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1. Albania is considered to be one of the poorest

counties in Europe. The economy has been
stagnant after years of outdated economic
practices and an unwillingness to seek financial
help from other countries. -----. The government
has firstly given up the sole control of Albanian
industries and then allowed private citizens to
start their own businesses the economy
improved after 1993. In 1995, the government
also began privatizing large state enterprises.

A) The Albanian government has also been

accused with wide-spread corruption

3. Since the beginning of humankind, the study of

geography has captured the imagination of the
people. In ancient times, geography books
extolled tales of distant lands and dreamed of
treasures. The ancient Greeks created the word
"geography" to refer to the study of the earth
their surroundings. These people experienced
many adventures and needed a way to explain
and communicate the differences between
various lands. -----. With the knowledge of
geography, scientists can locate oil deposits,
underground water resources or even map
future lands that will undergo changes.

B) However, the Albanian government has begun

to implement various reforms to spur economic

A) The term is so generic that it can hardly be

distinguished from other earthly sciences

C) Political turmoil and bribery have retarded the

economy, while creating a few wealthy

B) Geography as a discipline can be split broadly

into two main subsidiary fields: human
geography and physical geography

D) During the 1980s, Albania remained isolated

form much of the world
E) Being located in the Balkans, the county has
been on the cross roads of civilizations

2. -----. For example, during the Classic Period, the

Maya developed three calendars: a 260-day
sacred calendar, a 365-day solar calendar, and a
third calendar that measured a 20-year cycle.
The Maya developed a complex system of
coordinating their calendars, and their priests
used this system to determine when to plant
corn, when to hold particular ceremonies, when
to crown kings, and when to go to war.

A) In accordance with the Mayan belief, the earth

was divided into rigid segments

C) Today, researchers by means of geography

have a broader outlook to the world with the
modern knowledge of the field
D) The ancient knowledge about geographical
matters were limited, but they were still
E) The latter examines the natural environment
and how the climate and landforms are
produced and interact

4. For most of human history, salt was a highly

valuable commodity because it was believed that
underground salt deposits were extremely rare
and extracting salt from seawater was a
laborious process. ----. There is so much salt on
earth because much of the land was once
covered with ocean water, which left
underground salt deposits.

B) The Mayans are reputable for having their ritual

ceremonies that they held annually
C) In the Mayan astronomy, understanding the
movements of the stars played a crucial role in
determining the future
D) Of all the ancient peoples that have faded
away, it is the Maya who were brutal and
fearsome warriors
E) The Maya were skilled astronomers who used
their abilities in this area for both practical

A) In many cases salt was one of the reasons

why peoples challenged one another
B) Salt is a dietary mineral composed primarily of
sodium chloride that is essential for animal life,
but can be toxic to many land plants.
C) The substance could be found in any part of
the world today, but processing it is what
makes all the difference
D) Modern geological methods, however, have
revealed that salt is one of the most plentiful
minerals on earth
E) Archaeologists believe that salt eating
developed as humans learned how to keep
animals and grow crops in the years after
10,000 BC





1) B

3) C

2) E

4) D

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