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Federal Register / Vol. 71, No.

191 / Tuesday, October 3, 2006 / Notices 58377

anchoring, and require VMS on all Requests for sign language Act of 1974, (5 U.S.C. 552a), as
vessels, among other management interpretation or other auxiliary aids amended.
measures. Regulations implementing should be directed to Kitty M. Simonds, DATES: This proposed action will be
these provisions were published in the (808) 522–8220 (voice) or (808) 522– effective without further notice on
Federal Register on August 29, 2006. 8226 (fax), at least 5 days prior to the November 2, 2006 unless comments are
To date, NOAA has not conducted meeting date. received which result in a contrary
any environmental review to assess the Authority: 16 U.S.C. 1801 et seq. determination.
biological or social impacts of the
monument designation. However, Dated: September 28, 2006. ADDRESSES: Send comments to the
NWHI fishermen affected by the Tracey L. Thompson, FOIA/Privacy Official, National
Monument regulations have expressed Acting Director, Office of Sustainable Reconnaissance Office, Information
concern that while they allow Fisheries, National Marine Fisheries Service. Access and Release, 14675 Lee Road,
commercial fishing for bottomfish and [FR Doc. E6–16264 Filed 10–2–06; 8:45 am] Chantilly, VA 20151–1715.
pelagic species to continue for five BILLING CODE 3510–22–S FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
years, the prohibition on fishing within Contact Ms. Linda Hathaway at (703)
Ecological Reserves and Special 227–9128.
no-anchoring provision, will make it National Reconnaissance Office systems
virtually impossible to catch bottomfish Notice of Meeting of records notices subject to the Privacy
fish within the Monument. Currently, Act of 1974, (5 U.S.C. 552a), as
the impacts of these provisions The next meeting of the U.S. amended, have been published in the
primarily affect fishers in NWHI Commission of Fine Arts is scheduled Federal Register and are available from
Hoomalu zone as the two Ecological for 19 October 2006, at 10 a.m. in the the address above.
Reserves, and seven of the nine Special Commission’s offices at the National The proposed system report, as
Preservation Areas are located in this Building Museum, Suite 312, Judiciary required by 5 U.S.C. 552a(r) of the
zone. However, among the individual Square, 401 F Street, NW., Washington, Privacy Act of 1974, as amended, was
Hoomalu Zone fishers, the restrictions DC 20001–2728. Items of discussion submitted on September 26, 2006, to the
affect catches and revenues differently affecting the appearance of Washington, House Committee on Government
as each fisher have different fishing DC, may include buildings, parks and Reform, the Senate Committee on
areas within the zone. memorials. Governmental Affairs, and the Office of
In addition, Monument regulations do Draft agendas and additional Management and Budget (OMB)
not allow for commercial pelagic troll information regarding the Commission pursuant to paragraph 4c of Appendix I,
and handline fishermen licensed by the are available on our Web site: http:// ‘Federal Agency Responsibilities for
State of Hawaii to continue despite their www.cfa.gov. Inquiries regarding the Maintaining Records About
long history of fishing in the area. agenda and requests to submit written Individuals’, to OMB Circular No. A–
However, these fishermen have or oral statements should be addressed 130, dated November 30, 2000.
expressed interest in continuing to fish to Thomas Luebke, Secretary, U.S.
Dated: September 27, 2006.
commercially for pelagic species Commission of Fine Arts, at the above
seaward of the outer boundary of the C.R. Choate,
address or call 202–504–2200.
Monument. These fishermen have also Individuals requiring sign language Alternate OSD Federal Register Liaison
expressed interest in retaining uku Officer, Department of Defense.
interpretation for the hearing impaired
(Aprion virescens), a bottomfish should contact the Secretary at least 10 QNRO–21
management unit species which is days before the meeting date.
incidentally caught when trolling for SYSTEM NAME:
Dated in Washington, DC, 25 September
ono (Acanthocybium solandri) and 2006. Personnel Security Files (March 7,
other pelagic species around NWHI 2005, 70 FR 10994)
Thomas Luebke,
banks. Currently, federal regulations CHANGES:
prohibit harvesting bottomfish
management unit species in the NWHI [FR Doc. 06–8453 Filed 10–2–06; 8:45 am] * * * * *
without a permit issued by the PIRO BILLING CODE 6330–01–M
Regional Administrator, making uku a Delete ‘‘Office of Security, Personnel
regulatory discard for fishermen who do Security Division’’ and replace with
not have a federal NWHI bottomfish DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE ‘‘Office of Security and
permit. Counterintelligence.’’
At its 135th Meeting, the Council may Office of the Secretary of Defense
* * * * *
consider taking action to alleviate these
‘‘unintended consequences’’ of the CATEGORIES OF RECORDS IN THE SYSTEM:
Monument designation by considering Privacy Act of 1974; System of At the end of the entry, add ‘‘non-
options to alter the zoning structure of Records disclosure agreements, job knowledge,
the NWHI permit areas and address contract information, and secure
fishing opportunities for Hawaii’s troll AGENCY: National Reconnaissance classified information facility (SCIF)
and handline fishermen seaward of the Office. information.’’
outer boundary of the Monument, and ACTION:Notice to Alter a System of
eliminate regulatory discarding of uku AUTHORITY FOR MAINTENANCE OF THE SYSTEM:
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES

by this fishery. Delete entry and replace with ‘‘5

SUMMARY: The National Reconnaissance U.S.C. 301 Departmental Regulations;
Special Accommodations Office is proposing to alter a system of National Security Act of 1947, as
These meetings are physically records notice in its existing inventory amended, 50 U.S.C. 401 et seq.; and E.O.
accessible to people with disabilities. of record systems subject to the Privacy 9397.’’

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