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VOL.NO.2 ISSUENO.56 MONTHLY NEWS LETTER published on every 2nd SEPTEMBER-2009

A Mouth Piece of

Functioning of a Resident Welfare Association:
Amendments to Societies Registration Act needed

Nowadays, one can easily find great deals in real estate and investors are buying flats
for renting purposes. But do the owners keep a check on tenant's responsibilities towards
apartment's monthly charges ? Many RWA managements are facing problems due to the
negligence and indifference of the non-resident flat owners.
In most of the apartments, we found that, the functioning of RWAs or Housing
Societies is not very effective. In most of the apartments, resident flat owners are less in
number than the non-resident flat owners. The non-resident flat owners are more interested in
collecting their rents promptly and don’t even bother about whether his/her tenant is paying
the monthly maintenance charges properly or not. Among the resident flat owners very few
take interest in the activities of the Housing Society and rest of the owners just pay the
monthly charges and keep aloof.
The non-resident owners do not even bother to attend the Executive Committee
meetings and not even the annual general body gatherings. They must have purchased the flat
only as an investment for regular income. They do not socialize with the residents, including
their tenants. In fact, the RWAs should charge the absentee-owner more than the monthly
maintenance charges which is falling upon the tenant., as the association protects the
property and maintains it, whether there is a tenant or not. On the other hand, there are many
instances, where the owners try to bargain to pay less maintenance charges, whenever their
flat is not occupied.
Where the office bearers are not duly elected, they do not call for general body
meetings for any issues. They think that their duty is just to collect the monthly charges and
spend it, as required. Due to this kind of attitude, several RWAs are in a financial crisis.
Taking advantage of the attitude of the office bearers, several of the residents avoid paying
monthly charges.
As per the Societies Registration Act, there is a clause to disconnect the flat amenities
if any owner defaults in paying the monthly charges. But, it cannot be done in almost all the
apartments, due to builders’ cost saving methods. There are clauses for levying penalties.
In some cases it’s funny; one elected body takes decision with resident and non-
resident flat owners’ approval. But, the subsequent body ignores the same and takes new
decisions. The participants in the previous meeting, naturally, they also ignore the new
decision and do not participate in the future meetings.
This is all happening due to the loopholes in the Societies Act. For all purposes, a
welfare association has to be registered under societies. This clearly states that, any dispute
should be contested in the court of law and not a consumer forum. Then why there is
Registrar of Societies and why a registration is required? Failing to follow the rules, some
stringent penalties should be levied on all the members of the association. Since, the welfare
association activities come under Services for taxation purposes, it should be brought under
consumer act for proper functioning and settlement of disputes.
The functioning of the societies should be periodically inspected by the concerned
area Registrar or Sub-Registrar and if any problems found, he/she should set the things right
Centre and state governments should think of proper amendments to the Societies
Act, especially related to the flat owners/resident welfare associations, which would make
every one to work collectively and effectively.
TR. Madhavan, Secretary (Rajendranagar), UFERWAS


Swine flu preventing medicine (Homeopathy) has been administered to Colony residents of Tarnaka
on 15-09-09 by Govt.Homeopathy Hospital, Ramanthapur around 2000 people have received
medicine. The camp is very well received and appreciated by the Residents of Nagarjuna Nagar,
VST Colony and adjoining colonies.

Executive Committee of Gokul Nagar Welfare Society 2009-2011
The following are the new office-bearers:
President: Sri.S.Venkatadri Address: 12-13-835 Cell: 9885001885
Vice – Presidents: Sri.T.Kotaiah, 12-13-831, Cell: 9885354774
Sri.T.Balaswamy,12-13-852/6/1,9989823001,Sri.NarasimhaRao,12-13-830/15, Cell: 98484
68782, General Secretary: Sri.G.Jagadeswara Rao,12-13-830/39/3, 9849996070. Joint
Secrataries: Sri.T.V.Madhu,12-13-850,Cell: 9394887846,Sri.A.A.Chowdary,12-13-
830830/35,Cell:9701539970, Sri.K.Lakshmana Rao,SSR Apts, Cell: 9493207267
Treasurer: Sri.N.R.Veerabhadra Rao, Srinivasa Apts,98488 83051,
Sri.V.Ravindra Babu,12-13-830/13,F-201,Cell: 9866063997,Sree S.Sreerama Murthy,12-13-
830/38,Cell: 94909 95463, Sri.J.Venkatappaiah,Cell: 12-13-852/59440052198,
Smt.K.Lakshmi, Anandam Apts, 9848992738, Sri.Praveen, S.R.S. Apts, Cell: 9989811180.
The GHMC is kind enough to provide a high mast lamp for children park at Gokul
Nagar. With instatlation of the High mast Lamp, the Park is being kept open till 7.45 p.m. for
public use.
All of you are aware that the every Sunday, vendors are selling the vegetables, fruits
and kitchenware on the streets of Gokul Nagar. We are trying to regulate the vendors i.e., to
confine the push carts etc. to the road margins, so that the people can freely move on the
roads. In spite of out best efforts, some vendors are bringing and stopping their push carts
and two wheelers and cycles on to the middle of the roads, blocking free movement of the
public. We appeal to the public not to encourage the vendors who are coming on the middle
of the road and buy only from the vendors who have put up their stalls on the road margins.
We also appeal to the public not to park their vehicles within the market area, as the parked
vehicles are causing hardship to co-purchasers. Hence, the vehicles may please be parked on
the nearby streets.




Amounts recoverable from

Opening balances M.C.H
cash balance 3161.00 Wages to Mali 12000.00
cash at bank Electricity charges 2188.00
Corporation Bank 2720.00 Others 260.00 14448.00
State Bank of Hyderabad 6603.00 12484.00

Interest from Banks

Corporation Bank 330.00
State Bank of Hyderabad 263.00 593.00

Amounts received from

G.H.MC 26419.00 Closing balances

Amounts received from

scotrwa 14448.00 14448.00 cash balance 3161.00
cash at banks
Corporation Bank 13050.00
State Bank of Hyderabad 23285.00 39496.00
TOTAL 53944.00 TOTAL 53944.00




WDCW & DW Department – Constitution of Appellate Tribunal under Section 15 pf the
Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007 (Central Act 56 of 2007) – G.O.
Ms.No.:27 issued. dt.22-4-2008
The GOAP here by constitute the Tribunals for each Sub Divisional Officer (RDO) with
Assistant Director, Dept. for the Welfare of Disabled and Senior Citizens as Member Convenor, for
the purpose of adjudicating and deciding upon the orders for maintenance under Section 5 of the
The GOAP hereby Constitute Appellate Tribunal for each District presided over by the
District Collector, representative of Senior Citizens Association as Member, Assistant Director,
Dept. for the Welfare of Disabled and Senior Citizens as Convenor to the Appellate Tribunal to hear
the appeals against the orders of the Tribunal.

The Senior Citizens Forum, Nizambad

The General Body meeting was held in the month of August 2009 and felicitated Sri. M.
Narayana Reddy, Ex..MP. Mr.Narayana Reddy is aged 78 years and is one of the founder members
of the Women’s Educational Society, Nizamabad. He is running various other educational
institutions also.
General Secretary
Senior Citizens Desk:
Happy Birthday
5th Sri. I Rajender Rao Nag’Nagar 27171820
6 V Lakshman Rao Vijaypuri 9392529292
8th A Rama Rao Tarnaka
13 DSN Murthy Nag’nagar 9866428623/27177494
13th Prof Veera Nagaiah Tarnaka 9391097279
16th M Surya Rao Vijayapuri
19 CS Krishnan Tarnaka 9704693819
19th Sri. K Mallaiah Vijayapuri

Regular monthly meeting was held on 18th September, St.no.1, Tarnaka Welfare Association
Community hall presided byPresidnet. Prof.V.Veeranagaih . As usual Members whose Birthdays
were in the month of September2009 were felicitated and celebrated. Sri. Nagaraja Rao of
Vijayapuri Colony sponseredd the event with a snack party to participants.
It was also decided to celebrate theWORLD ELDERS DAY, on the 16 th of October ,2009 the third
Friday of the month in Nagarjuna Nagar community hall, Tarnaka, where in the senior most Elders
of the Forum will be honoured.
To commemorate Gandhi Jayanthi on 2nd October 2009, which is also declared as World Ahimsa
Day, it was decided by all the Senior Citizens to observe the Day as a Total Vegetarian Food Day.


Letters To The Editor:

The News of Interest to Elder Citizens:
I had gone to Post office to update the passbook and found that my
deposit has matured and another is due next month. The post master
said that we can extend the term at any time within a year of maturity
for further period up to 3 years. So interest will not be lost if we
extend even after the maturity date. Thereafter within the extended
period we can withdraw at any time without any penalty. On the other
hand if we withdraw and deposit afresh the lock in period is 5 years
and there is a penalty for premature withdrawal.
First of all, let me congratulate you for the consistency and frequency of the Tarnaka Times
Newsletter. It needs lot of energy and passion for this.
Sir, I request that in all the public places in Nagarjuna, such as, Community Halls, Parks, Rain water
harvesting is to be initiated. With god's grace, we received good rains this year especially in August.
If we somehow initiate concrete steps for sending back water to Mother Earth, then we could expect
a better future.
This is a humble request or suggestion from my end for a better Tarnaka.
101, Sai Narayana Nilayam
Nagarjuna Nagar,Tarnaka
2) Dear Editor,
As FAPSCO begins its yearly plans in September 2009, we want young Elder Senior
Citizens in the Age Group of 60 – 70 to work as Volunteers to help their fellow Senior Citizens.
FAPSCO plans for the October 2009 to March, 2010 include:
1. Adopting 5 Elders who are tied in their homes.
2. Creating awareness among the young ones to eliminate Elder abuse.
3. Working together with “ AASARA-GHMC” a state gov.t project.
4. Visiting the Elders Homes to request for better services to the Elders.
5. To remind the government to implement the National Policies.
6. Allow the Elders to live as they wish for rest of their life.
Elders who are willing to do Volunteer service by joining FAPSCO may contact the
Mohd. Azam, Retd. DEO, Karim Nagar, Vice- President FAPSCO


UFERWAS and GHMC Health Department Meeting

Today, UFERWAS in co-ordination with GHMC Health department, Shri Aleem Basha,
Addl. Commsr, Dr.Jairam, Chief Medical Officer and Dr.Narahari, chief
Entomologist conducted the awareness program on Vector Borne Communicable diseases to all
representatives of Resident Welfare Associations across all circles, at Indira Priya Darshini Hall on
Dr.Rao Chelikani was the chief moderator for the session. Dr. Narahari and Dr.Jai Ram gave
detailed power point presentations and also gave the HELP LINE NUMBER to be shared with one
and all in Hyderabad - 9705599617 , 040-23264087, 9849014758.. Dr.G.V.Rao, Secretary
UFERWAS gave a splendid presentation about the pro active measures that GHMC can take to
contain communicable diseases. He stressed that the masks that are being circulated are not sure to
protect oneself from swine flu as the micron level of the organism is below 0.1 and the mask can
protect only up to 0.3 micron. Dr.G.V. Rao suggested to increase the sanitation task force in all
circles and later submitted a detailed presentation to Shri Basha for further action. Shri P.L. Menon,
Shri. B. Omprakash, Shri. G. Satayanarayana, Sri. T. Satynarayana, Shri. B.T. Srinivasan of
Malkajgiri were pillar of support to the meeting and a special word of appreciation should go to
active participation of MALKAJGIRI UFERWAS, under the aegis of Sri.Sitaramaswamy garu.
RWA from Uppal minced no words in giving a strong feedback to GHMC authorities. Homeopaths
were of opinion that thersis preventive medicine in Homeopathy which can prevent swine flu but
this was not authenticated by Dr.Jairam of GHMC.
Dr.Jairam said there was no need to panic and assured that the situation is under control and
asked any swine flu victims or their families to contact the above number and also to take them to
A.P. Chest Hospital,Gandhi,Osmania , all Apollo, Care hospitals, Railway Hospital Lalluguda, RTC
Hospital, Tarnaka,etc, which are in the list of swine flu protection centres. Mr.Ashwin Nallari
suggested to activate the Public Health Care centres and stop cafetarias in all cinema halls and
multiplexes. A C.D. was given to Shri Basha to take proactive steps to modernize GHMC all
activities. Shri S.P.SINGH could not make it to the event due to his official obligation with the Chief

- Ashwin Kumar Nallari, GAAASA, Alwal

Complaints: 9705599617 / 2326 4087. Chief Entomologist: Dr. Narahari: 98490 14758 Chief
Medical Officer: Dr. Jai Ram :98490 06074


Made on 19th September, 2009 to GHMC
GHMC needs to get their act together and act proactively on all the representations
given by RWA’s regarding sanitation problems in their respective areas. GAASA,
UFERWAS Alwal has already given 3 representations to involve RWA’s in sanitation, its
present management and unhygienic food stalls sprouting every where in Alwal. Such illegal
food sellers and food stalls are still operating in the most unhygienic manner which could
spread the virus more effectively by the cutlery not being cleaned properly and using the
same to serve again and again to innocent people.
Pigs feed on waste flowing in open nalas. We have to close all open drains including
rain water storm drains which are enriching the pigs. We have to enroll professionals and
catch all pigs immediately and isolate them. All pig rearing centers both licensed and
unlicensed be immediately suspended of its operations, until the epidemic is out of our door
steps. Several pigs are sacrificed for its meat in the most unhygienic manner. Under GHMC
Alwal we are aware of such butchering of pigs in Subash nagar, Yapral and slum areas under
Alwal GHMC on every Sunday. Other points are the land next to the Ramakrishnapuram
flyover, behind Jubilee Bus Station, Secunderabad, Lalbazar, Old Alwal areas, etc.
The offices of the CMOH and AMOH’s be made to inspect all pork meat stalls under
GHMC Hyderabad for checking quality of meat being sold and seal such establishments
which are selling pork meat procured from outside the abattoirs. All the MNC food
establishments under GHMC selling pork products be inspected immediately and samples
collected for its quality.
We need at least one sanitation inspector for each ward under GHMC Hyderabad.
GHMC Alwal has only one sanitation inspector, a lady, for 3 wards who is over burdened.
She is so overburdened that she was felicitated by us as a Women Achiever in Government
Service on this Women’s day of 2009.
Sanitation staff need to be increased and public complaints be acted upon speedily.
General Awareness about precautions to be taken by public should be publicized more
vigorously. The sign boards available with GHMC should be used for highlighting the
Adopt Maharashtra example: as in Mumbai, close schools, colleges, malls, theatres
and multiplexes and other such places where public assemble for at least for 10 days time to
avoid spreading of the disease.
Highlight the fact that N95 respirators are designed to filter 95% particulates of 0.3µ,
while the size of H1N1 virus is about 0.1µ. Hence, dependence on N95 to protect against
H1N1 is like protecting against rain with an umbrella made of mosquito net.
Ensure availability of antiviral medications. Routine cleaning and disinfection
practices may also play a role in minimizing the spread of influenza.
Involve the medical department and provide medical teams for screening the patients
at all PHC’s and conduct medical camps with help of RWA’s. Alternatively, the GHMC to
enlist some more hospitals to treat the affected. Medical teams, at least one for two GHMC
circles, be formed which will keep a close tab on the suspected cases.
Issue an advisory to all concerned establishments which people in large number
assemble to take precautionary measures as below:
• Clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces, listed below, in a facility,with a
detergent and disinfectant in accordance with label instructions.
Seat, seatbacks (the plastic and/or metal parts) and armrest; door handles & handrails;
kitchen countertops; Phones & TV remotes; Walls, windows, window shades & light
switches; Personnel work areas, including computer monitor, keyboard & mouse;
Sinks & faucets; Bathroom surfaces, Showers & lavatory (ies) including: door handle;
locking device, toilet seat, faucet, washbasin, and walls; Desks, tables, chairs,
benches, lockers; Refrigerator exteriors & door handles; Microwaves;
• Frequent hand washing, covering your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough
or sneeze, avoiding touching eyes, nose, mouth, avoid spitting, using mask if required
are important preventive measures. If you live in areas where swine influenza cases
have been identified and in case of becoming ill with influenza-like symptoms,
contact your family doctor.
Provide the above information or education Material in form of pamphlets and
newspaper advertisements to all the citizens to seek such precautions from public place
Coordination among RWA’s of each GHMC circle, the emergency medical system
(EMS), healthcare facilities (e.g. emergency departments), and the public health system is
important for a coordinated response to swine-origin influenza A (H1N1). Each GHMC
circle and EMS system should seek the involvement of an EMS medical doctor to provide
appropriate medical oversight. Given the uncertainty of the disease, its treatment, and its
progression, the ongoing role of EMS medical doctors is critically important.
The guidance provided in this document is based on current knowledge of swine-
origin influenza A (H1N1). We hope that GHMC takes up these suggestions. Lets not forget
that Virus acts faster than the Sanitation Department of GHMC; people also to cooperate.
Dr. G. V. Rao
Gen Secretary, GAASA & Executive Vice President, UFERWAS.

Tips for use of a Mobile Phone:

Do not disclose the relationship between you and the people in your contact list.
Avoid using names like Home, Honey, Hubby, Sweetheart, Dad, Mom, etc....
And very importantly, when sensitive information is being asked through texts, CONFIRM by calling back.
Also, when you're being text by friends or family to meet them somewhere, be sure to call back to confirm
that the message came from them. If you don't reach them, be very careful about going places to meet 'family
and friends' who text you.

Source: Society for Serving Seniors, (SSS), Global.


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