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Trent 1000 Newsletter

Rolls-Royce congratulates Boeing A crowd had begun to gather around the airfield
at Paine Field from early in the morning made up

on the successful first flight of the of aviation enthusiasts, media, engineers, families,
programme managers, fitters, executives and
Boeing 787 Dreamliner™ ground crew. A loud cheer went out the moment
the aircraft left the ground and began a life of
On a wet Seattle morning at 10.27am Pacific Time, (18:27 GMT) on the flying for the 787 that could extend more than 50
15th December 2009 the first Boeing 787 Dreamliner™ eased effortlessly into years in to the future. This is a big programme
the skies powered by two Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines. with an important future. With firm sales of over
600 engines and orders reaching out to 2020 the
Trent 1000 is at the heart of the future for Rolls-

Pre-flight anticipation had been tangible in the

air around Seattle as the aircraft went through
final preparation for flight. In the days leading up
to first flight the Rolls-Royce team in Seattle has
been hard at work in final testing and taxiing
operations in anticipation of this moment.

“Tremendous sight, quiet and graceful -

this really marks the start of the next
generation aircraft and we are proud
to be a part of aviation history”
Simon Carlisle
The Dreamliner takes flight – a moment in aviation history Trent Programme Director

1 Trent 1000 Newsletter – December 2009 Issue 16

Now the work really begins . . .
Trent 1000 selected by ANA to power the launch 787
First engine run - achieved on time
First flight of the 747-200 flying test bed
Engine certification achieved on time
First engine start on 787 aircraft 1
3,000 cycle ETOPS testing completed

012 2013
2011 2
09 2010
20 EIS of 787-9
006 2007
2004 2005 2 EIS of 787-8
All 4 Trent 1000 powered flight test aircraft flying

While we celebrate this achievement, for the Trent 1000. The flight test programme will Bolivia, high temperature in Yuma, Arizona, low
we know that the work really begins call on a new set of skills and expertise from the temperature testing in Fairbanks, Alaska and
now – through an intense flight test Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 support team based in maximum brake energy testing at Kennedy
Seattle and the project team back in Derby, UK. Space Center, Florida due to length of the
programme that will put every aircraft
runway. Route proving and service readiness
system through its paces to meet the Rolls-Royce engines will power four of the six testing with launch customer All Nippon Airways
most exacting requirements for Boeing 787 flight test aircraft covering the (ANA) in Japan, will ensure the aircraft is capable
certification and entry into service. lion’s share of the flight test programme. The of 330 minutes ETOPS clearance as required for
Trent 1000 will also be the lead engine in the long duration flights. The first steps in ETOPS
The flight test programme will run through 2010 aircraft certification programme. clearance were completed recently, with
with entry into service for the launch customer,
successful completion of 3,000 cycle engine
All Nippon Airways, planned for the end of 2010. Testing will include operation in a range of flight
running test in Derby, UK.
profiles across the performance spectrum. It will
First flight is a huge and important milestone also include high altitude testing in La Paz,
that comes after a long series of achievements

2 Trent 1000 Newsletter – December 2009 Issue 16

For the record the first flight lasted
3 hours 6 minutes and achieved the Everyone from Rolls-Royce would like to congratulate
key initial tests possible in the Boeing on achieving this significant event
deteriorating weather conditions.
Rolls-Royce is proud to power the first flight of the
The pilots were Mike Carriker – Chief test pilot Boeing 787 Dreamliner™
and Randy Neville - test pilot from Boeing.

Alongside the flight test programme Rolls-Royce

specialists have been progressing a series of key
milestones in engine maturity testing that will
provide further performance improvements for
introduction to the Trent 1000 fleet. At entry into
service the Trent 1000 will be the most efficient
engine for the 787. Through a designated
programme of continuous improvement the
maturity testing and technology insertion will go
on to deliver a further 1.5% fuel improvement
by 2015.

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3 Trent 1000 Newsletter – December 2009 Issue 16