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Eastern Christian Coiiege

P. O. BOX 629


March, 1979

George Bajenski,

Paul Bajko,

Radio & Youlh Minister












January 1st we published our first issue of the Polish Christian Magazine "The

Guidepost . We never thought that it will become the most popular magazine a~
mong Polish people and that we will be publishing it till the present day.
Since that first issue thousands of copies were printed and sent to Poland and
other -15 countries where Polish people live. Just few days ago we received a
letter from England which says: "Thank you for sending us "Drogowskaz"
Guidepost/ regularly. We pray that through that magazine Lord will show to ma

ny people the true Way and lead lost people to salvation. We are very happy
that despite many changes in the world "The Guidepost" remainded pure and true
to the Word of God. I can say that The Guidepost is the best Christian niagazi~

This year upon the request of many people from Poland and other countries, we
had to enlarge the size of the edition of the magazine.



Another great

for this










Since 1956 we knew about the progress of the work in Poland after the


World War only from letters

and from George Baj enski and
Kostek Jakoniukjour students
at E.C.C.

from Poland.

Now we were in Poland

over two months and

out by ourselves

about the

work and situation

of the

Churches in Poland.

We found that in Poland peo

ple were free to worship and

preachers were free to preach
the Gospel.

Church of Christ in Olsztyn in 1960

We redeemed the opportunity

and preached the Gospel e-

very day and souls accepted



Christ as personal Savior.

But we found that the Church of Christ

Christian Church was in strife, was split

and almost disintegrating.
We found that in 1950-53 when the leaders

of the Church were in jail.

Christ became part of the United Evange
lical Church, which was composed of 5 de
nominations .

Needless to say that the Church of Christ

lost in some part her vitality,


and practice.
After release of our preachers there was
struggle for the restoration, but people
and preachers were divided and exhausted.

During that trip I never had

sleepless nights just talking,

in Mission
Mission Tent


teaching and persuading.

For the next 10 years we were plundged in

to restoring the Church of Christ in Poland and they were the hardest

years in

our ministry, but victory was accomplished.

We found that many of our people were meeting in one room houses /privite dwel
lings/ for services.
There was shortage of Bibles, New Testaments, Christian literature and song books,
shortage of Christian workers and preachers.

After returning from Poland we put our emphasis upon Poland.

First we put emphasis upon education of George Bajenski and Kostek Jakoniuk.


saw in them great hope for restoration of the Church in Poland and we were not dis

appointed. When in 1964 Kostek Jakoniuk and in 1965 George Bajenski after comp
leting their education at Eastern Christian College and Lincoln Christian College
returned to Poland, they worked hard and dilligently and there was great success.
In 1966 together with Bro. Winnik, George

300 young souls accepted Lord Jesus Christ

in those camps.

2 -

Camp grounds in Ostroda

Then I traveled

accross United States talking about Poland and needs

Christians there raising funds toward the work in Poland.

of the

God's people


ponded with enthusiasm.

Because people started to send money toward the work in Poland and support


preachers it was advisable to organize Department of Missions with own treasury

and Guidance Committee.

Upon my request Trustees of Eastern Christian College approved the separation of

funds and opening of an own bank account and calling into existance the Guidance

So since 1962 we operate as independent mission under the incorporation of Eas

tern Christian College.

The purpose of the GUIDANCE COMMITTEE is to provide guidance for programming

in the Department of Missions, review proposed projects and activities, and to
work in every way possible to improve the service rendered to God.
The Guidance Committee consists of 13 members - faithful preachers and


in Christian Churches - Churches of Christ:

Gerald Covan, attorney, member of Traders Point Christian Church, Indiapolis,In.

Edmund John, minister, Wyoming Ave. Christian Church, Kingston, Pa.
Adam Korenczuk, minister, Slavic Church of Christ, Baltimore, Md.
KennethMeade, minister. Manor Woods Church of Christ, Rockville, Md.
Paul Nourse, minister. First Christian Church, Evansville, Ind.
Ivan Odor, minister. Church of Christ, Rossville, 111.
Max Ward Randall,prof. at Lincoln Christian Seminary, Lincoln, 111.
Warren Robbins, minister, Christian Church, Benton, Ky.
Charles Steele, minister, Westside Christian Church, Richmond, Ky.
Desmond Tease, minister. First Christian Church, Tallahassee, Fla.
J. T. Segroves, president. Eastern Christian College, Bel Air, Md.
Winston Zastrow, minister. First Christian Church, Clinton, 111.
William Walker, minister, Norton Church of Christ, Columbus, 0.

These dedicated men meet once a year, listen to the reports about the work of
the Department of Missions, hear the financial report submitted by CPA,
prove the budget for the next year including salaries for missionaries:

Bajko, George Bajenski and Boleslaw Winnik, review all ministry here




Poland and make recommendations.

The Guidance Committee is not a Society but a working organism supervising the
work of the mission for the glory of God and building His Kingdom.
We thank God for these dedicated men who lead and direct us, who pray and work
with us.

They are involved and know everything what is done on the mission field,
also promot the work of the Department of Missions.

3 -





Dear Christian Friends;

For several months I was personally not writing to you, in this our bi-monthly

mission report, for there was other important news concerning our Polish ministry.

However, our involment in the work, and the theme of our ministry has not changed.
We do continue to Ring the Bells, and Praech the Word, so that many may know who
Jesus is! It brings us joy when we see that it brings blessings to many, and honor
to God, our Father. Thank you dear Friends for helping us in serving our Master.
From the time that we have merged our mission work, with the work of Bro. Bajko and
Bro. Winnik, through the Deparment of Missions, we are weekly producing two radio
programs in the Polish language, which are heard all over Poland, and in different
parts of Europe. God is blessing this ministry. New churches and preaching points
are being established in Poland. We receive hundreds of letters asking questions
about the Bible, and asking for various forms of spiritual help. Here is just a fra
gment of a letter recently received: "Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ.We listen

with joy in our hearts to the words of God in ^your program. But it is not


for us! We would like for these programs to be broadcast every day. We ask you for
a New Testament if it would not be difficuilt for you to send us one. Thank you very
much for the words which you preach to us.;." These requests need to be answered,
and even followed by personal visitations. We thank God for dedicated Christian

workers in Poland who are involved in this extensive follow-up ministry. On this
side we are doing what can be done, and trj ing to help our brethren in Poland to do
their part. Much time and prayer goes into this radio and follow-up ministry.

Also, living here near Baltimore, we are assisting in the work of our Slavic Church
of Christ, that was organized through the Department of Missions. Yet, still much

of our time is taken by mission travel here in the United States, speaking in chur
ches, mission rallies, youth camps and colleges.

A few months ago we have shared with you that we still need S 300.00 monthly for
our living-link support. Now we have to repeat this. Can you help us in this need?

This coming summer of 1979, we would like t|o go to Poland to visit our churches,

preach God*s Word, bring encouragement to o^r faithful workers, visit some of our

new radio contacts, and work with our young people at camp. We would like to tell
them that you love them, and that you are concerned about their spiritual
being. Can you help us make this trip possible?
By the end of April we will need S 3,000.00 for this project. Please do not wait

until it will be too late! Poland is now open for the Gospel, especially now,after
some historical development that took placie in Poland last year. Pray with us that
the preaching of the Word of God will bring many to salvation through Jesus Christ
our Lord and Savior.



God knows about inflation, and He knows also about this need. We pray that He will
make it possible for you to act today according to your faith in this our urgent

As you write to us, please designate your contribution, either as living-link sup
port for George, or toward the Trip to Poland
God bless you till we meet again.

4 -


astern Christion College

P. O. BOX 629

May, 1979
George Bajenski/

Paul Bajko,

Radio & Youth Minuter





1961 was another great year in the ministry of the

Department of Missions.

Being in Poland in 1960 everywhere we heard the question: "Why do

you not

preach on radio?"

We knew that the best way to reach Polish people will be through



ministry. After our return to the United States we were approached by Bro.
and Sister Coble, foundres of the Gospel Broadcasting Mission about
a Po
lish radio program. We knew that it was God's answer to those questions gi
ven in Poland.

We gladly

accepted the challenge.

In 1961 the broadcast in Polish language

went on the air.

Gospel Broadcasting Mission paid the time, we produced the programs.

The task was very hard.

First of all we had to purchase the equipment.

The Lord answered this


in a wonderful way when the Markle Church of Christ in Markle, Ind. paid for
our first professional tape recorder.
Then I had to prepare messages. This was not so hard. Then worst part was
the music. We did not have enough people with good voices, so Dela and Adam
Korenczuk with the help of modern technology were able to produce
and even choirs.

It was great joy in Poland when for the first time they heard the Gospel of
Christ proclaimed in Polish through Radio Luxemburg. We received many let
ters which encouraged us for greater ministry.
Two years later we transfered our program to Trans World Radio, Monte Carlo,
Monaco, because this was a more powerful station and reception in Poland was
much better.

This year we entered into the 19th year of radio ministry.

Till this time
Gospel Broadcasting Mission is paying the time and together with thousands of
people in Poland we thank God for the Gospel Broadcasting Mission.
Because of this ministry many souls accepted Lord Jesus Christ, new churches

1 -

haj^e been started, church members streng-

thened in faith and challenged to minis-

111 1972 Bro. Cloyd Christman, director of

GBM visited Poland together with me and


wa? very enthusiastic about


there. This year Bro. Bill McLure,



director of GEM will visit Poland.

Thi.s ministry involved many of our preachiTs and workers in Poland into followup work, leading souls to Christ.
Poland is in 95% a Roman Catholic

Bro. Cloyd Christman in Poland


try and the people are very religious.

They gladly hear the preached message and
-busic and write to us letters with many
questions about salvation, spiritual pro

blems, petitions for Bibles, New Testaments, songs and any Christian literatu
re. We answer those letters immediately and send adresses to our preachers and
workers in Poland asking them to visit those people in person and lead them to

Because there is shortage of printed Word, we started to produce Christian


terature, translate songs and publish song books and other books and send


people. Printed word became a great instrument in winning souls to Christ.Thou

sands of copies are printed here every year and sent to Poland.
We thank God that in Poland ope

rates the British Bible Society

which prints Bibles and New TesPolish language. For
we are able to purchase



Our ministry was growing rapidly.

Soon we needed help. In 1967 we
were able to bring Bro.

with his family to this country

who took over the radio ministry.
Bro. Winnik, who is now over 70,
still works with radio, answering
letters and sending our Christian

In 1964 we started a local broad

cast in Baltimore over WBMD

12.15 PM each Sunday in

Bro. Winnik and Bajenski in our studio


Russian and Ukrainian languages.



For 6 years this program was

sponsored by the Department of
Missions but since 1970 the Slavie Church of Christ took full


under the leadership of Bro. A.

S0P ,

responsibility of this program




In 1974 through acquaintance

England we were able to


go on

IBRA station in Lisbon and



the message of Chist to Poland

and other

so at

preach on two powerful

and there

I ,
i . .1
1 A

A iH




thousand or


^ ^


The work was progressing very ra*

pidly and in 1977 Bro. George Bajenski joined the staff

of the'"


Department of Missions in order

Bro. Lewczuk in studio in Warsaw
to preach on the radio and spread the Gospel of Christ. He is very busy in this

Since 1977 we started cassette ministry. Hundreds of letters are coming


people ask for cassetts with sermons and songs.

In order to make this ministry more effective we had to have another radio stu

dio in Poland at Pulaska Street Church of Christ, under the leadership of Bro.
Lonek Lewczuk. We make here the master tape and send it to Poland where they
duplicate it and distribute. Also in that studio they make own recordings and
record many songs which

is a recent


we use in our programs.

from a Roman





"Dear Fathers of the Church of Christ in America. I greet you in the dear name
of our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior. I would like to share with you very impor
tant spiritual matters as well as daily living.

First of all I would like to thank you for Christian literature and your Polish
magazine. I thank God that the true Gospel is proclaimed by you to our people
in Poland. We have many people but not all are listening, but your preaching is
appreciated very much. Through your preaching I learn about the true and only
Way - Jesus Christ.

You preach as dedicated followers of Christ and as the Word

is revealed to you by the Holy Spirit. Many people here live according to tra
dition and are carnal and are Christians only by name /birth Certificate/.

people who gave themseves to Jesus walk the true



It is what you preach.

^ am a 32 years old farmer and live in very difficult circumstances.I have a wife

and 3 children and 2 old parents - we live in a small wooden house covered by
straw. Despite those poor conditions in my heart is joy when I think about Je
sus as my Helper and Savior. Only Jesus gives me relief and joy in my
earthly life and I thank God for His grace and for precious blood of Jesus
which cleanses of sins and protects me from temptations and dirt of this world

I wish you God's blessings in proclaiming the Good News in the name of Jesus.


When this newsletter will reach you Bro. George Bajenski with Vera and


Benjamin will be in Poland proclaiming t^e Gospel.

Please remember them in your prayers.

Also we would like to thank those who responded for our. appeal and sent contri
butions toward this trip to Poland.

Although some churches responded and put George Bajenski on a living - link sup

port, we are still short

S 200.00 per mbnth for his salary.

We pray that this need will be supplied also.

There is also need for a cassette duplicator which costs S 1200.00.

Plese send all contributions in the name jjf DEPARTMENT OF MISSIONS

P.O.Box 629

Bel Air, Md. ?1014

with the note of designation at the bottoip of the check.

Thank you very, very much for your faithfijil support of the Polish ministry

4 -


Eastern Christian College

P. O. BOX 629


September, 1979
George Bajenski,

P&ul Bajko,

Radio b "Youlh Minister





It is a hard job for me to summarize 25 years of ministry of the Department of


We just received a letter from Poland in connection with our 25th


in which Bro. Lewczuk writes what was done.

With some additional information we would like to print this letter on the pa

of this newsletter.

"FOE THE 25th




Each anni-versary is a chanoe for reflections, review of past years and apprai
sal of the value of the work.

For Christians 25 years of mature service in the name of the highest Authority
is already history.
First years after 1950 were very hard for the Churches of Christ in Poland.
Still with the traces of war, God sent some trials and sufferings for many mi
nisters and their families and all churches.

In such troublesome period God choose Bro. and Siter Bajko and used them
difficult and hard missionary work. I am sure that Lord knew that they
the qualities of faithful children of God, love the country in which they were
born and raised, know the mentality, pecularities and character of the people,
and are full of dedication, honesty and charity.
Unfortunately nobody was keeping record of the versality of their work and now

it will be hard to write about the wide scope of their ministry.

It began with relief work for the poor and sick.
/For over 25 years each year hundreds of packages of used clothing were sent to
individual families. In many instances financial assistance was given to
a house, a cow, medicine.../

1 -

Next they started to -publiah Polish magazine "The Guidepost" which is vioh in

/"The Guidepost" is now in its 20th yeariof publication. There are hundreds of
readers. Thiis magazine is read by children, youth, adults, Christians and nonChristians. It strengthenes faith of Christians and leads sinners to Christ.

"The Guidepost" is reaching every contimmt where Polish people live./

A Gospel broadcast - the first in Polish language - was started.
/In 1961 for the first time people in Poland heard the Good News over the ra

dio. For the first couple of years we broadcasted over the Louxemburg station
and later we moved to Trans World Radio,;

Monte Carlo.

At the present time the Gospel is beamed from

from Lisbon every Thursday.

Monte Carlo every Monday


Also another broadcast was started locally here in Baltimore in 3 languages on

each Lord's Day under the sponsorship of the Slavic Church of Christ,
For one year Gospel was also preached by the students of Eastern Christian
College from the Havre de Grace station./

Help for repairs^ buildings and purchase of new chapels and houses of worship.
/Houses of worship were repaired and renovated in Olsztyn, TSdansk, Sosnowiec,
D^browa Gornicza and Siemiatycze.

New houses of worship were bought or built in Warsaw, Kolobrzeg, Muratyn, Bialogard, Katowice, Biala Podlaska, Bielsk Podlaski, Bielsko Biala.

One room was added to private dwellings v^ere God*s people meet regularly in:
Matiaszowka, Szeszyly, Sielc and Jaktorow.
Also the first house of worship was purchased for the Slavic Church of
in Baltimore - Department of Missions started this church.


English work was supported in Baltimore and other new congregations in Maryland,
Delaware and New Jersey.

All together we invested in properties over S 70,000.00

Purchase of property for Christian Servic^z Camp and support of the Camp.
/Camp began in 1966. Each year we sent money for food, equipment, and for chil
dren who were too poor to pay their own way.
In 1971 we purchased.camp grounds in Ostr6da and since that time invested over

S 15,000.00 in this project. The resultsW great. Only this year 30 souls ac
cepted Lord Jesus Christ as personal Savi(i)r in the Camp.
Most of our chapels have organs and musical instruments which were purchased
and sent to us by the Department of Missions.

/Churches in Warsaw, Sosnowiec, Dgbrowa Gcirnicza, Bialogard, Olsztyn, Bielsk Podlaski and other./

Song books - Several hundreds of songs ware translated and published by Sister
Bajko from English into Polish for the great Joy and edification not only of

2 -

the Churches of Christ, but other denominational ahurahes and the Roman Cathotia Church.



^ -r


Publications of the Department of Missions

/So far we published 10 different Song books and repeated the editions seve ral times.

Alltogether were published over 40,000 copies.

Also we put out one record of George Bajenski "The Heavenly Home"/

Four different Poem books were -gublished in Polish language.

Life of Christ visualized and New Testament Heroes /Book of Acts/ are in great


/So far we put out 40,000 copies of Life of Christ visualized'and New Testa -

ment Heroes in the Polish language and 3,000 copies in the Russian language.
At the present time another 40,000 copies of Life of Christ and Book of Acts
are printed directly in Poland.
We also purchased and distributed thousands of Bibles and New Testaments

Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and other languages, and helped the Brethren in Po
land to print 10,000 New Testaments for radio listeners./

The Department of Missions built and equipped studio in Poland in which we ma

ke musical recordings, messages and cassetts.

We cannot by pass the purchase of cars which are great help for us in mission

/Several bicycles, motorcycles and cars were purchased for ministers for
radio follow-up work, evangelistic purposes and camps./
"Financial assistance




/Since 1954 we started to assist preachers financially so they can be free from

3 -

secular jobs to preach the Gospel.

Assistance is given to 20 full time preairhers, 10 parttime evangelists, 3 vete

ran preachers and partial help is given to preacher's widows.

Also we help to train students at the Academy of Theology in Warsaw and at the
Bible School in Warsaw.

There are plans to start a Bible School at Fulaska Street Church in Warsaw


educate young people preparing them for i^inistry, to supplement education of others and send them on the field, etc./

Almost every believing Fole^ who landed c n the American continent^ found
and protection and help in the home of Bro. and Sister Bajko and their dhuroh.
as husband and wife had the opportune ty to experience it on ourselves,
An unrepeated event was when 7 people fro m Poland left for USA to attend

North American Christian Convention in ^aheim and the Vlorld Convention in

xico City.


It was a great experience for the visiting Brethren but Bro, and Sister
put great effort and funds as well as extended their hospitality to all and
were in charge of everything.

There is also another phase of Bajkos miyiistry. Many people ./Christians and
non-Christians/ come to them in person or by letters with a"box of complains"
with their spiritual^ physical and material ptoblems^ confinding in them and

seeking help. In this counseling and gui^nce ministry God gives them wisdom
to help those people.

Maybe the most difficult area.^ are the finances.

In our condition they have to keep this matter a secret because curiosity can
lead to sin of greed and envy.
They choose the right way of selfdecision and full discretion.
/All support, especially for the preachers is given individually upon complete
evaluation of the individual's ministry. Money is sent officially through
Polish Trading Corporation and detailed records as well as receipts and letters
from preachers are kept here. Each supported preacher is responsible

cially before us and his.supporting church] Preachers are encouraged to



tithes to the local congragations./

yith this letter we do not try to summarize the whole work of the Department

of Missions. Someday the Great Recorder j^ll do it and the reward of the Gi
ver of-.everything what is good will be theirs.

To many appreciating hearts we add our sincere thanks to God for Bajkos and
their excellent work and also we thank all those who work and guide them the Guidance Committee^ who in their good-^will and vital interest work for
the glory of God and building the New Testament Church. ]/fith Christian gree
tings, Lonek and Alice Lewczuk"

George Bajenski returned safely from Poland with good reports about the prog
ress of the Church there. The report will |be given in November issue of


newsletter. We thank God for His guidance jand protection of Gerge and his family.

4 -


asferj3 Chrisfjan College

Assistance in Establishment ol New Congregations Publishing of
Christian Literature and Song Books in Polish Language Spiritual
Material and Moral Support of Preachers in Poland Relief Ministry to
Poland Training Foreign Students New Testaments and Bibles to

George Bajenski,
Radio 6 Youth Minister

Poland * Badio Ministry in Polish, Russian and Ukranian Languages

Follow-up Work of Radio Listeners by Correspondence Preaching in
Camps, Churches and at Rallies Work Among Foreign Speaking
People in the United States of America Christian Service Camps and


Youth Ministry in Poland Cutting Christian Records

November, 1979

WT.en a Christian wilt count all blessings he receives from his heavenly Father,
then every day will be a thanksgiving day. But here in America we have a day
set apart - Thanksgiving

Day, when we bow our heads and in a loud

voice say "Praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow". 0 yes, blessing of free
dom, blessing of spiritual abundance, blessing of worship and fellowship, bles
sing of preaching and serving the Lord, blessing of living in a free country of

While we in America are feasting on every thing, there are many people around the
world, who suffer spiritual hunger.

Poland is one of those countries. But we thank God that with your help we are
able to give them the spiritual food through radio, publications. Bibles and di
rect preaching of many preachers in Poland.

Our T^arts are filled with joy and thankfulness because this year alone


churches were started in Poland: in Kolobrzeg and in Polczyn Zdrdj. In both ci

ties places for preachers to live and places of worship were secured.
of you we were able to contribute toward that cause S 10,000.00.

With Lord's help we plan to start at the end of this year another church in a
corrmunity where there is no Christian Church yet. We are negotiating a hou^ that
will contain living quarters for the preacher and his family and have room for


This place will cost 5 10,000.00 and we believe that Lord

will help us to raise this


Another reason to be thankful is Christian Service Camp in Ostrdda. This year

SO souls accepted Christ as personal Savior in the Camp.
There is need for a kitchen and dining hall. Although brethren in Poland will
use own labour, material

will cost another $ 10,000.00.

In order not to loose

the building permit we must start to build now. We sent already



S 2,000.00 and will have to raise another S 8,000.00, but we believe that


will provide through you, wonderful Friends, who love the Lord and care



We thank you for your faithful giving.

Every cent is used wisely toward sprea

ding of the Gospel and buildinq New Testament Church.

Yours zn Christ,





by George Bajenski

The Summer of 1979 seems long since passed, but the inspirations and memories of

Christian fellowship with believers in Poilpnd, will stay with us for years to co

me. Somehow, in God's work, it always pro^s to be true, that the more we give
ourselves to do His will, the more He ble^^es us! In May we started our trip to
Poland, ready to preach, teach, sing, andjwork in any needed capacity. In August,

as we s^ely returned home, we were physipilly tired, but spiritually and emotio

nally lifted higher than as we had first ^tarted.

For Benjamin, our five year old son, this trip especially was memorable, for he
was for the first time meeting and more ii;itelligently getting acquainted with so
me of relatives, and making new friends. He had to make a quick ajustment to the

Polish language, which solely surrounded him, and, of course, to every aspect of
life, for life in Poland is still quite different.

Thank you, dear Christian friends, for youil prayers and financial support, which
makes our ministry possible. It was truly a beuatiful summer. We had just arrived

in Warsaw in time to celebrate with the local Church and with the remaining mem
bers of my immediate family, a special "Mother's Day" program. Memories of my
childhood were brought back to me.

Thus it was for the next several weeks that

we were to travel by car, train, and bus, visiting most of our Churches of Christ

congregations and several other Evangelical Churches with whom we have fellowship
in Poland. Altogether we were able to visit about 50 different congregations and
some smaller groups of Christians, meeting often in private homes.

In Warsaw we

met with a group of young Bible students who were preparing themselves for a prea
ching ministry. On different days and in various places we met with young prea
chers and elders to discuss the church situation, and look for ways possible to
improve the work-ways in which we could help and ways in which they could work,so
that the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ wo uld continue to grow, and that we might

feel even stronger ties with each other.

This close fellowship with our Polish churcnes was again demonstrated when several
small gtoups and individuals.from Christian churches in the United States and Ca

nada visited Polad this summer. We were hapty to assist them in arranging their
visits, so that their testimonies and witne^ would bring the most effect to our
Polish churches. In May, Bro. George Carillfet from Ga. was with us for few days.
Then for five days, a largergroup of Christians led by Bro. Rod Huron from Ohio,

and Bro. John Huk, from Toronto, were withes. Later in June we had two wonderful

weeks of travelling and witnessing with the Rostvitt Twins from Colorado and Bro.

Bill McClure from Wisconsin.

All of these services left strong impressions on our

Polish brethren. Finally, in July, a small eroup of students from Johnson Bible
College was working with us at our Youth Caiip in Ostrdda. Putting it all together
was a full summer's schedule.

Yet how happy we are to see that the work, which is being done, is bringing results

for the Lord's Kingdom.

At our camp, for ii|istance, many young people gave


2 -


life over to Jesus. To hear


prayers and see their devotion


Bible study, made us rejoice in the

Lord. This was especially so in the
camp situation in which a
percentage of the campers were

church members. To see

in such a positive way
pel was very precious!
do appreciate the camp
earnestly pray for it.


them respond
to the Gos They really
program, and

Another highlight of our summer's

work was to take part in the ordi -

nation service for my nephew,Andrew

Bajenski, who is now the youth- and
assistant minister in the


At the ordination of A. Bajenski

Church of Christ.

Also, it was beautiful to be a witness of and preach at the dedication service of

a church building in the northern city of Kolobrzeg, where one of our young prea
chers, Peter Karel, is successfully starting a new work.

Truly I can say that the situation in Poland is very favorable for Church growth
today. Everywhere we went people were telling us that they listen to our Chris
tian radio broadcast. They were thanking us for preparing them, and asking for
more to be sent.

We have seen many new church buildings being built.

Bibles are distributed free

ly. There were even some signs of a Bible shortage, due to the great demand


the Scriptures!

Enthusiasm is great! Some more knowledgeable people were telling us that the de
velopments inreligious life in Poland during this last year, have outgrown or even
destroyed much atheistic indoctrination that Polish people have received during
the last 35 years!
Thus, this is the ti
we are

me in which

called to work toge ther, so that the re

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sion of sins be prea

ched everywhere
Poland, and all around
the world -



comes again.
May God help us as we

continue in this good

endevor - together!
Youth Camp in Ostroda

"Ring the bells... let the whole

world know..."

miliar words

With these



my favorite

song, we greet you to-day,


would like to share

this good news!



Exactly 20 years ago, in Novem

ber of 1959, God brought me to
the United States of America.

I did not know, at that time,my

future. I simply wanted to stu
dy the Bible, and tell others
of His matchless love.

Vera, Benjamin and George Bajenski

Now, with so many years behind, I can truly thank Him for so faithfully
ding me through the days of my study and into His service.

He was with


when I was working in Poland, and when the time came that I was to leave
home and family. He gave me more than I had ever asked for. He gave meagood
Christian wife, and a son. Many of you opened your homes and your hearts to
us. Your land became my land, and your freedom made me free! Now I can freely
live and work for Him who loved me so.

In this Thanksgiving season, we thank our Lord for everything, and

ask you,

our friends, to accept our thanks and gratitude for all your love and
in our ministry.





"Beloved in Christ!

We greet you with the precious name Of Jesus. It's along

time since we wrote you but we were very busy in the work for the Lord. Thank
you very much for the financial support which you give toward our ministry.
The summer Service Camp is over and we gladly recollect that time:



blessings and work during the camp with the children and youth. It was a ble
ssed season. Many young people met Jesus and gave their lives to Him.We thank
God for the time of His saving grace.

At the present time we do the final preparations for the development and buil
dings of Ostoda Camp. We thank God and you for this beautiful place and from
the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your prayers and work which you do.
Thanks to your help we can continue our work in His vineyard. May the
reward you abundantly.

We pray and work and ask God to bless all of you as He is using you for
glory and building His Church in our country. Yours in Christ, P.W."

4 -