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SITUATION: Myrna is a newly registered nurse. She should be aware of the different professional requirements, ethical
considerations and the laws that encompass the practice of nursing.

What is the basic requirement of a state for a nurse to practice his/her profession?
a. A BSN degree holder
c. A nursing license
b. Willingness to practice the profession
d. An NCLEX or CGFNS passer
2. Myrnas friend, Cora, failed to pass the NLE and asks Myrna when she can take the removal exam. Myrna knows that a retaker can take the removal exam.
a. 1 year after the last exam taken
c. 2 years after the last exam taken
b. 2 exams after the last exam taken
d. Any time she wants to take the exam
3. After passing the NLE, Cora was not satisfied with her score and requested for reconsideration of ratings which can be
entertained only on grounds of mechanical, electrical or clear errors. Such requests should be filed with the PRC within how
many days?
a. 10 days
b. 30 days
c. 3 years
d. 90 days
4. Myrna can renew her license every:
a. 1 year
b. 2 years
c. 3 years
d. 4 years
5. The total CPE credits for registered professionals with Baccalaureate Degree shall be:
a. 45 credits for 3 years
c. 30 credits for every year
b. 20 credits for every year
d. 80 credits for 3 years
6. Nurse Myrna is doing a procedure without the patients informed consent. She started the blood transfusion. Nurse Myrna
maybe brought to the court of law for which of the following violations?
a. Libel
b. Assault
c. Battery
d. Tort
7. A client must prove which of the following elements for a professional negligence action?
a. Breach of duty, damage and causation
c. Duty, breach of duty, damage and causation
b. Duty, breach of duty and damage
d. Damage, duty and causation
8. Nurse Myrna passes by a clients room and overhears the client asking the physician if the results of his biopsy indicated
cancer. The physician tells the client that there are no results yet when in fact the results have already returned and the
physician knows that the biopsy indicated malignancy. Nurse Myrna gets upset about this and tells her co-nurse in the station
that the physician is a liar and probably just tells lies to all his clients. Which tort is violated by the nurse in this situation?
a. Assault
b. Libel
c. Slander
d. Negligence
9. Myrna witnesses an accident along Morayta in which the victim was hit by a speeding bus. Myrna stops at the scene of the
accident and administers safe care to the victim who sustained multiple fractures of the right leg. The victim is sent to the
nearby hospital and later develops sepsis as a result of his featured leg. The victim files suit against Myrna saying that she
caused the development of the sepsis. Which of the following most accurately describes Myrnas immunity from this suit?
a. The Good Samaritan Law will not protect the nurse
b. The Good Samaritan Law protects laypersons and not the professional health care providers
c. The Good Samaritan Law will provide immunity from the suit if the nurse accepted compensation from the care
d. The Good Samaritan Law will protect the nurse if the care given at the scene was not negligent
10. What is the function of the code of ethics for nurses?
a. To guide nurse in making sound decisions
b. To regulate the practice of the profession
c. To monitor and enforce the standards of nursing practice
d. To ensure quality nursing education
12. SITUATION: The nurses understanding of ethico-legal responsibilities will guide his/her nursing practice.
14. The principles that govern right and proper conduct of a person regarding life, biology and the health professionals is referred
to as:
a. Morality
b. Religion
c. Values
d. Bioethics
15. The purpose of having a nurses code of ethics is:
a. Delineate the scope and areas of nursing practice
b. Identify nursing action recommended for specific health care situations
c. To help the public understand professional conduct expected of nurses
d. To define the roles and functions of the health care givers, nurses, clients
16. The most important nursing responsibility where ethical situations emerge in patient care is to:
a. Act only when advised that the action is ethically sound
b. Not takes sides, remain neutral and fair
c. Assume that ethical questions are the responsibility of the health team
d. Be accountable for his or her own actions
17. You inform the patient about his rights which include the following EXCEPT:
a. Right to expect reasonable continuity of care
b. Right to consent to or decline to participate in research studies or experiments
c. Right to obtain information about another patient
d. Right to expect that the records about his care will be treated as confidential
18. This principle states that a person has unconditional worth and has the capacity to determine his own destiny:
a. Bioethics
b. Justice
c. Fidelity
d. Autonomy

SITUATION: As Filipino Professional Nurses we must be knowledgeable about the Code of Ethics
for Filipino Nurse and practice these by heart. The next questions pertain to this Code of Ethics.

19. Based on the Code of Ethics for Filipino Nurses, what is regarded as the hallmark of nursing responsibility and accountability?
a. Human rights of clients, regardless of creed and gender
b. The privilege of being a registered professional nurses
c. Health, being a fundamental right of every individual
d. Accurate documentation of actions and outcomes
20. Which of the following nurses behavior is regarded as a violation of the Code of Ethics of Filipino Nurses?


A nurse withholding harmful information to the family members of a patient

A nurse declining commission sent by a doctor for her referral
A nurse endorsing a person running for congress.
Nurse Reviewers and/or nurse review center managers who pays a considerable amount of cash for reviewees who
would memorize items from the licensure exams and submit these to them after the examination.
21. Mr. Santos, R.N. works in a nursing home, and he knows that one of his duties is to be an advocate for his patients. Mr.
Santos knows a primary duty of an advocate is to;

Act as the patients legal representative

Complete all nursing responsibilities on time


Safeguard the well being of every patient

Maintain the patients right to privacy

22. A patient refuses to take his antibiotics because he believes that its not giving him any good. Which of the following actions of
the nurse is MOST appropriate?
a. Explains to the patient that he needs the medications for his recovery and clarify any misconceptions
b. Writes in the chart that the patient refuses to take his medication
c. Refer to the attending physician about his refusal
d. Ask the patient to sign the waiver of responsibility
23. When conflict arises regarding management of patient care, which of the following should be upheld?
a. Physicians orders
b. Patients rights
24. If he died without a will, the succession is called:
a. Holographic will
b. Testate


Preference of the family

Instutional Policy




25. This is treated as the most important attribute of a true Professional Nurse
a. Competence and independent approach
c. Self autonomy
b. Professional accountability
d. Responsibility
26. The board may allow licensed nurses from foreign countries or state to practice nursing in the Philippines through special and
temporary permit if they belong to the following categories EXCEPT:
a. Internationally-well specialist or outstanding experts in any branch of specialty of nursing
b. Nurses on medical mission whose services shall be free in a particular hospital, center or clinic
c. Employed by schools, colleges of nursing as exchange professors in a branch or specialty of nursing
d. Balikbayan nurses who wants to practice nursing in order to earn credits for continuing professional education
27. The following are grounds for the suspension and revocation of certificates of registration/professional license or
special/temporary permit; which one is NOT included?
a. Use of fictitious date in obtaining a professional license
b. Commission of a serious negligence
c. Unprofessional or unethical conduct
d. Not a member of the accredited professional organization
28. Nursing is considered as rewarding and fulfilling career. Nursing is best described as a profession that
a. Concerned with patients
b. Concerned with proper organization of the ward
c. Assist the people towards self care
d. Helps to prevent disease and promote wellness
29. Which of the following are grounds for removal of suspension of the Board Members? Select all that apply:
1. Unprofessional, immoral or dishonorable conduct
2. Continued neglect of duty
3. Commission or toleration of irregularities in the licensure examination
4. Gross incompetence or serious ignorance
a. 1,2,4
b. 2,3,4
c. 1,3,4
d. 1,2,3
31. The Board has the mandate to determine whether an applicant for the licensure examination is qualified to take the said
examination. Who among the following is NOT qualified under the provision of the law?
a. Nurse who finished BSN then proceeded to pursue a medical degree
b. Medical degree graduate who pursued nursing course for one year.
c. Nurse graduate who took up nursing following the AHSE program
d. BSN graduate of a ladderized BSN curriculum
32. Which TWO of the following courses of action would an examinee that got a general average of 76.8% but a rating of 59% in
Curative-A need a take? Select all that apply
Repeat the whole examination all over again
Take only the subject where she got a rating below 60%
Enroll in a refresher course in the subject that she failed
Obtain a score of 75% in the repeated subjects
a. 1&2
b. 2&3
c. 1&3
d. 2&4
33. Which of the following considered quasi-judicial powers of the Board?
a. Conduct licensure examination
b. Recognize nursing specialty organization
c. Conduct hearing and investigations to resolve complaints against nurses
d. Promulgate a Code of Ethics for nurses
34. Some functions of the board are considered to be quasi-legislative. Which of the following functions belong to this category?
a. Ensure quality nursing education by examining prescribed facilities of colleges of nursing
b. Monitor and enforce quality standards of nursing education in the Philippines
c. Prescribe, adopt and promulgate guidelines, regulations, measures and decisions as maybe necessary for the
improvement of the nursing practice.
d. Issue, suspend and revoke certificates of registration for the practice of nursing
35. Which of the following areas should be represented by the members of the Board? Select all that apply
1. Nursing education
2. Nursing practice
3. Community health Nursing
4. Maternal & Child health Nursing
a. 1,2,3
b. 2,3,4
c. 1,3,4
d. 1,2,3,4
37. The following are qualifications of the Chairperson of the Board. Which one is NOT included?

a. A natural born citizen and resident of the Philippines

b. Member of good standing of the Philippine Nurses Ass.
c. Be a registered nurse and holder of a Masters degree in Hospital Administration
d. Have at least ten years of continuous practice of the profession prior to appointment
38. After 2 years in hospital nursing, Nesty decided to change career military nursing. She knows that the chief nurse in the
military hospital is qualified if she has completed?
a. Masters degree in nursing
b. General Staff Course
c. At least 9 units in management and administration courses at the graduate level
d. Masters Degree in Nursing and General Staff Course
39. Nesty should be working in collaboration with the members of the health team. Collaboration means:
a. Cooperation
b. Unity
c. Concerted efforts of individuals and groups to meet the goal
d. Loyalty to the health team
40. Which of the following pursues continuing professional education in emergency care order to be certified as a nurse specialist
in critical care. Which of the following agencies are mandated by law to be formulated and develop the comprehensive
specialty program? Select all that apply
1. Board of nursing
2. Accredited Professional Organization
3. Department of Health
4. Specialty Organizations
a. 1,2,3
b. 1,2,4
d. 1,2,3,4
42. SITUATION: Nurse Marie needs to give an IV injection for patient Sheryl who is in labor.
44. Instead of giving Oxytocin, she had given vitamin K IV push. Nurse Sheryl can be sued for?
a. Negligence
b. Malpractice
c. Bona fide
d. Crime
45. Nurse Marie received a formal charge against her action. This is what we call?
a. Defendant
c. Court appearance
b. Complaint
d. Subpoena
46. Nurse Marie is the ________________ of this case.
a. Defendant
c. Court appearance
b. Complaint
d. Subpoena
47. Patient Sheryl is the _____________ of this case.
a. Defendant
c. Plaintiff
b. Respondent
d. Complaint
f. Situation: Irish, a newly graduate nurse, has failed her nursery exam and yet she attends delivery in her
48. With regards to Irishs situation, she acted beyond what part of the Philippine Nursing Act?
a. Registration of Nurse
c. Inhibition of Practice of Nursery
b. Issuance of Certificate
d. None of the above
49. One of her patient complained about her delivery. They found out that she does not have a license to practice, she can be
sued for:
a. Malpractice
b. Negligence
c. Battery
d. Assault
50. A mother gave birth to a cleft lip baby. She dislikes the baby so much that she killed her baby after birth. The mother can be
charge of what case based on the Moral Turpitude?










When assisting on delivery of placenta, you have noticed that the placenta parts are not complete. You did not report this to
the physician. After a few days, the patient was seen in emergency room with severe bleeding and subsequently died due to
hypovolemia. This can be a case of;
a. Malpractice
b. Negligence
c. Battery
d. Assault
The hospital is held liable, if, in an effort to cut down on expenses it decides to hire under-board nurses in place of
professionals and these persons are proven incompetent. This is an example of;
a. Incompetence
b. Respondeat Superior
c. Force Majeure
d. Res Ipsa Loquitor
To avoid criminal Liability, A nurse must be aware of the following except;
a. Be very familiar with the Philippine Nursing Law
b. Beware of laws that affect nursery practice
c. Accept only such responsibility that it is within the scope of your employment and your job description.
d. Nurses are entitled to an informed consent
Known as the Birth Registration Code
a. PD 603
b. PD 651
c. PD 626
d. PD 996
A classification of felony in which the offender performs all the acts or execution which will produced the felony as a
consequence but which, nevertheless, do not produce it by reason of causes independent of the will of the perpetrator.
a. Consummated
b. Attempted
c. Grave felony
d. Frustrated
A patient, G5P5, refused to be injected with her 3rd dose of Depo Provera. The nurse insisted despite the patients refusal and
forcibly injected to contraceptive. The nurse can be sued for which of the following?
a. Battery
b. Assault
c. Malpractice
d. Negligence
What is the Local Government Code?
a. RA 7160
b. RA 2382
c. RA 4073
d. RA 3573
Which of the following BEST describe incompetence?
a. Verbalization of direct attack to a patient to inflict harm.
b. Lack of ability and legal qualifications to perform the required duty.
c. Act of commission or omission that a prudent person would have fulfilled resulting to harm or injury.
d. Failure to meet standards of care of a professional resulting to injury or harm.

59. A nurse manager is informed that a large number of patients will be admitted in response to a terrorist attack. Which type of
leadership style is most appropriate in this situation?
a. Collaborative
c. Laissez-faire
b. Authoritarian
d. Democratic
60. The nurse manager is experiencing staff resistance when implementing change. To overcome resistance to change, the most
important action by the nurse manager is to:
a. Identify the reason for the resistance
b. Restate the purpose of the change concisely
c. Modify the objectives to appeal to more key people
d. Emphasize the positive consequences of the change
61. Leaderships major focus is on:
a. Inspiring people
c. Controlling others
b. Creating change
d. Producing a product
62. The primary difference between effective leaders and managers is that managers have:
a. Vision
c. Confidence
b. Charisma
d. Responsibility
63. Which situation is most reflective of the saying, A stitch in time saves nine?
a. Obtaining the vital signs for the patients on the unit at the same time
b. Collecting equipment for a procedure before entering the room
c. Delegating some interventions to the Licensed Practical Nurse
d. Documenting the nursing care given every two hours
64. The Registered Nurse delegates a procedure to a Licensed Practical Nurse. This act of delegation is used primarily to:
a. Create change
c. Improve productivity
b. Establish a network
d. Transfer accountability
65. The nurse manager plans to provide feedback to a subordinate who needs a change in behavior. The best intervention by
nurse manager should be to:
a. Be assertive
c. Identify the unacceptable behavior
b. Explore alternatives
d. Document the content of the counseling session
66. The main reason the nurse manager achieves a consensus when making a decision within a group is to:
a. Explore possible alternative solutions












b. Demonstrate that staff members are flexible

c. Facilitate cooperative effort toward goal achievement
d. Ensure the use of effective autocratic decision making
The nurse manager evaluates the performance of a subordinate. Which management function is being implemented by the
nurse manager?
a. Planning
c. Organizing
b. Directing
d. Controlling
Which is most related to systems theory?
a. End result
c. Trial and error
b. Linear format
d. Cyclical process
An accurate assessment drives the rest of the steps of the nursing process. The nurse in charge understands that the
management function that drives effective management is:
a. Planning
c. Organizing
b. Directing
d. Controlling
Which of the following tasks should a nurse delegate to a nursing assistant?
a. Teaching a patient to be discharged.
c. Evaluation.
b. Vital signs every 4 hours.
d. Assessing patients.
Which is most basic for a nurse new to a management position?
a. Strong interpersonal communication skills
c. Knowledge of the role of a change agent
b. Awareness of when to be confrontational
d. Recognition by peers as a leader
A unit manager mentors a new unit manager as part of orientation to the position. Which type of power is being used by the
unit manager mentor?
a. Influence
b. Coercive
c. Referent
d. Expert
When attempting to create change, the nurse manager meets resistance. To overcome resistance to change, the nurse
manager must first:
a. Ensure that the planned change is within the current beliefs and values of the group
b. Provide incentives to encourage commitment to the change
c. Implement change in small steps rather than large steps
d. Use informational power to ensure that goals are met
A nurse manager who values the importance of positive role modeling will:
a. Counsel subordinates who fail to meet expectations
b. Hold team meetings to review rules of the agency
c. Review job descriptions with employees
d. Follow the policies of the agency
When considering leadership styles, an autocratic leader is to authoritarian as a democratic leader is to:
a. Directive
b. Permissive
c. Oppressive
d. Consultative
A nursing-care delivery model based on case management is:
a. Primary nursing
c. Diagnostic Related Groups
b. Critical pathways
d. Patient classification system
Which statement is most significant in relation to the concept of change theory in the health-care environment?
a. Weigh the risks and benefits
b. The stages of change are predictable
c. Change in activity results in positive outcomes
d. A large change is easier to adapt to than multiple smaller changes
Several nurses complain to the nurse manager that one of the patient care aides constantly takes extensive lunch breaks. The
nurse manager should:
a. Convene a group meeting of all the patient care aides to review their responsibilities related to time management
b. Talk with the patient care aide to explore the reasons for the behavior and review expectations
c. Arrange a meeting with the nurses so that they can confront the patient care aide as a group
d. Document the patient care aides behavior and place it in the aides personnel file
To ensure efficiency when managing the daily workload, the Registered Nurse should:
a. Give care to a patient in isolation fi rst
b. Plan activities to promote nursing convenience
c. Organize care around legally required activities
d. Perform routine bed baths between breakfast and lunch
A supervisor communicates expectations about a task to be completed and then delegates the task. Which management
function is being implemented by the supervisor?
a. Planning
b. Directing
c. Organizing
d. Controlling
A student nurse in the clinical area is given an appropriate patient assignment by the instructor. The student nurse should:
a. Accept the role of leader of the patients health team
b. Complete the care indicated on the patients plan of care
c. Assume accountability for the tasks that are assigned by the instructor
d. Help other students to complete their assigned tasks whenever necessary
Between 80% and 90% of a managers day is spent:
a. Planning
c. Evaluating
b. Assessing
d. Communicating
Which statement is most significant in relation to the concept of change theory in the health-care environment?
a. Barriers to change can be overcome by embracing new ideas uncritically
b. Change generates anxiety by moving away from the comfortable
c. Behaviors are easy to change when change is supported
d. Change is most effective when spontaneous
A patient is to be discharged from the hospital. A discharge task the nurse can delegate to a nursing assistant is:
a. Teaching the patient how to measure weight using a standing scale
b. Obtaining the patients temperature, pulse, and respiratory rate
c. Determining if the patient knows how to measure fl uid intake
d. Demonstrating to the patient how to use a walker
Managements major focus is on:
a. Accomplishing an objective
c. Problem solving
b. Empowering others
d. Planning
A staff nurse must solve a complex problem. The nurses most effective resource is the:
a. Organizational Chart of the institution
c. Units Nurse Manager
b. Nursing Procedure Manual
d. Nursing Supervisor

87. When delegating a specifi c procedure to a patient care aide, the aide refuses to perform the procedure. The nurse should
a. Assign the procedure to another patient care aide
b. Explain that it is part of the patient care aides job description
c. Explore why the patient care aide refused to perform the procedure
d. Send the patient care aide to the procedure manual to review the procedure
88. When planning to apply for a new position within an agency, what is the first thing the nurse should do?
a. Review the job description
b. Provide at least 3 positive references
c. Identify if power is associated with the position
d. Locate the position on the agencys Table of Organization
SITUATION: You are not new in your department and you had been there for almost three years. Sir Raymond, your previous
nurse manager was considered strict and authoritative in implementing the protocols in your area. He would make your schedule
fixed unless you will inform his two weeks before for any change of shift. On the contrary, your new nurse manager, Sir Nico,
schedules a monthly staff meeting for any significant matters in your department. He is not so lax but makes it up to collect
suggestions from all of you before making decisions.
89. If you are to choose which one of your nurse managers described above reflects a democratic type of leadership, who is she?
a. Sir Nico
b. Sir Redgie
c. Sir Raymond
d. Sir Josel
90. What leadership style did Sir Raymond utilized to maintain a strong control in the department?
a. Autocratic
b. Democratic
c. Laissez-Faire
d. Situational
91. There are nursing students who are conducting their study on leadership styles in your unit. One of the questions included is:
What do you think is the most effective leadership style that can be used during emergency situations?
a. Autocratic
b. Democratic
c. Laissez-Faire
d. Situational
92. What are the qualities that define a leader who uses laissez- faire?
a. She involves the group in planning and in decision making
b. She oversees everything to come up with good quantity and quality of output but provides little autonomy and selfmotivation to her members.
c. She tends to be passive and puts the responsibility of decision making to others.
d. She would foster independence in your team by promoting motivation and creativity.
93. This is a common trait of a leader which is defined as his ability to possess honesty, responsibility and maturity in the working
a. Integrity
b. Intelligence
c. Personality
d. Flexibility
94. You are the head nurse in the pediatric department. Your roles in the planning process in the hospital include the following,
except one:
a. Act as link between higher- level managers and non managers
b. Directly responsible for the actual production of nursing services
c. Represent the organization
d. C and B
95. What is true about patient classification system or PCS?
a. It is a method of grouping patients according to length or duration of nursing care
b. It is a measuring tool used to describe the progress of patients status
c. It depends on the complexity of nursing care requirements of the patient
d. All of the above
96. You are asked by your instructor to discuss about Contingency Theory. What should you include in your discussion?
a. It is a theory in leadership that views the pattern of leader behaviour as dependent on the interaction of the
personality and the needs of the situation.
b. It considers that leaders must provide followers the sense of security and approval and discipline to be successful in
an output.
c. It emphasizes that both leaders and followers should act on one another to raise their motivation.
d. It states that leadership qualities inspire followers to be motivated in what they do.
97. In planning, conceptualizing the purpose and the aspirations of the organization is essential. What statement gives a false
description of a vision?
a. It reflects what the organization wants to be
b. It is written to magnify the various activities and it is projected with a broad time frame
c. It reflects why the organization exist
d. It uses action words in present tense
98. Malou, your co-worker, is a newly hired nurse. She asked you about centralized staffing system.
a. The head nurse or the supervisor does the scheduling of personnel.
b. Schedule is based on the needs of the patients and the knowledge of the personnel.
c. You can readily rearrange your schedule as needed.
d. The scheduling is planned and made by the nursing director.
99. In the hospital, your department is using the functional method of patient care modality. What is it all about?
a. One nurse is responsible for giving bedside care, another one for administering medications and another one for
treatments and so on.
b. It is a one on one constant patient care for period of time.
c. The nurse has the responsibility for giving nursing care to the client from admission until discharge
d. A team leader has the responsibility for coordinating the total care of a group of patients.
100.It corresponds to moderate care or category 2 in the patient classification system, if:
a. The patient is unstable and acutely ill and has high demands for nursing care
b. The patient is already recovering from a serious illness and requires some assistance.
c. The patient is only requiring diagnostic studies and minimal therapy.
d. The patient needs close monitoring and requires complete care in most activities
101.It is a managerial function that indicates leading the staff in the most effective method.
a. Planning
b. Organizing
c. Directing
d. Controlling
102.Which describes an informal leader?
a. Anna who is appointed because of her competencies and continuing education
b. Maria who becomes the leader of the team because of her years of experience in the department
c. Eduard who is considered the leader of the team since he was given the legitimate authority to act as one.
d. Alexandra who is chosen by the administration because of her age and knowledge in the area of work.
103.Which leadership style best empower the staff towards excellence?

a. Autocratic
b. Situational
c. Democratic
d. Laissez Faire
104.A nurse manager, JM enjoys his staff of talented and staff motivated individuals. He knew the leadership style to suit the needs
of this kind of people is called:
a. Autocratic
b. Participative
c. Democratic
d. Laissez Faire
105.A fire has broken in the unit of nurse JM. The best leadership style suited in cases of emergency like this is:
a. Autocratic
b. Participative
c. Democratic
d. Laissez Faire
106.Mrs. Purification is thinking of introducing the Primary Nursing Model Approach. You understand that this nursing model is:
a. The nurse manager assigns tasks to the staff members.
b. Critical paths are used in providing nursing care.
c. A simple RN is responsible for planning and providing individualized nursing care.
d. Nursing staff are led by RN leader in providing care to a group of clients.
107.Structure, Process and Output are components of which step of the management process?
a. Planning
b. Organizing
c. Directing
d. Controlling
108.The newly appointed Chief Executive Officer realized that their company lacks a mental image that outlines the organizations
future role and function. What was the company missing?
a. Mission
b. Vision
c. Values
d. Philosophy