of our reintegration to the cosmic conviviality and the exchange with
the brothers and sisters from other spheres has arrived at last.

The isolation, which motivated us to stagnate the spirit in the inertia of the
temporary values of the Earth, has finally ended. From now on, we shall forever be
motivated to seek the internal improvement for we shall be sharing our lives with more
evolved beings.

Let us then be travelers who shall never be stopped. Let us not ask the Father for the
straight and free road of evolution for we are careless, still so imperfect and bound to
develop an inconsequent speed, thus bringing even more problems to ourselves.

We shall have to administrate for many more existential experiences the spiritual
inheritance of our own selves, achieved through the tendencies and inclinations of a long
and mistaken past, which shall follow us wherever we go and whichever existential
situation we are in. No one can suddenly be turned into an evolved spirit. It is a long
process with a beginning, middle and end. The cosmic moment we are living nowadays is
just the beginning.

We are half way of the recycling process of the spirit in the terrestrial sphere, which,
according to the religious culture of the planet is known as the Final Judgement, when
Christ should then return to the Earth to preside the separation of the individualities with a
tendency for the good from those which have not reached a minimum level of fraternal
conviviality with their peers. As it has been told us by the Higher Spirituality, the Master
shall actually fulfill all His promises. In a few more moments we shall have Him among us
in a fraternal, clear and objective visitation to the terrestrial perception feelings as He
Himself had once promised. It is just wait and see.

We have to understand that after so many reincarnations in material bodies, through

several existences and after many studies in the areas of the terrestrial life such as brotherly
love, standing towards the richness, power, poverty, forgiveness, tolerance, and so on, our
spirit shall be, upon the conclusion of another year of learning, evaluated (actually we are
already being evaluated) regarding the true assimilation of everything that has been taught
to us by the many master spirits along the history of the Earth. These spirits had come here
in order to help us to be better beings and to enable us to live in a loving, pacific and
organized manner with our brothers and sisters.

To deliver this cosmic certificate, and forgive me such a poor comparison with the
situation of the terrestrial daily life, to those who, by means of their personal merits and
efforts, have achieved the redemption of their spirit and specially to comfort, stimulate and
guide those who have not passed this school year and that therefore shall be taken to
another planet-school to attend a cosmic brush up course, Master Jesus shall come with all
His majestic simplicity of the Most High Emissary of the Beloved Father.

Nevertheless, His arrival shall not represent the end of the world. On the contrary, it
shall be the beginning of a new period of evolution, which on its turn shall be developed in
its various aspects.

The tendency for destruction so much foreseen and predicted by many was finally
surpassed. The energetic contribution of a very high level given by wonderful spirits such
as that which that upon his last terrestrial incarnation was known as Mahatma Gandhi; the
effort of many anonymous heroes whose loving standing was shaped in the planet’s astral
as a result of their vibration; the good fight of many religious and political leaders in their
attempt of giving peace a chance; the wonderful artists who by means of their magnificent

productions have sown in the hearts of many generations throughout the last decades, the
dream and hope of a better future, and therefore changing the horizon of the future for
many beings; the sincere prayer of the members of the various religious segments of the
terrestrial culture; the contribution of the science which continuously unveils new aspects
of the Cosmos, showing us our smallness and the need to behave within the due ethic
standards towards the human life and the environment, which is our piece of the cosmos
and therefore needs to be properly administrated and so many other aspects of the human
production in the last eras which had ended up molding in the planet’s astral atmosphere a
new situation of wonderful possibilities regarding the future.

Today, the predictions are different regarding the tomorrow of the terrestrial

However, it is important to say that those who, at the end of this long period of
reincarnations, have achieved the minimum grade requested to live with more developed
existential realities, are not and cannot be considered as evolved spirits. They are just
spiritual individualities freed from major karmic problems but still not evolved. Our
vibration standard related to the average of the cosmos is still similar to that of a stubborn
child before a wizard, or an illiterate before a scientist.

We have still a long way to go towards the spiritual redemption in order to be

considered reasonably evolved.

However, the Earth with its accomplishments and problems to be solved by the
mankind shall still be the great school and the terrestrial time, the teacher.

We shall be visited more often by other classes of beings that, in their cosmic
school, have also evolved towards the love of the Father. And they shall help us. And we
shall exchange with them experiences in the search of the great fraternal ideal that binds all
the beings of the cosmos.

May we all reintegrate our hearts to the loving circuits that now beat longing for our
company in the great concert of the cosmic conviviality.

May the reintegration come for within it lies one more stage of evolution, one more
blessing of the Father and one more proof of love of the Master to all of us.

It is the end of one cycle, the beginning of another one. It has been always like this,
tell us once more our spiritual friends. And it shall be for the whole eternity, as far as the
love of the Father takes us.

Finally, we are informed that there shall be one day on this planet like no other
before. Such as by observing a ripe fruit still in the tree and yet about to fall off we know
that at any moment this fruit shall fall, even though we cannot precise the day or the time,
such is the expectation regarding the beginning of these preliminary visits of the Master’s
team related to the preparation of His Great Coming that shall be seen and perceived by all

the living beings. But, “about that day and that time no one knows, not even the angels in
the sky, only the Father”(Matthews 24,36).

“And He shall come with the clouds. All the eyes shall see Him, even those that
trespassed Him”, says the Apocalypse.

…”it shall appear in the sky the Signal of the Son of the Man. All the tribes of the
Earth shall beat their breasts and shall see the Son of the Man come over the clouds of the
sky surrounded of glory and majesty”(Mat 24,30 = Luc 21,27).

“And like the lightening that comes from the East and lightens as far as the West,
this shall be the Return of the Son of the Man” (Mat 24,27).

“Be watchful, for thou knowth not the day nor the time”(Mat 25,13).


Before 3,000,000 BC: other existential experiences that shall be explained in the

3,000,000 BC: the arrival of the first groups of humanoids (being specially prepared
for life on Earth, bearing a great level of instinct but still without the light of reason).

From 1,000,000 to 950,000 BC: four different groups very much improved as a
result of the various experiments which took place along the time, had been brought to
Earth for a kind of final test related to the acclimatization and specially the planet’s gravity.
At the end of this testing and adaptation period, it would be decided whether one, some or
all of the four groups should remain on the planet. The outcome of this test would be the
basis for the humanoids which, together with other more evolved beings that would arrive
here in a second stage, would form the future mankind. Some forty thousand humanoids
were spread over the four groups. Their height ranged between sixty centimeters to two
meters and their skin was gray. At that time one more group of rudiment and ignorant
spirits, but bearing the greater inheritance of the light of reasoning with the consequent
karmic responsibility, was able to start their evolution journey of spiritual ascension on the
Earth, by incarnating in the bodies resulting from the cross breeding of these humanoids.

800,00 BC: the arrival of the teams of more evolved beings from several planet’s to
live with the ones already here. These brothers had undergone a series of adaptations in
their energetic conditions especially in their bodies, in order to make their life on Earth
possible. The purpose of this group was the edification of the cosmic gate.

742,000 BC: the beginning of Lucifer’s uneasiness in the Capela system.

687,000 BC: Lucifer’s rebellion starts. For the next 68,000 years several of
Lucifer’s followers had visited the Earth and other spheres to divulge the rebellion

619,000 BC: the Earth and other rebel worlds have their cosmic convivial circuits
cut off. This is the beginning of the cosmic isolation. The first group exiled from other
planetary systems, due to the rebellion, started to arrive on the planet. Many of them came
as disincarnated spirits. Others however came in their spaceships.

100,000 BC: the Earth became the last and only rebel planet. >From that time on all
of the remaining of the conscious forces of Lucifer’s phalanx was congregated on the

63.000 BC: the first great Atlantis catastrophe resulting in the total decadence of the
planet’s civilization. The Earth got into a period of energetic impasse ever perceived by the
legions of the Deity, lasting for some 23,000 years.

40,000 BC: the arrival of other exiled groups, some 5 billion individualities. Few of
them had come in their own spaceship, but the majority came as disincarnated spirits, being
the remainders of late expurgation processes arising from Lucifer’s rebellion, as well as the
vibration recycling processes from other worlds viewing other evolution purposes. By that
time, the earth already had a population of some 20 billion cosmic individualities between
incarnated and disincarnated beings. At that time the Earth’s overall population was
approximately 25 billion of beings.

12,000 BC: the end of the Atlantis civilization.

11,000 BC: the arrival of a few hundreds of thousands of exiled beings, all of them
as disincarnated spirits, and also from some late expurgation processes form the Capela and
Antares systems. This was the last horde of exiled to our planet.

4,000 BC: Jehovah took control of the coordination of the works of the Master’s
team on Earth.

300 BC: Jehovah concluded his mission and retired from the terrestrial environment.
From that time on, the extraterrestrial started to discreetly follow up on the planet’s

27 AD: the Master’s crucifixion having been accomplished, Lucifer was retired
from the terrestrial environment. Sata, Lucifer’s principal follower, took control of the
remaining of the rebellion.

1940 AD: the extraterrestrial started to be perceived again, thus complying with the
plan of planetary preparation for the cosmic reintegration of the Earth.

1993 AD: as a result of the work developed by the Higher Spirituality, Satan was
fraternally assisted, then being retired from the terrestrial astral environment.


It was an afternoon like any other else. It was 4 o’clock in the afternoon in the
terrestrial time. The Sun, as if wishing to be a privileged witness of the great encounter,
took longer to set in the horizon, stubbornly hung in the atmosphere, watching everybody
and everything with its rays that reflected the glory of the Creation.

Approximately two thousand years ago, in the lands of Palestine, this same Sun was
almost at high noon, being forced, under the circumstances of its position in the sky, to be
the witness of the most ignorant and poorest of all crimes ever registered in the history of
the humanity.

A scorching Sun, a suffocating heat, a man tight to the timber of the Jewish and
Roman ignorance was surrounded by two revolutionaries who were also about to be

Roman legionaries, furious for being there under that scalding Sun, at the most
unpleasant time of the day, after having carried on with the execution, waited impatiently
for the consummation of the death of the three men who had been mercilessly scourged, so
that they could return to their quarters to rest and prepare for the Jewish Eastern which
would be celebrated in the following day.

Rude men who at every moment glanced at the Sun to complain at its slow descent
into the horizon, as if the Sun wished to engrave in the hearts of those brutal spirits all the
misery of the act they had just practice.

Some women cried together in small groups around that small hill which was
registered in the annals of History as the Golgotha.

Some few sullen men with their dark garments knelt not so close to the hill, to pay a
silent tribute to the sorrows of that man who between the other two who had also been
crucified was the only one who was quiet.

Other men walked by letting go inconsequent cries and unnecessary facetious

remarks only to show the misery of the human spirit.

Some relatives and friends of the crucified courageously gathered in a small group
characterized by the suffering and affliction of its members, stood very close to the site of
the crucifixion. A woman among the others of the group, who was leaned against a very
young man, asked permission to approach. The legionaries let her do so.

We heard the crucified in the middle utter some few words to the two others, who
got closer and then slowly moved away.

The Sun remained stubbornly in the sky. The impatience and the heat grew higher
and higher.

Suddenly all turned quiet, as if nature had shut its multiple voices to hear the voice
of a simple man who, at that moment, started to ask a Father only known by him to forgive
all of us who ignorant and unbeknown were practicing that act.

I had my back turned to the crucified trying to identify some point in that place
which surrounded us the reason for such a peculiar silence when we heard that strange man
asking his Father to forgive us.

I turned around slowly, looking for the eyes of that man and the fact is at that
moment I had some difficulty to stare at man crucified in the middle.

Something had torn apart inside my spirit. Some of the other legionaries were also
uneasy. The sensation of having done something wrong and unfair was definitely set in our
intimates for never to leave us again.

I retreated a little from the rest of the legionaries who were on guard there.

I was watching the conditions of the other crucified men when I started to ask to
myself what I had to do with the fights and quarrels of the Jews. I was there just because of
some kind of bad luck! I had already served in several other places that reflected the glory
and the power of Rome, efficiently complying with the laws of the Roman world and would
that it be possible that I would weaken at that very spot at the corners of the world, before
the many condemned men who were executed all the time in order to make the justice of
Caesar justice prevail?

Still disturbed for what I had just heard from that crucified man, I knelt down
thoughtful, trying to put an end to that affliction that was definitely engraved inside of me.

But, whatever happened to the Sun? Why did it refuse to set, hiding itself in the
horizon, thus putting an end to such slow and irritating execution?

I approached the man crucified in the middle in order to check His resistance. I
stared at him with a certain difficulty. The Spirit of that man had penetrated my heart
through His eyes never to leave me again. At that moment I felt like a child being caught in
the hop. However the peace that came from those eyes was incompatible to His physical
condition. It was just not possible. Nonetheless it happened. The sensation that emanated
from That Man was soft and fraternal despite His horrendous ordeal.

I turned my face but soon I found myself looking at Him again. Little there was in
that man who when left to my care that morning after having suffered the first flagellum,
was visited by a very nervous lady whom I found out later on to be his mother. She was the
same woman who, helped by a young man, had approached the cross. However before
allowing that woman to see the man who was going to be crucified, I got into the place

where he was and while I was trying to observe him I noticed that it was I who was being

Those were the same eyes that behind so much sorrow had still managed to emanate
peace, kindness and love. Definitely that was not one of my days. That was just not
possible. However it was true.

Who was that Man whom little or almost nothing I know of? What kind of power
did he have that without doing anything had reached deep within my soul?

I left extremely perturbed, showing to the Sun all my disappointment for so little

The moments dragged on slowly.

All of a sudden that extraordinary silence again which penetrated in the deepest of
my spirit. Kind of suspicious I had ceased to search the place where we were. I stared
fixedly to the man crucified in the middle who, motionless in his agony, had started to
writhe very slowly.

How many battles I had participated and not even in the silence of the hideouts
awaiting for the enemy had I experimented such an uncomfortable lack of any kind of

Suddenly however, as if all the oxygen of the air was concentrated in the lungs of
that man, he, with a voice that was a mix of physical agony and the most authentic and
irresistible spiritual majesty, started to produce sounds that I could not understand.

Everything was still.

I was gloom for I was extremely affected to see so much suffering endured by that
Man, when I started to hear Him calling for His Father again to deliver his Spirit for His
Work had been accomplished. All had been accomplished.

The Sun as if ashamed before so much injustice and saddened by so much pain,
suddenly disappeared in the middle of the afternoon, without any explanation. I could not
understand what was going on. How could it be possible for me to understand the things
from the Most High if I was unable to understand what was going on a few meters away?

Why did everything suddenly start to shake? What kind of ferocious and sudden
tempest was that which stressed even more the uneasiness of all of us poor and unfortunate
witnesses of such a horrendous mistake?

The Sun as intriguingly as it disappeared started to shine again. Everything had

ceased. As for myself, embarrassed by what I had just been witness, ran swiftly towards the
horizon, putting a merciful and illusory end to what we had just done.

Almost two thousand years later we were watching the sun again in the middle of
the afternoon, wishing that it did not move so fast. We wished that it had stayed there
stubbornly motionless hung in the atmosphere, in order to give more time for the
fulfillment of what had been promised by that same man who, from the timber of His
sorrow, gazed at every one with tenderness and affection.

In the middle of the afternoon in the northeastern agreste1 we, the same spiritual
characters of the past, were gathered once more, waiting for the return of the man crucified
in the middle as He had once promised.

Translator’s Note: a very arid and barren region in the northeast of Brazil.


We have decided to distribute the works that are being prepared by us as a request
and under the supervision of the spiritual masters in seven different groups, viewing their
common characteristics and also in order to provide a better visualization for those who
wish to see in depth the global planning of the Spirituality, as far as the use of this
terrestrial mean is concern.

The ultimate objective of all this work is the planet’s elucidation before the various
aspects of the eternal truths and the necessary knowledge of the cosmic life so that the
terrestrial community can be effectively reintegrated.

Nevertheless the works received by us until July of 1995 are didactically distributed
in seven groups namely:


The process of reintegration of the Earth to the cosmic life can only be developed
based on a philosophical preparation regarding the understanding and necessary fraternal
political standings of the inhabitants of the terrestrial sphere, so that the reintegration to the
cosmic circuits can be effective.

For such it had been provided during the long and painful process of the history of
the mankind all the political, humanistic, spiritual and philosophical basis necessary for the
elucidation of the human spirit, to those who had really wished or still wish to nourish from
the light of the spiritual elucidation.

Many masters of the cosmic had come to Earth as reincarnated spirits in order to
give, within the possibilities of understanding in the terrestrial nucleuses at the time their
loving testimony, the main seeds for the development of the spirit.

At the end of this cycle, these very masters are, at Jesus, the Master of the Master,
request, updating and adjusting their teachings for the final days of this millennium, thus
providing the philosophical basis necessary for the understanding of what is actually going
on with the community of spirits congregated in the terrestrial sphere.

In a homage to the friendly and illuminated spirit of Plato, we have decided to call
the books that will comprise this philosophical basis as part of the series of “Dialogs”, for it
shall be through the conversation of these great workers of the terrestrial progress that the
necessary teachings, complementary to the entire basis of reflection already existing at the
end of this cosmic period shall be presented in the form of dialog, as they had been first


This group comprises the books that shall deal with the aspects of the Cosmos, its
hierarchies, its various existential levels, the systems of the worlds under the supervision of
the Master Jesus, His assistants, the History of the Earth from the cosmic point of view, the
History of the groups of individualities which came to Earth as exiled, some kinds of
cosmic problems and some other aspects regarding the cosmic life.

This book belongs to this group as well as the next two books that shall be
published and which shall deal with several subjects related to the cosmos, spiritual exiles
and other relevant themes. The other books shall be inserted between the other works.


All this process of the end of this cosmic period with the consequent necessary
transition to the third millennium, the facts that shall take place and the view of what shall
or might happen to the terrestrial community are the subjects that shall be dealt with in the
books that shall comprise the themes related to the social-political life of the terrestrial
beings, facing the imminent reintegration to the cosmic life and the other consequent


General themes shall be dealt with in the books that shall be part of this group, for
they are fundamental for the understanding of the entire process.

The death phenomenon, the Prophecies, the lives in other levels close to the Earth,
the mysterious Atlantis, the studies on the Prayers and many other subjects shall be
developed and studied as a complement to the possibility of understanding and perception
of how everything is related and inter-linked and that effectively no hair can fall off our
head unless it is allowed and foreseen within the laws that form the great cosmic circuit,
which emanates and is maintained by the love of the Father.


The books grouped herein shall dealt with several aspects of the reincarnation
through the experiences of five individualities who shall discuss their several incarnations,
mainly analyzing the fortunate and unfortunate standings assumed in dealing with human
problems, arising from racial, religious and political intolerance and some other
characteristics of the human spirit.

These books shall be published as a back up to the many other books that had been
written about this matter by other workers of the Master’s cause. It is therefore our
responsibility to highlight that it shall be exactly the opinion of these spirits, according to
their particular degree of evolution that shall be presented in the books that are part of this
series and not the teachings of the Higher Spirituality which usually characterizes the works
of this kind.


The analysis of the historical facts based on the background the eternal spiritual
truth which rules the temporary aspects of the planetary evolution, shall be the principal
basis of the themes to be dealt with in the books that are part of this group.


The terrestrial religious movements shall be analyzed from the spiritual point of
view, separating the matter of teaching by the Higher Spirituality from what had been
taught by the men within the religious context. Many of the men teachings were introduced
as of a divine origin. The same way as many of the divine teachings that were introduced
on Earth had ended up being twisted by the limitations and minor tendencies of the human
being. The books grouped herein shall provide some patterns of reflection to these subjects.





‘Declaration of the Planetary Citizenship Principles’


Exercise entirely your nationality but don not

forget: we are all planetary citizens.

Therefore, we constitute just one family before

the Cosmos. It is wealthy to remember that, for those
that observe us from the outer space, we are nothing
but a family living in our planetary birthplace.

If we are a family, then the lack of indignation

before the state of poverty – material and spiritual, as
well- in which a great fraction of our planetary
brothers and sisters are, is inconceivable.

There is a political force within he society that,

when strategically directed, exercises entirely the
right and the obligation to demand the honourable
accomplishment of the human rights by the
established forces. This ‘intimate force’ is pacific but
active, of a gentle tolerance, never violent, but
perennial in the demand for the construction of peace
and agreement and the urgent awareness regarding
to the need to improve the conditions for a better
quality of the life on Earth.

To exercise that might in our daily life, taking

actions locally but paying attention to the major
planetary aspect is on obligation of each one of us.

Respect the established political forces, regional

and national governments, value the worldwide
representative organizations – essential to the

terrestrial evolution-, but, above all, preach the
necessary awareness of the planetary unity before the

In fact, we are all cosmic citizens, eventually

carrying out a planetary citizenship, as are the rest of
the brothers and sisters spread throughout countless
domiciles in the Universe. Nevertheless, looking for
consciousness of total exercises of citizenship, at all
levels, is the grand objective to reach.

If you agree with the planetary citizenship

principles and objectives, joint us, in thought,
intention and attitudes. Take on the major
compromise of building this Utopia on Earth, which
was and still is the objective of many beings that
came to teach the notions of consciousness to totally
exercise of citizenship, testifying love as a basic
attitude, and essential to coexistence.

Spread this idea, especially to the newer


Dream of, and work for a better world. Plus, be

acquainted that many are doing the same.

This is a message of faith and hope in life, and

in our capacity of dignifying it even more.

Jan Val Ellam.