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October 31, 2006

Part V

Department of
Housing and Urban
Notice of Opportunity To Register Early
and Other Important Information for
Electronic Application Submission via
Grants.gov; Notice
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES2

VerDate Aug<31>2005 20:28 Oct 30, 2006 Jkt 211001 PO 00000 Frm 00001 Fmt 4717 Sfmt 4717 E:\FR\FM\31OCN2.SGM 31OCN2
64070 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 210 / Tuesday, October 31, 2006 / Notices

DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND applicants will have sufficient time to Section 1—Completing the Registration
URBAN DEVELOPMENT carefully review registration and Process for New Applicants and
submission requirements and to have Updating a Registration for Applicants
[Docket No. FR–5107–N–01]
their questions addressed regarding the That Are Currently Registered
Notice of Opportunity To Register registration and submission processes. A. The Need To Register With
Early and Other Important Information HUD anticipates that it will post its Grants.gov
for Electronic Application Submission funding opportunities in late 2006 or
Many federal grant-making agencies
via Grants.gov early 2007. HUD strongly encourages
provide funding to organizational
prospective applicants for FY2007 HUD entities and some agencies are permitted
AGENCY: Office of Assistant Secretary for
Administration, HUD. grants to register or renew their to fund individuals; however, HUD only
registration for application submission provides funding to organizations. This
ACTION: Notice.
via Grants.gov as soon as possible by information, therefore, is directed to
SUMMARY: The purpose of this notice is following the instructions in this notice. HUD applicants that are organizational
to provide instructions and advice to entities.
DATES: Early registration commences
potential applicants applying for Before an applicant can apply for a
with the issuance of this notice and
funding under HUD’s competitive grant grant opportunity, the applicant must
programs that are available through ends when HUD publishes its
first register with Grants.gov to provide
Grants.gov. This notice provides SuperNOFA.
and obtain certain identifying
information to help applicants better FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: If information. Please note, however, that
understand the electronic submission you need further information about this registration is a multi-step process. In
process. To facilitate the Fiscal Year addition, the registration process
Notice, contact the NOFA Information
(FY) 2007 federal grant application requires the applicant to provide
Center, at (800) HUD–8929 ((800) 483–
process, prospective applicants for HUD information at Web sites other than
funding should immediately begin the 8929). Persons with hearing or speech
Grants.gov. Registration protects both
registration process or renew their impairments may access this number
the applicant and the applicable federal
registration from prior years. HUD via TTY by calling the Federal agencies. Registration confirms that the
believes that by facilitating a better Information Relay Service at (800) applicant has designated a certain
understanding of the electronic HUD–2209 ((800) 483–2209). The NOFA individual or entity to submit an
submission process, applicants will be Information Center is open between the application on behalf of the applicant
able to more easily make the transition hours of 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Eastern and assures the federal agency that it is
to electronic application submission. Standard Time, Monday through Friday, interacting with the designated
Grants.gov is the Federal portal for except on federal holidays. representative of the applicant that has
applicants to electronically find and If you have questions about been authorized to submit the
apply for over 1,000 funding registration or submissions issues, application.
opportunities made available by the contact the Grants.gov Contact Center at
twenty-six federal grant-making B. Registration Steps for Organizations
(800) 518–GRANTS (4726).
agencies. Grants.gov offers the applicant 1. Use of DUNS Numbers. In 2003, the
community a common Web site where Full Text of Announcement federal government adopted a policy
applicants can use one password and ID that applicants must obtain a Data
to apply for a variety of federal This Notice is divided into two Universal Numbering System (DUNS)
assistance programs. To date, all 26 sections. Section 1 describes the number in order to receive funding. In
Federal grant-making agencies have registration process including steps to order to submit an electronic
posted their funding opportunities and renew/update an existing registration. application via Grants.gov, your
electronic application packages to Section 2 provides guidance to organization must have a DUNS
Grants.gov. applicants that are experiencing upload number. Dun and Bradstreet (D&B), a
To apply on-line electronically, or transmission issues. In FY2006, HUD company that provides business
Grants.gov requires an electronically successfully received over 5,000 information credit, marketing and
authorized signature, known as applications via grants.gov. Less than purchasing decisions for more than 70
eAuthentication. This requirement for 1% of applicants experienced million businesses worldwide, issues
an authenticated electronic signature submission issues. While these numbers DUNS numbers. Its data universal
serves to protect the applicant and the are relatively small, HUD strives to numbering system issues unique 9-digit
applicant’s information, and to assure assist all applicants in gaining a better numbers that are used by businesses
federal agencies that they are interacting understanding of the electronic and the federal government to track
with officials authorized to submit submission process. This notice also funding and business related
applications on behalf of applicant serves to remind applicants to submit information and relationships. The
entities. their applications in advance of the information provided in the D&B
Through this notice, HUD is registration will be used by the Central
deadline date and when the Grants.gov
encouraging applicants to complete or Contactor Registration system in the
update their registration, in advance of help desk is open so that if issues arise,
registration process, so applicants
HUD posting its FY2007 grant there is sufficient time to provide timely
should carefully review their Dun and
opportunities. HUD found that issuing assistance. Bradstreet information for accuracy.
an Early Registration Notice in FY2006 Appendix A of this notice provides 2. Registration in the Central
eliminated many of the registration step-by step registration instructions to Contractor Registration (CCR). The CCR
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES2

issues that applicants faced in FY2005, follow. Appendix B provides is the primary vendor database for the
the first year that HUD used Grants.gov information on Do’s and Don’ts federal government. The CCR was
for posting its annual SuperNOFA. HUD regarding electronic application established to assist federal government
believes that by issuing this notice in submission. agency acquisitions and procurements.
advance of the FY2007 funding cycle, The CCR collects, validates, stores and

VerDate Aug<31>2005 20:28 Oct 30, 2006 Jkt 211001 PO 00000 Frm 00002 Fmt 4701 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\31OCN2.SGM 31OCN2
Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 210 / Tuesday, October 31, 2006 / Notices 64071

disseminates data in support of agency disbursements within the parent or trustworthiness of the parties
acquisitions. Registration in CCR has organizations and any number of sub- involved in a transaction through the
been extended from the procurement agencies or departments within the use of credential providers. Credential
and acquisition area to grants. For organization. States and universities Providers are organizations that validate
grants, CCR stores an applicant’s frequently identify their sub- the electronic identity of an individual
information, allowing Grants.gov to organizations through the use of through electronic credentials, personal
verify an applicant’s identity and DUNS+4 numbering. identification numbers, passwords or
identify key business contacts for the 4. CCR Employer Identification other identifying information, for
organization. The CCR registration Number/Taxpayer Identification Grants.gov. This is the process of
process consists of completing a Trading Number (EIN/TIN) Validation. Please determining, with a degree of assurance,
Partner Profile (TPP), which contains note that as of October 30, 2005, the that someone is really who he or she
general, corporate, and financial Central Contractor Registration (CCR) claims to be. An Authorized
information about your organization. began validating the TIN and Taxpayer Organization Representative (AOR), the
While completing the TPP, you will Name of each new and updating CCR person(s) named by an agency who has
need to identify a CCR Point of Contact registrant with the Internal Revenue legal authority to submit an application
(POC) who will be responsible for Service (IRS). The EIN/TIN matching for funding on behalf of the agency,
maintaining the information in the TPP process is a joint effort between the must register with a Credential Provider
and giving authorization to individuals General Services Administration (GSA), to obtain a USER ID and Password that
to serve as Authorized Organization Department of Defense (DoD), and the will be used to register with Grants.gov.
Representatives (AOR) and an E- IRS to improve the quality of data in Beginning August 30, 2007,
Business Point of Contact (E-Business government acquisition systems. If there organizations will have a choice of three
POC). The AOR will submit are discrepancies in the taxpayer federally approved credential providers
applications through Grants.gov for your information at IRS and the registration to obtain their authentication services—
organization. The person that completes information provided through D&B, the (1) The Agriculture Department; (2) the
the TPP can be the CCR POC, E- discrepancies must be cleared before the Office of Personnel Management’s
Business POC, and the AOR or they can registration can be completed or Employee Express; and (3) the current
be different people. updated. provider—Operational Research
3. CCR Use of Dun and Bradstreet A notice has gone out to CCR
Consultants, Inc. (ORC). HUD applicants
Information. As part of CCR’s ongoing registrants informing them of the IRS
who already hold a Grants.gov user
effort to ensure that all registration validation in CCR registration. In order
name and password through ORC and
information is standardized, easily to complete your CCR registration and
submit applications prior to August 20,
shared across many government qualify as a vendor eligible to bid for
2007, do not have to make any changes
systems, and to reduce data entry by federal government contracts or apply
to their ORC registration. After August
registrants, CCR pre-populates the for federal grants, the EIN/TIN and
20, 2007, users will have an option to
following data fields from D&B: Legal Employer/Taxpayer Name combination
you provide in the IRS Consent Form at retain their registration with ORC or
Business Name, Doing Business Name
CCR must match exactly to the EIN/TIN choose from the other credential
(DBA), Physical Address, and Postal
and Employer/Taxpayer Name in the providers on the list.
Code/Zip+4. Registrants will not be able
to enter/modify these fields in CCR; IRS database. It will take at least one to 6. Registration with Grants.gov. After
they will be pre-populated using D&B two business days to validate new and creating a username and password
Data Universal Numbering System updated records prior to becoming identity at a Credential Provider, an
record data. During new registration or active in CCR. Therefore, please be sure AOR, the person(s) named by an agency
when updating a record, the registrant that the data items provided to D&B to submit an application for funding on
has a choice to accept or reject the match information that you have behalf of the agency, must register at
information provided from D&B. Under provided to the IRS. Otherwise, when Grants.gov. The AOR must have legal
the revised system, if the CCR registrant the validation check with IRS is done, authority to submit the application on
agrees with the D&B supplied the registration in D&B, and the CCR behalf of the organization. Designated
information, the D&B data will be will not match the IRS information and AORs register the USER ID and
accepted into the CCR registrant record. will result in an error message being Password created with the Credential
If the registrant disagrees with the D&B generated. This will prevent you from Provider at Grants.gov. After the AOR
supplied information the registrant will completing your registration until the registers with Grants.gov, the
need to go to the D&B Web site discrepancies have been resolved. organization’s E-Business POC will be
http://fedgov.dnb.com/webform to Applicants should allow sufficient time sent an e-mail from Grants.gov,
modify the information currently to review their D&B and CCR indicating that someone from the
contained in D&B’s records before information. HUD recommends that organization has registered as an AOR.
proceeding with its CCR registration. applicants carefully review their D&B 7. Approval of the AOR. The E-
Once D&B confirms the modification, and CCR registration information for Business POC must enter Grants.gov
the registrant must revisit the CCR Web accuracy immediately upon publication and give the AOR approval to submit an
site and ‘‘accept’’ D&B’s changes. Only of this Notice and make any necessary application to Grants.gov. By
at this point will the D&B data be corrections. Beginning the registration authorizing a person to submit on behalf
accepted into the CCR record. D&B can process now will help an applicant of the organization, the organization is
take two business days to send modified avoid possible delays with the timely stating that the person has the legal
data to CCR and that timeframe may be submission of applications. authority to submit the application and
5. Registration with a Credential make a legally binding commitment for
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES2

longer in some countries.

Large organizations and organizations Provider. In order to safeguard the organization. The registration is
that set-up separate bank accounts for information, Grants.gov uses E- complete when an AOR has been
different grants can set up what is Authentication, the federal program that approved to submit an application on
known as DUNS+4 within the CCR ensures secure transactions. E- behalf of the organization. If the E-
record, to track the flow of funding and Authentication defines the level of trust Business POC does not provide

VerDate Aug<31>2005 20:28 Oct 30, 2006 Jkt 211001 PO 00000 Frm 00003 Fmt 4701 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\31OCN2.SGM 31OCN2
64072 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 210 / Tuesday, October 31, 2006 / Notices

authorization, Grants.gov will not application no later than November 7, out or into an organization. These
accept the grant application. 2006 to allow sufficient time for your instructions are designed to address the
application to be validated by most common reasons faced by
C. Renewing Your CCR Registration.
Grants.gov. applicants.
Applicants are required to renew/ a. Check to see if you have
update their information in CCR on an B. Applications Rejected by Grants.gov downloaded the newest version of the
annual basis. Applicants can renew and Corrective Actions application software from Grants.gov.
their organizations’ registration at The following describes the most The application will not operate
http://www.ccr.gov. If you do not renew common HUD grant application properly if the most recent software
your registration it will expire, resulting submission problems and recommended update has not been downloaded and
in the rejection of your Grants.gov corrective actions for them. completely installed. The Grants.gov
application. Applicants can renew their 1. Incorrect DUNS number. The software requires applicants to
organizations’ registration at http:// DUNS number in the application does download the software, run an install
www.ccr.gov. not match the applicant DUNS number procedure, and then reboot the
registered at Grants.gov. An improper computer for the installation to work
D. Time Allotted for Registration DUNS number will result in the properly.
Registration with Grants.gov, which submitter receiving a rejection notice b. Grants.gov also recommends
must be completed prior to any grant that states ‘‘INVALID_DUNS_ERROR’’ uploading the application from your
application submission, takes and ‘‘UNAUTHORIZED_SUBMITTER_ desktop. Call the Grants.gov help desk
approximately two to four weeks. The ERROR’’ . at (800) 518–4726; operators can walk
length of time depends on when the Corrective Action: Upon receiving the you through techniques that allow you
steps in the registration process are ‘‘INVALID_DUNS_ERROR,’’ the to upload through your Internet
completed; the volume of traffic on the applicant should immediately check the browser.
various sites involved in the registration application DUNS number, correct the c. Check to see if your computer has
process; and the ability of the applicant error (if any) and resubmit the sufficient memory. Check your system,
to determine who will be the person application. If the DUNS number is including Random Access Memory and
responsible for submitting the grant correct, the applicant should the hard drive, to ensure that your
application, and having that person immediately contact Grants.gov to computer has enough available memory
authorized through the registration notify them of the problem and ask why to process the application. If your hard
process as the AOR. Registration can it received the drive is nearly full and you have
take longer if the information provided ‘‘INVALID_DUNS_ERROR’’ and take multiple grant applications on your
to D&B and captured in the CCR does any corrective measures required. computer that you have successfully
not match IRS Taxpayer information 2. You receive a rejection message submitted or submitted in a previous
data previously provided by the with the following error message: year, remove those applications from
applicant organization. Registering early ‘‘UNAUTHORIZED_SUBMITTER your computer and save them on a CD,
should allow the applicant sufficient _ERROR.’’ DVD, or jump drive so that you can free
time to complete the registration process This error occurs if a submitter has up needed space on your computer. If
and respond to any questions that might not registered with a Credential the upload still remains a problem,
arise during the process. Provider and with Grants.gov, or when reduce the size of your application by
Appendix A of this Notice provides the E-Business Point of Contact has not using the facsimile solution for some or
step-by-step registration instructions to approved the submitter as an all of your attachment files. HUD will
follow. Authorized Organization Representative not accept an application that is sent
(AOR) on Grants.gov. entirely by facsimile. At a minimum, the
Section 2—Corrective Actions for Corrective Action: The AOR should downloaded application package with
Application Submission Problems That verify that he or she has registered with the xml-based files, including a
Affected HUD Applications in FY2006 a Credential Provider and has registered completed SF–424, must be submitted
A. Application Submission the credential at Grants.gov. If the to Grants.gov. If these suggestions do
answer to both these questions is yes, not solve the problem, immediately
In FY2006, HUD successfully received the E-Business Point of Contact should contact the Grants.gov help desk.
over 5000 electronic applications and immediately go to the Grants.gov Web d. Check if your organization or your
only 30 paper applications. Less than 1 site and approve the submitter as an Internet Service Provider limits the size
percent of the applicants submitting AOR. of the files sent over the Internet. HUD
electronically had a problem that 3. Unsuccessful Submission Attempt. has found that many organizations have
resulted in an application not being The applicant has tried to submit the firewalls that set limits on file sizes or
successfully submitted. Applicants are application but was unsuccessful. When access to particular sites. HUD has also
advised to submit their applications 24– trying to submit the application, the found that some dial-up Internet Service
72 hours prior to the application following occurs: Providers limit the size of files uploaded
deadline date so that if any problem • Nothing happens. to the Internet. In these circumstances
arises, the applicant will have sufficient • The screen goes blank. HUD recommends reducing the size of
time to correct it and successfully • The wheel keeps spinning. the application package by zipping files
submit the application prior to the Corrective Action: In these cases, your using WinZip10. In addition, several
deadline date. Please remember that to files are not connecting to Grants.gov other techniques are described below to
have a successful submission, and the transmission problems are reduce the file size of a document if you
applications must be received and occurring locally. There are several
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES2

are using Microsoft Word 2000.

validated by Grants.gov prior to reasons that may be the cause of the (1) Turn off fast saves. Using fast
11:59:59 p.m. on the application problem. Applicants should be aware saves to save a document requires more
deadline date. For example, if an that every computer is configured disk space while your document is open
application is due on November 10, differently and many organizations have than using a full save. You may be able
2006, you should submit your firewalls that limit the size of files going to save disk space by turning off fast

VerDate Aug<31>2005 20:28 Oct 30, 2006 Jkt 211001 PO 00000 Frm 00004 Fmt 4701 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\31OCN2.SGM 31OCN2
Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 210 / Tuesday, October 31, 2006 / Notices 64073

saves. On the Tools menu, click corner and record the Processor speed firewall software systems. Other
‘‘Options’’, and then click the ‘‘Save’’ and amount of RAM, then click OK to industry literature talks about some
tab. Clear the Allow fast saves check close the dialog box. corporate firewall that can cause this
box. (1) Double click on the same My message to appear. There is also
(2) Delete one or more versions of a Computer icon to open Windows evidence that this message is related to
document. Creating multiple versions of Explorer. users who are using a router connected
a document using the Versioning feature (2) Right click on the hard drive or to residential DSL/Cable services. In this
may increase file size. To check whether server to where you are saving the file case, it is a bandwidth issue.
a document contains other versions, or from which you are uploading the file 9. Submission has been archived for
click Versions on the File menu. If other and select Properties. later submission.
versions exist, you may be able to (3) Record the size and amounts of Corrective Action: Open Pure Edge
reduce the file size by deleting the free space on the drive. viewer, click on the ‘‘ gear’’ symbol,
oldest versions. Delete one or more (4) If the RAM or hard drive free space which is user preferences, and ensure
versions of a document. On the ‘‘File’’ on your computer is no bigger or only the setting is to ‘‘work online’’.
menu, click ‘‘Versions’’. Click the slightly bigger than the file you are 10. Cannot launch viewer. This
version of the document you want to working with, that may be the problem. message occurs when trying to open up
delete. To select more than one version, (5) Be sure to give this information to a saved application file. It indicates that
hold down CTRL as you click each the help desk when you call. the previous save resulted in a corrupt
version. Click ‘‘Delete’’. d. If you do not have a My Computer file, i.e. unusable.
4. Disk Full or Out of Memory. This Icon on your desktop, click on the Start Corrective Action: Applicant should
is related to the size of the files that you button in the lower left corner of your try to revert to a previously saved
are trying to upload and the capacity of screen, then select My Computer from version of the file or start over.
your computer to handle the load. See the pop-up menu. Select view system 11. A virus was detected during the
item 3 above. information to record processor speed submission of your grant application
Corrective Action: Create more room and RAM as in 5c above, then click OK. package.
on your computer by taking off old files The Windows Explorer window Corrective Action: Verify if any of
that are not needed, reducing the size of showing My Computer should remain your file attachments have a virus.
the files being uploaded, or submitting on your screen. Follow step c above. When you have confirmed that you do
part of your application using the 6. MEC Error. This is a general not have a virus, resubmit your
facsimile solution. There are other ways Microsoft error that is preventing application.
to address this issue, but because each communication between your computer 12. Form was illegal XFD format—
computer is configured differently and and Grants.gov. This error is NOT a Processing Exception. You may receive
there are numerous variables to take grants.gov-generated error; it is on the this message after submitting an
into account as to why an application user’s end. Grants.gov cannot application. The grant opportunity for
can not upload to make the connection troubleshoot this type of error code. which you have applied is no longer
to Grants.gov, HUD stresses the need to There could be any number of reasons accepting applications or may have been
apply early and to submit your for this error, but the most common is removed by the offering agency, or if the
application when the Grants.gov help that the size of the submission is agency posted a new application
desk is open so that if problems arise, causing a communication interruption. package, you may be submitting an old
you can contact Grants.gov when the Corrective Action: You should try to application.
service representatives are there to help reduce the size of your application Corrective Action: Confirm the close
you. package by removing optional date of your application. Confirm that
5. Computer keeps freezing. Often a attachments or submitting required the Funding Opportunity Number and
computer will ‘‘freeze’’ because there is attachments manually (requires Agency the Competition ID on the package you
not enough memory or hard storage approval). A firewall issue, either are trying to submit matches the current
space to handle the files. within your domain or with your package on Grants.gov. If you require
Corrective Action: If your computer Internet Service Provider, may also additional information, contact the
freezes, one possible cause may be that cause this. grantor agency directly.
you do not have enough memory or 7. Page not found/Error 404. This is Appendix B provides information on
hard storage to handle the file. Follow an error message when a URL page that Do’s and Don’ts to follow regarding
these steps to check your computer’s you requested is not available. You may electronic application submission.
resources. The information will also be not be able to find the page because of
the following: The page does not exist; For Additional Assistance
useful to the help desk staff in analyzing
your problem. a mistyped address; an out-of-date If you have questions about
a. Use the Task Manager capability on bookmark/favorite; or a search engine registration or submission issues, call
your computer to close down the task has an out-of-date listing. the Grants.gov Contact Center at (800)
that is not running properly. If needed, Corrective Action: Check the address 518–GRANTS (4726) or e-mail
shut down the computer and reboot. Be to be sure that it is correct. If it is, wait support@grants.gov. The Contact Center
aware that if you have not saved your a few moments and try again. hours of operation are Monday-Friday 7
work in progress when you reboot, you 8. Web site found waiting for reply. a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.
may lose the unsaved portion of your Message is related to the user’s desktop If you need further information about
submission. Always periodically save machine/browser. this Notice, contact the NOFA
your work. Corrective Action: Most literature Information Center at (800) HUD–8929
point to spyware/adware infestation that ((800) 483–8929).
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES2

b. If you have a My Computer Icon on

your desktop, right click on it. If you do practically hijack the user’s browser and If you are a hearing or speech-
not have a My Computer Icon on your cause tremendous slow down or no impaired person, you may reach any of
desktop, go to step d. access at all. This is not related to any the telephone numbers in this notice by
c. In the Properties dialog box, on the of the Grants.gov servers. This may be calling the toll-free Federal Information
General tab, look in the lower right due to the user’s desktop running two Relay Service at (800) 877–8339.

VerDate Aug<31>2005 20:28 Oct 30, 2006 Jkt 211001 PO 00000 Frm 00005 Fmt 4701 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\31OCN2.SGM 31OCN2
64074 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 210 / Tuesday, October 31, 2006 / Notices

In addition, HUD has a detailed questions about your EIN or TIN, call (800) The TPIN is also your confidential
Desktop Users Guide for Submitting 829–4933. password that confirms that you successfully
Grant Applications that walks CCR Use of DUNS Information. During the registered in CCR and allows you to change
CCR registration, your Legal Business Name, your CCR information.
applicants through the electronic Current Registrants without a MPIN. If you
Doing Business Name (DBA), Physical
process, beginning with finding a currently have an active registration in CCR
Address, and Postal/Zip+4 will be pre-
funding opportunity, completing the populated from the Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) and you do not have a MPIN you will need
registration process, and downloading database. If the information is correct, you to:
and submitting the electronic can proceed with your registration. If not, • Access your CCR registration by clicking
application. The Desktop Users Guide you can make corrections at http:// on ‘‘Update or Renew Registration using
includes helpful step-by-step fedgov.dnb.com/webform. When D&B TPIN’’.
confirms that a modification has been made, • Enter your DUNS number and TPIN.
instructions, screen shots, and error
you must re-visit CCR and ‘‘accept’’ D&B’s Click on the tab named ‘‘Points of Contact’’,
proof tips to assist applicants in complete all fields for the E-Business POC
becoming familiar with submitting changes. This process may take two to five
business days. and the alternate E-Business POC.
applications electronically. The Desktop • Scroll down to the bottom of the ‘‘Points
Trading Partner Profile (TPP). The CCR
Users Guide is available on line at registration process consists of completing a
of Contact’’ page and create your own MPIN.
http://www.hud.gov/grants/index.cfm. • Click on the ‘‘Validate/Save’’ button.
Renewing your CCR Registration.
Dated: October 23, 2006. Note: While completing the TPP, you will Applicants are required to renew/update
Keith A. Nelson, need to identify a CCR Point of Contact (CCR their information in CCR on an annual basis.
Assistant Secretary for Administration. POC), who will be responsible for updating If you do not renew your registration it will
and renewing the CCR registration, an E- expire and result in your Grants.gov
Appendix A—Registering for Electronic Business Point of Contact (E-Business POC) application being rejected.
Application Submission and an alternate, who will be responsible for • To renew your registration, go to
identifying and naming individual as an www.ccr.gov, and click on ‘‘Update or Renew
The following five steps must be Authorized Organization Representative
completed to register with Grants.gov. Registrations Using TPIN’’.
(AOR). • Enter your DUNS number and TPIN, and
Step One: Obtain a Data Universal Number The AOR will submit applications through click ‘‘Submit’’.
System (DUNS) Number Grants.gov for your organization and must be • If there are no changes to the registration,
In order to submit an electronic application someone that has the right to enter into a click the ‘‘Validate/Save’’ button for the
via Grants.gov, your organization will need a legally binding commitment for the information to register in the system, then
DUNS number. A DUNS number is a unique organization. The person that completes the click ‘‘Submit’’.
nine-character identification number TPP can be the CCR POC, E-Business POC, • If there are changes, enter the changes,
provided by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). You and the AOR or they can be different people. and then click ‘‘Submit’’.
will use the same DUNS number throughout To Start the CCR Registration Process: Note: You must click on the ‘‘Validate/
the registration and application process. • Go to www.ccr.gov. On the left side of the Save’’ or the ‘‘Renew Profile’’ button in
Prior to requesting a DUNS number, find screen, click on ‘‘Start New Registration’’. ‘‘Registration Tools’’.
out if your organization already has a DUNS • Enter your DUNS number at the next Don’t Know Your TPIN?
number by contacting your chief financial screen, ‘‘New Registration’’. • If you are registered in CCR, but do not
officer or grant administrator. If your • At the next screen, the CCR will assign know your TPIN, go to www.ccr.gov. Click on
organization does not have a DUNS number a temporary confirmation number that allows ‘‘Update or Renew Registrations Using
you can immediately receive one by calling you to save your registration as a work in TPIN’’.
D&B at (866) 705–5711. It takes progress. Your temporary confirmation • At the next screen click on ‘‘Don’t Know
approximately ten minutes to get a DUNS number, along with your DUNS number, will Your TPIN? Click Here for a TPIN Letter
number and there is no charge. let you access CCR to complete your request’’.
Note: Your registration is not finished until application at a later date. • On the next screen enter your DUNS
Steps Two through Five are completed. • To access your application at a later date, number and click on ‘‘Send TPIN Letter’’. A
at www.ccr.gov, select ‘‘Finish Saved confidential TPIN letter will be mailed to the
Step Two: Register With The Central Registration Using Confirmation Number’’. CCR Point of Contact (POC) identified in the
Contractor Registration (CCR) • At the next screen, enter your DUNS TPP. If you do not know your organization’s
Registering with CCR. Your organization number and temporary confirmation number. CCR POC, call (888) 227–2423 for assistance.
must register or annually renew their • Follow the instructions on the next Verify Status of Your CCR Registration.
registration with CCR to establish roles and screens until you complete the TPP. You can verify the status of your registration
IDs for representatives that will use Create a MPIN. The final step of the TPP online at www.ccr.gov by clicking on ‘‘Search
Grants.gov to submit electronic applications. requires you to create a Marketing Partner ID CCR’’. When prompted, enter your DUNS
If you need assistance with the registration Number (MPIN). The MPIN is a self-defined number and click ‘‘Search’’. The registration
process, you can contact the CCR Assistance nine character password that the E-Business status is located at the top of the page. You
Center 24 hours, 7 days a week at (888) 227– POC will need to access Grants.gov to can also call the CCR Assistance Center for
2423 or (269) 961–5757 or online at authorize the AOR to submit a grant the status of your registration. You should
www.ccr.gov. In addition, a CCR Handbook is application. also check the ccr.gov Web site for any
available by clicking on the ‘‘CCR Handbook’’ CCR Registration Confirmation. After you registration updates or changes.
tab at the top of the page at www.ccr.gov. complete the TPP, you will receive two Note: Your registration is not finished until
IRS Employer/Taxpayer Name Validation. notices if your registration was submitted Steps Three through Five are completed.
When you register or renew your registration successfully. The first notice welcomes you
at CCR, during the registration process, you to CCR and will include a copy of your Step Three: Register With the Credential
will complete an IRS Consent Form to allow registration. The second notice provides you Provider
the validation of your legal business name with a Web link/address where you can enter In order to safeguard the security of your
and Employer Identification Number (EIN) or your DUNS number and temporary electronic information, Grants.gov utilizes a
Tax Identification Number (TIN). The confirmation number to obtain your Credential Provider to determine with
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES2

information that you enter in CCR must confidential TPIN. certainty that someone is really who they
match the IRS records for the most current Note: A Trading Partner Identification claim to be. An assigned AOR must register
tax year reported. Prior to becoming active in Number (TPIN), which is assigned by CCR, with the Grants.gov Credential Provider to
CCR, it will take at least one to two business will replace the temporary confirmation receive a username and password, which are
days to validate new and updated records, number when your registration is approved needed to submit an application package
longer if there are discrepancies. If you have and becomes active. through Grants.gov.

VerDate Aug<31>2005 20:28 Oct 30, 2006 Jkt 211001 PO 00000 Frm 00006 Fmt 4701 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\31OCN2.SGM 31OCN2
Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 210 / Tuesday, October 31, 2006 / Notices 64075

• To register with the Credential Provider • Click on ‘‘Continue’’. Repeat the steps if will result and you will not be able to
go to: http://apply.grants.gov/OrcRegister. you are assigning rights to multiple AORs. complete your registration until the
• Scroll down the page and enter your • The AOR will receive an e-mail advising discrepancies have been resolved.
DUNS number and click on ‘‘Register’’. that the E-Business POC has provided them 6. DO check your AOR status at Grants.gov
• At the next screen scroll down and select authorization to submit applications on to make sure your E-Business POC has
‘‘Get Your Credentials’’. behalf of their organization. authorized you to submit an application on
• Complete and submit all information on Check your AOR Status. behalf of your organization.
the eAuthentication User Information screen. • An AOR can check their status at 7. DO look at HUD’s Desktop Users Guide
• On the next screen you will confirm your https://apply.grants.gov/ for Submitting Grant Applications, which
information, create your own ‘‘User Name’’ ApplicantLoginGetID. walks applicants through the electronic
and ‘‘Password’’, and click on ‘‘Submit’’. If • Or go to http://www.grants.gov, under process, beginning with finding a funding
all information has been entered correctly, Quick Links, click on Applicant Login. opportunity, completing the registration
you will receive a notice of Registration • At the next screen enter your Username process, and downloading and submitting the
Success. and Password supplied by the Credential electronic application. The Desktop Users
Note: Your registration is not finished until Provider, click on ‘‘Login’’. Guide includes helpful step-by-step
Steps Four and Five are completed. • On the left side of the screen, select instructions, screen shots, and error proof
‘‘Manage Applicant Profile’’. Your status will tips to assist applicants in becoming familiar
Step Four: Register With Grants.gov be either—‘‘Approved’’ or ‘‘AOR Request with submitting applications electronically.
The AOR must register with Grants.gov in Sent’’. The Desktop Users Guide is available online
order to submit an application for an • If the status is ‘‘Approved’’ you are at http://www.hud.gov/grants/index.cfm.
organization. authorized to submit grant applications on 8. DO create a special folder for each new
• To register with Grants.gov go to: behalf of your organization. application and save all files related to the
https://apply.grants.gov/GrantsgovRegister. • If the status is ‘‘AOR Request Sent’’ you application in that folder. Some applicants
• Enter your Username and Password have not been approved and you should create the folder directly on their computer’s
supplied by the Credential Provider and click contact your E-Business POC and have them desktop. Check all attachment files and make
on ‘‘Register’’. Complete all information on authorize you as an AOR with Grants.gov. sure they have a file extension of .doc, .pdf,
the ‘‘Authorized Organization Representative For Additional Assistance the following .xls, .jpg, .jpeg or .zip.
User Profile’’ screen and click ‘‘Submit’’. resources are available: 9. DO make sure that file extensions are not
Upon following all steps correctly, you will HUD’s Desktop Users Guide for Submitting in upper case. File extension must be lower
receive an e-mail notice that you successfully Electronic Applications at: http:// case for the file to be opened.
registered with Grants.gov. The E-Business www.hud.gov/grants/index.cfm. The Guide 10. DO keep file names not more than 50
POC will receive an e-mail notice stating that includes helpful detailed step-by-step characters without special characters or
someone has registered to submit grant instructions, screen shots, and error proof spaces in the file name.
applications on behalf of your organization. tips to assist applicants in registering, 11. DO review the application package and
Note: Your registration is not finished until finding, and applying for grants all the attachments to make sure it contains
Step Five is completed. electronically. all the documents you want to submit. If it
Grants.gov registration checklists that does, save it to your computer and remove
Step Five: Authorize an AOR To Submit a guide you through the registration process previously saved versions.
Grant Application are available at: http://www.grants.gov/ 12. DO review the application package and
This is a final and very critical step in the applicants/register_your_organization.jsp. all the attachments to make sure it contains
registration process. Once a potential AOR If you have questions or need additional all the documents you want to submit. If it
registers with a Credential Provider and information, call the Grants.gov Contact does, save it to your computer and remove
Grants.gov, the E-Business POC will receive Center at (800) 518-GRANTS (4726) or e-mail previously saved versions.
an e-mail stating that someone has signed up support@grants.gov. The Contact Center 13. DO run the Check Package for Errors
to become an AOR for their organization. The hours of operation are Monday–Friday 7 a.m. feature on the application package and
E-Business POC will need to authorize the to 9 p.m. eastern standard time. correct any problems identified.
AOR as the Authorized Applicant that is If you are a hearing or speech-impaired 14. DO expect a Confirmation notice from
approved to submit applications on behalf of person, you may reach any of the telephone Grants.gov, which advises that your
the organization, before that person can numbers in this guide by calling the toll-free application has been received and is being
submit an application. Federal Information Relay Service at (800) processed. This Confirmation includes the
Note: If an AOR has not been authorized 877–8339. Grants.gov Tracking Number; record this
by their E-Business POC, any application that number for future use. Until you see a
is submitted will be rejected. Appendix B—DO’S and DON’TS confirmation message on your screen, your
• To authorize an AOR to submit Regarding Electronic Application application has not been submitted to
applications on behalf of the organization go Submission Grants.gov.
to: https://apply.grants.gov/agency/ 15. DO use the Fax Form HUD–96011 as
A. What You Should Do your Fax Cover Page if you fax attachments.
AorMgrGetID. Or go to http://
www.grants.gov, under Quick Links, click on 1. DO register early. In order for HUD to correctly match a fax to
E-Biz POC Login. 2. DO renew your registration with CCR a particular application, the applicant must
• Enter your DUNS and MPIN and click on annually. use and require third parties that fax
‘‘Login’’. The next screen welcomes you to 3. DO provide to Dun and Bradstreet the documentation on its behalf to use the form
the ‘‘E-Business Points of Contact’’ section same Legal Business Name on record at the HUD–96011 as the cover page of the
where you will be able to add and revoke IRS. The Legal Business Name, Doing facsimile.
AOR privileges. Business Name (DBA), Physical Address, and
B. What You Should NOT Do
• On the left side of the screen, select Postal Code/ Zip+4 will be pre-populated in
‘‘Manage Applicants’’. CCR from D&B’s records. 1. DO NOT fax your entire application to
• Click on the box (es) next to the name 4. DO contact the IRS at (800) 829–4933 if HUD. HUD will disqualify applications
of the AOR(s) that you are assigning rights. you have questions about your Legal submitted entirely by fax. Applicants should
• Click on ‘‘Reassign Roles’’. Business Name and/or EIN/TIN. only use the fax method to submit required
• At the next screen, use the arrows to 5. DO provide to CCR the same Legal documents when they cannot be attached to
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES2

move the roles from one box to the other. To Business Name and Employer Taxpayer the electronic application package as a pdf,
provide authorization, the ‘‘Current Roles’’ Identification Number (EIN) or Taxpayer .doc, .xls, jpeg, or jpg, or the size of the
should indicate ‘‘Authorized Applicant’’. Identification Number (TIN) that you submission is too large to upload from the
• Click on ‘‘Continue’’. You will receive a provided to the IRS. This data must match applicant’s computer.
notice that the role has been successfully exactly. If these two fields are not identical 2. DO NOT use more than one of the
reassigned. at CCR, D&B, and the IRS, an error message following search fields (CFDA Number,

VerDate Aug<31>2005 20:28 Oct 30, 2006 Jkt 211001 PO 00000 Frm 00007 Fmt 4701 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\31OCN2.SGM 31OCN2
64076 Federal Register / Vol. 71, No. 210 / Tuesday, October 31, 2006 / Notices

Funding Opportunity Number or Funding your computer. HUD has found that and submitting the information via the
Opportunity Competition ID) when difficulty in uploading a file from the facsimile method using the form HUD 96011
downloading the grant application package applicant’s desktop often occurs because the as the cover page.
and instructions. If you enter more than one, application package is too large for the 4. DO NOT use special characters
you will not find the instructions. HUD applicant’s computer to handle, or the (example: #, %, /, etc) in a file name.
recommends that you use the CFDA Number. applicant’s network limits the size of files
5. DO NOT include spaces in the file name.
3. DO NOT wait more than one hour for going in or out, or the Internet service
your application submission to be uploaded provider has a file size limit. Therefore, in [FR Doc. E6–18224 Filed 10–30–06; 8:45 am]
to Grants.gov. Stop the transmission and such instances, the application should be BILLING CODE 4210–67–P
check the available disk and RAM space on reduced in size by removing attachment files
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES2

VerDate Aug<31>2005 20:28 Oct 30, 2006 Jkt 211001 PO 00000 Frm 00008 Fmt 4701 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\31OCN2.SGM 31OCN2