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2/ Policy

a) Requirements of passing a subject (Article 24.3, Academic policies)

- Students are considered to have passed the subject if their final score

is higher than or equal to 10 out of 20 points

Register to retake the examination following the rule: a. Students are
considered to have passed the subject if their final score is higher than
or equal to 10 out of 20 points.

Students who are considered to have not passed the subject are required to
the examination without any other conditions.
Students who are absent from the final exam with reasonable excuses
can be considered for a retake exam on a first time basis
Students who have passed the exam can take extra exam to improve
their score.

b) Repeat a scholar year (Article 41.2)

- Students have average score of the scholar year lower than 10
- Students have accumulated credits lower than 80% for first year and

90% for second year.

Expulsion: applied to the student who impersonates another student
or allows himself/herself to be impersonated by any person in the
examination for the second time

c) Retake fee:
- For retake exam: 100.000 VND
- For extra exam: 200.000 VND
d) Classification of Undergraduate Degree:
Very good
Average good

18 < x 20
16 < x 18
14 < x 16
12 < x 14
10 < x 12

e) Scholarship
1. Scholarships for excellent students
- Scholarships rewarded for students with best academic results and achievements
in the training specialities of USTH, aiming to motivate and encourage students in

their studies.
Eligibility students:
Students of Bachelor and Master program have completed their

enrollment at USTH.
2nd and 3rd year students of Bachelor program and 2nd year students of
Master program of USTH.

Number of scholarships: up to 20% of students from each Department.

Value of scholarship: depending on the results of enrollment and academic
achievement of students, the SFA Council will decide scholarship equivalent level.
The scholarships are provided as follows:
Level A
Level B
Level C
Level D

Scholarship value
100% tuition fee
75% tuition fee
50% tuition fee
25% tuition fee

Criteria for scholarship: to be eligible for this scholarship, student must have good

conduct and excellent academics results as follows:

Scholarship for 1st year students: scholarship awarded to students with excellent
academic results (GPA) at high school or university and having completed their
enrollment at USTH. GPA of Bachelor degree is averaged by academic mark of 5
sciencetific subjects of 3 years of high school degree (Mathematics, Physic;
Chemistry; Biology; Informatic) that are required at USTH. GPA of Master degree
is average mark of Bachelor degree. Scholarships are reviewed in order of priority

(GPA, achievements, awards) from high to low until the end of the target.
Scholarship for 2nd and 3rd year: scholarship for coming academic year is
calculated and awarded for students according to their results in 1st or 2nd year of
Bachelor degree and 1st year of Master degree at USTH.
2. Internship scholarship
Internship scholarship is awarded for students with excellent academic results at

USTH to have internship in France as part of USTH learning schedule.

Eligible students:
3rd year students of Bachelor program and 2nd students of Master
program of USTH.
Priority for female students.
Number of scholarship:
a. Bachelor program: 10% of students with the highest GPA (marks of
1st examination) of each Department and as well as no violation of
discipline during the time at USTH.
b. Master program: 10% to 20% of students with the highest GPA
(marks of 1st examination) of each Department as well as no

violation of discipline during the time at USTH.

Scholarship level:
Bachelor program: support for living expenses during the 3-month
internship in France, visa fees roundtrip airline tickets Hanoi Paris,

airfare or train ticket from Paris to internship place on the basis of

actual costs.
Master program: roundtrip airline tickets Vietnam France, visa fees
(visa fees applied for all USTH students having internship in France).
Internship period from 4-6 months depending on the training program

of each department.
In case of students who receive support from the host institution,
according to the actual situation, the university will consider to adjust

the scholarship for intership.

3. Tuition fee support
To encourage the students form the provinces and cities, universities or research
institutes, business, students of the french partners, USTH students of Bachelor
program continue their study with a high quality Master program in USTH,

USTH offers tuition fee support policy for students.

Eligible students:
Students appointed for Master study at USTH by institutes of Vietnam

Academy of Science and Technology (VAST).

Exchange students from universities belonging to the French Consortium.
Students of USTH Bachelor program continue their Master program at

4. Fellowship
Fellowship is the cash support granted for students having financial difficulties in
order to help them a part of living cost during their studying time in USTH.
- Quantity: the numbers of students receiving financial support is determined at

each academic year.

Eligible students: students under poor and hard living circumstances.
Support level: financial support is provided as follows:

Support level
Level A
Level B
Level C

1.500.000 VN/ month
1.000.000 VN/month
750.0 /month

Fellowship shall be reviewed and granted for the total of 10 months per academic

year and shall be valid for the academic year student applying for.
Application dossiers:
Application form for fellowship with confirmation of their local authority/

host organization (provided template).

Other documents affirming their family income/ circumstances.