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Curriculum Vitae

Amir Adel Wenget Marcos

7, Mohamed Bakheet Street,
Helmieyt El Zaitoun,
Cairo, Egypt
Tel. : (+202) 26383338
Cell : (+2012) 3831363
E-mail: eng_amir_adel@yahoo.com

Seeking a challenging position in a company in the field of constructions &
real estate developments where I can build excellent future throughout
hard and ambitious working.

• 1 year experience:
Misr for construction and Trading (Contactor)

-Grand Residence 1/4/2005 – 1/3/2006:

Working as Site Engineer in a big project in the 5th settlement (the
project contains of 300 townhouses) I was responsible for a sector contains
100 townhouses (Supervising concrete and finishing activities – Coordinate
with the consultant - Managing the sector – Deal with subcontractors)
Work Group: Head of group containing 2 Forman.

• 2 years experience:
Tabark Group (Real Estate group)

-TABARK CITY 1/3/2006 – 15/1/2007:

Responsible for Execution and Supervising of concrete activities in site.
(12 floors buildings - Basements – Mosque – Villas – Swimming pools)
(Supervising – managing and organizing – Deal with contractors –
Work Group: Head of group containing 2 Forman.
-Fantasia Resort (Ras Sudr) 15/3/2007-1/2/2008:
(5 story buildings – studios – Villas - Pool)
Responsible for concrete works in the whole resort.
(Supervising – managing and organizing – Deal with contractors – cash flow
control – revenues)
Work Group: Head of group containing 3 Forman. Page 1-2
• Currently:
(Real Estate Development Group)

-Grand CITY 1/2/2008 – 31/8/2009:

(12 story residential buildings – Basements – Concrete Tanks)
Working as QC ENGINEER responsible for Supervising Concrete works.
(Steel detailing - Concrete Quality – Scheduling follow up).
-CRYSTAL PLAZA 1/9/2009 – currently working:
Special design Residential, administrative and commercial building 16800.00 m2 area,
12 story + 2 basements, 11 partitions structurally yet 1 architected unit.
I've got promotion to be Head of Quality Control Department in the project
which is responsible for Quality control of concrete and finishing activities,
Cost control, Scheduling Follow up, Revising revenues and Requests of
weekly payments and cashflow.
Work group: 4 QC engineers + 2 cost control accountants

Bachelor of Civil Engineering (MAY 2004)
Faculty of engineering Mattaria - Helwan University
Appreciation: Good
Graduation Project: R.C.Structures
(Multi-story garage – Frames – Pool – Elevated Tank)
Appreciation of graduation Project: Excellent


Language: English - Excellent Writing & speaking

(Certificate from AUC)
Computer: Excellent command of (SAP – AUTOCAD – MICROSOFT
Survey : excellent knowledge of dealing with surveying
Instruments (Total Station – Theodolite – leveling)
Other : Self motivated - Problem solving ability – Can work
Under Pressure – Team Work Spirit.

Birth Date : 31 JULY 1980
Nationality : Egyptian
Marital Status : Married
Driving License : Available (own a car)
Military service: Done page 2-2

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