ber 8, 2015

ow employees:
Dear fello
Today we
w are announcing a se
eries of exe
ecutive chan
nges, which are effectivve immediattely. I
e that this news
is unex
xpected, and
d I want you
u to hear it d
directly from
m me, as United’s
new CEO
Jeff Smisek, Nene Foxhall, EVP
of com
ns and govvernment afffairs, and Mark
n, SVP of co
orporate and
d governmen
nt affairs, ha ve stepped down from ttheir roles. T
es are in co
onnection witth United’s previously
disclosed internal investigation relatted to
the federral investigattion associatted with the Port Authorrity of New Y
York and New
w Jersey.
In additio
on, the comp
pany announced Henry L. Meyer II I, a current United direcctor and the
e lead
dent directorr, has been named
executive ch
hairman of th
he board.
As we move
d, let me ta
ake a mome
ent to tell yo
ou a little bitt about mysself. As you may
know, I have
been on the board of directors of United, a
and previoussly Continenttal, for more
e than
a decade
e. I am also a longtime United
omer. Before
e today, I wa
as the presid
dent and CO
OO of
CSX, one
e of the largest railroads
s in North Am
merica. Prio r to that, I w
worked for se
everal well known
er brands inc
cluding AT&T
T, Pepsico, and The Co
oca-Cola Com
I took this job becaus
se I am excited by whatt we can do together. Th
here is incre
edible opporttunity
for innov
vation, for earnings
owth, and fo
or improving
g an experie
ence that is essential to
o the
vitality off global business and to
o the person
nal lives of m
millions of p
people. I will be relentle
ess in
pursuing these goals
s, and I hope
e and expectt that all of yyou will sharre that same passion.
In the coming weeks
s, I will be ma
aking my firs
st visits arou
und the syste
em. I want to
o talk to as m
of you as
s possible because I wa
ant to get to know you a
and what you think abou
ut how thing
gs are
going. Ho
ow can we operate
bettter? How ca
an we betterr serve our ccustomers? What suppo
ort do
o regularly ttravel the syystem
you need
d to deliver that?
You’ll be seeing me
m frequentl y; I intend to
to hear about
our ope
erations dire
ectly from yo
ou – and you
u can hold m
me accountab
ble for that.
In my career, I’ve found that thre
ee things arre critical to any successsful businesss. First, we must
focus on customers and what we
w can to do help them
m. In the tele
ations, conssumer
products and railwa
ay businesse
es, there are very rea
al consequences if you
u don’t mee
et the
er’s needs and desires. There are also substanttive rewardss for doing so, and espe
for excee
eding custo
omer expecttations. Every day, you
u win or losse customerrs based on
n the
slightest change in value and quality.
As you know, in the airline
business, this is especially
crritical. Gettin
ng people wh
here they wa
ant to
go, reliab
bly and happ
pily, can mak
ke or break their ability tto succeed iin a work en
ndeavor or to
o hug
a family member
at an
a importantt moment.
At United
d, I will dedic
cate myself to
t making ou
ur airline flye

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Second, in any orga
anization, especially a great airline, it’s all abou
ut teamwork. I like to refer to
this as “s
shared purpo
ose.” We are in a servic
ce business,, and the tho
ousands of people who work
here are the key ingrredient determining our success. To
o get our passsengers wh
here they wa
ant to
go safely
y and happily requires thousands of us workking togethe
er with a sh
hared purposse of
ng each othe
er in serving
g our custom
mers. To ach
hieve this, w
we must crea
ate and susttain a
ul dialog abo
out our com
mmon goals – an ongo ing converssation among ourselvess. We
cannot do this apart.
Third, I am
a excited to
o be a part of a compan
ny and indusstry that dem
mands innovvation. The w
around us
u is chang
ging. There are new forms
of lo
oyalty progra
ams and a
affinity group
ps, a
constantly changing regulatory environment
t, plus new digital and n
networking ttechnologiess that
are emerging on a daily basis. At United,, we will em
mbrace this change, an
nd make this an
energized and excitin
ng place to work.
Above alll, my careerr has taughtt me that safety is param
mount. Our passion for the safety o
of our
people and our custo
omers must be at the co
ore of everyth
hing we do.
As we bring this airline forward, I promise to hold true
e to these p
principles of customer fo
teamwork through ou
ur shared pu
urpose, continual innova
ation, and of course, safe
munities to respect eacch other and
I want ou
ur customers
s, my fellow
w workers, and our comm
d take
pride in our
o accomp
plishments. Thank
you for
f your ded
dication to our customerrs and to Un
and I look forward to meeting you soon.